New/Returning Player Questions & Guides

03 Nov 2014 Starter Account Upgrade !? Hi as the thread name says - Just a quick one I have a starter account - There is a promotion stating 50% off Wow Upgrade to Full account - It says level upto 90 etc etc - Just wonderd if this will include 30 days subscription Any help is greatly appreciated ThanksFaezor2 03 Nov 2014
03 Nov 2014 Where did Hallows End go?! It's the last day of Hallows End but it's gone already?! Normally a world event is still there on the last day, no?Mynxprincess7 03 Nov 2014
03 Nov 2014 grinding As you Can see I'm 55. At the minute im training in zangamarsh and blades edge and nagard ( hope there right) the problem im having is all the quests only offer 9000 exp a piece, so leveling is a real grind. Is there any location that offers more than that.Kabek6 03 Nov 2014
03 Nov 2014 LF RaF partner See the title, I am looking for a RaF partner to get some chars up before WoD, I prefer if we play on Sylvanas EU (Alliance), I am gonna recruit you. Add Boomer#2974 if interested.Rhysurge1 03 Nov 2014
03 Nov 2014 Anyone to start a new char? Looking for someone to run a new char with me - EU server, any realm, horde or alliance I don't mind! I've got a Lvl 77 Night Elf Druid and Lvl 35 Gnome priest - I've also got a fair bit of experience with MMOs so not a total noob! I'm just looking for someone to help me out with the more intricate parts of the game, help me with LFR / PVP as I feel like I'd be too much of a burden if I went in totally blind! Any takers?Patasia5 03 Nov 2014
03 Nov 2014 WOW::: Most FUN class for starter edition Hey all,What's the most fun class if your playing wow starter edition?. so far I know and made up my mind of NOTS: NOT rogue/warrior/paladin. please, may you suggest some fun classes please? thank you :)Magicshaman5 03 Nov 2014
03 Nov 2014 Reroll from malee to range dps Hello guys. So i want to reroll from malee to range dps. Im looking for big numbers ( loving big crits) but i never ever playing any range character. Just want to know your opinions about it :)Azmeroth2 03 Nov 2014
03 Nov 2014 returning player asking a class question Hiya folks, Have recently returned to wow and wanted to take a straw poll of opinions. Last time round I went ott and had far too many max level alts. I've given myself a fresh start as I'm going to be working away from home so will have some downtime to play. I've decided to limit myself to 4 alts for varying play style but reducing gearing/leveling etc. So far I've got this monk approaching 90 and a priest at 90. If you were limiting yourself to 4 classes. Including these two what do you think would give the most variety? I'm only interested in pve and don't mind having a bash with any roles. Thanks for any thought.Cyrium6 03 Nov 2014
03 Nov 2014 Blizzard got lazy When Blizz will do something original, recent additions have brought to the game things copied from other games, and it looks like WoD will do the same : garisson, fallowers working for u everything is already in other games for several years.That pile of cash that Blizz pulls each month is not sufficient to introduce new original stuff?.....Polsa2 03 Nov 2014
03 Nov 2014 Need a replacement for tody threat plates Hello! I Always used tidy plate threat meter. but it seems not work anymore with this patch, and the addon its quite old lates upgrade was patch 5.1.0. so any know a addon have the same funtion u see pl plate on enemys if they still attacking you or you loose aggro.Liradina2 03 Nov 2014
02 Nov 2014 RaF hey i wanna see and hear if anyone need a RaF partner to get chars up now its patch soon and lemme know if u do i am a stabile player and dedicated to the game. i speak english quite well and do have ts / skype whatever u wanna use or just chat, all i dont got is a card whith money on so if u can donate me expansions or split or some i can go on on :DÐax0 02 Nov 2014
02 Nov 2014 How do you get a pet to help you in combat ? I have three pets and I want them to help me in normal combat, but when I fight they just do nothing. I have noticed that other people's pets join in (mainly wolves)Gursel8 02 Nov 2014
02 Nov 2014 WoD Boost So, does the free lvl 90 character come only with Pre-order or do we get it after aswell?Keitaru3 02 Nov 2014
02 Nov 2014 No spells? I boosted a druid to 90.. I found out I need to go to the blasted lands for a quest line in order to get my shapeshifting ? I can only turn into moonkin.. I can't fly etc.. Am I doing something wrong? And I have to fight level 90 mobs with barely any spells.. I die constantly..Qdax7 02 Nov 2014
02 Nov 2014 troll starting area currently stuck on a quest young and vicious troll starting area lvl 4 quest use a rope to sling onto swiftclaw and ride him to the pens cool only problem is hes underground and cant target him there fore cant complete the quest and cant continue to levelCanttamethis2 02 Nov 2014
02 Nov 2014 How can I get from Acherus > Ogrimmar? I went back to Acherus after being in ogrimmar, now I can't get back. I dont have 1000g for anyone to port me..Soilona4 02 Nov 2014
