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13 Jul
Dominate Mind Temporarily Disabled in PvP We have recently become aware of an exploit involving the Priest’s Dominate Mind talent which has been causing disruption in rated PvP. We’re currently working to fix that exploit, but while those investigations take place, we’ve temporarily disabled Dominate Mind in instanced PvP. Once the issue has been corrected, we will re-enable it. Aerythlea14
01 Jul
Crowd Control & Diminishing Returns When you're affected by a crowd control effect in PvP, there's an 18-second window for diminishing returns on further effects from the same category. Additional CC effects used on you while diminishing returns are active are reduced in duration: first by 50%, and then by 75%. Each CC effect resets the 18-second window to its full duration, and if you are affected by three CC's of the same category inside that 18-second window, you will be immune to further effects from that category until the 18-second window has passed. The lists below have been separated out into their specific diminishing returns categories. Each ability shares diminishing returns with the other abilities it has been listed with, and no others, except where noted. Diminishing Returns Categories Disorient Incapacitate Root Silence Stun Knockback Takralus6
17 Mar 2015
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Thoughts on SV Hunters in PVP? I'm enjoying the spec and I don't normally enjoy melee that much in WoW, but this is a lot of fun, but there are some issues I'm having with it. 1) Our self healing/defences are pretty awful. 2 minute CD for a 30% heal and 3 minutes for our only damage mitigation, which we can't even attack during? This was tolerable on ranged Hunters because their biggest defence was their ability to kite. Even plate classes have more defences than this. 2) Raptor's Strike is utterly useless. There's barely even time to slip it in since there's always going to be something more useful to spend that GCD on. Just rework it into some form of ranged filler to give us something to do while we kite, or just bake Lacerate into it so you feel like there's a point to using it, and make Serpent Sting a ranged DoT again via talent tree to rival Dragonsfire. Anything is more useful than this. 3) We're a relatively mobile melee, I never really find it difficult to stick to a ranged class, however saying that, what is difficult is being the squishiest melee in the game and having no escape. Once we dedicate ourselves to that sexy little Harpoon animation, we're in there until either they're dead or we are. Warriors have Charge to get in and Heroic Leap to get out. The way we're designed seems like they're wanting us to be a sort of hit & run spec, but it's kind of hard to play like that when you have 0 escapes, and the fact is we're simply not tanky enough to dive into a group fight like a Warrior or DK, we just get shredded in seconds. At the very LEAST make it so we can Harpoon to allies. 4) Camouflage should be baseline. I don't care if you remove the healing aspect from it to balance this out but it should outright be a baseline ability for SV Hunters and it's absolutely dumb how it's not considering the entire theme of the spec. There's also some other talents that baffle me, like Sticky Bomb, Spitting Cobra, Mortal Wounds and Dash. They are all horrifically bad and nobody in their right mind will ever take them. I'd like to hear what you guys think yourselves about our current state. Poonter1
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Legion 3s theorycraft World of Meleecleave Spent some time looking at the Legion talents/redesigned stuff and figured out some crazy synergies Last time when I played in early WoD and got the hands on the PvP set the first time, I just saw a brokenly overpowered setbonus and it also ended up being completely OP in PvP Unholy DK + Assa Rogue Blood DK + Warr Calling it now already Blood DK can permanently make a target take 20% more damage. That's equal to perma avatar for your warrior teammate. Blood DK can also chain the entire enemy 3s team together, making all damage cleave between targets. Cleaving Bladestorm. Blood DK also gets asphyxiate for free and strangulate ontop. That means 10 seconds of non-DR'ing CC by just 1 player. Every minute. So if you are a healer, you are getting trained by warr+DK. With strang+silence+shockwave. While your teammates are getting cleaved for 20% of the damage all the time. And you take 20% more damage from both DK+Warr for the whole match. Unholy + Assa Rogue might be equally as stupid. Rogue gets Shiv which makes every single ability you press get a 3 second cooldown. Every time. Even instant casts with 0 cooldown. DK gets a permanent aura, while you are near the DK, your cooldowns are slowed by 30%. So you have almost 4 seconds of CD on every ability you got. Large cooldowns are now even larger cooldowns. Your PvP trinket is also affected by this because Blizzard decided to make PvP trinket a spell so you now got over 2mins and 30 secs on your trinket. Unholy gets a talent that everytime you take any healing, you take a lot of damage. Every single time. -> Resto druid hardcounter. Have fun with those HotS killing yourself. While rogue+DK are training you and that is happening, you are getting necrotic strike stacked on you. Enjoy Legion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ For reference of talents: Narali11
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