Fast 2H Spec that is not WW

Hi guys,
So recently i've been working to create viable 2H farming spec (since WW is boring and 2H's are awesome) and this is what i came up with:!dZY!cZbZZc

this is me performing it on mp2:

Hope you enjoy !
I use this build and I have loads of fun chucking out 2h axes and pulling groups of monsters with the harpoon chain;!ZYf!YaYcZc

It is surprisingly effective (with my gear I sometimes crit up to 800k with harpoon spear, highest I've noticed) and I'm considering removing Bash as the harpoon spear gives me plenty of rage.
US players know nothing
Using rend will make things even faster and btw nothing is comparable to WW in terms of fast.
23/11/2012 08:16Posted by HammerHard
US players know nothing


This is pretty unrelated to this topic, maybe you wrote in the wrong thread? This is the EU forum wih EU players.
23/11/2012 08:27Posted by mdagis
Using rend will make things even faster and btw nothing is comparable to WW in terms of fast.

nah, my last few variations were using rend and its not that fast

HotA smash has 0.8 proc coeff and is also the best single target offensive ability in barb arsenal, when calculating a chance to proc Battle Rage: Bloodshed you multiply ur crit chance by proc coeff so with approx 65% cc on hota(depending on fury lvl, 50% from items and passives) you have 52% to proc PER TARGET HIT, and also bloodsed dmg takes 20% of dmg dealt by this crit - we all know that there is nothing critting harder than HotA (in this case 900k - 1,1m crits and additional 20% from them is going in much larger aoe)

vs WW: this spec doesnt relay on atk speed all so i guess its cheaper, and killing elites is much faster than in case of WW - running speed is the same: WW has berserk + run like the wind, i got marathon.

So actually if u want some comparison to WW, here you go(from my point of view, trying both):
Running speed: draw
Clearing trash: mby WW (but sometimes im not even sure - charge that procs 2xbloodshed is faster but kind of rare)
Killing elitepacks: this (killing melee packs slightly faster and kiting packs WAY faster), but actually its depending on affix combinations - ww is better against CC heavy affixes
23/11/2012 08:27Posted by mdagis
nothing is comparable to WW in terms of fast.


I disagree.

A debate here as to how fast alternative builds can be. I would argue throw and sprint can be 95% as fast and MORE efficient as you see ALL drops and kill ALL mobs. I use all builds on barb and probably prefer throw to WW lately, even with 5/6 IK for fury regen.

Just personal choice I guess...
I may be retarded but I fail to understand what keeps your fury-motor running?
furious charge(15 fury per target hit), bash and ik set(it stops fury from deregenerating) - if you dont have ik set you wont be able to use HotA so frequently without saving enough fury to sprint to the next pack(just use more bash)
but you can still use Rend variation(instead of HotA-overpower go for some Rend-WarCry or Rend-Overpower) then it will be kind of slower but not so fury hungry

and i believe in pvp ww wont be as viable as throw or bursty 2H specs, there will be just too much kiting going on and everything that matters will be: ranged dps, CC, burst and positioning (it's my guess as 5-year experienced MobA player). WW has neither of these first 3 things
I invested in fullIK since it can be usefull in the future

some pro tip: you can cancel animation of HotA in the middle of it and dmg is still delivered, its freaking IMPORTANT even in farming since you reduce dmg dealt to you greatly by not getting hit by too many mobs, not even mentioning PvP where the ability to do that will decide whether you recive dmg from almost all ranged sources (they are spellshots, changing position all the time while dealing dmg owns them)
Thanx, some of it I figured ofc but I still couldnt see from your play style that it affected you fury pool all the time, but the IK full set was the reason I was confused. It explains a lot actually. Yeah spamming hota is fury hungry as hell and I was like "where is his into the fury" :-)

Rock on I think the video looked good and I can understand you having fun with a very versatile build using different types of attacks.
Not a bad video bud.

Get some fire res and train your enchantress is my advice.

Also yes, bloodshed on a 1m crit = 200k dmg to nearby mobs = win with Skorn build!

well enchantress has some stupid abilities in first slot (charm and aoe knockback) so id rather leave it with nothing, both include extra chasing
nice build m8 i wanted also play with 2 handed and i will try that build im just wondering if its possible without the IK set(maybe i have 2 switch into the fray rune instead of bloodshed)
dont switch to into the fray, change HotA to rend if u have too serious fury problems (it might be slower but not as slow as without bloodshed, and also you get moar survi so you can put more on dmg in gear)

i wrote about it here(my bad i forgot inform u guys):

and when you try it out start with mp0, if you feel enough confident in you efficiency and got this feeling of overkilling mobs then try moving to 1-2
Skorn is actually great for WW build as well, people are just too stupid to switch out some of the skills. Wrath of the Berserker is crap on low MP anyway so i switched that out (the dps is gonna skyrocket with skorn anyway). Switched WoTB out with Overpower - Momentum and War Cry with Leap - Arreat of Crater, Bash with Cleave - Rupture. It's way more effecient, dps is always high and fury is always up.
24/11/2012 14:22Posted by thormond
dont switch to into the fray, change HotA to rend if u have too serious fury problems (it might be slower but not as slow as without bloodshed, and also you get moar survi so you can put more on dmg in gear)

Im wondering if i could replace overpower with somthing else cause overpower doesnt have 2 do anything with build synergy(i think)its just dmg increase so with my scorn im 150k dps unbuffed with 65 CC(scoundriel included),i think its enought for act1 but i dont wana chage HOTA (1mil crits ) i would prefer 2 change overpower with somthing else so i could manage my fury issues.
Do u have anything in mind:)?
i was thinking somthing like that could work!dZY!cZZbZc
i was thinking somthing like that could work

if you have fury problems (unlike me having full ik set) then why not, but overpower still has its uses: in The Keep Depths Lv 2 there are these annoying explosive mobs against which overpower can save ur life couple of times when u run out of charge cd and you want to save fury for sprint(it oneshots them). Also its a great dmg tool since it doesnt have animation time so you dont lose anything using it (unlike ancient spear), and its cd refresh on crits is brilliant with so high crit chance and proc coeff on HotA(same mechanic like in case of Bloodshed or Into the Fray)
Hi there, nice thread. After seeing this build, i was playing again my barbarian after long time.

I like to have some advice in gearing, couse in mp2-3 i was having no serious problems, but wondering, it is viable in higher mp-s, like 5-6?

My gear is not so good, mostly old stuff, an some found items, and some pieces from my witch doctor.
My problems, when i tried mp5, was with survival again molten fire chain, etc...
Is the lifesteal enogh, with the ~500 all rez and 5-6k armor enough, when my dps will rise, or need i more def stats. Any advice is welcome in play style and gearing too.
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