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1d Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 1d
24 Nov [Guide] Windwalker PvE 7.1.x - Flying Fists Guide Windwalker 7.1 Legion PvE First of all, this guide is primarily made for raiding. Talent and Legendary choices can vary depending on your activity (raiding, pvping mythic+ , etc) 1) General information about the Windwalker 2) Stats 3) Talents 4) Artifact Weapon 5) Builds 5.1) Offensive Cooldowns 6) Playstyle 7) Defensive Cooldowns 8) Legendaries 9) Addons 10) Consumeables and Item Enhancements 10.1) Gems 10.2) Enchants 10.3) Potions 10.4) Food 10.5) Flasks 1) General information The Windwalker Monk is an Energy and Chi based highly mobile melee, that has incredible abilities to do high burst in both type of encounters : Singletarget and AoE! Cooldown and Energy management is deciding your „skill“ level. 2) Stats Agility>Mastery(40%)>Versatility(10%)>=Critical Strike>Haste (NOTE with 7.1.5 crit will eventually become more valuable again!) If you want to use Simulationcraft or Addons like Pawn these are the values I am using: Agility 1 Mastery 0.62 Versatility 0.54 Critical Strike 0.53 Haste 0.46 3) Talents 15: Chi Wave: (40yd range, 15s cd) does a decent amount of damage but most important about this choice ist hat it does reset HIT COMBO (90 Talent) 30: Tiger’s Lust: (20yd range, 30s cd) increases a friendly target’s movement speed by 70% for 6s and removes all roots and snares. I really like this choice since you can remove some damaging debuffs with it but any choice here is fine since ist personal preferance! 45: Energizing Elixir: (1min cd) instantly refilling all of your Energy and Chi 60: Leg Sweep: (45s cd) stuns all enemies in a 5yd circle around you for 5s 75: Healing Elixir: (30s recharge, 2charges) heals you for 15% of your maximum health, triggers automatically if you drop below 35% health Also a preference choice depending on the encounter but overall this is probably the best choice since it is always usefull. 90: Hit Combo: (passive) each sucessive strike, that triggers your mastery in a row grants 2% increased damage for 8s, stacking up to 8 times (16% dmg increase) This ist THE most important talent! If played correctly it permanently increases your damage by 16%. 100: Serenity: (1.5min cd, replaces Storm, Earth, and Fire!) increases your damage dealt by 40%, makes all Chi consumers free and reduces their cooldown by 50%. Lasts 8s. Whirling Dragon Punch is a viable choice if you are new to WW, have the legendary bracers or fighting an encounter with alot of adds. 4) Artifact Weapon You want to skill your weapon counter-clockwise since it offers the best minor traits. When you hit the 3rd golden trait (Crosswinds) you can get Good Karma which helps alot with your defense in every situation since it buffs your Touch of Karma. Traits in relics: #1 Fists oft he Wind (5% Fists of Fury damage) #2 Rising Winds (5% Rising Sun Kick damage) / Power of a Thousand Cranes (3% Spinning Crane Kick damage, for AoE) #3 Strenght of Xuen (2% increased chance on Tiger Palm to get a free Blackout Kick) Fists damage is better by a high amount than Rising Sun Kick damage and both oft hem are insanely better than all others! 5) Builds At the moment there are 2 different builds which are Serenity : high singletarget and AoE burst for 8s , doesn’t offer anything in sustained form Storm, Earth, and Fire : high burst AoE, moderate singletarget , but offers really good sustained AoE 5.1) Offensive Cooldowns Serenity or Storm, Earth, and Fire (both 1.5min cd, you want to time them with Touch of Death except you could get 1 more use o fit if you use it on cooldown! For example the fight duration is 5min that means you could use Serenity/SEF 3times or 2times combined with Touch of Death in this case you want to use it without Touch of Death for a damage increase!) Touch of Death ( 2min cd) 6) Playstyle First rule : never use an ability twice in succession since you will lose the damage increase of your mastery AND drop Hit Combo which is an even bigger damage loss! Opener with Serenity : Fyling Serpent Kick (prefight)-> Chi Wave (on pull)-> Tiger Palm-> Touch of Death + Serenity(wait for the GCD before using Sernity!) -> Rising Sun Kick -> Fists of Fury -> Rising Sun Kick -> Spinning Crane Kick -> Blackout Kick->Strike of the WindlordWajoba24 24 Nov
