1h Something has to be done bout this herbing bullcrap Seriously prices of flasks and pots are so high due to inflation and ppl being greedy. tried making a herb alt and farm myself but due to the bots and other ppl with the same idea, zones are deprived of herbs. I have guildies who are starting to buy gold to be able to raid basicly, this is just stupid. For the first time ever in all these years playing , this is a gamebreaking issue for me. I am not gonna buy gold just to be able to raid.Deema3 1h
3h Jewelcrafting - stuck at 790/810 Hi, while leveling jewelcrafting I got stuck with 790/810 and cannot increase it any more. All the items I have got gray at 790 and that is it. Quite anoying ... Anybody got any ideas how to progress with that ? I finished all the jewelcrafting related quests.Brilight5 3h
4h Cheaters and herbs While collecting herbs @ Stormheim today i encountered a strange sight, 2 players named something like "WTFGSA" and "FTWSFSA" just flew with flight path griffins (or more like lagged) in, collected the herb i was collecting, lagged back in to air and continued forward... They were ovb 1. bots 2. cheating. I have been wondering how the Stormheim area appears to be so clean of herbs and maybe this is the reason. The point of this thread is to raise the awareness, since i was too shocked to actually report them in time. I'm also wondering if the report for cheating will work against this kind of abuse (you have to be really lucky to hit the same spot with them to actually realize they are not just lagging and using flight path as it looks on the first glance.). I have understood that one needs to get many reports to actually get evaluated, in this kind of case i don't think it will happen. Others had similar experiences?Runîe5 4h
5h What is the point of fishing? I have farmed it to 800. I have the fishing hat. I have the best lure. I spent 12 hours getting the Underlight Angler. I am fishing for 2 hours and can't catch quest fish for Nat in MoP. My friend with 600 skill comes, no pole and catches it in 10 casts. WHAT THE !@#$.Altoir1 5h
6h Rank 3 flasks To this day I have made 300 int flasks, on my server it translates into 600 - 800k gold and I still don't have rank 3. This is ridiculous, can someone do something with it please?Wizzy4 6h
7h Fjarnskaggl rank 3 trait I just got Fjarnskaggl rank 3 today and i noticed that the trait (faster mount up after gathering a herb) is not working. You get the buff after you pick up a herb, but the mounting time is still the same. Did anybody else noticed that? or maybe i bugged somehow?Udinas1 7h
8h Mounting Made Easy Is this the most pointless and frustrating quest in wow history? That waterfall is just utterly pointless. I have spent hours and still not done it. close to giving up and deleting LW >.<Solaaris2 8h
8h Herbs Disappear i am farming in suramar atm for a while. this happened before but its seriously annoying atm as its happened many times in a row right now. i see starlight rose on map, go to pick it up and it disappears, and again and again and again............. whats happenning?Lucksy2 8h
8h Participating in Herb groups banworthy? Short question: Is participating in herb groups banworthy? The seed mechanic thingBulwar2 8h
8h Professions vs power creep in Legion. So, there seems to be a lot of emphasis on crafting in Legion, and this pleases me greatly! I've always felt that crafting in MMO's these days is just a tacked in addition in order to keep crafting junkies like me happy. WoW was no exception. The main smithing professions like blacksmithing, tailoring etc felt like nothing more than a basic set of armour for raiding, and nothing more. Will Legion be any different when it comes to crafting? Will the gear we craft be nothing more than a stepping stone to raiding gear? Where it will fall to the side due to power creep? Or will our gear be able to compete with raiding gear? Will there be new recipes brought out with each content patch? So as to prevent crafting gear losing out to power creep? I'm the sort of player who could mentally switch off and spend hours gathering crafting resources, so it would please me greatly if a lot of time and effort had to be put in to crafting top end crafting gear.Magicsticks9 8h
8h Jewelcrafting? Full on blacksmith here, never ventured onto anything else, except now i've got a draenei, and their racial is gemcutting so.. brave new world. any tips? <3Kadreth4 8h