02 Nov 2014 Choosing a class Hello. This is probably going to be a lengthy post. I started WoW back when it got released and I played a rogue. What fascinated me, was the open world endless PvP that I could participate into. When Alterac Valley got introduced in the game, I did nothing else but that. Due to serious lag issues that lasted for months (like 2-3k ms) I stopped wow about 2 months after AV was introduced. Some IRL friends started wow again after 6 months, and I decided to start again, as an orc warrior this time. I was playing in a really hardcore manner, I went rank 14, having my hearthstone set to badlands in order to run to gank at Blackrock mountain during the queue times... World PvP and endless ganking was pretty much all I did with my warrior until TBC was released. Ever since TBC got released, I was stopping and starting WoW every 3-4 months up until MoP. I explored the expansions, do some pvp/pve and nothing more. I got completely disconnected from the community and my server. My subscription ended this year at around March. Since I am not that social in-game, what I ended up doing, was old instance soloing, and frequent ganking at Timeless Isle. I really enjoy soloing old content and farming transmog gear. With the dawn of WoD, I am thinking of getting back into wPvP and Ashran more specifically - while soloing old content ofc :). So this is my question: Considering that I'm not all that social in game (don't really have the time to wait/create parties and stuff), that I mainly want to participate in wPvP in Ashran without struggling to find company to back me up, that I want to solo old content, that I am a transmog addict, what class should I choose? Picking the best class to pwn at PvP is not important to me. I prefer being a stand-alone type more or less, to do what I said above. I don't really care about class balance - I believe that the game tends to be (but isn't) balanced and that's enough for me. So, these are pretty much my criteria in choosing a class. I am completely torn between the following class/race combinations: Male Dwarf warrior Pros: Love to charge and leap into the fray:) Love the concept of a bulky dwarf warrior Great looks and great transmog gear available At least decent to pvp with Cons: Have done this sooo many times... I got more than 1.5m kills with my rank 14 warrior Soloing (?). No idea for that part, I would like feedback for soloing content as arms/fury. Don't care about prot. Male Dwarf ret Paladin / Male Human ret Paladin Pros: Love the RP concept of the holy warrior (ret only ofc) Love the fact that I can help others while pvping, with great buffs (freedom, sacrifice, prot, etc) and healing. I so remember the feeling of playing my warrior and suddenly seeing a Blessing of Freedom spell right below my feet! High skillcap is required for being a great paly, using all your stuff in a meaningful way Nice transmog gear available, especially for a human. However humans don't have beards=[ Best stand-alone type of class due to being a hybrid? Cons Soloing as ret(?). No idea of the capabilities Only one spec that I like: ret. I 'm afraid that I 'll get bored of it Less choices for transmog for dwarf paladins than warriors Male Undead rogue/Male Human rogue/Female Nightelf rogue Pros: Really like their playstyle Really like the thug/bandit/thief concept Really like the high skillcap that they offer Really like the "solo" style 3 DPS specs and I like them all Cons: Kinda hate all the WoD rogue sets' looks Soloing (?) No idea for that part as well. Whispers say that leeching poison is nice :) That's all. I would love to get some feedback, especially by ppl that share the same criteria as me!Gutjja5 02 Nov 2014
02 Nov 2014 90 boost So, my question is, boost rogue or druid and why?Sodascratch5 02 Nov 2014
02 Nov 2014 Returning I have just returned and plan to play on the Horde side for a change.Planning to boost one to 90 I am thinking of a Tauren druid.. But I remember that there is something about professions? Do they level with me too?Qdax7 02 Nov 2014
02 Nov 2014 Merge battlenet accounts Question I have account A where I a hundred years ago created and started playing World of Warcraft. Now, I quit playing for some time ago and forgot about account A completely. Last year I created a new account, account B (I forgot I had account A in the first place) and started playing hearthstone. NOW, I really am exited about Warlords of Draenors expansion and would like to play again on account A. But it gets really tedious to switch between the two battle net logins. I need to login to A to play WOW, then login to B to play Hearthstone. So the question is. If I choose to merge account B to account A, will I keep all my Hearhstone level and stuff then on account A ? Is there anything I should be aware of merging account B to account A. Thanks.Finve1 02 Nov 2014
02 Nov 2014 why i always hev low dps hi i am play in raid and always i hev lowest dps 2k dps. ppl always kick me, i dont know why i hev alway low dps. pls help meZalathas6 02 Nov 2014
02 Nov 2014 Easiest tanking class? Which class is the easiest tanking class and why? :) Thanks in advanced <3Fiskefyren10 02 Nov 2014
