Ginsu's Guide to 2.0.1 Monk.

Hello Community, I decided to make a guide regarding the build I crafted for myself. I found it very effective both in Single and Group play so I with the lack of Guides (for good reason, many people are still testing) I figured i'd share with you what I found.

My Diablo3 Armory: (Profile):

The build consists of the following skills:

Way of Hundred Fists: Hands of Lightning. - This Spirit generator is the fastest attack speed out of all of them, it works very well with Cyclone Strike since the massive damage comes on the 2nd attack rather than the third and if you dont spend spirit on anything but Cyclone Strike you tend to only get around 2 hits off before you got another Cyclone Strike available, there is also the mantra to be considered but I prefer to use the mantra on Single Target. I suggest you using Shift+Attack to make sure you dont move around too much while you do damage.

Dashing Strike - Quicksilver - This spell is amazing mobility, It gets you faster from point A to B. you can now use it to get through walls but what is the best use of this spell? position yourself in fights, you can now Dash to the middle of the monster pack and start cyclone spamming or get yourself out of a tricky situation with Frozen or one of the new Affixes, they hurt!

Serenity - Unwelcomed Disturbance - I cant live without this spell, it makes you immune for 3 seconds and you cannot be crowd controlled while in effect. It has saved me more times than I can think of and I chose the rune for more damage, Ascension is a good other option to be immune for another second. Both are very good.

Sweeping Wind - Bladestorm - It was a choice between Bladestorm and Cyclone. My crit chance is slightly low tho (35%) So the bladestorm is by far a better choice for me. If you are rocking 50%+ crit I think the Cyclone rune is a better choice. It's strong passive damage no less and thats why i've chose to use it.

Cyclone Strike - Soothing Breeze - Why would I use this rune? Well I am using the Guiding Light passive and together with the ability being a strong AoE spell and generally good for both group and single play its just wonderful and beats the extra damage (by going Sunburst) and you dont really need the extra range by Implosion.

Mantra of Conviction - Overawe - This is still the best Mantra and I love the Rune. 16% damage PASSIVELY. I dont even feel the need to use the active. The passive is so good on its own and I can use my spirit to spam Cyclone Strike rather. Only time I would use the Active is on a single target.


Seize the Initiative - With the amount of Dexterity on gear you will be getting by crafting and/or self-found new gear this passive very legit. Other passive to be considered is One with Everything if you are very low on All Resist.

Resolve - Just overall strong. Nothing much to add, a -20% damage to everything you hit (considering you are in the middle and doing damage to everything makes this very good)

Guiding Light - This is a passive few are using to full extent. Together with the heal from Cyclone Strike rune I am getting up to 50k extra DPS. It is really strong. The heal on cyclone strike rune gets higher with increased health from Health Globes stat and therefor it will be increasing the damage from Guiding Light. Right now my gear does not have much health globe stat so im only getting around 15-20% use of the potential 30% I could be getting. I really have taken a like to this passive with the new patch tho since you do need a good healing source. -Best part of this passive is that it works for everyone in the group whenever you heal a team mate they also get the damage buff !

Paragon levels:
Core: I put all my points into Vitality.
Offense: Critical Hit damage increases your overall DPS the most.
Defense: Resist All gives the most use of your pointers.
Utility: I would suggest Life on Hit for most players UNLESS you already have a good source of Life on hit by gear. I suggest around 1000 life on hit, then you can drop the points in Life on Hit in Utility and go for Area Damage wich is a very solid DPS increase.

Try the build out and see what you think guys and leave comments on how you think it went, good or bad I am open for suggestions.
01/03/2014 18:40Posted by Ginsu
Way of Hundred Fists: Hands of Lightning. - This Spirit generator is the fastest attack speed out of all of them

It is just the one with the most hits, not the fastest. All DR-Runes are faster than WohF. Hands of Lightning ist still one of the best primary attacks though.

01/03/2014 18:40Posted by Ginsu
Mantra of Conviction - Overawe - This is still the best Mantra and I love the Rune.