10h Alchmy Rank 3 recipes; Worst profession design ever made. Really good job ! People asking for feedback , you dont even bother , It is ridicilous at current state.Jeduthun2 10h
10h Alchemy - prices for mats are too high to invest? Hi there, Was wondering what the price for herbs are on your servers. I ask because I like the idea of alchemy on my toon. However on my server the prices for mats make it unusable. For me of course As an example the price for the roses we all know is high, however on my server even Fjarnskaggl is more than 100g for 1 :) I did a bit of calculations and in order to make a flask I have to spend like 5k gold to buy all the mats. That's for 1 flask. So to make 100 flasks you need 500k gold :) And, surprise surprise the flasks sell for half that price of the mats :) Because this is how players understand the game economy. I doubt anyone has the gold to invest so much and hope for that 3rd rank for extra procs to be honest. I am sure there are players with that 3rd rank on some flasks. But besides them no one can make and sell these flasks. So, considering the prices and the fact that you can make hundreds of flasks and not get that 3rd rank can you actually play with this profession? The thing is that in this way ONLY the players that had the luck for that 3rd rank will be able to make flasks and still get gold back. And the ones that do not have the 3rd rank do not afford to try and get it.Kungpaw25 10h
13h Which class is good for gathering? Heya! I have quite a few high level characters and my main is my Resto shaman. I was thinking about leveling up one other character to gather mining and herbs perhaps. Any reccomendations? I remember back in the day it use to be druids because they could instafly, swoop in and swoop out. But now we don't have flying in Legion. Please feel free to share your experience as gatherers :) Thanks in advance!Oreö4 13h
13h Like professions but don't like dungeons I'm really upset that I have to do dungeons to progress professions! I never go into dungeons I'm seriously considering my options now, including finding another game to play that allows me to interact with other players, but doesn't force me to do dungeons with them! This is the first change blizzard have made that has made me consider leaving since 2004!Gurtyar3 13h
16h Blacksmith questline? This is probably an easy fix but I can't find it. FOr whatever reason I don't have any blacksmith quest in my log and I cant find where to get it started again? I do have "Recipe: Leystone Armguards rank 2" so I'm guessing I've done the quest "Leystone's Potential" (quest nr 28) but other than that I can't find anything that would lead me back on the path of Blacksmithing. And I can't speak to Bam Stonebreaker in Highmountain. Anyone have any suggestions? cheers!Tvåblomster2 16h
18h Fishing Help, Achiev I have never given fishing much of my time but i am trying it out now the level of ignorance i have is astonishing. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. I am mainly aiming to get the Bigger fish To Fry Achievement so i can get the Underlight Angler Artifact Rod. I have bought most of the baits or lures that are needed from the AH so my main question is if i am in highmountain for talking sake and i pop a lure that is specific for the highmountain fish im trying to catch do i need to be at a certain location within highmountain to catch each fish or am i able to fish in the same body of water with each lure/bait to catch all required fish? Thanks for any help, im hoping to get everything max'd out for my character finally on this expansion.Shiffter1 18h
18h Tailoring - is that it? After just reaching 800 in tailoring i'm really confused as how little there is to make that is relevant at this point? Also being told nothing about what the Bloodtotem Saddle Blanket actually does.. Where are the mounts? Where are the higher level gear? I'm expecting there to be more content in the next patch like 3 star upgrades for the imbued gear but at the moment I've never been more disappointed by the lack of content for professions. I miss the days when you could actually spend weeks farming mats for an item that would easily see you through a large chunk of an expansion.Arinná2 18h
1d What are Enchanting profession perk? Used to be unique ring enchants. Now everyone can get ring enchants. So what is the perk for Enchanting?Desscento3 1d
