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16 Oct 2014 6.0.2., and I don't understand my class any more No, I haven't played yet, obviously, but I studied the Icy Veins rotation guide, and unless I'm missing something it seems frost mages will be much weaker in raids henceforth. The way I read it, in Living Bomb we lose our only chance to put DoTs on multiple spread-out non-trivial targets. The new guides basically advise us to pick a single target in such situations, except for using glyphed Cone of Cold when possible, but that's kind of meaningless save against trash and doesn't even cover targets really spread out. So far I used to do the bulk of my raid damage with LB and I don't quite see how we can make up for this when I can only attack one target at a time. So didn't they take away one of our most powerful tools without giving us a lot in return? What's a mage to do? I'm sort of really confused. And of course there's the new order of talents and all that, and I haven't even started yet to sort this out, and the complicated conditions for the new Frost Bomb, and Deep Freeze is becoming sort of meaningless and Alter Time too, but the loss of LB really bothers me. And while I'm thinking about CC (not really related, I admit), what's the use anyway in raids? Whenever I put freeze or polymorph on a mob, it's instantly broken by someone else's attack.Carolyne18 16 Oct 2014
16 Oct 2014 Tier items Can someone explain to me what tier items are and how to get them? Ive seen discussion on tier 1, tier 2 etc but im not sure how it all worksNulah13 16 Oct 2014
15 Oct 2014 please help does anyone know why that all my quests is cataclysm when i only have the first wow game installedShaytan4 15 Oct 2014
15 Oct 2014 What class should i play? Hallo! I didnt play this game for years, but i really want to comeback now. The thing is, i dont really know what class should i take. I was thinking bout Hunter but i heard that they are really bad Atm. I'm looking for a class that is quite good in PvP and Pve. ps. Sry for my bad English.Movealt5 15 Oct 2014
15 Oct 2014 Bg queue time is huge !! Fix the bg queue time damn itUdargod0 15 Oct 2014
15 Oct 2014 Searching for balanced realm. Hi as the title says im searching for balanced(in terms of fractions) PVP realm. Up until now I thought i was in one(Kazzak) but i was wrong. It doesnt matter that I will start from 0 since my gear is not that great! Can't really decide myself so please help! Edit: Did try Realmpop not sure if the info from there is correct and its kinda confusing with that "(cr)" infront of realms >_> .Akagame3 15 Oct 2014
15 Oct 2014 YES I can buy WoW for 12 less :)( Love you Blizzard :*Johnnix0 15 Oct 2014
15 Oct 2014 New gems? For some reason, AMR wants me to replace my gems after the pre-patch; only the ones it recommends come with the exact same stats as the ones I have! For instance, Accurate Imperial Amethyst instead of Lightning Wild Jade. How does that make sense? Anybody know?Carolyne4 15 Oct 2014
15 Oct 2014 when can we bring our deleted players back? its says that we cant do it yet, when will it become available? like to bring my hunter or dk backItzlock3 15 Oct 2014
15 Oct 2014 Am I the only one who can't log ih? is it still maintenance? Or I just can't log in?Nexï4 15 Oct 2014
15 Oct 2014 Garrisons I have two newbie questions: 1. Do I have to be level 90 to start working on a garrison? 2. Is it a garrison per account on my server or is it a garrison per character? Thanks in advance.Trigix1 15 Oct 2014
15 Oct 2014 Moving from Eu ro USA Hi, Im gonna leave EU in next few months and live in US with my family. I would like to know how can I transfer my account to US server. Thanks.Nexï2 15 Oct 2014
15 Oct 2014 Fury Warrior or Assassination Rogue in WOD ? What will be better as dps a Fury Warrior or Assassination Rogue in WOD ?Ðøßø3 15 Oct 2014
15 Oct 2014 Patch 6.0.2 first reaction . Good patch made game alot better the grafic is improved nicely without dropping FPS at all . I hope wod is even better nice work blizzard .. have just to level up slowly to 90 see how my rogue turned out scaling and so on ...Ðøßø0 15 Oct 2014
15 Oct 2014 Subscriptions and Leveling Guys I have a really important question about subscription and also is accompanied with leveling !! Basically ,what i want to ask is that ... if i give subscription for 180 days and I reach the max level of the game for ex ( mists of pandaria) and then my Subscription it's over , I will be able to play without the subscription ??Pandastylecy2 15 Oct 2014