Try Annihilation...I love it.
Overawe is still good, but I think the MS is better than the 6(10%) extra-amount of damage :9
I've been using kinda similar build on Tor3 which works quite well.!aXg!acZcZaon

Short video of the build in action,
Thanks guys ill try our your suggestions
Hello all,
intersing build I must say. Maybe you're find this useful as I found your build:
In case I change skills:!Xga!ZYabcZ

In my case Way of Hundred Fists (Blazing Fists rune) is huge, 15% attack speed = faster spirit generation to spend.

Retribution aura (Transgression rune) more attack speed for me and my party.

Ocasionall Breath of Heavens (Blazing Wrath rune) brings me to 277k dps.

The Lashing Tail Kick is only for STUN effect as mobs hit quite hard on Torment VI, exchangable with Cyclone on lower Torment :)

Exploding Palm (The Flesh is weak) don't really have to explain this one, kill 2 zombies and 10 other die with them. Also great DPS increase.

Sweeping Wind (Cyclone) because why not, 48% crit chance + Won Khim Lau ( )

Seize the Initiative, any monk without this would be strange.
Resolve, reduced damage on me and party.
Combination strike - free dps boost.

Stat - Dexterity
Offense - Crit chance, let me stop here for a moment, I messed with this one a lot and in some cases it's better to go for crit damage incease and sometimes even for attack speed, you have to check for your own
Defense - Resist all
Utility - Life on Hit / Area damage if you have enough LoH

With this build I run act 1 torment VI quests 1-4 with my wizard friend, the XP is overwhelming, but we have to avoid Champions/Elites. Rare mobs (violet ones) go down no problem.
This is what I have been using since the patch and find is ridiculously fast and ridiculously fun!!gXY!bcYacc

WotHF - Fist of Fury : Although the 2.0 patch saw the end of NIRVANA I still find this skill has great AOE ability with the second strike and now even better the DOT can stack. good for group great for single Target. Plus the added Dash mechanic helps keep you within striking distance contantly.

Lashing Tail Kick - Ytar : What is not to love about LTK now? The damage buff is just incredible for the spirit spend. I use the Hand of Ytar rune currently as I like the distance it porvides as well as the cold damage. Vulture Claw Kick Rune is also a great choice if you are looking for full AOE damage and have some Magefists or a Cindercoat.

Mantra of Retribution - Against All Odd : This is the main sprirt generator in the build. For those that do not know this matra was fully reworked to deal 101% weapon damage to enemies that attack you even if you are hit, block or dodge the attack. This rune makes it so you generate 3 spirit when the mantra deals damage.

Sweeping Wind - Master of Wind : This rune is seriously up to you and your gear, but I have been using cold% gear so I use this rune, plus the snare is nice. Also it extends the uptime to 15 seconds between refreshes.

Inner Sanctuary - Forbidden Palace : Since Blizzard reworked all of our Heals that buff our damage abilities I was looking for something other than Blinding Flash - Faith in the Light that would give me good burst. The rework for this skill and rune was right up that alley. This ability now reduced the damage you take while standing in the runic circle by 55% for 5 seconds... that is HUGE! The rune adds an 80% snare to enemies in the circle and they take 30% increased damage over the 5 seconds. This is our swiss army knife skill. Defense? Check. CC? Check. Damage? Check.

Dashing Strike - Barrage : Again this rune is really your choice and honestly even with my gear I should be using Quicksilver as it augments the skill to cold damage but I really enjoy the extra damage this rune deals. Also when facing bosses or the remaining elite you can drop Inner Sanctuary and unload both charges onto them for massive burst. With the new Area Damage Mechanic I have had this 1 skill take out entire packs of trash just dashing into them. It really is an awesome movement, damage andget outta there skill. FINALLY!

Combination Strike 10% increase when you attack
Seize the Initiative for more toughness
Transcendance for more healing

Core - Vitality
Offense - Crit Damage
Defense - All Res
Utility - Life on Hit

Paragon will obviously change based on your needs, I suggest just doing some testing to find what maximizes your weaknesses the best.

