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28 Oct Community Feedback Update – October 28 Balance Testing BlizzCon is coming up, so we want to push the Ultralisk and Cyclone changes to go into effect after the event. BlizzCon gives us the chance to watch the top players compete at the highest levels, which is another opportunity to make balance changes to fine tune the game. With the offseason coming up a few weeks after BlizzCon, we have a great opportunity to get more wide-spread testing, so we plan to apply the balance patch to the ladder at that point. Note that this doesn’t mean all of these changes are final—we will continue to work with all of you to iterate and improve on these changes to get them in a good state for season 1 next year. Maps After the BlizzCon finals, we’d like to change out the map pool during the offseason and replace them with familiar existing maps. That way we can focus on the final numbers tuning of the major patch changes during the last ladder season of this year. We’d also like to make sure that the map pool consists of a diverse set of maps so we can be confident we covered all our bases. The map design team has come up with a rough, initial set of maps for your consideration, so let’s start talking about which of these maps need to be changed out before we finalize the map pool. Daybreak Dusk Towers Echo Habitation Station Ulrena Newkirk Precinct Whirlwind Keep in mind that we need to keep a diverse map pool, so if you remove a map of a certain type, please only suggest another map of the same type as its replacement. For example, if you want to remove Dusk Towers, please suggest another macro map.Nakatoir0 28 Oct
28 Oct Legacy of the Void 3.7.1 Patch Notes GENERAL Equipped Announcers will now also work in Co-Op games. In order to use an Announcer in Co-op, in the Collection it must be equipped to the race that matches the chosen Commander (i.e. Equip the Alarak Announcer to the Zerg race to use it while playing Commander Kerrigan or Zagara). If you wish to use the default Commander Announcer for Co-op, the “Standard” Announcer must be equipped in your Collection to the race that matches the chosen Commander. Not all announcer lines will be replaced when using an Announcer in Co-op. BUG FIXES General Fixed an issue where players could receive an "Installation Damaged" error message when launching the 64-bit client. Gameplay and Races Sprays are now invisible when under Fog of War. Fixed an issue with the Marauder’s voice line upon death.Nakatoir1 28 Oct
27 Oct Co-op feedback Right now I'm really loving the variety of co-op maps, and the new heroes Alarak and Nova are really fun and well designed. However whats recently been bothering me is that you can only play this mode with 2 players. I wonder if there might be any plans in the future to release 3 player maps. Right now I feel like I'm always missing out on playing with one of my friends. I'm aware that there might be some technical issues like lag, but computers are getting better every year, right ? Either way, thanks for reading!Glorash1 27 Oct
27 Oct Mastery Archives with all Units hi, i was wondering why one cannot play the campaign with all available units after the first run through it. It would add alot of fun to the game for players like myself (i dont do multiplayer/coop) to be able to figure out new strategies, and (finally) be able to work on the higher difficulty levels. ThxKillercat0 27 Oct
27 Oct A player you were matched with has disconnected... Why are you punishing me for this? Why am I removed from the queue? Wouldn't a sane person have just ... put me back into the queue? Preferably at the front of the queue? Rather than forcing me to wait 10+ minutes for the game to fail because some other random decided to D/C, and then removing me from the queue so that if SC2 is say ... minimized and I am browsing the web(maybe because queue time is SO LONG?!) I don't waste so much time? Is that so hard? Thanks for nothing.Shaggy0 27 Oct
26 Oct What can i do with just Wings of Liberty? I mean, what contents are available for the game, if i only has the base game, without expansions.AtemiHunter13 26 Oct
26 Oct Patch 3.7 error Hello! I would like to reportthat since this newest patch got installed I was having an error message about installation when launching game. I changed settings, ticked the launch 32 bit client instead of 64 and now the game started without that message. I have never had such error before, only now, after isntalling 3.7. Why is it? Thanks for help in advance.Mazso5 26 Oct
26 Oct Nova bug There's a bug where Nova says "Nuclear warhead ready" despite that you haven't reached lv9.AlQaholic1 26 Oct
