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17s Race? I'm thinkin of making a monk. What race should i take, for best racial? Ally! I play mostley PvP but going too try some PvE in legion!Djungeln2 17s
4m Stagger vs Armour!? Hi all, (long post alert) I am a little confused about stagger since the changes for legion and the brewmaster spec in general. Firstly i don't understand why blizzard have put so many of the brewmaster tank specs key abilities onto the artefact weapon? It means the class is only optimal from levels 100-110, why have a class that you can't play properly from the moment you start if you choose that spec? I understand the need for focussing on end game content but you should not need a fancy end game weapon to suddenly make most of your key abilities work at optimal just to make the spec playable. Sadly monks aren't the only class that aren't optimal until they get an artefact weapon so i feel more could have been done by blizzard to address this. Second, i have been playing this over in my head the past few days and i really don't understand where monks mitigation comes from now that the legion changes are in place? What do i mean? (Figures based on one mob as example) Lets take a warrior for example, typically a warrior has between 45-60% armour reduction depending on their gear. This means every single physical damage hit that a mob does to the warrior is reduced by lets say 50% for ease. So a mob hitting for 100k would damage the warrior for 50k after the armour value reduction. Times by several mobs and the warrior is suddenly taking a hell of a lot less damage. Now a brewmaster monk uses stagger, so that same mob hits the monk for 100k damage, however a monks armour value is very low, maybe only 25% so the damage is reduced to 75k instant damage. So instantly the monk is taking 25% more damage per mob compared to a warriors 50%+ reduction in some cases. (Yeah but you forgot to take into account stagger right?) Well yes i did and no i didn't, stagger smooths the remaining 75k damage i would be taking causing me to take 35% of it over the next 10 seconds. So 26,250 damage of that 75,000 would be taken as stagger damage meaning i get hit for 48,750 damage and then take an additional 26,250 over the next 10 seconds. Now i have two choices, i can either purify half of that stagger or i can let the healer deal with it. (Remembering this is based on one mob hitting me not several as would be the real case) Lets say i let the healer deal with it, i am still taking 75k damage where a warrior has only taken 50k. So i clear 50% of it, meaning i still take an additional 12-13k more damage than the warrior (per mob). In reality monks are taking huge amounts more damage in fights regardless of weather that damage is smoothed or not because they don't have the reduction from armour. Yes i can purify but this is now shared with ISB, meaning i need to be careful as that is my only active mitigation and as mentioned i still take more damage anyway. Even after i purify by using the charges i end up left very vulnerable especially in longer fights when compared with other tanks, artefact helps in terms of gaining charges as well as the tier 100 talent blackout combo but again why should the spec be so reliant on that weapon? It should be playable no matter what level.Jintzu2 4m
28m What kind of healer is the MW? Hello... I've never played with MW and I am wondering what "kind of healer" it will be in the legion? Will I be more tank-healing or group healingr? I am a little confused, because the skills look very "single target" and more tank healing than group healing, however, the artifact the dragon "Talents" are more oriented to group healing. So then, what kind of healer is the MW? ThanksBendito11 28m
1h BRM leveling build I am wondering if someone can share a nice BRM build just for levelling/questing I am new with the monk ThanksBendito3 1h
2h MW stats priority Hi.. What is the MW stats priority (pve) (classic MW not firstwave)? I have found on some website the following set up: Versatility Crit Mastery Haste While on others webs: Crit Versatility Mastery Haste Also why the mastery is not important?, I find it very useful for (Tank healing) maybe for raid healing is little mm !@#$.Infusión0 2h
3h Do you fistweave? Do you fistweave and if you do, how do you go about it? How do you manage the switch from dps to suddenly healing, or are you mostly healing and putting a few kicks in here and there? I find it a bit hard, but that is propably because I haven't done it before. What sort of mental defaults do you have in place for surprising situations?Uscha13 3h
