07 Jul 2012 Best way to farm Infinite Dust? As title says how am i able to get quickly a lot of infinite dust, need 600 Infinite Dust to level JC.Astraphobia5 07 Jul 2012
07 Jul 2012 Harrison Jones hates me ...or if it's not Harrison then the Uldum authorities have placed restrictions on the export of rare Tol'vir artefacts.... As a pet collector I am trying to get the Crawling Claw and its the only Tol'vir artefact I've not solved yet. I have 150+ solved Tol'vir artefacts including all the other Tol'vir rares with each common one being solved 20+ times. there anything that prevents the final rare being found...or does the RNG just hate me as usual ?Hammlid2 07 Jul 2012
06 Jul 2012 Profession Bags Been reading a post about LWs complaining about their top bag only being a 28 slot. Was wondering when tailors were going to get their own bags?Entilzha2 06 Jul 2012
06 Jul 2012 Inscription - still no changes? Unlike all other professions where you can buy recipes with different mats or daily quest tokens etc. inscription is the only profession where the only way of actually getting new glyphs is by farming a WoTLK world drop - Book Of Glyph Mastery.<br/>Basically, as a lvl 525 scribe, the glyphs you get from your trainer are rarely the ones you'll actually find useful for any of the classes but what's the whole point of having a profession if you can't even get anything from it - not a useful glyph that you'll need for your character or a glyph that sells on the AH. Even with Book Of Glyph Mastery, there is no guarantee the glyph you'll discover will be of any use.<br/>While all the other professions are profitable and useful in it's way, inscription hasn't been changed since WoTLK., at least I find it kind of neglected compared to other professions that is.<br/>Just something that has been bothering me for a while now and i thought i might share it :)Saryia5 06 Jul 2012
06 Jul 2012 Burning Steppes I am L33 and at expert mining level. I need to mine Mithril because everything below that has now greyed out. I have got a little way into Burning Steppes by being killed and coming back, but all the beasts in there are L??, so how are you supposed to mine Miithril?Footguard5 06 Jul 2012
06 Jul 2012 Wotlk gems and cata metal share cooldown? Just got alchemy to 525 on my newly dinged char but I noticed that the wotlk gems such as King's Amber, shares cooldown with Transmute: Pyrite Bar and Transmute: Truegold yet they do not share cooldown with the cata gems. Why is this?Jarate0 06 Jul 2012
05 Jul 2012 inscription on armory still not fixed trying to figure out which glyphs are left to learn but armory does only show a few warrior ones been like that for agesAtíra3 05 Jul 2012
05 Jul 2012 Engineering teleport and their side effetcs on druids Hello everyone, this might have been a player concern on the past and many topics (?) about this matter been created before, but i only noticed this today. let me clarify, i am a druid engineer, specialized in goblin tech, and therefor i have 2 teleportation devices, one to Area 52 and another to Everlook. today i used one and i got a side effect (like many engineers they use this device for their side effects) i transformed into a gnome, pretty cool right? a gnome druid...but there was a problem a stupid one in my opinion and i was baffled to see it was not "fixed". my problem being, as a druid, this kind of cool side effects are automatically and permanently removed once you shapeshift into ANY form, why is that? why cant i be a gnome druid for 1 hour, going from cat to gnome to tree form and so on for 1 hour? thank youTiodavid0 05 Jul 2012
05 Jul 2012 professions new way for blizzard to make money Hello and a good day to all of you! I am Yamila from Argent Dawn and I want to bring something to your attention; currently I have the following alts with professions: Main: Yamila - skinning/leatherworking Yamilaw - enchanting/engineering Yamilia - tailoring/inscription Yamilah - herbalism/alchemy Yamilasis - mining/jewel crafting Ok now this is my idea: Instead of destroying 2 professions completely, Implement an option to the world of warcraft for a reasonable amount of money, which makes u able to swap Yamilasis mining with Yamilah's alchemy for example.Yamila2 05 Jul 2012
