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23 Jul Replay details It would be nice if replay details would contain the winner of the match besides map name, duration and version. I refer to "Replays" menu, right window. Regards, CBOCBO0 23 Jul
23 Jul LOTV sucks R.I.P Starcraft. -No more extreme macro. -Weird new units that look terrible and makes it feel like you're playing a poorly designed modded SC2 game. - Automatic injects? Lool atleast make it optional for those who still wish to inject manually. (sometimes I wish to place a creep tumor when a queen spawns instead of inject) - Seems to take a lot of fun away by removing the real cheesy builds, and early agression. - Zerg just got ruined - Terran got ruined - Protoss got ruined GG WP BLIZZARD.IIIIIIIIIIII31 23 Jul
23 Jul Zagara needs........ Hunter banelings thanksSoD4 23 Jul
23 Jul Byun VS Losira, that is all, banelings are broken Banelings were never a balanced unit, it's sad that people still think they are, TvZ is also unplayable because of Ultralisk that destroy a whole bio army with no counterplay and because it's so easy to harass the terran player with zerglings in mineral lines, zerg is fundamentally broken and honestly banelings should be removed, just like ultralisk and swarm hosts and the insta-win mutaliskMonstercat7 23 Jul
22 Jul i cannot report map hacker ok this is it, im tired of it. there are so many maphackers, daily i see them, today i played tvz ,in king sejung map, if you didnt know on the very far sides of the map there are watch towers and in the sides of the towers there are alot of empty ice mountains, i randomally build my rax there, its so far and not even on corner that there is no reason for anyone to scout it, yet after my rax finish ( he didnt send overlord cuz he didnt want me to cancel it) magicly zerg send speed overlord extacly to the barracks, now this rax is not even 0.20 / 100 of the map in pixels, im adding this replay since there is no option to contact support regards map hackers, only for other problems, and i know reporting in game wont do anything, so i did report, but also i uploaded this replay, and im waiting for blizzard answer in this thread, cuz im tired of this, I PAID MONEY FOR THIS GAME, and i will go court if they wont answer me about this hacks 22 Jul
22 Jul Queen's scan range overlooked in new patch The Queen's scan range for it's air weapon has not been adjusted to be greater than it's new attack range. It was posted on 22 Jul
22 Jul free for all ladder well i wanted to make this topic ; in order to bring back ffa in sc2 lotv ; i really enjoy playing sc2 and i really miss ffa in ladder ; that would be great if blizzard bring back ffa for fun . that's all folks !benlidan0 22 Jul
22 Jul LADDER MAP FIXES -- JULY 21, 2016 The following changes and bug fixes were applied today. For more information about these changes, read David Kim's initial thoughts and most recent update. Apotheosis LE Fixed an issue where ground units were unable to pass through an area that should allow pathing. Dasan Station LE Added a path that players can use to travel between the outer parts and the center of the map. Fixed an issue concerning missing cliff geometry. Fixed tournament logo placements. Galactic Process LE Restored destructible rocks near the players natural but at a greater distance from the base location. New Gettysburg LE Adjusted the location of tournament decals in relation to a player's initial base. Fixed an issue that caused workers to path behind a mineral patch, leading to inefficient harvesting.Nakatoir0 22 Jul
21 Jul Community Feedback Update 7/15 Community Summit We had our biggest community summit this week lasting two full days. The first day included around thirteen hours of discussions, hanging out, and eating food, and the second day was a full day of working with discussions and feedback. We wanted to first extend a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone who came out, especially the players and influencers who had to fly to Valencia right away for Dreamhack this weekend. We had many discussions across a wide variety of topics including esports, what should come next for StarCraft, the current state of the game, and ideas on how to generally improve the StarCraft II game going forward. There was a massive amount of information, and we will definitely have more info to share across these fronts as we work through the various feedback, suggestions, and ideas that were generated at this event. Map Improvements The new maps have definitely been a big topic within the community recently, so we also took the time to work through some current map improvements. Since we not only had two of the top mapmakers in the world, Jacky and Avex, but also