26 Oct Store - Abathur Not sure if this is the right section, Was pondering between here or technical and thought !@#$ it will stick it here. So I just went to the store to buy the coop commander - Abathur - for a friend as a gift, And was gonna mess around, One of us going mass Devourer and one going mass Guardian.. Or maybe both mass queening or something.. For %^-*s and giggles. (not sure if you can even both play as the same dude but hey) But to my surprise he is the only thing there that I cant seem to gift. All other items in the starcraft section, Every single one (Bar Abathur and the name change) can all be gifted. Is there any reason for this..? Is this just a mistake or something?Tordehole0 26 Oct
25 Oct SC2Ultimate: mod is now open for public Hey everyone I just published the SC2Ultimate mod for public play. It is available on EU and US servers, with name SC2Ultimate. To try it go to Custom Game > select a map > "Create with mod" button > search SC2Ultimate > Create. If you will play against AI(computer) make sure you select Very Hard or harder difficulty. Only the hardest AIs will build new units and use their abilities. I suggest you to play vs Insane Cheater AI (resources and vision). Short summary about the mod and new units: It is a multiplayer mod which combines LotV, betas and BW units in one bundle. Some units have roles changed when other have stats changed or new abilities. TERRAN: gets Firebat, Medic, HERC, Predator, Goliath, Diamondback, HK, Osaka, Hercules, Science Vessel units and Science Facility building. Science Facility is a new tech path which unlocks a new play style - mobile mix: bio(HERC) + mech(Diamondback) + sky (Science Vessel). HERC good at map control and strategy, Diamondback mobile damage dealer, Science Vessel strong support vs everyting. Medic - takes the role of the Medivac at healing units. Medivac is now just a transport. Firebat - takes the role of the Hellbat. Hellbat removed. Predator - very fast raider, front line, works very good with hellions or bio, has a very strong melee attack. Goliath - mech, long range anti-air (can be upgraded to 8), also has a good anti ground attack. Forms the second line after Predators. HK - very fast flyer with a very fast attack/low damage, raider, it's efficiency depends a lot on weapon upgrades, can cloak. Osaka - capital ship, destroyer, has very strong defense and attack. ZERG: gets Brutalisk, Scourge, Leviathan units and Scourge Nest, Infestation Colony buildings. Brutalisk - built directly from hatchery, closes the late game gap - the lack of a tank and anti air. Requires Hive only and is very strong vs single targets, both air and ground. Scourge - you know :D, is the counter to masses of the new protoss and terran flyers. Leviathan - super massive zerg capital ship, it weapons fire on move and cannot be controlled (may be changed in future). Can transport and heal zerg FLYERS, very good at transporting Brood Lords or at healing Mutalisks (when loaded). If dies all its cargo is unloaded and continues the fight (really swarmy). Has Drop Pods ability, which lands 3 Hydralisks and 6 zerglings at target location for 225 minerals 100 gas and 75 energy. Scourge Nest - unlocks scourges Infestation Colony - built by a new Infestor ability, called Infestation Colony. Is built on a non creep area and generates creep there, slowly builds Infested Marines (up to 10, for free). PROTOSS - gets Dragoon, Scout, Arbiter, Dark Archon Dragoon - strong gateway unit, anti armor (takes the role of the stalker, now stalker is light - anti light), more expensive. Scout - strong stargate unit, very strong vs armored air, soft vs ground targets. (takes the role of the Void Ray vs air, Void Ray now does flat damage with splash vs both air and ground). Arbiter - strong support vessel, can use Stasis and Mass Recall (to itself) abilities, also Cloak friendly units. Dark Archon - anti casters specialist, can use Feedback, Void Storm and Mind Control abilities. Later I will publish the list of all changes (its huge). Your feedback will be appreciated, thx.SkySultan2 25 Oct
24 Oct I cant play Hy a cant playing SC2! I put up the patch and I do not can since then playing with him! WHY??? When i running Sc he writen thet: Would you like to run Desktop Application to reaper the problem! I started the SCAN AND REAPER but nothing! Please help me. Sorry my englis writening is not perfekt thxBencsy1 24 Oct
24 Oct Game Freezes. Hi, when I play the multiplayer game against A.I. I can only play for maximum 10 minutes and then everything freezes, and a sign says "Surrender" why is this happening every time I try. I have the latest uppdate I think.VIKING1 24 Oct
24 Oct lobby is wrong In lobby room if you select no build order, the open to public button is no longer avaible and cant make the game!!!!!roNoob0 24 Oct
