New/Returning Player Questions & Guides

16 May 2015 Is this worth? I would go back to the game but I have got some questions. 1. If Rogue is still useless ? 2. Is there hope for Blizzard? (I am looking for a game with good content, not with NEW, SPECIAL, RARE, GLOWING, HUGE, BEAUTIFUL, GLORIOUS MOUNTS [only avilable from Store])Spociu2 16 May 2015
16 May 2015 How in the world do I get into badlands? Well i'm supposed to get into searing gorge to do this "Warchiefs command: Searing gorge" quest. But I have skimmed all around it without any progress. So is there some sort of shipment or whatever I have to take in? Or is there a pathway I missed?Anodatroll2 16 May 2015
15 May 2015 Blizzard gonne mad making the game less fun I'm just curious why did blizzard remove almost everything fun about the game I mean people play caz off fun or not ?Outtrage5 15 May 2015
15 May 2015 Does anyone go to goldshire anymore? Or is it just the realm I play on its rlly empty all the timeTardomos7 15 May 2015
15 May 2015 when is it ok to start doing dungeons? i currently have lvl 31 worgen hunter, i have 2.5k hp and 131 dmg, i have some blue and green items. i want to know how to play in them because i want good items and i want to lvl up doing dungeons but i die easily while doing them, any good guides or tips?Iltortoisell5 15 May 2015
15 May 2015 Class Discussion Hey guys, I am really confused about something. I bought the game time but I really really cannot choose the class for playing. I have 3 options. And please help me with your experiences to solve my issue. Your experiences are really important for me because after mage I really want to play with another range dps. 1) Shadow Priest 2) Elemental Shaman 3) Destruction Warlock What I want between these 3 choices is good dps rankings, funny-easy levelling and effective dungeon cleaning. So please help me?Xarchon3 15 May 2015
15 May 2015 Most popular blood elf class? What is the most popular blood elf class and why?Bevious17 15 May 2015
15 May 2015 Fire Mage or Subt Rogue? Hello, I was just wondering what class is more fun to play, my mage is level 36 and I've loved playing it however keeping distance from all my targets was getting a little bit repetitive so late last night decided to make a Rogue for the first time, only got to level 6 however really enjoyed it as well, probably going to do a little bit of both but which class is better? more fun? anyone have any preferences? Is one class a lot harder and more complicated to play? Any help would be appreciated, thank youu xHeavn3 15 May 2015
15 May 2015 Dinged 100, now what? (PvE/PvP) How should I start to get geared in both? -Warrior Arms/Fury -Jewelry/Alchemy at 700 -607 iLvl -Garrison lvl 2 -Just the first of the legendary quest chain done Thanks :)Guadaña5 15 May 2015
14 May 2015 just change specialisation (paladin) Hi guys so im pretty new to WoW, started a few chars and decided im sticking with the paladin. At 1st i went retribution, but after reading some stuff, Ive decided to change to holy. He's level 26. can you suggest what i should be doing right now? i was questing but since the change to holy, its abit harder now. also my healing isnt as good as it was when i was retribution class (which i thought wouldn't happen). Is it my armor? its mainly +str stuff from quests. any help or pointers would be massively appreciated thanks in advance :D edit: its a human paladinRhahzin1 14 May 2015
14 May 2015 (A) The Surge - A Fresh Start Info Name: The Surge Server: Nagrand/Runetotem/Kilrogg (English) Faction: Alliance Type: Reroll/Raiding guild Reroll incoming! Cap has been raised to lvl 80! There's still plenty of time to reroll and get in on the fun. General Rules We understand that people have obligations outside of WoW, therefor we will have level caps at 60/70/80/85/90. These caps are only there to provide slower leveling players a chance to catch up.As we want to level up together to build a strong community where everyone feels included and valued. No raids will be organised at these caps. Alts are of course allowed. You can have a main character you wish to raid with and up to 3 alts per player can join the guild. Raids & Events Raid nights are Thursday and Sunday from 20.00 to 23.00 server time. Tuesday nights will be reserved for extended raids or other events. Direction The Surge aims to be a casual raiding guild. However, we do expect to get things done and expect everyone to consistently put in their best efforts. Like being prepared for raids. Current Recruiting needs: At the moment whatever you want to play. This will be more detailed when we get closer to the first raid. ____________________________________ Is this something you would be interested in? A place you can experience raiding with a nice,friendly and relaxed guild environment? Then head on over to and have a look. Got some questions? PM me(Zolonoku), Khaz, LeoDave or Daerla on our forums. Or you can add me on Alieno#2818Zolonoku32 14 May 2015
