A fundemental flaw in the way the chat works

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Dear Blizzard,

I regret to inform you that the way your chat functions seems to be broken, here are the reasons as to why :

*By automatic chat scroll, I mean when you scroll up to read chat and then it automatically bumps you to the bottom when someone types something*

Typically, when you have the ability to scroll through chat, the purpose of said action is to read up on previous chat you may have missed whilst in game or just to recap what was said. Now the issue here is, when you scroll up to read the chat, if anyone types anything, it bounces back down AND even if you try to scroll the bar and hold left click with the mouse (which is an annoyance in itself) It still automatically bounces back down.

Please can you either make it so chat no longer automatically scrolls down OR at least provide the option to turn the functionality off in the options.

I recommend :
Options > Battle.net > Turn off automatic chat scroll

Naturally, if you're already at the bottom of the chat then it should automatically scroll but NOT when you scroll up to recap / read something you may have missed.

Thank you Blizzard

P.S. The reason why it is a fundemental flaw is because the only reason you would scroll up chat, is to read it, yet with this "auto-bounce to the bottom of chat when someone types" completely defeats the purpose.
Approve! This has always been a huge problem for me. . .
I completely agree :)

+1 to you my friend.
Friggin signed. 1+

This is a big annoying problem, specially when im dominating and bullying ppl in the Bronze Practice channel and go afk for 5 mins I cant go see what they said about me while i was gone if they have an ongoing chat due to the bug...
I'm glad that people agree with me on this matter, it simply makes no sense to allow us to scroll through the chat, if it is simply going to jump back down the moment another message is typed into the chat.

Now I wonder how long it would take for blizzard to take action and fix this chat bug, the reason I consider it a bug because no chat, I have ever used which has a scrolling bar, auto-bumps down when a new message is entered (which makes sense logically, it shouldn't happen).

This would be a simple 5 minute fix for blizzard to implement (quite literally in fact, the coding for chat to not automatically jump down when a new message is entered is very simplistic).

Thanks everyone for your interest,

I hope more agree to this needed fix.
Adun Toridas

+1 and sticky for obvious reasons. But maybe you want that in technical support, because the Blues focus on that part of the forum and it is obviously a technical issue.

Taro ruul asz.
True , but this isnt really that important tbh , but you are right they should change it.
In addition to this I would also like to see time stamps :)
I really agree whit. If i want to view some msg i missed i need to hold the left mouse button while scrolling up whit the mouse.
Made such topic before - didn't help, anyway +1

yes. :)
+1 especially anoying when many ppl types with rapid speed and u miss 2-3 of the messages and because they just continue press enter i cant look at what they said earlier.

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