Pet Battles

1d Eyeblast? Did this ability always have 4 round cooldown? I'm almost sure it was an ability with no cooldown...Sandalf2 1d
1d Can You Enlarge Pet Collecting Invetory? hello Blizzard I hate one thing about pet collecting and that is that my pets store is always full can you Please make the pet Battle Collecting Larger inventory than 900 I can't tame the new pets at all when Im out in legion need to Release Pets that perhaps I spend twice amout of time to collect . It feelsbadman.Harry3 1d
2d Pet addon Soo...towards the end of WOD i got really into my pet levelling. Levelled over 100 pets to 25 and was using a very useful addon. For the life of me i dont know what addon it was. When the cache bugged dropped i moved all my addons to a back up folder however my pet screen hasnt been the same since. My pet journal used to open and there used to be an extra side bar where at the bottom it had save team etc. I found it so clear and easy to use. It also (on the standard blizz pet journal had all my bandages , treats and safari hat at the top. For some reason thats now gone. I am not sure if i am missing the addon. I think it might have been rematch and looked very much like this where you can save against a particular NPC Please help, i really liked its utilityKreynai5 2d
2d I was young and stupid (sorry mum) EDITED : Surge always goes first!Yarwulf3 2d
3d Pets that you would just get from the AH Hello, Which pets did you decide to buy from the AH rather than try to collect, and why. For example I've bought these: * Terrible Turnip -- don't fancy grinding for it, too useful not to get as soon as possible because of weakening blow for catching other pets * Lil Timmy's white kitten -- too much waiting time for the spawn and if someone else collects it before I do, I'd probably deskflip. I realise it is just opinion and people have different frustration thresholds, but I am curious whether there any which are generally considered a boring grind or too difficult to get by chance ^_^Roibeárd6 3d
3d Powerlevel spot Whats the best nowadays? Used to be vale when I played last I want to get some of these rep pets to 25Useyour3 3d
3d Battle pet maximum cap still not increased? Hey, I was hoping that with the release of Legion, the maximum 1000 pets that you can have in your pet collection would be increased. However I just tried adding pets to my collection and it still seems to have that ~1000 cap. So the question is: When will the cap be raised? And to how much; 1000-9999 pets in the pet journal? I'm asking because I've been stuck with so many pets that I want to keep, including many other serious pet tamers have been asking around and we still seem to be struggling with this problem. I really hope there are plans for increasing the cap at least, because with Legion we got naturally more pets to collect, but it's going to be difficult for us with over 1k pets. If anyone knows something, please let me know here.Xianja12 3d
5d Pet battle PvP Queu Hi all, when I try to do PvP pet battles, the queu remains. Are there any things I can do? Thanks!Obuswobus6 5d
18 Sep What happens if it's a draw? I was wondering what happens when the battle results in a draw, i.e both pets dying at the same time. I have just battled the same person twice in a row. In the first battle, he had an undead pet at the end, which I killed, and the undead pet racial brings it back for one turn, then on his next turn he killed my final pet and his died straight after. In the second battle the same happened but the other way round, I had an undead pet at the end, which he killed, after it ressed I finished off his pet then mine promptly died. So in the first case, all my pets died a moment earlier, but the second all his were the first to die. So are they both losses/draws? or should one be a win? In the statistics panel, is there a section for pet battles that counts wins and draws? I've looked but can't find one. Thanks, DelDeluniel2 18 Sep
