[Guide] CotA mp10 farming

Demon Hunter
Crypt of the Ancients is one of the overall best farming areas in the game, and in my opinion the best mp10 farming area for Demon Hunters.

(Will make a better video at some point)

33 runs in an hour at 4x speed:

Start on the act 1 quest The Broken Blade: Talk to Aleric. Run to Festering Woods, enter Crypt of the Ancients. You will get it as checkpoint and can teleport there directly.

Begin by gathering up the mobs and try to fight with as many summoners in range as possible so that they keep summoning more skeletons. If they are too spread out, you can kite between the groups. This helps you survive by giving you more targets to leech, proc night stalker and get globes from. But more importantly, you get more loot/exp. Don't bother with the casters or the last remaining skeletons, it's not worth it. I can recommend Tianzi's video for more detailed info (link at the end), my videos can probably be of a little use too.

Disable loot text automatically showing, it's fun at first but will get you killed.

Clear some inventory space for all the epic loot you will find ;)

This is the stem of the build. It's the synergy between these skills that make it work, at least for me.

This is the one I favor. It's the offensively strongest version, mostly thanks to the extra hatred. Shuriken procs both mortal enemy and night stalker which makes it stronger than it looks. However there are many other viable alternatives.

Bola Shot:
Imminent Doom for dps.
Highest damage, my choice. The delay is not so bad when you can instantly get life steal from Jagged Spikes.

Thunder Ball
Stun. Not tested but some people say it's good, mostly calamity users

Bitter pill for more disc.
Personally I don't need it, but could be good.

Cluster Grenades
Usable, the best skill for procing.

I do not recommend Volatile Explosion, kills trash faster which isn't needed, and doesn't add anything else. It has half the proc chance of the other runes. Can cause permanent damage to your eyes.

Spike Trap with Echoing Blast:
Our strongest hatred spender. Skeletons are slow moving melee units with a very simple "attack the player"-AI, which is perfect for this skill.

Shadow Power with Gloom:
No explanation needed.

Caltrops with Jagged Spikes:
You can have up to 5 of these out. With Custom Engineering they last 12 seconds and do 540% damage. If you cast it during Gloom it will snapshot the life steal, which improves your survivability a lot, especially when afflicted by freeze and such. For the same reasons as with Echoing Blast, CotA is the perfect area to use this in.

Note: Does not profit from attack speed, but crits even if you can't see it.

Last 2 active skills is your choice:

Vault with Trail of Cinders or Tumble
You often get trapped in narrow passages or the hordes of skeletons. I recommend most players to use this, at least to begin with.

Marked for Death with Mortal Enemy
More dps against the skeleton champion, which is what you should focus on increasing your dps against. Mortal enemy gives hatred, which also increases your dps. It can proc every 0.5 seconds from Chain of Torment and Shuriken Cloud.

Chakram with Shuriken Cloud
If you cast it with Gloom on, it will keep the life leech for the full duration. It procs Night Stalker and Mortal Enemy. A bit extra dps. Not affected by attack speed.

Sentry with Guardian Turret
Some extra protection.

Sentry with Chain of Torment
For the damage, life steal and Mortal Enemy proc. With 3 out it can give you up to +18 hatred per second. However, it's awkward to use, requires positioning and costs hatred. Most people dislike it. I find it fun to use once in a while. Do not use it with nat's helm!

Rain of Vengeance
Some people like it, I'm not sure.

If you need more discipline.


Night Stalker
Works great thanks to the heavy mob density, even with low aps. Very high disc and preparation is a possible alternative, but not a good one.

For once it works well on mp10, thanks again to the hordes of skeletons. The DH generally has good dps on low mps but it decreases on higher since we run out of hatred. This build and area is an exception, thanks to being able to use this skill.

Custom Engineering
Takes Jagged Spikes and doubles it ^_^. You also need it for Echoing blast since you have a lot of hatred to spend, without this it goes to waste. I've seen some calamity users run archery instead, but I don't get how you manage to use up your hatred without it.

