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15 Aug Another Topic about T vs Z balance(imbalance) So, let's talk about the ZvT match up, from Terran point of view. I've heard a tons of things that terran is imba , OP etc... Well last season i was Diamond with 55-50% win ration againt P and T and 32% against zerg... I am Diamond so of course i am bad! BUT my mechanics are equally bad in all match ups right? I will forget to drop mule , get supply blocked and so on. So i decided to quit playing that "COMPLETELY BALANCED GAME". Now i am back to it and ... guess what same thing... So , what does the terrans and zergs have? People say Terrans have free vision? Free?!! Everytime i scan i am throwing minerals and what i am scanning for - creep tumors , which are actually free!!! (only energy from Queens), oh and they gives vision , isn't that free vision? Also , terran vs zerg requires a lot of AMP from the Terran player , why? Because you need to harass non stop if u want to win , u can't sit and mass , because zerg will crush you.Zerg run buys sometimes win games , not directly , just you know , some economy harass here and there , run buys in main base. I am reading that terrans have reapers , yeah we have them till u make speed , or if we go 3 rax reapers, we have helions , helion harass is not something so good , we have banshees , which u make 4-5 of queens and spore in each base and u are ok. Next phase of the game is dropping till u have mutass , again mass lings + queens you are safe , no problem. You have mutass = safe from drops , creep + overlords gives you vision , you tech Hive , ultras =gg. I want to ask Bliizard, if they can check all Z vs T statistics and see how many games were won by terrans when ultralisks are out? Oh i forgot we have Liberators to harass , but Queens and spores takes care of that too. Ultras are anti infantry ok i got that , what does the terrans have against that? Ghosts - not reliable , snipes can be interrupted too easy. Liberators - corruptors , ravagers. Thors - they are actually not so bad , but they are bad against any other unit in the zerg composition. and finally again , i want to ask: If Bliizard, can check all Z vs T statistics and see how many games were won by terrans when ultralisks are out?Xagec17 15 Aug
14 Aug Is it possible to increase the font size in the game? i am playing the game in 1080p resolution in a TV and its difficult to read the text in the game-play.Oogway8 14 Aug
14 Aug Sc2 campaign replays I found in my Account/Replays/Campaign folder a couple of campaign replays but i don't know how to make them ( i have a replay of Templar charge and Sky shield) but i did not see an option save replay. Does anyone know how i got those replays ( i want to have a replay of my every campaign game).Nikar0 14 Aug
14 Aug testing tread testing forum treadRockStar0 14 Aug
14 Aug Advertising StarCraft II LOTV I would really hope if StarCraft 2 LOTV would be advertised. Due to how long it takes to go into battle, do archon and ect... Also more YouTubers playing the game. This game is just too good just not to be advertised.PrimedOrb0 14 Aug
14 Aug variables.txt resets Hi guys, Dumb and simple question. Whenever I try to go make changes to variables.txt (bitdepth=16) and run the game, when I exit and click on variables again it will have been reset. I did NOT change any SC2 graphic settings in game, but this happens each time. Anyone know what might be going on? Thanks in advance.Wizard1 14 Aug
13 Aug Bring Blizzard games soundtracks to Spotify Hi all, I know this may not be the right place to post this but I will give it a try. Its been a dream of mine to see my favorite most epic soundtracks in Spotify so I started this ( ) idea post on the Spotify community forums. If you like it feel free to give it a "kudo" :). I already have all of the sountracks locally on my computer but having them online via Spotify will be amazing and plus online streaming is the big thing which will make even more money to the rights holders. Lets hope someone at Blizzard Entertainment sees this and feels the need to bring it up to the right personnel, lets make this happen.Subzero1 13 Aug
13 Aug We are aware of an issue where We are aware of an issue where players may not automatically connect to at launch. Clicking Go Online once the application has launched should allow you to connect. Our apologies for the inconvenience, and we’re working on a resolution!CABEPAO0 13 Aug