5h Monk Roll and Flying Serpant Kick Bugged Pretty much every time I use Roll or Flying Serpent Kick on my monk, my character gets stuck despite the fact that there are no obstacle in front of me. Very very annoying. Please fix!Rectocele46 5h
6h Xmog: Monk Clothes Is there any transmoggable gear for Monks that looks even remotely close to the monk gear you see lots of NPCs wearing? Stuff like the monk robes worn by Pandaren at the Peak of Serenity?Avenjielde6 6h
10h WW Monks undiscussed topic? No more two-handed weapons? Maybe I have missed something in the community. But ever since the legion update monks no longer have a reason to use two-handed weapons since fists of fury becomes unavailable. What is the reason behind this? I love the idea behind a fighting stick like in the MoP introduction cinematic where the pandaren monk fought the alliance and horde soldier with a stick. That was the fantasy I expected when I picked this class. I'm not going to give up on monks because of this change, I'm just simply wondering.Munkskägg7 10h
12h Monks 1v1 in Legion? Hey guys, I never played beta so im curious as to how Monks do in PvP in the next expansion? Only reason i ask i enjoyed an evening yesterday sitting with a 2 minute res time after being continuously ganked by a druid while questing. This isnt a buff or nerf whine as there was a few factors to me struggling to fight back, one being the insane lag. However im just wondering if we manage better with the higher level legion ablilities or do we stay as we are currently? Thank for the input. KombozKomboz2 12h
13h Roll and Flying Serpent Kick 20% of the time used they simply won't work properly. Same thing goes for Fel Rush and Wrath Walk. Blizz if you can't make a skill work don't make more of it. Either fix it or remove it.Celadon5 13h
15h rshaman or mw monk! last call! hi guys! i am between my two old mains and cant make my mind whic i main in legion! resto shaman or mw monk?! this is NOT fotm topic cos i just dont know whic one... so i lett you guys make it for me! whic one i main in pvp(3v3 and rbg) in my eyes both are same as good and as bad both have pretty much same pros and cons! so help me out here!Mumma0 15h
16h im going to rant.. and no one can stop me! seriously though, wtf is going on? the game is terrible in its current state. countless bugs, weird graphic optimization and login lag that can last for 30 sec... but this was the last straw and it is honestly testing my sanity. ya all know what im talking about, roll and flying kick. if i had a gold piece for every time i have died during invasions just because these abilitys REFUGE to work... we are getting close to legion, so i guess it will launch with these game breaking bugs? apparently this is okay now a days?!?Sweetroll2 16h
17h need help with MW for legion Hi there, I was wondering if someone could help me. I am currently really doubting about whether to go for the mistweaver monk as healer or holy paladin in legion. I really like how the new mistweaver works and stuff and still need a lot more to learn of course. But can you compare a mistweaver with a palace. I have been looking around forums and looked at many videos. But how good is the mistweaver now actually in legion I was really wondering how good a mistweaver is in for instance the mythic plus dungeons, I've seen some videos where they are really struggling to complete it. How ever I do have to say that I do not know what level of mythic plus it was, but still it has me concerned. I want to be sure that I have made the right choice to main something. I don't want to regret taking mistweaver half way through legion because I am already having struggle with the mythic dungeons. And also the management costs, is it gonna get any better with experience or legendaries? I haven't looked in to all the legendaries yet, but this was also something that had me worried. I hope someone can help me answer my questions, and sorry for the long post. =PMooyarii1 17h
18h Gnome Hunters ? Maybe its time for... Worgen/Goblin Monk ?Jesi12 18h
19h Rate the Monk name above you! Out of 5.Oscar225 19h
21h Zen focus pvp talent? Does this have an internal cd? Zen focus pvp talent gives you 5 sec of silence and interrupt immunity when you activate Thunder focus tea. How does that interact with the Rising thunder talent? Rising thunder resets the remaining cd on Thunder focus tea when you do Rising sun kick. Rising sun kick is ~10 sec cd. So at the minimum I can have every 10 sec a 5 sec immunity to silence and interrupt?Yashuoa3 21h