21 Nov [Guide] Brewmaster - Get rolling with the Brews Introduction I decided to make this guide to help those who want to play Brewmaster in legion and bring more clarity to the spec. What will this guide include? -A quick understanding how abilities synergize and how they function. -How to appropriately gear up your Brewmaster so you don't feel like a wet sponge. - Make you understand how each stat benefits the BrM so you can build around it to suit your play-style. -Bring you closer to enlightenment to how amazing and complex this spec is. Abilities and Core Mechanics Brewmaster is a leather wearing tank that specializes in dodging and delaying damage through a mechanic called Stagger. With the use of brews Brewmaster are able to delay more damage into stagger and get rid of a percentage of damage currently in stagger. With the use of of certain abilities Brewmasters are able to reduce the time needed for a brew to ready again. The Brews Our core abilities here are IronSkin Brew which delays a further 40% of damage taken into stagger and Purifying Brew that clears 50% of damage currently in stagger. These two abilities share charges with each other and is important to learn how to balance the use of these respective brews. Fortifying Brew gives you a buff for 15 sec, increasing your current and maximum health by 20%, increasing the damage you delay with Stagger by an additional 20%, and reducing all damage you take by 20% and is our major defensive ability on a 7 min CD Talented- Black Ox Brew: When used instantly refills your Energy, and restores your Ironskin Brew and Purifying Brew charges. It has a 90 second CD Abilities that shorten the CDs of your Brews Like any Drunk fighter trying get more brews, you obviously Keg Smash and Tiger Palm anything in your way for more delicious brews, YUM! Keg Smash dealing damage to all enemies within 8 yds and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 15 sec and reduces the remaining cooldown on your Brews by 4 sec. Tiger Palm: Damages the target and reduces the remaining cooldown on your Brews by 1 sec. The section above named "The Brews" is all the cooldowns that are affected by Keg Smash and Tiger Palm. So with perfect play you could reduce the cooldown of Fortifying Brew down to 3.5 minutes which is half of its original time. This synergy between Keg Smash , Tiger Palm and Brews is the core mechanic of Brewmasters Core Passive Abilities Stagger: delaying 40% of Physical damage and turning it into stagger and taking that damage over the next 10 sec. Affects magical attacks at half effectiveness. This is mechanic is what the Brewmasters is built around and with the talent High tolerance we can increase from this from 40% to 50% Stagger. Our Mastery is: Elusive Brawler grants a stacking dodge chance increase each time you are hit by an attack until you dodge an attack, and also passively increase attack power. This is one of our best average physical damage reduction abilities and should not be ignored. Celestial Fortune: You have a chance equal to your critical strike chance to be healed for an additional 65% of the amount healed. This affects your healing and healing done onto you by a healer. This also works for Absorbs. Gift of the Ox: When you take damage equal to your maximum health, you summon a Healing Sphere visible only to you. Moving through this Healing Sphere heals you for (750% of Attack power). Damage is this statement refers to damage taken before absorbs and stagger. The ability Expel Harm collects all of your Healing Spheres, and damages the nearest enemy for 10% of the amount healed. Which is a nice ability if you don't want to move around to collect your healing spheres.Swifthorn84 21 Nov
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
17m Rate The transmog above I wanna see some new Transmog :DXúén33 17m
1h so... class fantasy is dead? Windwalker getting Ox Statue on the latest ptr... How stupid is that..Slackware5 1h
4h Help choosing between this 2 trinkets please Hi, i was using this "1418 agi + 986 versa" but i got in the chest a Nightmare Egg Shell ilvl 875. What is better? Thanks for all and sorry for my english ^_^Pitushei1 4h
