Anyone still playing Diablo 2?

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I'm thinking of buying the game,but I'm afraid I'll have none to play with now that people have probably switched to d3.
Yes, lots of peoples are still playing Diablo 2
Lots of people play Diablo 2.
Indeed we still play :)

Two weeks ago I decided to take up Diablo 2 again. My magic-find skele-mancer did a good job at The Pit, Mausoleum, the temples in act 3 etc etc.
But I had grown a little bored with that so I made a sorc for boss farming.

When I reached Act 3 Meph on Nightmare I farm him for 2 days in a row (around 20-24 hours just killing him). When I had gotten almost everything I wanted from him I took my sorc to Act 3 Meph Hell and farmed him for 2 days as well.

I got a lot of nice items (I mean a lot!) but still need some drops (Arreat's Face, HoZ, Azurewrath and the like).

Farming really pays off in Diablo 2.

NM Meph with a Merc and Frozen Orb.
Hell Meph with no merc and the moat trick.

Just a little novel for you :)

I play single player using the A.T.M.A. muling "extension".
Glad to hear!!

The reason I wanna play d2 instead of d3 is:necromancer(Mr Parkinsons from d3 is not ok for me),dark atmosphere and nice drops.I'm not a graphics dude so I don't care much that the game is old, although my PC can run even crysis 3.
No, am not, but my friends play Diablo 2 instead of Diablo 3. I would say Diablo 2 is out dated, so i play max 1 hour Diablo 3 and rest goes to World Of Tanks, which is minimum 3 hours a day.
wait what? you farm Act3 for other area then Meph?

Act3 is SO boring... I hate just about everything from it... never been able to finish Hell because of it, everytime i try to finish it I end up in Kurast and it demotivates me...
Can't be arsed anymore OP. Its way to out dated for me. Then again I also achived everything to the game, but say really goodly items. So point playing anymore for me, do keep my non-ladder account for like 5-7 years ago alive trough.
You may watch me play diablo 2 necro on hc on But i am probably not going to stream much more now before ladder reset, that is in a few days i guess.

The game is beautiful and deep.

This ladder i played a levl 93 necro on hc.

There is not that many players on ladder hc hell, but all the players tend to be very nice and very helpful.

I hope to maybe see you there after ladder reset =)
I really achieved the max in that game, I had a lvl 99 matriarch assassin and a lv 89 guardian paladin that was so imba...I could kill duriel on hell without using potions.
I am but I'm not able to play online any help?
07/10/2013 23:22Posted by Zilef
I am but I'm not able to play online any help?

If you want help, you need to be a bit more specific than "I'm not able to play online".
I still play it (again) but it does feel very outdated and pointless. I mean I can only repeat what I have done before, and it will take a while before I can start doing something new again.

I also play Single Player using ATMA and the trading community.

Since I never finished the game (came to Act 3 Hell before I quit) I have never wanted to play HC. But I will believe straight away that the people who are in Hell HC on the closed battlenet / ladder are very nice people.

What I will say is that:
- loot is much more rewarding
- uniques all feel valuable
- bosses are a real challenge
- bosses drop rewards
- there is a penalty to dying on hell difficulty which is a really good thing
- this game is hard
- this game requires some research and thinking which goes beyond "what upgrade can I get next?"
- not everyone uses all the same gear
- magic find gear is very rewarding and useful
- different classes use vastly different stats
- etcetera.

Drawback to D2: the dungeon and landscape design is imo in fact a lot more boring than D3. Getting through the jungle in Act 3... well I agree with Adkhean. Act 5 is also quite stupid, getting through those endless battlefields. Act 5 is the only act I really dislike, but the underground areas are okay. I love Pindleskin!
Can someone rush my new paladin through normal since no-one seems to be on normal difficulty, no public games at all in the European ladder, any help would be great :)
Search the net (google) for servers and stuff like that. You'll be sure to find people playing Diablo II in the contemporary era.
how can i find servers
i bought it and ..i dont know how to go online
Diablo 2 is a great game, and im still having fun with it when playing lan on my older laptop occasionally. Sure i have i new rig as well and all the new titles including diablo 3, but that doesnt keep me from launching an old title once in a while - especially when playing on my older machines ... Old game != bad game ... still having lots of fun with warcraft 3, heroes 3, red alert etc - and its really cool that servers are still up on blizzard classics ... gg Blizzard.

Kids nowadays, you are so spoiled and always in a hurry - take a chill pill and relax dudes :) no offense meant, just a friendly advice ... you might end up having fun ;)

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