A Guide to Dual Wielding /feat Tanking Guide by nights

Demon Hunter
So you want to dual wield hand xbows?

All you hear about is how awesomely powerful Manticore is. You've seen people using Calamity and Dead Mans Legacy with great success and high DPS numbers. Heck, you've even seen people sporting a big old Windforce with an element of success (utilising its knockback skill).

So why dual wield...?

Dropping DML for another hand xbow seems pointless.

You get less attack speed.
You get less dexterity.
You get less crit chance.
You get less vitality.
Heck, in most cases you get less Sheet DPS.
You can get 10 discipline on DML too.

So why do it?

For me there's 2 main reasons:

Firstly and MOST importantly it looks AWESOME!

Secondly you can reach very high crit damage numbers. This is the closest you'll get to hitting hard like a big Xbow user, but also shooting at speed.

Basically it's pretty great all round, but you'll have to invest some serious gold in it.

Where do I make up the loss of vit, crit chance and dex from DML?

Users of DML are always going to have better EHP then dual weilders. They can make more of a choice to drop the vit in these areas and just go all out dps stats and other ehp stats.

You want to be looking for these stats in all your armour pieces ideally:

I have made up the grounds by obtaining Vit on amulet, bracers, shoulders, pants and boots. Getting all resist in some of these areas and belt + helm is also key.


For general survival (all round mp) you really need the following:

  • All Resists: 450

  • Armour: 4000

  • Vitality: 45k

  • Discipline: 45+

  • For boosting DPS numbers you want to aim for:

  • Crit Chance: 45+

  • Crit Damage: 500+ is very achievable with the right weapon choices

  • Average Damage Stats: rings and amulets go for 35+ average damage if possible where the numbers are (xx - xx) not JUST minimum or maximum damage.

  • attack speed: 40%+ is a nice target and achievable.

  • Dexterity: get it everywhere you can. 2500+ is great

  • +% Elemental Damage (again with the right weapon choices this works well)

  • ---------------

    Gear choices break down

  • Helms

  • Andy visage - This helm is great for boosting DPS cheaply. It can roll with Vit or all resist for more EHP, but you will take an EHP hit when it comes to fire damage. It has crit chance too so this is a good budget option and not worth ruling out.

    Overall it's not a great choice compared to:

    D3MONS Choice
    Mempo of Twilight - This helm has everything. High dex, all resist, attack speed, %life and a socket. If you can get this with crit chance you never need another helm. If you can't get this with cc then go for a defensive stat like more vitality or go for a more offensive stat like extra dexterity.

    Natalya's Sight - As suggested by Hyperion is another decent option, especially if mixing with the rest of the set. At 4 pieces you get a 20 discipline bonus which is nothing to be laughed at. It rolls with up to 100 dex, high armour and a socket. Random properties can also get you cc and more dex, vital or all res too. Worth a look at as an option.

  • Shoulders

  • Crafted Shoulders of Dexterity - an easy and cheap way to get high dex shoulders. Aim to get vitality, %life and all resists here.

    D3MONS Choice
    Vile wards - If you have the gold it's easier to buy these. They generally have more armour then crafted shoulders so this is a boost. You can get very high dex and good amounts of vitality here and it's a great place to get that one stat everyone needs once, pickup radius.

  • Gloves

  • D3MONS Choice
    Crafted Gloves - You can purchase some very nice rare ones, but any bet you'll be able to craft better ones for a fraction of the cost in most cases. Look for high dex, crit chance 9+, crit damage, attack speed and any defensive stats will be a bonus.

    Sage's Gauntlets - can sometimes roll with some good stats for a demon hunter. I've come across these whilst searching for rare gloves with similar stats.

  • Amulet

  • D3MONS Choice
    Rare and Crafted Amulets - are the best options IMO. You'll want to ideally look for average damage, high dex, crit chance 9+, crit damage and vitality. If you can't afford or craft these lucky stats then drop the average damage and make sure you get the vitality, amulet is a great place to stack this.

  • Cloak/Armour

  • D3MONS Choice
    Natalya's Embrace - is pretty much unbeatable for me. You can get all the stats you need here. Dex, vitality or all resist, discipline, %life, 3 sockets, extra skill bonus and set bonus from additional pieces.