24 Oct Help!! Just bought lotv and I am getting beat so bad by the a.i I could easily beat very hard a.i on hots but in lotv I am finding it difficult to get past medium a.i Did the a.i get a lot better with the new patch update? Any comments and thoughts welcome.Liam5 24 Oct
22 Oct [AoS] Rush of the Avatars Hi there! Just done and uploaded the stable version of my AoS. For me it looks good polished, but I need more tips from you guys (esp testers). And what my map contains? Well, lets check: -5 unique avatars (heroes); -Big amount of unique items; -Fun AI Bots (you can add them in the lobby); -You can change team in the lobby; -Chat-commands for single/offline/multiplayer; -New models; -New UI; Pls, find time and test it with friends or with ai.Nearby15 22 Oct
22 Oct Issue changing sound device In Overwatch, when I hit: Windows start > sound > then change the default sound device to another device then Overwatch will automatically start outputting sound to the newly selected device. I do this to change all the sound to my headset rather than the speakers. In Starcraft 2, when I do this then I also need to change my SC2 settings in the options menu to use the new device. When I have the SC2 sound device set to default, it will still not change automatically At a guess, it looks like SC2 is not responding to some "Changed Sound Device" event that Windows is firing.SpaceBread0 22 Oct
22 Oct Rendre les graphismes de StarCraft II moins beaux ? Bonjour les gens ! Étant donné que j'ai un PC vraiment nul et vieux, et que je suis un grand fan de SC2, ne connaîtriez vous pas un moyen de rendre le jeu avec des modèles 3D vraiment très "low-polished", ou bien tout simplement enlever BEAUCOUP d'effets, histoire que je puisse jouer un peu plus à l'aise que quand je tourne en 5 fps ? Merci de votre réponse !MrWooood0 22 Oct
22 Oct Balance Testing Changes - October 21, 2016 The following changes are being implemented today to the Testing section of Multiplayer, as well as the Balance Test Extension Mod. Balance Changes: Siege Tank In Siege mode, Crucio Shock Cannon weapon attack period changed from 2 to 2.14. Swarm Host Locust Acid Spit weapon damage decreased from 12 to 10. Tempest Anti-ground weapon range increased from 6 to 8. The Disruption Sphere ability replaced with the Disruption Blast. Disruption Blast: Tempest charges up for 4 seconds, and then stuns enemy ground units and ground structures in the target area for 7 seconds. Cast range is 10. Area of effect radius is 1.95. 43 second cooldown. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with the Changeling's timed life duration.Nakatoir1 22 Oct
21 Oct Another new idea about Swarm Hosts. Hi all!! In the most polite way, of course, let me give some ideas about balancing/changing Swarm Hosts, as I know like many others, the unit has not a perfectly role set up on multiplayer games. The way they work nowadays seem to me good, yes hehe, but I find problems. Harassment by them is a nice idea, considering drops, Prism, Liberators, Oracles, Mutas of course, etc. Zerg is a kind of defending-attacking army, not being specially efective on harasment; Mutas, for example, need to be in a big number to counter properly ground defenses, as turrets, cannons, or units, at the end is a great expensive army, and the game result is based on their performance in battle. Swarm Hosts offer that way of air-coming harassment, but on contrary their are useless for a long time in general, not being able to help in defense. Morphing a lot of them is an "all in" every 43 seconds (I know you can separate attacks, hehe). Mi idea, sorry for the long post, is not based o their cost, thing that I would even rise, but on how to use them. First of all, I would set the cooldown to 20 seconds per locust, "building inside the Host" one by one. I would permit summoning a maximun of 3 locusts, but this may be too much, I am not sure at 100%. When activating the ability to summon, only one appears. Repeatedly casting, as fungal growth for example, permits full unload or partial. So, the player decides wich is best, full attack or reserve to defense later on. Even throw just one locust to scout enemy defenses. For other issues as damage, time, etc, you are the best experts, let me say thank you for a great game designing. Thanks. PS: I am also a game designer, a bit noob maybe, hehe.DeathSwarm0 21 Oct
21 Oct Bugs in Co-op Hello, there is a bug in weekly mutation. When the "random mechanic" chooses "Transmutation" ability it stays there until thy end of the game. So after changing the ability there are 4 random abilities because this one stays. SarvielSarviel0 21 Oct
21 Oct Sell skins like in free to play? Really? Really? I spent money on all addons and what I got? Dota skins in my face. The game in recent years lost popularity, now you want to finish it. Good luck to find another buyer.had3 21 Oct