13 May 2015 Frost Mage Macro Guide What is up everyone, in need of some macros for frost mage pvp ? Well i just recently made a video covering all my frost mage pvp macros and hopefully it will be useful to you guys, Thanks :). (All macros in the vid description also if you only want to copy them instantly).Éxo0 13 May 2015
13 May 2015 Begin an adventure togheter Greetings everyone. I restart the game and I really want to explore, ma ke quest, dungeon with Someone from leveL 1. Every server and race is good, only fact I want to be a Tauren, my favorite race, so only horde player. May the Earth Mother be with youAkirun1 13 May 2015
13 May 2015 Noob question about Gruul Hi. I will soon try blackrock foundry normal for the first time. I have some questions about gruul. 1: From what i understand i take 2 stacks of inferno slice? Do i do both on the same group, or change? 2: How many stacks of overwhelming blows before change? Thanks in advance! I might update with more questionsTekken3 13 May 2015
13 May 2015 Levelling really slowly Hey, I'm fairly new to WoW and my main druid is lvl74 and I'm finding that doing quests around Northrend and just everywhere in general and ground to a halt for some reason? I barely level up once after playing for around 4 hours. Each quest gives me about 11,000 xp which is only about 2% of how much I need to level up. Is this a normal thing or am I doing something wrong? (Which is likely) Thanks for your help :3Worgjosser11 13 May 2015
13 May 2015 How to get better mount? I have only one mount that Dreaneis get most easily - Elekk. But im already at level 52 and seen other Draenei hunters with lower level having different mounts already. Am i missing something? I have understood that you can get new mount with your reputation from different classes and so far i dont have high enough in any of them.Trumpcard2 13 May 2015
13 May 2015 Dalaran qeust trail stopped Hey all ppl, I recently began to qeust at northrend/borean tundra, at the harbour where i started my first qeust i accepted a qeust named: Allies in Dalaran. I saved up the qeusts and did all the qeusts in the borean tundra, once i was finished there and had no qeusts to do anymore i flew to Dalaran. I completed the qeust (Allies in Dalaran) and accepted some more qeust that send me to like 4 npc's for other qeusts but after the 4th npc the qeust trail just stopped. Anyone who can help me with my problem?Centurysoup4 13 May 2015
12 May 2015 Rogue specs In broad terms, what are the different specs good for? Which is best for solo and which is for pvp?Mahboii1 12 May 2015
12 May 2015 Anyone wanna level from 1-100 No heirlooms and make + Please send me a Message in game: I can supply, good bags, all riding lessons/mounts/profession training Leeroy-Arathor And we can discuss, but please be friendly and talkative and not want to rush things, I wouldn't mind doing old content. Feel free to post below if you're interested?Leeroy0 12 May 2015
12 May 2015 Will this computer run Wow in Ultra graphics? Looking into ordering this computer as it looks well specced out to me but wanted other people's opinions because I don't actually no to much about building computers and what makes a computer run specific games better than others. The computer link is here: It's obviously around £1000 so don't want to buy it if it can't run Wow with amazing graphics, also will the FPS be really good? at the moment just playing on a MacBook Pro and playing around 30FPS on Low graphics in quest zones with no-one else so as I get higher, I'm going to require something a lot better especially baring mind I plan on Raiding a lot and want the best experiance and graphics possible. Please help me and let me know whether this computer will run wow with exceptional graphics and not produce any lag, errors and "not responding" bull !@#$. Thank you xHeavn4 12 May 2015
