06 May 2012 Engineering Mount Question... Hello, I have engineering and mining as my two main professions but I plan on changing them to Jewelcrafting and enchanting to save money, what I want to know is if I remove engineering will it remove the mounts I spent ages grinding mats for or will it just lock them out of use?Adanrel4 06 May 2012
06 May 2012 [Suggestion] Archeology - Rare items tab Would it be possible to get a tab implemented for archeology with all the rare artifacts in them so we can use them whenever we want without having to sacrafice incredible ammounts of space by carrying them in our inventory? i.e. something similar like the mount or non combat pet tab. there are currently already 32 rares in game, and im guessing MoP will expand this with a few more. Basically you will run out of room to carry artifacts along and eventually will have to leave some in the bank, which is a shame since you did some hard work to obtain those which is now basically for naught.Viviane2 06 May 2012
05 May 2012 proffesions for gold making hey guys litle help what would be best proffesions for goldmaking new people in wow corwded server like outland. let me know whats proffesions are best to take to make gold in wery crowded server for new peopleChelyos8 05 May 2012
05 May 2012 Tol'Vir experience Hey there, I'm going for the Scepter of Azj'Aqir and am at 110 Tol'Vir solves. I've gotten 3 rares so far being the companion, the beetle clicky and the ring. I'm currently struggling a bit trying to keep my spirits up after what seems like an endless amount of commons. Was just wanting to share my frustations a bit and hear how many solves some of you fortunate enough to get this awesome mount had to go through before you got it? I'm quite pigheaded and will continue, but I'm finding it harder and harder to do more than two or three Tol'Vir solves at a time before having to stop out of boredom heheDreader2 05 May 2012
05 May 2012 TSM Im in the process of setting up TSM for glyphs. I have gotten to the point where I'm about to start making glyphs, but when I press "RESTOCK QUE", nothing happens. Nothing at all. Any idea why this is (not) happening?Anity1 05 May 2012
04 May 2012 So.... random gem learning..... Well, Doing the dailies, and have 4 tokens, so I buy a random epic gem tomb to learn. This is what I get..... Blizzard, please tell me, what were you smoking when you made this?....Jamillia10 04 May 2012
04 May 2012 druid profs i wanna play pve as resto and pvp as feral at 85. what are the best profession combinations for me? -ThanksBumblefoot3 04 May 2012
04 May 2012 I haven't got the fish tracker Hi guys, what can i do if i haven't got my fish tracker near to my minimap. I know where has to be, but not there. Pls help cause very hard to do fishing with my hunter. ThxTinyhitman6 04 May 2012
04 May 2012 Archaeology fragment cap? I just wanted to ask this quickly since I been curious. A while back and I do mean a while, I think I read something about archaeology fragments only stacking to a certain amount is this true? If so what is the cap? I wanted to level arch while leveling and just get a nice crafting bonus when I'm tired of leveling :DDemapplez5 04 May 2012
04 May 2012 Crafting rare weapons and armor I would like to ask all you peeps out there about prices you think I should set on some of the following items for transmogrification. I am trying the market on my server to see if they sell or not. Blazing Rapier I have sold from 500g up 2k and Felsteel Longblade took me 2 months to sell for 4k lol. I decided to go into this market for a bit of fun. Darksoul Shoulders, chest and legs Blazing Rapier Dirge Sageblade Searing Golden Blade The Shattler Arcantie Reaper Core Marksman Rifle Nightfall titansteel Destroyer Dawns Edge Any advice or tips on other items I could or should make? Thanks for readingBigbuller14 04 May 2012
04 May 2012 Abandoning Blacksmithing I've got a pair of Dragonstrikes lying in my bank, that I'll keep around for transfomogogo. But if I recall correctly, the weaponsmith and armorsmith traits have been removed. Does that mean I can abandon blacksmithing without losing my precious maces? As it doesn't say it has any requirements anymore. Thanks.Stormbrew0 04 May 2012
