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12h Post if you want to make some in-game friends My original thread reached its posting limit. Therefore I'm redoing it. Firstly, please, when posting your info, press the "REQUEST STICKY" button towards the top right side of the page. If it gets enough hits, it will then be considered by the moderators to be pinned to the front page as a sticky. Generally, when a thread moves off the 1st page, it is harder for other people to notice it. So by pressing that button you are being courteous to others (maybe even absolute beginners to WoW) who may wish to use this thread at a later date than today to try and find in-game friends themselves. Thank-you. Let's face it, we all need friends in-game, whether it is to try for mutual achievements, valor cap HC's, LFR, PVP etc, or to ask someone if they can lend a hand with a problem, or even just to say hello to someone and chat once in a while. So if you'd like to make new friends, simply post in the same format as below. (Note, DON'T list which sex you are as it could lead to unwanted attention, likewise, DON'T give out your email address). About me: Age: 30+ Personality: Laid back and mature Side: Horde only Chars: Rogue: (DPS) Spec: Combat only (I do have an Alliance rogue as well, but its sole purpose doesn’t involve gameplay) Playing time: (at the moment) Mon: 12.30pm – 4.30 pm, Tue 12.30 pm – 7 pm, Wed and Thu 12.30pm – 4.30 pm, Fri 12.30 pm – 7 pm, Sat and Sun, most of the day. I do play in the evenings Mon-Fri too, but I simply never know just how much Russian-English translation work I need to do until I receive it, so evening playing time is very erratic. Up for: Helping you out if required and it's in my character's ability to do so, HC’s for cap, LFR, ach’s (inc Raids (new and old), HC and PVP) etc. Other interests: Many. Battletag: LadySylvanas#2676 (To add a battletag and request being friends with a person, either A: In the Battlenet client, left click on the blue person icon at the top right, it will then open up a sub column. In the top left, click on 'add friend', it will then prompt you to type (or paste in) the battletag of the person you want to be friend's with. Then click on 'send request' at the bottom left. B: In-game, left click on the yellow 'social' icon towards the bottom left of your screen. It will bring up a sub screen. Enter (or paste in) the battletag and press 'add friend'.Lswindrunner568 12h
8h Legion Companion App FAQ With the release of the WoW Legion Companion App, we’ve seen a number of questions from the community that we’d like to address. Here are some answers to some of the most-frequently asked questions: Q: Why do I keep getting the same notifications when I close the app? A: This is a known issue, which we plan to fix in the next update to the Legion Companion App. Q: My authenticator app is on the same device as the WoW app, is there a way to avoid having to switch to the Authenticator app to approve a code while logging in? A: There are two ways to avoid this. When you get the “Check your Authenticator for request…” message, do one of the following: 1) Swipe down on the notification itself to reveal an “Approve” button. Tap that and login will continue. 2) Scroll down and tap the “Use Authenticator Security Code” link. This should import a code automatically from the Authenticator app if it is on the same device. Then scroll down and tap “Submit” to enter the code. Q: I have a character that has champions, but the app says it doesn’t, and won’t let me log in. What’s going on? A: This is a known issue and a fix is being applied, but it may take a day to fully update world-wide. As a workaround, try logging in and out of the affected character on your computer before logging in on the app. Q: Why do I have to log in every time I use the app? A: You don’t! If you are on the title screen and have previously logged in, you should see the “Characters” button. Tap that instead of “Login” and you will bypass the login step and go straight to character selection. Q: Will the Legion Companion App be released for Windows or Amazon phones? A: We are currently not planning to support any platforms other than iOS and Android at this time.Lore132 8h
22h Updates from @WarcraftDevs Patch 7.0.3 A new patch means a new bunch of tweets from the World of Warcraft development team! This thread is an archive of @WarcraftDevs tweets regarding patch 7.0.3. ---- @WarcraftDevs is an official World of Warcraft Twitter account offering design insight and information directly from the World of Warcraft Development Team. For past updates, please refer to Updates from @WarcraftDevs - Patch 6.2.3/6.2.4. Aerythlea86 22h