    If you need to boost vitality you can get one with 160+ vitality and 90 dex. If you have enough vitality you can get one with 160+ dex and 90 vitality. It's a great item!

    The inquisitor - can be a nice cloak. With additional move speed you may find you need this if you pick some other choices in armour slots. You won't be able to reach highest possible dps numbers using this cloak however. It does come with a standard 71-80 all resist.

    Inna's Vast Expanse - As suggested by Hyperion this can be a great option to gain an awful lot of dex, life% and vitality in one piece as well as 3 sockets and 1 random magic property you can get a decent DPS/EHP chest piece right here. It does lack the discipline and skill bonus however, but if you feel you could do without that then this is an option.

  • Boots

  • D3MONS Choice
    Natalya's Bloody Footprints - will give you 2 set bonus to Nats set (7cc) and have some great stats of their own. High dex, all resists, damage reduction to melee attacks, run/walk speed. You can also get these with vitality.

    Ice Climbers - are a good alternative option. They have great dex and vitality stats as well as a socket and all resists. Be prepared to lose the walk/run speed though (and the 2 set bonus from Nats).

    Zunimassa's Journey (legacy) - the best ones on diabloprogress have +5% poison damage, 12 move speed, 79all resist 194 dex and 6% attack speed. Obviously, these are the best and this is a legacy item meaning they will remain that way. Expensive and hard to get.

    Zunimassa's Trail - can roll with high dex (up to 200), vitality, all resists, move speed and 8% elemental damage. Pretty good all round boots.

  • Rings

  • D3MONS Choice
    Natalya's reflection - I highly recommend getting this ring here. The 3 set bonus is a godly 130 dex AND you get a min of 80 dex on this ring, not to mention a standard 8-9 attack speed. You can get this ring with crit chance, crit damage and average damage. I recommend looking out for one with average damage and crit chance if possible.

    Ring 2 (all of the below are good choices)
    The Wailing Host - is a great option for your second ring. Why this and not
    Litany of the Undaunted? Basically the wailing host can roll with average damage as well as attack speed (2 random magic properties instead of 1). This is great for a dual wielder. A standard of 150-169 dex and 4.5cc on this ring make it a great choice.

    Rare Rings - can roll with more stats you may need. You can look for rings with some vitality, armour or all resist if you need the EHP boost. I recommend looking out for ones with high average damage (xx-xx), some dexterity, attack speed and crit chance as well as any defensive stats. If you can squeeze crit damage on to it as well then you're in good shape.

    Stone of Jordan - gets a worthy mention here. It has added % elemental damage that works great with black weapons such as Calamity and Danetta's. Extra discipline for more defensive tactics and vault spamming. Bonus damage to elites, which I can tell you now you won't be able to beat with any other ring, the extra damage to elites is godly at 30%, however your sheet dps and damage to trash mobs drops. The bonus damage to skill is also a great boost.

    Unity - As suggested by SancticuS This can be as good, if not better in some cases then The Wailing Host ring. It actually rolls with very similar stats but also has +225–328 LoH on it. The random magic property you want will be attack speed or crit damage.
  • Pants and Belt combo

  • D3MONS Choice
    Inna's Set Pants and Belt - are pretty much unbeatable. You get a great amount of dex with both of these, a minimum of 310 dex for both items worn. This can reach up to great numbers on double dex rolls if you choose that over other high stats.

    It's good to look out for some defensive stats on these, such as high vitality and all resist. These can roll as secondary stats on either item.

    On the belt look for the 8% elemental damage for more of a boost. On the pants look for 9% attack speed if possible for extra dps. The pants also enable you to reach the move speed breakpoint (well 1% away from it) if mixed with Nats boots or a bracer option (Lacuni's) if you went with ice climbers.

    Another bonus to wearing these set items is that it will give you a 2% cc boost.

    Depth Diggers - can give you a great amount of dex, vit, all resist and sockets. The only problem is they lack attack speed and move speed. As you'll definitely want to move at 24%+ move speed if you go with depth diggers i suggest going with the bracer option (Lacunis) and Nats boots.

    Rare Pants - can also roll with great stats just like depth diggers. Personally both of these options leaves me feeling like I've missed out too much from the Inna's set.