18 Sep Family Familiar Achievement. Guys, How long will this take to achieve? A Year? It might be just me as I havent completed alot of the quest lines that end in a Dungeon yet (Keyboard has some drink spilled on it - so the keys stick. And I walk into Elites all day long... needs a replacing as when I removed a few keys to clean I broke it... damn). Anyway - is it normal for only 1 or 2 Master Tamers to turn up a day - and only be able to battle them once with a specific racial team? It's going to be an epicly long wait if thats the case...Exris1 18 Sep
18 Sep How to do world quests.... World quest shows "catch these 3", in an area none of them are.... So I go and catch all 3 but no credit... What have I missed?Useyour8 18 Sep
18 Sep Pet Battle Guild??? I've been considering setting up a guild for battle pet enthusiasts like myself. One issue I've found is that its very hard to find fellow pet battlers to share this feature with. I would imagine that it would be more of a casual/social guild with the battle pet focus. Of course also attempting raiding etc as well. I had ideas about some events that we could run, things like tournaments (1v1, same type, loads of ideas for different types), best pet competitions. Before I actually go and make it however I wanted to gauge the potential interest that there may be. Clearly there would be a few issues with regards to what server it should be on, horde or alliance, however this shouldn't be a massive problem as pets are account bound. Any thoughts?Lílílá3 18 Sep
17 Sep WTS TCG Pets I have 4 Sand Scarab, 3 Gusting Grimoire, 2 Purple Puffer and 2 Gregarious Grell for sale (11 Pets) Want 60 k each on them. Accepting gold only on Draenor Horde EU BattleTag is Marvel#22363 Got also Eye of the Legion, Want 70 k for itMarvel0 17 Sep
17 Sep Pet Charms in Legion? So, since they nerfed the Pet Charms rewards for a bunch of WoD stuff, you'd assume it's so current Legion content don't feel bad in comparison... but why is it then that not even one in ten world quest pet battles actually reward any Pet Charms? And there don't seem to be any other source for them? I want to get all those new pets, but the total cost of them is many hundred Pet Charms, and I've been literally stuck on the same amount for quite a while now (since I do other stuff for reputation instead of go chasing nerfed amounts of them in WoD). What's the deal here really? Shouldn't have to do WoD content to buy the Legion pets when they've nerfed that content to say "this isn't what you should do anymore", right? I'm pretty confused and fairly annoyed about this. :S (And it's beside the fact that getting the extended pet inventory will take agesssssss!)Qeliria7 17 Sep
17 Sep Master Tamer Flummox bug Beating this boss with only one type of pets does currently not award progress in the achievement list. I beat him with 3 beast pets today and I did not get credit for the Best of the Beasts achievement. Also, beating him with 3 aquatic pets for Aquatic Acquiescence is, I dare say, impossible. There are no aquatic pets that give any kind of damage increase debuff and any pets that have some kind of burst are too slow and get two turns of -50%dmg. It's all mostly fish, crabs, turtles or frogs that deal too low damage for him to barely go under 50% of his HP. You can't waste turns speeding up or trying to heal because you have like 3 turns to live with most pets. Thinking of using undead abilities? Nope! The only pets with any kind of usable undead ability are the Shattrath crocs with Absorb that has a 1 turn cooldown. The lowest I have gotten him to is like 980hp and after checking every aquatic pet in the Pet Journal I can't think of a way this could be done.Chocolates5 17 Sep
16 Sep Shame about Karazhan Shame what's happened to the area around Karazhan. I have spent many a happy hour leveling pets/characters there. Did use to be my favourite haunt. Just not bothering with the place now. Folk just pop the arcanes whether they battle or not. Never mind all good things come to an end I suppose. Strike Karazhan off the list of places ever to visit.... Sadly I fear its only going to get worse. By the way it is the only place in game with single mob pets to fight. If you level by Pet Battles you will appreciate just how useful that is. Also the XP is good and the leveling useful. Just not worth going there now. Why do they insist on overlaying one thing over another without thinking about what it does to other activities. Just move the arcanes to The Vice or what ever it's called so there is no conflict between Battle Pets and players getting annoyed cus there mobs are not around and insist on just popping the eyes for fun. Or vastly increase the arcane spawn rate.Luu3 16 Sep