24 Apr 2014 Social Media & Fansites (Updated: 05/10/2016) Blizzard on Social Media You already know that you can find World of Warcraft news right here on the official community site, but make sure you keep an eye on Blizzard's social networking pages. These sites feature World of Warcraft news, visual media, contests, player-created content, career opportunities, customer support, and much more. Check out what we have to offer, interact with your peers in the community, and share the latest updates with your friends. Official Facebook Pages World of Warcraft Blizzard Entertainment Other Blizzard Franchises Diablo Hearthstone Heroes of the Storm Overwatch StarCraft Official Twitter Feeds @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs (Design Insight & Info) @BlizzardCSEU_EN (Customer Support) @BlizzardCareers (Careers, Recruiting & University Relations) @BlizzCon Other Blizzard Franchises @Diablo @PlayHearthstone @BlizzHeroes @PlayOverwatch @StarCraft Official Google+ Pages Other Blizzard Franchises Hearthstone Official YouTube Channels World of Warcraft Customer Support Blizzard Entertainment Other Blizzard Franchises Diablo Hearthstone Heroes of the Storm Overwatch StarCraft World of Warcraft on Reddit /r/WoW (not owned or operated by Blizzard)Vaneras2 24 Apr 2014
23m BlizzCon WoW Q&A Question Submission Thread On Sunday, November 6 from 0:01 to 1:00 CET on the Main Hall (D) stage at BlizzCon 2016, Lead World of Warcraft developers will answer questions from both attendees and queries gathered online. If you have a question you'd like answered at the Q&A, submit it as a reply to this thread. Some things to consider when submitting a question: Please keep your question brief and to the point. If you see a question in this thread you would like an answer to, please up-vote it. With so many questions, we won’t be able to ask them all, but we’ll be doing the best we can. Make sure you’re asking a question versus making a statement. This thread will close to new submissions at 21:00 CEST on October 26, 2016. Thank you! Aerythlea59 23m
20h New Adventures (Just Down the Hall) New Adventures (Just Down the Hall)—A Message From Tom Chilton Greetings fellow WoW players, It’s been a little over a month since we launched Legion, and it’s been awesome to see players enjoying so many different aspects of the expansion—leveling up their characters and Artifacts, diving into World Quests, taking on the Emerald Nightmare. Legion PvP Season 1 is going strong, and some of the best Arena teams from around the world are competing for a chance to battle on the big stage at BlizzCon. Soon we’ll be releasing our first new content update for the expansion—Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan—which opens up the Mythic 5-player Karazhan dungeon, continues the story of Suramar, introduces a new raid, and adds even more World Quests and other content. But that’s just the start of it, as we have what we believe to be an extremely exciting patch plan for the rest of the expansion. For me, Legion has been more than just another expansion, though—it’s the culmination of more than a decade of work with one of the best development teams I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. And it’s with a mix of excitement, sadness, and gratitude that I’m saying farewell to the WoW team and moving on to a new adventure within Blizzard. In 2004, before I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to serve as game director, I started on the World of Warcraft team as a senior game designer. As you can imagine, World of Warcraft was quite a bit different in 2004. Early that year, there were just 60 of us on the team. Around that time in the Friends and Family Alpha, questing was only available up to level 25—for the Alliance only—and the Horde wasn’t playable at all. Some players were even using dial-up modem connections to access the test. Many on the team still debated on whether the Horde and Alliance should be separated into factions. (We know how that one turned out.) Several other core features of the game didn’t even exist, including raids and PvP. We’ve come a long way since then, with six expansions under our belts to go along with countless raids, dungeons, Battlegrounds, features, and more. My personal journey working on WoW as Game Director is at an end, but my journey with Blizzard isn’t. I’ll still be here, but will be focusing on another project within the company. However, it’s with great pleasure that I announce Ion Hazzikostas will be taking my place as Game Director for World of Warcraft. I know that WoW will be in great hands with Ion at the helm. He’s been an integral part of the team for more than eight years and has contributed to so many aspects of the game’s development—from class design to encounter design and nearly everything in between. He also has an amazing team at his side—the same epic crew that brought you all the content you’re enjoying in Legion. As a member of the WoW team, I can assure you that the future for World of Warcraft continues to be bright—and as a player, I’m excited to discover what’s in store next alongside all of you. World of Warcraft is the product of the passion of both the team and all of its players, so I’d also like to thank each of you for the wonderful journey that working on the WoW development team has been. Thank you, and may you have many more epic adventures!Kalgan32 20h
