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31 Mar 2015 Having difficulties on deciding on a class Hello, I am (as the title states) having difficulties on deciding on a class to play. I tend to get bored fairly quickly and give up on leveling characters and it's gotten to the point where I just want to settle down and play a class to max level. I found this questionnaire on a different thread and thought it would be a good idea to fill it out here. I sincerely apologize if this is simply another thread taking up space about choosing a class, but they all seem to be different. What have you played before? I've played every class to Level 10 at least, classes I've leveled past that are Druid, Hunter, Monk, Rogue, Warlock and Warrior How far did you level it? Rogue & Druid - 67 / Warrior, Monk, Warlock - 31 / Hunter - 25 Describe what you liked and disliked about those classes. Be detailed! Rogue - I love Stealth/Vanish and many of the Rogue abilities, and the mainly-DPS thing doesn't really bother me. I typically play the stealth class in most RPGs. However I wasn't a fan of their sustained damage or AoE personally, and very few people take Rogues in raids apparently (not sure if this is true or not). Druid - loved the self-heals, loved the huge burst and maintaining bleeds (I leveled as Feral). Typhoon was cool, lots of utility both in PvP and PvE. However staring at the rear of a cat is slightly off-putting (not completely, since you don't spend all your time looking at your gear) and they aren't particularly desired for RBGs (which is what I intend to do end-game). Warrior - Charge is an amazing ability, I leveled as Fury and did amazing in battlegrounds. Execute is such a satisfying attack, and I quite like hitting procs (another reason why I liked the Feral Druid). However I despise Arms and don't really like the theme much (that's personal taste mind). Warlock - Warlocks are probably the coolest class I've ever played, and I quite like Affliction and Destruction. However they have lost their mobility, a factor I desire greatly. Plus cloth armor isn't the best even with Warlock healing and overall tanky-ness. Monk - I love the mobility of the Monk but they aren't wanted very much in RBGs and I don't feel they do enough damage (plus I dislike the ramp-up time of Monk burst, I feel it more than other classes) Hunter - lots of damage, lots of mobility, collecting pets is pretty cool. However it gets incredibly boring just watching my character shoot whilst my pet kills the enemy after a while. With a friend or alone? What's your friend going to be leveling? Alone. Are you leveling via PvE or PvP? Chain-running dungeons? Bit of both, primarily dungeons with PvP thrown in occasionally. Will you be doing primarily raids/dungeons at level cap (PvE) or knocking the opposing faction in the balls over a flag (PvP)? Both, primarily PvP though as I'd like to get into RBGs. Will you be multiboxing or just playing a single character? Single character. Race preference? Either for looks or the actual racials (or lore!). I intend to play Alliance, and I have no real preference (I'll probably end up choosing the race myself in the end) Heals/tank/DPS? What's your style for DPS - melee or ranged? Melee DPS please unless you think there's a ranged DPS that actually fits me. I haven't tried healing and only did a mild bit of tanking on my Druid when the tank was killed/inept, so I guess I could get into tanking. Any favorite game mechanics? (DoTs, HoTs, stealth, mana, etc) Stealth is nice but not required, as are DoTs. I quite enjoy a self heal as well. Hybrid or pure? Does it matter? Not really. Pet or temporary pet or none at all? Does it matter? Doesn't really matter. Thanks in advance, I appreciate it.Moomcnuggets4 31 Mar 2015