1d Forgotten Formulas of Broken Isles bug? Hello i have a problem i back to alchemy proffesion,now the npc gives me quest maybe 10-11(dungeon) in the chain and i dont have recipes from previous quest. I bought and used Forgotten Formulas tome for 100g and this dont bring back my recipes. I have nothing in my alchemy tab and i cant use this tome again because "this spell is already known" thanks for advice and sorry for bad eng.Mercyla1 1d
1d Any point to FA quests at max skill? Ive been wondering....doesnt really seem worth doing the First Aid dropped quests once you have 800 skill. You have the expenses for silk and the medkits, and you only get 25 resources when completing one.Bloodwrath0 1d
1d Blizz please answer JC/Prospecting concerns Dear Blizzard, You really have knocked it out of the park with Legion; beautiful environment and character design, brilliant storylines, tons of content and the smoothest expansion launch ever. Congratulations to all involved - best expansion ever in my opinion. However, it's clear from the dozens of posts on forums that Jewelcrafting and Prospecting are spoiling an otherwise outstanding game. Can you therefore PLEASE take a moment and reply to these concerns? In particular: - Is the current Uncommon/Rare percentage from Prospecting as you planned it? It is painfully low. If it's planned, would you consider improving it to make the profession viable? - If we are meant to be getting 90% gem chips, can a method be put into game where we can use them (other than for Cooking!), similar to the process in Cata? Perhaps we could hand in 40 chips for an Uncommon or 100 chips in exchange for a Rare? - Do you plan to provide higher iLev crafted gear for JCers at content is released? Spending 22k on mats to make a blue 815 item that no-one wants because they get better in Mythic dungeons and World Quests gives zero incentive to make them. As a medical professional who sometimes has to impart bad news to patients and relatives, I can promise you that people are a lot more understanding if you take the time to answer their concerns and explain WHY. So please Blizzard, let us have a response - even if it's just "Suck it up and get on with it!"Stunning1 1d
1d Inscription World Quests Why active World Quests, requires "raid content" ? I haven't seen Alchemy World Quests requireing Cauldrons, so why Inscription have to craft Ventus Runes while recipes are only from raids ? :(Silvertau3 1d
1d Inscription missing recipie I really feel like there is a missing recipie. We can Craft one low ilvl trinket that we can break down for oblit-ash but since its a low lvl one it gives like 8-12 ash or something. The other thing we can Craft is Darkmoon Cards. Trinkets that are expensive as hell. And require 8(!!!!) felwort per 815 trinkets. In pure mats that 2 WQs of raremats for just one 815 trinket. Which ofc is not viable to make oblit-dust from. It just feels like we are missing a trinket-level here. Like something that Crafts into ilvl 780ish, something that actually is viable to scrap into ash. Right now incription got to be one of the worst proffesions out there except for the Tomes, Glyphs do more or less nothing, and crafting trinkets is all nice but they are really hard to come by and well to be hones the Darkmoon Trinkets this time around arent in the same Power-lvl they used to (atleast since you need to upgrade them so much after u actually managed to Craft them) And then there are relics. and well... thats about it. So the total amount of gear we can Craft is. 1 lowlvl randomstat trinket (2 expensive to actually use for dusting, better Craft darkmooncards and sell them and buy oblit) 1(4) highlevel trinket that is HARD to get and therefore cannot be scraped to ash. 2 relics. Both expensive to Craft (requires WQ items to Craft) havent tried scrapping em but they are way to expensive to scrap anyhow. then we can Craft tomes and some random glyphs that are more or less for fun. Just one more trinket inbetween the ones we have already would fix alot of the crafting issues I feel with inscription. Sure in a while when raids are up and we can start crafting those buff-scrolls the actual thing to "make gold" off will be there but from what I know u cant scrap em and well I want something to scrap.Exeetor2 1d
