2h Potion of Prolonged Power rank 3 procs Now that the recipe is out, I can confirm that the procs only give you 1-19 extras. Would it not be more reasonable for it to be 10-190, given that the base crafted amount is 10? Barely getting triple from an extremely rare "20"-proc feels a bit meh, while x2's and x3's are common with other potions and flasks.Addy5 2h
6h Pre-40 Blacksmithing - Where's the Plate? I noticed the first 4 items you can craft were changed from Mail to Plate (Rough Copper Vest, Copper Bracers, Chain Copper Belt & Chain Copper Pants). However, those are White items (no Stats). Not only did all Green and Rare items remain Mail, they were also converted to Agility. What's going on?Avenjielde10 6h
7h Nomi and 17 days without a new recipe. Hey, it might be a stupid question, but can is it really intended, for Nomi to NOT drop me a new recipe, after 17 days of throwing mats at him, and getting burnt food and that new slightly burned food? Thanks in advance.Dawnwalkér12 7h
8h Legion professions As a matter of interest I'm curious to know if there's anyone else out there who feels that Legion has killed professions. I understand that being forced into dungeons to advance in professions is something that a lot of people like, but personally I hate it. I don't have friends to play with and haven't made online friends as that's not what I play WoW for - and I hate using dungeon finder. I'm just wondering if I'm a lone weirdo for not liking this, or if it is in fact a common bugbear for solo PVE players.Shaedanna2 8h
8h Best money making professions Hello I'd like to start 2 new professions to make gold. Is mining+jc the best choose or you have a better idea?Ban4 8h
9h No Potion of prolonged power rank 3 drop I killed the new world boss today, which should drop the recipe for the potion of prolonged power.When i arrived to the boss, the fight was already going, i joined a group and i was transferred to another realm.In the middle of the fight i got 30 gold for killing the boss on the previous realm,and i couldn't loot the boss where i was, because i "killed" it on the previous realm. I tried killing the boss again with seal but i can't get the recipe :( Is there any way for me to get that recipe or i am !@#$ed until the boss spawns again in a few months?Norbrt3 9h
11h WoW 6th profession Hi guys, Currently I have enchanting and alchemy on my main cuz I'm a cheap mtfk and a gatherer on my alt (mining & skinnin). What professions do you suggest for my second alt so I could make some profit? Blacksmithing and ........ ? Since I have mining & herbalism on my gatherer. ThanksSunsset1 11h
22h Archaeology relic reward is useless? This weeks archaeology weekly quest rewards a single item level 805 BoA relic that's only usable at level 110. Can someone explain what the point of this is? This stuff likely gets replaced within the day because WQ allow you to increase your average itemlevel pretty fast after you hit max level. You'll likely be getting a relic WQ with higher ilvl than this arch reward in no time Why could this not: a) become part of the heirloom tab so you could use them on multiple characters after only completing the quest once. or b) be usable at level 101. I'm pretty sure WoD archaeology weapons/jewelry was usable at level 91, so why aren't these working for 101? All in all, the archaeology rewards in Legion are pretty lackluster. Expected much more from the way they revamped how rare solves work.Gogeta1 22h
1d Mining rank 3 Hello everyone, I am not sure if someone ells has already made a topic about this before, if so please give me a link. But i have been mining for a crazy long time now, i mean 18 hours + not just mining a note being afk for the next 1 hour and counting that as a hour. No real 18+ hours. Made about 200k gold during it for prospecting the ore so that is cool. How ever not even a single rank 3 yet. So i was wondering are they mend to be this super rare? Or is there some kind of Glitch at this time? Personalty i like it when things are hard to obtain, it makes you appreciate it way more, how ever 18+ hours grinding and not even one rank 3 from ether kind of note is a bit crazy. Blizz could you please share some light on this, so i know its worth to keep on grinding for now or not. Thanks.Chiraku7 1d
1d Mining/Blacksmithing Is mining/blacksmithing a good pick?Kun2 1d
1d Skinning Thieves. How do you deal with them? How do you make them stop stealing your kills? I've tried to politely whisper to stop and take their own but I was ignored and just got stalked for their WQs. It really was intentional, as I was killing my mobs far away, but he always did a swift approach to tap my kill and SKINNED IT IN FRONT OF ME. It happened so many times I had to put my foot down to be more aggressive for him to stop both in /say and /whisper How do you report these players or is there a way for them not being able to tap and skin your kills? Because this is not the first time (I wont mention names as its against rules) and its really frustrating to do the farming in my tight hours of the day.Nimmel4 1d
