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Heya all :)

Wanted to see if anyone else has tried dueling on the PTR and what you thought and what spec you used.

Personally I had a ton of fun, and after trying a few different specs I think this is the one I liked the most was this cookie-cutter simmilar one:!UXa!aabYca
how do you do to try that?
You can find a guide on how to make a PTR account here:
This is my build so far:!bXT!Yabacc


FoT + Quickening = fast and more spirit regen
Wave of Light + Wall of Light = 1 Hit dead
Dashing Strike + Quicksilver = Fast movement
Serenity + Peaceful Repose = Escape plan :P
Blinding Flash + Faith in The light = Escape Plan B/Before Attack
Mantra of Evasion + Backlash = Dodge in PvP is just powerful

Passive Skills:

Exalted Soul = More Spirit
Seize the Initiative = Good Def.
Near Death Experience = 1 more chance to change my Battle!


Dashing to enmey ---> Blind them ---> Hit them a few time to get enough Spirit ----> Ding! Wave of Light = Dead.

I use Serenity if his HP didnt go down or when I need to run way :D

it work pretty nice so far, but still a good DH or any WD can kill you. DH is not that dangerous like WD since Haunt from WD can be really really dangerous and I don't think Serenity can remove Haunt.
Intersting spec =). Though I still prefer mine (After spending 2-3 more hours today dueling and tryin other specs).

Reason for the chosen skills are:

FoT:TC; Not only is it great as a main skill against other melee chars due to the fast attack speed, I also find the teleport to be vital against Ranged chars. Without the teleport, keeping up with kiting DH's/Wizzards or WD's seems to be almost impossible.

Seven-Sided Strike: Sudden assaulth; A well timed SSS can easily take out an opponent, and the teleport once again helps with ranged opponents. Besides ranged opponents, I found myself having to do some kiting at times against other melee chars as well and SSS:SA has allowed me more than once to just use it to port back and finish off an oponent.

BoH: Blazing Wrath; This is a skill that could be replaced, but I find that as Spirit for me has been an issue in PvP, the low cost off the skill combined with the long duration provides a very nice dps increase for the amount of spirit it requires. The added DPS helps both vs meelee and ranged oponents, and the cost is rarther small.

Serenety:Ascension: IMO possibly the most important monk skill of all. Awesome for shaking of everything from a bombardment of Cluster Arrows, to DPS unloading melee chars to giving an immunity to Slowing caltrops when you are chasing a DH. It also gives a hughe advantage in 1v1 melee fights.

Blinding Flash: Faith in the Light; The blind and damage can really tip the scales in a melee fight, and the yellow "blind marker" atop a DH's head if you pop it before he uses Smoke Screen can mean life and death as you willl see those small yellow dots and will be able to follow him.

MoC: Overawe: To me, this just seemed to work best. There are other mantra options ofc, but to me the added dps with Overawe just seemed to work best for quickly bursting down oponents.

As for passives, I don't think OWE, StI and Resolve needs to be explained, really.
Here's my Monk and the hardest opponent so far has been summoner witch doctor, but after a long duel marathon i found the way how to kill them quite easily, it's all about timing and aiming.

All stats are unbuffed, you can also check diabloprogress pvp-dummy rating :)

Would love to duel some good DH some day, as so far they haven't been anykind of problem..

Skills in my profile are not what i used, can't go and change them from work currently.

And Shield is way better than dual wield, no matter what class you are dueling against. If i take shield off and get Haunt from WD, it drains 100k hitpoints in 3-4 seconds, with shield i can take multiple haunts without dying.

Mantra of Evasion is clearly the best and rune for it depends on your opponent. Hard Target vs barbs + other monks and DH's

Don't expect to master on these setups on first try against a real good opponent.!ceX!abcbaY

That's the skill setup against Witch Doctors and Wizards, Evasion rune can be changed to Hard Target against Wizards.

And this is what is good against other Monks and Barbarians. Can be mixed a bit if the opponent has super tanky stats (Wave of Light), then Exploding Palm won't do much.!cVX!abcYaa

Chant of Resonance is there just incase you happen to be low on spirit regeneration like i am :)
i actually found sweeping wind cyclone rune to be pretty effective. once the 3 stacks are up it does alot of damage on its own. also, mantra of evasion is the best mantra for pvp. I really liked seven sided strike for the temporary invulnerability and spike damage. but with the stun rune on it is just brutal. Pacifism is also an amazing passive for pvp vs monks and barbarians. monks becaues all of the stun and barbarians because of rend and stun.!eVT!abYZac

I think it's pretty similar to most kids. Only difference is the ally. Pretty surprised noone is using them. They've become pretty tough with their latest buff.

Has anyone tested whether BF; Searing Light works with Backlash? I know you can cast it on players, but I don't know if "missing" is the same as "dodging".
We've no chance against equal geared dh and wd... no matter which skill set we use :D
On a sidenote: Serenity with "Instant Karma" rune is quite hilarious against DH's and other classes as well (if timed correctly) ^^
Some very interesting specs here so far in the thread :).

And I have to say that, Juhazzz, that might be the most impressing Monk gear I have ever seen. An astonishing ballance of defense and offense, truly amazing.

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