1d 7.1 gathering professions nerf So in 7.1 we will get a trader who can sell you for exapmple 20 Felslate for 1 Blood of Sargeras :| I mean really Blizzard? Can't you leave gathering professions alone? Ores, skins and herbs will yet again be worth dog !@#$ just like in WoD... This NPC REALLY is not necessary :/Zinzoo8 1d
1d Alchemy Pots/Flasks Calculation Spreadsheet/Guide Hey Guys, ive added a short guide on how to calculate Profit and or Loss from selling Pots/Flasks on the AH when you buy the Herbs required to craft those of the AH. The guide includes a download for the Spreadsheet in its description. If it helped you like and subscribe :) <3Shintatsu0 1d
1d do something about prices of profession made goods the ammount of gold it costs to raid everyday is becoming obscene i literally can not afford raid its getting beyond a jokeSnapoff3 1d
1d Infernal Alchemist Stone Complete and utter horse apples... The description reads: Infernal Alchemist Stone Item Level 815 Binds when equipped Unique-Equipped Trinket +818 Versatility (2.04% @ L110) Equip: When you heal or deal damage you have a chance to increase your Strength, Agility, or Intellect by 3275 for 15 sec. Your highest stat is always chosen. Equip: Increases the effect that healing and mana potions have on the wearer by 40%. This effect does not stack. Requires Level 110 Requires Alchemy (1) "Can be used for transmutations in place of a Philosopher's Stone." You might notice I've highlighted the lie this item tells in bold. It does not increase healing and mana potions effects by 40% at all. Here let me show you what I mean... Ancient healing potion. No Infernal Alchemist Stone equipped: Heals for 491,544 Ancient Healing potion. Infernal Alchemist Stone equipped: Heals for 501,552 Thats a whopping 10,008hp!!! Now stop me if I'm wrong here but 40% of 491,544 is 196,617.6 - so the amount you should be getting healed for with the trinket is: 688,161. For the Average HC Dungeon geared DPS thats nearly 1/3rd of their health. For me as a Blood tank it's nealry 1/5th... This amount isn't huge but it could be life saving. 160,000+hp might not seem a lot, but actually it could be the difference between life and death when waiting for a healers castime. Please fix this ASAP.Wychwård0 1d
1d Are you kidding me!! Rant time!! So not only does that fat panda Nomi no longer remember how to cook without buring everything...he also gives duplicate recipes.... Omfg, that is the most retarded thing that I have seen in a long time!!!!!!!!!! Remove that stupid panda or teach him to stop being !@#$ it was a nice effort to make cooking a bit more fun but ffs plan it out properly next time....would it have been so bloody hard to make him be better if you had completed the cooking bell from MoP since anyone who did that was obviously going to be a little more advanced at cooking that those that didn't I don't know what's more wasteful....getting burnt food or getting a recipe that I can't bloody use CAUSE I ALREADY KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Archermit1 1d
1d Archaelogy in Azsuna Yesterday we had about 7 days more to survey in Azsuna. Now today I came from work and zone is changed to Highmountain. It was a nice idea to provide zone wide buff to check days remaining, but it doesn't work!Wrathfire9 1d
1d The state of inscription/herbalism Right now we need more sallow from milling, the fact that a single tome at my server right now is costing 250+ gold each is crazy. That much gold to simply respec talents. Also the codex/vantus runes/glyphs are pretty much half the mat cost of a darkmoon card which on my server goes for around 10-20k each. THough the trinkets are a very hard sell and some of them seem lackluster. we also have no good way to get obliterum. There's a dk glyph in the demon hutner category and 4/5 of promises or immortality has exchanged pictures. Not sure how much work was done with inscription but feels like it was very hastily finished. Big lack of glyphs for a lot of classes too. If you want to get a full set of vantus runes for 20+ players that's gonna be insanely costly, and even the codexes don't seem like they will ever be worth the time required to farm them as most guild just use a warlock for respecs. When it comes to herbalism it seems like some herbs especially dreamleaf is so hard to farm from nodes that the best way to get it is to farm mobs outside of the