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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvP forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PvP" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your PvP guild You want to join a PvP guild You are looking for members for a cross-realm battleground You want to join an existing cross-realm group battleground You are looking for a new member for your arena team You want to join an arena team In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] <Class> Looking for RBG" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for Arena Team” or “[A/H] <Team> looking for <Class> and Healers” ) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
1h CS Totem Killer Guide Hi Lads IzbacivacX here again. We all know that pain in the *** when u suicide on Counter Strike Totem in 3s because you seen a totem 2 sec to late?! I found the Solution so that never happens again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCa7SO3M410 Enjoy owning shaman teams :)Omghaxor3 1h
3h [Cross-realm Alliance] High Level Discord Community Hello guys, Well first of all, I'm a french player so my english might not be the best but I'll do my best to keep that post as clear as possible. I'll simply translate what I've said on other forums. I've recently created with some of my mates a Discord server a little bit special. The idea is simple, we're looking to build a community of skilled players. We personally have an average PvP exp. between good+ and really high (2k to gladiator) and for PvE most of us cleaned everything, and we're looking for players around the same category. What we're trying to do is to regroup the maximum amount of people from different realms (and languages) on that Discord so that anyone can find skilled player at his disposal to do any event (RBG/Raid/Arena/Mythic+). Why would you come to our Discord instead of simply find a guild ? Well for many reasons : -First of all, you guessed it, it's cross realm, which means a larger pool of players. (Quality>quantity but we do our best to make the quality good too) -There are no specific schedule, you can come at anytime, anyday and build your group by throwing your announce on the specific chat, the interested players will respond. The larger we're, the faster the research will be. But this time, the players will certainly have the exp. required. -Nothing stops you from having a guild too, we're not forcing you to anything, we're just regrouping same-skilled players. You might not be on your guild roster, or you're on a PvP one while wanting to do some raids, or on a PvE one and trying to push your arena rating, we're the solution. -The vocal. Discord for those who don't know is a cool program similar to skype and teamspeak reunited. You can download it or open it directly on your browser, and it has some cool features. It's a really recent project so there'sn't a lot of players yet, but we're looking forward to it. In my opinion that's a cool opportunity to not miss, specially with all the content Legion provides. If you're interested and have the experience required (that's the only criteria we ask), feel free to drop your battletag here so that I can reach you as soon as possible. PS : We're currently alliance and recruited alliance players, if the project gets bigger we'll certainly open a Horde section, but not for the moment. Thanks for reading PS : I'll edit that post whenever I've more informations to provide as the project (hopefully) gets bigger.Reagen47 3h
4h Finding a new home Greetings community. I have been away for more than a year, just recently came back but still i haven't found my place in WoW again. I am in search for a realm with a good community and a very active one, i'm palying alliance so i would love to go to a realm where players love to PvP (arenas, BG's and even some WPvP) but also to have players and guilds that are interested in PvE would be good to as i love the lore of the game, and everything that concerns dungeons and raids. As stated before i am playing Alliance but would be awesome to be on a realm where the balance between Horde and Alliance is not very unbalanced, if there is a balance that would be even better. We all know that people with toxic behavior or other type of a lesser behavior are around everywhere in gaming and on the internet, maybe what i am asking for in this post is something that for many doesn't exist anymore in the WoW community but i do beleive that it exists still. Any help would be very much appreciated. P. S. : I heard about Dephias Brotherhood (RPPvP realm) i really don't know if it's a good one, also other people talk about Ravencrest and Outland (where i am now with this character but no idea if it's good...i heard some things that were not very attractive about it). If there are others that i should look up to please let me know. Good vibes to you all.Ephanrion0 4h
