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05 Jun 2015 Cross Realm & Faction Gold transfer Hello Heros of Warcraft, I have been playing World of Warcraft for over 2 years now, so far I have only played the Horde side, never joined Alliance. Now a days I do have free time to login to the game as early as 8 AM GMT time and at such time I rarely find queues to SoO or anything fun. I have decided that the only way to use that time in WoW is to give the Alliance a try. I currently have Death Knight (90), Paladin (86), Priest (90), Mage (90), Monk (61), Druid (55), Rogue (50), and Warlock (20) on Horde. I never tried Warriors or Shamans before. I play on Kazzak, a Horde dedicated realm. I have decided to join Alliance on Kazzak, but I couldn't keep on it for more than 5 levels. I kept asking in all main cities for guild invites but the realm is completely dead on the Alliance side. I did not get a single invite or a whisper although it was 7 PM GMT time. Apparently I will need to join a new realm if I want to play Alliance, but transferring gold is unfortunately a huge issue as I do not feel like starting from scratch. So I wanted to ask if there is anyway to transfer gold cross realm. I know that we can transfer Heirlooms through mail cross realm, and cross faction. We can also transfer gold cross faction on same realm using the Neutral Auction House trick, but is it possible cross realm too? So let's say I transfer gold from my Horde to an Alliance character on the same realm, can that Alliance character send this gold cross faction in anyway? What if I make an Alliance character on another realm, ask a friend to make a level 10 Alliance character on Kazzak, then I give him the gold and he invites my Alliance character using ID which would transfer me temporary to Kazzak.. Is cross-faction trade possible? As as a last thing, whether gold transfer is possible or not. What realm do you advise me to roll Alliance on? I do not want a balanced realm. I want a crazy full Alliance realm that is never close to being balanced, or a PvE realm. Also what race and class do you suggest me :DDarkrizk12 05 Jun 2015
05 Jun 2015 I cant decide whether to make a Pandaren Monk or not.. I really need some opinions and help on this, i've always wanted to play the Pandaren race, but i cant decide if i should make it into a monk or not i've always wanted to play the monk too but im worried of looking to common or too generic you know? I like to be a bit different.. I just dont want to be "like everyone else" I've tried making a night elf monk but i already have my nelf rogue it doesnt feel right. What should i do? There arent any other classes i really want to play with the panda either :/Halloween4 05 Jun 2015
05 Jun 2015 Travelling back to Azeroth/ Recruit A Friend! Hi there, After a significant holiday from Azeroth, I am interested in rejoining and exploring what the game has to offer now. I'm looking for someone active, happy, experienced and who has good English communication/speaking skills as I would expect to be playing sometimes whilst on ventrilo or similar program. I would be expecting commitment to the recruit a friend period and hope to get a bond with the player that could continue after the RaF period. Support to start in-game may be required to ensure character(s) are suitable equipped and funded. Please reply to this thread if you are interested ASAP. I'd like to get started now! JamieNrublim4 05 Jun 2015
05 Jun 2015 Trial account massage problem! HEY ! I just bought for they first time ever WoW and I wanna experience the greatness of this game. I wanted to roll with DK and to boost him to 90. I played a little bit of started edition now on my BNET account says I have 3 WoW accounts ( WoW1, WoW2, WoW3 ) WoW3 is the one i just bought activated with 30days play time. When i login into Wow3 and i create my Death knight is says " Trial Accounts cannot create Death Knights" What is wrong with this? help please.Meyoume3 05 Jun 2015
05 Jun 2015 What level should i start travelling Azeroth? I've started playing recently and really want to travel around the rest of the World because so far I've just been staying in the north western parts of Kalimdor. Does the story from the start guide you around the World? Or can I just venture out whenever I want, to other place like Stormwind and Hammerfell?Zarres7 05 Jun 2015
05 Jun 2015 Tanking Dungeons at Low level Wanted to know if it would be even possible for me to tank dungeons with heir looms, I want to tank but obviously without heirlooms my damage is going to be a lot lower compared to everyone with heirlooms, would I even be able to keep aggro? and what class is reccomended for tankingSmiteysdad10 05 Jun 2015
