1h is inscription good My friend want to start this game and want to pick a prof. should I advice it to him? Or is it dead profs as I read?Yerae5 1h
1h Profession changes in 7.0.3 ? Finding detailed infos about professions for the upcoming Legion is easy, what I'm looking for is a site that would list all the small recipes changes that we can use NOW. For example, the fact that scribes can now buy the Tome of the Clear Mind technique at their garrison quatermaster, or that enchanters can buy the Illusions tomes for each xpac. What are the other recipes/skills/perks/stuff available since 7.0.3 ? For blacksmith, leatherworking, engineer etc. ?Aurecante9 1h
2h Pattern: Stormshroud Armor for sale on Bloodscalp I have a Pattern: Stormshroud Armor for sale on the server Bloodscalp. This recipe is very rare and it's source has been long remove from the game. Let me know here if you are interested along with your offer.Kaffachino2 2h
2h Maxing out professions on lvl 90/100 boost? Hello, I heard from my brother that it's possible to also max out any desired profession if you boost from at least a lvl 60 character. So my question is, does this work from lvl 1 to lvl 90 and then to 100, or does your desired professions have to be maxed out for your level for it to work? Does someone have any knowledge about this?Oi2 2h
4h Legion profession choices Hey guys, I'm wondering what professions you will be choosing for legion and why. Also would be interested to see if there are any views concerning what ones may be the most/least useful in the upcoming expansion. I'm currently thinking mining/BS for this warr but unsure how useful BS will be. ThanksVazzath0 4h
4h Legion profession choices Hey guys, I'm wondering what professions you will be choosing for legion and why. Also I would like to know if you have any views concerning what will be the most useful profs and which ones may be less useful. Currently thinking mining/BS for myself but unsure how useful BS will be. Thanks.Vazzath0 4h
8h Legion; Skill Requirements Okay, so we know that you can start using your professions at skill 1 in Legion. But here's a few questions: What skill level required to do World Quests with a gathering profession? What about crafting profession? What skill level required to do WQ's with secondary professions? Will fishing skill have a strong impact on the ammount of fish you fish up? Will a lower gathering skill have a strong impact on the ammount of materials you gather? - We know that some crafting recipes requires different skills, 100 - 200 - 300 and so on (right?). - When gathering with a low skill, you don't get the WoD style "combine 10 stacks of this for the usable material"?Aldewyn0 8h
1d Archaeology Draenor Pristine Finds Hi all, apologies if this question has been answered somewhere else but I cant for the life of me find an answer anywhere. My question is this - Is it possible to find Pristine Archaeology finds in Draenor prior to gaining your level 3 Garrison? Any help would be appreciated. ^^Zaranax0 1d
1d Fel Piston Stabilizer Reaves Module: Piloted Combat Mode Fel Piston Stabilizer I last see Doomwaler in burning crusade. What chance take it in legion? This is real?Грэйворн0 1d
1d Skill level requirement Archeology - Legion Hi, I have been checking out the forums and other warcraft related sites regarding an issue about if there exists a skill level requirement for Archeology in Legion. The only thing I have found / gotten info about is that the "2 week" missions are LEVEL dependent and not skill level dependent. My question is, do you really need to max out the profession before Legion or does 400 in archeology suffice for the full arch. experience?Bankqtn0 1d
1d Warcraft Planet TV on Youtube Hi there I am from Warcraft PlanetTV on YouTube; What we do is record gameplay and make it into a YouTube Video for Viewers to watch! This involves Transmogs, RPing, Random Events e.g a Parade! If you are interested in getting involved, please contact me! Reason Why I have made this thread to to represent WoW Players on EU on YouTube if that is By Transmogs Pvp Pve or Role Playing events ,Including Class Transmogs You can Contact me Via Game or Direct Message on the YouTube Channel hope to hear from use all soon! The Link : 1d
