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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvP forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PvP" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your PvP guild You want to join a PvP guild You are looking for members for a cross-realm battleground You want to join an existing cross-realm group battleground You are looking for a new member for your arena team You want to join an arena team In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] <Class> Looking for RBG" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for Arena Team” or “[A/H] <Team> looking for <Class> and Healers” ) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
1m Energiz Gaming Twisting Nether PvP Coucou tout le monde :D Le multi-gaming Energiz Gaming ( Team esport sur Battlefield/Rainbow six/LoL ) rentre dans le PVP WoW avec la sortie de Legion :) on recherche des joueurs Francais/Anglais sur le server Twisting Nether bien motivé pour lancer le section! On as un TS et on compte beaucoup faire de PvP 2v2/3v3 et peutetre meme des RBGs si on trouve assez de gens :) Jai beaucoup d'experience avec le PvP haut niveau sur plein de jeu pas que WoW et je veut faire une guilde de haut niveau pour avancer dans les ladders :) MP moi en-game ou laisser un message ici si vous etez intéresser :)Moraggian0 1m
3h Mage/boomkin LF 3rd [EU] [A] Hey, Me and my friend are looking for a healer to play some 3s, for now we have no specific goals but to have fun and improve Come chill with usDuckient0 3h
5h WTB RBG Boost 766rating to 1800 Check desc Hello i wanted to get a boost&Help with reaching 1.8k rating and im looking here for a team that can help me i'm only paying with ingame gold and also i want it to be self play and i dont want any wintrading 100% legit We can discuss how much gold ingame Contact Hunteross Horde Tarren Mill or DentargHunteross2 5h
7h [H] 2.6+ Boomkin LF 3s! Multiclass 2.5-2.6k xp Boomkin LF 3s Open for most comps but prefer LSD2 LSMW add me @ smatex#2582 current ilvl is 860.Tanakeo0 7h
8h [A] 2,7k 2s 2,3k 3s XP UhDK LF 3s team Heya, With the new season start I'm looking for a 3s team to play with. I have 2700 exp in 2s and 2300+ exp in 3s I speak fluent english and german, I'm very laidback and active Open to almost all comps and setups since the season only just started. Just have at least 2200 exp in 3s If you're interested or wanna have a chat add Narali#2788Narali3 8h
9h Lonely dh lf 3v3 friends :( Demon hunter looking to start playing ALOT of 3v3. Everyone who wanna ride the fel-train is welcome to join! All my friends are raiding.. I mostly played 2v2 in wod (2k+), but now i wanna focus on improving my 3's. So If you want someone who's always up for 3v3 add me add you wont regret it. Aiming for 2k! : Cahootz#21776Khariel1 9h
11h [H-EU]Sub rogue - LF 2's / 3's partners / RBG guild Sup all, I recently came back to wow and went for a new main : the sub rogue. Last pvp season i played was in cata, and reached around 1800 rating playing as frost mage. Now I would like to focus on 2k rating, in any of above mentioned brackets. I only want to play with communication (TS3 or skype), so a working mic is required. Available playtime: evenings 2's would be best with a fire or frost mage. 3's I'm open to any viable comp. You'll need 1.8k+ exp. Intrested? Hit me up on the forum or add me ingame Boozi#2137Hoxxi0 11h
14h Prot Paladin healing nerf. Bit excessive ? Hi Blizzard if you are ever gonna read this. Last hotfix you nerfed our selfhealing with Hand of the Protector which hit us pretty hard in the face, but it was needed, because it was stupidly over powered. Issue is though that the 15% Heal (Down from 50%) seems to have affected all our healing? Or is that just me? Last night when I was doing some 2v2's and 3v3's just for fun with some friends, I noticed that even my flash heal couldn't heal anything. We are talking it could heal for 15k in total, maybe 20k for a crit. When we have millions of HP, then that is not even enough to keep a pinky toe alive. I am not saying it needs to blast 300k each heal, although that would be amazing :P But I think 15-20k is a tad too low. Maybe this is intended ? I am no hardcore PvP'er or anything. But this feels pretty lackluster.Sákuria1 14h