raid instance. This also seem to be the best herb to mill due to nightmare pod. The amount of herbs required compared to the time it takes to farm them means that flasks on my server atm is at 3k each. so for a 3 hour raid that's 10k just for flasks. I really wish that they would buff the rank 3 perks from felwort and aethril to proc more/drop more often atleast so mats are a little less time consuming. They are fun ways to get more mats, but seem to proc once in a blue moon. I like the idea, I just really feel like some of the mats are way to hard to come by and then again you need so much to craft anything. I like the new profession system but it seems like the way they made it viable endgame was making mats a lot more tiresome to come by. Really feels like it requires too much for simple items like a tome to respec which are such an important part of the game. For the first time ever we decided not to require pots etc for raids because it's too damn hard to come by. 20 flasks is basicly a wow token atm on my sever. I know it's expasion launch and prices will be higher, but right now just to make even the simplest and most useful items like a tome to respec requires atleast 20 herbs but more if you get unlucky since milling can yield 0 sallow pigment. Atm I have 4k red pigment whihc is pretty useless and 0 sallow which says something about the ratio even mass milled felwort to get more sallow.Nèthril3 1d
1d [Alchemy] Something needs to be done about the cauldron Hello, As many mentioned it on the internet, the costs of consumables linked to raiding are huge, and I sincerely think it is currently an issue. For now, cauldrons truly feel like a scam. Sure, you get "30" flasks out of 20, but the way the cauldron in itself works is worthless. It is truly not optimized for 20-men raids (aka mythic), unless you beat the RNG gods and get rank 3 flasks and rank 3 cauldron (which, let me remind you, 20 times more expensive than getting a single R3 flask). People who are not alchemists can take 2 flasks. Alchemists only 1. There's no real way to optimize them without leaving flasks unused. My suggestion would be to make cauldrons give you, by default, 3 flasks per click. Raid 10 = 10 * 3 flasks = 1 cauldron Raid 20 = 20 * 3 flasks = 2 cauldrons Raid 30 = 30 * 3 flasks = 3 cauldrons You will argue that alchemists will exploit that to have 6h of flasks total, but since Blizzard removed the guild perk that allows to double flask duration, it's not an issue (merely a workaround). On top of that, they despawn like a warlock candy, so it's not a big deal. If you want to put limitations on that, make it so that disbanding the raid also makes the flasks disappear. /discussKalyza0 1d
1d Gone poof. GoneRaavina1 1d
1d [Engineering] The Latest Fashion: Headguns! So i got to this quest at Azsuna, completed the other quest from Fargo Flintlocke and did the requirements for this quest as well, however when i was on my way to turn it in, the NPC was gone and has been since then. I can't continue Engineering now, already contacted GM but he just bailed on me after giving me some generic "try disabling addons", obviously none of this worked and now i'm waiting another +2 days for next ticket..Flowi3 1d
1d First Aid Issue I am Level 75 First Aid on a Level 18 character ... Why are the next items on the Trainer First Aid List.. 'Legion First Aid' with no restriction as it requires First Aid 1... Then 'Silkweave Bandage' which is also First Aid 1 but for Level 101 and then 'Treat Fever' for First Aid 1 but for Level 101. You have to go 4th on the list to get to my next First Aid 80 trained item. Surely the thing should be in order. Also I am pretty sure I could buy each of those first items for 14 gold 25 silver. Cus if you set the filter to ' AVAILABLE ' they are the only ones on the list and the TRAIN button is red so I can click it. If a new player blows all their gold on those items its not going to be appreciated. Why are they listed as First Aid 1.. are they anticipating players playing Legion have no First Aid Skill. This is going to confuse new players. Stick the things at the end of the list and make them unavailable. Strange.... Don't think I can get to Broken Isle at Level 18.Qii0 1d
1d Crafting Gear with Random Stats? Is there any method to reroll the Stats on a craftet item?! Crafting an item 10 times to get the right stats could be right to me and it is ridicoules expensive, pls tell me if iam wrong ThanksAproo1 1d
