SUGGESTION: Tanks in siege mode need hold fire

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This is a possible solution to face the impossible composition of broodlord corruptor infestor. The problem with tanks vs such a composition is that they will always be useless in a battle. Zerg will use broodlords to unsiege them all, as if Terran doesn't unsiege instantly they will die so fast to friendly fire. Thus they are just wasted army supply firing at broodlings and infested terran eggs, while being the most important component of a mech army. That's not good design.

With hold fire (like the ghosts have), tanks may continue to be a part of a battle against broodlord infestor. With being able to manually focus down what you want (infestors, infested terrans), and not having the tanks shooting at each other will make it so that Zerg has to be careful with infestors, and not put them in range of the tanks. Thus vikings + ravens are safer against fungal. They are also safer to infested terrans, as tanks are quite effective vs them. Queens as well can't just enter the battle and shoot away before the tanks are dead.

A major problem with broodlord infestor against a meching terran is how tanks are just made irrelevant. This is not good design, they should continue to have a role, even in the major battles.

This also makes the game HARDER. It encourages micro from both the Terran and Zerg player. If the terran doesn't focus fire, the tanks will do nothing. And if the Zerg doesn't keep an eye at the infestors, they will actually die.

This solution doesn't involve a NERF. It's a BUFF. Which is a good thing. And it creates awesome situations, where blunders can be made from both sides with terrible consequences. Such as moving all infestors in tank range, or having your vikings clumped and getting chain fungaled. At the same time it makes late game battles LESS volatile and chaotic, and more micro oriented.

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I like this +1
Seeing as ghosts already have this option, this sounds like an easy implementation to a great idea!

EDIT: On afterthought, they do in hots, I'm not sure if they do in wol.
06/11/2012 00:21Posted by xOCereal
EDIT: On afterthought, they do in hots, I'm not sure if they do in wol.

They do ^^
!@#$ing love this suggestion!
Frickin love this suggestion even though I'm zerg think of all the cool moments where zerg wants to go up a cliff not knowing tanks are up terran holds fire and then targets important units. Not to mention its just good lategame keep your tanks sieged, infestors come in rage a click on one and hold fire again it's so goood omg genius!
This is an old idea that was talked about in the past
& usefull
Wonderful idea! <3
I like this idea because despite giving the tank more options, there is an inherent disadvantage to both scenarios. You won't want to keep your tanks on hold fire in most scenarios, yet in certain specific scenarios like this one you won't want them to fire automatically. In the least I think this should be tested somewhat, especially because of how simple of an change it is.
awesome idea!
great idea, i love it +1
As a zerg I like the way it is.
But as a Terran: GREAT IDEA!!!
Great idea!
I like it too. +1

It fixes TvZ completly ^^.

I am Zerg but I am sometimes tierd of the Idea of hardcounters....
This would be a buff to reduce the hardcounter of Broodlords against tanks.
QFT. Very good suggestion.
+1 Love the idea and it should help Terrans late game versus Zerg. Well thought, Bravo.
Horrible idea.
Seeing as tanks got 13 range, infestors would always, always die if they tried to fungal vikings for an example.
What is this? A Terran that don't whine more than a crying baby?
And actually managed to come up with a reasonable game change suggestion that does not involve a nerf to the only unit that keeps zerg alive in the midgame.

Way to go!

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