20 Oct Co-op - higher mastery levels! I recently reached level 90 mastery in Co-op. Maybe I play too much, but I really wish mastery levels were more like what Diablo 3 has, where reaching the max is practically impossible. It hurts me in both body and soul, that now when I play, I'm not improving on anything or working towards anything. I also believe, that the strength of the mastery abilities should be lessened a bit, since they, for some commanders at least, seem to be overly strong at higher levels. Hope someone agrees with me.Kriogan1 20 Oct
20 Oct Matchmaking queues broken Good day I'm having an issue in Starcraft 2 where if I try search for any sort of online multiplayer match (ranked, unranked, etc.) it tells me that there are no matchmaking queues available and that I should try again later. I get the same error message regardless of when I try or what region I'm connected to. Do I need to complete another tutorial before the matchmaking queues are unlocked or is there an issue with my game specifically? Kind Regards Timothy BrunsdonTimBru1 20 Oct
20 Oct UK pricing? Why are we being charged the same in £ as $ for unit skin prices? I get that we usually get charged more anyway, though 23% more, really!? I've never complained about pricing in the past , but honestly, this just comes off as greedy. I will not buying anything at these inflated prices ... :/ Such a shame.WifWaf3 20 Oct
19 Oct Blizzard's reaction? The information about KeSPA Pro-league and teams disband is everywhere now. But we did not have the chance to read anything from Blizzard yet. Why?Test2 19 Oct
19 Oct Blizzard, I implore you... Please update the client to support DirectX 11 and 64-bit, at the very least. I'm running a GTX 980 and i5 2500k @4,2ghz with 12GB Ram @1440p max settings and dipping as low as 17 FPS during heavy action! In other Blizzard games at max settings and 1440p I average around 60-90 FPS. It is mind boggling that such a popular game runs on an outdated API. And even a strategy game at that! It could surely benefit hugely from upgrading to DX12 or Vulkan to utilise the CPU better...Seaclean5 19 Oct
19 Oct Zerg MP "Announcer" Voice - Why not Kerrigan / Abathur? As the title says. I never understood why Blizzard chosen some "random hilariously slowly speaking to sound creepy" zerg voice over Kerrigan's voice. I'm just playing the HotS campign now and every time I hear Abathur speaking cold is running on my back. This is how the zerg should sound like in my opinion - feel free to disagree, it's just an idea. Oh well, this change propably won't ever happen but it would be a nice and very welcome change. The zerg's multiplayer "base voice" is really annoying, but maybe it's just me...Necreon9 19 Oct
19 Oct Announcer packs to SC2? (I have posted this thread also in US forums) This is something that may have been a thing very long time, but because I don't play MOBAs, I didn't know this before yesterday. But in Dota 2 you can download your announcer packs to the game, which is a really cool thing in my opinion :) So my question is that should SC2 also have custom announcer packs? I personally would love to see Blizzard make this happen in a way that they could make their owns and players could also make them if they want. There would not be same problems that custom decal would have, because announcer sound is something that player can only hear himself/herself. So what do you think? :)KingOfBlades3 19 Oct
19 Oct Bug report LotV - Kerrigan Hello! Like to report a bug in the mission "Into the Void". When Kerrigan sometimes gets killed she respawned sometimes later. But sometimes she do not reappear again. She is stuck in her cacoon after the countdown is done and is out of play. And for what I can see it is totally random. It happens after first kill, sometimes after five or ten kills, or it never happens.Whitemaster0 19 Oct
19 Oct Unique building models in Co-op/Ladder As some of the new commanders released into the Co-op mode i have noticed that the recent ones such as Alarak and Nova is getting unique models for their buildings and it spawned two questions: 1: Will old commanders eventually be updated so each get their unique look? Forexample i would like the Dark Templar commander to have the dark templar theme of their structures instead of the normal one would be a nice touch. 2: Will these unique versions of structures be avaliable as skins for ladder/skirmish play? Having a theme to your units such as the Taldarim eller the feral Zerg would have been quite interesting to play around with. So any thoughts about these questions?Dracoknight0 19 Oct
