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14 Sep Protoss die out of the ladder? Dear StarCraft 2 Players, I have a feeling that Protoss no longer stand in the ladder agains Terran or Zerg. I try hard, but alway lose, when I don't cheese. Explicit when when you get in to higher leagues, you will be confront with many anty 4-Gate tactics, that allow your opponent to defend his ground. Are the toss dying out from SC2 ladder? A have make statistics at my own and find out that the are only 20-27% of Protoss player in the Gold Divisons; is this the End of Protoss? What are you playing as compensation to toss? Best Regards AvalonAvalon10 14 Sep
14 Sep EU connection issues Hey guys, me and couple of my friends having connection issues after the last patch. The game loads up with no problems but i cannot open any kind of mode, i cannot see any of my campaign progress nor achievements and stuff. Is it just us or anyone else having the same problem?BlaSco0 14 Sep
13 Sep Void Ray's are too cheap. Even as a Protoss player.... Nuff said!!!!MrHappy1 13 Sep
13 Sep Why battlened doesnt care about cheaters? There is this dude playing on 2 accounts for years now, cheating, why battlenet isnt doing anyting about it? He has been reported multiple times by many users... yet still playing.Botanix2 13 Sep
12 Sep Mech is OP against robotoss! enough said!BaDitO2 12 Sep
12 Sep Polt Vs Drogo... adepts need a BIG nerf There is no counterplay to adepts, the shade ability is way too OP and it's so easy for any protoss player to win against a pro player like polt by using an OP strategy like this that cripples the terran player unless they have PERFECT defense And yes, they are even more broken in any league below masters The one damage nerf did nothing other than trick the gullible community into thinking the game is somehow more balanced nowMonstercat21 12 Sep
12 Sep WCS Montreal portrait missing Hi I've watched almost all of WCS Montreal on twitch, and i didnt get the portrait. I got the portrait for the 3 previous WCS, so my account is correctly linked. Any idea why ?Zenob1 12 Sep
12 Sep Community Feedback Update September 2nd Recent Test Map Update We released the three balance changes we discussed last week to the test map yesterday. Your feedback has been positive, and when we tested the changes internally, we thought that they were worth exploring with the public. The changes were: Banshee's "Research Hyperflight Rotors" upgrade time increased from 93 to 121. Adept Shade vision reduced from 9 to 2. Removed the Infestor's Deep Tunnel ability. Other areas we’re exploring: Health reduction to Warp Prism. Mech is too strong right now. We’ve been hearing your feedback on this. We can approach this from many different angles, such as: the Siege Tank buff may have been slightly too much, or maybe we’ve touched too many units overall. While we’re still not certain that this is a big issue and we’d like to have more games played before making a call, it would be great to discuss this further.Jolnirren3 12 Sep
12 Sep Blizzard doesn't support overclocking! WHY? Got my new pc put together couple of days ago with about 1.5 year old MSI Radeon R9 280x, brand new Intel i7 - 6800k CPU and Corsair Domiantor platinum 16GB DDR4 @2666MHz RAM. Finally I tough I will be able to play SC2 at decently high graphical settings to fully enjoy it. WRONG! Installed the game on fresh windows, fresh newest drivers and on every graphical setting the game ran @ 30FPS dropping down to 10 in a moderate combat at every setting from ultra to low. Checked trough my whole PC, all the drivers to see WTF is wrong, that shouldn't be the case at all with my current rig. Long story short, since I couldn't find what is wrong and seeing how people posted on forums same problems as I had, I just contacted the blizzard support sending them my PC info and asking WTF is up? Hoped for a solution, but expected nothing, and well I got what I expected pretty much nothing that helps me fix the issues, but with a surprise that I didn't know. Along with the uninstall this uninstall that, basically that would give noting to improve the games performance I got a link if all else failed and from the link a little quote: Overclocked Video Cards Video cards modified to run at a higher clock speed, either by the user or the manufacturer, are not supported and may cause issues in StarCraft® II and Heroes of the Storm®. If you want to revert your video card settings, please contact your card's manufacturer for assistance before doing so. There is a 'MAY' so this kinda 50/50 makes the topic invalid, since some will have no problems with OC'ed GPU's, but if you have an overclocked GPU and you have the same problem running the game at stable 60FPS, here might be the reason why.xexecrist1 12 Sep
11 Sep lol diamond protoss with 75 apm Lol i played protoss tier 2 diamond with 75 apm, hard race, silver league apm and he is diamond :DrdIQofLizard13 11 Sep
