How do I..

Demon Hunter Cain`s "Tainted Abode" to get at them there Uber`s ?

Have tried and tried for a blank, asked in general chat and to a man the peeps there said to just hit the door, have tried it unarmed and naked to no avail.

put me out on misery please :)

You'll gain access to the Heretic's Abode in New Tristram when you're on the quest "Act I – Return to Tristram." Also, you will need to smash the door open since some townspeople have boarded it up.
Thankyou mate..appreciated^^

^..Worked beautifully, had no idea that i needed to be on the last quest to do so../embarressed

was just about to have my first pop at them and noticed my ping was all-over the place, lagging like a murderer walking reluctantly to the gallows no less,

roll on tomorrow :)
Good luck with parts,dwarf!
What MP are you gonna roll with?
Hiya Naic^^ long times no see mate,
not so sure yet, act3 @ 5 is nice yet when I go down an act quite lacking, for Ubers gonna farm a stack of Infernals and then play abouts with MP till I find my vocation,
only really playing AM as connection is still v poor and Wifey simply wont entertain a house move just for me too have better net lol.
Are you active again elsewhere ?

Nice to see you abouts :)

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