31 Mar 2015 Help my DPS - Windwalker edition I'm creating this thread for a new-ish player I met in-game who wants suggestions about improving as a Windwalker. There's too much to handle in in-game chat, and I needed to do some preparation anyway, because I don't Monk. And it turned out I needed enough prep to run into dinner-time. :P Start with a beginner's basic resources: As your Bible for your stats and rotation, look up - in this case I usually like to find a guide video, to give a different angle on the class. Unfortunately, Preach, whose guides I usually go to, doesn't have Monk up yet for Warlords. This is his commentary on Windwalker in the Beta, for general flavour: I found this the best of the YouTubes I saw, and while the maker has clearly thought about the subject a lot, I didn't find his presentation strong : . You will want the addon Recount to follow what you did in your training sessions. The application Simulationcraft, which you can download from, will tell you what DPS might be expected, given your gear. It will tell you a lot more useful information than that, if you ask the right questions, but for today, we'll just skim the surface. You may find you could find use for use other combat addons, including Deadly Boss Mods, TellMeWhen or WeakAuras, GTFO, Pitbull, Classtimers, but we won't include those in this exercise. You might also consider the addon Spellflash, with the module Bitten's Spellflash: Monk. which makes a suggestion about what you should be hitting at any moment by making the buttons flash. I'm always hesitant to recommend it, because people can get into the habit of watching the buttons instead of the fight, but it has its place as training wheels during your practice. . The performance of any DPS depends on: 1. Gear and Build 2. Accuracy of performing rotation 3. The demands and mechanics of the encounter. 1. Gear and Build As a WIndwalker, you wear Leather, and you want Agility. According to Icy-Veins, things get murkier in secondary stats, depending on your talent choice. See However, since you don't currently have much choice in stats, I wouldn't give secondaries a vast amount of thought just yet. Read down the Icy-Veins explanation of talents and glyphs at and compare them with yours, and think whether you want to change any. You can change your talents and glyphs if you have a Tome of the Clear Mind, which you can get from any Reagents vendor. Don't get too hung up on this subject either just yet. While choice of talents and glyphs can make a difference to your performance, we're more interested in the basics for now. Just be aware that it will become more important later. Gems and enchants will add stats to your gear. I see you have already enchanted your cloak and neck with Multistrike. That's good. Your rings and weapon are not yet enchanted. There's a rule of thumb that items less than purple are not worth enchants, but unless you have a plan to replace them soon, perhaps the cheaper "Breath" enchants might be worth a small investment. Flask and Food are very worthwhile in any party, especially at low gear levels. When your basic stats are low, these buffs are more significant. You want Draenic Agility Flask and any +75 Multistrike or 100-stat food. Flasks are ridiculously cheap this expac, and people will practically pay you to haul Savage Feast away from them, so there really is no reason to be without those buffs. Don't leave home without them! . 2. Accuracy of performing rotation OK, this is what we really want to talk about. Given the stats you have, each of your abilities does a specific amount of damage. Consider Jab, for example, whose damage is calculated like this: ... So the amount of damage done by one Jab depends on your weapon DPS and your Attack Power. Your Attack Power depends primarily on your Agility. And there's a random factor as well, quite apart from your chance to Crit or Multistrike. In your case, which I could calculate by hand - but I've already simmed your armoury, so I know - your Jab does on average about 1,700 damage. So if your only ability was Jab, and you could do that once every 1.5 seconds (and there's where Haste come in), and nothing Crit or Multistruck, you would be doing about 1,100 DPS. Then theorycrafters work out the "best" rotation or priority list for your class, and sites like publish one version of that, and we can simulate what happens if you execute that rotation perfectly, just by calculating the damage of all your attacks, performed in order, adding in the appropriate spread of random numbers. And out of the sim comes your expected DPS. For the moment, we are assuming that you can fully concentrate on doing your rotation perfectly. Obviously, in a real fight, that isn't going to happen, because you have to move, or because you have to switch targets, or some other mechanics. But if you can't do your rotation perfectly against