9h [H][Tarren Mill] <Something Pretentious> + You = ❤️ Hello everyone, I used to lead a decent PvP Guild from Classic all the way to WotLK. I haven't played most of MoP/Draenor content, returned a few weeks ago and now I want to pick up where I left off. This guild is for you if you're looking for more in PvP than just Arenas and some RBGs you prefer "casual but serious" over "pro" This guild is not for you if you think your opinion matters more because you have a higher rating you think "House Lannister" is a good guild name (no offense, but c'mon) you're a special snowflake I won't tell you some minimum rating you need to have because I learned that some stupid number doesn't necessarily mean anything. It's self-explanatory that you should really know the way around your class and that you should make use of all common mods. I expect a decent quality when it comes to your microphone. Given that everything goes the way I want it to, you can expect <Something Pretentious> to be the perfect guild for doing Battlegrounds in groups, RBGs - as soon as possible (roster-wise) - and a place where you'll find your new Arena mate(s). The most important aspect is the social one. It's still a game and it's supposed to be fun. Any questions? Asdrubael#2441Arthanael4 9h
14h Gaming community Discord [18+] I'm looking for people from EU servers to join in on our Discord channel and later group up in game to do battlegrounds and RBG's. Arenas as well due to all leasure. We have a few players who do PvP but i would like to see if anyone is interested in making this community grow. So if you like PvP battleground, arenas and want a social environment to group up fast and play games here's a permanent link : https://discord.gg/TRm8ZYB See you in the games! MonkLoa0 14h
17h Question regarding Prestige Are next Prestige ranks unlocked as well? Would be strange if not, cuz we are now progressing in every other part of the expansion...Ishammael6 17h
20h (H) Tank/ Dps LF stable RBG group I'm currently looking for a regular rbg spot for my Horde Demon Hunter tank. I have the 2.3k 'chiev but I see myself as a 2k player atm - I'm looking for a group that is looking to regularly be above 2k and play very often. I'm online every day and currently spamming rbgs with 1-win groups and finding it generally painful. Happy to be on TS and vocal on bg tactics, incomings, all the necessary things. Message me on Gojuramen#2391Gojûramen1 20h
22h [H] Lf 2s / General pvp partner Hey all, I am looking for someone to basically just enjoy pvp content with, push rating in 2s / do some bgs / Wpvp and 3s farming. Just going to bullet point a couple things make it easier to understand what I'm looking for :) * Play mostly during the day as I work evenings 16:00pm - 21:00/23:00 * Don't want to just binge on 2s all day every day I like to take breaks do bgs ect * I'm not an elitist or anything but please don't be noob xD *Just generally be a fun person! Btag me or comment below, Wackypanda#2683Kaylestarah5 22h
1d Mw lf 3s mates 2,2 cr 2,4sxp Mw with 2,2 cr and 2,4 sxp. I am looking for long term mates to push glad this season :D Btag: julian#2614Firection0 1d
1d LF 3rd to progress to 2k, CR 1700. Ret Pala + Hunter/ MW Monk looking for a third. We are looking for either a RSham, DPriest, MW Monk for Ret/Hunt/x or an !@# Rogue for Ret/Rog/MW. We have 1900 experience in arena, looking for a third who will practise and progress with us to 2k and further.Rzyal1 1d
1d [H] <Conviction> PvP @ Ragnaros - LF 3x DPS Greetings everyone. My apologies if i'm gonna trigger anyone with my post but i have to clarify and let you know that for the spots below , we are only interested in people from same realm aka Ragnaros. To catch up your question 'Why dont you just post that @ Ragnaros specific forum' Ragnaros is flagged as PvP realm but for me its impossible to get those spots filled.Im spamming chat day and night for weeks..Anyway , we are lookin for: • Decent Arena exp Hunter for BeastCleave (CR is optimal but not priority,we count on your exp from previous seasons) • 2.2k RBG exp : Rogue & Mage (CR is not priority again also.You only need to have working mic to join us @ Discord)Lorencia0 1d