1d Profession Cooldown Macro (needed) Hello guys, I used to use the macro at the below for my daily profession crafts but it is not working anymore. How can i make it work again? Or any of you have any better macros? Thanks. /run local t={{"Alchemy","Alchemical Catalyst"},{"Tailoring","Hexweave Cloth"}} TsN=(TsN or 0)%#t+1 CastSpellByName(t[TsN][1]) for i=1,GetNumTradeSkills() do if GetTradeSkillInfo(i)==t[TsN][2] then DoTradeSkill(i) end endMococo1 1d
1d Questions regarding the "True Steel" set Okay so I am trying to get a transmog set for my paladin and in the appearances tab inside the collections bit when I type "True" into the search part 3 true steel helmets appear and it says each one is made with a profession My blacksmithing is maxed but when I go to the blacksmithing plans guy in stormshield and I see each of the recipes for armour pieces and I press "ctrl + left click" I see the bronze / black version instead of the other 2 , how do I get the other 2 recoloured versions? it's the white / gold one I wanted but I can't see it on the AH Thanks in advance!Arkonus2 1d
1d Archaeology Profession Hi Blizzard, I am in the process of levelling Archaeology for my Demon Hunter at the moment and wanted to provide some feedback. Just to clarify - I love the game and many aspects of this game have been improved dramatically since Vanilla so good job! I have found that the Archaeology Profession isn't the slightest bit fun or challenging. Pretty much every action in this profession is the same but on a much more time consuming manner than the other secondary professions. The potential for Archaeology is great and the though of Indiana Jones etc could leave this profession as one that is desired by all players. I asked around in my guild to see who had leveled this profession and although some have many found that they tried it, didn't like it as it wasn't fun in anyway and havn't bothered to level it. Which is a shame - although I now feel their pain. Could you please spend some time at some point - maybe after the launch of Legion to look into this profession - Adding things like puzzles, level based NPC spawns along with maybe a daily scenario in a Indiana Jones temple fashion would be really attractive incentives. I am sure that the community as a whole have some great ideas on this that I am sure they would share. I am not complaining about the time it takes at all - But the fun factor in this profession has some work to go in my opinion. Thanks for reading. PridPrideaux5 1d
1d No weapon enchants in Legion ? Really ? Seriously, why every single time I log in the game I discover something good that now is broken ?Enforcer10 1d
1d Archeology-Epics pop again or not? I got epic ring and scrab toy from tolvir , are they gonna pop again , its totally waste :\ ( toy is okish but ring !! :\)Farwill2 1d
2d Updated Legion drums? I have searched through wowdb and wowhead for new drums in Legion. My group in Legion won't have a class that has Bloodlust/Heroism/TimeWarp so a pair of drums will be our alternative. What I can see Drums of Fury can be used above level 100, but sadly we need to farm leather in WoD. So my question is, will there be a new Recipe for drums in Legion?Kokefa1 2d
2d Scopes(Prev. Engineering) in Legion Have searched everywhere I can think of but cannot find anything on whether there will be any ranged weapon enhancements for guns/crossbows or bows in Legion except for example those that already exists now that you can craft in Engineering, anyone got any info related to this?Brizzle2 2d
2d List of herbs and ores that have not been updated Hey all, I love the new nuggets and leaves stuff that gathering now works with. Chuffed to bits. But, I also ran into some nodes that havent been updated yet. For your convenience: Rich Thorium Veins - Tried in Un'Goro and Silithus Blindweed - Tried in Zangarmarsh All TBC herbs in Zangarmarsh - so Felweed and Ragveil is off, but the Dreamfoil is gatherable Cobalt Deposits - These CAN be gathered, but not all of em give a skill up, even tho they should Will update this as I go along.Migrar1 2d
2d BS / Eng / Minning Hey guys. ... so basically what I read on other topics. There won't be any gathering mechanics like garrison mines etc. Mines was exactly the reason why I deleted minning and skilled up engi at beginning of WOD probably like all did with any other profesions. So now when you have to gather mats same as we did for many years is it reason to delete for example eng and skill up minning again ? (if i dont wanna use AH skilling way ofc.) Thank youNëya1 2d
