1h Botting Out of Control I am reporting 20x+ botters every night. In Suramar there is a horde of bots draining all them starlight herbs. They are unstopable and relentless, and some of them somehow move underground collecting herbs. They ruined the market with their prices. What are you waiting for blizzard?Proyouknow3 1h
1h Botting is getting out of hand? I remember I could actually go out and get herbs a week into legion. Then raids hit, and everyone understood how aids it was to get your consumables. Starlight Rose especially, is just so rare right now. It wasn't a pain to farm at all early on, but now, Suramar is plagued by bots. You see all these low HP demon hunters running around, following the same, choppy path. Just take 10 min looking at suramar city from the outside, and pay attention to the bot trains going past you. This is ridiculous! Any else having this experience on their realm? I shudder to think that if we're lucky, blizzard will give them a small ban 6 months from now. I think this is absolutely unacceptable.Razorrect0 1h
5h Repair Items from Mobs Scuse my ignorance but I just tried to put two items that I looted from mobs in Silithus on the AH but I couldn't because they needed to be repaired. They are both plate and I obviously hadn't used them. First time it has happened. How does a looted item become damaged and how do I repair it.Qii0 5h
8h Engineering - Stuck on Short Circuit Sooooo I can't talk to the Gadgetzan quest NPC (Nixx Sprocketspring) for the Short Circuit quest because im hated with Gadgetzan... Any chance i can get this reversed somehow, would like to refer to where a druid was stuck on his artifact quest because he was hated with Cenerian Circle. Seems fair right?Tempest1 8h
9h Why do some professions need mythic dungeons I've been progressing: - blacksmithing - jewelcrafting - enchanting - tailoring - skinning - leatherworking across multiple characters. Most of these are either completely finished or very close to the last quest. Right now, i'm doing engineering, and suddenly it wants me to go to Court of Stars. Why is this? Where is the logic in having SOME (but not all) professions have the suramar dungeon requirements to progress? It takes a fair amount of time to even unlock them (thank god that's fixed for 7.1), but you actually need 830-835+ ilvl gear to do the dungeon itself since these are mythic mode only. While for other professions, normal/heroic modes and an ilvl of 810+ is enough. I can't wrap my head around it, and apparently the same engineering profession needs you to do the other dungeon (arcway) later as well.Gogeta1 9h
10h Tailoring - Certain recipes bugged or intended? So, I hit Exalted with Farondis today and bought some of the last rank 3's (only shoulders are still 2 and will most likely never see 3 as it's gated behind Rated BG win). As some other tailors may have noticed, we have some very peculiar differences when it comes to Imbued Silkweave items. Bracers and Gloves cost 55 Imbued Silkweave, the Robe even 60. Whereas all the other Imbued Silkweave items cost between 6-8. My question is.....why? It literally makes no sense at all. Is it a bug and they were all supposed to be 5-8? Is it a bug and they were all supposed to be 50-60? If it's intended, why only robe/gloves/bracers? Would've made more sense to do robe/shoulder/legs to keep in line with some older expansions. Additionally, crafting the shoulders requires the Queen's Grace Loom in Suramar. Again, why? And why only the shoulders? I would've understood if it was required for all the Imbued Silkweave items, seeing how we actually had to go there to learn about Imbued Silkweave in the first place. So why only the shoulders? Intended or not? I'd love to hear your ideas and opinions, maybe even a Dev's! :DCalithra0 10h
10h herbalist dead after patch 7.1 ? Hello,after the new npc that sells all flowers isn't herbalist dead ?Yazhu13 10h
11h Engineering needs love There really isn't a lot going on atm. Is there anything in the pipeline?Jaster3 11h
11h WTS Glacial - Polar - Icy Scale Vanilla Naxx 40 removed Hey WTS 59x Frozen Rune removed crafting from Vanilla Naxx Glacial Vest Glacial Gloves 2(Tarren Mill etc) Glacial Cloak Polar Gloves Polar Vest Icy Scale Breastplate Icy Scale Gauntlets Mo'grosh Toothpick 2(located in defias brotherhood and connected realms + chamber of the aspects) -If interested in any of those removed from the game items feel free do contact me if you are serious. -Nearly all items are located on Tarren Mill Horde -Accepting Gold on Multiple Realms..(a small fee might be added) add me for info : Deb#21952 PS : Looking for a blacksmith with Icebane Gauntlets recipe on Tarren Mill. Paying 10k gold fee only for the craft while having all materials *dont forget with legion wardrobe u can have them on multiple chars :) edit: 23/06/16Deb16 11h