15 Oct 2014 Subscription fee I've been playing WoW since the beginning of TBC, I've paid thousands of dollars in expansion and subscription fees over two accounts. Now with WoD launching near Christmas I'm not even considering coming back. I just want to put this out there so the developers know how disrespectful it is against the people that has spent that amount of money on the game, to not even be allowed to log in!! It's greedy beyond belief and I /spit on the ground. WoW is on a downwards spiral. Population will increase after WoD like every expansion, but after 3-4 months you'll be back to the downwards spiral you were from before. Most likely in a more rapid rate then ever, because new games are coming out, other free to play alternatives are improving, and people will only come back to give this game one more chance that many times. Enough is enough. I would say it is sad to see a giant slowly die like that, but when you're this greedy I can't say I actually feel sorry for you when it's over. It's a 10 year old game for crying out loud. $190 a year, not even including expansion packs? Keep sucking money from your subs like the leeches you are. PEACE!Caretear6 15 Oct 2014
14 Oct 2014 Ironbound Proto-Drake IRL Model Hello there! I'm not sure at all where to post this ticket but seeing as I don't currently have any gametime I'm limited to a very few select of forums. Anyways, I'm searching for a model of an Ironbound Proto-Drake, it's a gift for my girlfriend and I know for sure she'd love it. I've tried searching around for one but to no avail, so I'd appreciate a lot if someone could help me out. Thanks.Mahakali6 14 Oct 2014
14 Oct 2014 Feral Druid help So I have my level 23 hunter that I played for a while and for me the hunter got stale very fast,so I thought I would try a new class.So I decided to look up what sodapoppin played as I had started to watch his stream and the arenas looked really fun as his character,so I found out he plays feral Druid.One problem.I have no idea what I'm doing.Like what types of items am I looking to get,what are my main abilities I should be using the most and I'm still very new to wow so every bit of advice on how to play feral Druid or just play wow in general would be helpful. :)Elogyl4 14 Oct 2014
14 Oct 2014 How to improve gear? Hi guys im playing for 2 months i reach 90 lvl dk and warlock now im done with my lfr my current ilvl is 515 (both charracter)and i want to get higher ilvl seems like only way to do is flex raid which is people do not want with 515 ilvls can you guys explain me anyother way ? (dont have pvp experience for gearing)Druiel9 14 Oct 2014
14 Oct 2014 Justice points According to wowhead i should get 5justice points for a regulear dungeon. The problem is i dont get any justice points :/ Please help Thanks, DnajDnaj11 14 Oct 2014
14 Oct 2014 Macro Hunter help. Hello I have just started playing wow again and I am enjoying myself. I have played wow before but have never got that far and if I had I have not known what I am doing just going from quest to quest. This is all fine though but I am ready to get into the game as much as I can now. anyways I am looking at making a macro for my hunter. I made this: /cast Serpent Sting /cast Concussive Shot /cast Arcane Shot /cast Kill Command this does not work at all it goes to serpent sting then stops. Can someone help me make this better also any tips on playing hunter as I am thinking redoing my specialization to marksmen as I can not see any advantage in beast master. So any help or any way I can talk to people in a guild or anything that people can offer in ways of help would be amazing.Mayasongbird3 14 Oct 2014
14 Oct 2014 Choosing a realm Hey guys. I'm going to play on EU English realm but I don't know which realm to choose. I'm looking for realm with a big amount of active players, good auction, a big ratio of Alliance or equity between 2 fractions and finally with high progress of PvE and PvP. Not worried about if server is almost full. Can wait in queue Briefly compared some servers on wowprogress, but it doesn't give a deep information about realms. Could you give some recommendations? Thank youШотпавер2 14 Oct 2014
14 Oct 2014 Which PvP/PvE Horde Server? Hey Guys, i am kinda new to wow and i like to play pve and pvp, is there a horde server where it is like balanced? Im talking about people which want to play pvp or pve. I like to do both, im more a pvp guy but currently i have no friends playing wow and its sometimes really boring to do just random bgs 24/7. But i like pve too so is there any server that like combinds both? I like it when orgrimmar is full, so i prefer fully servers Would be awesome if someone could help me Sorry for my bad englishBratanovic1 14 Oct 2014
