DLC for consoles?

Will there be any Expansion DLC for console versions
ive already asked this question myself and from what i understand blizzard have said that they want to support the console version in the same way as the pc. it may take longer but we should be getting the same stuff or atleast simmilar stuff
Have to say having never played Diablo before,I wasn't convinced about getting Diablo 3 on PS3,but a friend suggested giving it a try,and I love it,so DLC will be a must buy for me
8 march 2014 the new content patch/dlc wil be released for pc version. i wil most likely be like half a year after that so i think it wil come in around 1 year from now. just guesses though.
We now know that the expansion is coming to PS4. But we want to know if and when it will be released for PS3. Any news?
They want to sort the cheats out first. console version is a joke at the moment
I play with friends and really enjoy D3 on ps3. RoS on ps3 would be really nice!
Same, i really prefer the console version, but i hate it that i don't know if Ros will come to xbox 360 o rnot. it even keeps me from playing :( I'd hate to put so much hours into chars only to find out Ros isn't coming to X360
25/10/2013 12:25Posted by Venom
They want to sort the cheats out first. console version is a joke at the moment

Yeah, i watched a video, some guys in Xbox 360 cheating D3.

Its a shame, Sony and Microsoft need to keep console version out of cheating. In fact if i go online playing after cheating?

Just play with your friends and ppl you know. The game is really fun with friends, especially couch co-op on PS3 is a blast. We don't cheat or use modded gear. That is why we are all really excited about the expansion and hope to see it on PS3.

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