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Archeology QoL improvements I really want to like Archeology but it really needs some quality of life improvements. I have been grinding for the achievements for well over 24 hours in total, spread out across a year. I get in the flow but when that flow is broken I just lose interest and go do something else instead. So what breaks the flow? When the digsites are too big, the deposits are too far between each other and the red marker is too diffuse. I think it's a mixture of these that really breaks the flow, though. When the digsites are too big and the deposits are far away from each other, you have to mount, fly in a general direction of the diffuse red marker, survey, mount up again, etc. It's a bit inconvenient and it's not fun (except for a minority who will always disagree). A prime example of when it is fun is Pandaria - the Mantid digsites are really small and rarely do you have to mount up to reach the next dig. There are also a few smaller ones in the Vale. These are fun because they feel more rewarding and less time consuming - when it already involves a lot of flying across continents, then you don't really wanna spend too much time sitting in the same digsite for too long. I went from Pandaria to Draenor and got bored after two digsites because they are too big and not only big in scale but also they have more deposits which means you have to spend even more time at the same site. I get it that the red marker is supposed to be inaccurate but if we speak QoL that just becomes an annoyance after a while. Can we make the red one a bit more accurate? Sometimes I'm flying in the general direction of the red, land to survey only to realise I almost have to turn 90 degrees to continue. It results in a lot of empty "landing, surveying, mounting up". Can we keep this as a mature discussion topic, and not resort to replies like "You don't have to do Arch if you don't like it" or "It's fine."? Mindglow1
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Debating demon hunter proffessions Ive long been wracking my mind over what proffset to use with demon hunters, as Im planning to make it my new main. So irritated over what they did to elemental shamans. So far im eyeballing Engineering+Mining. Mailbox, Jeeves, Teleports, Blingtron, Looterang, ultimate tool with ressurection ability and the upcomming Reaves bot. Im feeling its hard to live without a looterang once youve gotten used to it, and the limitation of findles looterang to be draenor outside only. Plus that you get the ability to res others with your tool, and in legion, engineers can build a mass rez. Mining+jewelcrafting doesnt seem to have much to offer, beside crafted jewelry you can bump to 850. But they get a guaranteed socket. From what im reading, blue quality gems is absurdly rare when prospecting. And the special gem they can make, Saber's Eye, requires both infernal brimstone and felwort, so youd need to have access to legion herbalism and mining. As both comes from mining and herbalism world quests respectively. I have also considered Skinning + leatherworking, which have the perk of the mass skinning knife you can aquire in legion. But im hearing it has several problems: The insanely difficult elderhorn quest. You cant skin targets if you are capped on ancient mana. If people tag targets you are killing, you cant skin them. But you can craft a full set of armor, which you eventually can upgrade to 850 with obliterum, which is equal to gear dropping in normal Emerald Nightmare. In comparrission, Engineering can only provide a single armor piece in the helmet. So skinning+leatherworking looks like a strong contender, despite the issues mentioned. Personally not really keen on herbalism using proffessions, as it kinda locks you into using the sky golem for efficient gathering. And from what I can see, alchemy is quite uninspired in legion. Though cauldrons returns. And inscription...poor inscription, utterly gutted. Seems to be all about darkmoon cards now. And I do not expect neither the vantus runes or talent change items to be any significant source of income. Already now, people are frantically underbidding each other for them. Stormfury0
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TIme to level Herbalism in WoD HI guys i'm a bit confused here, i keep reading its super easy to level herbalism in WoD because u can gather in your garrison but when i finally got my herb garden i realize that my level 2 Herb garden can only have 10 herbs a day. So unless im wrong, it will take around 70 days to get from 1-700 with a level 2 herb since u can gather only 10 herbs a day. Isn't that bloody slow? I mean i would like to get my herbalism and alchemy to 700 asap but 70 days is too slow. Am i doing something wrong or is it supposed to be like this and you actually have to go out of your garrison and pick herbs... Hollowjoe10
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