12 May 2015 Night Elf Mage Yes, I have mage!Pipikha1 12 May 2015
12 May 2015 When does shaman get good again cuz I think im losing intrest will it get more fun again with more fun skills n stuffTardomos4 12 May 2015
12 May 2015 Help me in choosing a alt !! Hi there so i am not that new to the game but this is my alt class i have played it for sometime now and now i got really bored from warrior cause there is nothing Distinctive in warriors play style at least not like other classes it so default in how it functions so i want to choose another class i wanted monk cause i like duels and pvp much more than pve but they will get a nerf in the next patch so if i want a class i want a really good pvp class i dont care about skill cap i can train for it so if i want to create another class what do you guys recommande for me i like every class in game in fact i love them all except the warlocks and druids and paladins anything other than that will be perfect i was thinking about shadow priest but i am afraid that he wont dish high dps cause they are meant to be healers :)Natsuz2 12 May 2015
11 May 2015 How to get more health? I am currently, well just look to the left. And i am woundering how people get so much HP?, i mean in videos i see people that has 300k hp. How do i get more? i have 27k right nowAlexandersau4 11 May 2015
11 May 2015 Expansions? Ok ive played wow before i had a level forty warlock but thts the highest i got to so i never actually got the expansion part or know how it works? Is there like a big boss you defeat at the end orrr can u just explain it all to meTardomos6 11 May 2015
11 May 2015 Brawlers guild advice I really want the mount on rank 8, but I cant seem to get there. Currently rank 7 on this char vs the Dark summoner. Tryed it on this druid, who is nearly full moonkin pvp gear (few wrong pieces). Not the most optimal, because the 4piece setbonus doesnt work in pve. In about 9/10 times that I try the boss a ghost spawns in me (or so it feels), making me instantly die. The other time that it didnt happen, I got him to 10% but the timer was over. So I thought, lets just try on my hunter. However he is in blue pvp gear which might be to weak. I feel the hunter can deal better with the various boss mechanics that you meet in the brawlers guild fights than the moonkin though. So I either need to get it done on my druid or find a way to gear up my hunter in a way that doesnt cost to much time. Is there a way to get good enough gear for rank 8 fairly fast? I already tried the drums to increase my dmg. I havent made much use of my 2piece setbonus (if my entangling roots breaks, I get a starsurge charge (with x second internal cd, so there is still small room for improvement on that boss). Maybe that could help me get that 10% down if I get a good try going again. Kinda looking for some help. Which class out of the 11 in this game, would have the best chances to get there? What gear requirement do you need? Any tips for doing it on my druid? I lack feral gear so I cant try that spec. I already checked the tactics for the last 2 bosses after dark summoner. I feel those are more moonkin friendly so I am not that worried about those. Really need to get past this boss.Yassle6 11 May 2015
11 May 2015 What should I do? So I've finally decided to start playing WoW the proper way, as I've been playing in private servers for 5 years due to not being able to pay the sub, but now I face an internal debate: I don't know if to boost a Pally to 90 and get him to 100, then buy heirlooms and level up a warrior or viceversa. I've always mained a warrior, but apparently Guilds and PUGs are in need of prot and holy more than Warrs. Any thoughts? Edit: I'd use the RaF XP bonus, heirlooms and roll both of them as tanks or healer (in case I level the Pally), so queue time should be relatively low, and lvling speed as well Thanks!Celestior4 11 May 2015
11 May 2015 Delete spells from Action Bar Hi, I have just started playing WoW. I am really enjoying it and think it's fantastic, but there is one issue I am having. I am unable to remove spells from the action bar, I can replace them with other spells but I'd rather clean my bar up a bit. Perhaps it's really obvious, but I have not found a way to do it yet. Thanks in advance!Arietom15 11 May 2015
11 May 2015 Help with restoration Druid Hello, so I'm having a bit of troble healing as a Resto druid (omm in normal everbloom, @1:st boss). Is there some stats that I should focus enchant (only enchant) or what? Everything helps!Getlima6 11 May 2015