03 May 2012 Vanilla greens - disenchant or build Transmog sets? When building myself a Swashbuckler set I got a other vanilla greens that formed part of other sets, like Ornate, Mighty, Commander etc. (lvl 45 - 60 stuff) For the AH is it worth building full sets of Transmog Vanilla green gear and trying to sell them as sets or should I just disenchant the greens and sell those mats? I see low level greens on the AH for crazy prices of 300g each by regular posters, but when I tried to sell stuff I got I had trouble selling it at 20g each. I'd rather not put inflated priced stuff on the AH repeatedly to try to get an occasional sell. But maybe someone would be prepared to buy a full set? Sold in trade? For 1000g or 1500g maybe (for 7 pieces). P.S. the enchanting mats sell at a decent (much lower) price but sell regularly.Snookie3 03 May 2012
03 May 2012 Jewelcrafting and... Hello everyone, I have a problem. I recently spent all of my gold on the item I always wanted ; a sandstone drake. :D Now however, I only have around 11k left which I want to fully spend on another crafting profession. (Already have Jewelcrafting.) Now my question is ; What is the best profession to use next to jewelcrafting (money wise), is that enchanting, or alchemy? I heard alchemy was the best profession to use for money, due to the transmute ability. I heard about enchanting that the profits aren't that great, which makes me sad, since I like enchanting ALOT more then alchemy. If the profits of alchemy and enchanting were about the same I would choose enchanting, but I highly doubt it. (I can be wrong of course, I'm a noob at both of these professions) Can any of you guys please tell me what to choose next to jewelcrafting ; enchanting, or alchemy? I want to add that the money I needed for the drake was mostly given by a friend, I'm not an expert at making money. :P Made about 16k myself.Aerum4 03 May 2012
03 May 2012 [Suggestion] Reintroduce ALL remove recipes Many things in this game is possible to collect, such as mounts, pets and achievements. We are some who strive to "collect 'em all!" and seeing some recipes leaving the game is really sad, since those few items will always make my collection incomplete. Sure I can say that I have a complete collection of all recipes "currently available", but it doesn't give the same feeling of completeness. What I ask for is for all those recipes which has been cut from the game for various reasons to be reimplemented. The recipes I talk about are some of those which isn't useful for endgame in any way. To give some examples of which recipes I'm talking about then here is some: Restorative Potion Dig Rat Stew There are many more of these kind of recipes, for Blacksmith, which I am my self. These recipes are often bound to quest which have been removed or simple world drops which exists no more. So to boil down my post. I would like to see theses "old", "vanilla", "useless" recipes reintroduced for the soul reason of completing a profession, such that one can say "I can craft ANYTHING you would ever want! :D"Venmore18 03 May 2012
03 May 2012 which the most cheapest profession to reach 525 by ah I was wondering about learning a profession cause i need gld so im asking if someone knows what is the most cheap profession to lvl up via auction houseKrahanahan12 03 May 2012
03 May 2012 Jewelcrafting: problem with "Nibbler! No!" daily quest I have read that this quest used to be bugged, but I'm still having problems. Can anyone help? The situation is this: 1. I am NOT in a group of any kind. 2. I take 3 zephyrites from my bank 3. I return to the Orgrimmar quest giver and cut the 3 gems to make Solid Zephyrites 4. The quest question mark remains grey and in my Quest Log I see the following: Solid Zephyrites Cut 0/3 Solid Zephyrites 3/3 (Complete) Any tips ? Thank you.Norrok2 03 May 2012
03 May 2012 Skinning spiders (Lurkers and Broodmothers) Why can't I skin all Lurkers and Broodmothers that have been killed by someone else than me? When I come to Darkwood in Tol Barad, and someone is already there killing, but not skinning Lurkers and Broodmothers (probably for one of the daily quest), it looks like I am up for some easy skinning, but... Often, only the first couple of dead spiders are possible to skin. Why is that? It is like, when they see me coming, they do something with the spiders so that they are not possible to skin, what is that and is there any counter-action to that?Paracélsus12 03 May 2012