the GSL partners who have been gauging and judging maps for years on site, we took the time to drill down into how we can make each of the new maps better. Below we’d like to discuss changes we came to regarding two of the maps. Galactic Process The two main changes here that we’ve came up with were adding the destructible rocks on the backdoor paths, but at a much farther distance than where they used to be so that it’s not so easy for the defender to just check if the rocks are being broken. The majority of the map related influencers agreed that the rock removal was good, due to it being so easy to watch over the rocks + there’s very little reason to utilize that attack path. However, due to early game defenses being a bit more difficult to due this change, a potentially better solution that was proposed was to add the rocks back, but much further away from the natural expansion. The other change to this map was to add an unpathable area near the natural expansion area to make one of the paths narrower, which would make early game defense a bit easier. If you guys agree with these two changes, we will work towards implementing these changes as soon as possible. Dasan Station The main change that we arrived at for this map was to add a path that is rocked off by rocks that players can use to go between the outer parts of the map towards the center parts of the map. The reason is that the biggest downside currently seems to be if the army is out of position, it’s too difficult to get back in position, and it takes too long to mine out the high yield base before it’s possible to move back and forth. Unless the community has substantial reason against this change, we’ll look to get this added in as well. Balance Balance discussions seemed to indicated that the general consensus is that balance is much better than it has been in the past. Still, there were two points which were of intense focus during the summit. There was a heavy emphasis on how we should not overreact with changes because even pros don’t know what the exact effects of the changes are. These discussions were very interesting, because we noticed that even when someone started a conversation saying ‘X’ is a huge problem, others might ask the person how certain he or she is, and that person often replied by saying something like “yeah I really don’t know for certain right now.” Nerf Warp Prism drops by reducing Warp Prism HP/Shield Surprisingly, this was the only unanimous potential change that came up. The reasoning for this change (instead of something like speed) was to allow the players who use Warp Prisms really well to be able to continue using them at a strong state, whereas players who aren’t as efficient with the Warp Prism micro should have a bit more trouble being successful with drops after a change like this. Interestingly, some of those who attended have reached out to say that the Queen buff is working so well that a Warp Prism change may not be necessary from the ZvP angle. Regardless of whether the change is necessary, this just reinforces our belief that we need more time to gauge the exact effects of recent patches before we make further changes to related things. We’ll continue to discuss the topics of the summit in the coming weeks, but we wanted to get these discussions in front of you right away as they are more immediately relevant. Please let us know your feedback, and thank you!Nakatoir2 21 Jul
21 Jul Community Feedback Update – July 1 Patch Next Week After more playtests and more discussions with various people, we believe that it’ll be better to patch the current two changes to the live game sooner than later given the current situation. However, we do also want to point out that we definitely see the foreign community’s concern regarding the Queen buff, and we will definitely make sure to react quick if something breaks. But the main reason we would like to hurry up with this update is due to heavy feedback in favor of these changes on the KR pro side, and we also have a major tournament coming up in 2-3 weeks outside of Korea, so we would really love to push the change out to live as quickly as possible so that we can make necessary fixes before the tournament if needed. So on both fronts, it looks to be the right decision to patch quickly. After The Patch Next Week We definitely hear your feedback regarding the potential for Ultralisk armor needing nerfs and the Liberator needing nerfs. We would really love to look at the impact of the Spore and Queen changes first before we start testing further changes. For example, if Zerg is performing much better in the early/mid game and are dominating in the late game, we can definitely take a look at the Ultralisk armor nerf, whereas if these