19 Oct Trouble logging into Is there a maintainance going on right now? My client tells me that Nova is now available, but when i try to log into my game, it just tells me that i am not able to login because i get no response or my connection is gone. I already know my connection is fine, so that makes me wonder whats going on.Computer0 19 Oct
19 Oct sc2 officially ded gaem sc2 died in korea. all is lost, there is no hope. 19 Oct
18 Oct Pre 3.0 Replays. Hello. I've been recently informed that pre 3.0 replays won't be supported anymore. Despite a lot of searching I have yet to find a workaround for the problem or any update on the matter. Don't tell me it's hard to repackage pre 3.0 version into a replay viewer. Does Blizzard even care? I'm a paying customer and Blizzard supporter for over a decade now and I'm very disappointed.Neux5 18 Oct
18 Oct Coop Abathur Viper bug I've been leveling Abathur up(level 10/11) and my vipers dont seem to have abilities, the upgrades for ability ranges and whatnot are there but i cant cast anything. Anyone know whats up? 18 Oct
18 Oct Client API Update Overview During our Ladder Revamp AMA, we received great feedback about our community APIs. One point stood out the most - correlating ladder IDs to season and league. Reddit user HorizonShadow explained the difficulty. ... We are proud to announce two new endpoints via the Game Data APIs. Be sure to register for a API Account before exploring the new endpoints. Season This endpoint gives information about the season. There is also an alias to get the current season. { "_links" : { "self" : { "href" : "" } }, "id" : 28, "year" : 2016, "number" : 4, "start_timestamp" : 1468339731, "end_timestamp" : 1476856800 } League This endpoint lists all tiers and divisions for the given league. Each division maps to a ladder ID. It is now possible to see all ladders for a given league! As an example, here is the Season 28 Legacy of the Void 1v1 Master League. { "_links" : { "self" : { "href" : "" } }, "key" : { "league_id" : 5, "season_id" : 10, "queue_id" : 201, "team_type" : 0 }, "tiers" : [{ "id" : 0, "min_rating" : 4674, "max_rating" : 4800, "divisions" : [{ "id" : 2, "ladder_id" : 497, "member_count" : 100 } ] }, { "id" : 1, "min_rating" : 4548, "max_rating" : 4674, "divisions" : [{ "id" : 2, "ladder_id" : 493, "member_count" : 100 } ] }, { "id" : 2, "min_rating" : 4421, "max_rating" : 4548, "divisions" : [{ "id" : 1, "ladder_id" : 490, "member_count" : 100 } ] } ] } League Constants The league endpoint has ID values that aren't particularly human friendly. We don't currently have an endpoint or fields for human readable representations of those IDs. In the mean time, here are some to get you started. Queue ID 1 - Wings of Liberty 1v1 2 - Wings of Liberty 2v2 3 - Wings of Liberty 3v3 4 - Wings of Liberty 4v4 101 - Heart of the Swarm 1v1 102 - Heart of the Swarm 2v2 103 - Heart of the Swarm 3v3 104 - Heart of the Swarm 4v4 201 - Legacy of the Void 1v1 202 - Legacy of the Void 2v2 203 - Legacy of the Void 3v3 204 - Legacy of the Void 4v4 206 - Legacy of the Void ArchonTeam Type 0 - Arranged 1 - RandomLeague ID 0 - Bronze 1 - Silver 2 - Gold 3 - Platinum 4 - Diamond 5 - Master 6 - GrandmasterCompatibility The ladder IDs in the new League endpoint are compatible with the existing Ladder endpoint. For now, community members will need to pull data from both endpoints. We would like to convert the existing Ladder endpoint over to the Game Data API, but we don't currently have an ETA. Looking Forward We feel this release is a good start and has already benefited us internally. Time constraints and prioritization forced us to delay some features. Here is what we are investigating for future releases. Human readable aliases /sc2/current/lotv_1v1/arranged/master would be equivalent to /sc2/28/201/0/5League index /league/28 would list all leagues for the seasonLocalized strings Display 'Master' in the language of your choiceUpdated ladder endpoint with MMR Port the existing endpoint to the Game Data API and add fields such as MMRFeedback We are excited to see what you, the community, can make with these new APIs. Be sure to visit the API Forum to ask questions and make suggestions.Nakatoir0 18 Oct