5h PTR Good changes for BRM From the current PTR Build they have changed a few Talents which offers a better choice for the rows. Here are the changes so far; ... The lv75 talent row is a lot better and change to Gift of the Mists brings it closer inline to the other Talents. I predict Mystic Vitality being the favorite one for Raiding and HE maybe being more valuable on certain mythic Dungeons. WW getting statue is a bit of a wierd choice but gives them a bit of raid ultity.Swifthorn11 5h
17h Serenity nerf in 7.1.5 Check out this post from the US forums: Personally I find this very disheartening considering they haven't done anything to help our sustain damage.Girlrilla15 17h
23h Zen Meditation? Hello Monks, I just leveled this alt to have fun, and i actually have. I an just fooling around doing some WQ and normal dungeons. But to my question. Zen Meditaion? What is that good for? I am sorry if i am a complete noob, but isnt that spell useless? I saw someone mentioning some very few raid encounters, but besides that, i have very rarely been in an encounter where i dont have to move, dont take melee damage etc. Tbh i am inclined to remove the ability from my bar. Am i missing something? CheersWoohchick3 23h
1d ww in 2s is anyone else struggling in doing dmg?Ghostdogx7 1d
1d Has monk been nerfed??? I used to play monk as main until legion, then i started going Paladin/DH But i remember Monk being in the TOP 5 highest DPS on Noxxic and i know Noxxic isn't trustworthy but at that time , monk did really good! Now it's gone to #20 or something , like really low... Is this true? Is it worth gearing a PvE Monk or is noxxic just drunk againWîndwàlker4 1d
1d Goblin/Worgen Monks So what silly lore reason is preventing this from happening? Yes, I wanna be a goblin.PlayerFSNSKM14 1d
1d Mistweaver Lore With the removal of Chi one of my theories regarding Mistweaving died a bit, so I'd be interested what you guys know or think through what exactly we heal. I don't think it was ever mentioned what our mist is, they just state we "manipulate life energies" - Sounds a bit like Druidism or Shamanism to me, plus the fact that we got the August Celestials who are also Wild Gods. Thinking of Xavius and his Emerald Nightmare, he used quite a bit of mist... Maybe we use a more positive version of that? Anyway, has anyone some solid lore rather just me with my crazy theories hahaSøulblaze1 1d
1d WW PTR 6.12.2016 PTR WW Not looking too exited: Nerf to Legendary, halfed the damage of CJL increase CJL damage doubledSo overall nothing changed T19 stat changes RSW applies SCK stacksYeah you did read right. They buffed AoE, somewhat. Still not competitive with Hit Combo. Legandary: ... The compensated CJL: ... So overall its it still the same. The problem it was already a damage loss before ! Ps: It ticks for 450k every second for free after 20 stacks, so not that useless. Perfect if everything is on CD. T19: Head: Crit; Versa Shoulder: Mastery; Versa Cloak: Crit; Haste Chest: Haste; Mastery Gloves: Versa; Haste Legs: Mastery; Crit The first listed stats is the higher one. Still that wont help us in ST. It just makes the new t19 not a downgrade anymore. RJW change: ... Thats it folks...Mijaki3 1d
1d Mistweavers in 7.1.5 So ive been playing my MW again. Alot of fun. bit undergeared atm still no legendary ofc. but the AK 19 helps alot :D. anyways. i was wondering if there were any drastic changes to MW's on the new patch? Actually only thing i wanted to be changed is the fact that i need 2 sets of gear for dungeons and raids... besides that i love how it's played.Kaméhameha3 1d
1d Any MW healing tips tried Karazan hey all so normal mythics was easy to heal then i went into karazan WOW. I got through maiden, the horse guy forgot his name and moroes, but the golem getting us. People was taking massive damage all the time and when three people got low it was like one had to die. Any tips? when three people get lows I don't seem to have anything to heal them up big with. All tips welcome thank you :)Aleal3 1d
1d BRM dmgat 870 approx What dmg should i be putting out ST and AOE? My general overall dmg in +10 mythics is 200k imo its abit low.. Waht rotations do you use?Äbbadon6 1d