1d Does profession skill matter anymore? I've started herbalism and alchemy on my rogue but it doesn't look like I need 700 skill to start harvesting or crafting legion stuff. If I wanted to boost a character from 1 to 100, is there any point in hard-levelling it to 60 in order to boost professions to 700? It sounds like a waste of time to me. Let me know if there is any important skill-gated crafting, because so far I had no issues. ThanksSchizoid1 1d
2d Most profitable crafting professions Exsept alchemy is there even any other crafting professions that comes near it? I am new to professions so i want to learn 2 crafting professions for my main and 2 gethering professions for my "main alt" . I was an engeneer on 1 character, completely usless...Addìcted4 2d
2d Is it a good idea to change profs right now ? Hi everyone ! So, I'm using engineering on my main (which is this char) ever since I started playing on blizz servers. But as more time goes on, the more interest I lose towards it. So I started thinking about switching engineering into jewelcrafting. I'm asking this because Im not sure if this is a good idea. This will also effect my alt (I already have a JCer, whos a MW monk). By that effect I mean changing her prof too (changing JC into herbalisim to help get mats for my alchemist). Or maybe I should leave engineering and take JC as a second prof ? Any help ? A bit more info: This char -> engineering + mining MW monk -> JC + mining Alchemist -> alchemy (no sh1t) + herbalisimLinasu8 2d
2d Quıck levelıng to 800 professıon lvl Hı guys I was wonderıng if there are any tips or sites that you use to level up professions fast. I have enchantıng and taılorıng on my maın and some half engıneerıng and half jc yet ı wanna be able to level theır professıons fast too but ı cannot ıs there any ways or trıcks you use to level them to get the gold you desperately need and want... Thanks wont forget itNomnar2 2d
2d Is it worth being anything other than Alchemy? Hi, I have been Tailoring/Enchanting on my mage since vanilla, however, tailoring seems completely useless right now because the mat costs far outweigh the crafted item sale prices. Furthermore, I geared up very quickly doing mythics, mythic+ and raiding, so I cannot craft anything of use to me. Enchanting just seems to be a similar, but slightly less, waste of time, because at least I can enchant my own gear. However, when it comes to selling enchants, nothing is shifting unless I sell for less than the mat price. Furthermore, when people ask in chat "LF enchanter, have mats" they expect me to enchant their gear with a tip of 10g. Utter pointless for me as I may as well do WQs. If I put my enchants on the AH, undercutting the next guy by say 50g, I will come back from work and my listing will be 3 pages back, having been undercut by over 500g, with the seller selling this than the mat cost. Is this a bot thing? Alchemy however seems to be raking it in, as Flasks are mandatory for our raids (and for many other raids), and they sell for 1000g a flask, even though starlight rose can now be got from a blood vendor. Flask prices seem extremely static, with very little undercutting and never going below 950g. This is insane, but around 4 people in my guild have already re-rolled alchemy and herbalism. Is there some racket going on on my server? TL;DR, please see the title and give me a different perspective on this. Is it just my server? Thanks for any opinion/advice.Valerie5 2d
2d First time Engineer So, I just decided to quit Mining and pick up engineering. I leveled it to 600 with some WoD materials. So my question is, what items (Pre-Legion and Legion) and recipies are worth having?Mufi3 2d
3d Sylvan Maelstrom Amulet - bug So its quite simpe - on Sylvan Maelstrom Amulet 855 ilvl versitality bonus works outdoors for 1-2 seconds after equipping, than disappears.Beegirl0 3d
3d Felwort stealing I know this will probably be a topic of flaming and trolling. I just need to get this off my chest. Earlier today I spent around 30k gold buying Felwort Seed. I went to my usual spot to plant them, and when I have done this before I have always been alone so I didn't give it alot of thought, so I planted all the seeds I bought. All of the sudden this random player comes along and steals around 75% of all my Felwort. I know I was stupid for not thinking further ahead, but there should really be a restriction for those seed plantings. For example that only people in your group/party can pick them up or something like that. I know in this expansion 30k isn't alot of money for most, but it is alot of money for me. There should really be some kind of solution to this.Nybcrox3 3d