14 Oct 2014 RaF How to buy 2 months for the mount? I have recruited my friend..and i want that nightwing mount. but blizzard only gived 1 month, 3 month and 6 does he buy 2 month? is it just 2x 1 month memberships?Isildas5 14 Oct 2014
14 Oct 2014 A couple of questions regarding to pre-patch (not lore) Hi I was wondering what this so called "pre-patch" is and have a list of questions. -What exactly this pre-patch is? -Will we be able to get the new models, spells, changes and so on..? -Will we be able to pre-purchase the expansion? (Asking because of the level 90 boost) -Will we be able to level to 100 the day pre-patch arrives? -Is this just a quest chain? Thank you! -GaxosGaxos3 14 Oct 2014
13 Oct 2014 levelling partner hey everyone so I was wondering if there was anyone here who wanted a levelling friend maybe create a toon that we can level etc as I find soloing very boring we have to be alliance but other than that im open to suggestions cheersAltiaer2 13 Oct 2014
13 Oct 2014 Sociological aspects of WoW survey - help with thesis Hi everyone.I am not sure where to post this but It seems that since my account is frozen I can only post in very limited sections of the forum (maybe a moderator can move it somewhere else). I am Dejan, a student of Social informatics from Slovenia. I am writing a thesis about sociological aspects of World of Warcraft. I would like to ask you to help me by completing this survey. The survey is anonymous and your data will be used exclusively for statistical and research purposes. And if anyone wants I can prepare short report (around 3 or more pages) of my findings when I complete the analysis of the results. Your answers would be a BIG help in finally getting my master's degree. Link to the survey: If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me by email: Thanks in advance.Tealc5 13 Oct 2014
13 Oct 2014 To veteran boost or to not veteran boost... Ok this is my first character in WoW and I should hopefully ding 60 in the next few days and get my professions up to 300. I am thoroughly enjoying the game and I have been doing each zone I come too methodically and doing the dungeons as they unlock. Now i'm stuck in between continuing on my current slow levelling course for the next few months or veteran boosting this character to 90 and getting my profs boosted to 600 at the same time. The only problem i'm concerned about is that id miss out on content between 60 and 85 that I may not get an opportunity to do again in the future. By this I mean soloing all the dungeons that I miss out on by boosting. I'm unsure if a hunter will be able to solo at 100 all the level 85 and 90 dungeons so I can get my achi and experience the content as I bet not many level 100 characters will be bothering rerunning those. On the flip side i'm eager to experience WOD content on release and not fall behind too far. Can't make my mind up :(Kirenia7 13 Oct 2014
13 Oct 2014 Can my friend buy me an expansion, a digital copy? if they buy a digital copy from the blizzard store, can they gift or give me the code?Meebl5 13 Oct 2014
13 Oct 2014 I'm looking for a guild (english) Hi been away from WoW for a year or two but have 3 years of experience. Starting up a new account so I'm looking for a guild/server to join with a group of players who are fairly active with dungeons and raids, Alliance or Horde doesn't matter. I will create a character to join so ignore my current one haha Thanks for any repliesCrispyslice1 13 Oct 2014
13 Oct 2014 Assorted questions from a new healer (The healer is my resto druid, currently level 72, but will be 90 in time for WoD, I hope.) 1) Is there an easy way to see the dungeon roles (tank etc.)? It's probably obvious, but I don't see it. In raid frames they have an icon, but I don't see anything in the unit icons in a dungeon. Until yesterday I thought the topmost item was always the tank, but it isn't. I also use grid and there is an add-on that should put marker on tanks and healers, but I haven't managed to get it working yet. 2) In a raid (not there yet, but I'm already thinking about it) how do you know who to heal? In a dungeon it's obvious as people need hardly any heals most of the time and you can easily keep five people healed, as bosses don't have abilities that wipe entire parties (no bosses that I've seen yet anyway). But in a raid where you can have 25 people take heavy damage all at once, who heals whom? I've read that raids may assign healers individual targets, but can't say I've seen it happen. On the contrary, as a DPS, when my health dropped quickly in a raid I've usually been over-healed by several different people all at once. 3) Vaguely related: likewise as a DPS in some raids I've been advised