18h Lf Guild in Eu TwistingNether My main is Arms War in pvp and playing prot war / arms in pve(got both bis gear). I am looking for a guild which has RBG team and has people for 3vs3 or 2vs2 ques. Also i like making mythic + so i am looking a guild which has both pvp and some pve in it. I started tanking in mythic + with my warrior as prot warrior off spec .Also got frost dk /spri as alt now 840is and my main warrior is 854ish now. I am also leveling dh tank for some mythic plus content. I got working mic and can speak English . I am looking for a friendly guild and people so we can push both pvp and mythic + 's .Kowareta1 18h
20h (H) Looking for SP, 2400+ experienced We are playing FPS. Be decently geared and stuff.Sampha0 20h
23h LF rbg team horde Hey Im a boomkin lf a rated bg team on horde side, i dont have any rbg exp but i generally have most dmg done in bg's and want to climb rating in bg's since they way more enjoyable than arenas hit me up Corgí#2971Corgí0 23h
23h CZ/SK arms warr 2v2 rated Zdravím, zháňám nejakého parťáka na 2V2 rated, žádné hrotení. Ideálne resto druid/shaman/holy pala a podobne. Já sem arms warr. Pište keď tak Caleb #2337. PeaceCalleeb0 23h
1d [CZ/SK] Rogue LF 2s, 3s, RBG Hledám parťáky na chození 2s, 3s a RBGček kteří nehrotí každou prohru. Hraju především ve večerních hodinách. Pište in game Kubajs#2956Kubajz0 1d
1d Rogue LF 3v3 partners! Peaked 1.9K EXP Hello Rogue EU alliance here LF peeps for 3v3! Any "viable" comp (I know viable can mean alot, but you get what i mean) - Prefer Rogue Caster healer ! Highest 3S rating i have ever gotten is 1898. Voice is definitely needed ! Add me on my btag or write here. Btag: Snøw#21637 Thanks :)Snøv0 1d
1d Resto Shaman 2,4xp lf 3s Hey guys, I would like to start off by saying i'm looking for some friendly but experienced PVPers to play Legion with in the upcoming arena seasons. Looking for active war/UHDK/monk for pushing. I have a ton of RBG experience being target caller in wod/mop/cata reaching 2,5 I've also hit 2.2 in 2vs2, 3vs3 + 5vs5. have fluent english and a working microphone that isn't annoying :D If you want a active resto shammy this arena season then dont hesitate to add me! Im 22, from UK, wales. If your interested in having me in your guild please write to me or add my btag so can discuss! Stockz#21602Escobia2 1d
1d LF any 3s partners & PvP friends Don't care for experience(don't have much either), No rage quitters(I'll never ever ever rage). I play Horde Unholy DK and have been playing it for a long time but never really got into serious arenas and I think it's time to change that. I'm originally from the US servers with my highest rating around 1700 in both 2s and 3s playing completely casual. Looking to get 2k for the first time and I think we can do it if we put enough time into it. Add me Vince#2388 if you're interested. Voice coms will be preferred once we get into serious 3s. I have Skype My ilvl is 842 and I've fully done everything that is to be done on this character almost full Honor talents. Armory is bugged.Desecrator4 1d
1d 2.2k xp WW monk LF stable 3s team Legion Sup guys, I'll tell a little bid about myself first, I am a 2.5k xp warrior from WoD, but after WoD season 2 due to issues with university and my partners quitting the game, I haven't played since, but now with legion I want to get back into it, this time with a WW monk though. I have been playing WW monk before, so I am not totally new to the class. I am not looking for any specific classes, since I don't know which comps are going to be the best ones, so I am willing to try out multiple comps out. Also don't expect to reach 2.2 in 3 weeks or less, I am not looking for people that want to rush rating, and get angry quickly, I am looking for people who can look at their mistakes and learn from it, while we climb the ladder over time, with a goal of at least duelist in Legion season 1, and hopefully push more in the seasons to come. As long as it's not the 21st of September I am open to try out comps in skirmishes too. If you are intersted and want to know more, add me on btag: Blysto#21703Blisto3 1d
1d [CZ/SK] Retri LF 2s, 3s, RBG - 2,2+xp hledám stabilní RBG team a parťáky na areny, MoP a WoD jsem hrál 2k - 2,2k+ a teď jsem zhruba po roční pauze back a starý grupy se rozpadly.. jde mi hlavně o pohodu, nemám zájem hrotit rating jako blázen a dohadovat se po každé prohře. piště ingame pls , na forum moc nechodím - Huuna#2131Huuna0 1d
