Pet Battles

9h Pet battling done uninterresting I have been grinding pet battles for quite some time now and done it for so long that it's not fun anymore. Just necessary to level pets! And then Blizzard decide to make it «interresting». Hours after hours have been spent to find teams that work in Pandaria and Tanaan Jungle. And suddenly you have to start more or less all over to finde teams that work. The result is quite simple. Doing the job all over is just annoying, so it's easier to quit. And one more reason for not bying the Legion expansion.Kwhmaster1 9h
16h Need helpfull tips about exping. I just back month ago, but allready got one pet in 25 level, because friend helped me with garrison quest for battle pets. But still rest is about 1 - 10 levels. Any ideas about good exp? I heard Anubisath Idol is OP, but there is more good pets? I am achievement hunter so heh.Sapherea1 16h
18h WTT Seaborne Spore for a Nightmare Bell Hey all. As the title states, I wish to trade my Seaborne Spore for a Nightmare Bell. Let me know when and where you want to meet and I'll happily trade it to you. P.S.: I'll update the thread if/when i get he Nightmare Bell.Mahkah1 18h
2d Mr Pinchy Does Mr Pinchy still exist as of the latest patch? I have been fishing the pools for 3 hours now and he still hasn't dropped... this seems a bit excessive. I have multitudes of Golden Darter, Furious Crawdad, Scrolls etc, but still no Mr Pinchy. Has anyone else caught one of these since the last patch as I'm a little worried I've wasted 3 hours trying to catch something that may not exist.Lorodiam4 2d
3d New player with 100 DH looking to get into Pets I'm still a pretty new player to WoW, but as a massive fan of anything close to Pokemon Pet Battles holds much interest for me But I'm lost at where to even start, do I just wander the world catching level 1 critters? Farm dungeons for pet drops? Something else? And then what's the best way to handle pet quests? And are there any essential Pet supplies?Asurana4 3d
3d Please, allow us to speed pet battles up Like, an option to not play out the attack animations, It would speed up pet battles so much. If both players had it enabled in a PvP pet battle, it would ignore them there as well.Akcope15 3d
3d Warcraft Planet TV on Youtube Hi there I am from Warcraft PlanetTV on YouTube; What we do is record gameplay and make it into a YouTube Video for Viewers to watch! This involves Transmogs, RPing, Random Events e.g a Parade! If you are interested in getting involved, please contact me! Reason Why I have made this thread to to represent WoW Players on EU on YouTube if that is By Transmogs Pvp Pve or Role Playing events ,Including Class Transmogs You can Contact me Via Game or Direct Message on the YouTube Channel hope to hear from use all soon! The Link : 3d
3d Blossoming Ancient Around 15-20 minutes of this before I started recording. 3d
5d Rare Harpy Youngling? I'm basically just wondering if anyone has managed to find one? I've flown round a whole spawn about 5 times now, (10-15 Harpies), and only seem to find uncommons at most.Legénd16 5d
5d No battle pets in Stormwind? Over the last couple of days, I couldn't help noticing that there are no more battle pets to be seen in Stormwind. If I recall clearly, there used to be loads of them near the park and near the portals' lake. Is this intended or just a bug?Kaliadne3 5d
6d Please Ganymede as a non-combat pet Having just watched the amazing Last Bastion Overwatch short, I'd really love to see Ganymede (the yellow bird) added as a companion pet. In keeping with the spirit of the short, I'd like it to be non-combat (like K'ute or the balloons). We need a small yellow bird of happiness in the grim darkness of Legion.Anyura1 6d
6d chi-chi impossible now I am fairly new to pet battles and still do the celestial tournament to get the pets. I always used the "water spirit/chromie bomb", which can no longer be done since the patch. I just can't beat chi-chi. I've tried lots of things, snails, magic....he just won't die, he's either ethereal or healing. Anyone managed to kill him after the legion patch? I've managed the other ones.Dzeni7 6d
18 Aug Tiny Terrors and Beasts of Fable with 1 Team The famous "Howl-Bomb" strategy is gone, but I developed a new one, I call "Doombird", which can be used to defeat all "Tiny Terrors" and "Beats of Fable" with one team. You need "Unborn Val'kyr", "Ikky" and an "Emerald Proto-Whelp" for the "Tiny Terrors" and the "Unborn Val'kyr", "Ikky" and a "Moth" for the "Beasts of Fable". Tiny Terrors in Tanaan: (1) (2) Beasts of Fable: Rematch Strings: Tiny Terrors: Beasts of Fable: 18 Aug
