14 Feb 2012 Fishing: are things going to change? Hey there guys, I have a question about the fishing profession and MoP. Currently, fishing is by far the most boring grinding and pointless profession out there, which is not even necessary for cooking as you can avoid fishing by making alternative recipes. (The alliance can level fishing&cooking in harmony, the Horde side will have periods that need to be skipped with meat) Additionally, fishing bots are very common because they don't need to interfere with the game at all- making them hard to detect and thus loads of [deviate fish] etc. are found in the auction houses, and you can tell that the person selling has not been standing in the wailing caverns for 3 hours clicking the fishing rod. All in all, it has become completely obsolete aside from achievements and maybe the fishing hat for lvl19 twink pvp- hasn't it? I find that a bit of a pity as I enjoy farming as a whole to make money out of it, however fishing is just mindbogglingly dull. Is there a chance that the profession gets an upgrade with MoP? Starting with a necessity of fish-based buff-food, maybe as an additional ingredient for potions (alchemy), or simply make fishing more rewarding- what about archaeology "digging" sites that would require a fishing skill to fish artifacts from the bottom of the sea? I don't want to QQ and ask for quicker skill-up, because it would not change the fact that you simply don't need it. Or change the entire mechanic of it, if we will have Pokemon fights with MoP, why not more of a fishing mini-game rather than click- splash- click in OG for 7 hours. I suggest the Blizzard team's fishing experts play some Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the good ol' N64 and see whether the minigames there account for some inspiration :) Regards Skull'dSkulld13 14 Feb 2012
14 Feb 2012 Sunk cost. Volatile life on my server is less than 1g, and volatile airs are 15-20g a piece. I'm transmuting airs every day, but I'm unsure of what I should do with the airs. Should I make dreamcloth with them, since the actual cost of the airs i use is 30g for 1 dreamcloth (since it's really just transmuted lifes). This was the original plan. But I keep thinking about the sunk cost of making dreamcloth with them, instead of just selling the airs on AH, which would net me maybe 450g for 30 sold. In general I think it's comes out to the same profit, if I use the Dcloth on making Illusionary bags. Thanks in advance.Bankhack3 14 Feb 2012
14 Feb 2012 Um, Runecloth.. So, I was going through UBRS/LBRS farming for greens to get essences for my enchanting. Whilst getting absolutely no essences I looked upon my collected Runecloth and realised by the end of the run I had 210. Not wanting to vendor, nor put on AH for low prices I thought, what can tailors make that I can disenchant for a high chance of getting Lesser/Greater Eternal essences? So, yeah, long winded, could've simply asked the question but thought you'd like to know what I did ! :) Thanks Retty.Retroraw1 14 Feb 2012
14 Feb 2012 Changed profession, bonus stays? Hi! Not to long ago i switched from Blacksmithing to Alchemy. I still have an extra socket in my bracers with a +40 str gem in it. Can't switch it to a +50 but my question is, does the extra +40 str gem still count towards my total strenght? RegardsDûmrick8 14 Feb 2012
13 Feb 2012 Fisherman's chair. How about that? I was fishing the other day in World of Warcraft, and i got an idea. Why not make a chair you can get from Archaeology that can be called, for example "Fisherman's chair", that will automaticaly spawn when you fish, and you will also sit on it automaticaly. It could have a special abillity, that could increase the chance of getting a rare item with 2-5% or 10-20% more chance og getting a fish that gives more health or mana. If you read this, have a nice day.Halbronz5 13 Feb 2012
13 Feb 2012 Is it bad to craft Flasks with your own Herbs? I am fairly new with this Merchant game play, and I have heard many times that farming herbs and then using them to craft Flasks is actually gold loss, and that doesn't seem logical. herb prices are around the same as the flask you are making on my realm, and with crafting flask you always have the chance of proc (flask master) which will increase the profit.. Why should I stop farming herbs and start using only AH herbs to craft flasks? I don't get this. Can someone explain?Newtt3 13 Feb 2012
13 Feb 2012 Bots What exactly did Blizz do to bots? I've noticed some mats going a bit up in price, but not all of them, so whats the deal? Some people said that Blizz was able to completly disable bots in this last patch.Anity7 13 Feb 2012