4d Quest for JC necks has a skill requirement ?! Whats up with that ? I started from lvl 1 today, did the quests and now I thought I could finish them up and craft those dank necks. BUT BAMM ! The quest that gives recipes for them has a skill requirement of 600 (I think). I would be ok with this if most of the lower quality legion crafts give +5 or +4 at low lvl, then you can kinda speed through it, but it doesn't look like it, only couple of them give +3 MAX. Now, in order to speed lvl my newly picked up JC, I have to go to draenor and craft WOD gear :/ I'm not QQing over this, I'm just wondering why is that ?Linasu2 4d
4d Saber's Eye Why do people not understand that they don't have to undercut AH prices by huge amounts? Saber's Eye prices are pretty much ruined on my server at the moment, regularly dropping below 10k which is just less than the mats cost. Worst thing is I know they would sell for 20k if people would stop ruining prices.Urtos2 4d
4d Enchanters and Weapon Illusions So I was having a discussion on my servers trade chat (An actual discussion, not a flame war like usual!) about an idea I've been brewing on for a while... and I was wondering what you guys think. Weapon Illusions, why can't Enchanters be the only or at the very least an alternate source of Illusions rather than have them drop only from random bosses? Yes I know we can craft a small handful of them but hear me out..... 1) In order to craft an Illusion you must know the weapon enchant in question (obviously?) 2) You must craft it onto special Illusion Vellums, available only from Enchanting Supply vendors, for a certain price. for e.g 10g, These Illusion scrolls are epic/rare quality to avoid being confused with Enchanting Vellums, and have a completely different colour... Like an orange background with a dark brown scroll. 3) The game will warn you with a "Are you sure you wish to put [Name of Enchant] on [Illusion Vellum]" as a warning that you have to click, to make sure you're enchanting the correct thing to try to reduce the chance of people getting it wrong and can be done in a trade window like a regular weapon, but with a scroll instead. 4) You can't craft Illusions onto weapons, if you do you'll just enchant the weapon. (This kind of goes without saying really...) 5) The Illusion scrolls are one time use. once you used one you'll have that specific Illusion unlocked on all of your toons permanently which is the same as now. and they can be sold on the AH too. 6) The class specific Illusions (the 4 shaman elemental imbues and the Death Knight ones come to mind) will come from Enchanters too but they have to go kill a boss to get the recipe... Unless you happen to be that class, then you can craft the Illusion anyway after a minimum skill level in enchanting (say... 300? 600? whatever Blizzard chooses, you just automatically learn the recipe...I haven't really decided on this bit) and can still only be 'used' by the classes concerned but can be learnt by anyone. I.e; A monk can learn [Illusion Scroll: Windfury], but can't buff his/her weapon with Illusion: Windfury because they aren't a Shaman. The reason I ask this is because most professions have something from a previous expansion that makes a profit. the exceptions being gear crafting professions (tailoring, blacksmithing, leatherworking) and Enchanting. Jewelcrafters/Engineers/Alchemists have mounts for e.g., What do Enchanters get? Very little. because Enchants now scale with level and twinking is all but dead on most realms.... At least allow old recipes to mean something, allow us to make Illusions using old weapon enchants!Réxal1 4d
5d Stuck in first aid Hello I'd like to know the secret to raise First Aid... because I've been stuck in 755 for ages. I've done 2 of those "help NPC" quests, and never saw another, no matter where I go, which means I'm stuck using the cruddy Silkweave bandages. Is there a way/place/secret to get this any higher?!Hammerbolt13 5d
5d Unlearning and Relearning Im wondering, if i unlearn Skinning now - i have Rank 3 Felhide, Rank 2 Stonehide Leather and stuff, and if i unlearn that, but wanna learn skinning again, can i use the [Forgotten Techniques of the Broken Isles - Skinning] Book to relearn those ranks or are they gone forever and i have to do the quests over again?Sergei3 5d