05 Jun 2015 Bigger items description is there any addon that makes only the item description text bigger? moveanything doesnt have thisTurmentatu1 05 Jun 2015
05 Jun 2015 [HELP] Jumping into other specs on your character Hey all, So heres the case, Ive always had confusions when trying to get into other specs from scratch, mostly because the first thing I get is messed up action bars and suffer from zero experience in that certain spec, in a lot of cases you also have to get all new gear and I have no idea how to deal with all of that, on all my characters I have only been able to properly play the spec I leveled with from the start and I really want to try other ways to play my character to have more fun, so I wanted to ask you guys for any advise you could give in this situation for me? I would highly appreciate it. By the way I am currently playing an arms warrior and I want tp try the other specs, I actually tried just looking up guides for them but they seem to be suitable for those who already play them and I wasnt able to find useful advise for me..Maadkid7 05 Jun 2015
05 Jun 2015 Augmentaning the experience Well, I play World of Warcraft since the early of tbc (I think) and I have to admit that there is a little things to do after max-leveling. There are some advices that I believe that they could increase the time spending on wow and not just pvping-raiding 1) I love a game having a rich storyline which wow does and not using it. Making quests about any bosses on the patch will surely adore it as it will not be a random badass guy came from nowhere. For example general nazgrim. Making story about villains and how they became like that will surely appreciate it. 2) I like that on MoP that there was a randomness of the quests taken and i wonder why aren't they any ( I am not talking about apexis crystal quest either all the other boring). The rewards given should be more than gold ( I don't know rep , apexis your decision) 3) I feel that on this expansion there are me and the iron horde only ( and some ally orcs too). I want to see more Azeroth there ( blood elf encampment like isle of thunder) PS: I dont bother about flying mounts ( I was used from tbc low lvl char. Remembering these days when I had to travel from undercity to gnomeregan for just a dungeon brings me nostalgia). I believe hazzikostas was right about grounding mounts ( u miss all point just flying) Ty for your timeAtrea1 05 Jun 2015
05 Jun 2015 Short-term return? Hi guys, I quit WoW sometime around early Cata, played a tiny bit in MoP and haven't touched the game since. I found myself having a few weeks of spare time before I start work and I was thinking of giving WoD (which I pre-purchased months ago but haven't activated) a chance. I've heard a lot of people whining about this expac and I was wondering if it has at least some short-term appeal to it. I am of "these" people that haven't really found a lot of meaning in the game after mid WOTLK, so I am not sure if it would be a good idea. I'll probably play for less than a month, so we are talking leveling.ezmode PvE, a bit of PvP, Garrisons (which I have no idea what they are) etc. so, nothing fancy. Is it worth sinking my time and money into the game right now, or is it as bad as people make it out to be? Thanks.Beered1 05 Jun 2015
04 Jun 2015 Achievment hunting class Hello i play wow 1 month and i need advice :) I mainly play solo, and the best fun for me are achievments, i readed lots of similar topic "help me chose charakter" , everybody telling only DK and pala, coz they are best ... but i wanna do all dung just one time, for achieves and i think that much more time take to do for example loremaster... and rep farm, so in my opinion is definitely a Monk! coz in my eays its the fastest class ever :) dont mean on mount... but for quest hunting he is rly fast and for old content its not bad... and my question is.. did i choose wrong? im leveling human monk for rep bonus, im not pvp player, only sometimes for fun.. but 95% is pve. i will happy for every advice :) i still thinking if warrior isnt better, but both are fun for me...Galetes9 04 Jun 2015
04 Jun 2015 new character I have made a new character. All my battle pets and achievements I have achieved from my level 68 alliance character have transferred to my new character. Why is this and I would like my nee character to start from scratch.Warlockwild3 04 Jun 2015
