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Currently I'm trying to figure out what would be the best set of one-handed weapons for a monk to use. I'm currently concidering buying a Shenlong's set. Would this be a good upgrade from my current one handed weapons?

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The Shenlong's I'm looking for would be a decent pair though.

Looking at the Fist of Legend with a socket (will invest in a +100% crit damage gem), at least 50% crit damage and with at least 820+ DPS.

The Shenlong's Relentless Assault would have 800 or more LoH, at least 50% crit chance with atleast 950 dps.

Would this be worth the investment or should I stick with the high critdamage/socketed rare's with decent DPS? Suggestion for other weapons are always welcome!

Thank you for your time, and since you're still reading this. I love you.
Won Khim Lao
Echoing fury is a must for dw monk, if u can ignore the fear effect. Raises attack speed alot.
I'd say WKL and Echoing fury. Getting life sustain out of them is gonna be expensive though.
I tried the WKL and Echoing fury combination but the fear just drove me insane..
Worn Knuckles all day long....
echoing fury.. NEVER. I couldnt sleep for 48 hours cause i raged so hard at that fear.
I'm glad to see my apprehension of that fear was well-placed; picked up Shenlong's Relentless, and have a bid on a LoH Fist of Legend. If they changed the fear to a cower-in-place, I'd start saving for the WKL/EF right now
25/10/2012 08:03Posted by Baelrog
echoing fury.. NEVER. I couldnt sleep for 48 hours cause i raged so hard at that fear.

U dont even have a monk..:) I definetly see there is a bigger prob with fury if u arent monk. We got the thunderclap to make up for that fear. Still abit annoying sometimes specially with molten mobs, but manageable

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