a dummy, you're not going to do well against a real boss. I think of it as playing scales in music. If you can't play scales well, you're not ready for a public performance. Simulationcraft is the program developed and used by theorycrafters to automate the calculations of what DPS you will do, given a set of gear, and a set of conditions for the fight. The simplest set of conditions is "just do your rotation", called Patchwerk, after the boss in Naxxramas. You can download Simulationcraft from and when you run it, you can set Options, which to start with I set as: all buffs OFF, all debuffs OFF, Patchwerk fight, Iterations 10,000, Player skill Good, Fight length 300 sec (5 minutes). Then I did Import of your profile from and in the Simulate tab, I removed the lines about actions.precombat=flask,type=greater_draenic_agility_flask actions.precombat+=/food,type=salty_squid_roll actions.precombat+=/potion,name=draenic_agility and actions+=/potion,name=draenic_agility,if=buff.serenity.up|(!talent.serenity.enabled&(trinket.proc.agility.react|trinket.proc.multistrike.react))|buff.bloodlust.react|target.time_to_die<=60 because I wanted to do the sim "flat-footed", without any buffs, first. The bottom line result is that your armoury can do about 10K DPS under those conditions (plus or minus 1K or so for RNG). Running the same thing again, but with all buffs, as if you were in a raid environment, the sim said 15K. OK, that give us a baseline, which is nice to know, but limited. So you go to a target dummy, and hit it for 5 minutes, using what you think is the right rotation, after reading Icy-Veins, and say you come up with Recount showing 6K. What do you do now? Well, obviously, you didn't do your rotation accurately, but where did you go wrong? That's where you start digging into the numbers, If you click your name line on Recount, it will show a pie chart, and a series of lines representing how many times you used each attack, and how much damage it did. Compare those against the breakdowns produced by Simulationcraft You have to ignore the fact that you couldn't use Touch of Death on the dummy, but otherwise you can compare the theory with the practice, and see what the difference is.Gráinne2 31 Mar 2015
31 Mar 2015 LF someone to recruit a freind i will be recruiting and i will grant levels and play with you as long as you want :)Amberisa2 31 Mar 2015
30 Mar 2015 Im new Im looking for PvE and PvP server in Europe. But i need Czech guild :)Shadrys2 30 Mar 2015
30 Mar 2015 Tanking at end Game So currently im levelling my warrior, planning to reach level 100 within the next few days but when it comes to tanking I'm quite new to it, of course i know the basics of cooldowns and general idea of it but how does one get the confidence to jump from straight WoD Heroics to LFR? Confidence seems to be a big issue here, you have 20+ people depending on you and someone else when you have no idea how the other person is going to play.Unbreák4 30 Mar 2015
30 Mar 2015 Mount?? Hi I really want to know if some mounts need high level like 75 or 90 Or there is no level for everysingle mount to ride him And some mounts for class like ( shaman can ride that mount and monk cant ride it ?? ) And how i can get one i really want to get one because its better than walking and save some time Thank you waiting for replay ^-^Candybearkw8 30 Mar 2015
30 Mar 2015 Channel 4 Hello everyone! I just transferred to Kazzak week ago, and after this, my channel 4 (i mean Looking for Group) just disappear. I tried a lot of different combinations like /join 4, /4, /join Looking for Group, but still nothing. What can i do? Thank youSeeker9 30 Mar 2015
30 Mar 2015 best realm for the alliance please what is best realm fo the allianceTokami3 30 Mar 2015
30 Mar 2015 WoW token with frozen account question Any idea if I'm gonna be able to buy WoW token even if my account is frozen ? I haven't really got money for a sub (college and things like that) but I think I may have enough gold for such token. Any idea if I can do it ?Also, will AH ever be unlocked just for sake of selling items with frozen account ? Thanks for answering in advance.Tirtel5 30 Mar 2015