to stand close to a healer. That would make sure I'm not out of range of at least one healer, of course. But now from the healer's perspective, there is no way of telling who takes damage by looking at the screen; you have to look at the frames or grid. But then you don't know where people stand. So how would a healer ever heal preferably people s/he is standing close to? That confuses the hell out of me. 4) About aggro. Ideally I try to put 3 Lifeblooms, a Cenarion Ward, and a Rejuvenation on the tank before he engages (if he waits for me to do that), then tick another Rejuvenation if necessary, and be ready to cast Swiftmend if things go badly wrong. But usually the tank won't wait for me to do all that. What then? If I fire that entire program while he is building aggro I am certain to take it from him (the aggro). Conversely, if I don't do that and he takes a heavy beating I have nothing to build on. What's the best course? 5) If I'm attacked by adds as a healer, what's the best course of action? Sometimes running towards the tank seems to work. Sometimes I need Shadowmeld to shed the aggro. Also, sometimes I die, usually causing a wipe. 6) Vaguely related, where should a healer stand? My natural tendency is to keep behind the DPS since I'm not attacking, but that means I'm lagging behind when the party moves and then the tank outruns me. Should I stand close to the tank once he has the aggro?Carolyne18 13 Oct 2014
13 Oct 2014 Declining group invitations Whenever while questing I see somebody obviously on the same quests I invite them to a group. I always think the benefits are obvious--you kill the stuff faster and you are not competing for it--and there are no drawbacks at all. Yet often, and particularly recently, I see people decline the invitation or let it expire. Why do you think they're doing that?Carolyne11 13 Oct 2014
13 Oct 2014 about guild rep .. hey, n00b here :P, have some questions about guild rep (the rep of the character, not the ~guilds level) suppose I have a main in the guild and he has honored guild rep .. then I make a lvl 1 alt (same server, same faction obviously) and have him join the same guild 1) will my lvl 1 alts guild rep be honored or neutral after he joins the guild ? 2) as my lvl 1 alt starts doing quests and gets guild rep for every q - those points will only increase his own personal guild rep ? or they will also count for the main in the same guild (meaning he'd be able to get to revered/exalted while I only play the alt) ?Inferness8 13 Oct 2014
13 Oct 2014 Would I like the monk? For me it seems, like one of blizzards latest pet classes, death knight, comes to mind. I like the mechanics of the warrior, very offensiv and "in your face" like. The rogue also has it's charm. I know, from fightining monks with my warrior, they can be a pain in the !@#, mostly because I don't know their abilitys, and I find them a bit meh like, because of their fighting style. It's not very "manly". How does the monk compare to those two(warrior, rogue), when you actually play the class?Kolos7 13 Oct 2014
13 Oct 2014 Level 90 Boost Hey I've just pre purchused WoD and I have no clue what to use the 90 boost on. Here is what I have to decide from I have no Horde Characters (besides a Hunter which I will be leveling up without the boost) I only know the Mage class really well as it's my only level 90 hero I don't know the other classes really that well besides Hunter and Mage and Druid (Healing Druid) Really don't want to level up another Mage class Should I use the 90 boost on a Horde Character and if so what Class? I was thinking of Mage again as I know how to use it well but I am not really 100% sure on what to do. I have a character on every class anyway (besides Rogue) but I am not sure what to boost and what to level.Armadonn4 13 Oct 2014
13 Oct 2014 how do you level so fast? i have had this character for 4-6 months now, but i always seem to level so slowly! this is the highest leveled character i have, but everyone but me seems to level so fast! can you guys/gals give me some tips on how to level up faster? right now im doing random dungeons in the LFG feature, and alternating between being in dalaren/stormwind and doing some level approbiate quests. thanks.Dkdpsdenmark18 13 Oct 2014
13 Oct 2014 that depends on the choice of the server? that depends on the choice of the server?Byterbrot4 13 Oct 2014