1d Brewmaster Pvp (Serious, lol) Yo fellow Monks, Have any of ya givin' Brewmaster a real shot in pvp? I been 'testing' it since Legion came out, and I only pvp as Brewmaster. What's your experience? Tell me cons and pros. Or do you have any idea how to make Brewmaster viable? Pros: Stagger is decent as a defensiv tool in pvp. Teleporting is so good, when carryin' a flag. (Mostly Wsg, you can do sick tricks) 3x CC's. Kinda immune to snares (If specced into 'Niuazo's Essence) Hot Trub (Pvp talent) can be very good in some situations. I had a 300k hit with it. Very good self healing. Good mobility (But thats just Monk overall) 25 yard Snare, not bad. Cons: I do close to no dmg, single target at least. Don't work for anything else than Casual Bgs, it feels like. Disclaimer: I aint a high rated monk, since I've been Ret/Holy since Vanilla Wow. I just switched to Brewmaster in Legion. Cause I loved their animations and had some hope for supportish class in pvp.Fumbs8 1d
1d Brew T19 Holding back any possible changes or buffs? Fellow Brewers! I've been wracking my brain, the internet and every other resource on Brew to try and go through why we are just getting absolutely NO Brew feedback from Blizz, all they said in that Q&A was "yeah we know its in a bad place" Yeah we have no utility in comparison to the rest of the Tanks, Yeah we are one of (if not THE) most complicated tanks in the game, always needed brains to play. This I get, totally, and TBH Ion Hazz said in that Q&A "Brewmasters are really quite strong... there's just this stigma"..... Yes Ion, there is.... its crippling us.... so change us... I can't deny, Phys damage mitigation is strong, stagger kind of works but is still a bit broken, Magic damage however, yeah right, we're a !@#$-shower in a thunderstorm, Xavius Darkening Soul springs to mind, how to jump from 700k stagger to 7 million stagger in 2 seconds flat... We (most of us anyhoo) feel like we need a small CD Def, even Absorb maybe to help with this Magic Damage... So I look at the Set bonus for Nighthold, 4 piece set gives us an extra 5% stagger, TYVM 85% with ISB up, AND Reduces the CD's of our brews from Tiger Palm by 1 second per TP. So I looked at it this way... in a 7 second rotation (Keg Smash CD give or take some haste scaling) we could probs get say... 3 TP's off? Blackout Combo BS->KS = 6 Sec off Brew charges 3 Tiger Palms with Set 19 = 6 sec off Brew charges Face Palm @ 3 points in Artifact = 30% chance for an extra 1 sec per TP off Brew CD Essentially, trying a little law of averages, 30% chance, 3 Tiger palms, at least 1 should Face Palm proc. in a 7 Second rotation that gives us back a possible 13 Seconds off Brew CD give or take... TL:DR Do Blizz feel we CAN'T be tweaked because when Nighthold T19 Drops, we should theoretically have enough Charges to still keep good ISB uptime, AND have MORE than enough Purifies available for a big burst of stagger, including Magic Damage, so we could clear more regularly, thus decreasing our overall Healing needed because we can drop off more damage more often? I'm just not sure if this is one of those things they are waiting to see how it goes before they actually change our spells and we end up prematurely OP... I know there's lots of other fundamentals we are lacking in comparison to other tanks, and I still want some other stuff.... reliable controlled and viable self heals might be nice somewhere, but this set bonus and lack of Blizz Love for Brew seems to me like it might be THEIR way of saying, Band-aid and just leave it, it will be fine... just never played... but fine. I did also check the other Tier 19 Tank sets, I'm not gonna start to compare TBH, it'd be pointless. But I'm trying to look from our perspective. Thoughts guys? its a simple thing, but is it true?Vortéks3 1d
