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Community Feedback Update - June 24 Zerg The Balance Test Map will come out next week, and since the changes are very small, we’d love to aim to patch one or both of the changes that will be tested. Let’s focus on the changes to the balance test map this week. After completing these small changes, we should be able to gauge how they’ve worked out, and then discuss potential further moves as needed. Ultralisk strength We’ve heard the community’s feedback and worry that when the early game Zerg is stronger in Zerg vs. Terran Ultralisks may become an issue in the late game. We will definitely keep a close watch on this. The popularly suggested armor nerf of 1 or 2 points post-upgrade seems like a solid suggestion. Common questions from the Ladder Revamp announcement Let’s go over a few things that many players have brought up in more detail. Separate MMR per race As we’ve mentioned before, this will be one of the top priority items that we’ll start working on once the Ladder Revamp goes live. MMR vs. Division Points These numbers are different. Division points are points used within the division to calculate rank. They also takes activity into account through the bonus pool system. MMR, on the other hand, reflects the current skill of the player. Promotion progress bar We wanted to clear up that this bar shows the progress within the current tier that the player is in, and not the league. For example, if my progress bar at Diamond 3 becomes full, I will move into Diamond 2. How Grandmaster demotions/promotions work Every day at a set time, players on the border of GM will be demoted out of GM and be placed into a new “Contender” ladder. The remaining players who will fill out the Contender ladder will be the best Masters-level players whose MMRs are high enough to have a shot at getting into GM that day. Once the contender ladder is filled, players can play games to try and raise their MMR for 3 hours. After the 3-hour mark, all promotions will happen simultaneously to fill up the empty slots in GM league. The Contender ladder is located within the Ladder tab of the Profile, and will refresh every 5 minutes. Any player logged into StarCraft II can view its player listing and follow the competition to see which players might make it into GM that day. General Comments As we've discussed before, the main goal for this ladder revamp pass was to have a better sense of accuracy and transparency. This is why we're displaying MMR, adding League Tiers, refreshing the GM league daily, and the progress bar towards promotion. We also have aesthetic changes we're currently working on that you can look forward to such as: new promotion fanfare, updated league badges and portrait borders, or new division banners. We still have a lot more info to come, so thanks for working together on this feature with us. Nakatoir0
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Season 3 Information Hello everyone! We wanted to provide some information about the upcoming Season 3, which will be relatively short. Season 3 will start on Monday 20/06. Once the season begins, the season dates displayed in the Profile > Ladders > Current Season tab will briefly display Season 3 with the standard 3-month length. Soon after, we will fix the dates so that the client correctly displays Season 3’s length (~1 month). Once Season 3 ends during the week of 11/7, Season 4 will begin and bring with it the maps that will be used in the WCS Circuit Summer Championship. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy this brief season! Katriedna2
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Community Feedback Update June 17, 2016 This week we’d like to discuss the Zerg balance concerns that were mentioned last week, the results of the TLMC, and which maps seemed like a good fit for the ladder! Zerg Feedback First, we would like to thank everyone who was constructive in this discussion. We know that it’s easier to just make extreme conclusions while putting little thought into some of the proposals, so it’s always cool to see players focused on figuring out what’s best for the game. Something rather odd that we wanted to point out is that we are seeing our Korean community (non-pros) agreeing quite heavily with the current pro-stance, whereas the non-Korean community disagrees with such a big move. Since we wanted to be absolutely sure we’re going down the right path, we took the time to further analyze the current situation and discuss the state of Zerg with both sides. After having many more discussions not just with Kespa, but also with some of the non-Korean pro players as well, we realized the main feedback is that Zerg is having a lot of trouble against Liberator harassment. For this issue, we want to make sure that Liberators aren’t nerfed in other matchups, so we should focus on a Zerg buff that doesn’t impact them. Some potential solutions can be decreasing the root time of Spore Crawlers and/or increasing the Queen’s AA range. Also, after drilling deeper into the actual concerns of the pros, we realized that a larvae buff isn’t the right direction. It’s too big of a change across the board (as many of you have also pointed out), and if we need to help Zerg deal with Liberators, we can just target that specific problem instead. Let’s continue getting productive discussions going on these proposals to see if we have a direction we can start testing. Season 3 Maps It was cool to see that the highest voted and best map from the contest was New Gettysburg, which was also our top pick. Other than this map, we wanted to let you know that we’re in the process of working on the last few map picks from the map contest. The first choice of the three was quite simple. We just took the highest placed macro map: Apotheosis, since that’s what the majority of the players view as the strongest macro map out of this list. Going down the list after that, we realized that even though the next two are both macro maps, Galactic Process felt strong due to the use of backdoor paths, how the 3rd and 4th bases are laid out, and the potential use of gold bases which could add an interesting depth to the map as well. These selections would leave us with one map slot, and without any rush maps being represented. Out of the maps that favor rush, we felt Dasan Station is very interesting because it’s a new map as well as a rush map. We believe that these four maps would represent the new map additions that are coming really well—not just because we would have a very strong mix of maps from different categories, but also because all of these maps scored highly in your voting. Please let us know your thoughts/considerations in the comments below! Nimthanion0