02 May 2012 Herbalism or Mining? So i might be considering to drop one of my maxed professions ( herb/mining.) Just one question, Is herbalism or mining the one that is least moneymaking now and in MoP? Thank you :)Deathknighto2 02 May 2012
02 May 2012 Engineering Nitro Boosts Please in MoP or sooner preferably remove rocket fuel leak. When you use the nitro boosts particuarly in a pvp enviroment it's because you're in a sticky situation so to speak and need to bail away for a short time to heal up or whatever. The rocket fuel leak ticking for 10% of my hp every second is silly imo and in many others. We allready have the chance for it to fail and for us to be shot up in the air. Less RNG please. Thanks.Laines31 02 May 2012
02 May 2012 hi all transmogify fans ! i want to know why weapons like Lionheart Executioneer and Stormherald are removed from the game ???? why?????????? best craftable and looking weapons ever i just noticed that they are gone ..... srsly Blizz bring em back lol....Buldoozer5 02 May 2012
02 May 2012 Let's go camping!!! Hi everyone, first i apologize for my english, its not my mother languange :P. I had what I think it's a good idea, which is that somehow, either buying them or crafting/getting them through proffessions or achievements, we could have camping tents, which could be used as the fire the cookers use to cook but going inside to get the bonus experience as if you were in a capital city or in a inn. The tent could be improved, starting with a blanket on the floor to sleep, and finishing as a war tent with a table to eat and a bed. You could also change de colour of the tent or add your guild flag to it. Tell me what do you think about it. Sømbrâ39 02 May 2012
02 May 2012 Gathering xp Hi, I'm toying with the idea of starting a new alt and levelling only from gathering professions and archaeology xp. tbh I have 7-8 alts that are 75-83 and I'm bored to death of doing the same quests that I've seen many times. So I'm looking at a different way of levelling. is it possible?Issria1 02 May 2012
02 May 2012 Inscription money making Hello all, I would like to know whats best way to make abit money with Inscription, I am currently trying to sell glyphs but im being undercut each second. thanks in advanceAclahayr6 02 May 2012
01 May 2012 Ackis Recipe List Something is wrong with mine, I assume it's a mod conflicting since I had updated it (to be honest, haven't checked in a while) does anyone else have an issue? It will provide a list of things but along side the item have a lot of random numbers and letters, kind of like:- 007777kkkkkk99999 - Item of awsomeness 000000063333333i - Item of rubbishness etc etc. Does this for ever item, does anyone know what causes this? what mod is conflicting with it? I have hundreds and don't fancy removing one by one. (Delete WTF etc not applicable :P)Hugigatta0 01 May 2012
01 May 2012 Jewelcrafting - Trinket quest items issue Hey folks, I was away for quite a while, the last time I played, I believe there was an issue for max level JC and level 85s with regards to the trinket drops, the quest item wouldn't drop for them. Wondering now if thats still the case? I was farming the infintary in Uldum, but to no availe, had killed several hundred. Also, I have done quite a few heroics, both old and hour of twighlight, Still not seen a single one drop, does anyone know about this?Jamillia7 01 May 2012
01 May 2012 Goblin alchemists Is it true that if u are a goblin alchemist, transmute/elixir/pot master u actually get more procs or that 15+ skill is just to lvl faster?Gamu7 01 May 2012
01 May 2012 Should the gem color and stats change? I believe that gem colors and stats should change. Red gems are the most valuable and useful because they give bonus to main stats. Meanwhile, other gem colors are worth significantly less and less used. How about this? Red = Strength Yellow = Agility Blue = intellectSnorrï5 01 May 2012