1d Can't decide on race :( sorry if this is spammy and ultimately it comes down to my decision, but I just can't decide between Orc, Troll or Pandaren Monk. As far as Racials go, they are all pretty solid, I'm more interested in style. I'm mainly going to play the monk as WW / BRM as I like the rotation and decision making. While Trolls are mostly Hunchback, they got so much armor specifically designed for them, especially in ZA / ZG and can rock most of MoP's sets. Pandaren are rather obvious, and their Taran zhu copy just looks badass, worthy of farming the required reputation + they make the perfet Brewmasters imo, however I don't like the male animations and on females the shoulders are way too small Orcs... I just have a fetish for them I think, everytime I create a character and get them to max lvl I think "imagine how much cooler this would be if it were an Orc". Tested them out on my Rogue and the Monk sets looks really good on Orc :s. They also have some Brewmaster thing going on in their race identity On a final note, since Brewmasters are like Unicorns, how do you fight with the Artifact weapon? Does it mainly sit on the back and gets occasionally used for a swing or does it spend more time in your hand?Ieeroy4 1d
1d Flying Serpent Kick steering Hey guys so I have been leveling my ww monk and I saw a lot of players steering while serpent kicking. How do you do that? Is it a trait or something? Thanks.Umraic1 1d
1d Death art trait not working? Hello monks! I'm having issues with death art, and dont know if it's a bug or my fault. With this trait, if npc die with touch of dead or while he have the dot, ToD CD should be reduced. I've tried it several times, npc die 2 seconds after apply ToD, and CD still have 2 mins. Are you having the same problem? Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Thanks!Zérø7 1d
2d reroll to monk-HELP ME MONK COMMUNITY I am thinking of rerolling to monk,i am so bored of nerf after nerf at warriors and after having used PTR protection warrios seems SO stupid to play with,i LOVE ww monk(playstyle,mobility,etc)and after playing BnS long time ago i always wanted to make a ww monk but never had the "chance".Can you give me a solid feedback on heal/dps/tank of monk now and (from what we know)on 7.1.5 as well as for legendary items,heroic-myth raids and mythic+.To make myself clear i am all in for WW monk but i like that class can respec to healer and tank,what i wanna know is about WW monk and capabilities of class. Thanks Monk Community and no harm feelings but i hope i wont join you and blizz wont make me reroll to monk but if this happens i d be glad to come to monk community.Allyslicer1 2d
2d Ovyd's Winters Grap Questions Hello, just dropped my 2nd legen and it was ovyd's. I ask you guys, how is it in raiding? Should i go Lifecycles everytime? And when it spreads to someone does it procs GoM ? How do you feel with it?Xalshien1 2d
2d Monk graphic bug? Does anyone else have a graphic bug from SeF? I have started to play my monk again (not played WoW since MoP) and my monk is constantly stuck in a fire aura form thingy, something that resembles SeF. Unless I have accidentally activated this somehow (a glyph maybe?). Need some help!Vu0 2d
2d Mistweaver stats pve? First of all sorry for my english What are the main stats for mistweaver? i know that WW = Agi->Mastery->crit->vers->haste? thanks in advanceMáttdémón17 2d
3d Monk legendary secondary stats How come that the Brewmaster legendarys have the better secondary stats for Windwalker and vice versa? For example the rings. brewmaster ring "Jewel of the lost abbey" has crit mastery which is good for windwalker and windwalker ring "march of the legion" has crit haste. generally windwalker legendarys have way to much haste which is the least useful stat for ww while it is the best stat for brm. and brm legendarys have a lot of mastery. why is this?Discoklaus1 3d
3d Question, Stat weights MW monk sup what stats are you supposed to go for? haste feels useless so i just have to decide between crit, vers and mastery. currently im trying to go for crit and vers but i barely ever get crit/vers items. Now im stuck with 12000 points of crit and only 3000 points of versGeist1 3d
3d Cenedril Reflector of Hatred (Legendary) is it bad? the monk legendary "Cenedril Reflector of Hatred ( The amount of damage that Touch of Karma can redirect is increased by 150% of your maximum health.)" is a bad legendary right? in pve its not that good i quess and in pvp legendarys doesnt work, this is only a legendary for world pvp right?Poopypants10 3d
