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I have to say I don't really understand why the only way to see if an item is a upgrade or not is to link items in the chat window and then go in game to see the comparison. Why are we not able to get this information straight away via the AH?

It also seems to disregard set bonuses on items. I bought a Witching Hour belt yesterday that showed me a 4k dmg increase, but when I equipped it it gave me -10k dmg. My Inna belt still showed less dmg when I had Witching Hour equipped. Until I put it back on.

This can be a costly mistake to make and should really not be a issue. This should be fixed as soon as possible.
Yeah, definitely needs a fix. Ty for the info about set items, didnt know that
I have included some pictures to show you how it does not take in account set bonuses.

Before Witching Hour

After Witching Hour

DPS before 217289, Witching Hour specifies +4901 dmg
DPS after 211352, Inna's Favor specifies -3541 dmg

The actual difference is -5937 dps with the Witching hour equipped.

So it's easy to be fooled by the item compare with regards to set item bonuses

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