05 Jul 2012 [Suggestion] Professions made interchangable. Instead of your character learning a profession and levelling it, you actually buy the profession 'orbs' instead. You will level the orb the same way you level professions currently and recipes can be saved to individual orbs. Each character can have 2 orbs equipped at any time and receive or activate the benefits of those 2 orbs. The orbs can be switched at any time. What it means is, I can put my Enchanting/Jewelcrafting orbs in my bags with all the recipes saved to those orbs while I pick up new professions on my DK. I will lose the benefits of ring enchantments and JC gems (they will become +40 gems until the JC orb is equipped again) but I can then equip an Engineering orb to receive the benefits from that profession. It also means I can switch professions depending on the situation. Maybe I want Engineering in BGs, but Inscription in arenas or something. I can just switch them as I choose. Enchantments will stack, but only the strongest available enchantment will be active. What I mean is, I can have a PvE enchant AND an Inscription enchant on my shoulder, but if my inscription orb isn't equipped, only the PvE enchant will be active. If it is equipped, the PvE enchant will turn grey and the Inscription enchant will be active.Industria35 05 Jul 2012
04 Jul 2012 Make us save our proffesions i propose an idea where players can switch between proffesions, without losing skill points. for instance i have Mining and Engineering 525. but if i wanted alchemy then i'd lose either one of my other proffesions entirely. why not make it like dual spec. where u can 'deactivate engineering and activate alchemy' and switch back without losing skill points. so that players can have 2 tradeskills And a gathering skill. where 1 tradeskill is inactive and the other active. think about it guys.Morgáná4 04 Jul 2012
04 Jul 2012 Tol'vir Archaeology? I have been smashing archaeology for a while now especially on Kalimdor due to the Tol'vir dig sites. I must have collected a few thousand fragments now and I keep getting the same 3 items. Tiny Oasis Mosaic Sketch Of A Desert Palace Engraved Scimitar Hilt I understand that it is luck of the draw, but this really is taking the proverbial. After hours and hours of game play. Anyone else having this problem?Deathpunk4 04 Jul 2012
04 Jul 2012 How to make money with... alchemy! Hi all, I'm an idiot basically, so feel free to tell me the very basics. I'm searching for a way to make gold through alchemy, I'm a transmuter atm... I do have an enchanter/disenchanter on hand by the way, if that makes a difference. Thanks!Tailos4 04 Jul 2012
04 Jul 2012 Current JC Shuffling Status Hey everyone, i'm a JC/ench, and the current ench mat and rare gem prices on AH are ridiculously low on my realm (Hypnotic/40s, ye that's right! 40 SILVERS! Greater Celestial Essence/25g, Inferno Ruby/70g, other rare gems are almost worthless), and Elementium ores go for 20g/stack and pyrites go for about 35g/stack, i might be able to make some gold with ench scrolls but i'm guessing going through the trouble of Shuffling is pretty much overrated. what's your opinion?! :/Xanían5 04 Jul 2012
04 Jul 2012 Why are professions not equal? By this I mean to level. For example, I am level 60 but I have grand master skinning (up to 450, which is maximum at WotLK), I will not be able to have cataclysm level skinning until level 75. But, my Leatherworking is only Master (up to 375) and i cannot upgrade to Grand master until level 65, even though I can on skinning. Why is this? Also, If I can get wrath level skinning at level 60, why do i have to wait until 75 for cata level. Surely, 70 would be high enough. Or else, I should have to wait till 65 for wrath level skinning? Sorry if I am not making sense, I am confused. :SLysera4 04 Jul 2012
03 Jul 2012 Engineering - Gnomish or Goblin Specialisation I have an alt who is doing Engineering. Would like to ask whether you think Gnomish or Goblin is better and once you've made all that you want from one, can you switch to the other? Many thanksTrinni7 03 Jul 2012
03 Jul 2012 Plan: storm helm Hey everybody, I don't know if I'm at the right thread but, I'm looking for a blacksmith who can make storm helm on vashj.Yodà2 03 Jul 2012
03 Jul 2012 Goblin vs Gnome engineering There are some classic debaits around us. Like, Blue lightsaber vs Green lightsaber, or Chocolate vs Cream etc. One of them, I think is the "Goblin engineering vs Gnome engineering" . Which one do you prefer and why? :)Lantius12 03 Jul 2012
02 Jul 2012 Leather Farming Im gonna farm all leathers so i can level LW and sell. can people name some spots where i can round lots of mobs up easy to aoe, then loot the leather. I need locations for all leathers please thanks alot :)Farell1 02 Jul 2012
02 Jul 2012 Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan Ok, what are peoples experiences with this? I am at 497 dwarf solves, with only about 10 of them before max level as I didn't touch EK at all while levling archy.. I am starting to have doubts it even exist! Anyone wanna share their stories, so I might not give fully up... Start to get tired of those EK flying runs>Camomilla0 02 Jul 2012