3d Male or Female Can't Decide Hi all, I can't decide male or female human for my monk I want best animations and the gear to look great for both WW and MW now how are they which do you think looks an feels best thanks would like your honest opinions. thanksVaruka9 3d
3d WW/DH viable? Greetings fellow monks, I am new to the WW monk PvP action and i recently started doing rated 2s with my DH friend. We are having a hard time getting to 1.5k. So here is the question; is this comp we are playing viable by any chance or should i try MW for better results? Peace.Sayajin6 3d
3d MW legendary: Eye of Collidus the Warp-Watcher Hi. MW legendary: Eye of Collidus the Warp-Watcher Since the upcoming patch 7.1.5 is going to change some legendary effects and such I like to discuss this one. Eye of Collidus the Warp-Watcher (ring) effect: Equip: Each time Soothing Mist heals, the absorb amount of your next Life Cocoon is increased by 1%. Why (imo) this legendary is... bad: 1. You can use Life Cocoon every 3 minutes. 2. At higher level content (even heroic not to mention m+10 or mythic raids) there is not much time to channel Soothing Mist. 3. Effect (100% more absorb on LC) is weak, and the time you need to get to the full potential is to long. I hope someone from blizz will see this topic and say something about it. I think this legendary needs some attention and rework. Prove me wrong.Taem12 3d
4d Monk roll distance in range Does anyone know what is the range on roll? It says a short distance, but I would like to know it more specifically like 10 yards or some answer along those lines.Yashuoa0 4d
4d Monk weak ST DPS (PVE) How is it fair that a rogue and many other classes with same level gear do around 80k more dmg than a monk? Other classes laugh at "Cinidaria, the Symbiote" while posting their strong class legendaries and for me the shared belt is a best dps upgrade... Most of the fight i spend spamming tiger palm and blackout kick for wet noodle damage when other skills are on cd. Our "dps" cooldown SEF is actually a dps decrease and you are forced into picking serenity. I mean what gear do i have to get not to get benched for low dps? 880? 885? 890? But that requires mythic kills ... I can't see any logic here. I know blizzard only caters to the most played classes (as mages who got a long blue post answer in 24h after complaining about 7.1.5 nerfs) but i had to rant somewhere :)Zboczundo15 4d
4d Monk - second rate? I tried to write a long winded explanation, but I managed to simplify it to really just this : effort in to reward out for atleast WW and BRM is far less than other classes, some of which don't even have the melee disadvantage (fire mages, mm hunters) Lastly to qualify my BRM comment I know the ability to take dmg and live (with the aid of outside healing) is the highest of any tank, recent been seeing port Pallas take slightly more dmg but dealing 220k dps ST. Yet BRM can't do that and my 860 WW only does around 50-60k more than that. (On the assumption the mobs doing any anti-melee abilities) I don't know what needs addressing, I feel our scaling needs work because around the 800 mark I was either tying with them or ahead margainly. Thoughts? Feelings? From what I've heard mist weaver is in the best place it's ever been however it's still not the best healer - around mid table healer. My healing experience is limited so comments on this would be helpful. Im sadly considering rerolling my Mage full time except for multi role class is still handyNovablitz5 4d
4d SeF - Any news? Hi all, Has anyone heard of the progress regarding SeF? Is it still on the radar? Has anything been fixed? It's kinda grim to be forced into serenity to be viable even though we have a legendary attached to the ability. The legendary is considered crap due to how buggy SeF is. Do we have an update on this yet? Cheers, NaiNaiiku4 4d
4d MW Monk How are we performing Heu all just want to ask how MW monks are performing. I took one up dinged 110 two nights ago and went right into mythic dungeons. I had 785 item level and the healing was rough, I am now 831 and it seems really fun and strong. I see people saying we have problems though?Aleal4 4d