01 May 2012 Is the Profession-List usefull? Am I missing some kind of sorting/filtering the the list of unknown recipes? Looking at my "missing" tailorinng recipes the result puzzles me a bit. 61 still to learn it says. I've sorted the list by itemlevel and the outcome was: Sanctified Spellthread, Master's Spellthread, Swordguard Embroidery, Lightweave Embroidery and Darkglow Embroidery are known to me Green Winter Clothes is seasonal Green Woolen Robe, Boots of Darkness, Black Silk Vest, Stormcloth Pants, Stormcloth Gloves, Stormcloth Vest, Stormcloth Headband, Shadoweave Mask, Stormcloth Shoulders, Stormcloth Boots, Stormcloth BootsRobe of Winter Night, Heavy Netherweave Net, Mooncloth Gloves, Inferno Gloves, Felcloth Gloves are all recipes not in the game at the moment. Gordok Ogre Suit is used in a quest The first recipe actually available for hunting was the 25th on the list (Mooncloth Circlet) ? Either that's a strange way of providing information of unkonwn recipes or I'm missing something? -ZaptZaptzerd1 01 May 2012
01 May 2012 Archeology madness Hello. Two weeks ago I decided to get my last 5 Artifacts that I miss: NE trinet, Dwarf staff, Fossil Shield, Tolvis sword + staff. After painful grind every day (10+ hours) I got myself only NE trinket (after 513 NE artifacts solved). Is it possible that after every solved rare artifact, another rare has less chance then before? It's really getting annoying that I am at 400+ fossil, 350+ tolvir and 600+ dwarf and still no sight of rares...Asmobot7 01 May 2012
30 Apr 2012 Fathom Eel Swarms - Spawn Rate Hi, is it just me and/or my realm but the respawn rate of the Fathom Eel Swarms is WAY down - so bad in fact that I fear they are bugged. I remember when the Whiptail respawn rate went mental in Uldum - with every man and his dog picking flowers like they were going out of fashion. This time however, with fish prices sky rocketing on the AH, I decided to go and fish for some Eels only to discover they are rarer than rocking horse sh*t. I've only come across one other person fishing along the coastline of Uldum (you know the type, static, Horde, unguilded...) so it's not a case of over-farming them. Can the Blizzard Techies investigate whether there is a 'respawn timer' problem in Uldum on Draenor, for Fathom Eels? PLEASEAphena2 30 Apr 2012
30 Apr 2012 scepter of azj'aqir just got the item to make but it took me 103 hours of archeology, in during that process i have made over 300 nightelf items.... and around 70 tolvir itemsBoredpala1 30 Apr 2012
30 Apr 2012 so what will sell at mop launch taking loads of low levels running dungeons enchanting mats wont be that much worth how about gathering? think embersilk bags will go up and too many will sell the 16slot ones so prices will go down truegold smart to stack? (2 seater mount price will go up?) pure speculative topic share your thoughtsYöu3 30 Apr 2012
30 Apr 2012 looking for a bs on crushridge with "old" receipes I know there are no longer the receipes for the Enchanted Thorium Breastplate and Leggings, but I hope to find a blacksmith on Crushridge, who has them and can make the items for me. I would be most grateful if someone could reply and help.Butcheress0 30 Apr 2012
30 Apr 2012 Enchanting macro? Does anyone know an enchanting macro that works. I have found one but when i use it, the chat window says i am not in an party this is the one i have found: #showtooltip /run CloseTradeSkill() /cast Enchanting /run local s for i=1,GetNumTradeSkills() do s=GetTradeSkillInfo(i) if (s=="Enchant Bracer - Assault") then DoTradeSkill(i) end end /use Plated Saronite Bracers /script ReplaceEnchant() i replaced the Enchant Bracer - Assault with Enchant Bracer - Strength and Plated Saronite Bracers with Enchanting Vellum but it just doesnt work plz help, dont really feel like clicking that much....Yipyip2 30 Apr 2012
30 Apr 2012 soul redeemers wrists hey all whats the matter with these wrists have had some on the ah now for 2 weeks or more and cant shift em they are up for 2500 and still cant bsell em theyre 397item lvl some good stats and 2 red gem slots come on guys how cheap do you want em ?Trollaxer6 30 Apr 2012