12h Unbroken Tooth&Claw Anyone can remember a more useless crafting material in the whole game? I have stacked 2k each in bank, they are useless for crafting, worthless in ah and don't even sell well at vendors... Worst of all, they come up in world quest too... "Gimme 40 Stormscale and I will give you in reward 20 Unbroken Tooth..." Seriously... what kind of halfwit will exchange 40 Stormscale for 20 Unbroken !@#$?Cairne0 12h
13h Potion of Luck - How do I complete this quest? Hi there, thanks for taking the time to read this! I'm leveling up my alchemist and decided to pick potions as a specialization. The quest, however, seems to be impossible to complete. Potion Master requires us to make 2 Potions of Luck. Which has been turned into "vendor trash" as some one on wowhead put it. I can't find where to get the recipe, or if it even exists still in the game. Now it's not a popular specialization, with transmutes and flasks being better for making money or raid supplies. So maybe this was an oversight, or maybe I'm just missing something and I need to pluck the eyes from the next gnome I kill to replace my glowy dead ones. If the recipe and "vendor trash" potions do still exist, that still seems odd to me. Why would we have to learn a recipe who's value is nil beyond 1 quest?Oswalt2 13h
14h is skinning even worth keeping for me? started with skinning + leatherworking but ended up dropping leatherworking because i dident enjoy it anymore and never used it so i picked up enchanting. now im wondering if i should also drop skinning, only reason i havent dropped it yet is because i got 3 ranks in both and it was such a giant !@#$% to get that i dont want to do it again if skinning becomes good again is there a point in dropping it and if so what would be good with encanting?Memerino4 14h
19h Suramar Bots Its getting out of hand. I have lost count of the amount of Bots I have seen roaming Suramar West herbing. At one point it was so ridiculous there was almost a conga line going through the Dappled Hollow area. They're clearly all using the same script / profile as they're all following the same patrol lines. I'm out here trying to herb legitimately but all the herbs are being sucked up by these parasites! To get a stack of 200 took me hours of legitimately following the best gathering route and trying to get to herbs before the vultures flew in! Is Bliz going to do anything about these botters or is now a case of 'cant beat them'... as theres obviously nothing stopping them.Bikkhuni9 19h
20h Make gold with Fishing Hi there, i have leveled my fishing to max and even have the artifact rod, but i need help in making money with fishing, anyone???Kairijo5 20h
1d Lockboxes. Hello, Any chance that profession's like blacksmith and engineer can get the skill to open lockboxes or will it stay Rogue only? Miss the BS keys and Engi blasting powder. Take Care :)Clurichaun4 1d
1d I messed up a Blacksmithing Quest Hey. I seem to have messed up the Blacksmithing quest chain. "Not just weapons and Armor" I can't make the 24 hard leystone nails required. I think I made too many of 1 thing, and now can't complete the quest. Was wondering if a helpful MOD / GM could re-set a quest for me, or point me in the right direction to fixing myself? Thanks!Gammawreck3 1d
1d Skinning quest: Hides of Legend Is there any way at all of getting in to Baradin Hold on a Horde character if the zone is constantly held by Alliance? Am I missing something here? Please don't tell me Blizzard have been so utterly stupid as to gate a skinning quest behind a faction-locked PvP zone from 2010.Nevereal7 1d
1d FIshing auto-loot bug I've noticed that i keep losing baits because auto-loot doesn't pick them up, today i fished a bit and caught one of those Vrykul ancient rings and another common lure but i didn't get them in my bags because it doesn't pick them up with auto-loot. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?Gannet4 1d
1d Is it best to take enchanting for dungeons? Assuming that I do a lot more dungeons than anything else would enchanting be the best gold for me and to just keep disenchanting the things I get, could I make like 2-3k per dungeonFúrion1 1d
1d What if we could prospect infernal brimestones? Jewlescrafters don't make anything with those, it would be nice to prospect the 5 we get every other day to have 1-4 blue gems, since they are a pain to get. regards.Hnry0 1d