18 Aug Pet Menagerie daily quest Hi, we usually do the specific quest daily with each character in garrison (except the low lvl etc), so if we have for example 5 alts we could do it 5 times daily. After 7.0.3 patch I cannot take the Pet Menagerie daily quest except only once with the first character and I didn't read so far any similar article about it. Is this right or is it a bug?Sorido10 18 Aug
17 Aug Lost progress pet battles Hello, I haven't been looking for pet trainers battles in a long time. I cannot find my progress which battle pet trainer I fought last. Is theer any way to find out?Rothash2 17 Aug
17 Aug Do Pets Still Drop in MoP LFR? (6.0-7.0) I have been farming Kovok in the last wing of SoO LFR, for the whole year, on two characters every week, and as of the 7.0 patch, a few more characters are able to solo it so I am up to five characters each week now. 95% of the time I have used bonus rolls, so I should be around 100 kills + ~100 bonus rolls, though I don't remember if the pets only drop from bonus rolls? I'm not too sure about the drop rate either, according to Wowhead it's around 1%? If it's indeed that low, then I can understand that's it's just unlucky RNG. Have you had any pets drop in ToT or SoO LFR during WoD or later?Icebeam1 17 Aug
17 Aug New Rabbit skin? I've been looking at the now relatively old post about the new rabbit models that went live in 7.0 and I have noticed there is one skin/colour I haven't seen anywhere around...not that I was looking I am wondering is the model in question used somewhere or is intended to be used yet? The model is what I would describe as "tan": BTW I love the new model for "Flufftail", the unique pet used by pet tamer in Redridge. It's a pink bunny model...wish Blizzard would use this skin for some pet we could obtain...maybe a new Noblegarden bunny pet? :D 17 Aug
16 Aug Faster pet battle speed? You need to give us a option to speed up the pet battles. Put a quantity cap per hour on how many fights we can win, or some other mechanic to avoid the abuse of just farming pet battles for char exp etc... But you really have to speed them up. There's so much to do all the time, a million other things, and sitting there watching these pets battle it out with their SLOOOOW ANIMAATIONS makes me wanna rip out my hair... I'm not retarded, don't force me to wait 4-6 secs between every turn and action taken. Turns shouldn't take more than 2 sec, wam pow DONE!! Next move... This slow speed is extremely frustrating when fighting high level pets which all come in a full 3 pet party, and when they heal making everything last even longer... And when a dungeon or BG queue calls you in the middle of a fight, THAT is also enfuriating.Feralína2 16 Aug
15 Aug Can't complete Learning the Ropes - Julia Stevens I'm trying to fight Julia Stevens for the starting pet battle quest, Learning the Ropes. The thing is, she only asks me if I like her damn snakes and doesn't give me the chance to actually fight her. The same happens on my 85 Dwarf Hunter on Stormscale so I'm not sure what I do wrong here.Binom1 15 Aug
15 Aug She said "1 round" Hey there folks ! I am new at pet battles so what i am about to say might be stupid but it really bothers me so i had to make a topic about it. I played several battles with loads of ppl and i noticed that , some pets cast abilities that last for 1 round but actually they are there for 2 freakin rounds. Example : Pet (A) casts a spell on Pet (B) that makes Pet (B) 100% miss chance for 1 round. Pet (B) attacks , misses and then its Pet (A) turn again to play. LOGICALLY this is how a round is counted , but this happens : Pet (A) attacks again and.... the spell that Pet (A) casted on Pet (B) is STILL THERE!!!! FOR 2 ROUNDS !! Thats 2 rounds Blizz not 1 , its 2 ! I don't know if i explained it correctly or good enough for ppl to understand , but i would really like an explanation about this. It's really frustrating.Dervus4 15 Aug
15 Aug Suggestion: Encourage creativity After noticing myself falling into the habbit of checking google/wowhead for strategies for the "An Awfully Big Adventure" achievement, i came up with a suggestion. Personally i'd love to be able to try and find my own strategies for these trainers, but i find the game discourages me from doing so with the long cooldown on pet revive and the limited availability of pet bandages. As long as i have pets to level and upgrade, i wont waste charms on buying pet bandages, and i dont tend to get enough from random encounters and trainers to sustain myself. I would gladly pay 1 gold or more just to have my pets healed without having to fly back and forth between a trainer and a stable master. But with the current state of the game treating bandages as a luxury instead of a necessity, i lose out on a lot of creative pet battles as i feel punished for not sticking to a cookiecutter build. I do understand the value of not having your pets healed for free after every battle, to encourage defensive play and punish failure. I would suggest to automatically heal only the pets used in the fight, and only against opponents where it feels appropriate, so not including wild pet battles.Archonius0 15 Aug
