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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvP forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PvP" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your PvP guild You want to join a PvP guild You are looking for members for a cross-realm battleground You want to join an existing cross-realm group battleground You are looking for a new member for your arena team You want to join an arena team In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] <Class> Looking for RBG" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for Arena Team” or “[A/H] <Team> looking for <Class> and Healers” ) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
1d is stormscale still the best horde pvp server? just came back. i dont see anyone outside orgrimmar and im not sure if its because of some bug or because everyone left the server lolCònte2 1d
1d LF EXPERIENCED 3s TEAM :) Hello guys i am ret paladin with 2kexp last season and 2.7kexp in Chinese region i am looking for viable team at the same exp as me or near to that all you need is to be vocal and got the same exp hehe.Comps are still not testet so feel free to join me with every class i got alts to :)Pharaohbg0 1d
2d LF a casual PVP guild for sub rogue on Defias server. LF a casual PVP guild for sub rogue on Defias server. Ideally with a reasonable amount of members to get some play (random BGs, arena, maybe RBG etc) at any time. Would prefer to avoid scrotey immature kids. Please post with some info about your guild (including population, activities etc) or whisper Poiv-DefiasBritherhood in game. Thanks.Poiv0 2d
2d [A]Outland - PvP Guild >Visual Prowess< Is recruiting. Hello fellows. My name is Kroatomist and I am a multi gladiator player (X4) and I'm the guild leader of Visual Prowess. I've decided to make this guild to "give" an opportunity to those people who struggle on finding partners to play PvP. Not everyone who have not the "Big PvP Achievement"(2400-2700-Glad) have a chance on being able to get in a Group for arenas, so that's where Visual Prowess Hit! Here, most of the players will eventually have the same Experience as you, but it's not only this, because having fun together is also very, very important. So even making a group of 5 people just to join normal battlegrounds can be fun. *High rated players are welcome here aswell(and we already have many players who have been at 2800 / Gladiator / Rank1 in MoP-WoD).* ----------REQUIREMENTS---------- To enter in the guild you need: 1) 2k Arena achievement OR 1800 in RBG. 2) Will to learn and to improve 3) Your main char has to be in the guild 4) And the most important of all, be friendly. Now I will be starting off with the projects that me and my officers are gonna be helping me with. ----------Projects---------- 1)RBG: Yes exactly, our main project is to make atleast 1 or 2 RBG Groups. The important thing is that we will make sure that those people who enter in the group, are ready to learn and improve together.(For you player) Don't ever rage or act like you're the best or a god, because you're the one who's getting kicked out from the guild. 2)Arenas: We have the proper ranks for pretty much everything, so for those who are in the guild, can actually see from the notes, the experience or the specialization of other members. So that should be alittle easier for you to get someone to play with, as you can just whisper and ask to team up with you. 3)PvE: We're also going to have atleast 1 Group for PvE for those who love to do something different than just pvp, but of course, it's not something that you do without giving dedication. I personally want to focus more on PvP, but we already have few players that wants to do PvE aswell , so why not making a 10(11) Man Normal Group? The Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 20:00 to 23:00 (Server time). Experience required: Atleast 1 Full Normal raid cleared in WoD. We need: 1 Healer - 1 Tank - 1 Meele DPS - 2 Ranged DPS. --------------------------------------------------------------- Ranks: Guild Master Officer Hota/Gladiator/Rank1 PvP Elite PvP PvE Alternate Patrol (For trials) ------------- These are the guild's ranks. "PvP" Rank goes to those people who have been/or are in (2000 - 2500) Range rating in arena. "PvP Elite" goes to those people who have been/or are in (2600 - 2800) Range in arena. -------------- We have 100 Total members, which atleast, 25/30 are alternates. -ALSO- We already have our own server and channels on "Discord". So make sure you download this app. So what are you waiting for? Come, and join us. -Kroatomist.Kroatomist24 2d