11 Sep New main menu music theme Can we have a download of it? Or listen to it online? (For FREE that is!) It is amazing. God just dont charge 19.99$ For it blizzard!Bugermancer0 11 Sep
09 Sep New skins for all units allready exists I was browsing when i came across this and every unit is both rendered better and have different (cooler) skins then the current build, why not implement microtransactions and enable these skins to be unlocked? there are several photos - notice the thor and ultralisk skins!Ben3 09 Sep
09 Sep Community Feedback Update – September 9 SSL/GSL finals We’re very excited about these finals coming up! The sOs vs. Byun finals seems so exciting because $o$ winning this to qualify into BlizzCon would open the potential for having a three-time Global Champion. At the same time however, it would also be cool to see ByuN prove to the world that as long as you are awesome, you don’t necessarily need a team to win one of the most difficult tournaments in the world. Not only that, but the race-ratio of the two finals is perfect, and seeing how the remaining BlizzCon slots in KR turn out also sounds exciting. I’m hoping I can go check it out in person! Matchmaking for Balance Testing Next Week We wanted to let you know that matchmaking for balance testing will come out next week. Using this will be similar to how you queue into multiplayer games. You would just need to go to the ‘Testing’ tab in Multiplayer, pick the map vetos as you normally would, and then hit play to match make. The starting MMR will be determined by your 1v1 MMR, but as you play it’ll be a separate MMR for this queue, so you don’t have to worry about losing your MMR by participating in this mode. Also, ‘Testing’ will have a separate matchmaking-pool, and the matchmaking quality increases as more players are playing, so if you enjoy this game mode please play it often! Balance Test Map Warp Prism health decreased from 100 health 100 shields to 80 health 100 shields For reasons we’ve discussed before, we’d like to increase the difference between players who use this unit well over time, and those who do not. Voidray speed increased from 3.15 to 3.5 Although used a lot in lower levels, Void Rays have not seen much use in competitive play throughout LotV, so we wanted to test what the game would be like if we made them more viable. We are targeting a speed increase to increase their capability when micro’d, while keeping them similar in lower levels of play. Ravager back to unarmored flag With the Siege Tank damage buff, we definitely heard your feedback that the Ravager nerf may have been too much, so we wanted to try reverting the ‘armored’ change. We would also like to check how the Stargate tech works against Roach/Ravager now with the Voidray change.Nakatoir0 09 Sep
08 Sep Leveling Hello... i leveled a my raynor to 14, kerrigan to lvl 2 and artanis to lvl 11 yesterday, and when i logged back in the other day the my raynor was lvl 4, kerrigan lvl 1 and artanis lvl 8... it didn't save my levels for some reasons and it ''downgraded''. Could anyone tell me what is the problem and how can i fix that. Thank you in advance.Tigeorav2 08 Sep
08 Sep Main Screen Background Picture This might sound noobish, but why can't i change my background picture? It's stuck on the Nova plane. Anyone else having this?IronFist1 08 Sep
07 Sep Observer for 1v1 -fix Hello I do not know anything about balance, but I work B to B in my daily life. Let me tell you something, observer rock, 95% of people who play sc2 have ladder anxiety. You know the numbers yourself, people who buy sc2 vs the people who play it. you also know how you struggle with popularity... I love this game, make it a team game, make it a game for friends. make it a game we can all hang around and watch, yeah like Heartstone. Disclaimer, every 1v1 player can stream on twitch, so it not like you leak anything. in heartsone we can discuss stuff, so spectate gives a advatage even. In starcraft, I can tell my bronz buddy to creep the hole map and scout, will still not happend. but we can enyoy the game as friends. since you balance the game as 1v1, let us eyoy it as 1v1, let us spectateKapteinsabel1 07 Sep