1d (H) DK lf 3s Hi guys, What i am playing : Currently i am playing this DK. I got : 2K3 xp as feral druid (mop, FLS), rogue (cata, mop, wod, RPS), holy priest (thug cleave). I did not really play this season, just some quick arenas to get the pvp talents. Why not play a feral/rogue instead of the DK : The DK is my main for PVE, other chars aren't lvl 110 yet. What I am looking for : Any caster/dk/healer comp, preferably shadowcleave with mw monk. I'd rather not play any sort of melee cleave (I just don't like it) I am looking for a fixed team. I am aware that those comps aren't as "easy to learn" as TSG (just for example) but I don't like playing in a melee cleave. Vocal : Yes (anything, got a TS, but we can use discord or skype or whatever) Language : English or French ==> I am french, and my english is far from perfect but i more than good enough for any kind of communication in arenas and without (and i am leaving in Norway so its improving quickly anyway) Contact : predlol#2720 See you ;)Predlùlz0 1d
1d Demo lf 3s Hello, I am looking for mates for 3s the brst will be enha/ret + mw around 1800cr and 2100+cr Know your class and easy push 2kßraßüs0 1d
1d 2.7 Rshaman 2.2 CR lf 3s Hi Guys, Looking for players around 2.6 lsxp and 2.2 CR. Really want to push glad this season, so looking for long term partnership. I'm in hord! Ideal classes: Spriest Feral druid Assa rog Cheers.Stúie1 1d
1d [A] 2.3cr feral (2450sxp) LF consistent partners Hey guys, im looking for people to play with consistently and hopefully make a push for rank 1 this season, preferably playing jungle / fps / fls. i really dont care about rating right now, got the rest of the season to push, if you're of similar experience and interested lemme know or add Ryan#2114Rhaylee0 1d
1d MW Monk lf 3s partners Hi Name: Martin Age: 23 Faction: Horde Race: Orc Server: Stormscale - EU Class: Mistweaver Monk Rate: 1600 Best this season 1750 Timezone: GMT+ 1 (Norway) Playtime: 1600-2100 GMT+1 (Mostly online these times) Voice: Yes Battletag: Nians #2729 Im looking for a 3s team that are willing to play with a Mistweaver Monk. I am avable to use voice chat. I am willing to try out any comps but prefer melee comps like for exempel: Ench/Retri/Mistweaver Replay on this topic or add me at battlenet. Regards NiansShawomeC745F4 1d
1d [H] Mage lf long term partners to push high Hey, First expansion on retail. Currently at 2.1k and looking for someone to push high with. Voice required. Prefer RM/X, but can try ww/mage/hpala (i've seen it doing just fine on arena, no exp in this comp though)Netrake0 1d
1d [A] 2.4k player LF 2s and 3s partners Previously played at 2.4k with my hpala and have switched to my rogue for legion. I am looking for active partners for 2s and 3s, quite open to different comps!Zhiyul0 1d
1d [A] Resto Shaman LF Arena 3v3 or 2v2 Partners Hi, Resto Shaman 2,1k xp in 2s and 1980xp in 3s LF 3v3 and 2v2 Partners. Have no preference for the comp. but has to be viable :P What am looking for : -Be Friendly and want to progress -Have the ability to schedule the day and time of the next arena session ( changes ofc can be made) -Have the ability to play 3-4 arena sessions per week -Be around same level as me -Last but not least have Patience . Some sessions will end up good and some will end up badly :) Add me if interested: Takuto #2463Takutokun0 1d
1d 2.2k rogue & 2.1k druid lf stable 3s partner Hey everybody, We´re two chilled guys who played together since mid WoD and looking for someone to push rating and build synergy with. Pref. Mage or Ret, but open to most classes. You should have the same or higher xp and be able to use skype/ts. Cr would be nice but is not needed (We´re at 1,7k). We´re aiming for duelist this season, so you should also be willing to reach that goal and have some time on 2-3 days to play. So if you´re chilled and looking for stable mates aswell, please add me :) BTag: D10s#2489 If you´re a rager, flamer or twitch rank 1, please don´t bother. GreetzBakermaat1 1d