21h Recent Warden Tower Changes As many players have noticed, we’ve been iterating somewhat rapidly on the rewards and cadence of the Warden Tower PvP World Quests. We wanted to take a moment to explain what’s happening, and why we’ve been tinkering with them so much. Our goal for Warden Towers is that they should feel fun and rewarding, but still secondary to Arenas and Battlegrounds as an overall source of Honor. When Legion first launched, they were certainly lucrative, but so frequent that many players were earning the vast majority of their Honor by completing them. We tried to correct this by increasing the time it took for them to refresh, and reducing the amount of Honor they gave, but that brought us to the other extreme – they were no longer a primary source of Honor, but they didn’t feel rewarding enough for the time investment. With the latest updates, we’ve increased the Honor rewarded for completing a Warden Tower back to 300, but they will only re-activate once every 24 hours. This means you should once again feel that completing one is worth your time, but you’ll still need to look to Arenas and Battlegrounds for the majority of your Honor. Warden Towers should now be properly filling their intended role in end-game PvP progression. Aerythlea56 21h
2s Why do people want Vannila?? If blizzard introduce legacy servers then people will still moan, players right now cry that legion is grindy so imagine vannila, vannila is like starting a single player game all over again, doing same stuff you seen/done, so i dont see how that is very exciting. It might be fun for couple of months but the hype will die off and people will be playing retail wow again, i just dont see it being successful (might be wrong :D). Nostalgia clouds people judgement.Lívestock11 2s
3m Deleting a legendary stops the reset? Hi!! So I have 3 legendaries on 3 different characters (all utility legendaries). This is the second time I loot Sephuz's Secret and was disappointed since the stats on this item are the worst for prot. Does anyone know if deleting the legendary stops the bad luck protection from resetting? Thanks!Kratos10 3m
7m Will Raiding become too hard to get into... ...If I don't focus on it now? I was abit late to the party, but I have recently just completely stopped playing the game. Suramar became soul crushingly boring eventually, grinding reputation and feeding withered with mana feels more like a chore than something I'd actually enjoy And the RNG in Raiding and dungeons is just too much for me. Why is it that when I run multiple dungeons, LFR or World bosses that I NEVER get any loot at all? What about world quests? Most of the time I get loot I don't even need. What I want to get to is that RNG just became too much for me, a chore and a boring grind. People who don't even need those bracers that would have been a massive upgrade to me, gets them while I sit there and die a little Inside So the question is, do I have to commit into gearing up now, since as I remember, later into the expansion, people are just going to completely stop doing normals for older raids. Is it even possible for me to enter the raiding scene as the Expansion Progresses. For the Record "Ur only done LFR, N00b". Well yes, I am a filthy casual, I have never tried a Normal raid with people outside of that one time in Cataclysm, I was always too afraid of getting in contact with people I'd fear they'd yell at me. But In legion I actually want to commit to the raiding, but with these !@#$ty RNG loot drops, It's just killing all the fun for me.Belirath10 7m
10m Bots in BGS are back. 10 people following the same route in deepwind gorge.Georgelad1 10m
23m Sephuz & Prydaz victims club Join!Gromche22 23m
26m What rank is your artifact? Just a genuine question, what is the rank of your artifact aka how many traits you have collected? What about your off-spec artifacts? How many points do you need for next trait? Mine's 26, off-spec artifact 16. Currently I need 182 k AP for next trait.Exaria29 26m
27m Rerooling at this moment of the expansion Hi everyone ! Before I start, let me get one thing out of the way: please no trolls or !@#$posts, I just need opinions about my "situation" So, I been a BM hunter for years now, played it ever since I got into WoW, love it, despite all the bad responds about it and the changes it had. BUT. Ever since I made DHs there way into the game, I got really interested about this new class, so a created a DH alt. Played it for a good amount of time, had lots fun. But I sticked with my BM hunt as my may. So, right now, I have this massive itch in the back of my head, that I MAYBE should change my main into a DH at the start of LEGION. Is it a good idea to change my main right now ? I'm kinda doubting myself on this, because I have did so much stuff on my hunt. Its a 50/50 type of situation. I just cant decide, I like them both What should I do ? Change my hunt into an alt and main a DH or keep my DH as a secondary char (an alt I play more then the other alts I have) ?Linasu3 27m
29m Yet more bad dungeon experiences... Hail! So im up to speed on healing, got Healium and know my role. Played a couple of dungeons with 2 friends and 2 randoms and was a blast. I really enjoyed the support role of a healer. Did another last night and people were running much faster than I could run. I was holding my own for a good while but eventually they were too fast for me to get to them in time to heal properly and wouldnt slow down. The fools then complained I wasn't healing and booted me. Any suggestions on how to deal with this? How can I up my speed?Winningharp6 29m