12 Aug Multicore Rendering possible? So yeah Path of Exile just came out with a patch that enables users to use multicore rendering. Improved the overall FPS by 10-15% especially where there is a lot happening on the screen. I see posts about this almost every day on the SC2 forums. Would it be too much for Blizzard to even look into this as a possibility ? People with gaming pcs costing upwards of $3,000 regularly dip under 20FPS during large engagements which is pretty unacceptable.Sara4 12 Aug
12 Aug StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void 3.5.2 Patch Notes BUG FIXES GENERAL Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the client on a Mac. USER INTERFACE The Genre filter in the Arcade now shows all options properly. Arcade filter selections are now retained through relogging. Fixed an issue where the Play and Create Game buttons from the Map Info panel sometimes would not function. Fixed multiple issues with the scrollbar in the Reviews section of Map Info panel. Fixed an issue where the Join button could be disabled in the Arcade. Fixed a performance issue when viewing map reviews.Nakatoir0 12 Aug
10 Aug Contender List And Gm Ladder Hotfix We’ve received reports regarding the Contender list for Grandmaster League behaving incorrectly. After investigating this issue, we found that there was an error where the activity requirement for Grandmaster was configured to be 10 games every 10 days instead of the intended 10 games every 21 days. We’ve pushed out a hotfix for this so it should no longer be happening for future GM promotion/demotion events. Thank you everyone for the reports, especially Excalibur_Z. We also wanted to clarify that bonus pool is not a variable that the ladder uses in determining promotion from Contender to GM. One of our goals specifically for GM was to emphasize accuracy, which is why we removed the bonus pool spending requirement and rank players in GM purely based on MMR.Nakatoir1 10 Aug
09 Aug We need your help! We have 200 coupons worth 1$ each at Matcherino, a crowdfunding site. We are hosting a tournament for top tier players in Starcraft. We need your help using up all the coupons! 1) Click on donate 2) Write coupon code VikingTV2 3) Click donate again All that is required is that you have a twitch account. This is a legit site used by BaseTrade TV and Wardi, 2 wellknow organisers in Starcraft 2 :) Thank you!Hofferino0 09 Aug
09 Aug bug ladder? stuck in bronze (before plat) Hi, It seems no matter how well I perform, I will always be promoted to Bronze (tier 3) during my placement matches, and even if I keep winning my progress bar won't fill itself. I am now at 7 victories in a row against platinum / diamond (I was platinum during the previous season), got promoted to bronze and am just stuck there, in the same tier. I tried to leave my league and redo a placement match, for the same result. Any idea?Graygoo5 09 Aug
09 Aug Niiiiice!!! Almost 100 posts, I can get a PylonMrHappy1 09 Aug
09 Aug Hotkeys I don't know if this is the right place, but I just would like to ask for some changes in the grid hotkeys system. a) Morph baneling and detonate baneling on different command card position. b) burrow/unburrow commands in different command card position. Just like liberator and siege tanks modes. c) Would be awsome if we could remap the command card itself. So we could put things in the best position for us.Flecha3 09 Aug
08 Aug SC 2 totally unplayable After recent update I can't join any gamemode, arcane / co-op / normal no matter what I do. Please fix this I don't know what is happening, but I know I want an ability to play, waiting isn't the thing I paid for.Skrafin8 08 Aug
08 Aug Link Replays with Match History From Match History u can open a window to view all the statistics for any game you’ve played. However if u want to watch the replay, u have to leave Match History, open the Replays tab, and then search a list to find the corresponding replay file. :-/ It seems to me it would be logical to incorporate a “watch replay” button in the statistics window, as is the case after you first played the match. Likewise it would be useful if the statistics window for any file in the replays folder could be opened directly from the replays tab. Maybe the statistics window could also open automatically open after watching a replay, again, as is the case after u originally played the match. Perhaps Replays should simply be worked-into the Match History window. But for now id settle for the suggestions listed above.SlipperyFish0 08 Aug
