Patch 1.08.

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What do you wish for in the next patch ? Should be interesting to read !
Gold numbers with commas
Buff in marquise ruby
Buffs on all classes
Bring back invunerable minions
Teleport through all acts
Removal of !@#$ useless affixes
Rewards for paragon levels
More ingame buffs
improvements to current legendaries
Current craftable stattage avaliable in drops
A 1 billion Cap on GAH instead of 2
Able to use the AH ingame rather going out
Able to transmorg gear as legendaries are poorly designed; asthetically
Put a %^-*ing glow on full set as d2 did
Increased itemslots on enchantress
Weapon Switch
Gear Switch
increased Bag space
increase Stash space
More Gems
inplement runes without an expansion
socketable items - boom economy fixed
increased socket cap on all items - saves time and energy for newbie to reach mp5-10 requirement, make most powerful players feel actually more powerful
increased AI intelligence for both monsters and followers
Allow followers to play in Multiplayer games - no idea why blizzard didn't allow this in 1st place; more jaywilson and crew bull!@#$ assumed - like one of the reasons of single player 'we feel sometimes we see players making characters on single player on d2 and realise they can't play with their friends on closed bnet' - incgamers quoting d3 development team.
Allow players to do more then just farm act 3
Making bosses and purple mobs drop real things again
Farming runs lead to final bosses in acts possible without hassle
Final bosses dropping best loot i64?
Final bosses much harder
Final bosses AI improved
Hassle free ways to communicate
Hassle free ways to trade without AH
Removal of public game
Bring back Games/server list
Bring back Chat rooms
Implement a Trading Game

Make a commodity which is tradable par value to gold- Sojs for Diaclone for example in d2 [expendable commodity - sustainable]
Make a commodity which is expendable as a Fee for an event with great rewards .e.g 5 legendaries guarenteed/ annihilus charm/ not account bound less rewarding bull!@#$.
Make THE mentioned commodity farmable and sellable, without the expenditure of GOLD- constantly rewarding the player of it's gametime rather then punish.
Devaluise the value of GOLD or rather FIXED pricing of commodities; Player GOLD expenditure on items or commodities via GAH; particularly mentioned commodity; Commodity value fixed; tradable as replacement of GOLD.
Mentioned Commodity is not easily farmable rather time consuming to farm; yet rewards are hyper. gold value worthwhile. e.g Soj in d2; hard to find yet HIGHLY saught after

Market manipulation by Blizzard Service; to dissallow inflation or hyper deflation

Removal of benboske from forums - no beef just really don't enjoy seeing your biased posts
New items!
dude final boss gonna b on the expansion with the last act and at least 2 other class
but all the rest u said i agree with u and maybe just add pvp bullet proof walls and in order to respect diablo 2 i want all the skills unlocked i hate the limit of 6 maybe just keep a limit for the passivs. and makin someting to trade items for items can replace the old method .i mean in d2 i was sitting in front of the screen waching at the game names for hours its a boring job. just remember getting a 4 os cv for a simple insight its harder to find it then the rune u put into it ..... and yeah new items but stop creating bad looking pants my barb looks !@#$ lol and gears dont look like the draw in the inventory like 50 % of items are not looking as they suppose to
Thats a huge nice list, and I completely agree with it omg.
Offline game has to come back, no matter what. I got so many disconnects w/o reason these days, the game isnt even fun anymore that way.
Also the Horadric cube is missing badly. Despite the fact ur jeweler and Blacksmith can forge and create things for you, It could be a great Addition to the game, with recipes only to build in the cube and by noone else. Also weapon switch, we need this back.
Opening the game for mods again is important for its survival imo, too. Yes yes we buy your official expansions but !@#$%^-it let us change aspects of the game that you wont, dear devs !
A working AH
All the things that poster #2 mentioned plus.
unidentify all
craft all
more elites affixes

plus add a major improvement which will finally release us from farming only act 3.
something like a infinity dungeon with floors.
- each floor is big and has a decent amount of mobs.
- Every 5/10 floors there is a boss.
- if you die you reset to floor 0
- each floor is much harder
- there is some sort of ladder system in it.
- there is a leaderboard of all the players + top
- reward system for the infinity dungeon
- this idea will also make the game more fun because you won't have to do the same thing over and over again and expecting things to change(act3)
- you could brag about your dungeon level ( that could be fun )
- you could go to a certain floor with friends ( only if everyone in the party has this floor alraedy unlocked )
- the dungeon will not only consist of killing mob but will also involve additional game mechanics.
let players get a good roll on legends from time to time.
i know when 1.04 came i get a good legend in about 3 weeks that can sell for 100mil.
now i only get crapendary's selling below 1mil.
and it's been going on for half year now.
because of this i'm thinking of quiting.
never a good drop ever again.
so the fun drops much more.