1d MW with no firstweave is ok? Hello guys. It is my first time playing as MW. I love it but I am wondering if I prefer to play like an ordinary healer (far away form the action) and casting my heals, is it as optimums as if I play following the fistweave way in the middle of the action fighting? I am not very into in a melee-healer. ThanksInfusión2 1d
1d Mistweaver question I was wondering how fun high level mistweaver is. I remember the spec being able to heal by doing damage. I have read it has been removed. So my question is; are higher level monks are fun (mine is 27 currently), because the whole Soothing Mist channel and do nothing mechanic makes me puke a bit in my mouth even though it has such an awesome animation.Ryukyuan3 1d
1d Two Questions: Raiding and Animation delay. My first question is regarding WW monks in legion raiding , are there any numbers or indications that they are viable? Im currently torn between rogue and monk. I I enjoy monk slightly more PvE wise but I dont want to be like 10% worse than rogues, then I rather play rogue. My other question is about FoF in PvP sometimes I feel that my animation is on the target and i'm farily close but it doesnt deal damage. Has anyone else noticed this? Also rising sun kick has a delay for the damage it deals for me. I press the button, the animation happens, but the damage number comes like 0.5-1 sec later which isn't really an issue but it makes the spell feel less "ompf". Is this just me ?Moshímo1 1d
1d Effuse, when and why should I use it Hi guys, What is the point to use Effuse? When should I to use it? It will be very useful when the legion comes out? ThanksBendito1 1d
2d Glyph of the Fists / Transmog I remember "glyph of jab" allowing to use fist weapons during jab animation. I would like other glyph... one that would turn invisible fist weapons and allow monks to go full melee with their hands. This dont even need to be a glyph... maybe allowing some classes/specializations to transmog their weapons into invisible-nothing would work... like Monks, Warlocks, Mages, Priests and other that dont or barely use their weapons. (but some classes might rage... why they can and we dont!) Last idea is... fist weapon that is just a hand wrap... EDIT: I just discovered ( ups ) that monks already had their hand wrap... But this is untransmoggable in Legion... at last were untransmoggable in the PTR and are (?) no longer purchasable from the vendor at the Peak of Serenity. If anyone know for sure I would like some sharing.Jesi0 2d
2d Is the MW a short-distance healer? Is the MW a melee healer? I mean almost all the traits in the artifacts works between 10-15 yards. Will be work like a holly pally in the middle of the battle but with less defense? ThanksBendito3 2d
2d Expel Harm & Gift of the Ox - Wrong Order? So we get Expel Harm at level 26 and Gift of the Ox at level 40. However: a) Expel Harm only works on OUR Healing Orbs b) Expel Harm doesn't do anything unless there are Healing Orbs to interact with. c) There is no Talent level 15 or 30 that somehow spawns Healing Orbs for us. Because of this, Expel Harm is a dead ability from the level we get it (26) until the level we get Gift of the Ox (40). Blizzard needs to swap the order at which we get them. ...or am I missing something?Avenjielde2 2d
3d Crackling Jade Lightning for Windwalker? Whats the purpose of this spell? After huge amount of ability pruning why did they allow this to stay in our spellbook? It does no damage, knockback element weird for melee and have to stand while casting. The only reason i see this being used for is trolling and stuff so why is it in our spellbook and expel harm isn't?Flowjab13 3d
3d I´m looking for a reason play my beloved monk in Legion. I kinda like the new Mistweaver, but THE ARTIFACTS AND THE CLASS HALL ARE SOOOOOOOO AWEFUL. Seriously, Windwalker-Fistweapon looks like a drop from first iteration Blackrock Depths, and the additional skins are all even worse (besides the boxing gloves). Whats even worse is, you can`t even transmog the damn things into proper weapons. Gone are the days of hitting enemies with my beloved beer mugs, or my barrels on a stick. As a sideeffect, the awesome "pull weapons from back, hit things, put weapons back"-animation is .... just ... gone. It was one of the main reasons I started the class. Seriously, the WW-artifact makes me tear up a little because of how angry I get over something in a videogame. I hate that. Mistweaver-Staffs are all the same with the tip changing. But they all look like generic MoP-Drops. At least you can transmog them properly. Brewmaster is the only specc with a half-decent weapon and a good animation, but as a tank I kinda prefer classes holding a shield. Then the real moodkiller. That class hall, oh my god that class hall. You`re surrounded by those fat Pandas. I expected some furrballs, but not FRIGGIN ALL OF THEM. They make me, a dwarf, their headmaster, yet I´m the only non-Panda in the whole damn thing (besides scholars). Then it looks like one round Pagoda, oversaturated in minty green colors. And the music, oh my good the music. Its like those CDs that run on a loop in chinese restaurants. I seriously cant stand being there for more than 30 seconds before trying to rip my eyeballs out and shoving them into my ears. TL:DR How do I get past all that problems. Only playing after 10 beers?Uvirean4 3d
