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Hasn't anyone learned that Hardcore is a waste of time yet?

Until offline mode is available, I won't waste my time when something totally out of my control like lag or a server DC can easily kill my char. I just got one HC char to 60 because I was bored as hell, but every time I log in with this crazy lag lately I don't go more than 2 mobs with HC before thinking "This is just going to end badly" and go play my Softcore char again.

Sorry that you had another dead dude, but really, what do you expect? This game is still riddled with lag issues even a year after release.
haha i was dead B4 the DC : )

lol .....

died to a big lag i love dying in hc .... gives me some thing to do again in the game : )
Hasn't anyone learned that Hardcore is a waste of time yet?

funny because to me softcore is a waste of time. i wouldnt even buy diablo3 if it was only playable in soft mode. HC is only thing that keeps me playing.
i keep dying and i keep feeling good. because it doesnt matter how long you play, but how thrilling it was.
same with real life. you will realise it when you are 60. you will regret not going wild sometimes

for somebody like me who is not afraid to lose real life, wasting a hc character is nothing.
well i just leveled my first hc character to level 60 yesterday. Hearing about these disconnects really makes me nervous. I guess I'll wait till things stabilize with the servers. Sorry about your character loss RIP.
hey R4bidB4dger,
Sorry for your lost ..But I do not think Blizzard will going to help you .. they are too lazy to help to people. I'm scammed by a person and lost my all items but they did nothing..

I'm just passed to inferno on yesterday night and really would like to play at inferno but I can try to help you to level up (at least until level 10 or may be level 20 .. it depends how much time it will take it .. )

send me friend request in game if they do not rollback your char.

P.S: They was told that, hardcore characters will not die at PvP but some people are lost even paragon 50 hardcore chars as because of they are left from PvP arena and died over in time (e.g barb's rend skill) .. That's why they are relased a patch but they did not rollback died chars .. (at least I did not hear it) .. Can you believe this ? they are doing advertisement to invite all hardcore chars to PvP and you are going to lost paragon 50 char !!! it's totally unbelivable and un-acceptable..

I hope to see an blue answer to this topic but what they can say ? except an meanless "sorry.."

Anyway .. As Blizzard DO NOT CARE their fans,players and customers we have to help each others , if you want to level up in sc or hc , send me a friend request.. I will try to help you ..
I really respect all of you HARDCORE players and feel sorry for your losses.
Sorry for your losses folks, just got home from work and saw all the threads.

Blizzard will not do roll backs.

Diablo 3 HC is an evil beast sometimes.

Re-roll, or roll out.

Mine died too today.
But you know what... it is cool, this is part of the risk of playing Hardcore.
I knew my guy gonna die sometime.

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