error during game account logon

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com on how hard can it be fixit.

"There was an error retrieving licenses on this account." (Error 3006)
Can someone from Blizzard actually DO SOMETHING??? (or just write something?). And please do not write about this "ISP" crap.
its important to keep commenting here because i believe they will read my message and fix this issue asap. again, please sirs (and maybe madams) i need d3 irl :(
Blizzard best company. JK
ERROR 3006!!!!!!!!!!
Error 3006, problem with retrieving licenses here.

I'm assuming since we just got a massive influx of people with this particular error that their servers have gone haywire and there's nothing we can do about it.
Experienceing same issue. Rebooted twice. No change. Was logged in and about to enter a public game when it started. Couldn't create game. Logged out then couldn't log in again.
Starting to get angry..... and sad... and desperate... and shaking... and howling... and MAAAAAAAD :-)
I do not understand what it is morning again here normally played and now it writes an error while logging 3006 What's the matter omg :(
Damm you blizzard!!!! DAMM YOU!!!! Error 3006
Please see here, we're looking into this:

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