changes were steps in the right direction but not enough, we can look at potential Liberator +light damage removal to its AA weapon. Playing Skill vs. Game Design Skill It’s been a while since we discussed more design philosophy based topics, and we noticed a topic being very big in the past couple weeks, so we wanted to share our thoughts regarding this. Specifically, we’re seeing a lot of posts discussing the importance of playing at a high skill level in order to be a good game designer. Our thought is that these two have some overlap, but are different skillsets. We have seen so many examples of every mix of the two: A top player being so bad at game analysis, a top player being so good at game analysis, a bad player being so good at game design, and a bad player being also bad at game design. They’re just separate skills that one person can be good at none, one, or both of them. And the definition of a good player is so opinion based. For example, I’m currently in master league using random and if I say this to a pro player, they would think I’m pretty bad at the game. As compared to if I say this to a silver level player, they would think I’m good at the game. The same goes for game design skills. Often times, game design skills are more difficult to quantify than say like awesome concept art skills or awesome programming skills. Interestingly, this is an area game designers on our team have a lot of discussions on regarding what an ideal game designer at Blizzard is, which is another fun topic that we can go into if there is desire for this in a future weekly update. And going more into detail on this current topic, the important thing for game designers working on SC2 is the ability to analyze game mechanics well. This is clearly a higher priority than playing the game at a pro level. Just to finish off, we did want to ask a question that we ask ourselves often: In a perfect world scenario, would it be best to aim to have only game designers who are also the very best players at the game? Granted this might be near impossible to achieve, it is an interesting question because we can look at it from many different points of view. For example, I can argue that this is the best because the best player understands more parts of playing the game so he can analyze the game better as well. But I can also argue this isn’t ideal because he would be unable to see the game from a different perspective other than the top skill level, and the more ideal scenario is to have a good mix of every type of gamer who all are good game designers. We wanted to share our thoughts here because this is a fun topic to discuss, and we’ve also been leaning a bit more towards one way or another over the years on our team as well. Because there necessarily isn’t one, clear, perfect answer to this question, please let us know your thoughts as well and we will look forward to exploring this discussion from a potentially different angle!Nakatoir6 21 Jul
21 Jul Community Feedback Update – July 21, 2016 Current Map Tweaks Thank you for your feedback on the proposed map changes. After our considerations and your feedback, we will go ahead with the rock change on Galactic Process, and the additional blocked off path to and from the center area to the outer paths on Dasan Station. We agree that the Zero ground change might not be needed yet since the area to defend early in the game would already be lessened due to the rock change. If there are further changes necessary after the these go in, we can definitely make additional passes as needed, so please let us know what you think. Queen Scan range fix We also wanted to let you guys know that the Queen scan range fix is going in today as well. Thank you for your feedback on this. Balance Not much has changed here since last week. The overall consensus across our teams, community, and pro players seems to be that it’s too early to make a hard call on where the current state of the game is. If ZvT is problematic, we can definitely look into removing the +light damage of Liberators, and the few things on our radar should also be no surprise: Adept Shade cooldown increase, Warp Prism health nerf, and Ultralisk upgraded armor nerf by 1. We’ve also pinged KesPA regarding these potential changes and are waiting to hear back as well. So please continue discussions in this area as we are definitely keeping watch. Other Community Update stuff We wanted to let you guys know that there were questions regarding what else was discussed at the summit. There were many topics such as what features to work on next, what is the next direction for the multiplayer game of StarCraft II, eSports discussions, etc. but many of our teams are still in the process of drilling down into the details of what the feedback we’ve gotten at the summit would imply going forward. We will definitely have a lot of info to share in the coming months across various fronts of StarCraft II.Nakatoir0 21 Jul