3d Looking for full-time WoW players (Amsterdam) Got a house available in Amsterdam for up to another 2 persons, leave your battletag behind if your interested. be able to atleast have 400-700 a month.Theteacher2 3d
3d LF 3s partners Hi, i am looking for two partners for 3s when the season hits. I know my class very well and have good experience. Spec:Arms Language:Norwegian/English Played: Played since vanilla, Arms since 5.0.5Ziinn4 3d
3d Lf hunter and priest to jungle cleave in legion need hunter and priest to up some raiting in legion 1.8 exp +Evelynboss0 3d
3d <Resilient> High ranked PvP Guild recruiting! We are one of the biggest and best PvP guilds on the realm of Sylvanas EU and have been on Sylvanas for around 6 years, our goal and vision as a guild is to continue rising in the guild PvP rankings and keep moving forward with RBG's, Arenas, BG's, Tournaments and events along with our great social atmosphere. We obtained the modest Guild Rank of 3rd on the realm in WoD and plan to hit the top spot in Legion. View Guild PvP Rankings here: http://guildox.com/guild/eu/sylvanas/Resilient We are essentially looking for dedicated RBG players who have the knowledge and ability to be able to play their class at a high level. So what do we offer: We currently have 3 RBG teams that we will be accepting applications for in Legion via our website, with the possibility of a 4th. Elite RBG team: Requirements to join the team: You have to have had at least 2k rating in RBG's in the last 2 expansions, that means in MoP or in WoD. Both obviously is even better! You will have to keep up with gearing your character every week when Legion hits. Safe to say that your arena experience does give you extra credit. Rezima RBG team: Rezima RBG Team requirements: We are looking for people with at least 1700 rating exp in RBGs along with a great knowledge of RBGs and your class, although exceptional players will be considered if below that rating. Zephara RBG team: We're casual players whom just like to play together and have some fun. We do like to go for rating and improve our own play style! Which means that after each round we have a short review period and we can then talk about the tactic but also about where we need to improve in order to push rating but also while having fun. We appreciate your time in reading this and if this interests you or you wish to apply please fill our very short and to the point application form out on www.resilient.wowlaunch.com so we can review and make an informed decision. Thank you from all of us here! - Rezima (Resilient GM) www.resilient.wowlaunch.comRezima0 3d
3d [H|Defias Brotherhood] Squad, french speaking guild Hello, this post is written in french. Briefly, Squad is a new french speaking guild which is interessed by PvP/WvP and some PvE to discover the game. ----- Bonjour à tous, Squad est une nouvelle guilde francophone sur le serveur Defias Brotherhood coté horde. Son objectif : Principalement PvP Un zeste de PvE pour la découverte Allier flexibilité et résultat Profils recherchés : Habitué des mmo, vous ne souhaitez plus vous engager dans des disponibilités fixes (5/7 et autres). Vous êtes orienté PvP mais ouvert à la découverte PvE. Vous êtes fairplay. Vous avez une aversion contre le langage sms. Vous avez au minimum 20 ans. Intéressé par cette nouvelle aventure ? Visitez : www.squad.love ou contactez-moi via discord : https://discord.gg/nVmP9z6Aca0 3d
3d Suomalaiset pvpttäjät! Jos jotakuta kiinnostaa pitkäaikainen 3s pvp legionissa niin ilmottautukaa :). Aloitin siis pelaileen wowia 2012 ja rogue oli mainina MOPis, jonku verran 2s ja 3s kokemusta on roguelta mutta lopetin pelaamisen sitten mopin lopussa. legionissa aion warrior/dk joilla ei nyt niin kovasti kokemusta.Dansgame1 3d
4d Mark of Honor I like the idea that you can share curency on your other characters. But. Now I've been playing random BG's all day, and I have yet to get a single Mark of Honor. Is it suppose to be this hard to get them? Not only have the teams I got in today mostly lost (80% of the time), but I didn't get a single mark for losses, only for wins that I got 3 of here the other day, with teams refusing to cooperate, trolling in chat etc etc. For a person who know no one else who pvp, this vexes me a bit. Anyone else?Ravanda2 4d