3d Roll and flying serpent kick How long can it take for Blizzard to fix them? How long have they been bugged already, like 3 weeks?Dkboiz4 3d
3d One vital Legion WW change Right now on Beta there is a problem with Storm, Earth, and Fire that makes bursting as a WW Monk feel clunky. the burst of WW Monks has always been about being unpredictable and most importantly about going off instantly. 99% of the time you want to burst on a single target in PvP. if you do so on Beta the following scenario takes place: (time designations not 100% accurate, just approximate values) 0.00 seconds: you cast Storm, Earth, and Fire on the target 0.20 seconds: your Storm, Earth, and Fire spirits fly away from you and your target (to hit secondary/tertiary targets - just as the tooltip dictates) 0.30 seconds: you cast Storm, Earth, and Fire again to redirect your spirits on your current target 0.50 seconds: your Storm, Earth, and Fire spirits fly back to you and your target 0.60 seconds: your Storm, Earth, and Fire spirits start attacking the target you want them to attack and start copying the abilities you use. -> these timestamps show that it takes WW Monks more than half a second to start their burst on a single target, which is not optimal and here is why: burst scenario 1: a basic burst setup on Beta looks like this: 0.00 seconds: you cast Storm, Earth, and Fire on the target 0.20 seconds: 0.30 seconds: 0.50 seconds: 0.60 seconds: your Storm, Earth, and Fire spirits start attacking the target you want them to attack and start copying the abilities you use. 0.60 seconds: you cast DamageAbility1 (e.g. Rising Sun Kick etc.) -> we have to be super cautious not to use our DamageAbility1 a split second too early, because if we do then said ability will deal only 45% damage to the target (only the spirit you control hits the target) instead of 135% (spirit1 does 45% damage, spirit2 does 45% damage, spirit3 does 45% damage) burst scenario 2: Fists of Fury getting Fists of Fury off stacked with your burst ability (Tigereye Brew in WoD, Storm, Earth, and Fire in Legion) is crucial to winning Arena games as a WW Monk. bursting with Fists of Fury in WoD looks like this: 0.00 seconds: you cast Tigereye Brew 0.00 seconds: you cast Fists of Fury -> you wait for the perfect moment (e.g. have your DK grip the enemy healer to you) and then you cast Fists of Fury (enhanced with Tiger Eye Brew) INSTANTLY on your target (like this the enemy healer can’t get away and will get stunned by Fists of Fury too) -> the enemy team can’t avoid any of this because it is not possible for them to predict when exactly the WW Monk will use his burst/stuns bursting with Fists of Fury on Beta looks like this: 0.00 seconds: you cast Storm, Earth, and Fire on the target 0.20 seconds: 0.30 seconds: 0.50 seconds: 0.60 seconds: your Storm, Earth, and Fire spirits start attacking the target you want them to attack and start copying the abilities you use. 0.60 seconds: you cast Fists of Fury -> this means that the enemy team has 0.60 seconds to realise that the WW Monk is about to burst/stun (enough time to have the team spread out, enough time to pre-port the setup as Monk/Warlock, enough time to blink the stun as a Druid etc.) -> on top of that we run the risk of casting Fists of Fury too early (before the spirits reach the Monk's target and are ready to attack) which would result in FoF dealing 45% damage instead of 135% A possible fix would be: -> putting Tigereye Brew back into the game (the Legion Alpha version): increases all damage dealt by 30% for 15 seconds. 1.5 minutes cooldown, 2 charges. (no global cooldown) -> making Storm, Earth, and Fire not work on single target so that it is only viable in PvE/RBG when there are >2 enemies: Split into 3 elemental spirits for 15 sec, each spirit dealing 45% of normal damage and healing. 1.5 minutes cooldown, 2 charges. (no global cooldown) this would make for fun PvE gameplay: -> sometimes you would want to use only Storm, Earth, and Fire on additional enemies and then burst the boss with Tigereye Brew -> other times you would want to stack Tigereye Brew and Storm, Earth, and Fire because adds have to go down quickly and it would also preserve the fun and exciting PvP experience: -> unpredictable burst -> incredibly fluent and polished gameplay the WW Monk is known forFopsy25 3d