04 Jun 2015 Coming back after 4 years of absence. Some questions... Hello people. Thank you in advance for everyone who's gonna take their time to try and answer my newbie questions! I havent played WoW since 2011 and I'm considering of coming back to taste the feeling of re-exploring the world I once loved. Here are my questions, hope you can help me! 1) There's a WoW Battlechest v5 on sale at the price of ~15euros plus one free month of gameplay. Should I purchase it or just buy a 60day pre-paid card to re-activate my account? May I also note that I'm gonna start from scratch so, I dont really care for the toons I had back in ~2011. So what's the best option for me and why? Do both options include all the expansions except Warlords of Draenor? 2) For a total noob which class is more fun to play (!!not the better class but the most fun to level up!!)... A Rogue or a Warrior? 3) Should I join a PVP or PVE server? I'm really into PVP whilst I also enjoy PvE and have no problem getting scr%^d by higher level players while I'm farming. What do you suggest? Thank you guys. Have a nice day!Soulkey7 04 Jun 2015
04 Jun 2015 Class Problem Hello all. I am relatively new to the WoW community and I have a few questions concerning classes etc. 1-Was considering paladin - which Alliance and Horde races would be best for this class? I would want to PvP, maybe Raid and solo old content. 2-Was looking at potential other characters as not sure how pally dps/healing is atm or if they are good tanks. Considering warrior as they are apparently great at PvP and raiding as well as solo leveling (provided there is a pocket healer haha). Also looking at rogue or druid maybe shaman. 3-As an alt I want to level a mage/lock/shadow priest so was wondering which is better out of these three in terms of dps in raiding situations, survivability and pvp? 4-In terms of all the aforementioned classes + hunter, what talents and specs are best and any suggestions for professions? 5-Finally, what does proc mean? I have heard it tossed around a few times but not quite sure lol. Ty for ur help. :)Druidaer1 04 Jun 2015
03 Jun 2015 Really need help :( Im a monk and i wan't the rouge tier 5 Deathmantle Armor has transmog but when i go to the npc in shater she does not sell anything how do i obtain this?Monktopia2 03 Jun 2015
03 Jun 2015 Combining gold for wow token Hi, i have a question. can i combine money from 2 eu realms to buy a wow token?Arsonn4 03 Jun 2015
03 Jun 2015 Starter Edition - a quick roundup There's actually a lot of possibilities to be done in Starter Edition. Speaking from my 2 toons experience: (Blizz, if you want to use it, pls note it :P). Ad blurd included :P This game is so big and vast. Sadly, I feel that there are only experienced players with their alts and cool mounts and titles. No real new players. Maybe this "ad" will convince someone :P Note: forgot to post this as other toon :/ the 1st one. It's kind of a stupid thing that you can't post as account but have to post as a toon... Beside enjoying the story and levelling (really easy, at least a bit too easy) of about 2 zones (my priest did all (?) quest in Elwynn Forest and Westfall zones and started a bit of Redridge Mountains before I hit 20). This is true when you try to do as much quests as possible and grind mobs. You'll nearly always outlevel the content though mobs later won't be 1-2 hit. A lot of content to explore - about 20 hours (?) - little sneak peak to nearly endless World of Warcraft. The game is just a bit locked when you hit 20 as you can also go and explore 3rd zone (usually labeled as levels 20-25) though you won't gain any single XP point. Take a glance at specialization and talent system. Though it's just the beginning but you can make 3 same characters and have a different play with them thanks to it. Hardcore-themed content: dungeons. Though only few and only the low level ones, they will boost you higly. Check my priest - - the staff (and some other stuff too) came from dungeon. The coin is always double-sided. Try every race & class (except death knight due to level limitation) combination - no matter if you prefer Horde or Alliance. Live through the world and even roleplay your Azeroth self! You don't need to be a Peon / Peasant to work! With the professions, you can work for yourself! Learn how to cook delicious dishes or how to make yourself some clothes. Don't go naked - cloth yourself! Occasional events: experience the joy & fun of this Cataclysm-damaged world! Attend to Darkmoon Faire and have fun! Shoot yourself through cannon! Imitate the Sonic and go for the rings! ;) Win powerful heirlooms ! (check my priest for example item). Last but not least: PVP. Duel someone or try to fight overpowered twinks. :P And now something for obsessive collectors: Achievements! More than 2,400 of them. Some fun, some easy but always nice to get.Alaric18 03 Jun 2015