4d srs&fun; 2.1k+ exp Rogue turned DH Hello! I have been playing wow since it virtually came out from a young age on and off. I quit early 2015 but looking at legion I've decided to give it another go! I have decided that Demon Hunter would suit me - as well as wanting something a bit different to keep me interested in the game, which will happen from knowing more people nonetheless. My WoD statistics as rogue: 2258 rating 2v2 2094 rating 3v3 I am messing about on a hored DH at the moment but open to making an ally if I get more adds from alliance. My general gaming hours are 20:00 - later of an evening, and random hours on the weekend, not every evening but it really depends if i have people to play with. My hored are on Ragnaros and my alliance are on Emerald dream. I'd like some people to play with in a fun and serious matter, some 2s would be good fun to mess about , but i'd also like to go for some high rating in 3s as well. A bit of a mix. I'd prefer if you speak good english and open to using voice chat. It would also be nice if you have been over 2k rating before to show you've actually played the game. BATTLETAG : Mex#2421 Cheers HaydenMex0 4d
4d (A)2.4k Exp Healer LF 3's/RBG's Legion Hey Guys, As per title, I have 2.4k exp and some RBG achives on this toon. I am maining a resto shaman for legion and aim to get in or around 2.4k+ again. About me I'm Irish, 26, chill, banter, active. Can take criticism as I haven't played in awhile like most :/. Add me on BigDawgyDawg#2342 if u fancy a chat. Not too fussed on comps till end season, so Ill play with anyone :). edit: Prefer to play with Uk peps age 20+ Cheers ChrisPowahhz0 4d
5d Lf 3s/Rbg Mates [A/H] hello Guys, im looking for 3s arenamates and also a premade rbg grp to join. After a longer break i would like to play competive again to aim higher ratings. i have 2 alliance hunter and my horde hunter is nearly 100 s9-s15 duelist - 8,8k arenagames 650 rated bg games with a good % winrate i speak german and english Add me if youre interested Linostar#1310Spéctral3 5d
5d Lf arena team 3s 2.2 rouge lf a stable arena team hit me up for more information LexxeNN#2344Qipz0 5d
5d WTB Coliseum win! WTB a coliseum win for gold! Whisper me ingame or add Hunterinion#2225Hunterinion2 5d
5d [H] LF R-shaman/R-Druid for 3v3 in Legion! Hello! We're two friends that goes back a few years, been playing wow together the entire time. We're playing warlock and priest, the idea is that we'll end up playing shadowplay with you as the healer. We aren't any elite players, but I'd like to think we're a bit above average. Ideally we are looking for a vocal shaman, however would accept anyone so long as they are comfortable with the changes to their class and are confident enough to play. It's worth mentioning that we are both English speaking and would expect you to be also. Not looking for anyone that's going to get infuriated with little mistakes or random one shots, just looking to have a good time and push some rating. We are fairly active, we got jobs during the day, and play video games when we're able to during the evenings/weekends. Looking forward hearing from you guys! Battle-tag Davegrowl#2508 or Cabbage#2260Tapmyfanny0 5d
5d LF 3's partners for long term team through Legion .Dubakoo7 5d
5d LF Rogue/Mage for RMP! Heya, looking for a rogue or mage for RMP, around 1,5k xp. Still improving, so probably will be a lot of losses in the start! #Chrispey2246Forumposter0 5d
5d Skilled FDK LF 3s Team Hey, DK that can play UH/Frost, recently came back from wotlk but I've quickly got the hang of WoD. I've come back awfully late but I still believe I can push 2.2k! Ally DK: Housewifeqt-Outland Horde DK: Elarwah-Daggerspine Bnet: Kayji#2459 Got positive winrate and have quickly gained rating in 2s/3s bracket on my DK, but I can't find a team that will accept me as they all either want ridiculously high CR or EXP and insta-decline me, or the team finds a different DK. Haven't used any communication so far, but have been able to push 2k in 2s with relative ease and I'm 1.7 cr in 3s on my main but I think that it would be somewhat easy to break 2k. Very chill guy, /w me ingame if you're interestedHousewifeqt2 5d
