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Sureee i make no sense! You making soooo much sense while you hiding D3 profile....
even tho those will never happen they are awsome :D
Awesome points. Sadly the AH will never be removed since it's the way Blizzard makes money from the game.

Good thing is that Diablo 2 still excists and are still more fun than D3 :)

haven't give up on Diablo 3 just yet but as long as Diablo 2 is better there really ain't no reason to play D3 :P
now that is one awesome post
I liked the 'D3 "salvation" by Gosu' a lot more, this one feels to have plenty of holes in it
24/04/2013 08:05Posted by Chewbecca
the dungeon idea could be a nightmare for HC players, otherwise i like the other ideas - hope they will review it.

Actually, they would love the challenge.

This i am certain.
I was actually thinking "Wow, Blizzard got their act together! Time to dust off D3!!"

.. then I realized it's not real. -___-
+1. I really love the endless dungeon idea :)
All my yes.

insane wishes man, I hope all of them come true, but don`t forget.. blizzard is blizzard
Something I also thought about was the possibility to use waypoints between acts.
If you start at last quest in ACT IV, it should be possible and very nice to travel to previous acts using the waypoints (without loosing your naphalem also)
Lol i hope blizz picks up on some of these ideas they're great! :)
If Blizzard don't pay attention to this thread then they've truly lost their way ..

The endless dungeon is the best.
still no respond, we know that from past :D

freedom ingame like in d2, dont limit us -> after beating normal -> free mode on normal, etc...
blizzard sucks
thats awesome!
another +1 til blue response kthx

perhaps that could keep me from falling asleep after 2 rounds...
23/04/2013 11:27Posted by CHILMAR
Still no blue post, they are deliberately ignoring this thread or what? :p

Jut because you may not see a blue post on a topic doesn't mean it is being ignored!

We read the forums and gather feedback from them all the time, and just in case you are wondering, yes we have read this thread as well :-)

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