21 Jul Feature Request: Enlarge and Center Minimap Hotkey The minimap is such an integral part of gameplay in Starcraft. Even if one has mastered all hotkeys, control groups, micro and macro, one still needs to click on the minimap from time to time, and in fact some Grand Master players (from games I've watched) click on the minimap even more than regular players. Most mouse clicks occur in the centre of the game screen with selecting and moving troops around and it is this "sweet spot" in the middle of the screen where the fastest clicking can occur and is most accurate. Once one has to move their mouse pointer all the way tot he edge of the screen to click (to click the minimap for instance) the speed and accuracy of these clicks drops considerably. What does the community here think of the idea of having the minimap able to be enlarged and centred onscreen with a hotkey so that one can issue troop commands, depress he hotkey (and while it is depressed) the minimap flashes on the centre of the screen and one can click on it and then release the hotkey and it returns to normal. This would of course only take a millisecond to perform each time, but would increase the speed and accuracy of clicking on the minimap because it's much larger and in the centre of the screen and because one wouldn't have to move to the edge of the screen to click the minimap. You can see some mock-ups I made with explanations here: I would love the feedback of the community here and hopefully get this submitted as a feature request in an update if the community supports it. Looking forward to your feedback. Regards, RyanRyanAsh0 21 Jul
21 Jul My experience after a year of SC2 abscense. I come back, play some games against A.I. to warm myself up. I have to play 5 games so I can get ranked. Fine. I win 2 out of 5 games, didn't expect more. Still fine. I get ranked silver. All fine. I play like 6-8 games on ladder and EVERY SINGLE GAME I GOT RUSHED OR CHEEESED. THANK YOU BLIZZARD FOR ALWAYS MAKING GAMES THAT ATTRACT THOSE WHO WANT TO EXPLOIT EVERY SINGLE !@#$ THEY CAN. THANKS FOR NOT CARING. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY I'M WRITING THIS %^-* HERE. YOU GUYS JUST DON'T CARE AND I CAN ALREADY SEE ALL THE TROLLS SLOWLY MOVING TO THIS THREAD. I can only imagine how starcraft newcomers feel when playing ladder. But who cares, games paid for already, right? Is that why you make all the singleplayer bull!@#$ for SC2? Commander mode and such, because you can't handle a good multiplayer? I think so.eVilX6 21 Jul
20 Jul 5 Win : Solo Hot Streak BUG Dear Support! After winning the 5th 1v1 match in a row, i did not get the achivement. The achivement counter shows 3/5. But in the match history I can see the five matches in a row. The ladder win/loose is 5/0. What should i do?Denszecu0 20 Jul
19 Jul League Promotion Process empty? i liek cakeAva0 19 Jul
19 Jul Offline Play not possible fixedToppas0 19 Jul
19 Jul League Rank 0 - Unable to start game Just won a game which should have put me to rank 1 in my 2v2 league, but it now says rank 0 and if I try to start a game I get "There was a temporary problem with your request". Please advise, regards.SechsyFish4 19 Jul
19 Jul Looking for EU Coaching Greetings, In short, I'm a long time gamer with various gaming experience, however, I'm fairly new to the SC2 Universe - started playing on 7/16/2016. As I am used to competitive environments, I'm also aiming to improve my game and be able to stand my own ground against more seasoned players (pretty much everyone at this point). While I may have been playing for years, I haven't played RTS since Warcraft 3, so that's quite some time to rust up. Currently I somehow got placed into gold league and my win ratio is more or less 50/50, although given the amount of games played that may change in any direction. For that reason, I am looking for a more experienced player who's offering -free- coaching on EU. All I'm offering is a more or less decent prospect capable of improvements and a coaching experience. While I understand these services are commonly charged, I am not looking for a top-tier agency for a game that's been out for this long, merely a person looking for coaching experience, dealing with boredom, depends. Current aims of improvement: Terran - any aspect of the game, I average on 160-200apm on my stunning 28 games count, growing a tiny bit each passing game, though without a strategy/plan I get shredded Best Regards, eXistenZ#21203eXistenZ3 19 Jul