18 Oct Community feedback update - October 14 Tempest Ability Removal + New Ability Add For the Tempest ability, we agree that the current state isn’t working out. In response, our process is to first identify the issue (which we believe our community has done well), and then to make changes accordingly. In this case, the current ability was functioning more as worker line harassment, but that wasn't the intention, and we agree with your points that Protoss already has enough worker harass options. With that in mind, we’ve been testing a few different abilities instead of the current one. We’re currently leaning towards this: Tempest targets the ground, has a 5 second cast time, and then blasts the target location with electricity, stunning enemy ground units in the target area for 10 seconds (these numbers are obviously subject to change). Enemy will be able to see where the Tempest has targeted when the cast starts, and will also hear an under attack warning. This change should keep Tempests focused on the front lines rather than on harassment. In combat, we are thinking something like this is more interesting because the correct response for both players will vary in different engagements. An ability like this will be stronger against units like Siege Tanks or Lurkers, which is what we need to target more so than the mobile units or worker lines. We’re hoping to start testing this right away, so we’ll get the changes out as soon as possible if you agree with this direction. Tuning Changes We’ve also been testing other changes, but for now we’d like to focus on the changes that we can begin testing out as early as next week. First, we’d like to test a slightly slower attack speed for the Siege Tank. We agree that the damage is quite powerful right now, and we suspect it’s better to adjust the attack speed here rather than nerfing the damage. We’re thinking something like 2.8 to 3. Second is a slight damage nerf to the Swarm Host. We agree that the buff has been too much in the current pass, and lowering the cost barrier was a good change. However, the effectiveness especially after we upped the swoop range seems too high right now. For both of these changes, we will be moving in small steps so that we can make sure both units are in a much more powerful state than in the live game. Cyclone We’re seeing a lot of discussion regarding how the Cyclone currently in the live game (on ladder) is turning out much better than before, players are figuring out cool ways to micro them, and they’re seeing more usage than before. Unsurprisingly, this has led to feedback indicating that we should just revert the Cyclone back to live, and instead discuss buffing to the unit. This is definitely a possibility, but we do see the pros and cons of the live Cyclone vs. the Cyclone being tested. Therefore, we’d like you to focus your discussions around which Cyclone would be the best for the game, especially when considering all the other changes with this major patch. This is an important topic at the moment, so let’s get constructive discussions going so that we can decide the best direction going forward. Discussions Within the Community We’d like to encourage everyone to try your best at working towards having productive discussions. Being negative towards something you don’t like is fine, but contributing no ideas and just being negative for the sake of being negative isn’t helpful. We’re definitely seeing good conversations, but also some of the less useful conversations as well. Another thing we’d like to mention is that we totally agree with the feedback that we should be making tuning changes more often towards these last couple months of testing, so we’ll aim for patching at least once every two weeks at the latest. We’d like to remind everyone that working on in-progress changes is difficult, but continuing to work at it together with the goal of making the game better will feel extremely rewarding once we get there. Let’s always keep this goal in mind when we get frustrated with some of the details—collaborating with the StarCraft community is of enormous benefit to the game, so let’s just stay focused and work on it together as one team!Корсамул6 18 Oct
16 Oct You have left the game - match in progress after a win This happens to me quite often, I dare say maybe in 50% of my wins at least. What happens is that the game ends and the "score board" button pops up. However, even after my opponent has left the game it tells me I have left a game in progress, instead of assigning me the expected "victory". I don't think it impacts the win/loose ratio but I'm not so sure about the ladder points. I think they might be lost. Either way, this happens quite frequently and I was wondering why and what kind of impact it has (if any). Would suck to find out I had lost a good 50% of my wins to this bug.Nicc7 16 Oct
16 Oct Co-op glitch I was playing SC2 with my friend and we wanted to try out the new mod that came out on SC2. I invited my friend to match and he started to download files. The files took so long to download that we decided to play some co-op instead. I canceled the mod match and started a co-op match but my friends SC2 kept downloading mod files. When he canceled the download the co-op match launched. The problem was that he played as Alarak. He has not bought Alarak so there should not be any way that he could play as Alarak. So I just wanted to inform you that there is a bug in your system that allows people to play as Alarak or Abathur even if they have not bought them.BloodArchon1 16 Oct