    The Witching Hour - is without a doubt a Great belt. This can give you 100+ dex, up to 9 attack speed and 50 crit chance as well as a few defensive stats like all resists or vitality. It's a great option, personally I just feel the Inna's set combo is better though.

  • Bracers

  • D3MONS Choice
    Rare Crated Bracers - are a great option. They can roll with the highest amount of dex on any bracers, vitality, all resists, crit chance, armour and other stats that can be useful like pickup radius. These will be the cheapest and best option.

    Lacuni Prowlers - are a nice boost to dps if you can afford to drop some ehp and don't mind having less dex. They can roll with 80+ dex, up to 9 attack speed and crit chance as well as movement speed if you need this and some defensive stats like vitality or all resist. The problem is, with the other suggested items from before, you don't really need the extra attack speed for the boost as the extra dex from other bracers will give you harder hits instead of faster lighter hits. You will also most likely need the ehp boosts from rare bracers as Lacuni's wont roll with high amounts of these stats, and they are expensive.

  • Weapons

  • Mainhand

    D3MONS Choice
    Calamity - is a brilliant xbow. It's got everything you want in a hand xbow. It can roll with high dps numbers, as well as great attack speed and crit damage as well as a socket. This is where your interest should lie. Looking for high crit damage roll on the bow and a socket are priorities. you can get up to 210 crit damage just on this one item when combined with a gem.

    Your second priority is the dps number. I started my DW campaign with 1066 calamity with 95% cd and socket that did me well. I imagine one like that is rather affordable now.

    Try and get one with 11% attack speed boost instead of 10%, it's just a small speed bonus :)
    Hatred regen is helpful so get as close to 1.3 as possible, but this isn't priority really. The least priority stat is the marked for death stat. Bear in mind you'll be shooting at most likely above 2.5aps, with this you'll be casting marked for death on everything, even if it's at 25% chance to cast.


    D3MONS Choice
    Danetta's Spite - is such an obvious offhand choice. The second best dps hand Xbow available is this. Calamity can roll with some ridiculous dps numbers, Danetta's comes a distant second. It also can roll with crit damage and a socket meaning another potential 210% crit damage just on this offhand!

    With a bonus of up to 200 dexterity and 9-10 discipline this xbow is a fantastic choice.

    Danetta's Revenge - is best used as part of the set. The main problem with this xbow is that is doesn't roll with crit damage and a socket, only one or the other. It has good LoH, hatred regen and Dex, and as part of the set you get an extra 130 dex and a small 3% bonus damage to elites. It's definitely worthy of mention, but because you'll be dropping up to 110% crit damage by using this bow, i don't feel it should take the place of any of the above.

    Dawn - is another option. It can roll reasonable dps numbers like danetta's spite, but with only 1 random magic property this cannot roll with crit damage AND a socket, which are our main priorities. This bow does however have LoH and a fast attack speed, so it's a good budget option to start off with.

    Rare hand xbows - can be a good option. They can roll all the stats you want and more, however is very hard to find any that go over even 1000 dps with all of the good stats you will be looking for. If you are starting out then a couple of these can be a good option if you're willing to drop the dps numbers and go for stability. Look for socket with crit damage as well, then any bonuses like dex, vitality, LoH, life steal or attack speed.

    These are a more then worthy option if your thinking about going tanky. As a tank you will always be doing lower dps due to the fact you must stack other defensive stats. The LoH or life steal you can get on rare xbows can be great.


  • Skills that work well with dual wielding

  • Active:

    All Hatred Generators - work well as a dual wielder as you have a high attack speed. You'll want to use one as when you end up using hatred faster you can also regenerate it faster. Skills like Entangling shot - Justice is Served

    Increase the Hatred generated to 6 per shot and grenades Tinkerer

    Increases Hatred generation to 6 Hatred, mixed with the grenadier passive work extremely well and regenerating hatred.

    Cluster Arrow - when mixed with grenadier passive, vengeance and the grenades - tinkerer you will be able to unload 3 at once in very quick succession, then regen hatred pretty quickly to again unload 3 at once. It can work well and is quite fun. Use an SOJ with -5 cluster arrow and you can spam 4 at once from full hatred.