07 Aug Nova Covert OPS dev feedback I doubt that anyone from Blizz actually reads the General forums, but i'll post it anyway. The Biomechanical repair drone on the Raven is brilliant. Please make this a permanent replacement for the PDD in all game modes, or add it alongside the PDD. The Sword and Shotgun are virtually useless picks compared to the Sniper rifle. Please, no more ground only weapons in mission pack 3. Change the Plasma Rifle to attack air targets. Even better, give Nova the ability two equip two weapons (like the dual configuration in Diablo II or the seperate Viking/Liberator mode.wes3 07 Aug
07 Aug Starcraft HD ? So recently a rumor has been spreading about Blizzard planning to make a starcraft HD remake ? I dunno if anyone already made a topic on the Blizzard site about this, but i was wondering if we could have a confirmation of Blizzard that this is indeed the plans, or anything like that. If anyone else besides Blizzard has more information about this that is indeed legit. Then i'm all in.bonerific2 07 Aug
07 Aug Your current win rate percentage. Hi guys, so I've played few games today and I looked at my win rate percentage and I was wondering what where other people win rate and what they are struggling against. I am a Terran player currently in Diamond Tier 2. My win rate percentage Vs Protoss: Games played: 75 Wins:32 Lost:42 Win%:43 Vs Terran: Games played:126 Wins:67 Lost:59 Win%:53 Vs Zerg: Games played: 145 Wins:82 Lost:63 Win%:57 Vs Protoss I struggle against most types of early aggression whether Oracle play or Warp Prism. I fell that i play too safe and don't expand enouth. But when I scan to see opponents army is both bigger and higher tech. I am also seem to miss judge how strong the enemy army is even without any AoE units. Vs Terran I don't know what am doing half the time I just go for fast tanks and pray that I can outplay my opponent. TvT is my list liked match up in LoTV. Vs Zerg I find that if the Zerg goes for a 7 queens where 3 are at bases and 4 are with the ling army they can shut down any aggression and any follow up push is easy to shut down. Then there are Ultras. I lose 90% of my games when Zerg player gets to Ultras. I am also not sure how to deal with large number of Banelings. It feels like there is now way I can attack when the Zarg gets 30+ Banelings. This happens the most when I don't do any damage in early game. This is my experience from playing LoTV, I would love to see other people win rate and see what they are struggling againstSoniCKill0 07 Aug
06 Aug Matchmaking ques are currently unavailable When i launch the game I am bought to the main menu but cant play any online games/versus A. Training I ma given the message "Matchmaking ques are currently unavailable". I have the latest patches and have tried repair and scan.Spuddy1 06 Aug
06 Aug Big hotkey buff in nova covert 2 Hey Blizzard Theres a huge bug in the new nova covert ops at least on my pc. Novas attack order is bound to A in the hotkey menu, but in the game it is bound to K, and it is imposible to change it. this is very annoying, as i am use to play with the attack command on the A key. even if you go back to the hotkey menu it says that the attack is bound to A, but it is not in the game, its still K. it happened after i started playing the 2nd mission pack (sorry for writing wrong word in title, it should say: bit hotkey bug)lillesvend0 06 Aug
06 Aug Anvil of Will achievement impossible? Anyone managed to get this achievement? Its one of the LOTV mastery ones, to hold out until 2.2 billion zerg arrive on hard difficulty. I can get to 1.6 before Im completely minced by a non-stop stream of hybrid and banelings. Not even close. It doesnt look even remotely achievable!DeMeNTia18 06 Aug
06 Aug !@#$ THIS ERROR ERROR TO CONNECTION IN MM i play a game in MM ranked and then 3 games or more i take error to coonection and i take in my division to fix this !@#$ing bug ?Cristian0 06 Aug
06 Aug nova covert ops mission pack 2 hello is there any way to restart nova cover tops mission pack 2 ONLY? i mean i started to play asap as it was downloaded but my sound was muted, now i have fixed the problem and want to play it from the begining and when i restart nova covert ops it restarts WHOLE nova campaign from the begining, there is no master archives yet so i am forced to play either from the begining or to play second time when i finish through master archives... i don't understand how can such huge titanicaly big company like blizzard do not think about this. you sell deliver mission pack separately and i need to play it from the begining.... what was he/she thinking about(whoevers prerogative it is)...Michael1 06 Aug
06 Aug not online so after a game whenever I click "chat" It it says: "not online" when they are clearly online anyone else having this?Reptilian1 06 Aug
