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Do Not Bump Threads We appreciate you’re keen to promote awareness of your guild, but the act of posting simply to bump a thread is considered spamming. Anyone found to be bumping may have their thread deleted and be subject to a forum suspension. Please note that it is perfectly acceptable to update your threads with new information related to your recruitment, but posting just for the sake of bumping is not okay! Why bumping in the 'Looking for Players' forums is bad: If everyone is allowed to constantly bump their threads in the 'Looking for Players' forums, It creates a continuing and ever growing need for people to keep bumping threads. The ever increasing bumping of threads will flood the forums and make it much harder for players to find guilds of interest, which in turn will make it harder for guilds to attract new recruits, because the recruitment threads are less likely to be noticed by the potential recruits. If no-one is allowed to bump, the 'Looking for Players' forums move more slowly and there is less flooding. No bumping means that it is easier for potential recruits to get an overview of the guilds recruiting, and because there is less “noise” in the form of bump/spam posts, people will also be motivated to actually spend more time on the 'Looking for Players' forums as they are not discouraged from having to trawl through a ton of bump/spam posts to find the information they are looking for. Vaneras0
18 Jul 2012
Looking for players — PvP forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PvP" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your PvP guild You want to join a PvP guild You are looking for members for a cross-realm battleground You want to join an existing cross-realm group battleground You are looking for a new member for your arena team You want to join an arena team In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] <Class> Looking for RBG" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for Arena Team” or “[A/H] <Team> looking for <Class> and Healers” ) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with! Vaneras0
16 Apr 2012
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(A+H)☻Golden Team☻Wts Boost Nemesis /Bloody Coins boost Some of you might have seen me in game advertisement for the Nemesis quests and other kind of services. We have characters on Alliance and Horde for every race, so this way we are able to do every Nemesis quests. We're also able to do Bloody Coin farms in the fastest and cheapest way. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEMESIS [Warlord of Draenor] Requirements: A level 2 Gladiator's Sanctum in your Garrison Time: Usually each quest takes 12 min, for a full run around 1:30 hours. We do Every Sunday starting at 16:30 server time. Kill order: Horde : Human > Draenei > Night Elf > Gnome > Worgen > Panda > Dwarf Alliance : Orc > Goblin > panda > tauren > troll > blood elf > undead Rewards: You will be rewarded with a title for each of the completed races. You can check out the exact titels at Achievements -> Garrison -> Buildings tab. Price: 15k for each race 100k for all the 7 quests We Can Accept Gold In 9 Realm Horde Side : Kazzak >> Draenor >> Twisting Nether >>Tarren Mill >> Burning Legion Alliance Side: Silvermoon >> Ravencrest >> Outland >> Sylvanas -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BLOODY COINS Time: 2000 coins takes around 20 mins. Price: 2000 Coins: 80k In 9 Realms -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LAST OF US Requirements: A level 3 Gladiator's Sanctum in your Garrison Some Broken Bones (we usually do the Nagrand Colliseums after Nemesis runs so if you buy both you should be more than good) Time: Doing the achievement for each player takes around 10 min. We do the runs in Every days Just In Alliance Side Rewards: Lady / Lord of War title And More Toys Price: 100k for the Last of Us Achievement (by getting this you will also get the 100 kill quest completed) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are interested add me on : ADMIRAL#2613 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You Can Fallowing My Team In : Feedbacks on Alliance Side Nemesis : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17611291562 Feedbacks on Alliance Bloody Coins : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17610954070 Feedbacks on Alliance Side Last Of Us : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17610931337 Feedbacks on Kazzak : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17611881799#1 Feedbacks on Draenor : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17611891776#1 Feedbacks on Twisting Nether : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17611921813#1 Feedbacks on Burning Legion : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17611891777#1 Admiral#2613 Admirål11
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