    Chakram and Elemental Arrow - Spam-able hatred spenders like Chakram and elemental arrow work pretty well too as you fire quickly, its easy to cover the entire screen with these skills. Just pre prepared to stand in one spot while you spam away.

    Spike Traps - If mixed with custom engineering and vengeance you can generally lay out 5 in very quick succession. This is a win when it comes to defeating Elites at high mp's.


    Archery - the 10% crit chance bonus is always good no matter if you dual wield or use a quiver, however if you have stacked as much crit damage as i hope you have based on the item guide above, then this passive stacks very well!

    Night Stalker - Firing fast and high crit chance will net you a lot of extra discipline during combat with this passive skill. This is ALWAYS on my skill bar, take advantage.

    Custom Engineering - as mentioned above, this works really well with Spike traps and laying out as many as possible in quick succession of each other.

    Grenadier - as mentioned above, fast attack speed helps this passive work with the suggested skills.

    Vengeance - with more hatred to spend you can spam out these skills for longer with vengeance.

    If you have any additional information that may be useful please post it on here and I can add it above with credit. I've probably missed something :D

    There is also so great info at http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10195250837 by RedCell on the us.., Some info there that i haven't covered so its worth a read!
    for me dw has 2 routes,

    legendary/sets coupled with stacking crit dmg for pure dps


    2x rare hand xbow for (hybrid) tank builds. 2 of those with 900+ loh and 9-10 max disc each makes u more durable than most ppl would give credits for. cant blame them tho, 1.8k loh doesnt rly stand out on ur char sheet the same way as say, 180-300 vit. 1h+shield is prolly still better for pure mitigation since loh can be obtained else where, but the dw option is a good mix between good defense and dmg. in this case u are ideally looking for weapons with:

    going 2x rare with tanky stats also means u get more spec options, since now gloom can be dropped.

    min-max elemental dmg (up to ~950 dps on exorcist)
    >50% crit dmg
    8-10 max disc
    800+ loh
    dex+vit or something else (dex/ias/ls etc.)

    problem tho, since game release i have seen exactly 1 hand xbow wit that combo of stats and 900+ dps, and it was on rmah ... heres hoping that rares with good mods will show up more often after the drop rate nerf+quality buff patch xD
    Nights, fancy writing a comprehensive guide to tanking for the sticky thread?
    Just curious to why you did not list Unity as a option in 2nd ring. It always roll average damage and normaly outpreforms a Wailing Host ring even though it has only +1 random magic properties.
    Good point sancticus. I didn't add it because I simply forgot :D it's a good option yes, with Loh too. I'll put it on there later, thanks for the reminder ;)
    eh, will see what i can do i guess, cant say how comprehensive it will be but at least it was how it worked out for me.

    Good Job.
    I will have to try this, thanks for the guild, most of my items seem to fit with what you've said and I'm happy I did the Inna's belt and pants combo :)
    Nice guide D3, I agree on almost all points :)

    maybe just to mention the Nat's helm - it's not comparable to cc mempo, but is valuable option for getting any of the Nat's bonus buffs (in case one go Ice Climbers, Inna's chest for example) and can be chosen with cc or high dex or vit or AR or some combo as to compliment the rest of the gear. Ofc the best ones near the crit Mempo in price. But still you can get relatively cheap one with cc and without the Andy's defence deficiencies (very high armor, socket by default). If the helm completes the 3rd buff of nats the cc option can compare to Andy's in dps.

    Inna's chest also can be option for 2nd (+130 dex) bonus (in case you have Inna's pants and go for WH belt) and if you look for nice dex/vit it's easy to find one.

    I'm ok with the vit loss from the DML, but the thing is - 2 new marquise stones are a killer :))
    In my case good Danetta's Spite + 2 M Emeralds = 3 x 100 mill each = 300 mill
    OTOH you not need to go marquise - unlike the ruby the gain is not significant between radiant and marquise.
    Cheers for your comments and suggestions guys.

    I'll make some changes later today that have been suggested here to improve this guide.
    about the tank guide, i think i have gathered enough info to do a mini-guide now at least, and its prolly best if i put it here so its all in 1 place.