19 Jul Looking for mentor Hello i am an SC player who has owned SC for quite some time but almost rarely played it. The reason why is because i am still to much of a noob for ranked this has kept me from playing ranked and custom games because i would lose regardless of what i did. So i made this thread looking for someone to mentor me and for people to give tips and tricks and ofcourse if you are a noob as well maybe you can find a mentor in this forum! Anyways i hope you guys respond to give tips and to offer mentorship. Thank you in advance :)hammertime3 19 Jul
18 Jul Account locked... :@ sooo, I was at work and got bored during my break, so I took out my phone and wanted to log-in to post some stuff... and there's this message... ... now simply 'cause I logged in from a different ip address, the system assumes that my account is being hacked?! I feel honored that you want my account to be safe, but I'm pretty sure that noone would try to hack an average player like me. (inb4 "you're-below-average-you-ain't-master-herp-derp" or any other irrelevant remark - keep them to yourself this time) Is this a hint to make me download the mobile authenticator? I do not want any more companies to spy on my everyday life through my phone, and I don't need any more apps to lower the battery power (I can use my phone for two days straight w/o recharging and I'm happy about that). ofc, resetting the password is a matter of minutes, but if this keeps happening from now on, it is surely going to be a nuisance. so why did I even bother telling you this? I wanna know if this has happened to anyone of you as well. if so, when did it happen?ImoneX8 18 Jul
18 Jul Viking TV are looking for more members! Viking TV are recruiting members to our clan initiative. Our aim is to create a friendly community where everyone is welcome and tries to improve not only themselves but also their teammates. We will focus on 1v1 practice, clan wars, and clan tournaments. We also encourage our members to test their wings in the various amount of tournaments available. Team Name: Viking TV Website: Server: EU Manager: Hofferino Other Contacts: Sheppard (Mentor) Mindful (Emergencies) Level: Bronze to GM Rules Be friendly Help and support your team members Represent Viking TV in a good manner at all times! If this sounds interesting to you, do not hesitate to post a reply here or send an email to You can also reach me at Hofferino#2752 Kind regards Team Viking TVHofferino0 18 Jul
18 Jul Distant Plane Who made this map? It is only balanced in cross position which is not the case when playing it. The base structures are going counter clockwise around the map, insted of facing each other or towards the middle, leaving one team much more vulnerable for drops if spawned on the same side. This map only works in cross position, fix it asap :) RelaxNoiseBlast0 18 Jul
18 Jul Cannot win this weeks mutation. I've beaten the map, all the objectives, wiped everything off the map. Still I cannot get a win? Blizzard give me my win, cheers love.Genezis0 18 Jul
17 Jul New lib zones? So..the game just went unplayable..I cant see the new lib sones.. Please revert the changes.ATB3 17 Jul
17 Jul Tournament celebration? Just i thought it came to my mind. Wouldn't it be better or more fun for the three best players in a given tournament, celebrate on stage with champange as the racers in F1 do? Haha :DVladDTerran0 17 Jul
16 Jul SC NOVA Hi, I have a question about SC,Nova. If I buy a promotion pack (all three part in one) Can I play first playeble part now or I must wait until december 2016 when other parts be activated... TYLoken2 16 Jul
16 Jul Matchmaking queue currently not available... Hi, ...please try later. I get this message when I try to play multiplayer games. The login procedure also seems extremely slow. My IT-knowledge tells me you have serious server problems. This has been going on for several days now, so please look into this asap. Thanks in advance. YetiYETI0 16 Jul
16 Jul Thats why SC2 is dead Just played a round, 14 hatch, the enemy proxxy, i defeat the proxxy easily even though i have little to no units, but hey, its terran, so 3 min later its a tank medivac marine drop. No surprise SC2 is dead when blizz encouraged bad player playing op strategies to win. I find little comfort in the thought that by times SC2 has as little viewers as WC3, sometimes even less (when grubby is playing). And, by all means, you deserve that.Imp7 16 Jul