16 Sep Raiding with lashes IV. At long last! I will have my Lil Lord Marrowgar! <3 Thanks blizz! ^_^ BONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORM!Sapherea1 16 Sep
16 Sep Would a level 25 stone work for "Overstuffed"? Level 25 stone = Ultimate Battle-Traning stone (couldn't fit it in the title). Just wondering so I don't waste it.Theduckminer1 16 Sep
15 Sep Balanced Team with Murkidan Hello all, I finally managed to get a full team of lvl 25 minipets. Sadly, after doing some fights I've just realised how weak my minipets were. What bothers me the most is that minipets with way more HP are able to pull of like the double damage my pets do. That's without putting weakness/strong attacks on the table. I still want to keep my Murkidan (from what I read, he basically has the skillset of an Imp). Is there an item that improve minipets past lvl 25 ? I feel like I'm doing something wrong here.Triçkster3 15 Sep
14 Sep Just dinged 110 with Pet Battles I have tended for some time not to bother leveling with quests but adopt the use of Pet Battles to level. This has been the pattern on various characters over the last three expansions. Today 3rd September I just dinged 110 using Pet Battles to level and I was most surprised that it was not more time consuming. Thats 100 to 110. The last level to 110 is 711000XP and with 11733-12350XP per battle that gives around 60 Pet Battles. You are getting 15000 for the tamers and the same for cooking and fishing so I get half a level per day from doing the rounds. This time following some advice here I switched activities to Sunblossom Hill. I have never done Pandaria and was surprised that I was given the flight path to that place in the middle where I flew to this location. Nice spot populated with Eternal Sliders that spawn regularly. I would normally use Karazhan and the Arcanes for my boost being the only real single pet fights in the game, but the place has become very popular and its a bit out of my way now. I still did Crystal with the Apes cus I like the flying around at times. After some experimentation I used three pets. The first being the pet you are leveling. Then a Pterrordax Hatchling and a Disgusting Oozling for the Glowfly. I only used the Pterrordax after opening with the leveling pet. For that I would get 12350XP . If I needed the Dusgusting it went down to 11733. I never really needed to replensish or use other pets with the Hatchling. It has Lift Off and Ancient Blessing which both avoided hits and healed. I was nearly full helath at end of fights. I like the Disgusting as it can one hit stuff with Expunge and the spell normally gives an immediate second hit with Ooze Touch... when needed. Anyway that's that. Level 110 and still haven't done the first quest for Legion and now they give me the quest Uniting the Isles. I guess I would have to better my crafted TBC gear which I am wearing given that Shattered Sun rep was the last thing I did quest wise in the game. So ... what next. Back to my Mage now and back to Pet Battles.. whoo hoo !! Time to hang up the Warlocks Pet Battle Boots. Onwards.. to level 70 then.. as you do.Vuu5 14 Sep
13 Sep WTS TCG Pets WTS TCG Pets 3xRocket Chicken 120k each Spectral Tiger Cub 100k Eye of the Legion 120k Purple Puffer 95k 2xEthereal Soul-Trader 100k each Nightsaber Cub 120k 2xHippogryph Hatchling 120k each prices are negociable prefer gold on Aggra/Grimbatol, might accept on other realms btag me for further discussion: Panquecas#1516Drpancake0 13 Sep
12 Sep cannot abandon my pet?! I have 2 pets (lvl32 hunter). I tried abandoning either of them but get the prompt " cannot abandon last pet". what in the blazes does that mean?? Help!!?Kahnon1 12 Sep
12 Sep WTS Spineclaw Crab-Tarren Mill As the title says, I'd like to sell the pet for gold on Tarren Mill ! :) My btag is NightmarE#25184Timebreaker0 12 Sep
