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Looking for a newbie friendly guild I'm looking for a newbie friendly guild. I currently have characters on several different realms (silvermoon, chamber of aspects, Magtheridon, defias brotherhood and a couple others), but they are all low level so I have no problem re-rolling on a different realm and starting over. About me Although I bought this game quite a while ago I have never really gotten into playing it. I know very little about the game, so I just seem to end up wandering around aimlessly once I'm out of the starting zones with no real idea what to do/where to go next until I get bored and log off. I've had a play with a few different races/classes and still haven't come to any real decision on what I want to play as my main (although I do like playing gnomes). The majority of my characters have been alliance side, but I am planning to try out a few horde races too. I have no real experience with the different roles in groups (tank, healer, dps) and I get stuck whenever I level high enough to have to choose a spec because I have no idea what this really means or how it will affect my future play options (I usually just pick something at random). I haven't really taken part in any group activities (outside of the odd random instance where no one knows anyone and I just sort of stumble along behind everyone else completely clueless). I'm not really enjoying my hunter character, although it's still early on and I've been told that the way each class plays early on can differ greatly from endgame play (is that true?). PS: Although I have characters on a couple of RP realms I'm not really into role play, so I'm not looking for a RP guild. Untempered2
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MMO Veteran (WoW Virgin) needs help with picking a clas I've been playing MMOs since 2008. A friend who was so invested in Age of Conan, introduced me to this genre and ever since I played many of them. I plan to start playing WoW for the first(*) time. But I'm at a lost when trying to choose a class/race to play with. (*) = I tried to start to WoW several times, but always quit within the first 5 level. I never could bring myself to play with that much saturated graphics and some part of my mind kept telling me: "nothing was going to be new, everything that could have been done, had been done, so why bother". Recently, I stumbled upon the lore videos of this guy: . To be honest, his work got me hooked on WoW's lore and for some reason I have to play it. I am not "young" anymore. I don't have giant free time to farm endlessly. My current work schedule only allows me to play -maybe- 2/3h each weekday and 15-20h in weekends. I will play %99 of the time solo. Mostly, discovering lore and really exploring the game for myself. I just want to play with 1 character only. I don't want to make alts or have several main chars. I don't have time for this. I also want to PvP if I feel like it -and maybe end-game PvE when I reach max level-. I am in no rush, yet I don't want to be dependent on others while leveling nor to be a burden to my team in BGs. I also made a little search about the servers. I believe I will play in Twisting Nether (EU) in horde side. Horde pop is %95 of the server even though it's a PvP server; so I assume that I may have the chance to PvE in peace and PvP when I feel like it. So, any Pros can help me with this class/race selection? Qahlex14
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Auto-Repairing Autoclave Proc Hey, Last night i looted the brand new shiny trinket from blackhand hc, so i went to test it but it doesn't proc. Any idea what i'm doing wrong? Had a few procs when I casted Moonfire but thats not what i'm doing when i'm healing. And it's clearly a healer trinket, no? Léafeye2
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Looking for "wow" friends Coming back to wow and want to start fresh on TarrenMill(EU), don't have any friends who still play wow so I'm now looking for "wow" friends. The reason for even asking here(and because I have not bought game time yet) is that I don't want to come back to a mmorpg without anyone to play with and just spam dungeons with randoms until I die of boredom before hitting the cap. What I would like is: -That we play on Tarren Mill(EU), Reason: PvP realm, pretty fun to always be on your toes. Other PvP realms are okay but I thought this was a pretty good one, feel free to correct me. -We play horde(Can be persuaded to go alliance but I would prefer to go horde since I have always been ally). -We don't race to the level cap(I don't mind focusing on actually going forward but I'm not cool with spamming dungeons and finding xp farm spots and the like) -We engage in everything the game has to offer(PvP/BGs, dungeons, questing, nonsense etc.) "Fun" is our aim. -We play a bit "everyday"(...or close to everyday/few