Skorn, a must have ?

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Hello fellow witch doctors. I have a question, it might come out stupid but w/e, I have problems surviving elite packs when running firebats/Cloud of bats build. and i'm thinking, maybe it's my low Life steal. So is a Skorn really necessary for farming mp8-10 smooth ? Please check my current gear stats before commenting. Preciate the help !

And if so is it worth buying any kind of skorn or should i just be passive until i can snipe some 1.5k dps skorn ?

Ps. I'm currently playing mp8-10
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In my opinion your problem now is with All Res, u should try to get more maybe on your Trails/WH/Pants and craft some bracers.

If u don't have enough gold for a good CK/Sword and Mojo(SoS) then Skorn will be a very good choise, but after u have more EHP, if u only buy Skorn you won't survive much more.
aah okey, well i have a budget around 1 billion. So i'll try with getting more All Res. Thanks for your time and answer, I preciate it !

750ish All Res should be enough no ?
Try getting 800+
If you are having trouble surviving, you can adjust your passives to include Spirit Vessel or Jungle Fortitude. If you pick Spirit Vessel, your Spirit Walk will be shortened by 2 seconds, which is always helpful.

Also, Blood Ritual is generally considered better than Spiritual Attunement for a bat build.
I've tried both builds and for me skorn is better atleast for bat build. 1h+very good offhand is nice but good skorns are much better. Bought mine for a decent price last night, good luck in finding one good for you! (cheap as possible of course:)
30/05/2013 07:26Posted by nazgul29
I've tried both builds and for me skorn is better atleast for bat build.

Unless you prefer to play PB over CoB.
PB is nice to play when you have freeze wiz and no monk around, you don't have to move so much:). Not tested PB with Skorn but i will do this tonight when i will be home.
nazgul the problem with Skorn and PB is stacking the damage takes longer unless you have a lot of IAS gear.
Must have?
upgrade ur gem in helm, 3-4% will help, get armor on ur chest and boots, I had the same problem, and 4300 armor seemed to be my magic number to help me surive better.

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