06 Aug Noob needs help Hi, i have recently started playing StarCraft and i have finished the campaign. i want to start playing online, but i would like to start playing against the A.I. i select the everthing i want but when i click on play, it says downloading 9% all the time? what am i doing wrong?FrykeZoid5 06 Aug
05 Aug Terran is very underpowered and takes far more effort TvZ is easily the most broken matchup right now, terran players have to do so much more micro, splitting etc. and more macro than zerg players Bio is way too fragile against the OP lurkers, banelings, the unreasonable armor ultralisks and roaches and ravagers because they are too strong against bio Terran is just useless and has the weakest late game, and in the early and mid game it's hard to attack zerg because of creep and because if you aren't pro at splitting your whole army will be instantly destroyed by banelings which are easily one of the most broken units in this expansionMonstercat15 05 Aug
05 Aug is this true? i would like to know, are the following statments true? -oracles with +3 will one-hit kill probes, but not drones and SCV's -a hybrid ''nemesis'' cannot be targted by anti-ground weapons - science vessels (in coop) can one-hit archons with an ability -if a baneling is lifted by a phoenix and then shot by a dragoon it will explode and kill the phoenix, same thing happens with mirages (im not sure if it's only dragoons) -flying units take more damage from a battlecruiser's yamato-cannon -vipers in coop have an attack, vipers in multiplayer do not -firebats with upgrades have more armor and base health then a siege tank it is enterely possible that none of these things are true, if so i apoligise for wasting your time but thank you for helping me nonhelessinfinity2 05 Aug
04 Aug No love for the community So it's like this, we can all lie to ourselves and say that Blizz can ask as much as they want for any of their games just because they look good and they're well designed, but it's common sense really, they just take the time to make a good, user friendly, well tested product.... but not the most creative bunch (cough... warhammer). A company of real gamers that delivers. But it started with Hearthstone for me, charging ridiculous amounts of money for like a .gif and some wavs, then Heroes of the Storm, 10 euros for a skin which was not really a skin, just some different colors on some armours and then this... Starcraft, charging full game price for 1/4 of the game content. Bottom line, when are you gonna stop looking at us like a bunch of morons and treat us with some respect? We invest a lot... A LOT of our time and hard earned money in your products and we get this crap? I'm not buying the protos campaing until it's 10 euros. So, when are you gonna do that, it's been quite a while already Blizzard? Grow up.Pastile3 04 Aug
04 Aug this post is no longer available this post is no longer availableinfinity0 04 Aug
04 Aug Epic Battle Save That moment where you wish you could transcribe the last 2 minutes in a video file by pushing a button. A bit like a Russian dashboard cam at a set of traffic lights. Click Record Capture the last 2 minutes of attack/defence/genius/cheese (inc upload to anywhere because its a normal video saved right where I can find it).MrHappy2 04 Aug
03 Aug Invisible Mode/ Appear Offline I just want to raise awereness to an old issue regarding There is no way to set you status to "offline" or "invisible" so nobody on your friends list can see you're actually online. This feature have been requested since the beginning of time and in late 2012 Blizzard listened to us and announced the feature in near future. Now with HotS released and after the latest patch I really start to worry that Blizzard abandoned us again in that matter. I seems such a minor feature but it would improve my game experience a lot! Dear Blizzard, please keep your promise and give us this feature as soon as possible!ZwegatBoll41 03 Aug
03 Aug Warcraft4 i know its rlly hard but would we ever see at least 4 core utilization? we're half way there right? with 2 core. also can we get some ultra wide compatibility, it would look amazing im sure. anyways plz hire me for game testing :3nova5 03 Aug
03 Aug 6th Nova missiob Battle net problem Whenever i start a game in the 6th Nova mission, i lose connection to battle net and i can't complete my achivement's. I've checked my internet everytime im in the game so it shouldn't be a problem on my side... Just wanna let this out :/Zilas0 03 Aug
