[Suggestions]: Talisman and Burning Hells Portals

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link to the US thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8156055717

If you liked these ideas, like and write in the US thread as well.
Maybe the devs will reply if they see so many positive feedback there too!



here's the link to the thread of my two ideas on Diablofans.com.

I wrote there because it's a very long read and there are a lot of images so I prefered to do "cross-link".

I apologize about that with CMs.

"Like" here if you liked there :)

Enjoy: http://www.diablofans.com/topic/87920-suggestions-the-talisman-and-the-burning-hells-portals/
nice this really will save the game
You really put much effort in this one, very creative! I really like your mission idea, can't wait for a blue comment, looks like expansion material!
Way too awesome to happen :(
This is soooooo good.
GG to you Edriel.

Will we see it ?
Blue, please post !
You should work for Blizzard
that's awesome...
Best idea i've seen on General. We MUST keep this thread alive and up.
I really wish that the developers will be as creative as you OP, because this game lacks depth when it comes to customisation as well as endgame content. My only concern is that your ideas are not "console friendly" if you know what I mean and this could be the reason they try to keep it as simple as possible, in order to be available for the broader audience.

We will see though, hope dies last. :)
With stuff like this, and Gosu's manifesto that appeared on the US Forums, it's pretty clear that people really want Diablo III to succeed.

I must say, the game is slowly getting better with every Patch that comes along, and it does look like they are listening to the fans.

I mean, Diablo II changed no end throughout it's lifetime, with the Skill Tree Synergies opening up new ways of playing - I'm hopeful the Devs will continue to listen and improve, but I'd imagine huge changes would probably come by way of an Expansion.

Oh well, I'm patiently waiting with growing anticipation of this games growth/direction.

Good post OP, +1.
Awesome idea. Probably too cool for Blizzard though.
Thanks guys :)
Really new, fresh and nice idea ! post it on the US forum please, so Travis and Wyatt can comment :DDD
Already posted there too :)

There are the links both of this thread and the US thread at the bottom of the suggetions-post.

Here's the link on reddit as well if you'd like to check the comments there too: http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/19ta99/xpost_from_rdiablo3_the_talisman_and_the_burning/
like it a lot!

this would help the game alot
Get this to the top noooow!!!!

Thumbs up to you man, i envy your brain!! :D
Very nice work you've done there!
I hope some of it makes it into the game!
Impressive work.
Hours and hours of time spent on it, I guess.

Too bad that blizzard never implemented even a single player's idea.
This sounds amazing! If this would be implemented i'll prolly start playing D3 again.

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