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Community Feedback Update – June 10 Hello everyone! Let’s talk about what’s on the radar for this week! TL Map contest First, we would like to congratulate everyone that participated! When going through the list, excluding only a couple maps, every map seemed very unique and cool. This really gives the high confidence that many of the map makers are improving as we work together towards creating a diverse, yet still balanced set of maps. Like we pointed out last week, the only map that is already decided to make the ladder is New Gettysburg. However, the version of the map is not the one currently listed in the map contest. We have been working with Kespa players as well as Jacky (the map creator), and the latest changes Jacky made to the map feel very solid. The two main notable changes are turning the two center island bases to non-islands, and adding a rocked off path towards the opponent. We especially believe that the first change will really contribute towards better games because there will be less chances to drag on matches and the center area shouldn’t have air units being stuck on the no flying areas. We will definitely check which maps score high on the list before making the final call on the remaining 3 ladder maps. We’ll decide the remaining 3 maps by comparing your top voted maps along with our internal discussions, and we’ll try to also avoid having two maps that will play out in similar ways as well. Balance While this might come as a bit of a surprise, we’re still getting a lot of feedback from specific Korean pro players that Zerg has no chance vs. Terran. To explore this notion in greater detail, we’ve pinged Kespa to get the stance of all the top players in KR to gauge the pro-stance as a whole. We have no actions planned yet, but we wanted to let you know so that we can all watch together to see if the situation actually is bad, and to discuss further moves together if they prove necessary. The leading suggestion to test on this front so far is bringing the spawn larva count up from 3 to 4. We believe that this could be a good change if Zerg is really weak against Terran, and because we know that Protoss could very easily still be slightly ahead of Zerg in ZvP, it could be a good change there as well. However, the main potential negative to this change is that it would certainly affect early game play, and could to so to a degree that is more impactful than we intend. Warcraft Movie! Omg it was so awesome! We just watched it yesterday and while I may be slightly more biased than most viewers due to World of Warcraft and Warcraft 3 both being two of my complete favorite games of all time, it was such an amazing experience! Will definitely watch it again. As always, thanks for discussing these things with us. We’re making our best efforts to be as transparent as possible here, and while balance decisions are always a delicate issue in StarCraft II, we’re confident that continuing to work with you guys is helping us reach the best decisions possible. Корсамул2
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SC2 specs increased way too much how nobody isn't complaining about poor performance when playing this game or how can people still play this game. i can no longer play this game on my laptop which kinda sux. i remember when i first bought this game back in 2011 i could play it on medium video at 80-100 fps on my very old laptop dual core 2.1ghz, 4gb ram, 256bit . now i understand that time goes and so the game development and many things were added, campaigns etc. back in 2013 i could easily run this game on high settings on my i5 2.6ghz, 4gbram, 2gb radeon laptop 150-170fps. currently this laptop can barely ... run the game at all. with lowest resolutions and video settings i barely get 45fps and lots of stutters , i didn't even dare to enter 4v4, it will be probably 15fps at game start. tho "this game is from 2010" is not a valid argument as i said above a game develops itself over time, i find it very hard to believe that official starcraft specs are pentium dual core as recommended and i can't run the bloody thing on an i5 even if we are talking about laptops. and no, please don't say that my laptop is crap , which to a degree it is, but i also tried running this game on my desktop. my desktop setup is i5-6600k, 16gb ram, gigabyte radeon r7 370. fact this game eats 2.4gb of ram just for itself and keeps one of my cores at 100% while the others are in idle makes me think this game is heavily unoptimised. i find it grotesque for a game like starcraft to not be capable of multi-threading and for it reserving 2.4gb of ram. i played few of the recent titles on this computer, MKX, project cars, cod:bo2 , and i can say that starcraft was one of the most demanding game this computer had ran. am i missing something? i'm not insane i don't demand to be able to run this game on the old dual core junk, but honestly i find it very hard to imagine that sc2 is meant for high-end gaming rigs only. and i prefer laptops because i move alot , i can't really afford a 2000$+ laptop just to game starcraft. dadopornano2
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Community Feedback Update - May 13 Dreamhack Austin For us, it was really awesome seeing two main things at this event. It was pretty clear that the foreign players have leveled up and have performed much stronger this time around compared to before, and due to the map diversity push, even mirror matchups showed really amazing diversity in terms of units being used or different timings being utilized even within the same strategies being used. I was able to make it to the event as well, and being able to experience it with the live Texas audience was awesome! Map Diversity Speaking of map diversity in recent tournaments, we wanted to discuss our current thoughts for the next season map pool so that we can get ahead of it early in terms of getting the community involved in the decision making process. There is a TL map contest going on right now that focuses around different categories of maps. What this means is