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just wanted to ask if anyone did yet try the ubers on mp10 with a team. did a 3-piece run recently and noticed some heavy manaproblems and bears were horrible to aim with against kulle and leoric/magdha. in addition siegebreaker's reflect was just too much.

so i thought of something new, like that: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#beUQcT!Wef!bcZbaZ

heavy manareg and trying to keep up persistent damage. the gargantuan is actually a good help in those duet-fights. he's taking aggro in some squishy situations and only dies 1-2 times per boss. also i didn't know what else to take on this slot ;)

so, does anyone have a good (tested) skillset for mp10 uber (all 3 in one run)? :)

edit: i'm currently using this - http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#bdUQfT!cYe!ccZZcZ - for everything above mp8 (solo/teamruns/ubers)
Use Hex. It works great. and sacrifice!
In a team you'll either have a wizard with almost permafreeze or a barb/dh who stuns.
Problem fixed about ZB. (can also be fixed with gear, hex w/jinx or gargantua w/bruiser.)
Haunt gives you mana while doing damage over time.
Rain dance is good for 20 second constant spam.
Spirit walk w/HG gives you mana back while being "invincible" for 2 sec.

Blood ritual for reduced cost of mana spenders, SA for higher max mana and regeneration.

Problem fixed?
I tanked MP10, but that's just my build. Most of the dps came from others.

Your build however... there are flaws. Why rush of essence with bats, it doesn't help. Neither does PtV. You also have attack speed on your gear so even bats will make you OOM very fast.

How about this:

Right, I know you have spider dmg on mojo but spirit barrage is 230%, with mana rune and rush of essence it should be a free skill to spam even with PtV. Haunt for extra dot, bruiser rune on garg for stuns (this really helps, really!). The third slot is open, I put eels for more dot just because it's low CD and can trap boss adds. This slot can be anything you want.

Only problem with this might be getting 5 stacks as you have no real AoE now. So you might put bats back, but given how bats hit and how mobs like to split up you might not even get an advantage from bats over grasp. Or you could just go for dogs for more meatshield.
I have never played in a group ever, i have only played solo, but if i attempt the Uber bosses solo i hit the enrage because i cant damage enough.......
I have managed 2 of the realms on MP8 Solo of course.

I do switch to addling toads from widowmakers for MP 8+ now.

Hex is a given at high MP also.

All my gear cost me under 200mill also.....:) which is nice.... i do have new Pox ring, and gloves , and vile ward which are not showing at the moment on Battlenet, i keep getting stuff cheap as i have not alot of gold.

Farming MP5 seems most efficient though..
for what should hex be good? will it really hex the boss?!

@sensation: yea, so pretty much what i've built above.

for what should hex be good? will it really hex the boss?!

Hex works on Kulle (but other ubers will resist it). With Hex, you can keep Kulle 90% of the time hexed, so the fight is really easy. You can also use Horrify on Maghda (but other ubers will resist it). This is quite helpful also.
hmhm, yea.. tricky - as we're doing 3-piece runs i want a pretty overall-working-skillset. think gargantuan does a better job (as well in tanking just one of those pretty long) than hex. not sure, not sure, ...
I really don't get why people would like to horrify maghda.
The kulle part has it's uses, but maghda and leoric is just easy as long as you get out of maghdas wasps way every now and then.
yup, leoric/magdha are fairly easy compared to sb/kulle. just don't get hit and seperate them. :)
I like to use horrify, because it is so easy to seperate maghda from leoric with it. The others do not have to worry about wasps at all.
In my opinion the easiest fight is Ghom+rakanoth then Siegebreaker+Kulle and finally Maghda+Leoric.

I play as the support on ubers with these skills (3-piece): http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#QViYUX!deh!bYZZaY
If things get tough, I change my weapon to a dagger with +20% attack speed (to get health-globes faster)
You forgot to mention that your "build" is gear specific, meaning that your damage output is based on sacrifice. For a normally geared WD, playing with that build would be only bad for the group.

For you though, it's very useful.
Almost all builds are gear-specific to some extend (some more than others). For example some require high mana regeneration, some need high all resistance, some builds must have high DPS or pickup radius and so on.

"Normally geared" WD would most likely have trouble with most builds if "normal" means no additional affixes. There is only so much one can do with average stats.

In any case, in my opinion Hex gives such an advantage against Kulle + Siegebreaker that it is worth taking even though it is useless on the other fights (you can hex rakanoth's minions, but yeah...).

Here is a build I would do for "normally geared WDs":

But then again, I haven't tested that this build actually works, but in theory...why not :)
You barely need AoE in ubers, so Spirit Barrage would do just fine. Rush of Essence makes sure you won't run out of mana with SB and Haunt.
Big Stinker and BBV would benefit whole group and Jaunt guarantees a resurrection. Spirit Vessel is there in case you do a mistake, but if you don't need it, I would take Blood Ritual and change Haunt's rune to life regeneration.
I am not sure if well of souls can hit the same target as the main nuke, but some guy said they can. If not, I'd take the life steal rune instead.
i actually rethought everything and am currently using this build for mp8+ (solo and team-)runs and ubers.. works as supposed: heavy damage, some downtimes due to mana but bridged with blazing spiders (got +12% dmg on spiders, i guess that´s why. but i love them anyways).

note: i've switched pierce the veil with blood ritual. amazing!


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