Regular high mp stuff. You don't need much +disc but a little extra is nice. Stone of Jordan with Spike Trap or Bola Shot bonus is the best ring choice, with this build spike trap is likely best.

The only absolutely necessary stat is at least 5-7 pickup radius.

You could do this with a 100m build, if you buy the right items:

Weapon: Manticore with high crit, dex, 1 socket 1300 dps. The last affix isn't important, maybe you can get a bit of vit or extra dex.
Quiver: Dead Man's Legacy with Bola Shot bonus and a useful random roll like dex, vit, socket, life%.
Ring1: Stone of Jordan with Spike Trap or Bola Shot.
Ring2: Hellfire, rare or Litany of the Undaunted. First priority id dex, chc, chd.
Amulet: Craft.
Gloves: Craft.
Bracers: Craft. Good place to get pickup radius.
Shoulders: Craft (or vile ward). Good place to get pickup radius.
Boots: Nats with vit.
Chest: Nats with spike trap bonus. Vit, dex, armor, all resist, damage taken from elites. Find what you can afford. Remember that a good skill bonus is worth more than a few stat points.
Belt: Inna's with all resist or dex+vit
Pants: Inna's with all resist or vit
Helm: Mempo with vitality.

Shouldn't cost much, unless you don't craft. Bidding is much cheaper than buyouts, unless you're very lucky or patient. You'll probably have a bit too much defensive and not enough offensive with my suggested items, but you can adjust that. This is just an example, and should only be followed exactly if you're completely lost :)

Nice stats to reach would be 50k life, 400 all res, 200k dps.

Based on Tianzi's monk guide which I got the inspiration for the build and play style from.
is this for xp farm or item farm? sry i havnt been payin any attention to these farming routes
Is it really better? I mean some say keeps 2, now CoTA. So which is it?
I don't know which is better since I've only played it today. But it's a build that makes DH comparable to other classes on mp10.

And btw, chain of torment has good dps.

Did some maths, the edps potential of this build is around 900% in optimal conditions.

24/03/2013 14:56Posted by nights
is this for xp farm or item farm?

Item. But I can't test exp, so maybe it's great for that too.
It's very good for xp also, if you can farm it fast (1.50-2.50 mins).

Usually I go there with same setup, with Bait the Trap instead Jagged and with RoV:Bombs. Didnt try Chains though.
Tried it. Pretty good.

Got 5 legendaries/sets within an hour.

Zuni Vision
Echoing Fury
Gladiator Gauntlets (as usual)
Andariel Visage

My only problem was my !@#$ty internet connection. Apparently every time i play with a horrible signal, i get crazy affixes like frozen + wallers or RD.
It's very good for xp also, if you can farm it fast (1.50-2.50 mins).

Usually I go there with same setup, with Bait the Trap instead Jagged and with RoV:Bombs. Didnt try Chains though.

what's so awesome with bait the trap? for the extra CC???

what's so awesome with bait the trap? for the extra CC???

It's not awesome, but it's fun for tanking builds with high density mobs (like CotA) - discipline cheap, it slows down everything around you, process CtW and give you extra 10 CC. In your case it's like 50k dps more lol :)
Finding a lot of legendaries. 2 mempo for example :P
Haha, wow!

I just tried this farming method... I didn't think i could pull off MP10 with my half-crappy 140k dps with soj. Turns out it works like a charm

The cluster grenades/sentry/echoing blast build is just fantastic! First legendary within 30min, thanks for the tip!
Dont you just wish there were items which Adds bonus damage vs Undead? :D
25/03/2013 00:07Posted by Impreza
Dont you just wish there were items which Adds bonus damage vs Undead? :D

Well, that would be something. =) I am mostly amazed at MP10 in general, i had severely underestimated the droprates compared to fast low mp farming.