16 Jul 24 Hours of Starcraft 2 - Charity Fundraiser Hi All, My wife recently recovered from Cervical Cancer, while she did not seek help from any charities, she had constant support from me right the way through the whole situation. Unfortunately some people who are struggling cancer don't have people to support them.So in aid of making sure as many people who are going through Cancer get the support they need, I've decided to complete a 24 hour gaming marathon playing tarcraft 2 Non-Stop for a full 24 hours!! The entire event will streamed live on at and it is running tonight from Midnight through till the end of Saturday. So what can you guys do? Well i have a goal to raise £500 for the charity, and i could really use any small amount of support you guys are willing to offer, so hop over to my JustGiving page: and however little you can put forward to help me, please it is all appreciated. Many Thanks in Advance!Feniks1 16 Jul
15 Jul You hear what neeb is saying? toss is overpowered, watch outVapo0 15 Jul
15 Jul WOL Campaign achieves bugged? Piercing the shroud mission, I got all the bonus objective, located all 13 weapons and kiled brutalisk without losing a unit. All on hard difficulty but didn't got a single achievement? Got a screenshot but don't know how to post it so forgive me for that xD ps. double checked my internet connection and it was fine.Lexion1 15 Jul
15 Jul Suggestions About Game History Greetings all, I have couple of suggestions maybe Blizzard might or might not add to the game. 1st History of games against a spesific player. Explanation: You played with someone but you're not quite sure you have played against him before or not click on the player click the [PLAYER SPESIFIC HISTORY] (pls dont call it that) and then you can see that you've played with him 2 weeks ago once and 4 days ago again besides the match you just played and you can also see your win loss ratio agaist that player. 2nd Score Screen/match History Links just like a clickable profile link send from chat that you can click in while you are in the menus. battlenet://starcraft/profile/2/9088018925660143616 This way you can show and share that one spesific game you belive that you have played well. or you belive you palyed really bad. You can easly access and have a link to share. Link can be hidden in the impeller as shown in the picture below: Otherwise its to much work to direct one friend to your match history and make him find that one game that you want to show/share. Besides this wont add any load to the server because the data is there is is just hard to access by searching and scrolling among a lot of games in the match history section. Thanks And i hope Blizzard at least reads and considers these suggestions. For The Swarm!Feral1 15 Jul
14 Jul SC2 background beeping Did anyone notice SC2 producing a weird beeping sound in background? This only happens when playing games and maybe (unsure) when watching replays. The sound itself is like "beep-beep-beep" and seems to occur on timer or similar.Euronymous1 14 Jul
14 Jul What's new panel problem Why is this panel like not updated at all? Wasn't this supposed to be a cool new feature? Look at the people from NA. It's updated every time new stuff comes out. We arw still stuck on the 3.3.0 things (emotes, Abathur, mutators). If anyone from Blizzard is reading this, please update the panel at the same frequency as the one from NA. Thank you!Titanius0 14 Jul
14 Jul Becoming The Best My biggest criticism of SCII is that there seems to be an overwhelming focus on the STORY while SC was overwhelmingly geared towards the GAMEPLAY of real-time strategy. I base this criticism mainly on the fact that in SC there was an infinite amount of custom games playable against the computer. This allowed for ininite time spent playing RTS with Starcraft units. I realise there are tournaments, etc. to compete in but I have no interest in playing against others since I like to be in control of when and how I play. I like to play the same battle for weeks on end. Also, in SCII campaigns, most campaigns are timed. This is sometimes annoying and frustrating because there's so many cool upgrades done to units but you don't have time to build them because you have to assemble and army in 4:00, 3:59... Anyway, for someone who played SC as a hobby (like people who play chess against the computer) I would like to see SCII becoming playable in the same way.Azureus0 14 Jul
14 Jul sc2 Warm up hands. Hey guys , I have some trouble warming up my left hand. It just feels so rusty and so goddam slow and it feels like i can barely push the keyboard correctly. otherwise with my right hands i dont have really any trouble . Any suggestions or help to warm up my left hand for them smooth motion? Because when im in the zone and it goes completly right then my hands are so fast.bonerific0 14 Jul
13 Jul New Patch 3.4.0 freezes on SCII Sup Guys, Recently updated my SCII game on the new patch 3.4.0. After completed installation, i have tried to run game and it returns a black window where nothing occurs. Freeze completely. Never happened this before with same computer and same vídeo board. Looking forward to see this bug fixed. Best Regards, FranklinSatchaBoggie0 13 Jul