03 Jun 2015 Trail account? Hello i have a question it sais i play on a trail account but i have bought WoD and got a level 90 boost and so i can play on him but when i log in to him it comes up that i have to upgrade the account or play on Trail? I have no clue what to do i can't do much with my level 90 that are on the "trail" account even with full wod and i have bought 30 Days of gametime. What shall i do? Best regardsRamely4 03 Jun 2015
03 Jun 2015 Merging two accounts Hello I got a account with quite some achievements in WoW and a HoTs account which is quite upped as well. My question is can I merge this account with my other account which I use to play Hearthstone on ( almost full cards etc... just like really a lot of time and energy involved), cuz theres no point in not having all my main account games on a single The reason i didint do it in the first place is cuz i got a beta key for Hearthstone and at that time I though I had quitted WoW forever ( no chances of that happening). P.S. I can provide full details for both accounts with my real name, licences proof and email confirmations. cheersFeldoom1 03 Jun 2015
03 Jun 2015 deleted deletedConfuzéd0 03 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 Laptop Suggestion Hi all, I'm looking for a laptop on the website (as I work for them I get discount) that will run WoW on ultra (or as high as possible for under £400) I'd need it as cheap as possible as my girlfriend wants to buy me it for my birthday and she's on a budget. If you think you can find cheaper somewhere else like Amazon feel free to link any. Thanks for any help!!!Jamshock1 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 Upgrading my computer Tried coming back to wow the other week and the game was very laggy and stuttering. So I can play I plan to upgrade my pc but am unsure on where to start / what needs upgrading. Current spec is: - windows vista 64bit - nvidia GeForce gt 610 graphics card - Intel quad CPU q8200 2.33ghz - 4gb ram Sorry as I have not paid my subs until I have comp sorted I can't post in hardware bitFatherfeck9 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 pve related professions hello i'm really looking forward to do alot of pve i want to know which professions are the right for me im really lost since i am new to wow what shall i choose that will help me on my pve adventure :)Psylover2 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 Why is my DPS so bad? So hey, First of all I'd like to say I don't have much experience with end-game material. I recently reached 100 and began gearing up. I did both PvP and PvE. Now I have 2 gear sets, but my pvp (currently equipped) set is mostly from honor points. But still, why is my dps so low? I've been looking at rotations and got tips from experienced players, but in battlegrounds I'm not really killing other players. Just adding damage. Can someone please give me some tips or help me? :) Thanks alot, NaodiaNaodia3 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 Would Sly be a decent name for a Nelf Monk Male? I fancied making a monk and i was tied between a pandaren or a Nelf, but i decided on a Nelf in the end. Do you think the name sly would go with it? I was thinking of one of those monks a bit like Raffiki from the lion king xD it's either that or i have the name Tigris i was going to use.Halloween8 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 Uhm, help? Hi everyone, so im farming the Whindchanneler's set for my mage here and i have done all the quests to get to this point (exalted with consortium etc ) BUT! I ran into this little group of the skyguards at the Bash'jir landing in Blade Edges Mountians! i fought the little scenario through and this guy showed up in the end, where i have to buy his, for 3 Apexis Crystals, wich i had no idea how to get at first point.. After i did the little scenario i spend some time farming them and now im lost, how do i get him back? is it even possible? Cause..what else am i to do with these crystals and how will i be able to get my Windchanneler's gloves! Help!!Ellixa1 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 Gearing up for PVE. Hello everyone, I am slowly wanting to return to the PVE side of WoW, but I'm not REALLY sure where to start. Should I just head straight for the raid finder? Do some dungeons first? Please keep in mind: I am not completely lost with playing my class.Nightfrøst3 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 Tanking sucks ! Ok hear me out i started to tank and all is well till the first boss we kill him and a furry warr nijas an itam fo i try to kick him but the group wont stop we are all in combat and i stop so i can vote kick him but the group wont stop so i stop playng sayng i wont tank