5d Are Professions the worst they have ever been? Are Professions currently the worst they have ever been? I feel that they are indeed the worst they have ever been in the entire history of the game. The only Profession I make actual use of now Alchemy, with the obvious exception of Cooking for food buffs. Thus far, I have not crafted a single usable piece of equipment that I did not all ready have a superior version of from questing, dungeons and raids. By the time my characters can craft 815 blues which cost more than they are worth, they are fully decked in 830-860 Epics. It does not help that leveling professions is unbearably slow, behind a hostile RNG system and tons and TONS of totally pointless quests. The highest profession I have at the moment is 780 and I can't make it go any higher. I have not leveled a single crafting profession in Legion to maximum yet and I have yet to craft something useful besides the obvious potions and food. Yuck.Proteus17 5d
5d Glyph removal bugged? I'm trying to get rid of a of a glyph effect on my moonkin form. When I use de vanishing dust on the spell it either does nothing or give a: "You can't do this right now" message on screen. I tried it in and out of resting zones with the same results.Trahern1 5d
5d Why flasks cost cheaper than ingredients on AH? For example, [Flask of the Seventh Demon] costs around ~980g on AH. However, herbs needed to craft it cost ~1500g altogether. What is the point of even making flasks for sell if you can just sell ingredients and make much more gold?Iolwut5 5d
5d Jewelcrafting QoL changes desperately needed TL;DR: To aquire all of the old world JC recipes, you currently have to spent 1-2 hours per day farming and running around doing dailies for several years(!). This is utterly ridiculous for obsolete content (completionism is a thing): Remove WotLK/CAT jewelcrafting dailies and replace all recipe token costs with a gold cost Remove cooldowns from MoP discovery skills Add a MoP prism allowing you to transmute uncommon gems into rare gems Introduce transmute skills allowing you to transmute gems from one color to another.I'm talking about the aquisition of older recipes here, which is an INCREDIBLE pain in the !@# currently. No other professions has such a huge number of recipes (cuts) and no other professions has them behind such ridiculous barriers on top of that. For WotLK/CAT, you can gain one(!) token per day, but you need several hundreds of them in order to buy all the recipes from those expansions, meaning that this literally takes years(!). This is ridiculous for completely obsolete recipes. I see the reasoning behind it while those cuts are relevant, but as soon as they become obsolete, there need to be some catch-up mechanisms. Ideally just replace those token costs with a gold cost or make the dailies award MUCH more tokens at least. If that wasn't bad enough, in MoP it's actually worse. There are no tokens anymore, but the discovery skill is on a daily cooldown and takes 3 RARE gems! Those things really are rare, the previous dailies only took 1-3 uncommon gems. To add insult to injury, you can't even transmute uncommon gems to rare ones with prism like you could for every other !@#$ing expansion. Except that for all the other expansions it was pretty useless, but now that you actually need it, you can't do it. Are the devs actually trying to piss people off on purpose? Whoever made that descision needs to be punched in the face repeatably. You should be able to transmute any two gems of any color to one of your choosing.I haven't even gotten to WoD and Legion yet, but I'm almost sure things are not gonna improve there...Xingbao0 5d
6d How use ultimate gnomish army knife? nevermind (Deleted post)Liborio1 6d
6d First Aid-Unable to craft certain items I found myself unable to craft certain items (Stabilize and Treat Fever) needed for leveling first aid. Right now my skill is 737/800 and, even though I've all the reagents needed to craft those items, I can't press the "create" button. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?Varaste11 6d
30 Nov Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting need urgent attention! It has become pointless trying to level these two professions as the benefits are almost completely vanished. Jewelcrafters should be able to craft enchantments for all accessories with temporary effects. Same goes for blacksmiths. They should be able to craft enchantments for weapons. If I personally come to a point where I regret having these two as my main professions, I will strongly be forced to just leave the game. I want my professions back!Vuagnon13 30 Nov
30 Nov Alchemy way of hitting 800 without RNG This week or next week, the world boss Na'zak the fiend becomes available. Drops the third rank of potion of prolonged power. Which goes grey at 800 skill. 30 Nov
30 Nov Unbroken Tooth&Claw Anyone can remember a more useless crafting material in the whole game? I have stacked 2k each in bank, they are useless for crafting, worthless in ah and don't even sell well at vendors... Worst of all, they come up in world quest too... "Gimme 40 Stormscale and I will give you in reward 20 Unbroken Tooth..." Seriously... what kind of halfwit will exchange 40 Stormscale for 20 Unbroken !@#$?Cairne5 30 Nov