12 Oct 2014 Guild for beginners! Hello there! My girlfriend and I recently created a new guild on the server Grim Batol for the Alliance called < The Round Table >. This is a social / casual guild where everybody is welcome! We hope to have some new wow players joining us so we can help you out! :) We will eventually be doing some small guild raid / pugs, as well as pvp events, etc. We will also try to go through old content for xmog, mounts, and achievments! I myself have 8 years of experience with wow. At least 5-6 of those were spent on serious raiding as well as earning decent pvp tittles :) So for anyone out there who's looking for a new home, our doors are open :) We do, however, have some strict rules: - No racism of any kind is allowed - No sexism of any kind is allowed - Respect everyone, regardless of rank or ability - No excessive swearing. - And just generally behave, be nice :) There are no age limits, but we would prefer people who can act mature in guild chat and such :) So to sum this up: If you are new to the game, or are just looking to make new friends in a friendly environment. We will help you out :) If you need help with your class / spec, just need somone else to play with, or just want a boost, this is the place for you :) You can add me on battletag (Warex#1944) if you want to know more or just want an invite :) Or head over to our new guild site :) - Hope to see you soon! - WarexSvartbeard4 12 Oct 2014
12 Oct 2014 Recruit a friend Hello there fellow new players , I am willing to recruit someone on Horde side on server Stormscale which is PvP oriented , I am a friendly guy and patient with our fellow new players , I'll provide you with some gold to begin with , probably going to level 3-4 toons, depends. Add my battle tag Striker#2761 if you're up for it ^^. P.S :If I missed some of the crucial informations , make sure to post questions in the comments I'll provide answer to them as soon as I can :)Sunstridersz1 12 Oct 2014
12 Oct 2014 i am trying to find the bird in word cave entrance i have read some of this quest hints but still cannot find the cave entrance could someone p;ease give me DETAILED instructions? a lost gregFrippy2 12 Oct 2014
12 Oct 2014 Just a question regarding battle net on 2 machines. I just acquired a gaming laptop of sorts and I want to install wow and hearth on it too. Can I use my same account on two machines? Not at once of course. It's just that I plan to take my laptop with me and I wanted to take wow and hearthstone with me on the go.Veilin2 12 Oct 2014
12 Oct 2014 My alt's in outland after 6.0.2 Hey everyone i'm just looking for a bit of information that I couldn't find. With the changes to the dark portal when 6.0.2 hits it has been mentioned on MMO Champion that we will not be able to go through the portal, how does this work with my alts that are approaching outland and their leveling from 60 upwards? will they still be able to carry on to hellfire or will I be blocked? Thank you for your time today.Darkholmé5 12 Oct 2014
12 Oct 2014 Hi, upgrade to pandaria or wait for draenor? Hello I was wondering if I should buy pandria now or wait for it cheaper to wait for draenor, than upgrade to pandaria then draenor?Vexmode4 12 Oct 2014
12 Oct 2014 Which server Hi guys, im from Germany, but i would like to know which server is the best to play pvp with alliance?Gronscha2 12 Oct 2014
12 Oct 2014 How to do shaman I just level boosted this elemantal shaman and i cant quiet figure out how to do good enough dps ( i am doing arround 30k) and i was wondering how i could improve that if there is a way because i want this char to get ready for WoD Thanks in advance ZvaraZvara6 12 Oct 2014
11 Oct 2014 New Spanish Guild hi, I´m searching spanish people in server Stormreaver to create a Guild, if you aren´t spanish don´t worry we accept all people. We want play and have fun. Send me a menssage. ThankHenkill1 11 Oct 2014
11 Oct 2014 addons and the djungel. i need help Hi im returning to wow, not been playing since start of MoP, and now i cant to find one addon could be built in function to the game but havent found that either. Most addon so far have i found but this one, fails me. An addon for comparing gears in my bags with equiped gearMorokjy2 11 Oct 2014
11 Oct 2014 Should i be PVP-ing and doing dungeons... So im new...I'm soon purchasing my copy of battlechest and MoP and im currently 16 the Armory lies i done 2 bgs and 3 dungeons and i got good loot idk if i should do PVP and Dungeons cause i dont have heirlooms...I already have the achievement Grim Reaper so...Otherwise Thanks :PJohnnix10 11 Oct 2014
11 Oct 2014 Recruit mate I want to find a recruit mate in English server. What should I do?Testguy1 11 Oct 2014
11 Oct 2014 Gold making guide Hi guys! So wod are soon here and the green fire quest line will soon be gone. On my server you need around 7k gold to start the quest line. So how do i make gold fast? Thanks in advance!Hamerii2 11 Oct 2014