01 Nov 2014 looking for a recruit a friend partner i am on outland alliance but would be happy to make a horde class i live in England and can play weekdays after 4 and weekends whenever message me if you are interested im recruitingAusie2 01 Nov 2014
01 Nov 2014 Can't see new models So I recently used my free 7-days offer. The game is completely patched to 6.0.3, but I have an issue: I can't see the new models on any of the updated races. I still see the old ones. Is there anyway to fix this issue?Iolaris1 01 Nov 2014
01 Nov 2014 Do Glyph of Animal Bond effect Mend Pet? Hey! Do Glyph of Animal Bond effect Mend Pet?Icq2 01 Nov 2014
01 Nov 2014 6.0.3 Guide to Drain Life haste build for PvP Demo Lock Hi ppl! Drain life haste based build is so good for this moment! You can heal up to 10% hp per sec... There is much easy to win on BG, duel, double dps arena, you can find it here You can also find lots of useful information on my channelБлудпет0 01 Nov 2014
01 Nov 2014 Do i get a 90 boost without pre-purchasing it? Me and 2 other friends plan to return to WoW after a 3 year break. We don't want to pre-order the game but rather buy it after release (physical copy). Do we stil get the 90 boost upon installing it?Averon3 01 Nov 2014
01 Nov 2014 General WoD Question - Gear Hi all, Relatively new to WoW but a friend said that in WoD kit stats will change depending on the player or even the 'form' of the player. e.g. a Druid is in Moonkin form and then changes to kitty, all the stats on the gear being worn will change to suit. Is this right? Apologies if i havent explained very well :/ Thanks! :) JSJerrystump1 01 Nov 2014
01 Nov 2014 *** MEGA IDEA IN WOW *** Creating the perfect .. Hey all, Check this out: Now, here's the idea. As a Shaman, what gear can I transmog myself to look really cool, so I will look like a shaman, what items?. level 20 remember. thanks :)Magicshaman3 01 Nov 2014
01 Nov 2014 For new/old players-The Rerolling reroll raiding Guild Hi there id like to take up a few mins of your time and talk to you about "Raiders Inc" on the Argent Dawn Server Horde side This guild began 1 Year ago as a "Reroll Guild" and let me tell you, We had an awesome time! The friends we met became our community and they are the reasons we keep logging on everyday! We made it all the way to 90 clearing the content at all the various caps. We even had rules about the gear you could use to try and keep us as "pure" as possible to each expansion. Since then we have formed a successful 25man raiding guild doing HC SoO 2 nights a week, But im not here to talk to you about that particular awesome sauce. Today i want to tell you that our community is growing and growing and that we have set out on a new task of "Rerolling that Reroll" We Met so many wonderful people on our reroll and we want to meet more, so we are creating new lvl 1 characters and looking for more to join us as we revisit all the wonderful "Old skool" content at all the caps with the same rules as before At the moment our members are heading towards the first cap of lvl 50, you can relax it will be awhile before we move to 60. We are aiming for a first cap of 50 so that when we do unlock its a short journey together for 10lvls keeping everyone as close together as possible! Our guild has also started up a "buddy" system, if you feel unsure of the game? your class? or even whats going on in the guild these guys have the time for you and if there is something they dont know, they know a guy who does ;) If your a new player then come join us, our members are happy to share and help in everyway they can find time to do so. If your looking for a new reroll experience and worried about "will they get to 90" then worry no more.. we did and we are still going :) If your looking for just a community to hang your coat and play your main then we cant get enough social players and if your interested in the HC side and feel ready for it? might be we got a spot for you We dont just play wow together, the guys and girls here are playing other games with each other like league of legends, borderlands 2 and anything we managed to pick up in the steam summer sale cheap :) Some of us even play Hearthstone and we just finished our first guild tournament ! Congrats to Epiko for beating me in the finals :) Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you feel we could be a good home for you come by our website and have a look Also check out this :) 01 Nov 2014
01 Nov 2014 Roughly how much intellect for lvl 45 balance druid? Roughly speaking, how much intellect should a balance druid have by lvl 45, without heirlooms?Creusa7 01 Nov 2014
31 Oct 2014 monster loot/aggro (grey monster healthbar) So how does this work? Is it, the first person that attacks it gets the loot? Or the person who deals the most damage? I've seen quite a few rares now and everytime I'm just about to attack it someone swoops in and kills it before me, the monster healthbar turns grey and I dont get the loot...Lissandrania2 31 Oct 2014
31 Oct 2014 Fury warr question I dinged 90 recently, as I was getting some more gear I managed to get the headless horseman sword (1H). as well as that I have a 2H weapon, should I try and get another 1H wep or is it fine to be using a single 1H and 2H?Limmberik5 31 Oct 2014
