PS3&PS4 version of D3 won't require internet connection

General Discussion . Well now, isn't this a slap in the face?
When currently in open beta D3 will be released on PC, it will probably have offline mode also, so dont worry :)
But how will the RMAH work for them?
Ah hmm cool, let me tell you a joke one guy in my friendslist told me earlier.

Ok, now this guy comes into a bar...oh no wait was a horse...

Ok it this guy comes into a horse...
It's pretty simple:
- PS3 / PS4 > Sony > PlayStation network
- PC > Blizzard >

To make it simpler, the PlayStation network (or how it's called) it's not under Blizzard's administration.

Sadly, the feeling that I got a slap in the face is still present ...

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