there could be a first place map in the macro category, new maps category, rush map category, and so on. We are also trying to see if Korean tournament organizers have new maps planned in order to coordinate accordingly if the timeline allows for us to. We’re hoping to use the 4 new maps next season that will go in from these two sources. Out of the remaining 3 slots, we’re hoping to keep 1 of the new maps that went in to the current season. That leaves us with 2 open slots to be able to try out a couple old maps that are currently being used in Proleague. Our current thought here is to use King Sejong Station due to how different and balanced the map appears to be, and then choose one map between Overgrowth and Frost since both maps are of a similar type. Even though the next season is a couple months away, we just wanted to get discussions going on this topic as soon as possible, so that we can make the best decision. Current State of Protoss We’ve been getting feedback regarding Protoss being weak for a while now, but the feedback has been different at the pro level. Just analyzing the quality of matches on both the WCS side and the KR side, Protoss actually looks to be in a clearly strong state. Also, when we look at the tournament results, out of the two major tournaments that happened so far in KR this year, Protoss won once and Protoss got 2nd place once. Out of the four major WCS events that happened this year Protoss won twice, and got second place once. After heavy analysis on such opposing feedback of many players within our community saying Protoss is OP vs. many players saying Protoss is UP, we believe that our current direction with the slight Immortal nerf and slight Colossus buff is good. The Immortal change should help at the pro level, and the Colossus may help players who struggle with microing Disruptors, since Protoss could in fact be performing weaker outside of the pro level right now. Nakatoir2
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Why archons got a heavy nerf when brought into SC2? I never brought up this topic because when I got into SC2 for the 1st time it was years since I last played SC1 so I had a suspicion, but never really bothered to ask thinking it might just be me remembering the game differently. Now in the last couple of days I completed the SC1 camping again and my hunch was correct and they really do suck in SC2. Health, shields and armor bases are the same, damage is also the same although a little bit bigger vs biological in SC2, but the attack speed is 1.25 in SC2 compared to SC1 where it is about 0.7 - 0.8 (similar to marines attack speed) and the biggest blow is that there is no more AoE to their attacks. They are quite expensive 100 Minerals and 300 Vespene to make and for that cost they do seem really bad. Same goes for Dragoons where last time I said they are !@#$ compared to SC1 people started to say that "no they had less health and damage in SC1" Well no. Again I didn't respond to that before thinking I might be wrong and they were worse in SC1, but no in SC1 they had base 100HP and 80 shields compared to SC2 80/80 where only with an upgrade they get 120hp in which case they are better but still with a slower attack rate. Dragoons were just a point since they are not in competitive play, but archons for all their cost and stats are absolutely terrible, I cannot find a use for them since Vespene is much slower to collect then minerals, and there are no shield batteries in competitive to give them back shields, which they heavily rely on. Maybe someone has an answer, but they don't seem op for competitive with SC1 stats because of the high Vespene cost to make them in bulk, and the way they are in SC2 just seems like a dead unit for me. Maybe only for brawling zerglings, hydralisks or marines which there are better, cheaper units to do so with. xexecrist4
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Ladder Season Date Changes The Ladder Season 2 roll date will be changing to June 20th in an upcoming update. We are rolling to allow enough lead time for the WCS Challenger ladder competition before the Summer Championship. This will be an early season roll, with no new maps, as the Team Liquid Map Contest maps won’t be quite ready yet. When those are ready, we will roll this micro-season to bring in the new maps. When the next season begins, it will officially be titled Season 3 to be consistent with WCS. However, please be aware that the client will display it as Season 4. As always, please let us know if you have any feedback. Thanks. Nakatoir1
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Community Feedback Update June 3, 2016 Hey everyone. We’ve got a really short feedback update this week. As we’ve mentioned before, if there are others topics to discuss we can also chat throughout the upcoming week. As for this week however, here are a couple of things we wanted to bring up. Worker Counter on the in-game UI Last week, we discussed a suggestion to add a worker ‘counter’ to the in-game UI. We’re definitely seeing a lot of positivity around potentially adding this feature. Please let us know if we’re wrong here, but for now we will start exploring internally what this means on the UI side. Season 3 Maps We just wanted to let you guys know that we’re currently working with KeSPA in order to be able to align at least 4 maps with KR tournaments with the Season 2 and Season 3 ladder. Because Korean tournaments happen in between the two ladder seasons, we will do our best to align 4 maps from both seasons. We’ve also been working on improvements to New Gettysburg with KeSPA, Korean players, and ‘Jacky’, the creator of the map, since the map looked so promising. The current thinking is to use New Gettysburg, Sejong, Frost, one map between Frozen Temple and Dusk Towers, and the remaining 3 slots are still to be decided. Cyclone Cooldown Value We were also seeing some discussion around Cyclone ability cooldown increasing this week. We’ve located why this human error happened, and will do our best to prevent this from happening again. We will get this bug fixed with the next update to the game. There are also a few other minor bugs that we’ve located thanks to the community, and we’ll definitely include these fixes as well. Thanks for looking out for the game and helping to correct even the smallest issues within the game. Nakatoir1
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