Also, if i get by on 3-5min runs and the occasional death i really wonder what a 400k dps DH does to mp10.
seems like a nice place for rares at least, ~2 min clear for 4-5 rares. but i dont wat im doing wrong but i dont get the check point tp when i remake the game, or rather i only get that tp when i remake the game for the first time, then when i run past the wp in town my check points gets updated to there instead xD. oh well at least sometimes 1 or 2 packs of elites spawn near festering woods wp so cant rly complain.

[edit] ok had a run where an empowered shrine spawned, with 3x chains up i was at full hatred while spamming only spike trap, hello 10^6 dps =D
I want to add that you don't have to do it on mp10, 8-9 is also quite rewarding.

25/03/2013 00:28Posted by nights
seems like a nice place for rares at least, ~2 min clear for 4-5 rares. but i dont wat im doing wrong but i dont get the check point tp when i remake the game

Yup and the rares are better than all the 4 affix nv bonus rares ou get on low mp speedruns, much larger percent of them are 5-6 affix. Yes I may have given bad advice on that don't remember exactly which quests work and which doesn't. But the broken blade: talk to aleric works 100%.
@nights you have to tp to town before leaving the game, then resume.

@Josef you were right, I tried with Jagged instead Bait and with Chains. It's faster for me, I can do average for about ~1:30 min.

Small sidenote, I was running with SoJ since I sold my quadri ring. However, CotA run is probably better without SoJ due to 1 elite and tons of trash.
On the other hand, how much of the time do you spend killing the skeletons? For me the the only thing about killing them that takes time is the herding. As long as they are "awake", they will run into the killing zone around the elite by themselves.

Cheap trick: Stand in the stairs against arcane and they will only hit you if they are right on top of you.
24/03/2013 21:28Posted by Josef
Finding a lot of legendaries. 2 mempo for example :P

Good luck, man. Funny as might seems for 94 paragons I had found ONLY one Mempo so far and that was mediocre roll - sold for 100k lol.

But to all of you that expect to find tons of legendaries - it all comes down to some luck at the end. This might be a good spot but it won't be "plenty legendaries 100% guarenteed" spot.
Sometimes you get sometimes not.

Just don't give up.
Did the same runs a month ago (dunno about portal - D3MON was providing logistic lol), did not get anything.
Same with some VoA runs before that - 100 elites killed - not a single leg. The day before - 8 leg for about 90 min - same place.

The mob density counts same as VoA elites density but we have lots of skills that can efficiently melt huge mobs, so it is very good spot.
And the fight is very intense - endless mob, tight space, huge HP monster pools - gotta give up smoking - it gets me killed a lot ...:)
And if you, like me hate to waste that ST:EB on empty ground - that's the spot : plenty white mob to make a good use of any ST you can spam.
Finding CoT working pretty well.

Still find i run out of disc without preparation, but probably because i vault all over the place like a madman! Means i cant use jagged spikes though :/

Also when using jagged spikes, i find the need to spam all 6 down at once, then im out of disc too quickly... anyone else have this problem?
Dual wielding I get butchered, just not enough HP.
I ran out of disc very quickly the first time, now with full nats it shows some improvement.
But it is a fun run, lots of potential.

@D3mon: I try to double tab my caltrops, and as you quickly vault to another place, double tab again, vault etc. And I use bitter pil.
bitter pill is good if u need extra disc regen yes, i tried different specs like bitter pill + jagged spike + echo, hell even tried bitter pill + mortal enemy + punishment (didnt work so good tho, had great aoe but once there is only the yellow elite left its basically herpderp wat do i do nao?). thunder ball + cot + mortal enemy + echo was what worked the best tho, with my dps it usually takes less than 90 secs to blow through the 50M hp on the elite (~50 secs with empowered shrine :D). might give the caltrop spec another shot later, tho im almost sure that spamming traps with 3x cot ticking on a target with mortal enemy would give higher dps, at least for 1h/dw

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