3d Effuse Healing Why is the healing so low on this spell for WW and BrM's? Considering how long it takes to cast it, it seems almost pointless. It heals similar to the enhancement heal however shamans can use maelstrom to make it instant. Where was the sence in giving us such a pointless heal. 20k is 1hit but it takes us around 2 hits to cast it..... Did they nerf this spell?Komboz9 3d
3d Warcraft Planet TV on Youtube Hi there I am from Warcraft PlanetTV on YouTube; What we do is record gameplay and make it into a YouTube Video for Viewers to watch! This involves Transmogs, RPing, Random Events e.g a Parade! If you are interested in getting involved, please contact me! Reason Why I have made this thread to to represent WoW Players on EU on YouTube if that is By Transmogs Pvp Pve or Role Playing events ,Including Class Transmogs You can Contact me Via Game or Direct Message on the YouTube Channel hope to hear from use all soon! The Link : 3d
3d Brewmaster in Legion - Thoughts and Issues I've stopped on Monk being my main for Legion. I like all 3 specs and it will be a tough call for choosing a main one. Thanks for which Blizzard. Totally loving the fact that you can "Combo Fist" in all 3 specs. For WW that's the baseline how the class is played, for Brewmaster you have the Blackout combo Play and for Healing you have the option to go melee with Rising Sun Kick and Blackout Kick talents. Great, great stuff ... Brewmaster monk I find a pretty interesting and non-newbie friendly tank, due to the Stagger mechanic. I watched several guides on youtube, which all say " Aaah, you have to choose between Ironskin and Purifying and that's really cool". That although true, doesn't really explain you how the damage sustain feels like. When you see all the other tanks not dropping below 80% hp and you go Solo content and constantly dropped to 50% and below because of the Stagger ... Things just seem confusing, don't they? I think the real issues here is in understanding how your "mitigation works". We are excluding Dodge and Parry and other obvious full damage mitigation. If we assume that an attack hits you for 10k. Base Stagger is 35%, so you will take 6500 dmg now and 3500 dmg over 10 sec. If you don't use Purifying Brew, to clear 50% of that 3,5k, you will still take 10k damage, so mitigation of that attack is 0. If you Ironskin brew, you will take 2500 dmg and will delay 7500 dmg. Purifying Brew will then clear and mitigate 3750 dmg. You can calculate that it's more than 2 times. So Ironskin Brew into Purifying Brew should be your go-to- mitigation. Easy, right? So far so good ... but then you exit numbers-crafting and enter reality. Excluding some bosses, which you are aware of their big hitting attacks, the damage will come in various sources. So what that means is that in reality you will get hit by 3k-4k-5k-3k most of the time and GL figuring the math then. This is why you need an add-on, or Blizzard to create some Monk UI bar, which displays to you the current amount Staggered. The information is displayed on the Debuff , but it's not practical to hover over it. I know there are some "Auras" which pop-up when you enter Yellow (Moderate) and Red ( Heavy) Stagger, but they are really not that informational and you will often find yourself sustaining great damage, while in Green (Light) Stagger and your Purifying Brew not shining like the sun ... I'm using Weak Auras setup to display the damage as numbers. That way I feel in control and can time my Purifying Brews properly. Perhaps TellMeWhen and Raven are also good alternatives, although I was a bit put off by TMW's large numbers in the middle of the icon. This should be base-line for all Brewmaster Monks :) Now to get into the bit more advanced stuff. If you go to BlackOut Combo tallent, your Ironskin Brew "Pauses" stagger damage for 3 seconds? What exactly pauses means in this context? Does it simply delay the damage, or it stops (mitigates) the Stagger for those 3 seconds? Again it was pretty vague and unclear, so I had to pick a friend and test it. Thankfully, it's the later. Going back to Stagger damage calculations, the Aura (Debuff) and my add-on seem to get a bit confused when I do this. So let's say I have a 6k Stagger, I do BO into IB and for the next 3 seconds, my Stagger amount still stays at 6k, while I don't take damage. Then as the effect expires, it drops to 5,5k or whatever is the amount of Stagger damage left and continues from there. While under this effect, Ironskin is Active, during this do you accumulate new Stagger Damage? How does it get factored with the current amount that's being "Paused"? Any thoughts on this? Cheers, Tusk-chi P.s. if this is a duplicate post, I'll remove.Tuskchi7 3d