1d [A] 2.3 ww lf stable 3s Hey there ! 2.3 ww monk (2.1 sxp) lf stable 3s partners. Only requirements I ask for are HUGE playtime (since I can play more or less all day long at the moment), 2.2 recent exp and alot of motivation (and of course voice communication). I'm mostly looking for a Walking Dead (ww - udk - healer) with a MW Monk but I'm open to suggestions. (also looking for a stable disc to play 2s with, bring same exp and 2k cr) Btag : Cara#21360Carajocelyn1 1d
2d Lock LF Feral/Rsham 3v3 Affli lock LF 3v3 partners to push rating prefere feral/rsham very strong comp must have skype for long hours games add me on btag origin#21107 im online everyday long days someday wanting to push ratingDaheix0 2d
2d [A] Alliance RBG Group - Rating Push Hey, I'm looking to push rating with a dedicated RBG group. It's difficult finding a RBG-focused guild on my server, so I'm looking for anyone interested in getting involved. Just comment or add my BNET! So far I've been playing with a couple of friends and majority pugs, I've managed to climb up to 1.6k but we will need an organised team to progress into higher brackets.Warford3 2d
2d 1.8k exp as rbg leader looking for people to pvp with, nothing too serious add my realid phenoix#2395 if you wanna chatOptic0 2d
2d Hpally LF 3s [Permanent partners] [Alliance] I'm an 1800xp main DK that got sick of searching for healers and decided to make one myself. LF partners. I have a lot to learn with this class since I only started it 3 days ago, so prefer no rage quitters who start to leave after losses which will happen. Mostly doing 2s with pugs right now and hit 1600. I'm open to criticism and always look to improve. Add me if you have a similar mindset. I have a lot of free time but DK(Horde) being my main, I always give it preference so there will be times when I can't queue with you. All I do is PvP, hit me up if you need a healer. Voice is preferred. I have Discord, Skype. I do not care about your experience. Vince#2388Yogsaron3 2d
2d Resto druid LF mage/lock 2v2 Eyo. I'm a resto druid from Sweden who'd like to find a mage or affliction warlock for 2v2 on a semi-regular basis. It's a plus if you're good at taking charge. I'd say I'm decently skilled. Itemlevel 846, artifact level 20, honor level 37 and cirka 1550 rating currently. Voice chat of some kind is a big plus. Kind regards, OdKthx3 2d
2d [H] 2k Exp Frost Mage LF 3s/2s Hi, I played at 2.4k MMR with a rating of 2098 on my Warrior during MoP, I got Rival and felt as thought I could've gotten higher. I didn't play WoD much as I thought it was hella boring. Please understand that I'm new to mage, but that doesn't mean I don't know what i'm doing, I know how arena works, just getting to grips with this class so I may screw up every now and then. I speak fluent English and ask that you do the same, I also ask that you bring a open mind and a good sense of humour. Please message me in game or add Dunkey#2150 I've no expectations about going high, however I would like to attempt it.Dumbledead0 2d
2d [WTB] RBG rating 1800 Hey! I'm a player on Argent Dawn that would like to buy a boost for a rating of 1800 in RBG. I could pay up to 200k gold if interested. Reason for this: Want to get Field Marshal gear on my Paladin because the transmog system doesn't work since my Warrior already has the set but it's a "warrior set" and therefore it doesn't count towards other class transmogs.Limeberry4 2d
2d Disc Twink looking for Guild I've just created a twink on Outland - Alliance. Now I'm looking for an active 'Twinking' guild to play with. I will be twinking my disc priest (human) at either 19 or 70. Depends on what is more crowded. Will be playing PvP for most of my twinking time. :] I'm online on either weekdays and weekends. I also own a working headset, so communication won't be a problem.Whatezz0 2d
2d [H] 2.3+xp mage LF partners Returning for legion, lots of arena xp from private servers at all expansions 2k cr 3v3 atm need partners to push glad pref assa fire RMP/D or war+ hpala playing fire only wisper me in game Tsaky#2958Tll1 2d
2d LF partner to practice in rated Hello everyone, I am looking for a partner to do some rated pvp together. I do not have any experience in rated, i only do random battlegrounds as my guild is still working on a pvp team. Currently i play as Ret pally, avg ilvl 805 but it is getting upgraded If anyone wants to try some 2s with me let me know, here or add me under btag: Dantus#21948Bhaline2 2d