2d Mount Altering Profession Items Applied the Blacksmithing items to myself upon logging in to do world quests and thought to myself I will que up for the Haloween boss, he dont take long it will be over quick. Come out and buffs gone, are you ******* serious, do you know how much this **** takes to make. This is complete bull. Yeah, we have items to increase you abilities on your mount for two whole hours, but you better not plan on doing anything else in that two hours that takes you outside Broken Isles. I assume this applies to the Leatherworking item as well yes ? Is every profession except Alchemy completely useless ? Its funny how at the start of the expansion they were all over the 3 toys in Highmountain like flies on **** but when it comes to stuff like this they dont give a toss, people have been saying its been going on for a while.Kneecapper2 2d
2d mining this is a 2 part. 1. first off, am i the only 1 that is stuck at 796 in mining? 2. And im the only one, that dosent seem to get any rank 3's in mining? Which might also be the reason why im stuck at 796. Felslate seam is the only one i got on rank 3, the rest is rank 2, minus infernal brimstone, which is at rank 1. I feel like I have done alot of miningLarloch5 2d
2d Tailoring: Bloodtotem Saddle Blanket What is this Bloodtotem Saddle Blanket that Tailorers can make in Legion? If I remember correctly, Leatherworkers can make items to increase mounted movement speed by +20% Blacksmithers can make items that prevent you from getting dazed while on a mount, and another item which enables you to interact with things (I suppose orbs and herbs and that sort of thing) without having to dismount. So what does a Bloodtotem Saddle Blanket do? Does it reduce falling speed? Or damage from falling? Does it reduce casttime needed to summon a mount? Or is it purely cosmetic?Liquidius10 2d
2d Alchemy - Uncalibrated Malloric Burettes Good day! Do you know where can I find Uncalibrated Malloric Burettes? I am leveling up my Alchemy and I am stuck after finishing the quest which sends me in Vault of Wardens. I can't find specific information about it anywhere. Thank you!Størmblåst3 2d
2d Hides of legend how i can complet this skinning q when nobody from horde play Tol Barad pvp and Baradin hold have under control aliance 2 weeks BLIZZARD?????? i test create raid party etc. nothing solo i havent chance as tank and v 5 aliance who still camp in baradin Blizz u create this stupid q then change location or skiin other monster .....Doubek14 2d
2d LW quests problem Hi. I have problems make done few quests in LW in Dalaran witch give Nahma Moonwater.Paulusvän0 2d
2d [Alchemy] 3 stars Flasks. Hello I have made 177 intellect Flask (Flask of the Whispered Pact), this amount of flask can be translate to: 1239 Starlight Rose 1770 Fjarnskaggl 1770 Dreamleaf and i have not unlocked 3 stars yet...seriously?... Proof here: 2d
3d Arch quest "Shifting Through the Rubble" is rubbish I am now 15+ digsites into this quest, and the ONLY jewel i was able to get, came from the "Angry Highborne spirit" mob that drops bonus fragments. And even these don't have a 100% dropchance, because i've had three spawn already. The droprate on normal digsites seems to be ridiculously low or maybe even non-existant (who knows). It's very frustrating to spend more than half an hour doing digs and solves and being at the mercy of bonus mobs to drop quest items. Makes me wonder if this is bugged. And if it's not, was this properly tested on beta and feedback about it taken into considerationGogeta16 3d
3d Bigger Fish to Fry Hello fellow anglers, Did anyone manage to get this achievement? I was on a roll until I started fishing for the Axefish. Usually once I caught a lure I caught anywhere between 2-12 of the rare fish. The important part is that I caught at least 1 with each lure. That is not the case for Axefish. I have already used up two lures for them and no luck. Yes I was fishing in the oceanic waters and I also tried to fish in the oceanic fish pools which are Black Barracuda ones. Did anyone manage to catch this particular fish or get the achievement?Vertoomus25 3d
3d New player - which professions for my paladin? I read that there are almost no benefits to professions except for alchemists getting double duration on their potions. Is that it? Should I just go double gathering?Nelentari1 3d
3d Making Rare gems from uncommon? I stumbled over this earlier: "" and was just wondering if anyone know if this is a real thing ingame? Cant find any information about it whatsoever.Pallymcheal2 3d
3d Post 7.1 most profitable professions? Im looking to pay for my subscription using gold instead of real money and to do that ill need some gathering professions that work post 7.1 to supply me with enough gold each month for raiding when i get a guild and to pay for my sub. What do you guys recommend?Nhadaly8 3d