15 Aug How do you approach Zoa (celestial)? I shouldn't have had, but I'm having issues beating Zao. I used to use Alpine Fox ->dance + howl, then a Crystal Spider with brittle web, swarm and crystal, and then finishing off with a Menagerie Custodian. This utterly failed me now. Has anything changed that I didn't notice? What do you guys do?Remalus5 15 Aug
14 Aug Crazy Cat Lady So, the idea of having a 'Crazy Cat Lady' title was just too tempting, so I went to investigate how to get it. Collect 20/25 possible cats. Sounds easy enough, until you realise that out of those 25 cats, only 20 of them are actually available in-game (excluding spending thousands upon thousands on AH for promotion pets, or pets from TCG, or buy them from the store with actual cash). Then, lo and behold, checking what I need to do to get all of the cats available in game, and I need 15 level 25 pets (minimum), so I can buy Xu-Fu after completing the celestial tournament, as well as 12 rare drop pets from classic raids, one of which I believe is all but impossible to solo due to mechanics for the first boss. So, the 'collect 20 cats' achievement, is actually 'collect 32 pets minimum, 20 of which should be cats.' Edit: This post didn't really go anywhere, so to make it have a point, can anyone offer any advice for either completing the Celestial Tournament with my current array of pets, or completing the first boss in Blackwing Lair solo?Tryx18 14 Aug
14 Aug New Felbat Pup can't fly Hello I got a suggestion. Please make the Felbat Pup pet able to fly like many other pets can with wings, it got wings too so I cant see why not?Serylana4 14 Aug
13 Aug Kortas Darkhammer in He miss spell's his pet name "Obsidiion" when he calls it out. When the pet is called "Obsidion" just thought i'd report it.Crazyjono1 13 Aug
13 Aug A Darkmoon Faire Pets (or a mog set) giveaway A week ago, I've created a simple giveaway on WarcraftPets, however, due to the lack of contenders (you'd think that most of posters have gathered pets already!), I let you know about that there. Link to the thread: There are planned 4 rolls and winners choose prizes according to the results' order. There are 4 sets of prizes: Darkmoon Rabbit (S/S), Moon Moon (breed to choose) + Sea Pony + Ghostshell Crab (:P), Darkmoon Eye + Syd the Squid, All of "Darkmoon X" pets from Lharaand a full Replica set for a single class in case you really don't want the pets. If you don't have an account on WPets, you can post your story here, just let me know you're an active player. Good luck. :) and sorry for the former hestitation.Remte6 13 Aug
13 Aug Lydia Accoste (NPC) missing Assuming this is in the same catagory as things broken by either Dalaran or the Broken Shore scenario, similar to the missing Zul'Gurub instance portal. This NPC is no longer there, at all. She is neither visible, or targetable even through /target lydia. Couldn't find a threat on this issue so, here it is. I haven't included screen shots for something that is frankly, quite trivial. Thanks in advance for the solution/fix which will no doubt be coming soon. Edit: suggests US players are having the same problem, but neither MVP or GM have responded so far.Ozyorkbourne2 13 Aug
11 Aug Potatonirus. Potato lord. After chat with GM, i decieded make topic withidea. Name: Potatonirus Potato Lord. Battle pet type: Elemental. How to get: We got allready in game in Hillsbrad Foothils quest, where we can get Sunflower mini pet. What about sequel of that, where Potatonirus might be possible to get? Here is video for what i mean.Sapherea0 11 Aug
