The WD and BIS Items for WD.

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I thought it was about time I did this, I did sort of promise to do it a long time ago but never got round to it.

What is this all about?

Ever had those all confusing moments when you just sit and stare at your gear going "well what the hell should I change?" I have many many times, the thing I will say is that there seems to be not clear route to take when it comes to items due to the different builds, I know a lot of build guides explain briefly what items are good for it, I haven't seen one going into full detail as of yet.

For this end I will be going through the basics (and some not so basics) of what items are, how they work out for us, where to lean on DPS and where to lean for EHP, this obviously changes slightly from build to build but an overall balance is always good.

Firstly the questions I think gets asked the most is "how much All Resist do I need?" well this depends really on your play style, that being said between 800-900 is a good place to be, the reason being that beyond the 900 mark the DR are so high that from 900-1100 you gain about 1% from ilvl63 enemies.

This is usually followed by "So how much armour?" this is obviously difficult, I want to say 4k is where you want to be, under 3k is bad just plain bad, 3.5k is pretty good. So 4k is the aim really.

The other bits often missed are Reduced Damage from Elites (RDfE) Reduced Damage from Ranged (RDfR) and Reduced Damage from Melee (RDfM), these are flat numbers and work as the %, now whether it's a bug or not RDfE seems to be capped at 29% (trust me I tested it a lot) now I tested what I called the "Immortal Build" which was very good against elites but white mobs hurt like hell. I don't see much point in having more that 7% in each of these, if you can get 7% reduction from all of them it will really help but do not sacrifice other stats for them, use them on top of other stats.

How much Mana Regen do I need? Is another question that gets asked a lot, the simple answer is as much as you can, however that being said it is dependant on the build you are playing, what I mean is if you're playing ZD you wont need any mana regen, if you're playing ZB you want a lot of mana regen, if you're playing a spirit build with RoE you wont need a lot of mana regen, so this is dependant on the build, max mana regen without passives is 105 I believe.

Now some of this will come under heavy debate and people have different ideas about which item is better where, I will run through the items that are open to us in the legendary and set and why we use or don't really use them.

Legendary Weapons
I have never seen a WD using this, although it isn't a bad weapon it also isn't a good one, the problem which is the problem with most of the CK is that is only rolls 1 property which means it can have either LS, CD, Socket OR MR which means it's about as much use as a soggy handkerchief, I did try a Monster control build using it and Toads of Confusion with Tribal Rites and MC however it just wasn't anywhere near good enough.
Same as above with the 1 property, as the summoned fetishes like all fetishes actually do not get force armour and do sod all damage this is more of a gimmick than and actual item to use.
Probably the lower budget ZB WDs best friend, if you can get one with Int and LS and pop a Emerald into it you have one high hitting weapon which due to the slow attack speed doesn't use as much mana (which is good cause you lose 2 MR items to use it)
Probably the current best Knife (sort of) for a WD however like the others it can only roll 1 property, luckily it already has LS, Int and CD on it, some people argue MR some go Socket this is up to how good the rest of your gear is, if you can handle losing the MR and you have the money for the Socket get the Socket.
The overlooked under made item, this could be great, this could roll the perfect WD CK of any we could use, have I seen one? Nope. It has the high damage and can roll 5 other properties meaning it can roll, CD, Socket, LS, MR and Int making it the BEST CK we could get, if you by some stroke of luck stumble onto one of these do yourself a favour and get it and don't let go.

Legendary Armour

Voodoo Masks
This is my preference for a helm, the one property rolling ChC and good stats already on the helm mean it's a great item, however if it could roll just 1 or 2 more properties I would have been very happy.
This is a pain of an item, with just 2 properties instead of one it would be the best helm hands down, as it stands for DPS (other than going into something silly like Mempo) it is the best we have with a crit roll, as the Int can go up to 300! You also get the life% and max mana which are very useful, also being a set piece for Zunis can get you that extra MR and the Mana on kill.

I almost didn't bother as they are clearly the best shoulder for every class in the game, they can roll over 250 Int and you can get them with Vit / Life %, they come with AR and are a fantastic item.

Arguable the best chest piece for a WD, high Int, high Vit, pray for or pay for a +Armour roll and this is a fantastic piece of armour.
Often overlooked, +% elite damage and +% Demon damage, MS, AR can't break high Int and that one property can roll 3 sockets, it's very good DPS wise but I do not believe it has a place over the Zuni chest unless maybe for a Sac or RoE build, MR is too important.