31m Huge server lag spikes Happening on draenor in bgs right now.Georgelad2 31m
36m Keystone Quitters So here we go again. Keystone +5 run going well, we're half way through and then the healer sits down (without drinking) while telling the tank to go (continue) and about 20 secs later, the healer's offline. There goes our key and our chance at loot because of this quitter. We waited 8 mins for him to come back but nope, everyone got bored and left. Please punish those who quit your keystone dungeon run. Make it so that the system detects when somebody Alt F4's or presses Logout/Exit game, if that's possible, and then punish them somehow. Maybe a 24 hour long debuff so that they can't sign up for anything on the premade groups.Throdir111 36m
37m Teeming needs redesign Ok so to start off this week on the Europe side of the world we got Teeming and necrotic for mythic + . Alothough this seems kinda "ilegal" in the same way you wont get bolster and teeming or smth in those lines that they mentioned it was ok not the end of the world. Before i start off with what i see and believe is wrong with teeming i want to just make you understand that i realize some affixes are literally a pain in the !@# while others are easier ,i do know that and some classes should perform on certain affixes(akka druids overflow) and some should be complete garabge on other ones. Now with that out of the way teeming on the other hand is completly breaking the mythic + experience and i'l give some examples. Last week we had arguably one of the easiest weeks with sanguine+volcanic but it was also easier compared to first week necrotic/enrage also because we had an ilevel upgrade if for example we would go back then or i would at least achieve a +10 (not necesarily in time). Last week i pugged +10 and could easily pug +11 with mediocre players. This week though with guilduies and set up vent and everything it is really hard to finish the same dungeons on the timer, the time constrain is super huge . The problem Teeming has and i dont know how many o you realise it is that It's not just cause you have more deadly packs ( im looking at you 4 pelters) it really isnt it's because it skewes the percenetages and it doesnt make sense why. A small example last week BRH if you skip the first coridor with a tank pulling aggro and then dying after ressurect and then continue to clear every single mob in the instance you would get an 100% . This week if you dont skip them you have to literally clear almost the entire dungeon to even get to 100%. Why is this bad though? Well the timers are already a pain in the fcking $%^, what teeming is doing is not just adding a layer of difficulty in ultra deadly packs it also adds ALOT more stuff you are bent to kill thus making your time drains alot more. Imagine this put any affix currently in the game and compare it with teeming (exclude rank 10). If you know what the affix is doing and you are playing correctly akka killing bolster guys at the same time,moving sanguine etc etc. Does it really affect your time? Does it influence your time in any way if you kill the bolster guys at the same time? Nope not really ,yes it might fcking bite you in the back if you try to aoe packs down and suddenly theres 1 rat left somewhere getting the bolsters of his life feeling like a boss but thats only on you,it's your fault. I think the design of Teeming should striclty be creating Deadly packs akka Dem jagged guys (4 pelters nelt lair), the brutal combo(4 peacefull brutal assault demons on the stairway BRH) ,the cat patrol(dhT)m etc. etc. This literally is what teeming is suppose to be it is really good because you need to adapt cc ,fear,stun and to one degree when we are 900+ nomi forge or w/e you can start even brute forcing some of the lower mythic stones and it is a really good design. BIG TL;DR : Teeming is bad because it adds a layer of dificulty in forms of deadly packs but alos another layer of time constrain in the extra amount you have to kill besides the extra ones you already kill in the deadly packs ,they should remove percentages skeweing and just make deadly packs more deadlier and susceptible to cc. I really want to know your opinion on this , and no this isnt a rant about it being too hard it's k but it's just comparable to everything else it makes you not ever want to do dungeons with teeming cause it completely fck up the timer just by default.Holystephan1 37m
47m Is flying coming with 7.1? I'm kinda lost, i was sure devs said 7.1 once the achievement part 1 is completed would allow us to do part 2 and fly, yet i see nowhere on wowhead any articles mentioning flying. Is it coming or what? :oLileth5 47m