09 Aug Balancing Pet Breeds Hey there. I would like to discuss a little the balance of Pet Breed stat bonuses. For those who don't know, there are 4 types of Breeds: 1 - Pure -> +100% to 1 Stat 2 - Dual -> +45% to 2 Stats (90% Total) 3 - Hybrid -> +45% to 1 Stat, +20% to the other 2 Stats (85% Total) 4 - Balanced -> +25% to the 3 Stats (75% Total) If you notice, the more "spread out" the Stat bonuses are, the SMALLER the total bonus is. It should be the opposite, because when you focus on fewer Stats: 1 - You are focusing on the biggest stat(s) and giving up on the weaker stats. Example: Pet with 12 Power, 8 Speed A +100% boost on Power = 24 Power, 8 Speed = Total 32 (+12 boost) A +50% boost on Power and Speed = 18 Power, 12 Speed = Total 30 (+10 boost) 2 - Your strategy already values the Stat(s) you're focusing on above the rest. So the more spread out the Stat bonuses of a Breed is, the bigger the total bonus should be. Suggestion: Pure -> +100% to 1 Stat (no Change) Dual -> +55% to 2 Stats (110%, up from 90%) Hybrid -> +55% to 1 Stat, +35% to the other 2 Stats (125%, up from 85%) Balanced -> +45% to the 3 Stats (135%, up from 75%) Any thoughts?Voidwind7 09 Aug
07 Aug For sale on Frostmane WTS Black Tabby Cat lvl 25 on FrostmaneTyrelsa0 07 Aug
06 Aug Nexus whelpling spawn Hi, do someone know Blizzard changed spawn of nexus whelpling? Today I wanted to catch few whelps, I spend around 4 hours and I didnt see any :/. I was trying on few realms and I always been alone so its impossible to someone caught him before me.Fean2 06 Aug
06 Aug Selling Tournament of Celestials Pets Selling one of the Celestial pets charging <15k> i will lend you all the pets you need and explain all the fights til you get one the tournament have requirements : you need to have 15 pet ( leveled them your self ) to 25 ( purchased lvl 25 pets doesn't count) for more info Add: ilyas#21324Braudan2 06 Aug
06 Aug Celestial tournament! Help needed! I'm looking for an avid pet battle to help me arranging a pet team and completing the celestial tournament so I can get the Zao pet! If anyone who has many many pets and knows alot about this wouldn't mind adding my battle tag; Elune#2674 and we can arrange some form of payment if necessary for your assistance. I would prefer it if people didn't just link me to a guide as I'd like an individual player's help.Lunarclaw2 06 Aug
05 Aug Pet Battle PvP Zzzzzz So I have recently come back to the game after a bit of a break (4-5 months?) and am levelling up an alt. To me levelling up alts include pet battles because why the heck not? Queue and it is the same old same old Graves/ Bone Serpent/ Teroclaw/ MPD setups time and time again, with the odd Raggy/Anub or Chrominius thrown in here and there occasionally. I'm sitting there just doing all sorts of setups for fun, and all I see is the same old boring stuff. I'm bored seeing the same things, the people playing those setups must be bored doing the same thing time after time win or lose. My question is; Who is having fun with this, and where is the variety?Mallinon12 05 Aug
03 Aug Total amount of Pets that you can carry Hello, I am a collector of anything that is to be collected in the game. Now I have reached my total amount of pet quite a while ago. For those that dont know that for some strange reason 1002. Now the argument that you need to choose what pet you wanna keep has an impact on the game is valid, but so does that if you can carry 3 of the same pet that impliese that you will be able to have at lease 3 of each pet. This still forces you to choose what pet breeds you wanna keep of what pet. Now my question is will we see een increase in the total limit for the battle pets before legion, or should I start purging my collection? P.S. The new appearence system interface very has a few major flaws cant open anything else during browsing and the confirmation of already obtained apperences is missing. And the hole thing that you have to wait 2 hours to sell vendor items back to the vendor otherwisxe the apperence is removed again, very very frustrating. But is new,Ii am thankfull its finally in. Sorry this kinda does not belong in this thread. Appologies for the bad gramma and english. Greetings Asteroth.Asterot4 03 Aug
30 Jul Keep battle pets in wow and blizzard store ~.~ I'm just saying~ I don't want to play non-wow related games to get a pet and we shouldn't have to.Rãvan8 30 Jul
30 Jul Flowing Pandaren Spirit is cheating... ...his Pandaren Water Spirit can still cast both Geyser and Whirlpool, didn't he get the memo about the change?Xiongheng2 30 Jul
30 Jul Any ideas? Did any of you found a new way to defeat the elites in Tanaan, after the howl/bomb nerf? I am curious. I tried many different setups, but they all fail. So am hoping, that maybe 1 of the masters out here can point my nose in the right direction. Thank you :)Anthaeras10 30 Jul