12 Sep Aquatic Acquiescence - Flummox (Master Tamer) This achievement: [Aquatic Acquiescence] I've tried every combination and even bought some battle pets like Slithershock Elver or or 3x Puddle Terror or any of those combination.. Its hard to beat him. I've google it everywhere can't find anything. :'( Anyone got idea's/tips? I appreciate it. Thanks and have a lovely day! -XiejeXieje4 12 Sep
11 Sep Design a pet! There has been a topic where we designed certain pet abilities. Shall we dare to design pets themselves too? My example: Name: Rustleling – I'm not good at names, you're welcome to suggest another one. :P Type: Elemental Possible appearance: Source: Quest reward (a quest being a Westfall/Barrens reminder, I believe, besides they aren't in these zones :P) Pet journal flavour text: "Riverpaw gnolls believe that these stalks are an omen of incoming changes." Unique: No Cageable: IDK :P Rarity: Uncommon Breeds: P/S (I wanted to include more, but quests rewards are usually monobred) Abilities:... Too much of a hurry, I know. Also noticed that someone on US forums has already had another plan, so… ;)Remte27 11 Sep
09 Sep Pet battles in Legion So... I'm 107 as of now and... I haven't met any NPC pet tamers... or any quests. Are quests and tamers availble only at 110?Sandalf4 09 Sep
07 Sep PvP pet battle APP Just like wow armory app but just for pvp pet battling. This could even be set up in the armory app. Would have: -No 3D enviroments/arenas -No long 3D animations -Left (ours) and right (opponent) side pets -The UI could remain the same, it works, bars on top, spells below. -Option to browse pet library with same options as wow (like set/remove favorite), just copy past the pet journal!!! -Create/save team set ups for quick access (maybe a 10 team limit) -Online PvP matchmaking (possible and best to be linked to ingame match making) Would not have: -Achievements, most likely it could be exploited for free achieves. -No leveling pets, u do that in the WoW -No trading/collecting pets, u do that in WoW Keeping it simple, this would be a fun no reward no cost PvP matchmaker, much like HS, that you can play on "the throne", on the bus stop/ride, in line for government services and/or just in the park. Thoughts? suggestions? would you play it?Necrofenix1 07 Sep
07 Sep Can't start pet battles I dinged 110 a few days ago and started doing world quests when I realized I couldn't engage into any kind of pet battles. I have previously done them on my rogue back in WoD but on my new demon hunter it doesn't seem to work. That means I can attack those open world battle pets, but with my weapons instead of my ripoff pokemon. there are also no symbols on the mini map. A dedicated pet battle ability is also missing in my passiv skill list. The only pet battle related skill is the resurrection thingy, so I tried talking to the NPCs that could teach you the pet battle ability, but they don't offer anything like that. The only thing they do is give me quests for battling guys in Azeroth. tl;dr can't do pet battles, missing passive, npc doesn't give me anythingAuks3 07 Sep
07 Sep PvP in The Underbelly VS. pet battles So, I've dinged 110 and am excited to catch the new pets Legion offers. I was excited to see that I could get a few from a drop from a rare boss while I quested in several areas, and I am excited to catch the other ones... but I'm also frustrated, with the PvP area in The Underbelly in Dalaran. While I like the concept in itself in a way, the PvP in that area, and while I am more than happy for the people who do like it, unlike me, I'm not too happy with the execution. I know that you can ask Raethan, the NPC near the entrance, for a guard that allows you to go look for pets and do quests. While a really great option for those who hate the PvP, while the 5 gold cost is not the problem, it is kind of an issue that the guards don't stay very long. I didn't even have time to capture 1 pet. It is maddening to have a pet in your trap, only to lose it just before the added pets die because the guard has disappeared and you're dead before you can say 'damn it', particularly when the pet (for instance: Blind Rat) can't be captured in another spot now... The guards take a break VERY OFTEN, so The Underbelly IS PvP at least 95% of the time. To wait for it not to be doesn't appear to be a solution at all.Yspandaria4 07 Sep