13 Feb 2012 Cauldron of the Battle I'm sorta curious about how these actually work. Currently our guild is a level 17 guild, and my alchemist in that guild knows the Cauldron recipe. If I make a cauldron and send it to an alt that's in a level 25 guild it will have 10 charges instead of the 7 right? I'm fairly certain this is will be the case but I'd just like to make certain. If I was to move my alchemist from the level 17 guild to the level 25 guild would I need any rep to actually make and place the cauldrons? Vanitie0 13 Feb 2012
12 Feb 2012 Pattern: High Society Top Hat since the beta of cataclysm this fine headware worthy of a true english gentlemen hasd been in the game,except the recipe for it has not,how uch longer must i suffer wuthout loooking like a true english gentlemen! worgem shouldnt be the ony people who get tophats!Shadowzac13 12 Feb 2012
12 Feb 2012 Engineering gadgets Greetings and salutations, people. I was watching old PvP movies the other day, and it brought back a lot of memories. Especially the amount of good and fun engineering gadgets there was out there. Is it any possibility that we would ever see the return of such gadgets ever again? I am speaking especially of the reflect trinkets: Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector, Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector and Ultra-Flash Shadow Reflector. The problem with these are that if you are above level 60, you won't be able to use it for reflecting spells. There are of course many other trinkets and items out there which could be brought up to Cata date, for instance the Goblin Rocket Helmet or Tidal Charm (which in fact is not an engineering trinket) and the list goes on. What I miss most about those items was watching people damage or CC themselves with their own attacks. So they could grant you an advantage, as well as they had the possibility to fail horribly and damage yourself instead. We do have a few engineering gadgets in the game right now, but I simply feel there should be more. And items from the past would be an excellent addition. Of course some items would not work well in arena, especially the reflectors, but just make it so they can't be used whilst in an arena match. So what is people's views on this? Would this work and would it make engineering more of an interesting profession? Kind regards, Kendrei EDIT: Fixed a spelling errorKendrei2 12 Feb 2012
12 Feb 2012 Please make flat stats for engineering As you all know each of professions gives you +80 points in interesting you stat (except JC –81 points). Unfortunately engineering at the moment is the only one profession that doesn’t give you flat stats. In order to enjoy it you need to press a button every I think 20 seconds to gain +80 points ie as agility. I find this very annoying especially in pvp situations. I would like to see something similar to enchanting / tailoring where you can just simply applying enchant and enjoy it. Or like in alchemy a buff from flask you need to renew every 2 hours. Hope I explain clearly enough ;-) Blizzard can you please take it kindly into consideration?Zavie21 12 Feb 2012
12 Feb 2012 Clean up profession windows I don't know if this is the case with other professions, but right now for alchemy, there are 2 subcategories named "Other" in the crafting window. Why not simply merge them to get a less cluttered interface? Also there's only one item under the "Parts" category (Goblin Rocket Fuel), might as well move it to the "Other" section.Grithmir0 12 Feb 2012
12 Feb 2012 Vision Dust? People on my realm are selling these 12gold+ each, and I was wondering, where can you get them? Huge help if you can tell me. :)Retroraw1 12 Feb 2012
12 Feb 2012 LF Leatherworker : Gloves of Immortal Dusk Hey all, been looking for someone with this recipe for a long time, any chance anyone on Quel'Thalas could reply who can make it? Tipping 85 gold, already got all matsRawkehh2 12 Feb 2012
11 Feb 2012 Potion of illusion.. Why not 5 minutes? There's not even any need to elaborate, why is it a mere 2 minutes? Why not 5 minutes? What's the deal with making it cost 3 volatile life and an azshara's veil, all for it only lasting 2 stupid minutes? It's almost as dumb as the archaeology disguises time/cd, almost. In fact they even found a way to nerf the damn thing, in a patch (I don't know if it was on 4.3, I think so) they made you unable to mount up while using the potion of illusion on something else than a player, wow, just wow. "Let's take the best disguise we could have ever thought of and make it last 2 minutes, yeah!" Come the hell on, at least make it 5 minutes, or reduce the cost of volatile life. Also why is archaeology so stupidly dumb to do-Ulireos4 11 Feb 2012
11 Feb 2012 Transmorg. gear. What to craft... ? I've made some LW TBC shoulders, sell really well. Also Wrath shoulders (again...) seem to be easy to sell. Any input on what else to craft than just shoulders? Ósis0 11 Feb 2012