5d BRM Elvui template help Hi guys quick question I main as a MW but I'm looking to start tanking and was just wondering if any of you fellow BRM's would be able to send a screenshot and maybe the text for your Elvui templates? I've been trialling stuff but at the moment not too happy with it! Many thanks in advance :)Greensladee5 5d
5d An ample stockpile Im trying to unlock my third artifact relic slot on my monk that i recently boosted to 100 and since i boosted him i dont have cooking or first aid so what would be the fastest/easiest way to complete this quest (An ample stockpile)?Sillyz0 5d
5d WW monk PVP damage has to change Just running around on my dk loving life and boom leg sweep fist of furry dead....... The numebers really need tuning it's not a ltp issue i can take anything else on but monks are just super op with that damage.Aleal12 5d
5d (PTR) Cenedril, Reflector of the Hatred - changes Old (and current) effect: Equip: The amount of damage that Touch of Karma can redirect is increased by 150% of your maximum health. New effect: Touch of Karma deals 300% increased damage. So the new effect seems to essentially mean that the damage stay relatively the same, but the defense aspect of it is completely removed. On one side, it becomes easier to apply the full damage. On the other side it makes it completely impossible to use on some mechanics without killing yourself.Thoughts from those of you with and without the legendary?Rogmaw3 5d
5d BrewMastery. Will it, become viable? Even if you get the legendary that heals 25% of your removed stagger. Will it become viable in 7.1.5? As of now I've had to re-roll warrior for progressing to mythic , which doesn't really feel nice.. I want my monk! What changes do you Guys expect/want as Brewmaster for 7.1.5?Flyincowkick41 5d
5d Brewmaster hidden ability? Hi! I was doing some low level quests in Townlong Steppes for Shado-Pan rep, when i suddenly discovered that i was randomly getting a 3sec buff with the same icon as renewing mist; i ofc didn't think i though at the time so i don't remember the exact name but is was " .... mistcould (??)..." or something like that. The tooltip stated a +40% increase to dmg and a HOT for 3 seconds. I've tried everything but have not been able to replicate it. Anyone got an idea what this could be? Hidden artifact ability was the first that came to mind!Thale0 5d
5d How do I beat WW monks 1v1? I dont understand when to pop wings/defensives etc. If I use wings then the monk will try to kite as long as possible until the wings are gone. And when the monk uses serenity its over. Can someone tell me how to start/rotation?Ceesc9 5d
5d New stat threshold changes incoming ... This change is going to shift a few stat priorities, for brewmasters this might make crit even more valuable than Vers but some more calculations are needed before I make this conclusion. I foresee crit becoming a better option than Vers now for WW. However from my limited knowledge of WW haste isn't that good for WW which is a concern when you look at the tier set. Taking into account of the new Tier set coming in when Night hold comes out. If you equip all 6 pieces of the tier set you get the following stats (normal): Critical Strike: 3576 (3576/400=8.9%) Haste: 2523 (2523/375= 6.728%) Versatility: 655 (655/475=1.379%) Mastery: 440 (440/400=1.1%) What are your guys thoughts/concerns?Swifthorn5 5d
6d Brewmaster - Some improvement ideas So... I've played my Brewmaster since the launch of Legion, tanked my first Mythic dungeon at ilvl 808, and am well on my way through the Emerald Nightmare on mythic difficulty. I've done my share of M+ dungeons and far too many World Quests. I feel I have a few ideas of what I like and don't like about my Brewmaster and would like to share a thoughts. DPS Rotation and lack of DPS Cooldown I've played almost the entire expansion using Rushing Jade Wind (I'm sure some min-max:ers will scoff at me) simply because I feel the spec is falling short of buttons to press. Without RJW it feels like the DPS rotation is ... limping ... for want of a better word; there's a hole there that needs to be filled with something. If I don't have RJW I end up energy starving myself (yes, I know it's a matter of practice but hey... this is my rant). Also, neither of the other options "do it" for me. Special delivery is a boring passive and