times a week/whatever satisfies everyone). Staying up all night playing wow can be fun at times but I would prefer leaving some room for sleep and life. -I'm a bit interested in using voice chat if enough people are up for it but I rarely use my vocal english so it's a bit rusty. Could be fun to practice while playing an enjoyable game though. What I expect from you: -Friendly -Ready to not have everything revolve around you(tried to level with some very self centered people before and needless to say it's hard to get far without major conflict). -Have at least *some* experience with the game(no expectation to have all the feats of strenght, all legendaries in your bank and at least a worlds first in every category). Some knowledge about the how to play it is enough. -Age of 18+ would be preferable but can be stretched if there is a promise that there will be no psychotic crying and screaming. -If you study; please don't save everything to the last week before a test so the rest of us have to put our leveling on hold. No expectation that you put a game before your education if it would come to that but please don't it would be a hassle for the rest of us. -Casual play style would be nice. -Nationality is irrelevant since all communication will be in english to prevent any alienation if we for example end up with group of 4/5 swedes. +I live in CET timezone so it would be nice if you do the same but being close to it is alright. About me: -20 years old -Male -Studying(translation would be college). On hold for the moment but I still have things to do. -I exercise a few times a week but I usually do it in the morning so there should be no impact on our playing*/gaming. -Interested in WoW lore etc so I might be interested in doing certain quests just to see the horde side or because they could be fun to experience. -Other interests would be art, chemistry, mathematics, design, gaming(obviously. Favorites include: mass effect, hearthstone, tomb raider 2013, dragon age origins, The Witcher, Starcraft 1/2, Skyrim, Dishonored and Baldurs Gate), science in general and exercise. - Casual gamer(as in not elitist and don't feel like I have to master everything and spend years to get a single mount). My character: -Probably going mage. Thinking about going for a rogue because stealth but I always loved magic users/casters in games. Nuking from afar is very fun. -Undead, reason being I don't feel like going belf and I'm saving troll for a future druid -Female because I'm a hipster, honestly they look pretty sweet with their casting animations. -Think I'm going arcane but that is not very important since I'm a dps. -Could go enchanting or alchemy to cheaply and time efficiently benefit the group. Playtime: -Around 18:00/18:30 to 22:00/23:00 CET would probably be best for everyone. Taking suggestions but I need sleep and time for other things so stopping at around 22:00 is a must. Other: I hope we could start at thursday(tomorrow) but depending on how many are actually interested that date could be pushed forward and probably will now when I think about it since the requirements are a bit specific. No need for a super epic name if you don't feel like it, pick whatever you want. I usually switch between names like my priests "Lenel" my warriors "Azralon" to crap like "Toesniffer" and "Sockhunter" so go for whatever you like! Pick a class and please oh please keep your altoholism to skyrim, pick a class/race and don't demand we all reroll when you grow bored, if that's what you want level that char up to our level on your own time. Play whatever class/race you feel like, faction is the only thing we need to decide upon. Dungeons from what I have seen are very easy so a group of 5 mages could probably steamroll it. But if we can make a group with the holy trinity that would be great. But no need to feel pressure when choosing class. If you want to play outside our decided timeframe feel free to do so. BUT be prepared to either wait until the rest of us catch up or help us(otherwise there is no point to this). Playing another char, farming for professions and/or playing the auction house would be another alternative if you want to burn time. Skype or would be preferable but I can always add you to steam or keep in touch via mail or any other mobile messaging service. Note on "heirlooms": Would be nice if everyone has them. But if too few have them we who do could keep them in the bags and equip them in pvp so we will not outlevel the rest when doing dungeons/questing. If there is anything I should bring up but missed please tell me! Will also post this on other sites so leave the organizing of a group to me and if there actually would be a big demand for this I will pick people depending on how interested they seem to be. I will help the rest get in touch with each other if they are interested. Contacting me: Either through this forum or through my mail(Don't send crap to it please, it's my "crap" mail but it will make it hard for me to find sincere applications if it fills with junk. Mail: IMPORTANT! Forgot something important: We will join up at level 20ish so race-zones won't be an issue if you want to go panda or worgen. Where we start will depend on what the majority wants, I vote for Hillsbrad! And if that was all I look forward to finding some polite folks to enjoy this game with! Azralon3