    So, with the comprehensive info provided by D3MON, the idea of how to maximize damage with dw should be quite clear now. but is it all that dw is capable of? no my friends, you are about to witness, the true demon hunter, in all his/her glory of hunting demons. no more kiting, as running away is what PREYS do, us hunters, should be the one making ze chase! okok getting a bit ahead of myself now...

    a little history first, the point in time where "tank hunters" became widely known was shortly after patch 1.0.3, when the repair cost was increased to 4x of before and monster damage on inferno reduced the first time. not to say that tanky dh didnt exist before that, but at that stage, most tank builds were based on stacking life on hit, and utilizing caltrops:jagged spike to keep themselves up through... pretty much everything. with that we could literally laugh at the "dreaded" reflect damage and the 5 minute enrage timer on the elites. all of this ofc, ended when blizzard decided that it was too OP (*cough* wotb *cough* cm wizard *cough*), and nerfed the proc coefficients to ... 0. with that change made, most tank hunters disappeared into obscurity, however...

    LoH tanking was never dead, and it is a perfectly viable way to play today. Lets go on to different skills. Most damage skills in this game has an attribute called "proc coefficient", which is used to modify certain item mods and skills, such as x% chance to stun/freeze/knock back, life on hit and nightstalker passive. How it interacts with LoH is as follows: suppose u use a skill that has 50% proc chance, and you have 1000 LoH from gears, for every target hit by that skill, you gain 1000*0.5=500 life. if you google something like "demon hunter proc coefficients", you will be (hopefully) linked to a page that lists the coefficients of all classes' skills. Here i will just list a few skills we have which are commonly used due to their proc coefficients:

    -hungering arrow: cindering arrow
    130% per hit, single target with 35% pierce chance, effectively 200% coefficient per cast
    -entangling shot: shock collar
    160% per target, hits up to 2 targets, chain gang is 20% per target, other runes are 80%
    -grenades: cluster grenades
    75% per grenades, 3 grenades per cast, this is especially useful in aoe situations
    -sentry: chain of torment
    75% per target per tick, 2 ticks per second
    -chakram: shuriken cloud
    while the coefficient itself is nothing spectacular, ~12.5%, when u are surrounded by lots of monsters the numbers do add up, if you have shadow power in your build, you can even cast SP before shuriken cloud, give it 15-25% life steal for 2 minutes, it is a common trick.

    (honorable mentions)
    -vault: cindering trail
    33% per tick, 2 ticks per second
    -smoke screen: choking gas
    50% per tick, 2 ticks per second. this skill is often overlooked and deemed useless by "normal" DH, which is understandable due to its small area-of-effect. however, that will not be a problem, when u are a LoH tank hunter.
    The specs:
    There are many ways to spec as a LoH tank, I will just provide 3 examples,
    1. http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#aUPdRX!gXe!ZZacYc
    This build is based on generating quick hatred generation through cluster grenades + mortal enemy, which is then used to fuel cluster arrow. Alternatively you can pick chains of torment instead of hungering arrow for even more hatred regen, and dazzling arrow can be swapped for loaded for bear for more damage as well. this spec works all the way up to mp7-8, for mp10: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#UkQdRX!gXU!ZcacYc. grenadier can be swapped for archery if you have less than 40% crit chance unbuffed. you can also run shadow power: gloom and caltrops: jagged spike instead of vault and smoke screen for some funny caltrops spam. gloom+choking gas instead of cindering trail+choking gas works too.

    2. http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#WkQdRX!UXe!ZbacYc
    same as the above spec, this one also uses the mortal enemy + chains of torment combo to quickly regenerate hatred for trap spam. Bola only has average proc coefficient (50%) but in aoe situations it is more than enough. Entangling shot: shock collar or justices is served can be an alternative to bola. It will not always be easy to get the marked target to stand in the chains, but with vault, either stun proc or snare and even smoke screen, it is far from impossible as well. this spec is specifically "made" for mp10, will not work well on lower mp lvls where things die so fast that you don't even have time to put up the 2nd sentry.

    3. http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#bkQdhX!UXe!YcacZc
    this is an alternative spec to the 2nd one, for the cases when there are more than 1 dh in the game that runs mortal enemy. Due to the (dumb) way the rune is designed, the hatred proc only works for the demon hunter who casted the mark, and only 1 mark can be active on a target. http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#UkQdhX!UXg!ZcacZc should work as well. Guardian turret can be changed for aid station or even spitfire if u don’t need the extra mitigation.

    should u be lacking defense stats, you can go with perfectionist, nightstalker and custom engineering/archery as passive. the standard shadow power: gloom can also replace smoke screen, if you are low on LoH.