30 Mar 2015 Warrior Specs for PvP hi guys i play warrior a lot and im cant figure out witch spec i prefer (Arms & Fury). they both seem as good as each other. im wanting to no what other players think of them. which spec they think is stronger, and which spec is more fun to play. could you guys please leave a comment with your preferred spec. a explanation why would be great also. thank you :PDarkchampïon3 30 Mar 2015
30 Mar 2015 delete this thread lolGetryttaren1 30 Mar 2015
30 Mar 2015 Warlock Does the glyph of Eternal Resolve stack with soul link, giving me flat 30% damage reduction?Combobeast2 30 Mar 2015
30 Mar 2015 Realm migration/char boost Hello all, I really want to play an orc warlock, but I don't want to level all over again (did it to much and don't really have a lot of time) but now I can't decide if I should buy a character boost, or do a faction changes with my human warlock. Here are my issues: The character boost costs a lot of money.. If I do a faction change it will be cheaper, but I will be on the Silvermoon realm which is almost all Alliance, and I like a bit of a full realm, and find a guild to have fun with and do some Normals. So what do you recommend? Would it be really lonely being a orc on a full alliance realm? Thanks in advance and sorry about my English, LarsValdonx2 30 Mar 2015
30 Mar 2015 how to get fast honor? I would like to buy 2 pvp trinkets from the previous expansion, so that I get the 15% dmg reduction vs players, because during questing and instances I like to do some skirmish arena. How do I get honor for this the quickest? Just by doing random bgs and skirmish? Or is there a faster method?Boeiyas7 30 Mar 2015
30 Mar 2015 Trapping Why cant I trap gentle clefthoof?Yashia6 30 Mar 2015
30 Mar 2015 Sorcerous earth How to farm this often? Through your garrisson? Which buildings will supply this?Yashia3 30 Mar 2015
30 Mar 2015 What talent for druid Hello. What talent, should i take? im a Moonkin druid, or a Balanced druid. Cuz i like Casting ;3 Im going to PvE. Feline Swiftness. Displacer beast. Wild charge.Multituskin5 30 Mar 2015
30 Mar 2015 Warning New Players/Returning! So, GM's, we all love them, they help us when we are stuck, or we have an issue in game, but sometimes he have...imposter GMs. These will try say something like 'Your account is going to be suspended go to -imposter WoW website- to check up on your account' That imposter website will steal your details, hack you, take all your stuff, then you're dumped in the dust. Hopefully then you can get help from a GM. But to avoid all this issue, do not follow a link given by a fake GM. How to tell the difference? A normal GM will not ask you for your password, for a start. And also, a normal GM will pop up in a new chat window nowadays. And they will introduce themselves and all before so. Imposter GM's usually have something like this [Name that resembles blizzard] [GM] Hello your account has been suspended, follow link here ----- Real GM's have this: *New Chat window* Hello, I am game master ---------' etc etc Thanks, also, warn all other people you think may be fooled by such a scam, a new player, or returning players are at most danger, since back in the 'old days', a GM just whispered you.Stain2 30 Mar 2015
28 Mar 2015 The Northern Lights - [A] Silvermoon PvE/Social guild As the title states, <The Northern Lights> is looking for more mature members who still enjoy the game and has a sense of humor. No level restrictions. New player, old player, doesn't matter. Rerolling? Fine by us, so are we. The guild is "led" by two longtime friends who has been around the game for more or less the whole 10 year span. Basicly two walking WoW wikipedias. Teamspeak 3 server will be set up later today. Interested? Comment here or contact me directly ingame. RID : korpse#2906Wyldfire0 28 Mar 2015
28 Mar 2015 Wings Is there cloak / shoulderpads in the game that looks like wings for a mage ?Catastrofy1 28 Mar 2015
28 Mar 2015 Stance Bar Abilities Won't Change Around So, on bartender4 when on my druid and change stances, lets say cat for example, my abilities won't change around, having to manually move them around myself, please, any help would be greatly appreciated! :DÑicky1 28 Mar 2015
