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Hi CM,

for some reason im not banned on this account however I'm banned on the account? Can I please get unbanned on the same battletag? as its not showing my armory..
Hi Aliba66a,

for some reason I came to the conclusion that you didn't read the forum guidelines about banned accounts, or if you did you might have forgot, so let me refresh your memory;

Forum bans: have you re-read the Code of Conduct (http://eu.battle.net/en/community/conduct) and the ban explanation, and are still convinced you did not break the rules (that badly)? Feel free to send an appeal to forums-EN@blizzard.com, but keep in mind that it’s no guarantee the ban will be overturned.

You do not contact CMs through forum posts, but through mail.

Threads like these are prone to get locked since CMs do not discuss forum/in-game bans on the forums..
oh ok thanks Failboat.
Yup, send us a mail about it and we will take a look.

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