WW Barb Rubberbanding Issue

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Rubberbanding is NOT fixed since the hotfix. Funny thing is that with 1.08 I did not get any (noticeable) rubberbanding (must have played for 3-4 hours total). Today I played for ~40 minutes, died 3 times due to rubberbanding.

When a friend I was playing with told me he saw me standing still I stopped with WW and then 'teleported' back to another place and could play normally again...for a while.

So for me, the hotfix caused the problem. Never really had it before, even with 1.08 (yeah I had it sometimes, I though it was usually a lag spike or something, maybe it was rubberbanding).

Btw I do use the Hurricane Rune.
this has not been fixed!!!!! come on when it's gonna be fixed!!!!! this is outraged
still getting rubberbandeffect as wwbarb with whirlwind hurricane and sprint run like the wind, even after 1.0.8a which states it's supposed to be fixed
1.0.8a did not fix the problem for me. Things got a little better but it is still unplayable imo.
Rubberbanding stopped, but patch brought new and MUCH WORSE bugs.
Now ww stops and wont activate really often, unless i run a few yards and spam the ww-hotkey a few times, often resulting in death.

U broke the game guys, please fix it? (your blizzard, i know u can make stuff happen, cmon now)
Spend this evening playing, it's still not fixed, it's still unplayable.
Same Issue with rubberbanding + huge lag spikes dont know if it has anything to do with the ww spec..
oh come on ! you broke my toy :'-(
ww is still not fixeed.
Cmon, what u are waiting for Sh....??
fix it already guyz... nothing changed practically...
on the barb the problem is still present and now its also on wizz, worst than is on barb ... what the hell ...

its really interesting, that i did not die on the middle of the screen.hmm :) lol nice rubberbanding maybe 10-12 times on today....
they lied to you that this is fixed! it's not
Hello everyone,

Just to confirm, this is something we are still looking into. We are communicating with the relevant teams at the moment and as soon as we have more information on this, we'll let you know.

Sorry about the issue everyone and the delay in sorting this out.

Well I have good news for you Blizzard. In good old D3 tradition your "fix" made things progessively worse. There is now less dying which is good (I guess). But gameply has completely lost it's "smoothness" and is often VERY "choppy and jerky".

Also, very often and for quite lenghthy periods it feels as if only 1/3rd (if that many) hits register and are properly (more or less) processed by the server. Meaning, you ww into a group of mobs and have certain "expactations" based on your experience how that is going to "feel", "sound" and "look", yet you get much less "feedback" and instead of painting the screen yellow with all those numbers only maybe 1/3rd or less of what you'd expect show up. As if the server simply drops everything it cannot process except for a bare survival minimum per player.

This enables you to escape certain death with some practise I'll admit that. It's kind of an improvement I guess. But add the jerky and often choppy gameplay you still have an experience that is anything but enjoyable. Especially considering that those "lag" spikes now can go on easily for 30 seconds and more. Often you can't risk attacking or need to kite mobs to stay alive because you have nearly zero life and fury rebuild working for you even tho there should be plenty of both.

And all that is just from solo play. Play in a somewhat crazed group of 4 and do some hefty pulls and you end up with client updates arriving every 5 seconds or so, mobs barely moving (even tho fps is still very high) and everything slowed down to near halting except for your char which is still moving at full speeds (and that happens on a pc that is more than able to handle the load).

To sum it all up: Hotfix resulted in less deaths but at the price of a much less positive gameplay experience. That beeing said, some games can be smooth without ANY problems and then stuff just goes to sh*t from one second to next, one game to the next .... it just happens.

I'd also like to point out that, at this point, I am starting to get really mad about this problem because it has pretty much existed since launch and was never properly fixed. I have a right to be mad about that and blame the lack of proper development QA standards in your company.
Fix it please asap...
What is going on?
I am scared to use WW to my HC Barb...
Kalera - This +1 you were right about everything you wrote....

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