06 Sep Blizzard - nm balance, fix the AI and pathfinding!! For such a critically acclaimed game, and one that took so long to develop, there are some issues with the ai and pathfinding of individual units that's just painful to watch. How hard can it be to fix these? With all of the effort going into patching and balancing the game, surely some additional resources could be put into fixing these basic design flaws? Example 1: Attack move 25 zerglings into a saturated mineral patch. A single enemy fighter walks into patch. All 25 zerglings simultaneously try to attack the unit and proceed to completely ignore the workers, despite the fact that only 7-8 of them can actually attack. This leaves 18 zerglings running about aimlessly waiting for an attack window, which is filled one at a time every few seconds. The rest of the lings are esentially useless, when they could have meanwhile been attacking the workers they were sent in to attack in the first place. I'm a programmer. How hard can it be to give the lings a behavour of - Check target IF target is attackable - Attack target IF target is blocked - Attack next target Not everyone has the micro skills to grab a handful of speedlings and focus fire on a worker in the heat of the moment. Nor should they have to do so to compensate for badly programmed units. Example 2: Attack/move into the enemy's base. Your unit will pathfind their way across the map into the base without assistance. This is realistic since you's assume the units (were they real) would have the basic intelligence to navigate their own way across the terrain. However, if the opponent has blocked off their ramp, the attacking unit simply runs into the cliff and stops, despite having never even seen the block off. This is not realistic behavior. How does the unit know not to run up the ramp in the first place? It seems obvious that the logical action would be to run up the ramp and then stop/attack. Again this doesn't seem like it would be a complex thing to program into a patch. I'm sure there are many more examples of pathfinding/ai bugs. Day9 and other commentators mention them regularly. Please post your own. And Blizzard please do something about this! It's driving your gamers up the wall. Bug Bugsquish3 06 Sep
05 Sep Overlord rally point & patch 1.5 WoL - Blizzard Dear Blizzard. Please change the ridicolous feature, that is, overlord rally point. I have lost countless games on overlords rallying to my army, over and over, and over and over... And dear Blizzard, while you are at it, please change the unit pathfinding back to it's former state. Prior to patch 1.5 Wings of Liberty. Ever since you changed it to it's current state, being zerg or controlling melee units has never been a bigger pain in the butt. Yours sincirely!Rager2 05 Sep
01 Sep Help. Of course I play the only race which needs micro. And have you guys not been watching WCS? What disruptors do to terran? Innovation LOST vs 3 disruptors. But no I am not here to say remove them and who is with me. No. I simply want to ask why does the shot of the disruptors have the same movement speed as a !@#$ING MARINE ON STIMPACK? How de %^-* am i supposed to dodge a disruptor shot every 2 seconds when he has 4+ of them? And don't give me !@#$ about how this can be easily dodged. There are always replies like this can be dodged and its easy to counter and blabla. Well I will only take your advice when YOU beat me 1v1. If you beat me 1v1 then I will listen. So without this replies about how disruptors are good for this game I need some master players to tell me their opinion. Preferably terrans. How do you deal with this when you have mostly bio and a few tanks+medivacs? Do not %^-*ing say split. I am not a retard and I know how to split better then most people. Split is a no go. What do you do vs this? + Running away is ALSO not ok. ---> When i have lets say 100 marines and the disruptor shot goes out i can either pull 25 marines away to minimize the damage or I can leave them there to die and do a bit of damage themselves before doing so. If I pull them away( and I wont pull away only 25 as more then 1 disruptor will shot at once) I lose half my army. When half my marines are running from a 1-Hit-KO the other half gets !@#$ed up by adepts because there are now more adepts then there are marines because half my army is on the run. So fights usually go 2 ways ; 1.) Fight starts and I engage and disruptors shoot. I immediately try to split and dodge. So running INTO the protoss army is not good as zealots and adepts will %^-* them up. Running away and losing a few marines I then come back into fight and another disruptor shoots. I repeat step 1. I come back to fight again and boom another one shoots. I cant get close. Cant engage. Cant escape the disruptor shot as it has the same speed as a marine that used stim. 2.) I engage and I lose 100 supply to 3 disruptors.AndronicuS4 01 Sep
31 Aug User Offline, as usual No post game messages work, even the friendly ones. Obviously I am an idiot for thinking that my opponent is online. User is offline, yeah right!MrHappy1 31 Aug