50m Creep language in WoW So people are wondering why not so many women are playing World of Warcraft, and here's your answer. It's because you're acting like creeps. Trade chat, guild chat, raid chat, party chat... You get the drift here. Creepy comments and lack of manners are everywhere. Here are some examples from TODAY: "I like dirty girls" "If there was a pretty girl in the guild I wouldn't say no to her" "Fat girls are disgusting" "Get that pu**y today" Seriously guys, what are you? Morons? This kind of talk you're bringing to the game, what does it even have to do with actual game play? This needs to stop now. You guys who talk like this, know that you are pathetic. This kind of talk is ruining the game experience for women everywhere.Karasu155 50m
1h Leaving Played since 2004... THE ENDEarthrise9 1h
1h Half term and spam It's that time again when the children get a week off for no good reason and the anal spam is constant. So does reporting these kids do any good or is it best to just increase the number of players on my ignore list?Stimulatíon7 1h
1h How to get 880 gear with PVP? I can't even do gurubashi because PVE gear and i got a 840 from the weekly reward, how do you get 880 with PVP? Blizz said PVP max gear would be on par with raid gear and people have full 870/880 with legendaries atm from PVE. I am just wondering how to aquire it because i just got 110 after a break from WoW.Anubisath8 1h
1h Warriors are a burden on teams The sad truth that everyone when he sees a warrior invite he thinks that a warrior is a real burden on the team . Accepting a warrior is a rare unless they were really desperate or in rush . im talking on both in Arena's ,RBG's and also Raids and mythic runs . That class doesn't have anything special to offer to be unique so it can be taken upon others . it just a burden which barely survive and a luck depended DPS that hardly being able to compete "cross your fingers " . he needs a lot of attention when he doesn't give back anything better that every other class can offer to the team . Waiting for hours just to get that lucky to find a team that accepts you to do mythic runs with them or skirmishers on 2's instantly leaving when they see they have a warrior partner ...just a useless class who will get wiped in 5 sec and he cant do anything about it ...for your partner its more of 1v2 . i dont know how this class being ignored for far you can barely find a team to play the game in any part of it PVE and PVP wise .Hmydani11 1h
1h Elementals just want dialogue EU edition Just bringing this here from US forums. 1 capped topic and second almost. Lets do same here! Links for the previous topics on US Blizzard, It's no surprise that we are outraged that there are no tuning changes for Elemental coming in 7.1 from what we can see. We have given hundreds of pages of feedback in Alpha, Beta and in the Shaman forums and we have invested 100+ hours into our Artifact weapon. You said that you don't want anyone to feel like they've chosen the wrong spec. Here's your chance to put that statement to the test. We want some communication from your side. We want to know why we haven't received tuning in 7.1 and your logic behind not adjusting our numbers. Let's have a conversation. 1. There is so much information available to you, what are you seeing that makes you jump to the conclusion that Elemental is completely fine in its current state? 2. What is going on internally where the data is showing that our damage is where it needs to be? 3. Are you using the Stormkeeper change to justify no further buffs or tuning to our damage in 7.1? If so, why? We believe it is a net-zero damage increase. From the outside, we are decent in Mythic+ dungeons but we are having issues in raids. We bring good AOE and the EQ knockdown is very useful. However, other classes bring the same, if not better, damage in Mythic+ with better survivability. These same classes are also outperforming Elemental in raids. Being viable in Mythic+ should not be a valid reason why Elemental is not receiving buffs in 7.1. From the outside, the better Elementals are parsing in the 99th percentile for Elemental Shamans but are ending up 8-10th in damage done. To most of us playing your game, this seems a bit unreasonable. If we are parsing in the 99th percentile but that low on damage done, it is indicative of a weakness within the spec. A 50-60 percentile Fire Mage parse should never best a 99 percentile parse of any spec, let alone Elemental. But this is not the case, as we see many sub 80 percentile parses that are beating a 99 percentile parse for Elemental Shaman on most fights in EN. For example: 4. Are public logging sites such as warcraftlogs something that you incorporate into your balancing processes? Do you take into account the aggregate data that warcraft logs collects? You can clearly see that Elemental is one of your underperforming specs when looking at aggregates across all difficulties. Here are some references that might be generalizing as they are total aggregates but they do outline the problem areas of your spec balance: Mythic: Heroic: You have given a lot of underperforming specs a bump such as Frost Mage and Frost DK. Elemental is competing with those specs for being underwhelming in terms of damage based on log aggregates taken over the past month. If you believe that Elemental is fine where it is, this means that the specs that were buffed will now outshine