28 Mar 2015 For those asking questions. Help us out in helping you! For one, I know this is an EU forum, so not so great English is tolerable, to an extent. There's been a number of posts recently where I couldn't answer the person's question because I had no idea what they were saying due to their lack of grammar, spelling or punctuation. It would just please, for those trying to help you, help us out a little in helping you. It would be a shame if you asked a question, and nobody can help due to the way/style you wrote it in. Example: Not Acceptable/Readable: whr es th flit mstr ihn strmwnd? Acceptable/Readable: Hello, Please can someone tell me where the Flight Master is in Stormwind! Thanks!Stain0 28 Mar 2015
28 Mar 2015 Trial account cannot create dk. I have a problem like the title say, i got a 90 rogue, by the boost and when i try to make a dk it say "trial account cannot create dk." please can someone help me ? i buy the complete wow package. please help me what to doKazoish2 28 Mar 2015
27 Mar 2015 Addons on first time Hi guys ! Please tell me names of cool addons for new player. I need nice UI (No Elv and Tui) And sorry for my english ;vDarakovs2 27 Mar 2015
27 Mar 2015 WoD collectors? Hi. Should i buy the WoD collectors edition? it's 90,- but i can get it for 65,- because i got a discount card. :) Im a new WoW player, and i really enjoy the game. Or should i just buy the base game for 20,-? im playing trial atm.Multituskin2 27 Mar 2015
27 Mar 2015 Some information needed. Hi, At this time I have lvl'ed a dk and a rogue. But can't decide what class I want to main. I would appreciate if someone could give me a small overview of both classes. what are the pro's and cons of each class. I'm not asking whats the best atm, just some information how they are at lvl 100. ThanksGrëe1 27 Mar 2015
27 Mar 2015 I keep dying in heroics - help a noob out Uhm, hello. I dinged 100 a few weeks ago. I have been hoping that i would stop sucking, but im not sure what i do that makes me so bad. Here is my issue: I dies against heroic trash. Not bosses. I find the bosses EASIER than the trash. For example, in grimrail depot i always find myself dying when i battle the flamethrower + other trash. And i just don't know what i am doing wrong. I have googled guides and tried to follow them, but most seem to think the heroics are so easy that they dont even need a guide, which makes me realize how bad i am :( I even have raid gear. My item level is 643. And even when i get a healer that has mythic gear it seems to me the healer still have to spam to keep me alive :/ I'm not sure if there is a point in asking can you know what i do wrong when even i can't? :PTekken5 27 Mar 2015
27 Mar 2015 just lvl 100 Hi guys, I just reached lvl 100. but my big question is how do I get quickly good armor and can someone tell me how to make easy and quickly gold. Ps. My english is bad sorry for it. Jack.Thrandor9 27 Mar 2015
27 Mar 2015 CM hello i am hosting many challenge mode gold runs and im willing to bring anyone since i believe you can teach or help anyone, in highschool my friends and teachers said i was a very good and natural leader, good example was when a cat got stuck in a tree and i made some good calls just like a good raid leader or challenge mode leader, but i need ppl to do this so if anyone wanna contact me whisper ingame thank youTceó1 27 Mar 2015
27 Mar 2015 Trying Melee. Hey guys. need some info. Ive been playing my mage since i started playing wow. But now i wanted to try a melee dps, so far my options are Retri paladin, warrior, or rogue. Can you guys give me some insight about pros and cons of these 3 classes? (From a PvE standpoint, btw) Thanks in advance ;)Clickmax8 27 Mar 2015
27 Mar 2015 What happens if... i get tamed in bear or cat form by a hunter. a horde hunter kept trapping me and trying to tame me when i was in bear form. will i lose my character if it is tamed ?Keharn7 27 Mar 2015
27 Mar 2015 about AP Sup. So question is: How can i get more than 1700 AP per week?Baxrex0 27 Mar 2015
27 Mar 2015 Horde Servers HI sorry to do this again as im sure alot of people are! looking for a very busy horde side server, been looking at websites and some say Stormscale are then others say Draenor is 5x more populated than stormscale!! Can someone clarify which is right please and which is better out of the two, not bothered for PVP or PVE as have not yet decided which to do! ThanksPacil1 27 Mar 2015