5d [H] 2k-2.2k Mage LF Arena, RBG & PvP friends. Hey, Long story short Fire mage here looking for steady partners for Legion. Also have Resto druid alt with similar ratings (currently not geared him as did not play it for most of WOD but will gear him in Legion). I'm 23 from UK so usually only play evenings as I'm working or socialising otherwise- but can play around 3-4 nights a week. Btag is Kryso#2275 Add me for RBG/Arena or just playing in general. I like to know people for options and invites for games in Legion. Thanks.Ommz1 5d
5d LF Shaman/Druid (2670xp team 2x glad) Hi we look for a Shaman/Druid for 3v3 you should have 2200-2400 xp at least Wl : 2670 xp 2x glad Rogue: 2670 xp 2x glad BT : Bipson #2471Gooro5 5d
5d [H] 2300 US Exp'd Rogue LF 3s/RBG Title! Playing on EU atm. Heads up, I live in South Africa so you're getting a 220ms Rogue and I barely played any of Warlords so I am beyond rusty and probably barely 2K PotR at the moment. Will be a lot of games. Shiftworker so will need teams that are playing not just evenings but also mornings and early afternoons. Due to latency don't expect much past 2400 (if this is your goal, it sik let's go). There's only so quick I can ShStKick when I am already 0.2-0.3 seconds behind everyone. Comps with exp: RLS (Preferred! Flexible to play with Druid healer or SPriest DD) RMP Thug Reliable, will be on if promised, pretty calm, just enjoy the game. I do occasionally display an extra chromosome so if me occasionally acting like an idiot will clash with your personality we probably won't last very long in the same call. Also 2200 in RBG both regions. Achieved 2364 peak rating on another Rogue on EU.Johannesburg2 5d
5d Top-tier PvP guild recruiting Rapid Eye Movement is a newly found guild on Kazzak-EU. The goal is to get high people in around 2,7k exp. The reason i made this guild is because i know in legion alot of people will transfer from alliance to horde and what's better than a guild with all the top rated PvP players. Add my btag @CaptainCat#21170 if you are interested in joining the guild.Vîbe0 5d
5d Lf pvp guild and ppl to pvp with rbg,bgs,arena Playing on stormscail, going to be playing ww monk. Cerok#2911Cérok0 5d
5d [H] Skilled LoL player LF 3v3 teammates (DK / War) Hello, I am looking for players, preferably with plenty of skill, to play 3v3 ranked arena with in Legion expansion. I personally have some experience with arenas in WoD but I quit that expansion very rapidly, mainly due to me sitting in the LFG tool for hours upon hours when I got to 1850 rating in 3s and unable to find anyone to play with. I am pretty experienced, use the right addons, UI and macros to give me an edge above other players. I've played almost all classes so I generally have a lot of knowledge about abilities of other classes which allows me to counterplay knowing their cooldowns (though this greatly changed again with Legion). The main game that I played and still play is League of Legends. I was very high ranked in that game, master league ( top 0.02%). So if you're somewhere in diamond feel free to add me in that game as well. In my opinion it is mechanically harder in that game to get high since there are less huge balance issues that are every season in WoW, therefore I also play warrior and DK because always one of them is performing better than the other though always one of them is viable in a comp. If you're interested in playing with me battletag is Metalsonic#2783 League name: Neo MetalsonicMalanorei0 5d
5d LF active pvp guild LF Pvp guild-hey me and my firends looking for active pvp guild we re 2-3 dps and 1 healer . connected realms re (Zenedar / Bladefist / Frostwhisper)Kinxy0 5d
5d [A] LF PvP guild Hello I am looking for a place to casually PvP, somewhere that I can do casual BG and arena with fellow guildies throughout Legion. I would also be willing to join a RBG should my schedule allow if the guild has a spot for me, but mainly I want a friendly home with some people to play with casually:) my current server is hellscream/aggramar but may be willing to make a change. thanks:) wes#2489Domyo0 5d