Elemental. Communicate with us. Tell us why you chose to outline many changes for many specs and neglected to change anything meaningful except for Stormkeeper. Tell me why I feel like I chose the wrong spec and my 10 days, 12 hours, 35 minutes and 41 seconds should have been spent playing something else. It is absolutely disheartening to see the spec that I play get zero attention. I'm not going to go into the good feedback we have given but I will post the two most relevant threads that the Elemental community feels outlines our issues and potential solutions. We don't expect you to implement these but we took the time to write feedback because we care about the spec. Read it, come up with ways tune Elemental and bring us to where we can let our own skill determine our place in the damage hierarchy of our respective raids rather than what spec we chose to play. 1h
1h Question Dear "community", I have a question. Could any of you please be kind enough to help me ? So if I make a group for a mythic + dugneon and then after we have activated the keystone I remove the player who owned the keystone, will we still be able to complete the dungeon ? tyvmSavageasfuk3 1h
1h Is this game for the devs or the customers? Taken from the US Forums. ... Completely agree. For too long this game has been the personal playground for developers who favor the classes they play.Fonewearl126 1h
1h Question about RAF So I want to RAF myself in order to get the Cindermane Charger mount, but I have a question about it. Do I have to purchase the full game on my new RAF-account or is the trial version enough? Also, if I add two (2) months of gametime to the RAF-account immediately, will I recieve one (1) free month of gametime + the veteran reward 7 days later? Thanks.Eldblåst3 1h
1h How can I change or improve tab targeting? Pretty boring thing, but for the life of me, since WoD, I just can't tab target effectively. Prior to WoD when I pressed Tab, it would ALWAYS change my target to one within 30 yards or so. Was fine. Now however I have to point my camera and angle so it I'mm looking directly at a target before tab will switch. It is hella frustrating and annoying. Especially as Ferals AoE is so god awful we've had to resort to rake-tab'ing as our method, and yet I just can't switch targets effectively. It's especially evident on twins, where i have a zoomed out camera in mostly birds eye view angle, so as to avoid fire, but both targets are stacked. Pressing tab should switch between Phemos and Pol effortlessly, but it's just not happening for me. IS there an option, or tick box or .ini setting I can manipulate to improve Tab?Kevinus26 1h
1h Battle.Net voice Listening to my microphone without a way for me to turn it off is not okay. Either get rid of this !@#$ entirely, or let me turn it off completly in the settings. Also, nobody wants your voice, between discord and skype and ts3 and vent and mumble, nobody needed another voip service.Furrymagisch0 1h
1h CS Totem Killer Guide Hi Lads IzbacivacX here again. We all know that pain in the *** when u suicide on Counter Strike Totem in 3s because you seen a totem 2 sec to late?! I found the Solution so that never happens again. Enjoy owning shaman teams :)Omghaxor0 1h
1h LONG time play .... 0 legendary i play with 4 friends we all came back to play all my friends got 1 lengedery on of them already got 2 i play alot i farm every heroic each day i farm mytic +0 everyweek i farm mytic +1-5 most of them speed runs with guldys for 3/2 chests i do each day emmisery quests sirsuly i know i have realy bad luck and i heard that drop rate incress each time i dont get legendery but ffs for how long? i know that rng its rng but commone my friend got 2 bis legendys he even cant equipe them both yet i have guldys play 2 weeks more then me and they already have 3 and 4 legenderys its realy not fun like that pls incress the drop rate little bit more for players who cant get luck to find they'r first legendery \:Rqp18 1h
1h Tank AoE dmg Hi I see alot of ppl cry about tank aoe dmg.... That its high wtf.. Why? Let the tanks have the aoe dmg ffs its not that we break any records on single target RIGHT! THE ENDEarthrise0 1h
2h Need help with treasure in Suramar Hi Guys, I am stumped. I can't seem to find this treasure in suramar. Can someone guide me as to where the heck it is please? Thanks WolvyWolvyreen3 2h
2h RNG IS GOOD This game has way to much rng in it. We aint playing D3Earthrise4 2h
