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A Suggestion. Now, since most likely everyone has done the 'new' 1-60 questing and dungeons. I do think that the starter account should go up to level 60, and let them do Molten Core, BWL, and Ahn Quaraj, just to give them a taste of what raiding might be like. -Increase Gold cap to 100 gold. - Allow use of Mailbox. Opinions? Discuss! Edit: I don't want WoW going free to play, only to 60 is the idea. And I myself is undecided, I don't know, honestly :P Stain7
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It's been a while... and I'm poor! O_O Evening guys :) A little back-story: Feel free to skip this rambling! I played WoW avidly during vanilla then, due to work commitments, took a long break until WOTLK in which I raided heavily as a guild leader/healer. Then, due to the same reasons, I had to take another long break which has led to me unfortunately missing out on Cataclysm and most of MOP. Now that I'm able to really put some time back into WoW, I've jumped on a new character (and playstyle!) to get ready for the upcoming expansion. I didn't feel that paying for a boost to the current level cap would allow me to see the little cata/mop content that I still have the chance to see... so the grind began! As you can see I'm still in very early days but I'm getting there and loving my growing experience with regards to tanking.. although, I have to admit that WoW seems to have decreased in difficulty since I was last here? The Question! I have very little experience in terms of the dos and don'ts of the game (life-style) as it stands now, so I'm very unsure of how to gather up a few gold coins for my pockets. I'm managed to scramble up enough change for my riding skills up to flight in vanilla areas. My next purchase will be the 4500g for 280% speed. How would you guys suggest I farm gold efficiently at a level around mine? I've not levelled any professions yet and hope to do that once I cap for ease. Any suggestions for profession-less gold farming below the level cap would be great :) Of course, please don't feel that you have to give up your secrets! I understand that methods in relation to earning money are a little tricky to give up. Many thanks in advance guys and happy WoW'ing :D Mydingaling5
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Need advice on having a good time Title says it all, but here are a few words for you pleasure: Beginning with a dull back-story: A few months ago, I bought a single month of game and began levelling a paladin on an rp-pvp server (Defias), with the intention of having fun (no !@#$?:P). The first few levels where nice, slaying a few quill boars with a random party. Then as my level began to rise the players I met in the world began to dim and I where a lone adventure, and while the gameplay is very nice and the quests intriguing, I began to long for company. I tried a few things: -The random dungeon finder, this was nice at first, meeting random people and working for a common goal in a fancy dungeon, but quickly it became repetitive and the party of players often wasn't entertaining; only caring about getting it done quickly as possible with the best possible loots, and being rude if you didn’t (care about speed, loot etc.), as well as my poor tanking skills got a few curses. (Not to say there weren't times that were good, they were just a minority). -The battlegrounds, I just got completely wrecked and if should stand a chance I could only play it every 5 levels, and there wasn't much corporation. -Guild, I did join a guild in the early levels, the kind that paid you gold for the exp contributed, and while they where kind, it wasn’t an organised effort. And I didn’t manage to encounter other types of guilds. So the game time ran out while I was levelling (lvl 75) in Northren, with nothing to keep me paying for the next month TL;DR: Became bored. Good. Now that the whining part is out of the way, I would like to get to the topic at hand: Getting to have a good time when I start playing wow again, so as an organized start (unlike last time) I consult the forum (you guys:) ). Any advice, invites, suggestions, sympathy etc. Is greatly appreciated :) Caulk2
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and i was just about to ask the best tanking class... and fell over this thread from the US forum... i know its a wall of text but damn it hits on the rigth spots, so i decided to share it :) Over the course of the last several months, the tank board has seen a huge increase in the number of repetitive questions as well as requests for explanations and summaries of the different tank classes. In order to reduce the amount of work we have to do repeating ourselves, I've put together a FAQ and guide for new tanks that will hopefully help them reach a greater understanding of what tanking is and how to have the most fun doing it. PART ONE: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. What's the best tank? The tank that does research, gears properly, plays well, and understands fight mechanics. In other words, there isn't a “best tank” that you can pick that will make you better than somebody else. Tanking is very well balanced this expansion, with player skill and gear mattering far more than class balance. 2. Really? Really. 3. You're sure? I'm sure. 4. Prove it. No. 5. HA! Which tank is best? See FAQ Question #1. 6. Fine. Does that mean all the tanks are the same, then? No. The tanks are actually remarkably different in how they fulfill their role, but all of them are viable. If you want a detailed explanation of the pros, cons, quirks, and playstyles of the different tank classes, head down to the second part of this document and give the playstyle overview and pro/con sections a read. 7. Okay, so I can play what I want. Tanking is hard, though. Which tank is the easiest? The short answer is that it's subjective. If you want my personal opinion, I find Brewmasters to be the hardest and Paladins to be the easiest. The long answer is that it's the wrong question to ask. Usually, when somebody asks “what tank is the easiest” they're asking “what tank class can I play that lets me get the best results for the least work” or, even worse, “which tank is the most powerful.” The problem with these questions is that with the advent of active mitigation, the best tank is the one that puts in the most effort. You can't win by picking the right class at character creation any more. Thus, the real answer to this question is “play what you feel you could put the most effort into, because not only will it be fun, you'll be willing to do it more.” If you need help picking a tank, I suggest that you take a read through the later sections of this document. 8. Tanks in PvP. What's the deal? What about it? If you're asking about tank specs, we have a niche in flag carrying and to a lesser extent in point guarding. They're not going to go back to the environment where tanks were one-man armies with PvP-stacked vengeance, so don't waste your breath asking. While all the tanks are perfectly capable of picking up a flag and running with it, and in fact all have them have their own advantages in PvP, most RBG groups are more selective. They usually only use Warriors, Druids, and to a lesser extent Death Knights to carry flags. Point guards are typically Death Knights. 9. Help! I'm squishy! This is actually a question we can help with, but we need you to do a few things to enable us to help. First, you should be making sure you're playing correctly. There are a lot of guides around for the different tank classes – if you can't find one here, check your class board. Do this before you post a thread asking us for help, please! Second, please describe your problem as accurately and directly as possible. Hyperbole will not help, and blaming the class won't make us want to work with you. Remember: The classes are balanced, and all of them can perform well in all the fights in the expansion so far. Third, log out in your tank gear. We don't armory troll, but we can't judge if your gearing is the cause of the problem if we can't see what your gear is. Lastly, get logs! If you have a log – preferably a record – of your fight it's much easier to identify the problem you're having, be it bad play on your part, DPS failing, healers out to lunch, or simple bad luck. 10. Okay, I'm tanking and everyone is mean to me and blaming me for their own failures! Welcome to tanking. As a remedy, I personally suggest alcohol and sociopathy. Spìne0
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Realm, mounts and pets Hello i have 2 questions. 1. I play on dragonblight but i think there are less people who play there and i want some good advice about which realm is the best for me with these traits > 50/50 horde / alliance, always activity, i heard that the items you get like pets, clothing etc. depends on the realm? 2. I see a lot of people who has really much mounts but the shop has only a few compared to playser who has a lot...Will there be a new mount or pet every month? Deathsoulz3
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