5d Option to Exclude RU servers. Please,blizzard give us an option to choose to exclude playing with russians. Those guys are seriously RUINING pvp experience,whenever you run into russian premade you might as well save some time and abandon the BG and here's why: These guys are not concerned with winning,they are literally just farming honor kills and when you push objective they will defend it and eventually win before time runs out. They are ALWAYS a premade group and they will always waste everyones time and farm random bg groups for HKs. Whenever I see russian premade in a BG I exclude that bg from my random bg list,because that bg is completely unplayable for a week or two. It doesn't help that when you see russian premade you instantly know that you will not receive any rewards whatsoever for that bg. PLEASE give us an option to choose not to play with russians. Another reason why these guys ruin pvp is that they cause INSANE lag for everyone,even causing DCs every now and then. The amount of lag makes game literally unplayable for everyone but the russians. It's like fighting a lagswitcher in Souls games or fighting games.Berhin1 5d
6d (A) LF third guy to push glad with in Legion Since we don't know what's gonna be good yet i can't name a comp however i'm gonna lvl Priest (will be healing on that) my main Druid (might heal) other main Rsham Lock Rogue My friend will lvl Mage (his main class) Hunter Ele shadow priest We are in need of a third guy that wants to play serious, and are willing to put some time into creating a stable team to improve and push rating, this season, next season and as many seasons as possible! If this sounds like something you will do and if you already have decent exp from WoD, but can't find a team to push Glad with Prefer you having 2,5k+ rating from WoD We are a 2,5k exp mage and 2,6 cr dics/rdruid.The mage and I have played together for a long time . We have for some time been looking for a third guy that we felt really understood pvp and were commited. We both wanna take the team to a serious lvl and improve. Our goal is to get glad in Legion.None of us is gonna quit wow soon, so we can play a lot without replacing and starting over. Add my Battletag if interrested: Oooo#6552Ethena9 6d
6d [H] RBG LF DK/Firemage to hit HOTH Hello there Gonna make this short, we are a rather new formed rbg team which started playing together 1 week ago, we went straight from 0-2.2k rating and mmr. We won 13 games in a row beating pretty much all we met. We unfortunately have to replace a Fmage and DK. Our goal is obviously to hit HOTH this season and we will do everything we can to do this. We are not new at playing arena/RBG we just merged up from all around since many of us have played together or know eachother through many years. What we expect from you: Fully cata geared/T13 if we need that from you no normal gear. 2.2k exp from arena at least. Speaking english fluently and being very vocal is a must. If DK: Both HC weap from madness or morchok/or 2.2k arena weaps. HC pve trinkets etc If mage: Legendary staff/rath hc/Hc cunning is a must. Fully professioned and epic gemmed overall no slacker enchants or gems are accepted. Must have at least 2.2k RBG experience and preferably also this rating to start at/MMR. If you have experience target calling/Lead this is huge ++++ Looking forward to hear from you.Theringhole2 6d
6d Outland vs. Ravencrest? Hi, I was wondering which of the two servers you guys would say is the best for PvP (Alliance). Outland or Ravencrest? I am planning on doing some semi-serious arenas and RBGs, so which of the two servers do you think that I would have the best/easiest time finding decent PvP guilds, arena partners, etc. etc. Thank you :)Prostár3 6d
6d (A/H) 2.4k xp war LF 3s team in Legion Yo, So I dont really know how to start off, but I am basically looking for a team to grow synergy and push rating in Legion. I my self have been 2.5k in Warlords season 2, but haven't really played in season 3 due to some RL issues. Of course we don't really know which comps are going to be the strongest in Legion, so I am open for any class at the moment. I am not looking for people who don't like having like a bad evening and dropping 50 rating, and then acting like it is the end of the world. I prefer to find people who are more about giving criticism, to get better as a team. I can't play every evening, since I am going to university to study game development next year, but will be able to play most of the evening at least 2 or 3 hours, and in the weekends way more. I also do prefer you to be at least of 2.2k xp in WoD, since that is at least kinda relevant. I can also play multiple other classes. So if you are interested, add me on btag: Blysto#21703Blysto0 6d