1d Need 1 dpser for 3v3 Hello friends! Me and my lil buddy DH are looking for some nice dpser for #road2chalanger2017, bring hype! Im 1.8k exp, DH just started so bring patience and good will since i still need to shake off some rust, pls no bully! :> DH being demon warrior probably some shadowcleave gonna work so spriest or lock is more than welcome. We prefer skype, bring fun and good will no nerdragers allowed! Gorebash #2437Gorebash0 1d
1d Rshaman + DH [Lf third] Hello! We have been playing together a long time now and again we miss a third player. We are looking for activate third member to do arena with. We are open to almost all the comps (still not sure which works the best) but probably a melee cleave would be best (?). We played around 2-2.2k mmr in wod without steady partners. We are very chill and the most important we dont rage. We are looking to improve ourselfs and our goal is set to high at legion arena. Please dont add me if you are a ragequitter or not ready to improve and build synergy together. We want to have fun in this game instead of frustration and rage. We use skype. Zewoc#2275Zewoc0 1d
1d remove remove thanksHendié0 1d
1d Healer for 3v3 Hi guys Me and a friend Arms warrior and unholy dk are searching for a healer to fill our ranks. We had 1.9k Rating last season and would like to improve if you want to join us pls bring a working mic and brain we are german but can speak englisch if needed feel free to add me Marcel#21677Kíllnixx0 1d
1d 2.4k healer LF 3s 2.4K XP Healer + Hero of the Alliance LF 3s. Any viable setup Cheers BigDawgyDag#2342Terrahx1 1d
1d Playing like a noob I've played WoW for a few years now, and I still play like a noob.I just don't get it. So I'm hoping for a nice person that might help me and who can teach me to actually do some damage. Both PvE and PvP but mostly PvP.Pinkstraww1 1d
1d R.sham 1.9k LF 3s R.sham 1.9k LF 3s, nothing more to add. Teamspeak, etc. Can play Ally and Horde, dosent mather for me. Im not a "god" player, but still learning, and want to find a team for playing arenas in legion., mby not everyday, but most of my time i spent in PvP. if you are looking for some1 who is still learning 3s send me message. Pm me in game or send mail if offlineAirclown3 1d
1d <Resilient> High ranked PvP Guild recruiting! We are one of the biggest and best PvP guilds on the realm of Sylvanas EU and have been on Sylvanas for around 6 years, our goal and vision as a guild is to continue rising in the guild PvP rankings and keep moving forward with RBG's, Arenas, BG's, Tournaments and events along with our great social atmosphere. We obtained the modest Guild Rank of 3rd on the realm in WoD and plan to hit the top spot in Legion. View Guild PvP Rankings here: http://guildox.com/guild/eu/sylvanas/Resilient We are essentially looking for dedicated RBG players who have the knowledge and ability to be able to play their class at a high level. So what do we offer: We currently have 3 RBG teams that we will be accepting applications for in Legion via our website, with the possibility of a 4th. Elite RBG team: Requirements to join the team: You have to have had at least 2k rating in RBG's in the last 3 expansions, that means in Cata, MoP or WoD. All obviously is even better! You will have to keep up with gearing your character every week when Legion hits. Safe to say that your arena experience does give you extra credit. Rezima RBG team: Rezima RBG Team requirements: We are looking for people with at least 1700 rating exp in RBGs along with a great knowledge of RBGs and your class, although exceptional players will be considered if below that rating. Zephara RBG team: We're casual players whom just like to play together and have some fun. We do like to go for rating and improve our own play style! Which means that after each round we have a short review period and we can then talk about the tactic but also about where we need to improve in order to push rating but also while having fun. We appreciate your time in reading this and if this interests you or you wish to apply please fill our very short and to the point application form out on www.resilient.wowlaunch.com so we can review and make an informed decision. Thank you from all of us here! - Rezima (Resilient GM) www.resilient.wowlaunch.comRezima18 1d