for lots of playing there should be rewards.
and not some guy who plays 2 hours a week gets over 100m legends.
i think this really needs to be done.
i also think this is the reason so many players quit.
because they don't get any good legends.

if blizzard wants players back then do this.
because i'm getting sick of it and my friends too.

and higher mp more chance for legends and more chance for good roll legends.
i get 0 !@#$ on mp 10.

just give me my IK helm with all resist on it or a mempel with crit chance.
Improve Act 4 to be worth farming :)
04/03/2013 05:01Posted by Massive
Buffs on all classes
so you want to be the game even easyer looooooools
OPEN WORLD like Grand Theft Auto! nuff said
reduce quantity of yellows dropped by 1000% increase quality of yellow items and its price by 200%

make elite packs not possible to have 4+CC affixes
Not nerf anything (inferno) difficulty.

Not buff any class or skill again.

Not more MF.

Game need some upgrade system.. (for skills or for items).

Think about now 1.08 patch preview
- Adding to Blacksmith new tab (skill upgrade)
* Frenzy +%5 damage 10.000.000 gold/ 50 fiery brimstone
_ Smite Run +%1 chance to smite(stun) 5.000.000 gold/ 25 fiery brimstone
* Mantra of Healing + 150 Reg.Life 8.000.000 gold / 40 fiery brimstone
_ Time of need Run +%5 All Resistance 4.000.000 gold / 20 fiery birmstone

- Adding to Blacksmith new tab (item blessing)
* Legendary Weapons
_Add 2-3 Damage 1.lvl bless 5.000.000 gold / xx fiery birmstone
2.lvl bless 15.000.000 gold / xx fiery birmstone
3.lvl bless 35.000.000 gold / xx fiery birmstone

_Add 0.2 Life Steal 1.lvl bless 7.500.000 gold / xx fiery birmstone
2.lvl bless 20.000.000 gold / xx fiery birmstone
3.lvl bless 40.000.000 gold / xx fiery birmstone
* Legendary Armors
_Add +100 Armor/+10All Resist 1.lvl bless 6.500.000 gold / xx fiery birmstone
2.lvl bless 17.500.000 gold / xx fiery birmstone
3.lvl bless 35.000.000 gold / xx fiery birmstone

_Add +20 to All Stats/ +100 Reg.Life
1.lvl bless 4.500.000 gold / xx fiery birmstone
2.lvl bless 14.000.000 gold / xx fiery birmstone
3.lvl bless 27.500.000 gold / xx fiery birmstone

Like that... The numbers of Gold, brimstone, essence, tome vs.. it's up to Blizzard..
Button in options that says: Same mob density everywhere as in Act 3. So we can finally farm everywhere in the game. Isnt it sad that majority of players plays just around 6 locations of the whole game?

Or skip 1.0.8 and work on 1.1 for this summer - the promised proper PvP and new endgame PvE content. You need to introduce systems that will be recyclable for the expansion - i.e. good PvP system and random PvE dungeon progress from the map tiles already in the game.
Offline mode!
Interesting read :P

Personally, like others, I'd like some more items as well. New craftables or new legendaries, doesn't matter :P

I also wouldn't mind if they'd do something about the mob density in act I, II, and IV, just so there's more choice in where you want to farm.

Class balance changes would be nice, and it's sort of a given I guess.

I like the idea of something ala transmogrification like in WoW that I heard they're working on, but I'm not sure if it's ready for 1.08. I wouldn't mind it though!

And some changes to make multiplayer even more lucrative, like more exp, easier mobs, or something. It still feels like playing solo is the way to go, and that shouldn't be the case in a Diablo game in my opinion.

Something like that. But I guess there's quite a few months until patch 1.08 still :P
Followers to stay with you in game and if they die they go back to town... And remove the notification of them going back to town or make it smaller at the bottom of the screen and not right in your face lols

Possible slot on the right hand side of the screen after login in for a games list for out of Auction House trading and other games that are going on like the Pwny level.

Oh and the chance for blacksmiths to add sockets into items with a max of 4 sockets. maybe random amount or set amount for gold price.

I expect nothing. Otherwise I'll just be dissapointed.

Just look at "brawling".
I would really like too see a buff/Fix to some useless skills and passives,like. . .toad of hugeness looks so epic but is so useless.

Oh did I say I want a fix for toad of hugeness,lol coz I really really do.

Also some legendary weapons need a chance to have a socket.

But toad of hugeness come on,let it swallow elites or have a poison cloud around it or something
Offline mode, just like SC and HC, only here you now that if you create the carracter it can never use AH-RMAH or online play. (if you can do it on PS3 you can do it on pc.)

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