29 Apr 2012 Dreadpirate's Horde Economic Support Plea. Alonsus Copied From my original thread on the Alonsus Realm forum ... The Reason im Re-posting here is id like to open the project up to Traders from All realms to xfer or reroll a toon onto Alonsus horde and participate in this the first of several projects i have in mind to regenerate our Dwindling Population. And to all of you on dying realms may i just say Come to Alonsus Where were not ready to sit and wait for blizzard to take action with mergers and free xfers but are aiming to do something about it ourselvesDreadpirate2 29 Apr 2012
29 Apr 2012 Title for each profession. Hiya! I would like to suggest that once you gain maximum skill in a profession you should earn a title. Engineering 525 - Engineer Chinesechef. Herbalism 525- Herbalist Chinesechef. etc.Chinesechef11 29 Apr 2012
29 Apr 2012 [Suggestion] Leveling professions Leveling professions from 1 to 525 takes a very long time and can often be very expencive (old world mats etc). My suggestion iis that this process could be made a little bit easier: "When you reach a new level on a character you will receive 3 points in your primary profession and 2 points in your secondary profession." This would help speed up profession leveling and make the world of professions a bit more accesable for those players who do not have the gold to buy mats or the time to farm. Best regards ShamanixxShamanixx14 29 Apr 2012
28 Apr 2012 E. and T. Hi there,Vanilya1 28 Apr 2012
28 Apr 2012 Flying Machine I have been looking for a answer for some time now, but cant find a clear answer.. If i remove my Engineering profession, will i still be able to use my Flying Machine mount?Savator4 28 Apr 2012
28 Apr 2012 Inscription. is it worth it? OK, so ithought i'd give this new fangled inscription a go, but its just feeling like a chore to be honest. And its only something daft like 380-ish atm... So the question is, what actually are all the benefits, as all I can see is the shoulder enchants and some little relics along the way. or am I missing something glaringly obvious? The other option is to keep herbing and have a second alchemer. Any advice greatly apreciated.Kinmootoo13 28 Apr 2012
27 Apr 2012 Ulduar formulas as BoE Hello I'm not sure if this is the correct place to add this thread, but here goes. Ive been collecting enchant formulas for some years now. Atm i only need 5 to complete my collection 2 of which is just impossible to get: Blade Ward and Blood Draining from Ulduar25. The two formulas have a very low drop rate and since no-one ever goes there anymore, its more than likely that I will never see them drop. Can we please do something about this? I don't mind doing a bit of work to obtain it, I understand these are epic patterns, but getting a 25man pug together for a 0.02% chance (or whatever it is) is just never gonna happen. I suggest we have them drop in both 10m and 25m at all difficulties or make them BoE. Something needs to be done... - ThanksTubbytimmy2 27 Apr 2012
27 Apr 2012 WTB ELEMENTIUM ORE Looking for someone who can C.O.D my bank alt daily with elementium ore. Paying 40 g a stack which is a pretty good price considering all of the bots and their undercuts. I'm going to keep this service up untill MOP realises. My goal is to buy 100-2000 stacks a day at a price as I earlier mentioned for 40 g a stack. Anyone who feels interested in my offer? If reply on the forum, wisper me ingame on either Eternel, Cydine, Advantagé or Bankilibank or even call me on skype Leo_skater! CheersEternel5 27 Apr 2012
27 Apr 2012 What mats will be in demand for MoP launch Hey guys, I was just wondering... what current mats (like cloths and ores) that are available now, would be in great demand for MoP release? I was wondering what to stock up on, to sell at a huge profit after MoP launches. I have enchanting mats and a decent amount of cloth but don't want to be burdened with something that isn't going to sell in the first week of MoP at a great profit. Any ideas/tips on what people will want when MoP laucnhes?Elnarr7 27 Apr 2012