4d 10 Awesome Monk Transmogs - By OuJi Hi everyone here it is 10 Cool and unique transmog that i have design for those who dont know yet how to dress for Legion! I hope you enjoy it ! Peace ! 4d
4d Blizzard broke my class intentionally I want to share my real discrepancy for breaking roll and flying serpant kick. The two spells are buggy in the last 3 weeks with multiple patches LYING that they are fixed. This is created intentionally to make the DH (which is a gay monk with wings) to look more superior. In the beta/alpha his dash skill was also buggy but this is fixed, since it is a new class that should be shiny while monks can be ignored. This makes me think: 1) blizzard quality is so really bad this days, they don't test the spells 2) regression bugs are so low priority even if created just 1 version ago and everyone only cares about PR and new content, no one ever bothers of the anger this creates. 3) in EU we can ask for a full refund in case of pre purchase if the quality is bad ? Is this the right way? 4) people work on !@#$s like 7.1 while 7.0 is completely buggy, DH jumping everywhere jumping over doors on 'Strand of the Ancients' and place bombs on the other side of the door or jumping on top of mountains on 'Deepwind Gorge' with the cart unable to be catched by anyone except DH since no one can get there. The testing is completely missing in this game relying only on some positive gaming kids that only care about the spells and youtube videos. I am really unhappy and I am not ENJOYING the game at all because of issues like not working roll and etc.Joke9 4d
4d Artifact transmog Hi I don't know how many hours I have spent farming the archaeology sword "Scimitar of the Sirocco" for transmog. For a while ago I actually got it and I'm using it all the time. However, now when Legion releases and monks get their fist weapons as artifact weapons, we can't use the sword for transmog anymore. I hope you fix this so either we can transmog to any 1h weapon we can use, or that we are given a choice of which type of artifact weapon we want, because this is so ridiculus.Nappyswag3 4d
4d blizzard fix ur sh** plz wtf with flying serpent kick and roll ?? howmuch longer do I have to endure this ? I want it fixed and I want it nowUglyasfuk7 4d
4d Flying Serpent Kick Freezes Hi all, Lately I experience some issue's with flying serpent kick, when I use it it sometimes freezes in place. And I'm performing the animation but my character doesn't move. Anyone else has the same issue ?Xaffes9 4d
4d Good WW monk addons? Hi i really enjoy all 3 specs of monk atm so i decided to make it my main, my question is what are some good addons for ww monk pve? Thank you if you answer <3Monkmonkorc4 4d
5d Crackling jade lightning + Battleground interrupt You cant interrupt Flag capture / bomb dropping / every battle ground objectives with a CJL, its the only reliable interrupt monk have as a healer. Is this intended ?Ciremykwl2 5d
5d Does enlightenment stack with rested xp? dumb question but i wanted to know if I was wasting the enlightment xp boost when i had rested xpSyraci1 5d
5d Monk changes that should/shouldn't have happened 1st and foremost: Touch of death, this soul reaper like TOD isnt really what monk needs right now. They could have just reduced the dmg of it (like they did) and just leave it as an execute and not make it a silly 'bomb' ability. monk right now isn't at its best, all the dmg comes from offensive cds, no sustain that matters. And before i get crucified i get that monk is supposed to be like that and we dont have all the talents yet bla bla bla. Well guess what, its not gonna make a difference cause good players know how to deter monks when they go offensive and after the cds and passives fade its just mindless training of non existing dmg and waiting for fist stacks once again. bottomline is, the execute really made that class, without it its just a dumb melee 2nd: Sun Rising Kick needs a second charge. pretty self explanatory, all your dmg comes from well timed SRKs into a good stun and fist. It's pretty ridiculous that all others classes got their major abilities buffed to 2 charges while we still have 1 10sec-cd good one. 3rd: Defensive abilities: After the nerf of Karma, Diffuse and the removal of zen-med as a skill, what can monk really do to survive