    There are many other way to spec a LoH tank, I only mentioned these as they are the ones I have the most experience with. In fact, there are isn’t any “right” way to play a tank hunter either. For example, if you look around on sites such as www.diabloprogress.com, some HC dh uses brooding passive in conjunction with their massive hp pool (200k+), I guess this kind of build gives u the best chance to survive lag spikes and disconnects.

    The gears:
    So now I have gone through some basic info on skills and possible skill setup to start with, it is time to take a look at the other important part of the build, them shiny itams!
    Essentially, since you are playing a dw dh, for dps you are looking for the standard crit chance+crit dmg+increased attack speed+average damage etc. but since nightstalker is in the spec, the first dps stat after dex you should be looking at on armor pieces is crit chance. At the bare minimum u should aim for 30%, with archery to boost it up to 40%. Later on as your gear gets better you will have more options on which interesting/funny skills+items you can afford to use.

    Below I will give a quick run-through of what items to look for in each slot, for both low end (<10M gold), and average geared folks (~500M gold). Since 500M is where my gears are at now, and I am not quite in the mood of fueling rmah I will not give detailed high end advice at this moment. But if any good geared tank hunters have idea please do enlighten all of us :)
    - Set bonus to look for:
    Blackthorne's armor: i feel this whole set is just made for tanking, for any class, with 2pc u get 100 vit, 3 and 4pc gives 6% more dmg to elites and 7% less dmg from elites respectively.
    Natalya's Solace: our good ol trusty class set, the 7% crit from 2pc is very useful for proccing nightstalker, however the items themself are more tailored for damage-oriented stats. u can go after this set for a more hybrid style tank/dps play.

    - Helm:
    Low end: mempo of twilight with <100 dex,
    Average: mempo of twilight with 180+ dex, possibly with some other mods like vit or armor. Natalya’s sight (all res+crit) can work too if u want to get the 2pc and blackthorne set bonus, but the fear proc on the helm can get annoying for tank specs.
    (high end: mempo of twilight with 6% crit chance and 180+ primary stat like everyone else :D)

    In short, mempo of twilight has nearly everything a dw (tank) dh would want, % max life, primary stats, all resistance, attack speed and socket. In theory a good rolled rare helm can be good too, since it can have dex+vit, all resistance, armor, % life, crit and socket. According to EU gah atm, dex/vit/all resistance/armor/crit/socket helm are about less than 10M for the good ones, the ones with %life instead of armor can be… a little more.

    - Shoulder:
    Low end: <1 M gold vile ward, crafted archon shoulders, rare shoulders with dex (hopefully 100+)+vit+all resistance+armor are all good choices
    Average and up: either vile wards with high 250+ dex with vit and ideally % life too. A well rolled crafted archon shoulder is an alternative too.

    - Amulet:
    Low end: rare amulet with dex, vit, all resistance, life on hit (400+), crit chance 5%+
    Average and up: basically same as above with more (ias, crit dmg, avg dmg) and better stats. Crafted amulet of dexterity at this gear level is much more affordable than the low end people, and can yield amazing results too.

    - Gloves:
    Low end: look for something with dex (hopefully 100+), vit, crit chance, all resistance and armor.
    Average and up: rare “perfectly” rolled gloves, crafted archon gauntlets, aka 200+ dex with vit, all resistance, crit chance, crit damage and increased attack speed.