10 Feb 2012 Improving Blacksmith Hello Game Master's Team. Will you for the future improve this profession by make new option that Blacksmithers can repair durability of items and making Shields for lowest characters level and also more quests for Blacksmith. I think this is a good idea, with balancing the profession by GM's.Dcsuperman0 10 Feb 2012
10 Feb 2012 Professions to 535? Today, a guy has linked his Enchanting Profession, its cap level was 535. I didn't see it neither on patch notes nor any website; 10 Feb 2012
10 Feb 2012 Where to learn herbalism! So, where can I learn herbalism nearest to starting area of night elves? I googled and it said its in moon temple, but when I went there I couldnt find any herbalist npcs.Euphz2 10 Feb 2012
10 Feb 2012 Engineering suggestions Since engineers currently have Jeeves, I just thought an nice idea would be to have a portable reforger of some sort, to save trips in and out of raids to adjust equipment stats and even possibly a portable transmogrifier? Maybe even learn them in the terms of how players learned Jeeves, with Engineering recipes dropped in raids alongside the other main professions? This has probably been brought up before, just thought I'd mention it and see what everybody else think...Vaezi8 10 Feb 2012
10 Feb 2012 Tailoring Hey guys I got max Tailoring and Enchanting now making some gold with enchanting is going great but tailoring... It feels like I dont use it at all only for the extra stats on my cape. So is there anyone around here who can give me some tips to make some profit with tailoring or in toghter with Enchanting. Twinkyblinky9 10 Feb 2012
10 Feb 2012 Queens Garnet Monopoly Are there any other realms where one player has a monopoly on Queens Garnet sales? On Ravencrest we have one guy buying all the low priced ones and then re enlisting for 5k. Any advice on how to deal with this? Before he started doing it gems were pretty affordable at around 2.5kKerathyl15 10 Feb 2012
09 Feb 2012 Alchemy: transmute cooldowns I was always under the impression that alchemists had numerous cooldowns for various transmutes. However, I transmuted my living elements yesterday, and noticed that the truegold shared the same cd (first time I've transmuted anything with a cooldown). I've done a bit of digging to find out which transmutes all share the same cd, but can't find it anywhere. Anyone know which ones share, or know of a resource that does? Cheers!Pwnstars3 09 Feb 2012
09 Feb 2012 Lvling enchanting the Cataclysm levels (450-525) Hi all, Recently my account got upgrade to Cataclysm and I'm exploring the 80-85 levels. As was suggested when I started, people indicated I should improve my professions while I level. I was able to do this on an ok pace until now when I need to start to use Cataclysm recipes for my enchanting profession. One of the restrictions to be able to use the cataclysm recipes is that it needs to be used on an item with item level 300 or higher. Issue is that while I'm progressing through the first zones of the cataclysm. The items I receive are mostly with an item level below 300. Meaning I'm not able to use the latest enchants on my own items until halfway through the cata zones. So I'm a bit dissappointed that I need to stock up on my mats until I finally been able to gather items on which I can use the enchants on. I know it's just a small glitch in progressing through professions, but thought I would mention it to see if others also experienced similar issue.Maglev5 09 Feb 2012
09 Feb 2012 Jewel Crafting Dailies Will jewel crafting still have dailies in MOP.? I think that either dailies should be removed from primary professions or they should all have dailies. I think that having to do dailies for JC is unfair having to obtain tokens in order to buy recipes, when other profession can just farm mats and get as many recipes as they are able to farm the mats for in a day. Currently it takes 251 tokens just for the normal gems/items recipes, And you can only get 1 token a day. And another 330 tokens for the new epic gems. so in total 581 tokens = 581 days = 1 year 7months Approximately. Now how long does it take to max out recipes on all other primary professions.? Anyone know if there is any plans to change this in or before MOP..?Pointless11 09 Feb 2012
09 Feb 2012 Time Wasters in trade "LF BS", "LF Enchanter", "LF JC" If you come across those messages in trade chat, chances are that those people are time wasters. They will most likely ask you to link them the mats, to spend a good 10 minutes waiting for them to get them. If AH does not have the mats they will most probable keep doing their thing ignoring you. A respectable trader should know what item he wants, what are the materials for it, have the materials in the inventory before even considering pressing /2 to require a proffesion. And when he does he should specify what exactly he wants done. I've had this happen to me so many times, people waisting my time considering me their personal wowhead, that I decided to stop replying to messages like the ones in the first line of the topic.Kreeshak28 09 Feb 2012