Ok they're a good item, to roll how you'd want them they would need a high Int roll, a good ChC roll and a Vit or AR roll. The only problem is the IAS which means you burn more mana per second with things like ZB, DPS wise they're brilliant especially for a WoS RoE build ZD also benefit from them.
I struggle to like these, they are good but I see Rares that are easily better, you would want that one property to roll 50+ AR really and that's where they get expensive much more expensive that a rare rolled with better stats and better DPS and EHP, however if you don't have alot of money they are an amazing item.


I can not with a straight face tell you that any legendary gloves are better than rares that you can buy, however a decent one are.
The properties CAN roll high Int, high CD and IAS OR AR which means they CAN be extremely good, they have +armour and ChC AND Vit already so you are 50% of the way to a bloody good pair of gloves, possibly the only gloves to consider other than rares.

What can I say, it's very good, a good rolled one will be very expensive, the one I'm currently wearing I got at a decent 34mil, there isn't much to say it's the best we can wear, I tried fight it and lost it is brilliant.
This can be a good item but you want the 3 properties to be AR, possibly some Armour maybe some Life % or more Int or more Vit, it isn't tWH but it also isn't as expensive and the +% bonus damage to elites always helps.

I will go as far as saying I believe these to be the best in the game, can have 2 properties, you really want naturally high Int (180-200) with a HIGH Vit roll and 2 sockets, this would allow over 300 Int while keeping some EHP from the item, some people just got for the high Int with Sockets for max DPS but I always like balance.
Because these need a mention, 2 rolls now these are personal preference I would always want AR and either high Int or socket rolls, the EHP you can get from these leggings along with the LoH are pretty damn awesome especially if you're a procdoc.
I try to like these, I know some people swear by them but I like balance and the legs are a defensive item that you try get as much DPS out of as possible, they sacrifice too much EHP for me but some people really love them for the DPS.

They need a mention, they can have 3 properties and they have a socket (up to 58 main stat) the 3 properties really you will be wanting MS for a start, then it's +Armour and Int or Vit and the boots are awesome, the only problem again is the set bonus for Zunis boots, MR is just too important (and our resources have been badly managed by the Devs).
How can you say no to these? A perfect roll on these to me would be Int 175-200, Vit 75-100 with AR 50+ and +Armour, they are just amazing boots, so good quite a few other classes use them.

Legendary Jewellery

Obviously I start with Tals, +% elemental damage, high Int, has Vit comes with CD and comes with 2 properties, ChC and IAS would be the most awesome thing since well awesome, it's limit? Can not go over 65% CD very good very expensive.
My personal Favourite and if I ever find and get the one I want I think I will dance through the streets naked (yes even in the snow), you can get a bonus to ANY skill with it, play ZB get up to -10 mana cost, that's brilliant on it's own but the item comes as standard with a bit of every stat and high AR, it can then roll 3 Properties, which you will obviously want to be ChC, CD and either IAS, Average Damage or more Int. Will cost a fortune but well worth it.

Ok this is an item that we didn't see until IM were out due to them messing up and them not dropping, good for most WDs with a CD roll 35-50% very cool, Procdocs usually benefit more from it though.
A wonderfully crafted ring which I love, 30% damage to elites +6% elemental and help with a skill damage or mana cost, very VERY good ring, you need a really good reason not to be using one.
Bit of a utility ring really, I favour it when doing a WoS build ChC is a must on it and then the +% Damage on SB or you could go ZB CD or ZD CD it is a good ring.
Not one you see a lot, if it rolls CD and Average Damage (40+) it is quite nice especially when paired with Litany.
One of my favourite rings at the moment, I want one with 45%+ CD however the one I have right now will do, the damage increase on this ring and the EHP it provides is fantastic, anyone with doubts I would suggest trying it.
This ring annoys me to the end of the earth, if it were just a little better I would never use anything over it, the main reason I use it is down to the 4 set bonus from the Zuni set, MR is just too important to us.

Legendary Off Hands
The most damaging of all our Mojos, can roll 2 random properties which you will either be very lucky with and get another Vit or Life % with MR, it can give SB % and Mana Reduction on ZBs like all Mojos.
For speed runs you can't really go wrong the huge pick up radius working with GI and GF is fantastic, the damage lets it down though in higher MPs (some will argue it's worth it).
Sacrifice build, if you don't have it you aren't playing a Sac build simple.
You NEED a ChC roll and a Vit/Life% roll really helps, I love this Mojo and obviously use it.
Only the one property and it must roll ChC otherwise the Mojo is just too weak, it is kind of cool and if you don't need the Zuni for the set I do like this Mojo.

Sheet DPS or Actual DPS?