02 Aug Bug: Covert Ops 2. No continue option Despite having finished part one of covert ops before, the game wouldn't let me continue on to the new missions. Where it previously said continue, I now just had New Campaign, and loading save files asked me to go offline, since they were from before the patch. I had to play through all three missions from part 1 again before being able to start the new ones. Such a waste of my time. Makes me seriously resent pre-purchasing all the missions. It's working now that I've replayed part one. Mostly just reporting this so they can fix it for other people.Archinau1 02 Aug
01 Aug SUGESTION - FFA ladder, please sustain me Please implement ladder FFA, how was in Starcraft 1 too (there was the posibillity to create game and watch replays with others too, this ill be nice).belivealyRo0 01 Aug
01 Aug Help - PvT replay included So I've been feeling pretty good about PvT lately. I play a safe opening with Blink into heavy Zealot Templar play and in most macro situations I do very well. This guy comes in and crushes me, I hold off thanks to some good storms but I'm almost constantly 50+ supply down despite our mining being fairly equal throughout the game. Clearly I'm not being cost efficient enough but normally aggressive Terran's just don't get that big supply lead, was this guys macro simply better or did I make a mistake, I'm struggling to see. 01 Aug
31 Jul Community Feedback Update July 29 Hey everyone. A pretty short update this week as we closely watch the upcoming tournaments this weekend, but we do have a few thing things to briefly address that we saw. Patching Quickly or Slowly We noticed a lot of discussion around whether it’s good to balance patch often or almost never do a balance patch. Interestingly, our community looked to be leaning towards the second option. Compared to say like last year, this is the opposite of what we recall seeing from the community side. We’ve also seen this go back and forth heavily among the pros. For example, when KeSPA pros first came in, we were getting heavy feedback that we should almost never patch the game because pro players will always figure out everything on their own, therefore there is no reason to ever patch the game. These days, we almost never hear this type of feedback from pro players. Our internal stance on this has also changed – we definitely used to lean towards almost never patching the game back in WoL or early days of HotS, but towards the end of HotS and start of LotV, our opinion has changed as we’ve all had more to experience. At this point, we believe the correct answer is that it really depends on the issue. For example, if something is seen as overpowered but it makes for fun games, we can wait longer to see if players find their own solutions. A good example of this is units like Widow Mines or Warp Prisms. Because these units promote more action the more powerful they are within the game, it makes for a more fun playing and viewing experience within StarCraft 2. On the flip side, the Brood Lord / Infestor situation we saw back in WoL created games that were stale, and we believe we should have acted much quicker with that issue. The Swarm Host issue back in HotS was the same sort of issue, and while we did wait some time, we ultimately nerfed the unit even though top Korean pro players at the time were saying there was no balance problem with Swarm Hosts (since we largely saw the stalemate games outside of KR). Like we’ve discussed in the past couple weeks, we believe the current issues we are looking at (such as the Ultralisk, Adept, Liberator, or Warp Prism) are all issues within the first category. So while we definitely should work towards discussing or testing potential solutions in case they do turn out to be overpowered, these are definitely issues that we can take our time to evaluate while giving players the time they need to potentially figure out their own solutions. Pro feedback regarding proposed changes Because KeSPA is preparing for the Proleague finals in IEM Shanghai this weekend, they haven’t gotten around to pinging all of their players yet, but we will definitely let you guys know when this comes in next week. However, after having a brief conversation with them yesterday, they seem to have the most issues with Siege Tanks being dropped in Siege mode from Medivacs and the problems it causes for TvZ. We’ll definitely make sure to pay close attention to both the Proleague finals as well as the IEM games this weekend.Nakatoir3 31 Jul
31 Jul No game access for 6th Anniversary week? What if you couldn't genuinely play sc2 during the anniversary week? Is there no other way to obtain the portrait then? I hope Blizzard will take this into account for those who have gotten the previous years portraits.NomaKasd0 31 Jul