27 Apr 2012 [HOWTO] Acid's way to make gold with JC, Ench and Alch Hello folks, my name is AcidXpresS and I play an undead fire/frost mage on Frostmane-EU, till like couple of days ago, I was always struggeling to make gold in World of Warcraft. Then I had an idea to level up jewelcrafting, even tho it's the end of an expansion just to see how much gold can I make. This guide is not for experienced gold makers so don't even bother to read if if you're goin to troll me. This is just a tip for those who are always broke, like I was. I can take constrictive criticism, however, trolls? nothxbai Professions needed: Jewelcrafting (minimum skill of 475 to prospect elementium ores) Transmutation master in Alchemy (extra procs when making gems, especialy red ones) Enchanting (to disenchant rings from jewelcrafting) Good to have: Mining (not required tho if you can buy elementium ores from the auction house) Herbalism (you're going to need Heartblossom, Twilight Jasmine and Cinderbloom) So basicly what I did was I went on mining spree around uldum till I had around 1000 elementium ores, best you can do is to grab some redbull, potato chips, good music, I like Liquid DnB, that's what I listen to when im doin battlegrounds, make yourself comfortable so your back won't hurt :-), mining pick (obviously) and don't forget to clean your bags.I was goin to test how much mats can you get from 1000 ores but I didnt have em so i bough 'em from the Auction House for 3000g (60g each stack). So I prospected those 1000 ores and this is what i've got: (orange) Ember topaz 8x (orange) Hessonite 16x (blue) Ocean Sapphire 10x (blue) Zephyrite 36x (red) Inferno Ruby 12x (red) Carnelian 34x (purple) Demonseye 6x (purple) Nightstone 48x (green) Dream Emerald 8x (green) Jasper 40x (yellow) Amberjewel 14x (yellow) Alicite 34x For cutting gems I use only Carnelian and Nightstone, with the common gems i've got from prospecting i could make at least 11x Inferno Ruby + those 12 i've got from prospecting, that's 23 in total and at least 16x Demonseye + those 6x i've got from prospecting, that 22x in total, can be more because I am transmutation master, sometimes i get 2x procs, sometimes 3x procs and rarely 4x procs, I even got 4x procs on Inferno Ruby 4 times in a row, it depends on your luck. Now you're probably asking why i keep all the Hessonites, Jaspers and Zephyrites. Well, I keep them because you get loads of orange gems from prospecting, green gems almost never sell on my server but it can be different on yours and I don't transmute Zephyrites because to transmute zephyrite into Ocean Sapphire you need Azshara's Veil which is expensive on my server and blue gems sell for very low price on my server. So with Hessonites you can make Hessonite Band with Jewelcrafting and send it to your enchanter alt and disenchant it, you get !@#$loads of Lesser Celestial Essences, turn them into greater ones and use/sell them, same goes with Alicite, make Alicite Pendant and send it to your enchanter for DE. and with Jaspers you can make Jasper ring. While making these rings you can make rare ones, those lvl 79 ones sell good, most of those who're goin to twink at lvl 79 with those OP cata greens/blues are goin to buy em. I usualy sell them for 130-150g each. Zephyrites can be sold in AH for those who're leveling JC. You can try to sell those green rings for 30-40g depends on your server, if u dont sell em, just DE em. So when I started i used 3000g on those 1000x elementium ores. Brilliant Inferno ruby costs around 140g each x those minimum 23 i had (i dont count transmute procs) = 3220g which is more than you used for 1000x elementium ores. Everything else is profit ^^ PS: As I said b4, this is not for pro gold farmers, it's just a tip for those who are always poor ^^ and if you have any tips for Zephyrites, let me know ^^ EDIT: if youre gettin many Demonseyes from prospecting, use Nightstones for making rings, those green ones will get u loads of hypnotic dusts and greater celestial essences .. and those blue ones many heavenly shards if they dont get sold in AH AcidXpresSAcidxpress3 27 Apr 2012
27 Apr 2012 Leatherworker. So I got my skinning up to 525, and now I want to craft some leather items for my (healer)druid level 22. But there seems to be no spirit items at all.. Anyone knows where I can get spirit/intellect recipes for leatherworking? (Low level recipes)Concentrate4 27 Apr 2012