2d (H) Frost mage LF 2s and\or 3s and\or RBG Looking for 2s, 3s, RBG. In older expansions (BC, WotLK - then sold account in Cata) had a decent amount of experience with rogue, shadow/disc priest in 2s, RMP in 3s. But, in general, everyone is welcome (as long as one is a nice person). Age: 28; Voice comm: yes; Language: Russian, English.Tiahx1 2d
2d 2650lsxp Feral LF Hunters/healers. Jungledream 2650Lsxp Feral LF Hunters to keep the jungle dream alive. Cr is 2.1 atm but idc too much about it, want potential longterm partners with similar xp. MM pref but survival is decent too thanks Demitirus#2552 HMU (Idm if any discs wanna shout me for 2s either. 2.3cr atm) Glad this season tbh, my goal anyways.Fenriousx10 2d
2d Need a healer for arena, former D-Gladiator Need a healer for 2s or 3s or just any type of PVP. Im a former gladiator on many different characters aswell as grand marshal :) add me and we can do some rated arena: onishi#21436 Cheers!Yonishi0 2d
3d 3s Hpala looking for partners LFM 3s. I'm looking for 2 teammates for arena, i am currently 2800ish in 3s, highest holy paladin in 3s world atm. Wanting to make a secondary team to gain rating on my second pala. Preferably looking for a good survival hunter and feral. Or some sort of meele cleave. Send me a message if you are interested and experienced in 3s. a plus if you are 2 people that know eachoter and have synergy.Lyftkranen1 3d
3d [H] Sin Thalas - RP-PVP @ Defias Brotherhood Founded in the wake of the high elven kingdom's destruction, Sin Thalas used to be one of the many units serving the thalassian army. As a political and military organization, Sin Thalas is tasked with the defense of the kingdom of Quel'Thalas honouring their allegiance to the New Horde. With the defense of Quel'Thalas at the forefront of its purpose, Sin Thalas seeks to defend the ideals and tenets of the Sin'dorei across all of Azeroth. Their forces have been seen chasing artifacts, freeing prisoners and bringing justice to the traitors of Silvermoon. Showing upon the bulletins in each Sin'dorei settlement is a silken red flag with an emblazoned golden sun. Written on the parchment in an elegant script is the following: ... =================================================================== OOC INFO: Sin Thalas is a RP-PVP Guild. We hold a guild meeting every week, and in addition aim for lots of random RP and regular events and campaigns. Most of our events take place in the Eastern Kingdoms, in the lands of the Sin'dorei, although we have been known to offer our services for the good of the Horde as a whole. Each and every member of the guild is welcome to contribute ideas and lead their own events. As an organization consisting solely of Blood Elves (no exceptions), we accept any level and class of Blood Elves (yes, even Death Knights are welcome), we encourage our members to level up and grab some gear so that they can attend all kinds of events in various different locations. We also encourage members to engage in PVP, in order to be prepared for upcoming RP-PVP events and also for the sake of defending our faction capital from intruders. Besides RP-PVP, many of our members enjoy casual PvE or PvP and often team up for other things the game has to offer, like Heroics, LFR, BG's/Arena's or Timewalking. However we do not actively organise these on the calendar. If you are interested in our guild, you can visit our website for more informations and also apply at http://sinthalas.shivtr.com/ (original post: http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17612841782 )Seregolas2 3d
3d Next Level PvP So, after a bit of head banging with the latest PvP ideas, I've come up with a solution. I think. We have Casual BG's and we have rated. I think it would be suitable to have something in between. It should be composed of players who are willing to communicate within PvP and work together to win and have a nominated, serious, battleground leader who can compose a plan. I wouldn't be against a specific joining requirement for this. While I love doing PvP I don't want to do rated BG's purely for a rating. I like the gear, honor and artifact rewards from casuals but feel there needs to be some more control over these 'Pugs'. ::Since this 50% BG bonus event, I've constantly lost all BG's I've been in. It's like a hoard of inexperienced players have just joined the game and hope that people will carry them