2h To the WoW Community - We wanted to let you know that we’ve been closely following the Nostalrius discussion and we appreciate your constructive thoughts and suggestions. Our silence on this subject definitely doesn’t reflect our level of engagement and passion around this topic. We hear you. Many of us across Blizzard and the WoW Dev team have been passionate players ever since classic WoW. In fact, I personally work at Blizzard because of my love for classic WoW. We have been discussing classic servers for years - it’s a topic every BlizzCon - and especially over the past few weeks. From active internal team discussions to after-hours meetings with leadership, this subject has been highly debated. Some of our current thoughts: Why not just let Nostalrius continue the way it was? The honest answer is, failure to protect against intellectual property infringement would damage Blizzard’s rights. This applies to anything that uses WoW’s IP, including unofficial servers. And while we’ve looked into the possibility – there is not a clear legal path to protect Blizzard’s IP and grant an operating license to a pirate server. We explored options for developing classic servers and none could be executed without great difficulty. If we could push a button and all of this would be created, we would. However, there are tremendous operational challenges to integrating classic servers, not to mention the ongoing support of multiple live versions for every aspect of WoW. So what can we do to capture that nostalgia of when WoW first launched? Over the years we have talked about a “pristine realm”. In essence that would turn off all leveling acceleration including character transfers, heirloom gear, character boosts, Recruit-A-Friend bonuses, WoW Token, and access to cross realm zones, as well as group finder. We aren’t sure whether this version of a clean slate is something that would appeal to the community and it’s still an open topic of discussion. One other note - we’ve recently been in contact with some of the folks who operated Nostalrius. They obviously care deeply about the game, and we look forward to more conversations with them in the coming weeks. You, the Blizzard community, are the most dedicated, passionate players out there. We thank you for your constructive thoughts and suggestions. We are listening. J. Allen BrackNethaera4094 2h
2h Thing I like most about dungeons Especially when I get irrelevant gear - is when everyone sticks around at the end, and I give it to someone else. That's probably the best feeling I got from this game :)Eveningwind0 2h
3h which is your favorite wow meat? I personally can't pick between tauren burgers and gnome kebabZavoliaris23 3h
3h Legendary yet? So i have a question, if i remember correctly your chance of getting a legendary increases every time you don't get one? Right, ok sounds good. But I've spent so much time doing heroics, mythics and mythic + & Raiding every week. And still no luck, i've done more than 100 mythics, and atleast 30 mythics with 2-3 chests. Am i just really unlucky or was my chance of getting one reset back when you fixed the legendary drop bug? I keep seeing people getting legendariers when they haven't even put in half of the effort onto their characters. Sure this may sound me !@#$%ing, but i've spent so much time and hard work put into this without any result of one. We're moving onto Night hold soon, and not having a legendary at this point is just stupid, and pointless considering that The night hold drop better items than the legendary and what it offers. Been looking forward to a legendary since the beginning of the expansion. And not having one yet literally ruins and destroys that expectation.Jahid10 3h
3h Tweak the loot upgrade system please So i've been running a lot of mythic+ dungeons, and im absolutely loving it. But the loot system is getting really frustating. The whole upgrade system feels so ridiculous at times. How is it even possible, that mythic 8 warforged piece of gear has a higher ilvl than mythic 9 warforged piece of gear ? Just doesn't make any sense. It's already frustating enough that i run 10 high lvl mythic+ dungeons in a day and don't get anything, not to mention the legendary system, but this upgrade system really gets me triggered. We already have titanforged. Is it not enough RNG that you can get a very high ilvl titanforged gear from lower difficulty content ? That im fine with, but seriously when the same exact piece of gear with the same exact upgrade from lower mythic+ is better than what you get from higher mythic+ it's like, what's even the point ? Why shouldn't i just run +7 3 chests all day every day rather than putting in the effort and running a bunch of +9's with 2 chests ? I believe we already have a chance of rolling mythic 9 gear from 7-8 mythics if im not mistaken - that along with the chance to titanforge stuff should be enough to serve the purpose of what you're trying to do. It just would be really nice to be properly rewarded for doing harder level content, than to just farm lower level content all the time. We already have to put up with a lot of RNG, probably too much.Rokií2 3h
3h Post your unobtainable item! So the rules are simple, just post a reply with an unobtainable item you have on one of your chars. Explain what it does/ did. Like so: I've got Spectral Essence in my Bank! It's fairly worthless, but still fun (and still works!). Basically an old quest reward from outside Scholomance so you could obtain the key to enter the dungeon (it used to be locked). You would (and still can) see ghosts outside, and there's one ghost that sold some Blacksmith patterns + act as vendor/repair.Sunswôrn200 3h