30 Aug Are you scared bro? I might be the worst SC2 player and this can be verified by clicking to my profile. Many games since Wings Of Liberty but maxed out at Gold 1v1 and Platinum Teams. But, one thing I am really pleased about is that I do try to experiment and make a game that is worth playing for £29.99 and I don't try to cheese opponents. Why have I mentioned that? Because I swapped from Zerg to Protoss on the release of Legacy Of The Void and in all honesty I am a bit embarrassed for other Protoss players. I don't pretend to actually be any good but I did OK as a Zerg player and finally got to a stage where I am facing Gold opponents as a Protoss player. My annoyance is at these Gold opponents who build nothing but Void Ray's whilst others in leagues below you are anticipating a clever player, do you not think you have wasted your money? Do you think you deserve to be in a Gold league? Do you think you could find some imagination? Do you think there is any way at all that you could challenge your own skills? Why would I want to play on when I already know that in the next promotion I am facing players who use Bronze strategies? Yes you're right, I should scout better and spot this stuff coming but the automatic inclination upon realising that you're facing somebody in a higher league is that some intelligence will be included? I am kinda embarrassed by Protoss players at the moment. In 279 years I will make it to Dream Hack or something similar and be beaten by a tit who built one cannon and 400 Void Ray's because I thought the play would be more intricate. Grow some balls and stop making that race a laughing stock.... Or are you scared bro?MrHappy6 30 Aug
30 Aug no points won for achievements Hi there.....for several months now I just can t get any more points from achievements against AI custom games. Once the game put me in the harder and now very hard class I can t complete the achievements against medium and harder AI custom games. No matter how many games I play the counter is stuck and doesn t count any more games so I can t complete any more achievements for lower categories. Any ideas please? I'm stuck against harder AI in game 232 for completing the whole "against harder AI multiplayer" category. thanks in advanceKOM0 30 Aug
29 Aug unfair ranking system bug? I really wanna know how the ranking system Works on starcraft at the moment because i just started played ranked Again after a long time with that i mean im not good at the game as i have ben and im not in a rank, why do i get thrown into5 battle 4 of them against gold and one against a grandmaster? if so this ranking system must be broken, or just me being very unlucky, either i found a bug or its simply just a queastion how dose this happen? and why do i keep getting !@# owned by clearly better players then me and players i just dont want to fight against, how do i fix this?pepper2 29 Aug
29 Aug does it look like this take skill to execute ? He has ultra, lings, bannelings, corruptors and he is just a moving and i need resiege all mines, tanks, liberators, control ghosts LOL. And if i burrow 20 mines next to each other they will be useless. So i need click all mines and liberators, in order to get them in position and he is just a moving. If he attack my base, before i move my !@#$ down here, it is gone. U have only chance at maps which you can split at half, this map is rigged either for zerg. I really can't wait until broodwar remaster, when you can select only 12 units, no more a move. 29 Aug
28 Aug terran control groups needed? So Im having this discussion with someone I know about terran control groups. On high lvl is It necessary to have multiple control grps for armies or can you play with just 1? my friend is playing with 1 for all units and I play with 3-4, he says even some GMs only use 1. what do you guys think? again its about the high lvlReptilian1 28 Aug
28 Aug Broken Game SO i bought this game thinking, oh yeah it would be great to try and what do you know it doesn't work cannot connect to multiplayer queues what a surprise from what i have seen from the amount of time it has taken them to fix this issue (from May 2016) (it is now august2016) it is a scheme for them to make money from you i suggest not investing any money into starcraft if you don't want a broken game i have screenshotted the issue that has been occuring for days since i have downloaded it if you wish for more info on my issue then i will email you SCREENSHOTS of just what to expect when you buy this product i demand a FULL refund of this product as soon as possible thankyou for ruining my wallet blizzard if you refuse to refund me that only reinforces my views that you ONLY WANT MONEY and not to support your communityItzTriggaa6 28 Aug
