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When I try to post on the US forums, the button is grayed out and says, "the game license has expired or been cancelled".

I used to play WoW but don't play anymore. Haven't in over a year. In the upper right corner, it shows my name (wreave) and the D3 logo. However, at the bottom, in the "reply to thread" section, it shows my old WoW main character.

I'm not trying to post in WoW forums, just D3 forums.

For some reason I can post on the EU forums, so I'm posting here in hopes of getting help. I'm a US player.
Any ideas on this? It's like the US forums think my only game is WoW and won't let me post.
Hi there,

We've had a report of this happening before, and it does seem that over time it should resolve itself, but in the meantime, can you try resetting or changing the password on your account, then see if that lets you post on the US forums?

Resetting/changing the password forces all your account related data to refresh, so hopefully that should help.

Let us know if it doesn't.
I'm having the same problem, I will try resetting password and update shortly.
Ok, after changing the password on us, I was still unable to create a thread. However, after scrolling down to reply to a thread where it used to show my wow character, I was able to manage characters from there to choose my Diablo toon and I can now post. Hooray!
As far as I know, none of the European players have ever been able to post on the American forums. I reported this quite some time ago. I have not (yet) seen any posts to the contrary.

I could be wrong, but I have never (since the first week of Diablo 3) been able to post there.
I always thought it was Blizzard's stance to not allow Europeans to post on the US forums and there was no intention for changing it?

Lurdlespor, did anything actually change in that regard?

By the way, I also have an inactive US WoW account attached to my European account.
07/11/2012 20:56Posted by Trazik
As far as I know, none of the European players have ever been able to post on the American forums.

I have. I can post links if you desire evidence.
Ive been having this issue as well on the US forums...

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