29 Nov Digsite: Northern Watchers Isle Digsite: Northern Watchers Isle. Really? I am supposed to get a GROUP to help me do a digsite? Honestly, whoever did digsites this expansion is an evil, evil person. I did the one at the murlocs. It was doable though a pain. Next one was the Northern one. I managed to get there, clear the imps, and find out my first dig was under a stationary elite mob. As it is I only have TWO digsites showing up in Azuna.Zeluvia1 29 Nov
29 Nov Mining Basilisks I don't see the reason why anyone besides youself, or your party can see, let alone attack, your Basilisk. Since people seem to do this purely to annoy, by not looting afterwards, so you can't get the last ore from it. Why do I even have to complain about this?Gruolos3 29 Nov
29 Nov So much negative on professions, and no blue input After reading lot of posts on professions, the general impression is that most players don't like the new system. A short summary: -Too much RNG -Recipes are gated -Crafted gear is way worse than other easilly obtained gear Bottom line: Professions are not fun anymore. Professions seems to be the only thing about this expansion that most players agree upon has been a failure. I recall reading somewhere that they were gonna do something special and awesome with professions, but in my opinion it has had the oposite effect. Why is there no blue input on this? Not in the forums, not in patchnotes, no tweets etc. Nothing. There are tons of suggestions though, so lets hope they picked up some of it. How to make professions great again, In my opinion? - Less RNG. Much less. - Remove gated recipes for the basic ranks (world quest or basic quests is fine) - ilevel on crafted gear should scale with your invested time in the profession - Ranksystem is awesome, expand further on that idea with higher ranks and more benefits - Bring back perks - maybe just utillity effects Surely there are tons of possibilities with professions that I really think devs should invest time into. Professions should be a much more important part of the game. And it should be more fun. I'd like to see patch 7.2.1 completely dedicated to professions :)Destilled3 29 Nov
28 Nov Obliterum Forge Noob Question Can I buy others crafted gear and use them in the obliterum forge ? Thsnks KillerhasseKillerhasse2 28 Nov
28 Nov Into the Fel Fire (archeology) Hi all, I have no digsites showing up in azsuna for my Archeology quest, at first i thought it might have been one of my addons but after disabling all addons they are still not showing up. When i get near them they do show up on the mini-map but they refuse to show on any part of the world map. anybody know a fix or if one is in the works? thanks in advance for any helpZapzorz1 28 Nov
28 Nov Herbalism and Draenor by DH So I'm on the quest Felwort Analysis and need to get "Lohor's Analysis". He is located in Draenor. I was trying to get access to it, finished a quest inside "portal" in Tanaan Jungle but I'm stuck now. No availible quests to progress storyline. Just stadning with Khadgar, Cordana, Maraad and Thrall in jungle. When I try to move further they keep teleporting me back but there is no quest availible. What should I do?Rhuten1 28 Nov
28 Nov Can't loot ores or herbs but get skill. Hi, me and several others have gotten a bug where when we mine or herb something the loot window doesn't come up. I get the skill but not any loot, which is reaaaallly frustrating cause I just hit exaulted with klaxxi and need money for the scorpion. I mean seriously Blizzard help me with this. I've been farming klaxxi dailes every day for over a month now and FINALLY hit exaulted and now I can't earn money?! I searched the forums and find that several others had had this problem but got no response. So please a blue post about what's causing this problem and when you're going to fix this. Best regards from a dedicated player and customer since vanilla.Madinferno10 28 Nov
28 Nov Rank 3 alchemy trinket proccing yet ? As the title says and does the aethril rank 3 spawned Felwort still bug out when procced from Felwort Seed ? and whats up with "Creating" rank 3's and "Receiving" rank 2's in Alchemy ? All flasks in chat are crafted by me not looted from a mailbox.Inf1 28 Nov
28 Nov Starlight rose problem Hello,so as tittle says i have kind of problem with Starlight rose Thing is,i can't even get rank 1.I have gathered over 300 starlight roses,and got dusts but i still didn't get quest item atm. i am 477 herbalist and yet didn't get it. Everyone i asked got them after few attempts,is it a bug or just really,really bad luck?Ahneasten1 28 Nov