    - Bracers:
    Low end: rare with dex+vit+all resistance+armor+crit, you can get one with ~70 dex/vit, 60+ all resistance, and ~4% crit for well under 1M these days.
    Average and up: crafted razorspike of dexterity with above mentioned stats, ultimately lacuni prowler with dex+vit+all res+crit chance is basically the best-in-slot, but that is mostly for high end ppl.
    - Chest:
    Low end: rare chest with either high dex (~150) or 50-70 dex and 3 sockets, along with all resistance, vit, and armor. blackthorne’s surcoat, the ones with low dex (40ish) and high vit (150+) or average on both stats (80-90) with +armor is quite affordable too, the set bonus is also very powerful for any tank, not just dh.
    Average: natalya’s embrace, with all resistance and either armor or vitality. Max disc is not that important on this slot for this build since there is nightstalker for regenerating discipline during combat, ideally the chest should have bonus to spike trap, or grenades depending on your skill setup. The 2pc set bonus is also very good from this set. And ofc blackthorne’s surcoat with decent dex+vit+armor.
    High end: just guessing but blackthorne’s surcoat with 75+ dex , 200+ vit and 800+ armor is pretty sick (and expensive) to have.

    - belt:
    low end: cheap blackthorne’s notched belt, for set bonus, although if you are poor the ones with decent all resistance is likely beyond what you can afford. So basically just look for one with dex and vit for now. Alternatively there is rare belt with dex+vit+all resistance+armor+% life.
    Average: same as low end but with more and better stats (i.e. all resistance on blackthorne belt)
    High end: the above with “perfect” stats, e.g. blackthorne belt with 80 resist all, ~250 dex and some vit, or the witching hour with dex+vit/%life+all resistance if one such thing ever exists.

    - Pants:
    Low end: cheap blackthorne’s jousting mail, with either 2 sockets and a trash stat, or ~150 dex+vit, or cheap rare pants (<1M) with dex, vit, (armor), all resistance, and sockets.
    Average: blackthorne’ with better stats (e.g. all resistance+2 sockets), or rare pants with dex and vit adding up to over 300, with 70+ resist all, 300+ bonus armor and 2 sockets.
    High end: “perfect” blackthorne’s jousting mail (75+ resist all with both dex and vit at 160-180).

    - Rings:
    Low end: litany of the undaunted with trash stat (even so this ring has a very good mix of offense and defense stat). rare rings with dex+vit+all resistance+crit+LoH (200+) and some random useful stat (average dmg, % life). You might also be able to find a litany with LoH for less than 1M.
    Average: unity with all resistance, litany with vit, hellfire ring with good stats (all res, vit, LoH, crit chance, or something of that sort). Rare ring with something like dex+vit+all resistance+LoH+crit chance+average dmg+% life/ias/crit dmg. Natalya’s reflection with all res and vit if you are looking to get the 2pc bonus.
    High end: unity with 240+ dex and 60+ vit, litany with 240+ dex and 60+ vit. Natalya’s reflection with vit+all res+crit. There are also the standard godly tri/quadfecta rare rings with dex+vit+all resistance.

    - boots:
    low end: rare boots with movement speed, dex, vit, all resistance (and armor), blackthorne’s spurs with dex+all resistance, or low vit+dex (~40) with all resistance. Ice climbers either w/o movement speed and dex, or dex with low movement speed bonus (8-10%)
    Average: blackthorne with all res and higher dex+vit. Natalya’s bloody footprints with 150+ dex and some vit. Ice climbers with movement speed (12%)+dex+vit.
    High end: Natalya’s bloody footprints with 250+ dex and 70+ vit, ice climbers with 250+ dex and 150+ vit with 12% movement speed.

    - Weapons:
    Low end: rare 1h xbow with 700+ dps and max disc+crit dmg+socket+LoH (600+)+random stat like vit and/or dex.
    Average: same as low end but with weapon dps at 850+. You can also just go with the standard dps weapons like danetta set with sockets, or danetta’s spite + calamity both with sockets, but in this case you are likely to need gloom instead of choking gas in your skill setup.
    High end: rare 1h xbow with aforementioned stat (at this point you may have enough crit to drop max disc) and 950+ dps, if you manage to see one on AH/trade forums to begin with :D. the usual high end calamity, danetta’s spite and danetta’s revenge can be used with gloom instead of choking gas. if you (somehow) manages to get 1500+ LoH w/o weapon you can go choking gas instead of gloom with danetta set as well.

    Personally I prefer rare 1h xbow, they are however harder to come by than an average calamity/danetta’s set weapon with sockets.

    Last but not least

    With gear recommendations out of the way, now come the real deal: field testing! No doubt you have seen some of the budget guides for other classes, such as 10M barb, 50M (just making up numbers here :D) cm wizard, and the <40M dh by josef. But what about us cool dw dh? How much do you need to spend, to be viable (maintain 5x nv stacks) on mp10? Behold, ze answer: LESS THAN 6 MILLION GOLDZ LOL.

