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Really nice post.. Hope blizzard does atleast half of this, then I would play way more :)
I bet 1 gold that we wont see any constructive blue post here! (or any), ;)

Trading post - no-AH server with new start, dream!
Maybe a blue post will appear after they view it as a team!
Blizzard it's not going to make a post just to say: "yeah that's cool"
They either post one giving their thoughts, or post one to clarify some high expectations (worst senario). Or simply both!
I just read it and wow, the ideas are awesome! Blizz should read this and totally implement it! Laods of players will be happy!
Still no blue post, they are deliberately ignoring this thread or what? :p
Hire that guy!
23/04/2013 10:36Posted by Horizon
Trading post - no-AH server with new start, dream!

If they will not do it they will loose the left players within a year or something. And even best itemization will not help.
thinking about it, no doubt this thread has been seen by blues now, but they aren't commenting.

does anyone else feel they will pinch ideas from that post to relay to the developers to be included in the expansion?? seeing how much everyone in this thread wants it, they probably will use the idea's and implement them in the expansion and that will be part of the package that will obviously be appealing to people

i just have a bad feeling that everything this game should've been, will slowly get to it with each expansion but obviously we'll have to pay the additional expansion prices so eventually we'll have D3 + 2 expansions = great game but at the cost of £40 per game/expansion so what we should've got for £40/50 will instead cost us (for those that want it) £120-150

marketing at it's finest?
by my above post i don't mean to say they will use all the idea's, but im sure they will get 1 or 2? the same post is on the US forums, countless pages and again no blue response there either, and they all seem to want it too
I so, SO liked it! Please Blizz, take a look at it. It surely won't be doable until 1.09, but at least for the expansion.
Very nice work dude.. You shoude make your own diablo! i think u will have 1mil people or more to follow you where ever u go!

i never post anything on forum this was worth login in to!

great job! hope it comes true one day ;)
Great ideas, let's hope that we see something like that in the expansion!
23/04/2013 11:27Posted by CHILMAR
Still no blue post, they are deliberately ignoring this thread or what? :p

lol , same thinking
It's a wonderful post, I wonder if any of that will come true..
Man, imagine the game if even half of those things came true, we would have a superb game, that's for sure!
I'll bet we'll get a "Nice work guys! nice to see what you're all thinking! keep it up!" blue post..
Instead what they should be doing.. But +1 great effort here!
I honestly got super excited while I was reading it and then I almost got depressed realizing it isn't a real blog post from Blizzard ;(
Here's another idea from the same poster on a ladder system in conjunction with the new dungeons:

It's based on dungeons rather then levelling ladders like most people are used to.
Please blizz ! :D

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