How do I get experience?

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Its mainly just to unlock some zerg portraits at the minute, I am not very good at the multiplayer... But I haven't had any experience yet for the games I have won. Is it only at the end of a league that you get the total xp?

Also, do I get xp for playing games against the AI using the matchmaking system where you progressively fight harder AI?
You get Experience by playing matchmaking games only in Heart of the Swarm. Which isn't released yet. ^^
I belive you get experience for fighting the AI and premade custom games with friends aswell, totally not exploitable that last part.
But the experience feature itself will only come when Heart of the Swarm is released? Its good if it works for matchmade AI games as well. That machine can be really brutal.
Im not sure if they will give it to Wings of Liberty at all to be honest, it is an feature that might be meant to attract the crowd who seeks 'progress' when they play beyond improving theyr gaming capabilities and archievements.
8 more days, guys, 8 more days....

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