02 Sep Im looking for a per but i don't know its name... Hey Guys I was looking for a pet what looks like a flamewaker in hearthstone. I know there is something like that 'cause I've got to see it once but i forgot its name :( Thanks for tha help anywaysDkán2 02 Sep
01 Sep No pets in Deadwind Pass? It seems there are no pets in Deadwind pass, but u need it for Achievement: "Eastern Kingdoms Tamer" Is this a bug? or did Blizz forgot to add some pets there?Elmyra29 01 Sep
30 Aug Need helpfull tips about exping. I just back month ago, but allready got one pet in 25 level, because friend helped me with garrison quest for battle pets. But still rest is about 1 - 10 levels. Any ideas about good exp? I heard Anubisath Idol is OP, but there is more good pets? I am achievement hunter so heh.Sapherea8 30 Aug
28 Aug make Roadhog into a pet in wow please make a RoadHog pet for WoW..he can hook critters and other pets and maybe one-shot-them :D pretty pleeeeeasss.Augosto1 28 Aug
26 Aug chi-chi impossible now I am fairly new to pet battles and still do the celestial tournament to get the pets. I always used the "water spirit/chromie bomb", which can no longer be done since the patch. I just can't beat chi-chi. I've tried lots of things, snails, magic....he just won't die, he's either ethereal or healing. Anyone managed to kill him after the legion patch? I've managed the other ones.Dzeni8 26 Aug
26 Aug WTT Seaborne Spore for a Nightmare Bell Hey all. As the title states, I wish to trade my Seaborne Spore for a Nightmare Bell. Let me know when and where you want to meet and I'll happily trade it to you. P.S.: I'll update the thread if/when i get he Nightmare Bell.Mahkah2 26 Aug
25 Aug Pet battling done uninterresting I have been grinding pet battles for quite some time now and done it for so long that it's not fun anymore. Just necessary to level pets! And then Blizzard decide to make it «interresting». Hours after hours have been spent to find teams that work in Pandaria and Tanaan Jungle. And suddenly you have to start more or less all over to finde teams that work. The result is quite simple. Doing the job all over is just annoying, so it's easier to quit. And one more reason for not bying the Legion expansion.Kwhmaster1 25 Aug
24 Aug Mr Pinchy Does Mr Pinchy still exist as of the latest patch? I have been fishing the pools for 3 hours now and he still hasn't dropped... this seems a bit excessive. I have multitudes of Golden Darter, Furious Crawdad, Scrolls etc, but still no Mr Pinchy. Has anyone else caught one of these since the last patch as I'm a little worried I've wasted 3 hours trying to catch something that may not exist.Lorodiam4 24 Aug
23 Aug New player with 100 DH looking to get into Pets I'm still a pretty new player to WoW, but as a massive fan of anything close to Pokemon Pet Battles holds much interest for me But I'm lost at where to even start, do I just wander the world catching level 1 critters? Farm dungeons for pet drops? Something else? And then what's the best way to handle pet quests? And are there any essential Pet supplies?Asurana4 23 Aug
23 Aug Please, allow us to speed pet battles up Like, an option to not play out the attack animations, It would speed up pet battles so much. If both players had it enabled in a PvP pet battle, it would ignore them there as well.Akcope15 23 Aug
22 Aug Warcraft Planet TV on Youtube Hi there I am from Warcraft PlanetTV on YouTube; What we do is record gameplay and make it into a YouTube Video for Viewers to watch! This involves Transmogs, RPing, Random Events e.g a Parade! If you are interested in getting involved, please contact me! Reason Why I have made this thread to to represent WoW Players on EU on YouTube if that is By Transmogs Pvp Pve or Role Playing events ,Including Class Transmogs You can Contact me Via Game or Direct Message on the YouTube Channel hope to hear from use all soon! The Link : 22 Aug