2d Ore Veins dissapearing would like to ask what is wrong with nodes. When i mine them they disappear, When i fly over them they disappear, When i come close to them they disappear, When i finish mining them no loot window and they disappear. Anyone else having this issue or is it just me :(Derpchan2 2d
3d Mining nodes not disappearing Just as the title says, the mining nodes aren't disappearing after being mined. I've tested this in Nagrand, Hellfire Peninsula, Elwynn Forest, Blasted Lands, Borean Tundra, Zul'drak, Mount Hyjal and Twilight Highlands. It's very annoying and a waste of time to fly behind another gatherer which you can't see, who is mining all the nodes and you thinking to finally find some ore, to be then disappointed to find an empty node. After some mining in Howling Fjord, it only tends to happen with normal ores there. The Rich equivalents despawn normally.Baelón15 3d
3d Gathering in legion Quick question, does having 700 herbing/Mining help in anyway with gathering legion herbs or does it not matter if its at 1? Like do you only get pettals, do you get more if your at 700 etc etc Thanks.Goregut2 3d
3d Transmog and Proffession I searched google and curse but couldnt find it so I thought I ask you guys. Is there an addon that allows you to filter out the Appearances you dont have already collected. So basicly. Lets say you have tailoring and dont have a red linnen shirt in your appearances tab. then it shows. after you learned it it doesnt showAlcestis0 3d
4d [WTB] Crafter polar / glacial vanilla hello, im looking for someone who can craft glacial and polar (not WotLK) items on shattered hand and linked realms. i have the mats needed add hobby#21863Hobbykirurg1 4d
4d can't find vendor for "tome of the stones" Hi Sorry if this as been asked already but i have looked through the other posts and can't see it. Dose anybody know where to find the item " Tome of the stones" for making epic alchemy trinkets ? Is the item yet to be aded in an upcoming patch or : Do i need to have finished a quest or something before this item is available ? Do i need 700 alchemy to find it? i only have 650 ish. A comment on wowhead said an npc named "Samantha Scarlet" will sell the item but says "the location of this npc is unknown" sorry if i have missed something obvious .Treecreeper3 4d
4d First Aid Demon Hunter Just a quick question because after am afternoon of PJ Masks and the Lion Guard (3 year old had the choice this afternoon) my brain has melted and I can't figure out any way to do First Aid in Draenor other than dropping the book in Draenor. I've done the garrison beginning quests but Mr. Nelnaenia will want to avoid this if possible when he gets to make a Demon Hunter. I've just finished mine but want find out if there's another way to help him avoid Draenor when he makes a Demon Hunter (likely wont get to the game until after launch). Any other way or is he just going to have to do the beginning of Draenor again?Nelnaenia2 4d
5d blacksmithing needs Ok blizzard you need to fix blacksmithing first of all it sucks now there is nothing to do with it only making gear for your self I remmber back in bc when some one needed !@#$ they come to a black smith come on at least give us a good mount not that fel core hound %^-* maybe a flaming goat that can mine and have an anvil in it so?Highlörd1 5d
5d ore nodes disappearing when coming close Trying to raise blacksmiting on demonhunter i was mining in un'goro and silithus and the veins just disappear when getting close this something that's an old bug or a new server phasing bug?Fellraiser1 5d
5d Warlords of Draenor craft sets + Wardrobe Hello there As a current mad transmogholic, I wonder if there is any plans in the near future to add craftable "transmog items" that gives all the appearance of the craft items ( plate, mail, all weapons ? ). Like the ones you can buy for 200 shards at the Demon Hunter vendor at the capital. I suppose there is no plans to unlock automatically all 3 colours variations if I own a fully upgraded craft item that was upgraded before the pre-patch went live ? If not, could you confirm me there is no other way than the following : Exemple : [Truesteel Helm] 1) I craft the basic 630 item => I equip it ( new Transmog ) 2) I upgrade the same item with [Truesteel Essence] ( new Transmog ) 3) I upgrade the same item with [Truesteel Essence] ( new Transmog ) => do this for all the piece of the plate set. Then get to the mail / leather / cloth set Then the same for all the weapons. Thanks for your input. Best regardsEarisu0 5d