11 May 2015 In game direction New to the game and just reached level 20, despite everything going on in my real life, decided I love the game and want to play it a lot more and actually become somewhat decent at it, decided I may as well buy a gaming computer at the end of this month so that I can run the game on the highest settings as my current laptop restricts me a little but just really wanted to know if there's anything else that benefits players who play this game in terms of in game and out game sources. - Gaming mice? - Gaming keyboard? - Headset? realised with how slow the levelling process is I won't hit max level before the end of the month, and with how I'm going would be lucky to hit 80-90 but just wanted to make sure I've got the proper equipment before I do so I can play it at a higher level, if there's anything anyone recommends please let me know? heard about stuff like in game addons but honestly just wanted more of an idea, thank youuu.Heavn3 11 May 2015
11 May 2015 What is mythic gear? I hear it all over the forums what is it and where and when can I get it?Tardomos6 11 May 2015
10 May 2015 Changes from Cataclysm to now Hi, i stopped playing in Cata and im about to come back, and i have a few questions. 1) Since i want to be a more casual player now than i was, is the game more casual friendly now from back then? 2) Is leveling faster? 3) What are the biggest changes? (and as far as i have read pet battles and garrisons are just a time filler)Karmiris2 10 May 2015
10 May 2015 What to do in different expansions? Is there anything specific I should do in different expansion zones apart from questing because I'm confused on some things such as should I do dailies in MoP etcDralto2 10 May 2015
10 May 2015 will theere be an option to buy once play forever I don't mind paying monthly im not complaining before you start to say oh but blizzard needs it to keep the game server running and I think ptp games have better quality ik all of tht I just wanna know if you think it will be buy once play forever at some time in the futureTardomos2 10 May 2015
10 May 2015 Help can use lava lash Im a shaman and it keeps saying I need a melee weapon I have an axe is tht not a melee weapon aand can you explain in terms I can understand I rlly wanna play shaman and stuff like this is annoying afTardomos5 10 May 2015
10 May 2015 Heirlooms Right, I've asked a couple of friends & they're both clueless & confused too on this. I have purchased a couple of Heirlooms which were great at the time because they increased every stat. However, now i'm LV71 & i'm finding gear in instances that are better than my heirlooms, but I don't want to give up my heirlooms because of the XP bonus they give me. I know they can be upgraded, but when I go to the chap in Iron Forge, upgrades all say LV90 is required... so... my head is like this: "I must be missing something because surely the game wouldn't let you buy an item, which is great until you start finding better gear (in my case, around LV70), but you can't upgrade that item until your character has reached LV90... so what am I missing?" It's as if there's (again, in my case) an area of 20 levels where my heirlooms will be subpar when compared to other gear I find in instances. So sorry if I've confused anyone, but if I have, imagine how I feel! Thanks in advance to anyone who can tell me what i'm missing here.Seraphena10 10 May 2015
10 May 2015 Help me choose an alt! Hello! I'm new to WoW, playing for like 2 months, I boosted my rogue and I love it! But its time to make an alt, and i dont know what to make... So I need some help, I want to play fun class, thats different than rogue, and I only do PvP. So throw some suggestions at me :D ThanksIkeelyou6 10 May 2015
10 May 2015 2 questions Hey, two noob questions, just started the game, still have starter edition for now - already have warlords of draenor bought boxed, can i activate it now if i dont have battle chest (will buy it later this month or early june) yet? - saw the ad when i created my char, about upgrading from starter edition nad followed the link, it showed me 7.5e for battle chest (so 50% off as opposite if you buy it from site); is that offer for ever or timed?Gifertniul5 10 May 2015
10 May 2015 WoW Warlords of Draenor Hi if i buy WoD, must i buy subscription too? Or i get subscription with WoD?Zeuseur3 10 May 2015