through to a win. The rewards should be the same or if deemed suitable, slightly higher. I no longer want to join a BG with a leader who doesn't speak, doesn't compose a plan. While I can create a small team I can't waltz into a random BG with an entire raid team and take over. I just want to play with others who want to win and are willing to throw ideas into the pot to win. This is simply lacking in Pug PvP. That's my basic idea which I think might be somewhat helpful. (It's like Raid finder to 10 man to heroics/mythics) Apart from this point I would like to introduce would be the Equivalent of 10/25man Normals in the ranking system.. That's all. =)Caztazia0 3d
3d SP LF Rsham+Rogue push 2k Hi , i'm looking for an RPS , i want to push 2k this season with serious mates , my xp is 1k8 and my currently rating 1k6 . If u are interessting , you can add me : Ojisanboy#2870 Thanks !Sorrøw0 3d
3d resto druid lf team exp 2,4 hey guys i looking for team my exp 2,4 i need try push gladi i need team m8 rmd turbo !@# same exp play long time practis togther and push gladiExzotic0 3d
3d Demo lf RBG grupe to push 2k cr 2200mmr+ Have 2k cr+ constantly playing around 2200-2300 mmr Doing really sick DMG I am vocal Can speak english and I am 2,2+exp almost every seasson sinc mop w/me in game or let me know here...ßraßüs0 3d
3d Disc -LF a DPS 2k cr only! Disc LF a good dps whit 2k cr for push 2200 , no rogues!Altarpriest1 3d
3d [A]Looking for potential players for Core RBG Team. We're currently looking for multiple classes to possible fill in our RBG Core Team. We're planning on pushing rating as high as possible, preferably HoTA. However, our group is not complete yet. As of now we're in need off a Resto Druid, Disc Priest, Holy Pala, Demon Hunter (DPS & MUST be able to tank), Warlock and MM hunter. Of course other classes are welcome too, just so depends on the comp we're running. You're required to have a microphone, maximum Honor level, and atleast 2k experience (in any bracket) For more information, do not hesitate to contact me via my battle ID. Kryptiiq#2585Kershaw0 3d
3d 2.5 enha lf 3s my hunter logged off 6 days ago and has been MIA ever since + the MW wont play without him so as a result looking for some more 3s, 2100CR 2400xp been at 2500mmr + 2250CR this season Happy to try anything JoshSpeller#1439 ty, peaceVakh3 3d
3d Why is warlock resto shaman working Hello I play resto druid and my mate plays affly lock we helps me do some arena. And I asking myself why locks are better with shamans? Is it because shaman has interupt and hex that dose not Dr with fear? Like can you even achieve and rating as lock druid if your average Joe?Doóxy6 3d
3d LF PvP guild for RBGS on tarren mill Hey guys, I'm currently rating 1250. I want to join a solid RBG team. I've been playing WoW since 2006. I'm playing as Horde, warrior. I'm also leveling a Warlock and shaman, for future PvP's. I'm always up for TS or discord. Hope to hear from you! (My gear may not be the best currently, but I'm workin on it!)Immoxb0 3d
3d Looking for premade ashran groups As the tittle says, i am looking for premade ashran groups for farming our honor. if you have any group already or want to make one let me know.Sladeshon0 3d
3d [A] LF Rdruid/MW Monk to do 2s with, read! Hey there! After having reached 2.2k with my Demon Hunter, I'm now looking to rebuild my long-lost Warrior. I've previously been experienced at 2.4k in both 2s and 3s on my warrior, so I'm looking for someone to push at least 2.2k with in this season, be it 2s or 3s. Mostly, I'm looking for an rdruid or a mistweaver monk, as I heard/felt it's the best composition to create with a Warrior. You can contact me on Sira#21400 - Before you add me, I'd rather play with someone who has similar experience or close. Not really looking for someone who's completely new to the game, or rusty. So please - Know what you're doing.Nishie0 3d
3d Need a healer to build a constant team for 3s Hey guys, me (Rogue) and my friend (SPriest) are looking for a healer (preferably RDRU) to build a constant arena team. We only started playing together a few days before the end of WoD and only got up to 1.6k. Currently we are looking for a player with the same mindset, who takes the game reasonably seriously and want to improve in a stable team of adequate people. If that sounds good to you, add me (MWalker#2328) and let's start playing.Âmrel4 3d