6d Engineering - Double jump boots Is it already known which recipes each proffesion will have in legion? Cause...I would really like to have new tinker or something like that, that would allow double jump. With CD ofc. It would put buff on you that allows to double jump once. It would seem like something engineers could do in this expansion.Boichi2 6d
6d I need someone who can make Ornate Mithril Breastplate! This recipe was given to players who did a quest chain back in the vanilla with "Mithril order" I was wondering if anyone could make this, i got all mats and i pay 500g.Alyssi3 6d
6d Coilskar Chests Ever since the new patch, i've seen some of my enchants in my enchant tab (Battlemaster and Spellsurge) that i do not yet have in my Unlearned Tab. The location for these 2 recepies seems to be in Shadowmoon Valley (TBC) in Coilskar chests. After looting some of these, i've yet to find anything: So, did anyone find one of their missing recepies in there?Pouring4 6d
6d JC daily bug? i've noticed that for the last 7 days or so at least, the cata JC daily has been the one for the blue gems every day. this should rotate between 5(?) jc quests, but it seems to be stuck on the blue gem one for over a week now. i will report this in game as a bug, but wanted to find out if anyone else is experiencing this? Also, now that the cata JC plans are not current, would blizz consider making another way to get these tokens? i try to do this quest whenever i can, but still need over 120 days or so to learn all plans.Vintoleth0 6d
6d Herbalism issue I am trying to lvl up herbalism atm so i gather orange herbs in Pandaria But i noticed that orange herbs does not give me point each time . As far i know Orange nodes was 100% skill point is this changed ?Hyperc2 6d
6d Cerulean pigments. So, ive been selling alot of these almost through whole wod because i really didnt know what to do with them. my question is, can i do something that is worth selling on ah or something because ive sold like countless of them so they must be good for something right?Leothria2 6d
6d [Enchanting] Are you kidding me? Hi there, So I had all the weapon enchant recipes before 7.0, after 7.0 its telling me to farm everything again...? Wtf is up with that? :SMsi6 6d
6d Mining still needed in Legion? The question: One of my characters currently knows Mining and Engineering. I'm considering unlearning Blacksmithing on another character to learn it on that one instead and I thought I'd give up Mining. Meaning that character will end up with Blacksmithing and Engineering. Could I still work on those professions without Mining or will we be required to go out in the world to gather materials and possibly use smelting again? (only read if you care about how I came to this idea) Background info: Many years ago I picked up Blacksmithing on my shaman. I didn't know much about professions but I knew that it made mail armour and I knew that at level 40 I would start using mail armour. I didn't know Leatherworking made mail armour, too. Anyway, I thought that mail armour would still be made by blacksmiths in the future but obviously I ended up disappointed. Blizzard made BS a plate-only profession. Stubborn as I was I never unlearned it because I didn't use it much for gear upgrades anyway, the other products were nice and I simply got used to it. I never saw the logic in having LEATHERworkers produce mail armour, so there ya go. Now I'm considering moving BS to my warrior instead, who already has Engineering and Mining but I don't really want to give up Engineering. In Warlords of Draenor, one can get away with not having this gathering profession thanks to the mine present in the garrison. But I don't know if this will be the case in Legion because we'll be spending time in class halls instead. So I'm just wondering if there'll be some way of gathering resources without having gathering professions like in WoD, or not. If this is possible, I'll pick up LW with my shaman instead. Otherwise I'll stick to what I've got.Carnanum4 6d