22 Aug Blossoming Ancient Around 15-20 minutes of this before I started recording. 22 Aug
20 Aug Rare Harpy Youngling? I'm basically just wondering if anyone has managed to find one? I've flown round a whole spawn about 5 times now, (10-15 Harpies), and only seem to find uncommons at most.Legénd16 20 Aug
20 Aug No battle pets in Stormwind? Over the last couple of days, I couldn't help noticing that there are no more battle pets to be seen in Stormwind. If I recall clearly, there used to be loads of them near the park and near the portals' lake. Is this intended or just a bug?Kaliadne3 20 Aug
19 Aug Please Ganymede as a non-combat pet Having just watched the amazing Last Bastion Overwatch short, I'd really love to see Ganymede (the yellow bird) added as a companion pet. In keeping with the spirit of the short, I'd like it to be non-combat (like K'ute or the balloons). We need a small yellow bird of happiness in the grim darkness of Legion.Anyura1 19 Aug
18 Aug Tiny Terrors and Beasts of Fable with 1 Team The famous "Howl-Bomb" strategy is gone, but I developed a new one, I call "Doombird", which can be used to defeat all "Tiny Terrors" and "Beats of Fable" with one team. You need "Unborn Val'kyr", "Ikky" and an "Emerald Proto-Whelp" for the "Tiny Terrors" and the "Unborn Val'kyr", "Ikky" and a "Moth" for the "Beasts of Fable". Tiny Terrors in Tanaan: (1) (2) Beasts of Fable: Rematch Strings: Tiny Terrors: Beasts of Fable: 18 Aug
18 Aug Pet Menagerie daily quest Hi, we usually do the specific quest daily with each character in garrison (except the low lvl etc), so if we have for example 5 alts we could do it 5 times daily. After 7.0.3 patch I cannot take the Pet Menagerie daily quest except only once with the first character and I didn't read so far any similar article about it. Is this right or is it a bug?Sorido10 18 Aug
17 Aug Lost progress pet battles Hello, I haven't been looking for pet trainers battles in a long time. I cannot find my progress which battle pet trainer I fought last. Is theer any way to find out?Rothash2 17 Aug
17 Aug Do Pets Still Drop in MoP LFR? (6.0-7.0) I have been farming Kovok in the last wing of SoO LFR, for the whole year, on two characters every week, and as of the 7.0 patch, a few more characters are able to solo it so I am up to five characters each week now. 95% of the time I have used bonus rolls, so I should be around 100 kills + ~100 bonus rolls, though I don't remember if the pets only drop from bonus rolls? I'm not too sure about the drop rate either, according to Wowhead it's around 1%? If it's indeed that low, then I can understand that's it's just unlucky RNG. Have you had any pets drop in ToT or SoO LFR during WoD or later?Icebeam1 17 Aug
17 Aug New Rabbit skin? I've been looking at the now relatively old post about the new rabbit models that went live in 7.0 and I have noticed there is one skin/colour I haven't seen anywhere around...not that I was looking I am wondering is the model in question used somewhere or is intended to be used yet? The model is what I would describe as "tan": BTW I love the new model for "Flufftail", the unique pet used by pet tamer in Redridge. It's a pink bunny model...wish Blizzard would use this skin for some pet we could obtain...maybe a new Noblegarden bunny pet? :D 17 Aug
16 Aug Faster pet battle speed? You need to give us a option to speed up the pet battles. Put a quantity cap per hour on how many fights we can win, or some other mechanic to avoid the abuse of just farming pet battles for char exp etc... But you really have to speed them up. There's so much to do all the time, a million other things, and sitting there watching these pets battle it out with their SLOOOOW ANIMAATIONS makes me wanna rip out my hair... I'm not retarded, don't force me to wait 4-6 secs between every turn and action taken. Turns shouldn't take more than 2 sec, wam pow DONE!! Next move... This slow speed is extremely frustrating when fighting high level pets which all come in a full 3 pet party, and when they heal making everything last even longer... And when a dungeon or BG queue calls you in the middle of a fight, THAT is also enfuriating.Feralína2 16 Aug