31 Oct 2014 prideful gladiator's battle and energy staff Besides the obvious different look, their both price and stats are the same. Is there a difference at all or is it just a fashion choice?Gaxos2 31 Oct 2014
31 Oct 2014 looking for a few people to teach me some pvp! whats up guys, im very new to this game and i really want to get into pvp i was wondering if theres anyone that could help me improve or teach me a few things . i got a boost of a friend thats why im level 90Justlazyman1 31 Oct 2014
31 Oct 2014 Resto Shaman/Druid HELP Hello! Im really struggling to decide between Resto Shaman or Resto Druid for WoD. I will be doing PvE and am looking to keep one of these permanently (not just for WoD but for forever, sick of changing toons). So im looking for some overall feedback from PvE players on the better class. I just want some pros and cons of both classes and your guys opinion :) Thanks in advance :)Рэйвенхолм2 31 Oct 2014
31 Oct 2014 where should i go next? i'm about done with hellfire and i'm not sure where to go next in outland. anybody that can tell me in what order to do the zones? wich ones are more fun, pretty, better Q rewards?Artuss5 31 Oct 2014
31 Oct 2014 Transmog a rogue armor for druid hello guys i was looking for a nice armor for my druid. I know i cant wear mail or plate armor so i needed to find a leather one. so i ended up with this can i transmog the armor even if its for rogues to wear or not?Dreadras2 31 Oct 2014
31 Oct 2014 Garrison question Hello, From what I understand garrisons will be some sort of personal cities like Stormwind with all those Auction houses, crafting merchants etc. Are there gonna be class garrisons in future? It looks strange to play my favourite Dranei and have a human city like garrison.Darthmoul2 31 Oct 2014
31 Oct 2014 HELP! How can I remove the machine i wow see here; as you see, open the image in an new tab. how can one remove that annoying strange machine. its really annoying and takes away the feeling of (nice feeling_ 0f the dwarfs.Magicshaman2 31 Oct 2014
31 Oct 2014 Creating a guild alone Hi! I was wondering: I have 2 accounts, one of which is frozen at the moment. If I activate it, can I use characters from that account to sign a guild charter for a character on my main account? Cheers, CazyaCazya3 31 Oct 2014
31 Oct 2014 Which Server for Alliance? Hi guys!<br/>I did not find a better place to write this, so here it is.<br/><br/>As an Alliance player, which server do you suggest me to try? I payed on Ragnaros, but Alliance is dying there, hard to find raid, hard to find rbg, etc.<br/>So i want a server with many alliance players, thanks!<br/>I can transfer now free for Darksorrow , AuchindounDaeneryan7 31 Oct 2014
30 Oct 2014 The obligatory starting thread. Hello, I recently thought about starting up world of warcraft again as a mage, hoping I can get into it even while starting so late into it. Luckily I decided to do so before wod launches, but I figured I would just ask some questions first, some which probably been answered hundreds of times but bear with me. First I been looking at a few high/full servers, amongst those Grim Batol. But I'm wondering how important population differences is between Alliance and Horde, for example if one got 100-130k pop and the other side only got 60-70k playing. Does this make a huge difference when it comes to pvp battlegrounds, and the endgame guilds? Including how many you might run into while just screwing around in the world. Just not sure what to expect as even only 60k horde/alliance players seems like a pretty massive number to me. Secondly, is it true what I read in the forums about alliance losing in most pvp against horde? From what I understand since horde can blacklist battlegrounds like av and the likes the alliance lose most of their matches? This is just from what I read on forums, which I understand can be completely wrong. Just something I like to know of since I been wavering about whether to go Alliance or Horde for quite a while, with leanings towards Alliance now. Thirdly from what I understand all realms are now linked with other realms, meaning that half the people I will run into when outside Orgrimmar/Stormwind will not be people from my own server? I might have understood this wrong, since it says when I start Warcraft for the first time it says about servers "that players can't interract with players from other servers". But if I understod it right, have you found that this makes it difficult to socialise or meet up with random people you end up friending from your own server? And the last one, between pvp and pve servers, pvp servers are also pretty good at pve endgame? Just felt to double check, since I enjoy pvp but pve is fun too. Actually sorry, one last, is engineering a decent idea as a profession for a mage? Just figured it looks like a pretty fun profession. Thanks for taking the time to read through, and if you do, answer it.Testcharj3 30 Oct 2014