02 Jul 2012 Professions -> Filter Items by Quality Hey guys. I want this rly bad. I would like to filter the items i can build by quality. So i can find all the epic and rare items i can build with 1 click :) would be very nice dont you think so?Undercut0 02 Jul 2012
02 Jul 2012 Leatherworking Leatherworking is supposed to be skinning animal pelts and crafting leather armor ( "LEATHER"working ). Explain me why a Leatherworker can make mail items,then! Examples: Dragonkiller Tunic Twilight Scale Chestguard Vicious Charscale Set. :\Eskol17 02 Jul 2012
02 Jul 2012 What to to with 1140 bolts of netherweave? During all TBC rep grind and achievs I've collected a lot of cloth, so now I have 1140 Bolt of Netherweave... No idea what to do with thatMartialis5 02 Jul 2012
02 Jul 2012 jewelcrafting, why so hard to get recipies? Why is it so hard to get recipies for jewelcrafting? you have to do dailies every day and get one token. A lot of the recipies need 3 or more tokens. Why is there such a big difference between for example inscription, you can discover a new glyph every day, and with leatherworking you can grind leather to get new and high recipies. And cooking has the same but you can start with the dailies for cooking from day one you learn cooking, with jewelcrafting you have to get to a high skill to be able to start with dailies. Is there something you guys from WoW can do about this? Greetings nardiaaNardiaa34 02 Jul 2012
01 Jul 2012 Minor Inscription Research - random or must give if any I keep getting only scrolls from this and I still don't have 2 minor glyph for mage and no idea how many of them for other classes missing. Is it supposed to work like that? Is it random or once it didn't give anything, it never will? In latter case where do I get those remaining glyphs? I have leveled several characters through Northrend and got no inscription books at all. It feels like I am playing lineage 2 again!Shirlao2 01 Jul 2012
01 Jul 2012 Gathering to 85? Hi, I am level 81 now and I'm not a real fan of 'questing' I have Herbalism and Mining both to over 460 now and I'm wondering, I get xp when I mine or pick herbs, is it possible to simply level up via gathering? I'm tempted to try. I get 5-6,000 xp per ore-herb right now. Greeble8 01 Jul 2012
01 Jul 2012 In mists please keep updating profession items! I'm talking items like the Alchemy trinket which still sits at iLvl 359 Along with engineering goggles strangers 30 iLvls behind stuff. I realize that you release recipe's ect in raids as random drops ect but from what Iv seen you dont update the things I mention above. I choose alchemy for the trinket and find it being left in the dust and engineering the goggles are so cool it seems a shame to leave them behind once content gets going.Akora7 01 Jul 2012
30 Jun 2012 Maximum diffrent reagents needed for craft? So far I found items that need 6 diffrent reagents (ex.Reinforced Bio-Optic Killshades). What is the maximum possible amount of required diffrent reagents?Nutka2 30 Jun 2012
30 Jun 2012 Profession swaping Hello WoW community. I need advice. Im living on high pop serwer. Got now almost all professions maxed, except LW. But i thinking about prof swap on my druid that will be my main in MoP. Got mining and BS, i im thinking buy JC power lvl set for 15k and replace mining with JC. Is this a good idea for large money inc in MoP start? Now i got lik 30k gold and before MoP start i think i get another 5-10k. Its not much and i dont like farming.Happycow3 30 Jun 2012
29 Jun 2012 What are the best selling items right now? So what are the best selling items via the AH right now? Or with what items can I make the most money?Zelg3 29 Jun 2012
29 Jun 2012 Buying or Gathering Mats? As an 85 character, is it more beneficial to buy mats off the ah to level the given profession and speed level it up, or to fly around and get them yourself? Takes longer but you don't have to pay for the mats.Yomie6 29 Jun 2012
28 Jun 2012 Cata tinkers and wotlk account Am i still able to get cata tinker proccs with a wotlk account? Since I can level engi to 450 and there are usually 2 proccs, or can i not get any cata proccs at all. hope I made myself clear and please respond only if you have it confirmedStrikemødex2 28 Jun 2012
28 Jun 2012 High Society Top Hat -- Crafters Howdy, I've been searching for this item for quite a while now and I DO in fact know (from the wowhead page) at least one person able to craft this special item (High Society Top Hat) However, I am trying to find someone on any of the servers that I happen to play on, so far to no avail. Anyone happen to know someone able to craft this masterpiece, please drop in and share the info!Darnivag6 28 Jun 2012