28 Jul Pet Battle Quest Bugs ep. 3: Erris (Kura) What…? I had Critters of Draenor in my quest log, uncompleted. Did some stuff in Pandaria and after hearthing back to garrison – during collecting the rewards from garrison missions – the quest tracker flashed, yellow text on filled requirement appeared and the quest became completed. All with one character of course. It starts to be annoying… EDIT: Still happens as of 9th of August. This time the trigger was in the garrison cache box.Remte0 28 Jul
28 Jul Scrappin' - daily garrison quest Is quest Srappin' ( supposed to be Account one instead of character-based?Fräctäl10 28 Jul
27 Jul Defeat 5 Draenor Tamers weekly quest bug? Today I began this quest, defeated Gargra (first battle for me today), and the entire quest completed and I was able to turn it in back at my garrison menagerie. Is this a bug or is it another change I'm not aware of? I looked back at the quest text to see if it had changed, but it still says it requires you to defeat the five tamers.Frightwig4 27 Jul
27 Jul Magic Pet Mirror - Severe dissapointment It took me so long to farm those 500 marks only to find out that this toy is basically completely useless other than to serve as another milestone on the way to the 200 toy achievement, which is a shame. Not only has it 1 hr cooldown, no, you can't perform any actions even out of combat without the illusion breaking. The only way you can get something out of this is to set up a second account, create a character on the same realm, then use the mirror to copy a pet apperance and with your main character you copy the appearance with the sky mirror. Come on Blizzard, you can do better than this. Toy = having fun, but more than half of those alleged toys are not fun at all.Finalheaven3 27 Jul
27 Jul Suggestion: Limit level of pets against trainers It's not that fun travelling Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor to do the pet quests when I know I can just pick high level pets and facesmash to win. I suggest scaling down the level of the pets you choose to fight with to be max the same as the level of the trainer's pets. That way there'll at least be a minimum of thought required to do the quest chains.Klova7 27 Jul
27 Jul I can't finish the Garson Pet battles I can win the battle but then can't hand in the quest as no mark of pet mastery is forthcomming. Is this just me that has this problem ? Its annoying as I'm 1488 battles into the 2000 needed for the achievement.Gluck14 27 Jul
27 Jul Failed to Create Pet Battle Failed to create pet battle Failed to create pet battle Failed to create pet battle Failed to create pet battle..... My life tonight in this game. I've switched off. Logged back in. Done all the usual trimming. There is no issue with lag or time communicating with my home network or the internet. Frame rate is fine. But, as what happened at the launch of WoD I cannot Battle tamers. They just keep throwing this message up... Been like it all night. I give up.Luu4 27 Jul
27 Jul Arcane Eye Are the Arcane Eye still outside Karazhan. The place has changed with Level 98 stuff and yellow of same number by the tamer. Been a couple of times and no Eyes. Maybe just unlucky.Luu4 27 Jul
26 Jul Chain Pet Leash ! Hello, If anyone by any chance comes across one of these and would like a pet for it, I'd be more than willing to do a trade. I have 299/300 toys and it didn't want to drop for me this week :(Retizian2 26 Jul
24 Jul Any solution to this? Hi guys, There is a small bug that's been bothering me. Take a look at the pic to see what I mean: Any solution for it?Krixx2 24 Jul
22 Jul Getting Graves Hey guys I´m looking for other players, who are interested in getting the battle pet "Graves", a reward which is earned by getting a level 20 Account @ HoS! So I´m going to play vs Bots and therefore I´m looking for people who are also interested in getting this pet, we also will get a XP boost by queuing up together! Not playing alone and faster leveling is double worth it ! B-tag:Roamerr#2306 Thanks!Vk23 22 Jul
21 Jul Suggestion: Zone collection pets I had a nice discussion with Gráinne in a different thread about how promotion pets are more powerful than pets collected in the wild. This made me think. We both agreed that we'd like to see the pets we put an effort into obtaining be as powerful or even more powerful than the promotion pets. So here's my suggestion. Many zones have pet trainers. What if these trainers have a pet that you can obtain/buy/win only if you've collected at least one uncommon or rare quality pet of each type that are common in the zone. These special pets can be unique (only able to collect one), and since they arguable require more effort to get than most other pets, they can be at the same level as promotional pets in power.Klova0 21 Jul