16 Oct Bonus pool bug Hey, when i win a game, my bonus pool is not used, i also only get around 8 point by defeating ppl with the same mmr as meZikMoZ0 16 Oct
15 Oct The Ranking System is completely biased I played a master player (IntoTheBays) in a 3v3 random team game. I looked at his stats. Very nice, seems like a pro (although we won!). 70% win ratio. This is in the league 3v3 Master 1: Swann Juliet However at the bottom of the league, there are players with 0 -1 win rating, but in the master rankings. I'm sorry to say, this is just totally ridiculous. What is the point of people playing in a league (I'm Platinum), when the higher spots are taken up by players who don't actually play in the 3v3 games? This is a truly broken feature. The lowest 25 players in this supposed master league actually have less than 3 games played. How can this possibly be? Aren't players supposed to earn their ranks fairly? If you agree with this post, please comment to make this more of a priority. What a totally unfair systemHermesThoth17 15 Oct
15 Oct When Nova commander will be available? Hello. I read new article about Nova it said: ... As far as I understand, it means that Nova already can be bought in the store? But I can't find it in the store. Is it mistake in the store or in the description and Nova still not available? If so, maybe someone know when it will be available for purchase?Romenics3 15 Oct
14 Oct Bile Launcher Zagara Co-Op Hello. I played some Co-Op games as Zagara and created some Bile Launchers. One shot of it should deal 75 AoE ground and air damage but when i shoot it at AI zerglings non of them took any damage (about 3 of bile launchers hit group of zerglings). Regards EroPandaEroPanda2 14 Oct
12 Oct Assuming mistype So, playing through LoV campaign. Got the third faction choice for Sentry (Havoc, Tal'darim). Hovering the abilities of it, ''Squad Sight'' increases attack range by 0. This must be a mistype, right? Or is it just odd?DiesIrae1 12 Oct
12 Oct announcer voice packs, no vorazun?! i mean, why not? they are doing swann. why no vorazun?infinity4 12 Oct
11 Oct sound no sound in sc. loading the game i have 2sec of sound then the is off. when i enable sound i cant save the settings.Koffie1 11 Oct
11 Oct can a Radeon R5 cope with SC2? Thinking of buying a laptop to play sc2 on at work. It had a good processor and 8 GB of RAM which are more than enough but my main concern was the graphics card. It was an onboard Radeon R5. Does anyone know if I'll be able to run sc2 on medium with decent frame rate?FredFredFred1 11 Oct
11 Oct Bring back the event calendar Hello there, My name is Dreamus and I'm just one of many in the Starcraft community that loves the game and want to share it with others.Therefore I joined a clan and now I'm actually leading it. Something I was really sad about was that at the launch of the Abathur coop commander blizzard decided to remove the event calendar view when you log into starcraft. This makes it hard for those clans that are regulary hosting events and so on to get their members to be able to see those events. Especially since the events are kind of hard to find in the current layout of the clan system. So I therefore ask, please bring back the event calendar to the main screen so all the clans out there providing a community to play with for us Starcraft players will have an easier time. Please do post if you agree with this so Blizzard can see that this function is something we need back! Kind regards DreamusDreamus1 11 Oct
10 Oct Community Feedback Update 30/9 Worker counter We wanted to give an update to this since we discussed this a couple weeks ago, and got a lot of good feedback. Regarding worker/army supply matching the supply count, we noticed that there was a near unanimous consensus on this change being good, so we will try to slot this change in for some time in the future. However, there was mixed feedback on displaying the counter all the time, or displaying it on mouse over (as it currently is). After going over the details, and having more discussions with our teams, we feel it’ll be best to leave this as is. The reasons for this decision are that we don’t want extra clutter, it’s not a primary information that is needed on screen all the time, and it doesn’t stack well with team games. Kr pro/coaches meeting Last week, we had a chance to meet up with majority of the coaches in Korea as well as some of the pro players. When discussing gameplay, the main feedback they gave was that StarCraft II is way too difficult to master even for the highest level pros. Our initial response to this feedback was that StarCraft 2 is the peak challenge of all games, and it is supposed to be nearly impossible