6d [H][Tarren Mill] <Something Pretentious> + You = ❤️ Hello everyone, I used to lead a decent PvP Guild from Classic all the way to WotLK. I haven't played most of MoP/Draenor content, returned a few weeks ago and now I want to pick up where I left off. This guild is for you if you're looking for more in PvP than just Arenas and some RBGs you prefer "casual but serious" over "pro" This guild is not for you if you think your opinion matters more because you have a higher rating you think "House Lannister" is a good guild name (no offense, but c'mon) you're a special snowflake I won't tell you some minimum rating you need to have because I learned that some stupid number doesn't necessarily mean anything. It's self-explanatory that you should really know the way around your class and that you should make use of all common mods. I expect a decent quality when it comes to your microphone. Given that everything goes the way I want it to, you can expect <Something Pretentious> to be the perfect guild for doing Battlegrounds in groups, RBGs - as soon as possible (roster-wise) - and a place where you'll find your new Arena mate(s). The most important aspect is the social one. It's still a game and it's supposed to be fun. Any questions? Asdrubael#2441Arthanael1 6d
6d WTB Nemesis all quests Legion coming next week so it would be nice to finish these quests before it launches Add wileywonga#2615 and msg me your price twisting nether goldChîmera0 6d
24 Aug LF casual but steady RBG team Resto shamy with 1.9k+ xp / warbound LF regular RBG in Legion with a fix team - 1-2 days a week. I prefer fix, friendly and reliable team. I do not mind rating (not against it but I do not have spec. objective other than do RBGs).Kundung0 24 Aug
24 Aug [A/H] Looking for PvP friends. Hey there, as you may know Legion is upon us so there is not long left until we can get them nice PvP ranks in Legion! I would like to find a group of people who would be interested in PvP content, BGs/Arena/RBG/World PvP. I am on both Alliance and Horde, Alliance being the higher geared of the 2 but leveling a Horde Monk on Draenor (lvl 50) I do have some level 100 characters but they are not as geared, but do add if you are horde I would not mind gearing them up :) Feel free to add me: Horkie#2440 People who are interested in the boring Experience stuff: Arena: 2v2 - 1619 (Use 2v2 to play around a little so I don't go as serious) 3v3 - 1800 (Did push this in MoP but could not find any people to push with me any further, WoD I have not played to push.) 5v5 - 1800 (5v5 is fun with friends and we got surprisingly high :P ) RBG: 2000 (Druid Tank MoP) 1900 (Monk MoP)Horksy4 24 Aug
24 Aug Anyone done 20-29 BG PVP lately? Hi, have anyone joined any Battlegrounds in the 20-29 levels lately, and know what classes are good/best in this patch for this bracket??Lillian2 24 Aug
24 Aug Recruiting Pro PvP Team Raptorial Gaming Raptorial Gaming is an up and coming professional gaming organization that is trying to burst its way into the WoW scene by making teams comprised of the three modes in WoW that make up the game: Roleplay, PvE, and PvP. Raptorial Gaming is looking for PvP'ers who excel at their role and can play at a professional level. The Raptorial PvP team will be comprised of both a Rated Battleground Team, as well as another branch of 3v3 rated matches. These teams will be seperate, and one cannot be in both teams. These team members will participate in current content to try and reach higher ranking in order to represent the Raptorial Gaming Brand. Any streamers will receive a t shirt to help publicize our brand. Must have discord. More information can be found on the survey link, where we ask you to give us as much information as possible so we can help get you in our ranks as soon as possible! https://goo.gl/forms/SdFJZj1ZABWU7SYf2 Thanks! We will get back to you as soon as possible!Zeming0 24 Aug
23 Aug [H]LF Healer for Jungle Cleave Hello. We are looking for a Healer for our 3v3 arena team for legion, would prefere resto shammy, but we are open to trying all healers out. You need to have team speak Speak english Be calm Dont rage +18 would be nice but all are welcome Add me and we can have a talk :) (Be active and ready to commit to the team) Wuptii #2460Spirithoff0 23 Aug