30 Jul How to deactivate sc tournaments background So i have nothing against tournaments but i do not want to see their wallpaper when log in into starcraft 2. Is there a way to change it to normal background ? Thanks,Sovereign0 30 Jul
29 Jul MMR and divison points bug At the moment, I need 6600 mmr to remain in master 1 rather than 5000. Because of this bug, every game I play I lose 24 division points, and every game I win I gain 1 division point. Today I played 12 games, ending with a 4-8 score. Where I normally should have lost ~40 division points, I have instead lost 200. Losing something I have worked really hard for is incredibly frustrating, and I now don't want to play anymore because I just lose more points. Can you please A: fix the bug and B: restore the points that I have lost?whitefenix0 29 Jul
29 Jul Big change to minimum MMR? Just noticed that the minimum MMR for my League and Tier (Diamond Tier 3) got changed from 3800 as it was previously to 5760. Consequently, my current MMR being slightly over 3800 results in the red exclamation mark being displayed and info that I risk demotion on the next season change. I have also just seen on a Polish forum that a Silver player reports that the minimum MMR for silver increased to 5000. Is this a planned change or a bug in the MMR/League assignment? /HuckeyHuckey0 29 Jul
29 Jul Blizzard, I implore you... Please update the client to support DirectX 11 and 64-bit, at the very least. I'm running a GTX 980 and i5 2500k @4,2ghz with 12GB Ram @1440p max settings and dipping as low as 17 FPS during heavy action! In other Blizzard games at max settings and 1440p I average around 60-90 FPS. It is mind boggling that such a popular game runs on an outdated API. And even a strategy game at that! It could surely benefit hugely from upgrading to DX12 or Vulkan to utilise the CPU better...Seaclean2 29 Jul
29 Jul Multiplayer lag Hi, I'm trying to play multiplayer versus A.I to improve my skills but it won;t log in after a few rounds. Could anyone please help me??JAY1 29 Jul
27 Jul Poor servers and bad engineers! Blizzard you always have maintenance work, server repair, instability.. we paid our money yet bought such poor service?!Tennymoon0 27 Jul
27 Jul So-called Change and new regulations The harsh beginning of this writing, I start with saying I AM aware of the tone, that people might think this writing takes. But I'll say it.. I hate change. I hate that idea that people think that the best character will be judged with their ability to adapt, to 'new changes'. It is of course an indication of agility, cunning and the willingness to endure. But there are many changes here in StarCraft II which I confess, and admit with a moan and groan of resignation that I can't keep up!! Little and small things like the Protoss being denied all their sneak tactics and proxy strategies. And that there warp thing now has a Time cool-down restriction. I would rather have the Nexus have energy. This is what I don't like. automation. The player must be constrained to do things, and have the tenacity to REMEMBER to do those things. They must have the agility, dexterity and mindfulness to remember to do those things. Automation, like the queen auto-inject is disenchanting. I even read an article in some magazine titled Economics upon some outcry or admonition against Artificial Intelligence. Most computer architects know AI is probably impossible... I now stray from the topic at hand. But really I think that the player should be encouraged to make their gameplay have EMP ( effective actions per minute )JamesWatts1 27 Jul
27 Jul Background Download Now Available We have recently turned on our background downloader for an upcoming patch. This update does not require that we bring down the service, and will not make any changes to game features or balance. You will be able to play StarCraft II as normal, and your in-game experience will remain unaffected by the download. If you'd like to download the patch in advance, be sure to leave your Desktop App open. This way, you'll be able to play StarCraft II immediately after the patch goes live in your region!Nakatoir0 27 Jul
27 Jul Patch 3.4.1 - Display Issue There is currently a display issue with our patch as its displaying as 3.4.1. The live patch is still 3.4.0, but your Desktop App and StarCraft II client will display 3.4.1. This will be fixed next week when the second Nova mission pack goes live.Nakatoir0 27 Jul
26 Jul Community interface...none? Before, (in beta) there were channels and global chat etc...ingame. where is it? did they rly cut out this feature?Faultron2 26 Jul