4h endlss retrn of Vnlla to legion we dont want ok i finaly blew my lid From the patch notes: "Leveling In this patch, a large number of changes are made to improve the order and flow of abilities gained while leveling all classes. In many cases, the level 1-10 abilities that introduce the class have changed. Many special bonuses and features for class abilities are now granted by upgrades that are learned at a later level. This applies to every spec for every class other than Death Knights and Demon Hunters. Examples: Druids below level 10 now use Wrath and Moonfire as their primary damage abilities, rather than Shred and Ferocious Bite. While Smite will still be the first spell given to Priests at level 1, the added absorb shield effect will be an upgrade learned by Discipline at level 36, as the purpose of that effect is to add to healing in group content so you want to stop people haivng access to their class untill they reach lvl cap? you know what thats going to lead to. NOBIES NOT KNOWING HOW TO PLAY THIS CLASS and you know what thats gonna lead to: BEING YELLED AT IN A RAID FOR NOT KNOWING HOW TO PLAY THEIR CLASS you know what thats gonna lead to. them not RENEWING THEIR SUB. other side effects playing 100+ hours on a class they dont really like cause they cant tell the diffrence when they are new to the game all in all the amount of mechanics coming back from vanilla really miffs me off. you know what you got rid of them for a REASON. ill let you in on a secret all those nostralius players that want vannila server. just want vanilla servers they arnt interested in current wow. so either take their money and give them their server or just ignore them because unless you pander to them they anrt going to give you money.Doombuggy8 4h
4h How to switch off 1 specific audio file? Whether by addon, or manually, is there a way to switch off and change a specific sound in the game? I like playing with headphones on, but when the abomination (as unholy DK) is walking besides me, its sound effect is that of a giant and emits a boom boom (a lotta bass with decent headphones on) sound every step he takes, which masks many other sounds when I'm playing the game. Thanks in advanceTzaeroth2 4h
4h Old models update Saw this thread thanks to mmo-champion: Oh please Blizzard, dont allow this to happen! Let the old models keep their old animations! There is a real big reason why I refuse to use the so called "just models with higher definition". The male undead casting animation is the best one ever. Truelly feels like a undead charging up magic to cast away a huge bolt. New ones looks like "the magic is to heave, i'm bout to drop it." I beg / implore / pray you wont allow this to happen. Please talk sense to the devs. Let the old models keep their old animations by us who still loves em.Jaedrius510 4h
4h New models. What should be fixed. Female Humans: Eyebrows are way to HIGH, they are plastered on the forhead. Shadow the eyeballs more to make them appear smaller, and give them different makeup looks to make them look more unique Female Nigh Elves: The tattoos look like face paint. Tone down the colors on the tattoos to make them look more toned with skin. And as Im a druid healer, I only see the same animation over and over again, instead of two different animations like before, I hope this get fixed. Also, when they sit on objects, like a bench, they tend to freeze mid animation, and stays like that. Male Night Elf: Fix the "stand by" position. I get dizzy looking at them wooble back and forth. As if they are standing completly still on a ship at high sea. Draeneis: (both male and female) The jewelry... Fix it. It looks like makeup painted on their tails and tentacles. Everyone be free to put your input on what you think should be fixed with the curent models :) I've mostly just seen the alliance ones, as I havent had time checking out my horde toons yet :)Ilenaa555 4h
4h Solution for sha anger. A debuff with the reduction of 99.9% of the damage for the first minute after respawn.Tephzør2 4h
5h What cooking recipe would you cook IRL? Now the WoW cookbook is out, if u cud get any ingredients from azeroth iRL... what would u cook?? And how would it effect u in the real world?? As a vanilla player ive always wanted to cook Murloc fin soup ...dont think it would go down too well though hahaScrooloose3 5h
5h SAME Artifact Power in all Artifacts (!) Not sure if it was discussed already, but would you like to see something like this? Would make respeccing much easier. Your spec got nerfed to the ground but you invested tons of AP? Just respec without any problems! Simple solution for many tears and dissapointments after seeing new patch notes. Other ideas(which are not as imporant, but still nice to include): -make artifact Knowledge same level on ALL characters(I know that there's a back-up, but it's not as good), -make Relics work like glyphs, so if you have one, you can put the same in the other artifact(less problem with respeccing),Eazye21 5h
5h Can I still obtain Garrosh Heirlooms from SoO Yo, I'm just wondering if it's still possible to obtain the Garrosh Hellscream Heirlooms from Siege of Orgrimmar, I haven't ran the raid since the end of MoP So I have no idea if they removed the option of being able to obtain them anymore. Is anyone with the correct information able to help out here? Thanks!Asiyx18 5h