27 Mar 2015 [Guide] Designing an Effective UI Hi guys, I made my first ever video (for WoW--and for anything!) this week on designing a UI with addons in the game. I wanted to do something different from the usual UI guides so my one looks at how and why you should design your interface instead of looking at a bunch of configuration options. Video is here if you're interested: Feedback is very welcome too--I want to improve! Thanks and good luck :)Sneakynub3 27 Mar 2015
26 Mar 2015 How do I choose a different realm? If I was to make another character in a different realm, how would I go about doing that? Everytime I make a character, I get the Lightbringer realm. Is there any way to choose something different? I can't see anything but the link to 'Suggest Realm'.Berrywink1 26 Mar 2015
26 Mar 2015 Gnome Warrior looking for a 'beginners' guild~ Hi everyone, I'm really new to WoW, I literally only started playing this week. I'm looking for more of a 'beginners' guild where I can ease myself into the game and not be judged on a sucky performance if I do anything wrong. My stats are on my profile, I enjoy fighting with two-handed weapons. I'm a casual player and can only play while I'm at my partners' house a few times a week. I'd preferably like to play in the afternoons, but that may change as I have a new job starting soon. As much as I like to play solo, I think a guild would make it a lot more enjoyable. If anyone could point me in the right direction or know of any possible guilds, that'd be great! I'm based in the UK also, if that helps. Thanks!Berrywink8 26 Mar 2015
26 Mar 2015 New Player realm Greetings. Started playing quite recently. I'd like to know what are the ways of transfer from "New Player" realms to other (more populated ones).Reiten1 26 Mar 2015
26 Mar 2015 Farming raids for gold Hi all. I would like to ask which raids I could farm best for gold? Where are those? On which difficulties? I havent played in Mop and Cata so I wouldnt really know where to go. Thanks in advance.Yashzhyl1 26 Mar 2015
26 Mar 2015 30 days wow Where i can buy it?Wspomagacz5 26 Mar 2015
26 Mar 2015 all buyable tabards hey guys, i need a list of all tabards that u can buy without being honored, revered or exalted with them. can u help me out?Tallpally5 26 Mar 2015
26 Mar 2015 Husband and wife looking for a guild. Hi all, My wife and I have decided to start playing wow again. We haven't played since wrath came out so its been quite some time however we have decided to start fresh on a new server. I have been messing around with the game a bit and I can see a lot has changed. We are looking for a casual social guild, we are far from hardcore players but we do like a good chat with other friendly mature people who understand what it is to have busy lives. Though having said that we do enjoy dungeons and raiding but for us it will be more of a couple of times a week rather than a daily thing. We are both in our early 30's and would prefer a smaller guild of people of a similar age range, one with other couples like us would be great. We are willing to move to any pve server and do not mind being horde or alliance. We are also willing to play any classes that your guild may need. Oh and we are from the UK so English speaking is a must for us. All suggestions will be very welcome and thanks for the help! :)Kithias9 26 Mar 2015
26 Mar 2015 Delete. Delete.Yashzhyl0 26 Mar 2015
26 Mar 2015 What to do? Forced factions are... Just wrong This is wrong that how it is about classes / races and factions!!! This is thing that usually stops me or My Love from renewing subscription constantly. Becouse I play mainly to kill alliance. To kill dwarves. The Horde is all for I am playing. She plays druid only, Worgen or NElf.. She could switch to Horde, but only race she consider good to play is BElf (to be honest, I do as well). But the problem is that she plays druid only (I play rouge, so I don't have such troubles). So she can play troll or tauren, but she doesn't like that idea! So I can switch to alliance, or she can switch class, or... or other things that are not really posible, and we want to play together from years. And any update is not solving this. Blizz!! We are waiting from years, please give us some sexy horde fem druid, or allow belfs to be it in next expansion. So we both will have prepaid forever!!! Thanks!Lustbite5 26 Mar 2015
25 Mar 2015 what item i should get I've got decision that i need choose between wayfare tunic of the merciless and wayfare leggings of the feverflare. Which one i should use?Lijuan3 25 Mar 2015