2d RPS LF Resto shaman 2k exped Hello looking for a resto shaman to team up with and try to push glad or higher. We are a shadow priest and a sub rogue with 2k and 2.2k xp from last season We are looking for players with the same xp as us from 1 or 2 seasons ago. If you are interested contact me Zaffy#2909Snyxia0 2d
2d Comeback players looking for RBG team Hi, me and some friends (bunch of different classes and specs) are looking to jump into some RBGs from time to time. We have multiple gladiator titles of experience, rank 14 grinds back at level 60 etc, but have never played rated BGs as we quit after TBC, and came back now. Anyone got a team that wanna give us a try, or know where to go to search for a team? ^^Keldina0 2d
2d [Alliance] Sub Rogue looks for 3s, aim 2K4+ I am a 2k rogue and to get fully into PvP this xpac. I have mostly played at TLK/Cata. I am looking for durable teammate who wants to get better and climb the ladder. Positive mindset and no rage ! I aim for at least 2K4 for the first season. Would rather RLS / RPS / Thug cleave, open to any other viable comp. Can speak : English & French If you are interested, feel free to mp me (kiss#2177)Kissqt0 2d
2d Multi 2.5k+ xp (2k cr 2.1k mmr)Rdruid LF2s/3s/RBG As title says- holla at me here or add me on Aeikz#2330 Have similar experience. Experience references: Mage: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/sunstrider/M%C3%BBssl%C3%A2n/simple Pala: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/outland/Aeikz/simpleAeikz0 2d
2d 2.3 DH AND WARR LF HEALER . 1.8cr we are looking for 2.3 exped healers for 3s, what we are looking for is good with position, dispels survivability 1v1 cc chain and most of all, communication '¨ we are using skype and we hope to see you join us, :) Pokemon cleave, ' warr and DH ,Dalapie1 2d
2d [A] Looking for PVP - Arena/RBG/World Hi, I'm looking to be part of an RBG/Arena team for Legion's PVP Seasons. I will be on almost everyday doing Legion content, I can put that aside for pvp at any time. Currently I'm boosting to raid gear so hopefully my ilvl should be around 840~ soonAliastryx1 2d
2d lf 3v3 players Im looking for a stable 3v3 group that has some knowledge of the game. NO need to be the best ,as we can improve togueter. Mostly looking for a caster partner doesnt matter what caster and healing monk perhaps , well maybe can be more flexible about it depending on comp. I have 2k + and im sitting around 1700 cr in 2v2 atm Dont have a proper cr in 3v3 yet , as havent played enough games. PS : im feralPaxcrudus2 2d
2d US & EU exp'd 2200 Rogue lf rbg Even if your team isn't aiming like 2400/hota I'm still interested, I play for fun but I expect everyone to communicate (If I'm the only one talking it won't be ideal) - it's all I really ask for. I'm Server time -6 hours but I work shifts, some nights I can only play RBGs after 11pm others only before 10pm GMT; so if you need someone with 100% attendance I probably won't last. I can play a variety for RBG roles (extremely vocal/knowledgable on every map) and if you require a server transfer to join a guild, for the right team I am willing to do it after some games to test the waters. That be all, thanks :)Johannesburg0 2d
2d Looking for mates - Mythic+ dungeon Hey, Tank demon hunter 850 ilvl and outlaw rogue are looking for mate to do mythic+ dungeon and climb. We're both Swiss, no problem for us to do it in english. See yaAranoedh3 2d
2d [H] Looking for arena team mates and RBG group. Greetings fellow WoW players! I'm in search for team mates arena and for a group to do RBG's with. I'm playing a Havoc Demon Hunter, and you are more than welcome to gear my character out in the armory. I don't have a lot of experience in arenas but I know most of the basics in battlegrounds. Now, you might think what this guy can bring to the table then. I can offer a friendly attitude that doesn't ragequit and moves on after a loss. I'm a rather fast learner and I've got a working microphone, stable Internet connection and a quite decent computer. I enjoy getting criticism, as long as it is constructive. I believe that the fastest way to learn it to know your flaws and work to improve. I'm looking for some same minded people, who also speaks fluent English (or atleast is good at it) I currently have a 40 hours a week job, so I'd prefer to play in the evenings or at weekends. Hit me up ingame or reply to this thread. Thanks for reading!Keidivh2 2d