for a ninja after that they wipe and i vote kick but they said no after that i was kick and flamed for not tanking am in the wrong here plz say to me this is just GOD ! I play an honored tank yes i am i am a good perseon in game (most of the time) i dont ninja i dont USE CAPS LOCK i play tank to get more respect from the group but nobody cares for justice anymore. Now i am thinking of making a hunter yeah you all know it i will be that guy :D (i wont) but come on this SUCKS !!!Goreig17 02 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015 LOOKING TO START NEW RE-ROLL GUILD! Read Below: In the process of making a new Re-roll guild, realm to be decided, need a group of 5 people to make it worth it. Server location: To be decided Alliance/Horde: To be decided Ranking system: To be decided Level caps: 40-60-70-85-90-100 Heirlooms allowed: Only when levelling or solo playing Boosts allowed: As long as you do not exceed the current level cap Current guild roster: - - - - - Running old instances at the level they are supposed to be played at, and completely clearing all progression is ultimately what would be the ideal start. Any questions or suggestions please feel free to start belowKo39 02 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 Returning Player - Deleted Questlines Hi all ^^ It's been a while since the last time I was on WoW, but I noticed that some questlines/content were removed (again). I don't want to miss anything, so could anyone might tell me what questlines are gone since Cata? (Not including Vanilla zones one) So far I have: - Legendary Ring Storyline (Wrathion's story) - The Battle of Undercity - The Escalation questline (5.3) - Class quests (like The Rogue Poison Quest) Am I missing something? (Why did they even remove these :c)Solerion2 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 Returning player with questions. Hey guys, I used to play WoW a lot back in the day, and I ended up quitting during MoP for private reasons, now I'm back and I have some (meaning a lot) sensible (meaning stupid) questions. 1. As I decided to roll a Warrior this time round, I need to know; what exactly happened to Second Wind? It got a much-needed and well-deserved nerf, but I don't even understand it now. From its description it appears to be some kind of percentage-based leech. Can anyone explain it to my tiny mind? 2. Is the damage dealt by Chaos Bolt vaguely reasonable now? 3. Do Paladins still hit like wet noodles without CDs? 4. Is the Unquenchable Thirst talent for real? It appears to be just a teeny, tiny bit unbalanced. 5. Talk to me about this new PvP gear, apparently some place called Ashran basically gives it away for free? Not liking the sound of that. 6. I'm really enjoying Fury right now, but I'm hearing after it got buffed, Arms is now (arguably) the best spec for PvP -- can someone clarify? 7. Are Blood DK's still and their associated social stigma still 'A Thing' or have we moved on from that, yet? 8. Speaking of which; word on the street is that the level 55 requirement for an established character needed to make a DK got removed... Why? (Unless I just got bad info, in which case... Derp). 9. Finally, is WoD any good? I don't mean in a Cataclysm-re-balance kind of way, I mean in a WoTLK-awesome-story-and-amazing-content kind of way. 10. Also, I recall much fewer people having Mekingeer's Choppers; it was a fun mount for the cool kids (myself included) before. Now everyone and their cat seems to be getting carted around in a chauffeur version of it... Is it an item from the totally-not-a-micro-transaction 'shop' abomination that Blizz have implemented in-game? Thanks for your time. -EDIT Fixed the typo on the list numbers.Foxtaíl4 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 Absolute noob to raids I am completely absolutely a noob to raids can someone give me a very simple guide so I can be prepared for when I do do it because I would like to raid but these other guides just aren't for meCraren2 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 Razor Naga 2012 Hello, I used to play Wow a lot and have a Razor Naga 2012 as well as a Razor BlackWidow keyboard, the problem is simple, when i connect the mouse to the desktop is says usb not reconisable and just wont connect, where as the keyboard will, iv downloaded all the drivers, reinstalled synapse and tried everything but its not working, is there even a solution or am i going to have to waste a perfect good expensive mouse?Smiteysdad5 01 Jun 2015