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Straight answer please blizz We've all paid enough money to deserve a straight answer. Yes there have been threads about this and I am sorry to post another. Please just give us a straight answer then people can decide what they want to do. At the end of the day we pay hard earned money to play. We deserve an answer. And not, with respect blizz, the same response you unfortunately give all the time which is either evasive or a delaying response. Quite simply I want to know is : 1) flying coming back? 2) if so when? 3) if not please, with all due respect, refund my hard earned money for buying the ones I've bought 4) Assuming Blizz ha not intention of brining flying back soon, please replace my game time for farming mounts like TLPD and Aeaonax in particular coz they took me ages to get back in the day to get and a hell of a lot of time sat waiting for them. 5) Assuming your answer to 1) 2) is never and 3) not a chance and 4) your fault for being a geek sat watching you're screen - then ffs give me something to do in WoD - Sat in my garrison does feck all for me. Then thanks Blizz for being a corporation that takes takes takes. Now I've got a lot of alts - 13 is in total - 10 of which I normally lvl to max lvl - I like to play different chars and different classes. But to be honest WoD has stopped me. I have lvl'd about 4 of em so far. That is the worst I've done since I started. In all the expansions I've lvld my chars for a few reasons: 1) I like playing them 2) I like the different classes 3) I liked the professions and the different things they brought Now you've killed 3). That was bad. Change it sure, remove it completely - daft. Stick pretty much all professions items needed in garrison - completely daft. Which brings me back to the start of this rant. If you don't want people to fly and to go out exploring the land on ground mounts, why the feck stick everything we need in the dam garrison???? Waste of time WoD. And to top it all off - I like pvp. I aint the best by far. But when my low lvl 90 ish gets killed by a 100 I like to log one of my 100 alts - But by the time my 100 gets anywhere near the guy that killed me, not only has he logged and gone to bed - but my body has decided to dig its own grave coz my 100 aint coming to save him !! I am on Defias. - Its a PVP server as well As RP. If I cant get too ppl to actually pvp in about few mins of them killing my alts them whats left? I am on Defias - I like my mounts especially ones I've farmed hours, literally, hours getting. If I cant use them what's left? I am on Defias - I like to actually go out and get mats for my profession because my profession had meaning. Since Wod - Whats left? I am on Defias - I liked selling things my professions could craft - now a gazzzillion ppl plus ppl that don't have my profession can craft, whats left? I am on Deifas - I liked to PVP and actually earn points for gear. Now I do a BG and they give it me.....but CP not that much better......Whats left? I am on Defias - I like to use ground mounts - Press the fecking ground mount button then !! I am on Defias - meh........... As the post says - I would like a straight answer. I pay money for this game. I have a few issues as above. My main issue is whether I can fecking fly some of the mounts I've paid, and waited a long time for. I and from the posts a lot of other people deserve a straight answer. I understand as a corporation Blizz needs to be evasive a times. But please we need an answer, Is flying coming back or not??? And please do not post why you do not want flying - its in the other posts. I just want an answer whether it is or it isn't. Then I can go pay for something else. And for all those that want to criticise - I've paid a stupid amount of money playing this game including moving guilds to another realm coz spor sucked and blizz would not merge realms only for me to pay for the guild and all my alts at each individually price per alt, for blizz to then go merge them servers about 12 months later !!! A lot of my guildies also wasted stupid amounts of money with that..... Ok not a straight answer. But a straight answer to whether we get flying back is. yes/no. That's all I want to know personally. And all the money I've spent I deserve a straight answer. Could not care about FPs and how quick they are tbh. Just a straight answer please. Dammizz3
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