28 Jun 2012 Looking proffesional So this is a suggestion thread and it (obviously) revolves around the proffesions in the game. I was tinkering around with my engineering when it hit me, wouldn't it be cool if i looked a bit more like an engineer with mini devices attached to me .After a bit of thought i came up with some ideas for the other proffesions e.g. blacksmiths being more muscular or scribers carrying a bag of scrolls around .I heard there has been talk of model revamps and i believe since new things are coming anyway, plus we already get perks that are feel-right for the proffs, why not kick some flavor in and visualize themSoilets5 28 Jun 2012
27 Jun 2012 Problem training tailoring So I've reached the penultimate 520/525, just going to buy my last pattern to take me to 525, and the nice tailoring trainer basically says no, you can't train anything now above 385. I have /reload, logged out, restarted PC, nothing I seem to do changes it. Perhaps there is something glaringly obvious, but if so I don't know what it is. Any advice would be great. Thanks in Advance. DiracDirac4 27 Jun 2012
27 Jun 2012 Gnomes or Goblins? which engi is better and funner? So i got my engineering up to the point i can pick one of the two specialties,but problem is: which one should i take? the goblins have explosives and plenty of it,can't go without exploding something while the gnomes have the crazy devices that one would be afraid to come near in fear that it would destroy something now i like both crazy contraptions and explosives but i don't know which would be useful,any advice?Shadowripper0 27 Jun 2012
26 Jun 2012 Red gems prices dropping like a stone Hi guys, I was away from the game for awhile, and came back a few months ago to level up my old paladin. At the time of leveling up from 80-85 I was buying red str gems for my new gear as I got it, and I noticed the bold inferno ruby was over 200 gold. I thought that was a high price but I spent my gold anyway because I wanted the gems. It gave me the idea to level up JC for myself so I dont have to blow a ton of money in the future and make a nice profit as I go. So I get to 525 jc and start doing the dailys, first few receipes I buy are the red gems (str int) etc because they sold so well and for a good price too. I start farming ore and cutting my gems. But over the weeks i've noticed that a certain few sellers are continually undercutting by a huge amount, now the average price on my server is 97 gold a gem. When each gem could easily sell for 150-200 . I understand that extra supply of gems will reduce the price, so I dont need a lecture on that. But I just dont understand why these people dont undercut the lowest price gem by a copper instead of 50 gold plus. Very annoying as it is making it hardly worth going out to farm the ore now. Especially when i'm having to compete with mining bots everyday. (Who by the way blizz seems to do nothing about) It would not surprise me if those select few sellers who I see everyday driving down the prices on the ah are not the mining bots. I guess they dont care about the prices dropping to silly amounts if they can sell more and more at smaller amounts of gold. If this carries on I can see the AH just being automated and run by gold farmers, where the real players just buy the goods from them off the ah, thus dumbing the game down even further as it will be much easier to just buy off the ah and not bother crafting anything yourself anymore. Im suspicious about why blizz allows the botting and saturation of goods on the AH to happen. IMHO it's ruining the fun of playing the AH. If you're a genuine player who under cuts, do it sensibly, otherwise you're just going to hurt your own profits in the end as well. But as i've stated, I honestly dont think these "select few" I see every day and night to be genuine players, and reporting them seems to make no difference whatsoever. /endrantAidan23 26 Jun 2012
26 Jun 2012 Selling [Formula: Enchant Shield - Lesser Protection] Write back here or find me ingameAgast1 26 Jun 2012
26 Jun 2012 Enchanting tips I'm trying to level enchanting but the amount of time it takes to get dust is unholy. I'm leveling Tailoring at the same time and I just disenchanted half of the frostweave (500 pieces) gear I made and only got 60 infinite dust. To buy 500 frostweave would have cost me 5000g! I need about 600 infinite dust or 45000g worth of frostweave. Any tips? I'm just about at Cata level Tailoring yet my enchanting is still at BC level.Rockyv11 26 Jun 2012
26 Jun 2012 Alchemy stat gains. Alchemists should be allowed to make unique flasks which boost their stats by 380 rather than 300.Industria20 26 Jun 2012