10 May 2015 Brewmaster PvE Guide 6.1.2 on Youtube Link - 10 May 2015
10 May 2015 WoW Token new month and maximum in inventory? Where I can check when my locked amount that I can buy resets? and do I have to use my 10 tokens first before buying next ones in a new month?Ulumulululuu0 10 May 2015
09 May 2015 In depth Combat rogue pvp guide Hello everybody, today i was playing wow on my combat rogue and i decided to make a guide for the class, i feel like i covered pretty much everything in this kind of short video, hope you all enjoy.Éxo0 09 May 2015
09 May 2015 what professions to choose and specialization? Okok Idk wht to choose between enhancement and elemental because I both like magic casting but I like fighting close up with magic so can you recommend me which also which professions will be good for shaman tyTardomos3 09 May 2015
09 May 2015 Looking for someone to game with :D Okay, this is probably a wrong place to post since i'm not really new to the game. Altough i'm the biggest noob ever :') I just want some to play with and be able to skype with. So if someone is interested add me on skype; LadyMeredithVi_1Allice4 09 May 2015
09 May 2015 Class to main I don't really like my paladin and i wanted to create a new toon, but i can't pick a class i like. This is what i want: - A self heal for leveling, i hate trying to kill an rare and not killing it fast enough without that big of healing. - An good dps amount with a easy rotation. - At least one attack that hit big(i like to see big hits) - Dps or tankCutegurlz8 09 May 2015
09 May 2015 How did my FPS increase so drastically? I had a solid 25fps with "fair" on almost every setting, and the lowest view distance. I watched a guide to increase my fps. The first step of the guide was to put the texture resolution on it's lowest "but you might as well drag the "custom" bar downwards to low". So I did pull the custom bar downwards to low, and when I applied it... Well.... Going from 25fps to 70fps is a pretty signigigant change if you ask me :D In fact I can keep pretty much the same fps (just less solid, it bounces back and forth a little more) even when chaning the texture resolution and view distance to the max settings. I'm just wondering, what could have caused this drastic fps increase? It was neither the texture resolution or view distance though, that I know. This information could be very useful for other games of mine.Sodapopkill2 09 May 2015
09 May 2015 Why do new players almost always roll male night elves? Whats the big attraction ?Mortisia46 09 May 2015
09 May 2015 How do I swap the positions of my spells? I have revive battle pets as 6, and a load of other problems. I'd really like to fix that. Unless changing the keybindings also swaps the general position of the spells in the UI.Sodapopkill2 09 May 2015
09 May 2015 A returning players dilemma Hello good people of the forums, MVPs and potential blues, I finally got a credit card and I am thinking of re-subbing but I am in a bit of a pinch as to which WoW account to use. You see, I have 3, all with 90s, one is my original one with Vutraman as the main character, as well as the two I used for RAF before (I was the recruit, both WoW battlechests on those accounts were gifted to me by two really really nice guys, one of which recently wanted to gift me some game time to have a bit of fun in-game again), and the characters on the accounts are quite different. As you can see, Vutraman has a lot of reputations (~30) at exalted and quite a bit of finished quests (3000+), some cool mounts, pets, titles, toys etc. On the RAF accounts (which are on another battle-net account) I have a bunch of heirlooms (35+), 8.2k achievement points, and several 90s with decent gear, nothing flashy mind you. I suppose I could use payed character transfer and move several characters to one account, but that would cost me an arm and a leg, especially considering my wage is ~200 Euros. Is there a way to somehow join this battle-net account to the one which has 2 WoW accounts, or to move this entire account? Any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!Vutraman3 09 May 2015
09 May 2015 pc build can anyone please tell me if i can play world of warcraft on ultra if i OC the cpu and GPU by 15%. SAPPHIRE TRI-X R9 280X 3GB GDDR5 OC.(GPU) AMD FX-8350.(CPU) G.Skill 8 GB DDR3-2133.(RAM) 550 mb/s-500mb/s SSDBlobsnaps0 09 May 2015