spawn location of act2 keywarden

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can you change it to small area instead of annoying big daghlur oasis pls?
all my runs ive actually found him quite close to the oasis waypoint, ive never had to run it all through at any time, usually a bit down and to the left on the map, he have been there on all my runs
+1 he's in the oasis map, he can be everywhere on that map so you need to find him :)
it is really annoying, so is the keywarden in act 1
Do you want to farm one hellfire ring per 2 hours or something? They're supposed to be rare and hard to obtain.. lets keep it that way.
Everything is fine with the location. I go to the Road to Alcarnus, then to oasis, and while searching for warden, I get the rest of 5NV. If I find him before 5NV, I just skip him until I get 5stack. Simply as that, you can get 5NV in oasis only..

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