13 Jul Something strange... Recently started playing SCII again - new patches and all that. I've found that quite frequently I cannot click on certain tabs within the game without restarting. First noticed when trying to start a number of different missions, and most recently when trying to activate upgrades (Wings of liberty campaign). It usually happens if I quit the game after playing for a time, and then re-enter. Not a huge deal, but it is a little annoying. Any idea why this might be happening/how to fix it?JonDigger0 13 Jul
13 Jul Tournament Won but No Trophy [FIXED] Hello! I have just won a platinum 3 round tournament, but there isn't anything in my trophy case. See the images: 13 Jul
13 Jul Comparison of League Distributions I made some graphs to compare the new to old league distributions. 13 Jul
13 Jul BUG IN NEW MAP "Gettysburg LE" HI suport how can i send replay for you guys ?? any mail ? ty MasterLxPtMasterLxPt1 13 Jul
12 Jul Best race against rush? I meet alot of them and I'm newCorpse4 12 Jul
12 Jul Disable alt+shift Dear blizzard I suggest that you make it possible to disable the "alt+shift" shortcut in the controls panel. You have already made it possible to disable "alt+tab". The short cut "alt+shift" changes the keyboard to American keyboard style (I have a danish keyboard). By mistake I often press "alt+shift" in game and then many of my hotkeys are screwed.Fisk6 12 Jul
12 Jul About the DLCs Hey everybody! I just started SC and bought Wings of Liberty, I wonder if I don't have access to the expansion units, and to new patches, is it outdated?Arhibit2 12 Jul
11 Jul Boid RTS - Free Steam Game Hey Guys, I wanted to share with you a new RTS. It is Boid. Game just got out of early access and now is free on Steam. Game has it's own unique design that maybe no other RTS has. There is almost no base management in the game apart from rallies. Everything is focused on mico, decision making and early openers.Every map has it's own opener you need to do, because maps look so different that you can't just do one strategy. I really enjoy map diversity in this game, not like in SC2. There are some cheesy maps and some macro oriented maps in the game. Current Features * 1vs1 Ranked System * Leaderboards * Map Editor * Polished game * IMO Perfectly balanced (game is still fresh, so something OP might be discovered, but I played 200+ games and haven't found anything super broken) * Integrated Twitch Streaming System * In-game portraits Link to the Steam Store page: 11 Jul
10 Jul Starcraft 2 Cursor Hey all, I found these pretty sick looking SC2 Cursors on deviantart, using them right now! Here's the download if you want to check them out: Enjoy :)KishiNyoka14 10 Jul
10 Jul Creep Nest? Hi all, I have an important suggestion/request to make to change the disturbing name of the creep tmr of queens Can't it be called sometng else it is really disturing an honestly a little offensive to people suffering from numerous diseases. It can be called creep nest, creep host, creep spore, creep disolver or any other name... Thanks and hope you consider this change it will only positevly effect the game no nerf no buff just a name change.TFX15 10 Jul
10 Jul Build order analyzer Hey guys, I'm looking for a progam that i can upload Vods on ( From twitch, lets say games from Sc2proleague ) and have the build orders printed out so i can lear nthe build and use it in ladder. Anyone knows a progam like this ? Thanks!bonerific4 10 Jul
10 Jul bored of vanilla LotV? try the HeptaCraft mod! Did you know, that there is a mod, playable on any melee map, that lets you pick from seven different factions, brings back loved BW units, adds innovative new units and concepts, AND has tournaments every other week? sounds too cool to be true? check out these gameplay casts from last month's tournament: see uncommented gameplay videos or watch the launch trailer from last month on my own youtube channel: if you are unsure how to play, check out this post: go find other people to play in our discord channel at 1) Select "Multiplayer" from the menu 2) Pick any map 3) Click on "Create with mod" 4) Search for "hepta" 5) Profit you can even play without having LotV, by setting your game to LotV in Game Options GLHF!summerloud5 10 Jul
09 Jul Masters League! Finally, I have reached my goal! It took me almost three years (bought Heart of the Swarm on 28th of June 2013) and a whopping 8,874 1v1 games, but I finally did it! I've been promoted to Masters league! Ow man, I can't stop crying tears of joy. I am so thankful and can't express how happy I am. =')!Deanx23 09 Jul