01 Jun 2015 Welp Where do i even begin? I am lacking money to buy wod expansion, that means no leveling above level 90. I am on pvp server, and after i did most of the quest on mop i went on timeless island to get gear for raid. I came, there is just so many alliance players with 100s for which i thought they were in their garrisons but naw. Couldn't kill anything without being ambushed and instakilled. Guild members are too lazy to help me and i understand that, but i am stuck in loop where i can't enjoy and finish my gear to finally go on raids. One big :(Selephius3 01 Jun 2015
31 May 2015 Time it takes to level up a Warrior from scratch? Hello, Well, I am not exactly new player but I am not very experienced either. I have had played WoW for a month max and never after that. I found leveling tedious and boring and rushed with leveling my Warlock to 90 using a boost. Anyway, I am thinking of replaying the game and want to go with a Warrior this time. I was wondering how long does it take for a warrior to get to level 90? Will I be able to achieve level 90 in a month's time? Thank youAlvar12 31 May 2015
31 May 2015 Do you need artisan flying to buy certain mounts? Or do I just need to be the correct level?Aldraen1 31 May 2015
31 May 2015 Hey, hey, hey Hello everyone! I play on the Russian server, and heard about Moon Guard. I decided to play on us, but that's the language problem. But the fullness of servers you happy more than a couple of players in Russian. I do not know what to do and if I find friendsСвиттия2 31 May 2015
31 May 2015 How can I get a proto drake? Hello! Can someone tell me how can I get a proto drake? Thank you!Fadeawy14 31 May 2015
31 May 2015 Story of Vanilla WoW Hi y'all :D I'm wondering what the story of Vanilla WoW was, I never really had the chance to experience it well. All zones are revamped since Cata, so did I miss anything? I know the lore about BC, and WotLK, but I don't know what Vanilla was about. Thank you! :3Solerion2 31 May 2015
30 May 2015 Returning player Hi all. I'm a returning player from a while ago. Today I bought the new expansion and boosted my level 86 druid to 90. Now he's lost all bar a few of his skills, plus all the shapeshift skills apart from cat. Plus I don't have any talent trees. My level 85 warlock seems fine. What's happened to my druid?Steevario2 30 May 2015
30 May 2015 STV fishing contest There was literally no one from my server doing this contest, but there was from killrog,thunderhorn,runetotem,silvermoon, and a few others i think is this contest like a shared between 9 realms thing?Tehreaper16 30 May 2015
30 May 2015 Need advice about Balance Druid Hey Returning after long break, so need i could use some help :) first i cant find "Exploding Mushrooms" anywhere ? i have read some stuff but could someone tell what is current rotation for Balance Druid ? and stat priorities ? last time i played WoW was 2013 i think :D so if theres something you can tell that i should know, please tell :) Thanks in advance for the help :)Rawfodogg2 30 May 2015
30 May 2015 Garison Stables OP? Hey all, I am a relative new player so forgive me if my logic is wrong, but I like to discuss the stables with you guys. I love mounts and when I read you could get a few new by taking the stables, I immediately swapped my barracks to stables. The fora all say you should take barracks cause the dudes that are able to help you. I don't know if blizzard intended this but I found a way to abuse the stables. Every day you get a new quest to train your mounts. For this quest you have to kill an NPC while riding your mount in training. If you don't finish the daily quest, you can actually keep using that item you get for summoning your mount. This means that mobs will target your mount, cause yeah it has health. You can fight from it's back while it is tanking. If you run from a cliff the mount takes the damage (I even think it takes no damage, but I'm not sure). Even if the mount dies in combat you can simply re-summon it by using the whistle item you got (this has a cd of 10 sec) And as a perk, if you build the stables you can collect, mine, do pretty much everything while you are on a mount. Two downsides, I play a warrior and skills like charge or heroic leap don'(t work while on the mount. For me this seems like a small downside in comparison whit all the perks. And I suspect that movement skills wont work while on these mounts in training. I have no data on this so this is just speculation. The only downside to using that mount instead of one you acquired is that it only last for 10 min (long enough in my humble opinion). An other downside: the mount in training can only be summoned for the maximum duration of 10 min. After that time it will run away and you have to re-summon it by using the whistle (long enough in my humble opinion). Doesn't this make the stables like really really good? Once again forgive me if my noobish thoughts are completely wrong and please be so kind to explain why they are wrong. Last but not least have a nice day full of questing, looting... in Draenor TLDR: So by making the stables and not finishing a daily or finishing it as the last quest for your day, you can do mounted combat in every zone of Draenor and you have your mount tank all the damage tanking for you.Tunkdil5 30 May 2015