27 Apr 2012 Aim: Gold cap in under 6 months? 1,000,000 gold in 6 months; 166,666 gold per month; 41666 gold per week; 5952 gold per day. I recently found myself accountless and so I had to start all over again. This level 85 is my only character and as you can see she has maximum herbalism and mining. These aren't professions which can get you gold anymore. On my old account I had: Shaman with all JC patterns/Alchemy patterns Hunter with max Enchanting + all patterns DK with Mining and LW + all patterns Now, I am also heirloomless and the levelling I did to 85 on this Priest was torture so I don't think I can do that again. Now then, I can only have two professions and from my prior knowledge JC is the most profitable (when you have the patterns in place... !) followed swiftly by Enchanting. Alchemy is useful in situations where you would like to create more inferno rubies using Heartblossom and Carnelians. However, you can get a friend to do that (in small quantities though, I'd imagine!). The problem is that to get the following recipes (which I know sell well from prior experience): Bold, Brilliant, Delicate, Artful, Adept, Fierce, Resplendent, Reckless, Deadly, Fractured, Mystic, Solid, Purified and Puissant it would take exactly 42 days which means before I can start generating enough gold I would be out by 42 days thereby bringing my "aim" to: 1,000,000 in 138 days - or 7246g per day. Also factor in the costs of levelling both JC and Enchanting (together I'd estimate 60-80k on my server) then I'd effectively need to make 1,100,000 to consider myself safe (AH cuts etc, failed auctions etc) thus: 1,100,000 in 138 days - or 7971g per day. While this should be more in the form of a blog, I'm going to detail my "goals" and achievements here to let you know how I'm getting on (for those interested). My current gear, while fully gemmed, is completely unenchanted as I am rather poor and so before I can "start" making gold I need to get the enchants. Without further delay, then, I am starting. Tuesday 03/04/2012 - A friend of mine gave me 2,000g to start with. My immediate reaction was to buy the following: - Volatile Water at 200g / stack - Volatile Fire at 200g / stack ^ emptied both markets. Relisted as: (bid/bo) > 5 Volatile Water at 40/45g > 5 Volatile Fire at 40/45g - Farmed 100 stacks of Elementium Ore > 20 Elementium Ore at 40/45g - Farmed 5 stacks Heartblossom > 20 Heartblossom at 140/150g Expenditure: 1700g Profit: TBA Net Profit: TBA Closing: why am I doing this? Simply, I plan to reroll to Monk in MoP and so with my "assumed" perception that everything in Burning Crusade, Wrath and Cataclysm (profession-wise) will be ramped up to astronomical values, I need to be prepared. Secondly, I aim to have the function to gear my Monk (I'm hopefully levelling via RAF) by the time she (yes, female Monks!) hits level 90 and is in appropiate raid-ready gear.Clarqt37 27 Apr 2012
27 Apr 2012 BoE gear should not increase Item level! I think that it is stupid that BoE gear you have in the bag will increase the item level. People buy my crafted ilvl 377 boe gear, keep them in the bag and then sell them on AH again. They are in fact using MY gear for free. On top of this they don't sell it like we crafters sell and undercut with 50s-1g but can sometimes undercut with several hundred gold and lowering the profit for days to come... The market for 377pvp gear is still profitable but sometimes I have to compete with my own gear on AH that someone have used for free. Item level should only count for Soulbound gear. If people want to use ilvl 377 pvp gear to sneak into LFR they should atleast have to equip the gear once. ...Láluna24 27 Apr 2012
27 Apr 2012 Nerf BC Profession Leveling I'm sorry but I just can't stand this anymore. Hours upon hours of trying to get the last few levels of Blacksmithing so I can move onto WotLK, and I get on average about 1 level every 30 minutes.... It's just unbelievable. For all of my other professions, BC has been the most expensive and time-consuming part to level. Please nerf it, this isn't current anymore so why are we forced into working so hard for it? We can't sell anything we make since nobody wants it, either.Deathness11 27 Apr 2012
26 Apr 2012 LF someone who can craft GLOVES OF IMMORTAL DUSK for me Burning legion <-----------Mariejade5 26 Apr 2012