WD-Firebat-look-a-like wizard build :P

So I have been thinking about trying out new builds for wizards and I manage to come up with a pretty fun build,
it offers you something new for you, like me have gotten a little bit tired of only choosing between "Archorne" wizz or "Coldsnap" wizz
and is best played on MP6-9 depending on your lvl and gear.

It's much like "firebat build" for WD (as my headline states:P ) but it uses frost, as main damage instead.
Some items is a must have for this build like "skorn" with life steal for example. And if you dont have to high damage I'de recomend using "blackthorne jousting mails"

A link to my current wizard (may change)

Here are my skills including runes:
1, Ray of frost - Sleet storm
2, Slow time - Time warp ( can be changed to Frost nova- Cold snap depending on what you want or need)
3, Diamond skin - Crystal shell
4, Familiar - Sparkflint
5, Magic weapon - Conduit
6, Storm armor - Power of the storm

Passives: Critical Mass - Astral Presence - Cold Blooded

Note that this may not be 100% as good as a real Firebat build for wd but its the closest you can come with wizard.

Pros of the build: you clear mobs suprisingly fast, and with "Cold Blooded and Slow time togheter you take 40% more damage, and if you have a WD in your group with "big bad voodo - slam Dance" you get another 30% damage! + he get bonus from your Cold blooded skill so it's pretty much awsome.

Cons of the build: You will die, as you got only Diamond skin to relly on as your Defensive ability it can be hard to time sometimes, and with Savage Beasts in Fields of Misery and Grotescues in The weeping hollow also with knockback and interupt, you will find yourself getting killed pretty fast some times.

Thats it from me, try it out and tell me what you like of it. Best Of luck!

PS. English is not my main language so dont hate me for the bad grammar :)
If using Skorn with RoF/SS, change Power of the Storm for Reactive Armor. It's by far the best rune for SleetStorm build, more DPS and survivability
I'm using it with sns, everything melts like crazy and it's also safe

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