to master for even the best gamers in the world. However, when digging into specifics, there were two main points of feedback they offered that we wanted to discuss with our community before making any decisions. First, the Korean coaches and players felt that Zerg requires many more actions than the other two races to be able to compete. To address this, they suggested that we bring back the automated larva injects that we tested in the beta to. Consequently, we wanted to bring this suggestion up with the community, but please also keep in mind the buffs to other Zerg units we’re exploring in the major redesign patch and Zerg’s respectable performance in recent tournaments. The second point of feedback that was highly suggested was that some of the harassment options in Legacy of the Void are too mobile, or too strong. However, the most discussed units on this front were Adepts, Tankivacs, and Warp Prisms, which we already intend to address in the major redesign, so we don’t have any action items from this feedback. However, it did give us the confidence that many of these changes currently planned for the major redesign patch are on the right track. Adjustments to Balance Testing Because we missed discussion last week, we’d like to move rather quickly with the next pass of changes. So please get discussions going on these changes, and we’ll try to put them out as soon as possible next week if you guys are in agreement. Cyclone There has been an issue with the Cyclone’s weapon where its actual damage output was lower than its tooltip indicated. However, this lower damage output has been the value we have been intending to test against. We are adjusting the Cyclone weapon’s attack period and attack delays so that its damage output and tooltip line up with its intended values. Baneling We’re seeing feedback regarding Baneling health being too high (especially in early game in ZvZ). If this is the case, a simple fix could be to move the health boost to come with Centrifugal Hooks instead of at tier 1. Please let us know if you agree with this direction. Raven Auto Turret We agree with your feedback that the Auto Turret’s damage after the upgrade appears to be too high right now, so we’d like to leave their damage as is, and change the upgrade so that it only further increases the effectiveness of Seeker Missiles. Therefore, the change we’re thinking of here is to remove the damage bonus to Auto Turrets from this upgrade, keep the damage bonus to Seeker Missiles, and also add a longer tracking time to Seeker Missiles through this upgrade. This way, Seeker Missiles will follow their target longer before expiring. Fast Teching to Tempest We’re seeing a lot of feedback on the Tempest ability being too strong when players rush their tech directly to Tempests. To combat this, we could potentially add a research for this ability to help slow down the timing in which Disruption Sphere comes into play. Protoss in General We agree with many of your feedback that the Void Ray change could potentially be a different option for Protoss to tech to, but there also seems to be some discussions around how Protoss needs more tools. We would love to hear some specific suggestions on this side, so that we can explore potential new strategic routes that we can test out. Some of the ideas here that we’re currently discussing are: Finding ways to potentially buff Disruptors vs. Terran and/or Zerg, or Stalker base damage increased vs. light while keeping the total damage vs. armored the same. We’re looking forward to reviewing your feedback, so please let us know your thoughts in this areas!Nakatoir2 10 Oct
10 Oct Balance Testing Changes - October 6, 2016 The following changes are being implemented today to the Testing section of Multiplayer, as well as the Balance Test Extension Mod. Baneling +10 Health buff moved to the Centrifugal Hooks upgrade.Cyclone Anti-ground weapon attack period changed from 0.07 to 0.1. Removed random delays from the Anti-ground weapon.Starport Tech Lab: The "Explosive Shrapnel Shells" upgrade was replaced with the "Recalibrated Explosives" upgrade."Recalibrated Explosives" upgrade: Increases the Seeker Missile unit's tracking range by 50% (13 to 19.5). Increases the Seeker Missile's damage by 30%.Bug Fixes The Nexus no longer has a kill counter. Updated multiple tooltip descriptions. Fixed a display issue with the Infestor when using the Neural Parasite. Cyclone now deals intended amount of damage over time.Корсамул1 10 Oct
08 Oct mission pack 2 in nova coverst ops still dont work ! knowing i did buy the bundle and knowing thet mission pack 2 is out long time ago.. i still cant play the mission pack 2 cuz of that bug or glitch or WTF it is.. this is too annoying and we paid money for that..lot of it !!sam4 08 Oct