26 Jun 2012 Engineering.. not what it was like. Some people have noticed that engineering is more like a self supply proffesion. if you compare engineering against blacksmithing its not even looking the same at all, blacksmiting with all the endgame paterns makes alot of money selling on the AH, engineering does clearly not. it was so awsome in wotlk when you could have sold 1000bullets for 10g and they were even easy makeable or sell a chopper for 15k but now? no. hunters dont need any bullets or people get cooler mounts from raids so im asking blizzard of just 1 thing. improve the engineering in MoP please.Grizzel15 26 Jun 2012
26 Jun 2012 Petrification and Mystical Skyfire Diamond Hi I have Recipe: Potion of Petrification and Design: Mystical Skyfire Diamond for sale on The Sha'tar (Alliance) I am looking for 20k for the former and 18k for the latter. If you are interesed you can send me mail in game.Morebags0 26 Jun 2012
26 Jun 2012 Glyph of Arcane Barrage Can anyone tell me where I can learn 'Glyph of Arcane Barrage'.....Ive learnt most glyph's now but cant seem to find this one??.... Thanks for any advice..:)Minxi11 26 Jun 2012
25 Jun 2012 Fishing schools. Good day I am quite new to the fishing profession and I was wondering which Cataclysm zone has the highest number of fishing pools. I'm aware this might be a frequent asked question but any help would be most welcome. Please do not redirect me to wowhead or simulair sources since, frankly, I do not know how those work. With most graditude; Obs.Obscurity4 25 Jun 2012
25 Jun 2012 iLevel 346 JP Vendor Gear Hey guys, I was wondering why the starter 346 blue Justice Point vendor gear is still so expensive, despite being totally obsolete for years. I see no reason why it can't be reduced to 100 JP each or somesuch, to help newly dinged 85's in instances. Right now, it is a very common sight to see green quest rewards in heroics, let alone regular 85 dungeons, so this would help those players out. I also thought maybe as soon as somebody dings 85 they could receive a full level 85 set of armour in the mail, as a "thank you" from their faction leader. This would be iLevel 333. Again, this would help those starting dungeons at 85. ** sorry, wrong forum :/Dreadnought7 25 Jun 2012
25 Jun 2012 Velium enchants not selling? Hello, so i just dinged 525 enchanting, bought all recipes possible from vendor/AH so i started calculating which enchants would get me some proffit. So i've done some power torrents/landslides/mighty int on gloves and others, they've been up for 2 hours and still no sale(i cancelled them when i got undercut etc). Is it cause of the day or the hour? if so which day/hour enchants sell better? or they just don't sell? I'm a little worriedBadassnelf4 25 Jun 2012
24 Jun 2012 alchemy or enchanting? i dont have herbalism or many alts so i never use it, also is enchanting worth its high cost to level up?Kiyomori2 24 Jun 2012
24 Jun 2012 Minor mining frustration Im having a problem when i am mining (i use carbonite) , in that when i hover over a node its not (glowing) on my minimap anymore, which means i am manualy looking for ore's. could anyone help me with this? ( dont just say look in settings, helpfull answers please. )Sekirei2 24 Jun 2012
24 Jun 2012 Engineering: Headslot schematic Eye of The Beholder! Now that headslot enchants are going away in Mists of Panderia. I had this idea inspired in part by The Orb of Deception and Gnomish X-ray Specs. Why not combine those two fun abilities? Into one head enchant engineers can make. Since they've been without a steady item, they can sell to other players. Since ammo was removed. Basically this is how it would work. (available to both factions/neutral schematic) Doesn't require engineering to use & enchants your headslot with the following effect! This is just an example could be anything really. All Bloodelves are now seen by the user as Trolls! Why Bloodelves to Trolls you might ask? Simple there are way to many Bloodelves and not nearly enough Trolls. Other schematics could be all humans now appear as Dwarfs to the user etc. What do you think good idea? Horrible or sillly?Vorrod1 24 Jun 2012
24 Jun 2012 Old Blacksmithing Plans So I was recently looking for a decent transmogrification for my Death knights (Aziren-Mazrigos) Experimental Speciman Slicer, and came across an Axe called Bloodmoon in the Atlasloot lists, now having researched a bit more this item was an old Axesmithing master plan from the days before I started WoW in Wrath, while I have some of the older weaponsmithing plans while they still existed I thought it would be good if Blizzard could bring back the older plans as part of the overall Blacksmithing list, I can understand the amount of time and effort that those who already have these plans put in to obtaining them and while I don't neccesarily advocate all the different weapon masteries being reintroduced, some method of being able to make these weapons again, if only for transmogrification purposes, would be welcomed to give a whole new range of options for weapon transmogs.Azaré2 24 Jun 2012