23 Aug [A/H] Looking 3's team to push/learn with in legion! Hello, so I am no expert in arena but I am not a complete noob either. Did not play that much arena last season but got around 1,6-1,7k in 2s with my friend. (only played around 30-40games)(Played a lot of skirmishes by myself though) Not the best rating, so thats why I am looking for arena partners that want to play a lot and learn and hopefully break the 2k barrier! I am mostly interested in either playing a mage, shadow priest or boomkin! Will put in the time to become good with the class of choice. Would prefer for you to be 18+ since I am 22 myself, and we will be using teamspeak or discord while playing! My BTag is Chrispey#2246Rödtottenen3 23 Aug
23 Aug LF arena/bg buddies Hi all. windwalker monk and arms warrior looking for a few mates to chill with on discord, enjoy bg's and push high rated arenas (going for 2k+) in legion. If you are also looking for this sort of thing in game just throw me a message @ synyster7x#2509 or leave a message on here! i look forward to speaking with some of you! thanks.Lunastra1 23 Aug
23 Aug [H] Looking for solid 3's team for legion! As the title mentions i'm looking for a steady team for legion. I have been away from the game for a while so I am probably pretty rusty going into legion PvP, but want to improve. My earlier experience is only 2k+ but never had a real team to do arena with so it was mostly just trolling around with friends. I will be playing resto shaman when legion comes (this isn't my first shaman) on Kazzak EU as horde. My only requirements are for you to be level headed and not rage after a couple of losses since they are definitely going to happen, and that you are willing to try a lot and research to improve on your class. Also expect voice communication such as skype or discord. Comp wise i'm open to anything really although i would prefer something involving a mage or another caster as i have always found cleave v cleave to be quite boring. Add me on mpme#2582 or reply to this post if interested.Caedìa2 23 Aug
22 Aug 2kxp rogue LF RBG guild Im also experienced in leading was leading whole season 3. Btag:seriePSycho#2147Psychofeels0 22 Aug
22 Aug LF PvP Team New Player played only 1 season maining a feral Druid I got Season 3: Challenger and got to 1.9k, the trouble has always been players coming and going and me having to rely on premade.... If you are interested please leave a comment or add me brogan#21180 I play DK, Monk, Druid, Mage on AllianceEntíty1 22 Aug
22 Aug Warcraft Planet TV on Youtube Hi there I am from Warcraft PlanetTV on YouTube; What we do is record gameplay and make it into a YouTube Video for Viewers to watch! This involves Transmogs, RPing, Random Events e.g a Parade! If you are interested in getting involved, please contact me! Reason Why I have made this thread to to represent WoW Players on EU on YouTube if that is By Transmogs Pvp Pve or Role Playing events ,Including Class Transmogs You can Contact me Via Game or Direct Message on the YouTube Channel hope to hear from use all soon! The Link : http://tinyurl.com/warcraftplanettvElundryel0 22 Aug
21 Aug [A] Resto druid 2300+ LF 3s glad aim Hello, I'm an experienced resto druid with previous experience in both "Mythic" raiding, 2300+ 3s, 2200+ 2s and leading RBG. What am I looking for? I'm looking for two other guys interested in getting glad in the next season and the season after that! I'm interested in finding two people with a "good attitude", what do I mean by that? Read further below. You should be looking for something that NOT just ends after 2 weeks because those weeks ended badly. "Good attitude": I've played with a lot of extremely talented people which knows the game inside out, they have the skill to be among the best player in this game, but they simply isn't enough of a team player to succeed, or at least not with me. I'm not interested in a douché who thinks he/she is the best and knows the best. With this said, I love people who hates losing, but don't make it go out over your team. I'm interested to play with players who is committed to succeed as a unit and improve together, you must be able to take positive feedback but also to give it. More info about me I'm a 22 years old dude from Sweden studying Software Engineering, you can contact me through my btag: Veliza#2522Véliza0 21 Aug
21 Aug LFM fight kill salute / last of us quest and achivment [H]LFM fight kill salute / last of us quest and achivment Since Legion is almost there and invasions are on its hard to get ppl for those things. Its not hard to do if u get 15 dedicated ppl so write if u are up for itMojrer0 21 Aug