Niuzao is not a rotational skill. When TW/BL/Hero is popped everyone else go "woop woop", chugs their combat potion and hits all their DPS CDs while I, as a Brewmaster, keep chugging along without change. I know I do decent DPS all the time but sometimes it would be nice to be able to go "oooh yeah, look at that burst I just did". I'd love to see RJW as base-line (possibly with reduced potency) and rework the level 90 talent row to be a choice between: Special Delivery - as it is now but with better predictability, maybe have it be a fixed "every third ISB/PB consumed" instead of 30% Invoke Niuzao - as it is now Reckless Brawler Reckless Brawler - Throwing caution to the wind you decide that just maybe offense is the best defense. 45s cooldown. Activating Reckless Brawler will consume all your active ISB/PB charges and for 6 seconds plus 3 seconds per charge consumed your mastery is changed to "Mastery: Reckless Brawler". M:RB - Each time you stagger damage you reflect {mastery}% of that damage back to the attacker, if possible. Taking no damage for 3 seconds grants one stack of Recklessness, increasing the damage you do by 5% for 10 seconds. Also increases your attack power by {mastey}%. While M:RB is active your critical auto attacks will extend the duration of any active Brews by 1 second. Some thoughts on the meta: * Activating Reckless Brawler and ISB (and Fortifying Brew) at the same time will reflect more damage. Might give some interesting game-play with timing and stacks to min/max. * Reckless Brawler + High Tolerance would be an interesting option. * The damage reflect should be adjusted so that it it's about equal to what the damage reduction from Mastery: Elusive Brawler would have been. (well, I'm sure you understand what I mean). * More Mastery means more DPS burst and Damage Reduction during Reckless Brawler. * I was thinking of having no cooldown on Reckless Brawler but that might make it too strong despite it requiring at least one ISB/PB charge. * Recklessness stacks are there to make sure Reckless Brawler works as a DPS cooldown even when not actively tanking. * The actual percentages and durations need to be tweaked for balance. Obviously! * Reckless Brawler could be considered a brew and gain extension from critical auto-attacks thus making crit builds an interesting option. Dampen Harm - Almost useless? Dampen Harm works on the damage you take *after* Armor, DR cooldowns, and Stagger. I currently have about 25% reduction from armor and at least 40% base Stagger meaning that I never take more than 45% of any physical hits as direct damage and 80% of any magical hit. With ISB up that number becomes 15% and 60%. At 4M health, the 15% limit is 600k. Tracing the math backwards we get (with ISB up) that a boss would have to hit me for 4M+ physical or 1M+ magical damage before Dampen Harm even triggers. With High Tolerance those numbers go up to 8M+ physical or 1.1M+ magical damage. And that's what the boss needs to do to you before Dampen Harm even bothers to trigger! Maybe rework Dampen Harm to be a full Stagger Purification on a 90s cooldown? The 4th golden trait - Extra Armor With the 35:th artifact trait point I gain 10% extra Armor. With my current gear that means going from 25% to 27% (roughly) damage reduction of physical damage, or 2.5% less damage taken. ... W ... T ... x ... !!! ... Give me 5.25% more Stagger cleared from Purifying Brew and 0.25% more per extra trait point instead (for a total of 10% more Stagger cleared by Purifying Brew at cap).Shífou0 6d
6d Brewmaster hidden artifact skin clipping Hello, the ancient brewkeeper artifact skin for brewmaster is clipping like crazy on pandarens. It's clipping while sheathed on the back and over shoulder. It's clipping even more while running, to the point when the keg is more inside my panda character than outside. Please address this issue and fix it. Pandarens, lore wise are the most accurate and fitting race to wield the title of brewmasters and yet we get the worst experience out of our artifact kegs lol.Läger9 6d
6d Can you transmog the WW Artifact in to a Sword? I saw a video where someone had swords on their back as a WW monk and I got curious of whether it's tmorph or actual transmog.Grymvild5 6d