26 Nov Prospecting has to be bugged The reason is really simple. In the last 1.5 months I've prospected around 3k Leystone Ore and 3k Felslate. And only got 3 Furystone and 0 Pandemonite. These gems are just don't wanna drop at all. Did Blizzard nerfed the droprate to 0.5% for those? I don't think so. Every other gem is dropping like candy, but Furystone and Pandemonite is literally a luxury...Ardenna0 26 Nov
26 Nov So when are they gonna balance the costs? I'm getting sick of paying an arm and a leg for everything I can't make myself. Alchemy, by far, is the biggest offender. Didn't blizz state they weren't happy with prices? Blood trader didn't really help much at all imo, and we all knew it was gonna be one big influx and back to where it was. Even potion of prolonged power goes for an insane amount PER POTION. I don't want WoD back in terms of craftable prices, but jesus christ, can there be some middle ground?Razorrect8 26 Nov
25 Nov Blood for Chips. Strikes me as odd that all the other 375 food materials can be purchased with Blood of Sargeras with the exception of Gem Chips that are needed (and 20 chips per 5/7/10 at that!) for the Nightborne Delicacy Platter. 1:20 Would be a good exchange rate, perhaps even 1:10 when trading the bloods with Illnea Bloodthorn in Dalaran.Axél1 25 Nov
25 Nov Alchemy - Cost? Approx. how much would it cost me to level Alchemy from 1 to 800? Thanks in advance.Tedia8 25 Nov
25 Nov Fishing I learnt fishing just because I wanted the Azure Waterstrider Mount. Now that I'm close to getting it, Im not sure if I should keep fishing as my 1st profssion. My skill in fishing is around 420, is fishing useful in legion? Should I continue to level it?Or should I just unlearn it? Thanks.Rakvor3 25 Nov
24 Nov Engineering - Drastic Measures Every expansion of WoW is like playing the lottery, you don't know where your class specialization will be on the scale of usefulness, you don't know if your profession will be worth anything and you don't know how fun, or not, it will be to progress in it. Engineering this time around has been frustrating and decidedly "not fun". (My sympathies to people with inscription as their main profession, I can only hope your concerns are adressed as well, however it's not a competition to see who has it worse.) Let's start with the item that this expansion revolves around for engineers; Reaves. On paper it sounds like a neat idea, you summon a robot that turns into different and useful or fun things for you and your party/raid to use. Summoning Reaves costs a "Reaves Battery", crafted with 5 felslate. One of the features is the auto-hammer, a repair function ala repair bot and Jeeves (without bank access) that doesn't allow you to vendor things. As long as you can mount inside raids or dungeons, this function is pointless as chances are that someone will at least have the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, making the felslate cost very expensive for this purpose. At the very least, a sell option should be included for the auto-hammer function. The upside to this, is that you can resummon Reaves on a 1 minute and 30 second cooldown, opposed to Jeeves. As there is no cooldown on the vendor mounts however, it is a bittersweet "upside". The Blingtron 6000 option for reaves, is a very expensive upgrade to Reaves as it requires you to max out Engineering and is the only item that requires this. The model is the same as the Blingtron 5000, a less significant bother, but worth mentioning considering the effort required. The rewards have so far, according to wowhead, been very lackluster and in context of the felslate cost to summon it, it is hardly worth summoning at all. Until now, only one new pet (The Blingtrong Knockoff) is worth mentioning and no word on whether the mounts of the previous gift packages are possible to obtain through this. Since we don't have any hard numbers, it's hard to recommend anything for this. Should the rare material drops be upped? How about more new pets, such as reaves itself in a mini version? How about adding the still expensive Orb of Mystery? Worth considering is to make the BT6k daily not share cooldown with the BT5k one. The failure detection mode, still falsely labeled as a "mailbox mode" is a mass-ressurection mode to help save time on corpseruns. While a cute idea, it is hardly worth anything unless your class is able to escape death in the first place. It may be that you can plop this down during a wipe, but I haven't tried, or been inclined, to do this. An actual mailbox mode without cooldown would be far more useful than this, even with the associated felslate cost. The Piloted Combat mode is a neat and fun idea that adds a little to the game without being anything particularly powerful. I'd comment on how it does, but I have yet to receive a drop from the SOO Juggernaut as it requires minimum 2 people to get to and it's