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Legion Pet Battle Tuning We’re getting close to deploying some changes to pet battles that we’ll test in the Legion Alpha. We wanted to outline some of them here for you, so that you have a thread in which you can talk about this with us. As always, these are changes we’re testing, subject to further change, not final, etc. Undead racial During its invulnerability round, the active Undead pet will now do -25% damage.Developer note: The Undead racial ability has been one of the most powerful, and this change should help bring it in line with the others. Frog Kiss + Sleeping Gas Now has a 1-round cooldown.Dev note: The ability to chain stun opponents (until resilience kicks in) simply feels bad. Rather than a blanket change to resilience, we’re trying a surgical change to one of the more aggravating aspects. Thunderbolt, Avalanche, Grave Destruction, Carpnado, Arcane Storm, and Psionic Strom Base Damage reduced by approximately 15%Thunderbolt Will now have a 5-Round cooldown, to match the other abilities with similar damage and effect.Cleave Added 1-round cooldownDev note: AoE abilities are very powerful in the current battle pet metagame, especially “meteor”-type abilities, which are quite effective against both groups of enemies and single targets. This should bring them closer to their intended power level. Graves Clobber and Bonestorm slots swappedDev note: Graves has a bit too easy of a time damaging the entire enemy team. Though we see other setups with Graves, it’s been too easy to AoE, and a bit too powerful among AoE pets. We are wary of opening up additional new Graves combos with this change, and we’ll be testing this closely and reading all of your feedback. Graves’ base stats changed: At level 25, Graves’ Speed will now be 244 (was 211), Power will now be 297 (was 314), and Health will now be 1587 (was 1668).Dev note: Graves’ base stats, along with the Undead racial (which favors slow pets), made him an unfortunate opponent to play against. Combined with high AoE and Consume Corpse, he had very few downsides. This change should help bring his output in-line with other, similar pets. Overall, this constitutes a triple nerf to Graves. However, depending on your ability choices, you may consider the Clobber/Bonestorm slot swap an improvement. Please feel free to leave your feedback in this thread, and we’ll be here reading (and responding where necessary). Thank you very much! Aerythlea57
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Scrappin' - daily garrison quest Is quest Srappin' ( supposed to be Account one instead of character-based? Fräctäl6
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Blizzard, let's improve the PvP pet battles ? Hello Blizzard community, As most of you, I have been traveling around Azeroth to catch all of our lovely creatures and I have battled many Pokemon masters. Every two months or so, I also join the PvP pet battles system and wins pretty easily. However, I'm never having fun at all. Are any of you ? Everytime I let myself play PvP pet battles, there is always something ruining the whole experience. Sometimes, it's the bots : it's really not fun to play versus an AI on a "Player vs Player" system. Even when winning has become easy versus these bots, you have to wait they time out on turns where their pet is stun, or when one dies and they have to chose another pet. They even simulate that they take some time to play their basic turns. Sometimes, it's the afk losing players. When one knows he will lose, they let the game run without doing anything, and you have to wait so much time each of their turn. Maybe, they hope we leave, so they can win this one, who knows.. So what is the issue here ? It's handling repetitive timeouts. I know the timeout is reduced from 30 seconds to 16 when one player does not play a turn once but you still have to wait like 15 of their turns like that during a battle. And sometimes, they just do an action every 5 turns to reset the timeout timer and make it even longer ... You know, it really feels like we spend more time waiting than playing. Besides, you can't queue when farming instances, or even during a raid break if you are inside the instance. Basically, you need to be prepared to queue and wait somewhere, doing nothing else ... then you battle, some players, some afk players, some bots. So what can we do to improve this experience ? Any plans for Legion ? I really feel like PvP bet battles could be way more fun than they currently are but I'm not sure what would be the good solution. Still, here are some proposals : Reduce the timeout timer progressively on each turn with no action. Give timing out players a penalty debuff (does that ring a bell :D ?). Having said all of that, I must say this is not the only issue. Simply battling with other good players is a game of luck : do you have the right team versus this kind of pets ? etc ... What about having to chose 3 pets between 5 of your pets before starting the battle ? Owlÿ9
