WD help mana regen and more dps

Witch Doctor
looking to better my WD's DPS and mana regen
here is his current skill set and gear link http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Feraldog-1170/hero/28829823
any "HELPFULL" advice would be greatly appreciated.
Use blood ritual instead of zombie handler (think of all the mana/sec you save this way)

- replace majumana's by a ceremonial knife with mana reg, look for a Zumi head with mana reg
- switch Tal's for an amu with crit chance & crit dmg, switch the wailing host for sth with crit dmg & crit chance (there are probably cheaper ones that will give you better dmg)
-get trifecta gloves (you should be able to generate enough mana with full zumi + reg on weapon, helmet and mojo)

With that mojo, i'd use bears: 10 mana reduction equals (10/attack speed) free mana reg if you use bears :) However, in the long run, you might be looking for a mojo with cc to increase your dmg further.
Find Mojo with crit. chance, find same knife with a socket. use firebomb or splinters for main attack + grave injustice for low mp and vision quest for high. Looks to me that you have low cc, which is not good.

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