28 Aug Naming rules I have sent Blizzard a letter stating that I want to buy a name change. I did my one free name change pretty relaxed, because back in 2010 blizzard had already told us that we could buy additional name changes. Now that doesn´t seem to be the case. When I asked support how I could buy the name changed promised 2 years ago, I simply received the answer that that wasn´t possible and wouldn´t be possible in the foreseeable future, at least that is the meaning i put into "at this time"... Now, I just can´t figure out why name changing is such a huges deal for Blizzard to implement. It has taken them over 2 years at the very least, and still nothing in sight. And i understand the argument of "if everyone could name change they could do it non stop" but the paying part of the name change solves the problem. 1 free name change per year, any additional name changes you need to buy. That would be great. But no, I changed my name AGES ago from nobtozz to Nobtozz, because I knew that Blizzard had promised me that I could get a name change for some cash in the foreseeable future. At the time (2010/2011) I thought the "name change - COMING SOON" meant "name change - COMING SOON" but not "name change - NOT COMING UNTIL MAYBE POSSIBLY 2+ YEARS" Blizzard, this is a small issue, fix it, and get me a fair price on a name change, I´ve bought the game in every major region, at least show me the courtesy of making good on your promises, I don´t think that´s too much for me to expect...or is it?Nobtozz22 28 Aug
28 Aug Collector edition skins not working in co-op Hello, All my collerctor edition skins are not working in co-op missions. Could this be fixed? I have selected them to be active, just like all my other special skins. Come to think of it... not sure if all those others work... Anyway. It would be nice that atleast the skins which I paid good money for work in every game mode. Kind regards, TulauguTulaugu6 28 Aug
27 Aug Suggestions Hi Blizzard, I have some ideas: Can you enable to use these smiles on battlenet? Not that nuke ones etc. but the most used of them like: :D :) :( etc. because it looks weird that you type on starcraft: :D and it shows (rofl) 2nd is music: you can choose between bw and sc2 or all, but we have more musics in starcraft so maybe make it like sc2 protoss/terran/zerg/nova co-op because each of them are different And is there any way to change region quickly?vGǂIsti0 27 Aug
27 Aug Total Played time This is something I've wanted for a while now. I've always wondered how many hours I've actually spent on this awesome game. Would be awesome to be able to see your total logged time on sc2 from the released of wings.MrsGurri0 27 Aug
27 Aug Facebook Streaming I love it that all my friends will know how much time I waste as the worst ever SC2 player but at least I am still ugly so... All good, glhf.MrHappy1 27 Aug
27 Aug banned for chat?!?!?! banned for chat?!?!?! when i m in the score menu, impossible to talk with any new players : ..... is not connected (when they are) so i cant talk, i can t add new players! i can talk with friends only someone as a solution to that?flyingjule9 27 Aug
27 Aug MMR PROBLEM Greetings to all! I just promoted diamond tier 3 and when i have checked my mmr it says 189!!!! is that a bug or some sort of gamish thing?VoiD1 27 Aug
26 Aug Community Feedback Update August 26 Thoughts on the test map so far It’s cool seeing a lot of constructive discussion on whether or not certain things are good/bad for the game as well as if certain changes are strong/weak right now. We agree that it’s a bit difficult to tell with so many things having changed at once, but we are exploring ways to have a bit more high-level game representation within the balance testing. And we would really love to encourage more players to continuously play the test maps especially after the matchmaker goes out in a couple of weeks. Now, let’s talk about a few specific items. Infestor Both of the new abilities on the Infestor are kind of achieving the similar goal of surprising the enemy before Infestor spells can be cast. When we compare the two things: casting all abilities while burrowed and Deep Tunnel, we believe that the first is much cooler, while Deep Tunnel has significant overlaps with the Battlecruiser’s Tactical Jump ability. Therefore, we wanted to get your thoughts on removing Deep Tunnel, and pushing the cast while burrowed ability to be the strong add. Adept We are seeing feedback of trying out a change where the vision radius is reduced on the Adept shades. Unless there is strong disagreement about this change, we’ll start testing on this as well. Banshee Speed Upgrade This upgrade at the current tech level does seem to be a bit too much right now. We have been discussing between reducing the speed bonus a bit, or increasing the research time to delay when it is available. Please let us know what your thoughts are regarding this.Корсамул0 26 Aug
26 Aug The skilled players in SC2 have really dropped. I haven't played sc2 for like 2 years and what I see is that everything just went badly. I have been placed diamond and played versus 5 diamond players so far who were like gold. They made terrible mistakes and have like 70 apm which is unacceptable. I hope I have just the "luck" to have been matched with weak players. I think it maybe is because the placement system has flaws but The problem must be adressed.titanovpich5 26 Aug