2d DH Looking for 2v2 / 3v3 people 1500+ aiming 2k+ (Horde) Title if your interested in playing my battle tag is shadowstep#21503Házeus1 2d
2d LF skilled WMP/RMP 2000+ exp warr+mage+pally or rouge+mage+pally MB to form a static team. Pm me Rovax#2587Roffirox0 2d
2d [Cross-realm Alliance] High Level Discord Community Hello guys, Well first of all, I'm a french player so my english might not be the best but I'll do my best to keep that post as clear as possible. I'll simply translate what I've said on other forums. I've recently created with some of my mates a Discord server a little bit special. The idea is simple, we're looking to build a community of skilled players. We personally have an average PvP exp. between good+ and really high (2k to gladiator) and for PvE most of us cleaned everything, and we're looking for players around the same category. What we're trying to do is to regroup the maximum amount of people from different realms (and languages) on that Discord so that anyone can find skilled player at his disposal to do any event (RBG/Raid/Arena/Mythic+). Why would you come to our Discord instead of simply find a guild ? Well for many reasons : -First of all, you guessed it, it's cross realm, which means a larger pool of players. (Quality>quantity but we do our best to make the quality good too) -There are no specific schedule, you can come at anytime, anyday and build your group by throwing your announce on the specific chat, the interested players will respond. The larger we're, the faster the research will be. But this time, the players will certainly have the exp. required. -Nothing stops you from having a guild too, we're not forcing you to anything, we're just regrouping same-skilled players. You might not be on your guild roster, or you're on a PvP one while wanting to do some raids, or on a PvE one and trying to push your arena rating, we're the solution. -The vocal. Discord for those who don't know is a cool program similar to skype and teamspeak reunited. You can download it or open it directly on your browser, and it has some cool features. It's a really recent project so there'sn't a lot of players yet, but we're looking forward to it. In my opinion that's a cool opportunity to not miss, specially with all the content Legion provides. If you're interested and have the experience required (that's the only criteria we ask), feel free to drop your battletag here so that I can reach you as soon as possible. PS : We're currently alliance and recruited alliance players, if the project gets bigger we'll certainly open a Horde section, but not for the moment. Thanks for reading PS : I'll edit that post whenever I've more informations to provide as the project (hopefully) gets bigger.Reagen15 2d
2d [H] MW monk lf 3's (2k+) Looking to spend some time in arenas with new buddies. Caster/cleave comp dosn't matter, i'm open for any viable comp that can go far. fishermanhax#2436Leaho0 2d
2d [A] Resto Sham LF 3's MLS/RLS 2k Experience, 1.7 CR. Xgton#2829 Add me and lets go Pref SkypeTommykay0 2d
2d clickbait 2.2 exp multiclass, looking for 2s or 3s or w/e dont care to much about ur exp, just be descent so we can chill.Jqde4 2d
2d LF WMP/RMP 2k+ exp For practising/high ratings in future. Rovax#2587Roffirox0 2d
2d [lfp] the evening static Hi guys ! Need 2 dd and tank for farm mythicals, 840 + Prime time 18-23 every day (all day on Sat and Sunday) We'll try to speak your language =DБульмаман0 2d
3d Lf 3s 2.2exp wod as php Lf any viable 3s comp for ret,maybe still php/s best comp for ret?Dernius0 3d
3d rogue lf rmp/rmd teammates To push glad overtime. Bnet seriePSycho#2147Seriespsycho0 3d
3d LF Rsham and Shadowpriest LF dedicated teammates(rsham and shadowpriest) with the right mindset to play with on a daily basis to climb and improve at the game. no rush and no rage. I got Rival last season but I want to get to at least glad sometime so we gonna need to play alot. Be 2k+ lsxp, have honortalents, a 20+ artifact and decent gear. add Eximarus#2488 if you're interrested P.S. gonna use curse voice for communicationFeìnt0 3d
3d [H] rshaman looking for arena team 3v3 (ex-glad) Before my long break I was gladiator with rogue + warlock and now rerolled for Rshaman. I am looking for 2 more to make a valid comp and aim for Gladiator. Be chill and mature and no toxic players :)Marius4 3d