not even a sure drop. While I like the idea of putting components in legacy content, this one particular item is not very well thought out, especially when you consider that this one function is what makes Reaves at least a unique or interesting thing. --- Moving on to another staple of engineering since TBC; Goggles. Now as I understand it, the quest requirement has been removed and you no longer require completing the Court of Stars mythic dungeon, however even with that, the usefulness of this item has been negated by the fact that you receive a free helmet from your class quest, shortly after reaching level 110. Since the upgrades goggles already have this level requirement, there is no use for them apart from optimizing early level 110 stats on one piece of gear and for transmogging purposes. --- Moving on to usefulness of Engineering - Selling products and raid purposes. Engineers can make Gunpowder Charges (bombs) that deal 360k damage and share cooldowns with potions - Useless in progression. Our nitro boots still share cooldowns with potions - Useless in progression. Built-in glider tinker is still great, especially as the tinker stacks with enchants. Since there is no flying in the Broken Isles, this is occasionally very useful and something I often use myself. We can craft gliders for non-engineers, which up until now has been one of the only things we can sell, however a toy has been added that negates some of the viability. The Sky Golem has been a somewhat worthy product, however the internal cooldown on a component and the additional alchemy requirement makes this somewhat difficult to make and provides a poor turnout for the effort involved. Aditionally, another shredder mount (Mechanized Lumber Extractor) is introduced as an achievement award and further negates the one useful thing we can sell, as this mount also collects herbs without dismounting the character. We can create a new pet in the form of "Trigger" which has the audacious cost of 50 Blood of Sargeras, forcing the price of this item to be practically unsellable for anything than at a loss. Despite that, people are selling it for the low price of two thousand gold (on my realm at least), likely because they can't get rid of it, or because they don't understand the inherent value of aforementioned Blood of Sargeras. This needs to cost way, way less to the tune of 1 blood and no infernal brimstone. On a personal note, I find it somewhat offensive that we need to buy boatloads of NPC sold components, particularly for useless Gunpowder Charges that are unsellable and worthless. While it's easy, these should be alternative components, not forced ones, especially when we have barely anything to sell to others. --- In conclusion, we still have barely any products to sell, leveling engineering while adding a few fun quests is not worth the effort and has a few frustration points, the goggles are borderline pointless and most of the worth of this profession lies in what we can make from previous expansions. The bottomline is that engineering is not worth investing in, even for the fun of it. I have been literally ridiculed for doing so and I sorely regret it. At the very, very least, Reaves batteries should be 1-5 leystone ore to make and honestly it should be an engineering toy with a low cooldown (2-5 minutes). While we're on the topic of cooldowns, it's time to reduce other items, such as the portable mailbox and Jeeves down to something further less than 1 hour. I remember these being longer, but there is still no point in having these be so long as alternatives are present and everything is easy to get to anyway. I'm sure that in order to live up to "Blizzard level of quality", engineering has to be revamped and that won't happen until the next expansion or the one after that. Until then, please remove the glider toy, make the sky golem less time consuming to make, removing the herbing ability from the toy-achievement mount and make Reaves better or the batteries cheaper. Adding a new thing, such as an "Aviana's Feather" to engineering for the Broken Isles would give us something to sell at least. There are tons of other options, such as turning people into robots (costumes) or adding more transmogging things like cog-shoulders or shields. Something rather drastic has to happen, whether it benefits sales, gives you a combat enchant of some sort or revamps older items, or all the above, this should really be adressed soon (no TM).Svavha15 24 Nov
23 Nov Underlight Angler Trying to get this artifact and I have bought 48 Arcane Lures. I used 2 of them to get some of the rare bait. I went to Suramar, out east at that Vrykul town. I got several rare baits there, but never caught any of the rare fish! My fishing skill is at 650's, could that be the reason?Whitepaw6 23 Nov