25 Mar 2015 Stuck on ilvl and more dilemmas Hello! I started playing back in May of 2014. I love the game in general but I seem to be 'stuck'. I reached level 90 and decided to get my ilvl up to 460 so I could do some raids in raid finder. But this seems more complicated than I thought as the queues seem to be infinite and I'm too unconfident to join a team of experienced veterens who will undoubtetly get frustrated with my lack of knowledge on the game. (I may have been playing for almost a year but I've had tons of alts which I trained to level 40 only to abandon them there). I've spent hours in that queue, getting my skinning up to 600 and earning the loremaster pandaria achievement without a single raid in between. I really don't know where to go from here. And I'm even starting to think I'm wearing a shaman's gear -.- Thanks!Trìnorae7 25 Mar 2015
25 Mar 2015 Newbie question about tanking in raids Hi, Two tanks in a raid, one boss - How does this work? Are we both trying to take aggro off each other while tanking (i'm aware of tank swapping mechanics) or simply dpsing the boss down until he takes 10% off me then other tank aggros off, repeat? I'm gonna assume trash mobs are a case of "that's your group, this is mine" but i'd like someone to explain what both tanks are doing on one mob, thanks!Pucks2 25 Mar 2015
25 Mar 2015 back to the game, what to play as, hmm... Hello, I'm going to be back to the game after a long break. Last time I played during MoP as a Mage. I really enjoyed it (well, except being rooted to ground during skill cast, it was really annoying, I came from guild wars 2, where you could even call a meteorite from the sky without having to stop moving). It was a bit squishy, but had good farming capabilities too (pull 30 mobs, cast AoEs, pick loot ^^). Then tried DK. AoE dmg was crazy. And survivability pretty good as well, so got to like it too. Back to the main point. I'm going to have a fresh start, on alliance and I'm having an issue choosing. I'm not much into PvP (only seldom, to get my !@# kicked I guess xD), I'm a lot into PvE aspects of the game (some stories were pretty good ^^). I'd be up for top raids, dungeons and also for some solo farming stuff. I was thinking between Shaman (as it's now available in alliance), Mage, Warlock, WW Monk and Assassin Rogue (heard that warrior is good in current meta, but never liked it). No idea how well fares DK atm (saw big nerfs in WoD patch). I prefer pew pew pew to tanking or healing. Need a class that do not need a party to do anything (I'm usually off by myself). Also a class that can solo farm pretty well. Good mobility would be also appreciated ^^ Thank you in advance for tips ^^Yllakain2 25 Mar 2015
24 Mar 2015 LF Rerolling guild, pref RP or PvP realm Hi! My friends have left WoW a long time ago, and I just returned after having the urge to start leveling a new character (pref. alliance this time around, either human paladin/mage/monk, not quite sure yet). I am thinking of trying a new perspective, this time going on a RP realm after seeing how much more.. active in the community they are. So if anyone is starting up a RP (perhaps Argent Dawn?), please let me know! -Thank youWórgen1 24 Mar 2015
24 Mar 2015 How to get a mount Hello. Im a new WoW player, and i want to know how do i get a horse?Flanknshank2 24 Mar 2015
24 Mar 2015 Returning player - with a few questions Hey yall! It´s been a while since i last played wow, and yesterday i caved in and resubbed again haha.. anyway, unfortounately when i logged in to do some dungeons i remembered why i quit in the first place: its so easy. now, this is NOT a qq thread and im sorry if im beating some dead horse here, not my intention. so my question is basically: how is the endgame PVE content in WOD so far? if im gonna upgrade from MOP to WOD i want to be guaranteed that there is difficult enough content for me to enjoy! i know that there are mythic raids on max lvl so those should suit me. but are there any harder options for dungeons (HCs mabye?) or are they faceroll like the ones u do while lvling? and how about scenarios (never tried one), how are they? appreciate all answers, again, this is not me complaining, just trying to catch up with the game :) thanks!Kosmion5 24 Mar 2015