6d Tailoring/Enchanting or Alchemy/Herbalism? As a Mage I'm not really sure which to pick, both combos are very useful and I've been told there's no real benefit of having one over the other but I do need some assistance. :(Fionakyla3 6d
17 Aug Spinal healing injector Have anyone else noticed that this old engineering tinker heals as much as a draenor healing potion at lvl 100? At 110, id expect it to scale up to Legion healing potions. I feel its a quite useful addition for a mobile demon hunter, whom doesnt really need an unreliable sprint that can kill you, and helping with your problem of keeping alive without costing anything. As it essentially gives you unlimited healing potions. You can still use combat potions, it only puts healing potions and healthstones on cd.Bloodwrath0 17 Aug
16 Aug WTS Thistle Tea BOE I have a Thistle Tea BOE recepie for sale if anyone is interested, It's located at Shattered Hand AllianceHubby0 16 Aug
16 Aug nat pagle WTF is up with the drop rate on Lunker its a !@#$ing joke 30min-1h just for one and they want players to come back to play legion if is going to be anying like this im done yeah i have max fishing using tentacled hat and ephemral fishing pole and worm supreme sooo that give me 700+400=1100 fishing still not even at friends with him yet ohh yeah been fishing for the past 2 days thats all iv did so if any of yous out there see this just give up on it its a joke just away for blizz to try and keep player playing well its not working if anying you going to lose more players this way i per ordered legion dont even think im going to give it the time of day after this cos we all know at 110 they are going to pull sum bull%^-* like this where the drop rate is abominationBountyhunter6 16 Aug
16 Aug fishing, a joke What is wrong with fishing. No other gathering profession do you progress so slowly. I just fished for 10 mins, and i went from 394 - 402. This was in draenor near a sea scorpion school. I had a hat on with +100 and put a bright bauble (+75) on the fishing pole. No other profession would you progress this slowly at that level. It took about 5+ catches to gain 1 point. And its mindnumbingly boring. Guess there is a reason i never bothered with it before. In other profession you can atleast run around and quest. grind etc, while you progress. With this profession, you sit and stair at the screen, for so long, and barely progressLarloch10 16 Aug
16 Aug Draenor nodes are not shared Bug in a system, or intended? Shared nodes elsewhere seem to function as they should.Beeqmaa3 16 Aug
16 Aug Batch milling I wonder why inscription still doesn't have batch milling to ease the pain of milling finally (Guess prospecting could use it too). There is no fun in clicking mindlessly button a hundred times if you have an addon, so why keep it after professions got so much changes?Adsamciks2 16 Aug
16 Aug Not getting a skill point every time while mining Hey, I didn't find any other topic about this issue but looks like I'm not getting skill points from every node that I mine. Is this a known problem, maybe a bug? Edit. Looks like there's same problem with herbalism tooPetu0 16 Aug
15 Aug Leveling professions My opinion is that something need to be done about the mats for low lvl prof. It takes to long to get the mats, you have to stop the leveling of the char and start the farming. Right now i have to get 720 Borean Leather for Heavy Borean Leather. And yes it takes a long time. And it have been the same since i started the prof at lvl 12. I understand why players dont take any professions on the char. And i think that professions are destroyed, i would say its no point to have it anymore.... What are the opinions forum readers? Regards Stein-RogerGrimba3 15 Aug
15 Aug Sugestion Please reply your opinions delete post, changed it to general discutionMornìngstar0 15 Aug
15 Aug Druid with enchant / inscription I have both pretty mutch maxed. Question is should i drop one of them for a gathering profession in legion?Isvinden0 15 Aug
15 Aug Enchant Macro replacement? Hi, so apparently all the enchanting macros dont work anymore for enchanting onto vellum, anyone got any ideas/ has it been commented on how it doesnt work anymore? ThanksZanaraxian2 15 Aug