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Sad Disappearing Pet I'm guessing there is no chance that they are ever going to fix my pet constantly disappearing as I travel from one zone to the next. I just slowly walked backwards across the border from one zone to the next and watched as my poor tabby cat disappeared. I am forever having to reactivate pets to get them by my side again. Also fix it so that when you move pets around you don't lose your primary best pet that you like by your side. If by moving pets whilst flying prevents your primary companion from being deactivated why can't it be the same whilst standing on the ground. Summon should mean summon and not simply cus a pet you selected first in a battle pet group. And ... address the health reinstatement to pets after levelling up. Far too often the pets are not being granted their full health after levelling. It would also be nice to have the health of pets at the bottom of the screen alongside their abilities etc. I have a mobility issue and its a struggle with everything at the top of the screen at the best of times. Most games these days allow the stuff on the screen to be moved about. I would really like everything at the bottom. I do not use add-ons. When playing pet battles I have to be in window mode with a much reduced window size. I would also like the menu given some added power so that I can have specific pet groups available. Also with the menu fixed to pet level if I so choose. And for my failing eyesight make the pet type symbol a little more visible. Tumoon1
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My PvP Pet Battle Team: "You Will Lose" 180-10 Before I start I wanna get something out of my chest. Pet Battles are Pay to Win imo. Why? well I'll mention that later on. (you can skip "Italics" text if you want) I'm not a fan of pet battles, I really don't like them, especially PvP Pet Battles and I never bothered with them much, did few for dailies back in MoP and then stopped cause they are boring and take too long. I mean 2000 PvP Pet Battle Wins for an achievement? How insane it shat really. But anyway yesterday I decided I will go for the 250 wins achievement to get this pet that I was missing. I remembered reading and playing some combo with Stormwing which was really good but I forgot what it was so I did some random games and more reading and I found out from experience that Graves seemed freaking totally OP so I wanted him in for sure. Then I added Mechanical Dragonling cause I read and knew it was good. I guess you could say I picked OP pets and was lucky that they ended up working well together. I did 40-0 with this setup instantly when I started and I didn't event really know most of the opponent pet's abilities. Ended at 180-10 because that's what I was missing for 250 win achievement. 6 loses were from pretty much learning how to fight some harder combos. I later won vs them few times later on. 3 loses were vs combo that had one specific pet which pretty much made a hard counter to my setup. Sometimes it would be possible to win I guess depending on the two other pets that were used but still that one pet made it so hard already. (I won't say which one it is for obvious reasons) 1 lose was vs Pay to Win setup and there was ZERO chances of winning. I won't say which pets were used (obviously some from Blizzard Pet Store duh) but if I ever meet that setup again I'll just go afk and make the opponent waste as much time as possible to win, that's how OP this setup was and it probably is vs most other setups as well. ++++++MAIN STRATEGY++++++ Main strategy for this setup is to AoE your opponent team down by switching around pets every time you use two of their abilities to rotate and reset the cooldowns. Ideally for example you start always with Graves do Grave Destruction > BONESTORM then you switch to Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling and use Decoy > Thunderbolt then back to Graves: > Destruction > BONESTORM then Stormwing: > Lift-Off > Thunderbolt then again Graves if hes still alive etc. That's the base concept of this team but depending on your opponent's team you will have to make adjustments as you go. Like in all other setups you need to know your opponent pet's abilities and track their cooldowns. For that, this addon is a must have: DerangementPetBattleCooldowns If you were playing PvP Pet Battles yesterday you might have met my team. Team Name: You Will Lose Pet names: Graves = You, Dragonling = Will, Stormwing = Lose ++++++PETS INFO++++++(order is important, from top to bottom) 1) Stormwing Alpha Strike: +Aquatic/-Dragonkin - Strong Single Target when you attack first Lift-Off: +Aquatic/-Dragonkin - High Damage and great to avoid some powerful attacks like Whirlpool, Geyser etc. Thunderbolt: +Mechanical/-Critters - Strong AoE split between all targets which means if there are only 1-2 left it will deal more damage to them than if there were 3. 2) Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling Breath: +Magical/-Undead - Single target damage Thunderbolt: +Mechanical/-Critters - Strong AoE split between all targets which means if there are only 1-2 left it will deal more damage to them than if there were 3. Decoy: - n/a - great to avoid any type of attacks. 3) Graves This pet is totally OP it does crazy AoE and destoroys objects with Grave Destruction Skull Toss: +Humanoid/-Aquatic - High single target damage. BONESTORM: +Humanoid/-Aquatic - even AoE but you lose some HP. Grave Destruction: +Humanoid/-Aquatic - this AoE splits damage between all enemy targets so if there is only 1 or 2 left it will deal more damage to them because there is less targets to split. Also insane bonus is that it destroys all objects like Cyclones, Traps, Mines, Decoys even CANCELS Ragnaros' ability Sons of the Flames lol! CONTINUES IN THE POST BELOW... Agrías37
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