The basics of the build are quite simple. Dash into mobs and activate Sweeping Winds to get to 3 stacks. Nuke with LTK. When encountering Elites just drop Inner Sanctuary and watch them melt. This build really shines when you are staying in combat to maximize your regen efficiently. 1 suggestion I would make would be to change the rune choice on Sweeping Winds if you find that you are not getting as much spirit back. Snared mobs attack slower thus generating less spirit. Cyclones or Bladestorm work nicely, unless you stack fire then use firestorm.

Enjoy my fellow Monks. May Ytar guide us!
I've been using similar builds and experimenting with new ones. My only objection to your build is Cyclone Strike - Implosion. The range on vanilla CS is very large, already, and you're still limited to 16 mobs. I tried Implosion out for a while and saw that I was leaving behind tons of mobs.

Furthermore, CS - Eye of the Storm permits you to spam CS when needed to interrupt deadly mob attacks and to keep fast mobs rounded up for your wizard friends to AoE.

I also want to speak up the power of Mantra of Conviction - Dishearten. The 80% movement speed debuff is incredibly powerful in so many areas of the game. Coupled with CS, you stack mobs up, and knock them down very quickly as they cannot spread back out.
My build:


Serenity: Unwelcome Disturbance
Seven Sided Strike: Sustained Attack
Breath of Heaven: Zephyr (This is an open skill slot which means you can use whichever skill you like)
Mantra of Conviction: Annihilation

Way of the Hundred Fists: Hands of Lightning/Blazing Fists (Use whichever rune you like but I like either bonus damage in the second strike OR the 15% bonus movement speed)
Dashing Strike: Way of the Falling Star (You just can't beat the movement speed)


Fleet Footed
Beacon of Ytar
Chant of Resonance (This is your free slot so feel free to switch it up)


Movement Speed
Cool Down Reduction
Resist All (This is up to you, it depends on what your character needs)
Life on Hit

*The most important of these are movement speed increase and cool down reductions (for obvious reasons), the others are replaceable with what your character needs the most.

As you can probably tell, this build is based around movement speed. I started fooling around with Dashing Strike and MoC Annihilation because it was funny to see my monk run in, pop SSS followed by Serenity (I use both of these skills both offensively AND defensively). Whenever I play with a party, they all LOVE the speed bonuses.

Your monk can escape very easily with Dashing Strike and with the low cool downs + cool down reduction on Beacon of Ytar on Serenity and SSS, you can dash out if you're close to death and wait for 3 seconds for the abilities to reset and charge back in.

With high critical hit chance + damage you will do lots of damage with SSS and Serenity, just remember to re-activate MoC before you use them both for max damage. Right now I'm fooling around with other builds but this one is by far my favourite. I typically use a Skorn because of the high crit damage but any high damage 2h will do work with SSS and Serenity.

If you really love running around like a race car and laughing at how ridiculous this build is, you should give it a try.

I should also mention that Dashing Strike is now based on a target LOCATION rather than a target MONSTER or BARREL or something like that.

I hope you enjoy this build and please message me if you have any questions!

Seanthepawn #1300

Happy Hunting!
04/03/2014 20:11Posted by Seanthepawn
I hope you enjoy this build and please message me if you have any questions!

Seanthepawn #1300

Happy Hunting!

Do you even lift bro...?
Resolve reduce also elite's spell?

My Diablo3 Armory: (Profile):

The build consists of the following skills...

Thank you Ginsu! You saved my gaming experience :)

I had real troubles in master and even paragon1 with my old "vanilla" build and I picked up your build/skill guide.
I made some small changes in your build, but overall feel of this new gamestyle is very nice! I really love this "teleport" feature. Saved my !@# already tons of times in 30 minutes of gameplay! :D

My build:
Basically I hold down mouse1, spam "Overview", sometimes "Breath of Heaven" (to restore life and dmg boost) and use bubble time-to-time or "mouse2" to GTFO or catch up mobs :)

Thank you again for guide and keep up good work! :)
Thank you Ginsu! I hit 70 today on my monk and was looking for a build that would both keep me alive as well as deal enough damage (nothing more annoying than treasure goblins getting away, not making the kill-100-mobs-for-a-bonus-chest or dying over and over again...) and using yours, I think I have found just that! Staying alive between a bunch of rares is hardly a problem anymore unless I mess it up myself hehe. +1 for your awesome build!

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