26 Aug Hydra VS Protos = unbalanced as F! A reason to quit. Im mainly a Protoss player, the reason of this is because i cannot get the amounts of APM that zerg and terran require. At this moment (without the coming update in mind) when i go AIR. Making Phoenix, Voids, Carriers, Mothership, it's impossible winning from zerg when he goes full hydra's. How on earth can a ground unit (so cheap, so fast, and so ranged) be so good against the 250minerals + 150-250 Gas that requires for the protoss? It takes 10x the time, the cost, the unit ammount, yes (1kind of unit can counter this all????) I'm not even talking about the upcoming +1 range and increasing speed for Hydra's, its just getting ridicilous. In my opinion Blizzard didn't check on ZvP on that update. In my eyes, when you choose to go air or ground in the beginning of the game, it shouldn't be like now, that is he makes hydra's = end of story? how the !@#$ is that fair vs ALL air units. Zerg can choose to go air or ground, without fearing (1 !!!!!!) unit to be enough for killing all his ground or air. Terran can choose to go MECH or BIO, without fearing that (1!!!!) unit can counter all his MECH or BIO unit. My point is, it is not fair to be so fas disadvantaged for chosing AIR vs zerg. with the upcoming buff of hydra, it's now 100% over and out for Protoss to go air vs Zerg. And that should not be a case in a strategy game, + going ground with in mind the + speed for hydra's and range upcoming, which fking unit from protos can hit them (range?) except Colussus, for ffs. Protoss wil now be completely useless as 1 of the 3 races, that are the pilars of this game, vs the other race.YellowClaw11 26 Aug
26 Aug StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void 3.5.3 Patch Notes BUG FIXES General Fixed a crash that could occur when using Take Command with replays from a previous patch version. The Recover Game feature is now functioning properly again.Nimthanion0 26 Aug
25 Aug How to stop Adept Shades as a Zerg Not sure if this is new, but credits to Ascarecrow. Building creep tumor actually blocks adept shades. Use 2 queens with the energy and evo chamber wallsTReason1 25 Aug
25 Aug Community Feedback Update August 19 Major Balance Design Patch First we would like to thank everyone for understanding that a lot of these proposals aren’t final yet. We were a bit worried that people will jump to extreme places and make immediate conclusions that aren’t necessarily correct, and was so awesome to see that this was largely NOT the case. For just over a year now, we’ve been working to integrate the community as part of our design process, and this response has given us even more confidence that this was definitely the right call. There have been drastic improvements to the flow of discussion and the thought processes of our community, and it is just really awesome to see. We expect that working together on finalizing changes for this major patch with you guys will be a great experience! With that said, because the changes have been out for such a short time, let’s focus a bit more on the high level goals and mindset we should approach this process with going forward. And we can definitely talk about the details of each change in the weeks to come. So, onto the high-level thoughts. Completely Changing the Fundamentals of the Game We’ve seen some international feedback requesting that we make drastic, sweeping changes to how the game functions. Though this isn’t representative of the feedback we’re seeing most often, we wanted to make it clear that our goal is to keep StarCraft II similar to the game it is now, while making big improvements within it. We strongly believe that the worst thing we can do to StarCraft II is make changes that turn it into a completely different type of game. Therefore, we’d like to ask everyone to keep focused on keeping the core fun of StarCraft II while making improvements within the game. Competition of which race got how much more or less than another race We wanted to point out that things like “giving an equal number of changes to each race” is not the goal of the proposed changes. In Legacy of the Void’s current state, It’s super clear that not every race is in an equal state, and it’s never been the case that each of the race gets an equal number of changes in any balance update we’ve done (expansions were an exception for their own reasons). With these design changes, we have a unique opportunity to put our entire focus on making sure that every matchup is in a balanced, fun, and diverse state. With this in mind, if a race already has more options in a matchup, it will not get as many ‘diversity’ buffs as the other race who only has one option. In short: the end result of these changes is what is important, not the changes themselves, and we hope everyone can get onboard with this way of thinking. Matchmaking for the test map As you may have heard, we intend to get a matchmaking service online for those interested in playing more with the upcoming changes. We wanted to give you guys a rough estimate of when this could go into the game; currently we’re aiming to release this a bit less than a month from now, but we’ll let you know once the release date is looking more solid. Thanks again for being so patient and precise with your feedback! We’ll continue reading through your thoughts, and we look forward to continuing to work on this update together with you.Корсамул3 25 Aug