30 Oct 2014 Level 90 upgrade - cant ride snowy gryphon? I have recently bought the Warlords or Draenor pre order package, and leveled up my worgen character. Great! Now I go to Stormwind, buy a Snowy Gryphon, hold space and nothing happens, except my gryphon kind of yawns, or jumps sometimes. I have all licenses and skills except Master riding - How do i get my gryphon to fly???Roarback3 30 Oct 2014
30 Oct 2014 please help Can anyone give me advice on how to change the server from the EU to the AmericanBloodycat3 30 Oct 2014
30 Oct 2014 WoW :: Starter Editions LVL 20's. Max GEAR LVL 20 Hey folks, ------------- WoW has a starter edition, and in my opinion the Starter Edition level 20 can be as much fun, even more fun than being level 90 in wow. ---------- The Idea of this thread ----------- The idea of this thread, is for us to share some info about being the best level 20's in WoW. We can also, become very strong level 20's, and this is what we set out to do: We get the best Armour/items/weapons by doing certain dungeons,quests,rare drops,etc AND pick a profession such as tailoring or blacksmith. And get the best Armour/weapons from that. Then after we get the best items for Armour & the weapons by either dungeons,quests,professions,etc. If its professions, and if you have got to the best profession items,etc and all that then you delete that profession and pick a new profession such as Alchemy and Enchanting. Then get the best stuff for your character in wow from those professions. So after that step this is what you should have done: - Level 20 - Maxed out/Best Gear for level 20. (Armour/weapons/etc) - Get the best/maxed out skill on Enchanting and use Enchanting for all your items. - Get cool/best items of Alchemy. - etc... Next: The next thing you do is do some more pvp training and see any other cool items you can get,etc. farm some of the Alchemy items for example. next step: - take the boat to booty bay and start slaying all the alliance levels 15-35. WHAT?: You may say how could a level horde orc lvl 20 defeat a alliance level 35?. Well, because you got all the best gear/extra Enchanting/etc.Magicshaman5 30 Oct 2014
30 Oct 2014 Getting back to wow, what to pick? Hello, So I want to start playing wow again, because several guys from my group at university are playing wow and because the new expansion looks interesting. But I haven’t played this game since forever. And there seem to have been made a lot of changes to the game. Like a lot of spells are missing and you can now play as a monk etc. Anyway, I could really use some help to pick a class that I can stick with 100% because I won't have the time to make multiple characters because of my current ongoing Bachelor. I was thinking about making a class that could tank, because I used enjoy that back in the day. So it would be nice. But which one to chose? I didn't like my DK blood tank too much back then, but I liked the paladin I made afterwards because it was probably the easiest class to tank with back then. But with all the spells removed, I guess tanking with any class is equally hard now? But when I went and looked at the different tank classes it seems like Druid tanks have way fewer spells to use than the others. But does that make them worse tanks or just more simple to play? But I do recall that Prot Warrior was pretty much impossible for me to do right! There was way too much you had to do right/perfect in order to be able to tank at all, not to mention that you had to use a ton of spells to do it! Anyway, I would really like know what you guys think is the easiest (and useful) tank to get into after a few years without playing wow (I'm a dirty casual, I know). Though I've also considered making an Arcane mage (loved the super simple rotation back in the day that was impossible to mess up, not to mention that teleporting was awesome (hate travel time), but I'm not sure how much that will matter in the new zones in the new expansion, how much of an impact did it have in the last expansion?) or a Shadow priest, because I used to enjoy Shadow priest back in my vanilla-days and my Arcane mage in cata-days. But I don't think I might enjoy only playing as a pure DPS class when I can't make alts. I can also see that there has been added a lot of passive 'spells', which classes have the most passive? Because I really like passive stuff so I have less to manually do (i usally screw up rotations and such, so the less I've to perfect the better, which is why i had such a great love for my Arcane mage back in the day). Thanks in advance :)Fiskefyren1 30 Oct 2014
30 Oct 2014 Cheapest flying mount hello, I bought WoW 2 days ago and I have a simple question. what's the cheapest mount and where do I get it? also, please don't use any abbreviations because I don't know what they mean yet xPReitaru6 30 Oct 2014
30 Oct 2014 where is the darkmoonfaire what the title saysFurballx10 30 Oct 2014
30 Oct 2014 Help on raising average item level Ok so I am struggling to raise my item level. I am trying to raise it and their is nothing I can do to do it, I have already done the warlords patch questline thing and done the majority of the raids and I am not getting any better gear. I have also searched through the auction house and there is nothing for me to buy that is any better.Zerit9 30 Oct 2014