What the hell am I talking about? If you can't continuously use your main damage skill the sheet DPS means almost nothing, I've met a lot of WDs over my time who think they're wonderful with 150-200k DPS sheet, but when it comes down to it they only have about 15 seconds up time on their skills then have to wait for them which in theory breaks their sheet DPS.

You need balance, if you can not perma spam that's not and issue however if you can't spam for at least long enough to take down the elite pack then you're in trouble, Rain Dance is useful and if you have GI (yes even at higher MP levels) the CD can be back quickly, this isn't a substitute for MR on items though so balance yourself.

Conclusion / TLDR.

Balance is better than pure tank or pure DPS.

800-900 AR
3K-4K Armour
75k+ DPS (If you want to do Higher MP levels)
MR 100+
ChC 35%+
CD 300%+
40k+ HP
RDfE 7% tops
RDfM 7% tops
RDfR 7% top

If ZB - mana cost items
If SB builds +% SB damage
You get the idea.

Hope it helps and enjoy, I know I didn't touch rare items, I think you can work it out from this though what would be good and what not to waste your time on ;)
i knew you're full of great posts when you came back :) good job. and one one thing i would add:
oculus ring, not great, not bad, but if the 1 random property is crit chance, you have a great defensive ring to hunt for legendaries while not loosing that much dps.

and one more thing i disagree with: the resists. sure, 800-900 is awesome, but i would say like 700-800. there are many items extremely expesive just because of resists. without resists on belt, bracers, helm, boots and gloves, you need resists on all your jewelery, 2.5k inteligence just to reach 700. and many people prefer pure dps jewelery.
max mana regen should be 107/sec (111 with templar), i'm 3 short of the max and have 104/sec
Fair comment I did think about putting occy in but I went against it due to the balance issue and there being a million rings :P I do like occy still I just didn't put it in, there are a few items I could have put in but I avoided for various reason.

The only reason I go up to 800-900 is due to the ilvl63 enemies;

60 61 62 63
700 70.0% 69.7% 69.3% 69.0%
800 72.7% 72.4% 72.1% 71.7%
900 75.0% 74.7% 74.4% 74.1%

So the jump from 700-900 is 5% mitigation, maybe not huge but the jump from 800-900 is quite big considering.

I realise it's not cheap however it's worth getting if you can :D

Oh and thank you about the good posts comment, I just get ideas or remember I was meant to do something and do it.

Thanks Ath I can never quite remember *shrugs* 2 mana off I didn't do bad. Bloody hell I only had to add mine up and add 2 argh, I've 105 base mana regen.
On Zuni pox:
23/01/2013 11:17Posted by Fean
This ring annoys me to the end of the earth, if it were just a little better I would never use anything over it

I'd say something like mine just with better CC would be perfect.
Can have everything, ehp and insane damage, as well as set bonus.
about the RDfE, how much life would be worth dropping per 1% gain in RDfE?
to gain that stat i would almost certainly have to drop some vit and i'm not sure if its worth it.

life is currently at about 58k
Great post fean. Well done. Thanks for taking the time and effort to write.

Athunder if you're on tonight I'll link you my Litany and you can see however, you could always change your blackthornes chest to one with RDfE?

Although I'm not using a hellfire ring so when you're done with that maybe just the litany?

7% is a lot really but not worth sacrificing a lot of hp for.

I just noticed your maras... you git :P
@Sensation, your pox is a thing of beauty :P
what a post ^^ i think an inclusion of 'BIS Items for WD' will attract more views and more google friendly :P
Fine just to make you happy House alright?
Nice work
Thank you.

I just noticed your maras... you git :P

lol, i spent weeks and weeks searching for it, then finally it appeared and i hit buyout quick :)
not the best crit dmg but i think its well worth it for the -ZB
Oh hell yes it's a fantastic Amulet no matter which way you look at it!

+Armour (from Str)
+Main stat
+Dodge (Dex)
-ZB mana cost

What more could you ask for? Well other than other random property possibly being pick up radius or IAS or Average damage or Int I mean :P
Athunder if you're on tonight I'll link you my Litany and you can see however, you could always change your blackthornes chest to one with RDfE?

that was my plan, to use BF chest with RDfE, but finding one with good int/vit has been impossible, i saw one with a little less vit this morning, but it seems to have sold so im back searching again :(
lol, i spent weeks and weeks searching for it, then finally it appeared and i hit buyout quick :)
not the best crit dmg but i think its well worth it for the -ZB

how much was it? ^^
55m i think
nice bargain! imagine a trifecta mara with 12 zbears, or 8 summon dogs...droooools

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