25 Aug !@#$ing matchmaking is broken piece of %^-*ing !@#$ ok, so today i played some wings of liberty ranked premade 2v2, and me and my pal are silver 1, we got platinums/diamonds against us 5 times in a row of which 3 were the same enemies, this !@#$ing matchmaking %^-*ing sucks how is that logically even possible for us to get platinums/diamonds against us? !@#$ing fix thisOsiris4 25 Aug
23 Aug New Mission Content Hello. As Nova missions come online, I've been thinking about more mission contents. Most of all, what happened in the four years between Brood War and SC II? Also, just in 4 years, we have quite a lot of new units. How did our races acquire those new units? Sure, in champaigns, we gain a new unit in every mission, however, in those missions, it is spefically reported that those units already exist. How did they evolved? How did the Protoss find those ancient technology? How could Mengsk become the emperor supreme from his position at the end of the Brood war? How about Kerrigan? She said something to Zeratul before the Xelnaga artifact restored her: about the end. She knew something about Amon, but not all. How did she acquire that info? May be a vision from the Overmind left in her memory? Or maybe a Xelnaga temple? How about Abathur? He must have spun the Roach, infestor and all the other new units, except for baneling, whose story we know from Battlenet. And Artanis? How did he amass the Golden Armada? All those questions can be answered. Here are some ideas: Kerrigan (Episode VII) Unit recover xelnaga prophecy (dungeon) Recover Abathur (reward) vs cerebrate Swarm Queen vs cerebrate Roach vs terran camp Baneling vs terran research lab Infestor vs terran town Abberation vs protoss Corruptor vs protoss Broodlord vs Feral Leviathan (reward) Dealam (Episode VIII) Unit vs protoss Stalker vs feral zerg Sentry vs dominion Phase Prism vs dominion Immortal vs kerrigan Phoenix vs stone guardians (dungeon) Void Ray (reward) vs kerrigan Colossus vs Purifiers (dungeon) Tempest (reward) mining mission (vs feral zerg) Mothership (reward) Dominion (Episode IX) Unit vs kel morian combine Marauder vs rebels Reaper vs kerrigan Hellion mining mission (vs taldarim) Mule and planetary fortress vs kerrigan Medivac vs rebels Viking vs taldarim (mar sara artifact mining) Raven Dungeon (rebel mil. İnstallation) Specter vs rebels Thor What do you say? Any suggestions?DarthSidious9 23 Aug
23 Aug sc2 bug (how do i fix this) SC2 in the menu you have diferent regions and when i try to change to american region my game infinitly authenticates and never loads up and aswell normally it changes to the friends you have on that region well my always stay there and my friend sayed im super bugged and doesn't know how to fix it so please send something telling how to fix or that youll patch that pleaseee. P.S:multiplayer changes are good.JohnGhost0 23 Aug
22 Aug CooP Quenn of Blades While I`m playing Coop with Kerrigan I have a choice to build a Spire before a Hydralisk Den. But I can not create a Mutalisk. There are 2 options to solve this problem: -Mutate to Spire and morph to Mutalisk without mutating into Hydralisk Den. -Mutate to Hydralisk Den first and mutate to Spire and morph Mutalisk.Tina1 22 Aug
21 Aug StarJewelewed: no 1x1 mode StarJewelewed: no 1x1 mode (only 2x2 available when I try to create game) But there is achievement : Win a 1v1 game of ’StarJeweled’ against a Hard A.I. opponent.guliver0 21 Aug
20 Aug Does some kind of drop hack exist? Hi, Well i have a question : I just done the most strange and dissgusting game i ever made. I played against a zerg, all was fine. But EACH TIME HE ATTACKED ME my game became absolutly UNPLAYABLE (and i never lag or have fps drops). He ? He had no problem. He was walking with his mass roach focus all my protoss pylons, go away, made a huge reprod of army and came back to finish me. During this time ? I was able to warp 2 zealots because of the huge FPS drop. On the replay when i have the huge drop with "trying to recconnect" message he have 600 APM (and only 150 during the normal part of the game) and i have 0-10 instead of 100. Is this ever possible ? I'm actually totally disgusted of what just happened. Sorry for my bad english.Kaherdin1 20 Aug