30 May 2015 food in ah i just started with the way of steam, wok, grill and other high level food recipes. aand i was hoping, is food selling good in auction house? if so, or idc if it isn't, what price i should put for it?Selephius1 30 May 2015
30 May 2015 Should I use Spell Flash? Is this a good addon? Or is it a waste, does it really give you the optimal dps rotation?Saghaehsah4 30 May 2015
30 May 2015 Recruit a friend - Powerlevling(1on1) Are you intressted in powerlevling? Maybe you are a new player that is in need of a friend that is use to play world of warcraft? I've 5 lvl 100, 6 lvl 90-95. And alot of other. I've played Alliance over a period of 7 years and Horde in a additional 3 years. I play on Burning Legion(EU) today and looking for someone i can recruit. Contact me @: TheAwezoom(Skype), type a short story where you live(hour zone) and what times you can play? I just finished levling my paladin to lvl 100, that took(inc AFK time, old raids, achi, and dungeons waiting time; 3 Days. I'm 24 years old and im not looking for a unserious partner.Captura0 30 May 2015
30 May 2015 Do upgrade starter account upg already creat acc? Is there possible to upgrade already created account using battlechest key? If its not please tell me what should i do? Propably buy a subscription but i don't wonna do it from official battle net for 2 reasons: 1. I have no currency euro. 2. I can save some money by buying from another source.Biochemik3 30 May 2015
29 May 2015 Professions and what to keep Hi all Can I change one of my professions? I have Zen Master Fishing, and want to change it to Lockpick (as I have a lot of chests which need picked). If there is no way to change professions at all, then should I just dump my caskets and chests (around 30-40)? Also, what should I keep in my bank? I am keeping anything blue items (rare) but lately as my bank is full, I have to sell some lesser levels (under lvl 100). Should I just get rid of them all, or some. And what else should I be keeping in bank, or getting rid of? Lastly, I am having problems with moving some professions on, (leveling up), Archaeology is one in particular I cant seem to advance at all. Also cooking, I read somewhere you should eat things at taverns, and that will enable you to cook it, but cannot find anything at any tavern to eat bar, basic bread and fruit which don't need cooking. Any help here? Thanks in advance as always.Hellswitch3 29 May 2015
29 May 2015 Returning Player Hey! So I am a returning player and although I have a few high level characters it has been a while since I have played them and I just don't feel a connection to them anymore and can't remember half of their abilities lol. Therefore I want to start a few new classes and I wanted to ask what is good these days? To help limit it down: •I'd like a fun versatile class with good survivability - healing spells or self heals are a must because I think it would make it easier to just get back into the game. •I would like to do PvP at some point so which classes are best for that? •Though I won't be raiding all the time I'd like to do it maybe 2/3 times a week at best - I want to be a DPS class because they are easily replaced but not one who will get kicked all together for not pushing enough damage and maybe one with a few healing capabilities (though personally I don't think I could be a tank or healer) or off-tank even (though never really tanked before lol). I am sort of swaying toward paladin, monk, druid, shaman, hunter, warrior or rogue and perhaps /lock. Paladin seems like a good choice but I am unsure as to what race for Alliance or Horde - humans have the best PvP racial but the Draenei self heal is pretty useful in instances where mana may be low. I've never really played a pally or a monk but I hear they are pretty good when it comes to damage and whatnot. Druids are pretty versatile as well I guess. Any suggestions?Dawnstrife5 29 May 2015
29 May 2015 Altar of Goc Hi Goc is supposed to be the leader of the ogres in bladespear. I have to use an item to summon help at the Altar of Goc and summon him as well. I have searched the Bladespear Ogre area and cannot find the Altar of Goc nevermind Goc! lol Anyone know where it is? Thanks in advance.Hellswitch2 29 May 2015