1d Archaeology reward the same as last time. Just completed my second Archaeology quest after waiting for the next one to pop. Was really excited for something new at the end of the wait and monotonous grind, but was rewarded with 'A Beacon of Hope' which I completed the first week and already have the unique toy the so doing the quest is totally pointless and a waste of time. I get that theres a long delay inbetween the archaeology quests to stop people doing it all at once, but surely you shouldnt get the same quest twice with a reward you cant collect??Morii5 1d
2d 3 Star Mining Does it exist, or is it just a myth?Aureius0 2d
2d Spirit Cauldrons bugged So I've worked my butt off since launch to get Spirit Cauldrons ready for raid nights. Got one down tonight and only 15 people could take a flask. Any chance this can be fixed soon? Its a bit rubbish that I've actually had to use 20 flasks to make the cauldron, yet only 15 flasks can be taken out.Ornoth9 2d
2d Reset underlight angler? Is it possible to reset the traits on underlight angler?Justíce5 2d
2d Jewelcrafting Am I missing something 790 skill Yet the only thing thats gives even 1 skill point, is the demon hunter neck To make this would cost 15k+ on my server buying the mats, for 1 skill point Is this really intended?Useyour4 2d
2d Fishing in Legion Do u have to have sertain fishing skill to fish on the isle right outside Dalaran to get the "Drowned Mana"? I started fishing yesterday and only have fishing skill 150, and the fish bites there, but i can't get them. They "ran away" :o In case there a minimum fishing skill lvl... what is it? :)Hortenzia7 2d
2d Herbalism, Herbs Respawn faster! All these Herbs take too long to respawn!Kaldrys1 2d
2d cannot find any foxflower... did a tour for half an hour in highmountain and had only 10 flowers after that time, this is really horrible respawn, I do not need to wonder why that stuff is worth 150g per item on the AH right now... and I cannot even try to get higher recipes like that... I am further on suramar herbs than I am on foxflowers..... I thought that Legion would revive the proffessions, but now I feel ingredients are too rare when they were too common in WoD.... I cannot go farm in off times I am online later in the evening and then ... well even with personal loot on herbs I cannot loot what is not there .... *disappointed*Iveny1 2d
2d Flowers from the Foxflower fox not giving Foxflowers? When I went to farm Foxflowers today, I've had about 6 foxes spawn and everytime I ran over the flowers, they disappeared and I didn't get anything. I am realm hopping, and using sky golem. Yesterday everything worked fine with the same strategy/setup. Any advice? Guildmates tell me it's working fine for them.Adanedhel0 2d
2d [Alchemy] 3 stars Flasks. Hello I have made 177 intellect Flask (Flask of the Whispered Pact), this amount of flask can be translate to: 1239 Starlight Rose 1770 Fjarnskaggl 1770 Dreamleaf and i have not unlocked 3 stars yet...seriously?... Proof here: 2d
2d Tailoring: Bloodtotem Saddle Blanket What is this Bloodtotem Saddle Blanket that Tailorers can make in Legion? If I remember correctly, Leatherworkers can make items to increase mounted movement speed by +20% Blacksmithers can make items that prevent you from getting dazed while on a mount, and another item which enables you to interact with things (I suppose orbs and herbs and that sort of thing) without having to dismount. So what does a Bloodtotem Saddle Blanket do? Does it reduce falling speed? Or damage from falling? Does it reduce casttime needed to summon a mount? Or is it purely cosmetic?Liquidius8 2d
2d Neural Net Detangler - Engineering. Locking material behind a weekly raid lockout, for a person who enjoy farming and grinding this feels extremely unrewarding after making yet another attempt at finding this item from Mimiron in Ulduar, 4th week now and it have not dropped. Have to wait another 7 days to have a chance based on RNG to find the material i need to complete a racipe for Engineering. At least you fixed the Doomwalker issue and the Fel Piston, but this is taking the piss.Billybones1 2d
2d Demonsteel recipe upgrades? Any Blacksmith out there gotten the World quests for upgrading recipe ranks? If so, at what skill you had quest to appear?Amansey3 2d