20 Aug Balance changes feedback First thing first, awesome changes, glad blizz is willing to shake the meta up and look for better engagements. Did some testing as my (diamond) protoss self vs platinum terran friend. We focused on the main army engagement balance changes (siege tanks, tempests), but we neglected cyclones and didnt really bother with the peripheral, harras/"cool" changes (dt blink, vikings dmg vs workers etc). Obvious disclaimer: none of us are very good players and we are very likely to have misjudged/missed some things. On to feedback: First thing first, while the tank buff is scary, I'm still not sure they can handle immortals. Past some critical mass they can, but might be too hard for the Terran to get there. Maybe with cyclones. Gotta watch more Nathanias streams :D The interaction between tempests new death field on the ground vs tanks, and the Terran usage of vikings to counter it, has the potential to be really interesting but also really dangerous. What i mean is that those are air-dominated compositions in which it might be hard to do dmg to either side, causing a repeat of the many turtle matches which have plagued sc2 in the past (Swarmhosts, Winfestors Broodlords etc). It could be this isn't the case, because Tempest spell almost ensures some form of dmg, which hopefully forces Tanks to re-position, which causes interesting back and forth movement not unlike Broodwar pvt (of which i have very nubbish experience with as well), but the danger is there. No solid opinion yet on all the crazy peripherals (tempests field vs workers, vikings vs workers, blink dt etc). Didn't test enough.Amirw4 20 Aug
20 Aug Account with most games played? I found 105k! I found an account on the American server that has over 105k games played. Does anyone know of any account that has more games played? :DAndronicuS0 20 Aug
18 Aug Post-game chat: "Opponent is not online" Whenever I've played a ladder game of SC2, I like to chat with my opponent a bit. So I'm initiating the chat through the Score Screen -> Performance screen. Usually I'll talk about silly mis-micro's, big baneling detonations or recent SC2 tournaments. But since a few months I always get the message "[Opponent] is not online". Always. No exceptions. At first I didn't think anything of it, but I've started asking my opponents to stick around after the game to test if the post-game chat is broken. I've never been able to chat with them after the game. "Not online"? I don't think so. Is this a bug? Or is there a chat setting that now has "block all opponents" as a default value? I miss my GSL/WCS musings with random fellow SC2 players.fool1 18 Aug
18 Aug About the Up Coming Changes Hello everyone, I am posting this in hopes of someone from blizzard reads it. I have read the up coming changes. And i feel like i have to say a few things. First of I never cry balance. I read the changes and i like the fact that they are major changes. But as a Zerg player it seemed like we are not getting any real buffs. And bad nerfs in general. Most of all I honestly do not understand the Broodlord range reduction. Its not a unit that is too often used anyways. In your explanation you mention to equalising Thor-Broodlord ranges. But i dont think it makes perfect sense because broodlords and thors are not tradeable units one-to-one. And with taking siege tank damage buff in consideration Terrans can defend with tank - thor for a really long time from 45 min games to 2 hour games... And Lots of potential slatemates and draws. More importantly it will not be fun for anyone. And the purpose of a game is to have fun. I know this game should be balanced according to the top tier GMs and Code S players. But except for the GMs(less than %1) and even Masters(%3) the 96% of the players form bronze3 to diamond1 will have really boring games against hard defence terrans(even terrans themselves in TvT). I really like the blink DT for toss and i think it will make our ZvP match ups much more dynamic. And i think thats what the aim should be a more dynamic fast paced fun game. But with buffing tank-thor i think it encourages the terran players just defend with them for really long time. And with enough time that defence could be near unbreakable. And the general direction of the buffs and nerfs of all 3 races seems like u encourage that hour long defence. By removing broodlord and tempest ground range. Without broodlord and/or Tempest range. the 96% of the players will have a hard time and wont have fun playing that sort of game. Please make the game more fun and dont allow hour long pointless defence. Want to nerf zerg, allright; Maybe take 1 - 2 armor off from ultralisk. But don't equalise Zerg's or Toss' ultimate and final siege solution to a factory unit. It will harm the game we all love.Feral9 18 Aug
16 Aug To all sc2 casters it's one colossus, 2 colossi get it right u guys. I don't wanna sound like a latin !@#$%, but if you have a name of a unit ending on -us the plural form is -i :p (heard it again today on gomtv from tasteless) Damn WTF NOVEMBER FINALS where freakin CRAZY. only in game one the geneous trick of building your cc behind the mineral line is just sick :D gz Jjakji !McLovin19 16 Aug