4d Stuck in advancing Herbalism Is there something I'm missing? Up until this point, I was able to get additional Herbalism ranks pretty easily. I had gotten all of my herbs to rank 1 before I got my first rank 2, so I'm not sure if you need them all at the previous rank before you can rank up others. Either way, I've not had a single rank up quest in weeks. I have rank 2 on everything besides Aerithil, which is rank 1. I don't go to Aszuna much but I go 'ooh shiny' at Aerithil so I at least pick some while I'm there. So yeah, did they nerf the drop rate for the quests, am I doing something wrong, or is RNJeesus not my buddy anymore?Shallin6 4d
4d How can I level mining? Even the large deposits are 'grey' to mine, and I'm only at 775 with my main. The guides say I should be able to get to 800 using these, but... hm...Vanq2 4d
4d Fishing Highmountain schools Hi there! I've been spending my day progressing on the "Bigger Fish to Fry"-achievement and it all went pretty well, slow, but well. Anyway, when I got to Highmountain in order to find the rare fish there I could barely find any schools. I've been running along the rivers for about 45 minutes now and I've found a total of two schools. Has anyone else experienced this? Are there any places where they spawn more frequently? I've been running along the river ending up in Sylvan Falls from both Thunder Totem and Trueshot Lodge.Twofifty10 4d
4d Most Proffs suck OK the honeymoon is over and Blizzard need to do something with professions there are some that are turning a tidy profit and some that are just a waist of time. Looking across my toons the profs making money these days are herb/alc mining/jc enchanting and cooking everything else is waist of time. The level of gear you can craft from say lw or tailoring is pathetic and everyone having all the same recipes means the ah is flooded not that anyone buys them anyway they are essentially junk. The prof quests suck balls make one of x take it to y YAWN. There need to be a lot more recipes for higher level gear and they need to be faction/drop/world drops so that everyone doesn't have them (besides level 3 of the same !@#$). Level 3 should be better gear not cheaper gear what idiot thought that through needs firing. The same for tailoring/BS etc these profs are totally junk. They still haven't improved on TBC/LK and for me crafting in any of these non consumables profs. Seriously people stop going ooh and %^-*ing aah this is a mess. And the thought of trading you mark of sangers for stuff ala legion vendors just shows you how freaking useless these are as mats if the best thing Blizzard can come up with is a vendor to trade them away lame lame lameCastagear0 4d
4d Milling Skill 1 ? Is there also a way to get higher skill in milling? I know you can learn to mill more herbs, but just like you can get better at picking flower can you also get milling skill up? Because when I hover over a flower ( using skillet addon ) it says "milling result : skill 1!Nelfia0 4d
4d Flowers from the Foxflower fox not giving Foxflowers? When I went to farm Foxflowers today, I've had about 6 foxes spawn and everytime I ran over the flowers, they disappeared and I didn't get anything. I am realm hopping, and using sky golem. Yesterday everything worked fine with the same strategy/setup. Any advice? Guildmates tell me it's working fine for them.Adanedhel3 4d
4d I lost all my felhide? Hi, Today When I finished another Felhide wolrd quest and recieved 5+1 felhide I noticed that I only had 6 felhide in mybags, which I had recieved seconds earlier. Before that happened I had like over a 100 felhide which I had farmed for over a month. I checked the item recovery system but I clearly havent deleted or sold the reagent. No, I haven't used them in crafting also. I barely crafted anything recently and if I have, they were some low-value items like gravenscale armbands and such. Nothing that would require that whole big stack of felhide I had. I'd like to know if any1 has a similar issue and I'd like to hear some feedback/suggestions on what to do. I really dont want to lose that huge amount of felhide. Ty in advance for your time.Bolgras2 4d
4d The "armor" professions? I have a few alts at cap already and am currently leveling my old mage, who has tailoring and enchanting. Is tailoring worth it to have on multiple toons? (I have a priest with the same setup.) Or should I switch to a gathering prof or alchemy to use the herbs I get left over on this druid (herbalist and scribe)? Also asking because of LW on some of my other alts. With the exception of obliterum it seems kind of lame.Rakestun2 4d