against all teams who stay on you the whole game. cant stack passives cause their dmg is unhealable and you will just die while your healer sits a stormbolt, and even if you karma they wont stop cause lets face it karma is so easily healable right now. so how are you supposed to gather all those stacks from BK and combo when you have to port out on cd to stay alive. monk isnt the power melee it used to be, right now the best you can do is pillar and try to setup a target again and again and MAYBE you get the kill before they kill you. honestly if i wanted to play like that id play rogue. Blizz forcing our hand again to return to warrior instead of WW monk. Why not go back to warrior, still has all its defensives and hits harder than monkEnvóy3 5d
6d Brewmaster and Strand of Ancient Hello everyone on forums and blizzard! Due to the legion is more oriented around to have a main spec and mine is Brewmaster. It is so much fun, both in PvP and PvE. But I have only one problem. In the battleground Strand of the Ancient, when delivering a bomb, if you have stagger, you cant drop the bomb on the gate. I am not in combat, not being attacked and did not have any debuff only remaining stagger from last fight. I know that I can purify this away, but it seems bit wasteful to use 3x (or talented x4) purify to get stagger away and then deliver bomb. Specially since I already used brews in the fight before. Is this intended from blizzard or something that just slipped past the checks? In my feeling playing an tank, my objectives is objectives, and deliver an bomb is quite crucial for me then. Otherwise, love the spec, love the game!Zuiquán1 6d
6d Monk ranged? Hi all, Im running alot of legacy raids as a monk but one thing is causing me issues. Its any ranged only mobs, the only thing i see we have is jade lightning and that hits for next to nothing. Is there anything missing or is that our weak spot?Komboz9 6d
6d Handwraps no longer available Handwraps of Serenity are no longer sold by the first weapon vendor at the Peak of Serenity as of 7.0. As far as i am aware Blizzard have not given a heads up on the removel of this item or if it will come back. It does show up on the new transmog system.Atrossius8 6d
6d Why can't i solo MoP raids? Hi, So i went to mogashuan vaults today to try and solo it in heroic but i cant seem to get past the first boss (the 3 gaurdians). Now my ilvl is 680 and i know it's a bit low but i don't think that is the problem. I regurarly use ISB and PB and i dodge the pools but i still cant win. The only source of healing that i get is from the spheres and they spawn so very rarely. Are there any Brwm Monk who can solo Mogashaun? If so tell me how did you manage to heal up during the fight. Thank you for your time. Regards, HollowjoeHollowjoe5 6d
19 Aug WW Artifact weapon transmog? Hi, just a quick question. Is it possible to transmog the windwalker artifact fist weapons into daggers?Sayyidah2 19 Aug
19 Aug Artifact weapon WW Spoilers So I do not know if there is a post on this topic already if so plz direct me to that post. May main complaint is LiLi Stormstout, not sure what group of players LiLi is designed for, I mean even if she's for the younger gamers, when I started wow I can't imagine myself liking the characters, she's like this op wonder kungfu fighter that against all odds defeats her enemies, finds legendary weapons and goes on adventure in a world that is full of dangers, I heard she's suppose to be 17 ish in legion - then at least make her a new model or better yet make anew model for all children in wow. if blizzard is going for cute ish lore characters then with the child model they have failed, they are a new lvl og creepy. I sure nothing will change LiLi will still be there In my order hall finding danger everywhere and being op. My hope is that you will make less of her in the future. She's like that anyoing kid for Indian jones, and I found that doing the elemental questline was really fun when seeing reghar destroying her in a duel with my help pity it wasn't to the death. Plz let me know if you guys feel the same or if you guys know of anyone that likes this badly writen character.Goujian4 19 Aug
19 Aug Dealing with ninjapullers. Right, title might be misleading, as this is note a hate against ninja'ers post.. It's me, (being completely new to the monk class) have played warrior tank, pala tank, dk tank and druid tank.. I decided to roll Monk Tank for Legion. How do you deal with your Group Ninja pulling adds in dungeons? Provoke has 8 sec cd - and if you just used keg smash+breath combo you can really only taunt 1 mob of a 3 pack Group..Chubbehfluff3 19 Aug