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How are u supposed to get this item?

I killed Chiltara 5-6 times now and it hasnt dropped the item yet. I read most of the forums in here and
they said it was a bugg back in PTR so that means we cant get the staff for Unicorn land?

Regards Kridde
I got that ages ago; when it was still cool to get!

Hope this helps.
Bump. Everywhere I look says Chilltara has a 100% gemstone drop rate, but I've killed her 3 times now and no drop. Did they make the gemstone even rarer than it already was, or is this a bug?
Having the same issues. Spend hours to find Chiltara a couple of times, but no gibbering stone is dropping!
The low drop rate for the Gibbering Gemstone is being looked into. I'd imagine though that it won't be altered until an upcoming patch is released.

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It's not a low drop rate though, Omrakos, it's a 0% drop rate.
Guess i better wait for upcoming patch then, damn i should have read this b4 trying 2 get it, lol spend like a day, try 2 get it :(
spent all of yesterday trying to get this also... damn.
I have killed her 5 times now on torment and she never drops the stone.. Is it even possible to get the stone this patch? And i heard you cant upgrade the staff anymore so will the one i make work? my buddy has the nightmare one an he cant figure out how to get it to work in torment.
02/03/2014 16:53Posted by Oxy
my buddy has the nightmare one an he cant figure out how to get it to work in torment.

I have the normal staff. I just bring it with me, up to the entrance, and the cow appears regardless of difficulty.
I killed Chiltara 8 times and nothing !
I've talked to a GM already was told that Chiltara doesn't have a 100% chance to drop the gibbering gemstone, although every guide I've read it states it does. Now I'm seeing this. I've killed him/her at least 35 times now, On normal/Hard/Expert and nothing at all. No gibbering gemstone, I saw a legendary drop and I was all excited; it was pants. Please help me give me some guidance. I've gained 20 levels farming him/her.

Same issue. I've killed him 7 times now and 0 drops on Normal have every other reagent.
Please fix this bug blizzard!! I have killed her countless times and it never drops. I even had two friends helping in different games and we would kill her and no one has gotten one yet. A lot of people said it was 100% before if not really close to 100% and now its impossible to get...
Just killed Chiltara, no gemstone drop. After killing her I came to the internet and did some research. There is a rumor going around that the gemstone was removed from the game completely... Anyone have any evidence that this has occurred? I really hope not.

As I said in this thread earlier, it's a known issue being investigated but probably won't be addressed until a future patch is released.

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You guys do an update hot fix every tuesday... Cant blizzard fix this today...
Could this be related to the lore entry from A Prisoner's Journal-event not dropping? I have done that event some 5 times+ but no drops. Only achi in A1 I need. :( Please look into this aswell!
yes omrakos you did say it is a known issue but somehow you also didnt seem willing to give a reasonable timeframe for a fix becuase future patch could be tommrow or 3 years from now and you seem to think its ok to do this when we are the paying costomere and you are the provider of what we are paying for now if this was a simple piece of gear that can be equiped i would understand and say ok but this is a bug that limits where we can go and what we can access ingame it is takeing a whole area away from people me being one of those people so this isnt just a simple piece of loot this is a item that alows access to a whole new area of a game that was paid for by us and it is reasonable for us to expect a answer and fix in the very near future

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