4d Strange? fishing experiance. dear all I started to du the fishing daylies in dreanor. I misread the quest. and started fishing in the lavapool just infront of the stronghold (horde). got a bait put it on. and then after I god two more different baits. I realised that I had the wrong pool/ district. But I got a lot of different baits, and the bait did fish the wrong type out of the lava pool. because of level the were all small. I thought I was not fishing in the strong hold, I got all baits and could fish the wrong fish, fore the aria, with the right bait?Grazzeven0 4d
4d What professions to take? So What classes do you play and what profession have you taken/why? I'm curious cause I keep chaning my profession like every month cause I have no Idéa what to keep. I want a profession that 'makes my character better' I have engineering now and It's awsome with it's 'utility' having reeves, Rocket boots and Glider. But still it's horrible to pay so much when Raiding Normal/HC for all those Pots I need. Engineering - Amazing movement speed buff and Glider Leatherworking - Cause I can craft Gear but it seems so useless in Legion so far Jewelcrafting - Can make Gems, amazing but not so often you get Inscriptionist - Uniqe buffs that lasts a week, can also sell leftover materials and buy pots/flasks. Enchanting - Easy to manage and It's nice to be able to Enchant gear though you get upgrades a little more often than for Jewelcrafting but what to pick this with? Maybe Herbalism Blacksmith - Dunno wyh I would take this as a Monk TBH Tailoring - Same as AboveAugument2 4d
5d Underlight angler traits Hey all, I was wondering whether the underlight angler traits like "Highmounain Salmon Angling" or "Mossgil Perch Angling" work in open water or only in pools Thx AggzAgnala2 5d
5d Skinning targets I think Blizzard made a mistake with Skinning. You can't skin humans/humanoids, and I am fairly certain both humans and other humanoids have skin. Therefore I request that you change it so I can skin humans so I can get the immersion I want.Sanitet2 5d
5d My issue/gripe with profession mobs (tapping) Why is it that when I decide to kill a bunch of basilisks, for example, and I loot them, someone else can come up that did not even help me, and steal away half if not more of my ores? Was doing some quests, figured I'd make a few brave room-wide pulls just to speed things up. Then the moment I loot the creatures some horde comes galloping in from the entrance and nicks half! Now I realize technical dependencies/small loss and such, but from a pure principle player perspective should I really be forced to loot them one by one after killing them myself simply to keep my profession-supplies to myself? Don't get me wrong I don't mind people sharing spoils when they help each other kill stuff, or making sure no resources get wasted by making it available to people that tapped it, but in this case they did not even touch the mob, y'know? tl;dr ''Tauren stole my bike''Shadowpaws4 5d
5d Sifting Through the Rubble Really Blizzard? I mean... REALLY?!?!?!Kathi1 5d
5d Inscription and Obliterum Forge Is there *anything* that I, as an inscription crafter, can make that can be obliterated? I've tried staves, tomes, etc., but nothing works. Aside from the fact that with Legion inscription has become pretty much defunct... now I can't even use that very expensive Obliterum Forge that I quested days for... >.<Silversphinx1 5d
5d Archaeology 2 week CD Hello everyone. Ive been wondering why the cooldown of Archaeology is two weeks, with that I mean the cooldown on the quest that spawns in Dalaran for a rare. There is 13 rares. Wich is 26 weeks to get this achievement "This Side Up" Anyone have the same feeling as me?Wukidiwn5 5d
5d Need Help!Accidently closed important pop-up section. The quests for JEwelcrafting ; !Mysterious of Nature !The Charge Within That 2 quest i have done and then when I return (?) Jabrul , i had some trouble about my connection. I learned chatterstone. But the second reward there was a pop-up window that give 3 section to make me choose. +100haste , +100 critic strike, +100 mastery. I supposed that i clicked the haste inactual i wouldnt. but cause of connection go and back that window pop-up again and that time i closed it. I couldnt remember the name of section which give +100haste Can anyone help me about it?Unfâir0 5d
5d BUG with Word of Versatility Hello, It seems that there is a kind of bug when u drop enchanting and after that you want to relearn it. Word Of Versatility just dissapeared and I can't make it. How can I fix that? Should I raise a ticket or sth like that?Paralaz1 5d