    SS of gears bought from AH (all socketed with flawless square gems, ~10k each for emeralds, much less for amethysts, if u cant be bothered to find them)

    http://s1273.photobucket.com/user/fallfromgrease/media/Screenshot033_zpsc23d5484.jpg.html (2nd weapon used, 830ish dps w/o ruby)

    and a little video "demo", or more liek me trolling the place =D

    if anything this is another “evidence” that dh needs buffs? And if u happen to see me shooting bola off to a random direction with monster standing right next to me… my mouse cursor flashes rly badly when bandicam is running, so much that sometimes I don’t see where it is xD. on a more serious note though, with the sheet dps you see in the vid running mp6 (mebbe even 7) should be quite decent.
    Nice guide nights, thats for writing this man. Adding direct link to post in the sticky section.

    You could post the link from the sticky thread with the proc co-coefficients in your part about these.

    Infact here it is - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgL5S3Revw9ddEhScEpSLWhnRDZKV25OaWZJcHdkN0E#gid=3

    I like the info you've given here. I don't really tank unless im at higher mp's but your info is helpful. Might try a couple of the builds out too.
    Hi, I'm also a fan of dual wielding. Since 1.0.8 is about rapid fire builds, is there a viable build for rapid fire using the dual wield set up.

    I'm looking forward for a good discussion :)
    Hi Azariah,

    You play on the US? Looks like your using manticore at the moment? You just like mixing up the weapons you play with? I was thinking about getting a manticore for spare, just for some days when i fancy a change. I have a WF in the stash ready for action on occasions :P

    Rapid Fire is obviously best for people with slow attack speeds as you can channel it longer, but you can use it while DW, i did on 1.08 release.

    It seemed to work best when i had bat AND shadow power with night bane going. A couple of bits of equipment with hatred regen helps (mainly calamity and quiver).

    I used a hatred generator like bola shot for when i ran out, or you can speed up regen with entangling shot and justice.

    Something like this works pretty well, but im no expert on RF...


    Personally i liked high velocity as the pierce works great for multiple mobs. Bola and volatile to kill off the large groups of mobs as RF isnt great for that.

    What have you tried so far?
    Thanks D3mon for your quick response. Yes, I play on the US server. I was using a dual wield before but currently using manticore until I could afford a decent pair of hand xbow.

    Since my target difficulty is MP7 or higher, especially taking down elites as fast as possible. I have chosen to use this setup http://bit.ly/17okjh8

    I have chosen to use Volatile Explosives, Hail of Knives and Beastly Bombs for clearing dense amount of trash mobs and illusion type elites. Fire support (main skill) for my secondary to dish out high dps on fewer mobs. In case that AoE damage is too much already, we can replace Beastly Bombs for Tumble or Smoke Screen for better survival or Bait the trap for higher DPS output.

    I removed Bat Companion because the consistent proc of night stalker will be enough to use Punishment to fuel our hatred. I used Ballistics because Fire Support releases 2 rockets per second and each rocket deals 145% weapon damage thus increasing the damage per rocket by 217%.

    Can you try this build for me since you have a very good set up for a dual wield and I would be thankful to know the results from you D3mon. Thanks in advance.
    20/06/2013 04:35Posted by Azariah
    Can you try this build for me since you have a very good set up for a dual wield and I would be thankful to know the results from you D3mon. Thanks in advance.

    Will get round to this, sorry, havent been playing much the past few days.
    Thanks for the post D3mon and nights! Been dusting off my DH last week and then came across this.. and yeah, dual wielding just looks better :D

    Bought a cheap-ish Calamity and D's Spite. You're right about reasonable prices, I found an 1100 dps calamity with 86 CD for 10mil.
    Playing around with different skill setups to get a feeling of how the difference in attack speed works out (edit: coming from the good ol' Manti). Sentry-Chain of Torment mentioned above sounds interesting, I'll try then this weekend.

    Mainly writing this to thank you both for the inspiration.
    Cool man, glad to help. If you need any help in game then i should be online Sunday. Happy to help out.

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