09 Feb 2012 How to profit with engineering(?) and improve it(!) I took engineering for the wotlk slap on buffs like missile gloves and rocket boots, but on the way I was once again reminded how worthless a profession this is, and rather costly. Before I start a rant, I'd like to ask how could I profit with engineering before hitting 525? All I do is farm my soul off on ores and now elemental outland motes (fire, water, etc.) just to get some slow skill ups, since the AH prices are insane. So what's wrong with engineering? - Almost everything is soulbound and/or requires engineering skills to be used/equipped. - Explosives make no dmg and at stuns are useless even at lower lvls. Everything we make is made by us for us. And even the rare blue BoE stuff is A) on par with dungeon items so nobody cba to buy that, like the green lens, and B) requires mats from other professions, like leathers and herbs, putting us at the mercy of the AH. Btw, wildvines cost like 200g each, they are that rare these days. And may I add, what the hell have the designers been smoking when they decided to put wildvine herbs and heart of the wild (also a plant by the looks of it) into the crafting mats of a green lens? How do you put herbs into goggles/a monocle? WTF? Would have made much more sense if it was something like delicate copper wire, or a thorium setting or something else nonorganic and metallic. /SIGH How to improve things? - Remove skill requirements for crafted items to open up the market for engineers, and make them BoU (bind on use). This means all sorts of mind control cap, glove rocket, gadget trinket and boot rockets should be allowed to be attached to gear slots like enchants. To avoid exploitation: reduce the effects for users without engineering skills. - Buff effects. Explosives for example; more dmg, longer stun time like 6-10 secs, more range, instant cast (throw) time without delay. Overall buffed effects, durations, lower CDs and less *fail %* chances. Rocket boosts (feet) would be fun if they had a chance to either stop really soon after activation, like 1-3 secs or get jammed and become unable to be turned off for like 30 seconds and you'd have to fly around till they are totally burned out! *WAaaaAAAAAaaaaaaa~~~~((wooosh))~~~~AAAAaaaaaaaaAAAAA......!!!* - Cool new schematics: Hook gloves: shoots a hook at the target and tries to reel it in (the person with less strength gets reeled closer while the target with more strength stays foot), a sort of death grip. Magnetising plates: attach to a shield, when used disarms all targets around you from their weapons for 10 secs (*bzzzz-cha-clonk*) but also knocks the player down for 1 sec for every disarmed target due to the impact. Holobelt: projects a mirror (clone) image of you that can be attacked and targeted by enemies (also players) but takes no dmg (since it's just a projection of light). Mark I, II, III schematics available, each upgrade adds 1 image. 100yard range, battery lasts 10 secs, 3 min recharge time. Tracer-Trinket: pop this baby and shoot a tiny tracer dart at the target, allowing you to keep track of it even if stealthed for 1 minute, can't be dispelled, only removed by a engineer with a gyromatic micro-adjuster (aka.screwdriver) and a skill lvl of 250 for example. Reflect-O-Cloak: made out of thin silver and gold contact flakes, a coating attached to a cloak that has a 100% chance to reflect all projectile spells (fire, ice, shadow, lightning etc bolts) but with only a 5-15% chance of hitting the caster, and then for 50% of the original dmg. Supersonic sleepy wrist band kit: packs your wrists with a high tech sound emmitting module that blasts soundwaves at a certain frequency which puts all targets to sleep for 10 secs (automatic recast every 2 secs). Must stand still to channel the use of this item, lasts 10 secs, 5min cd. Give us more cool, "logical", usefull stuff that does not come as a "stand-alone" item but can be attached onto gear and sold as BoE stuff. This is what we engineers want. We are sick of stuff like that costs a million to craft if you buy the mats from the AH, is on par with the pvp shield which is almost free (100 honor points) and then you can't even trade it unless the buyer is a engineer too, in which case he's gonna make it himself!!! Gottam move this gear up!!! ßoomßadaßang4 09 Feb 2012
09 Feb 2012 350 cooking Enormous barbed gill trout Huge spotted feltail I cant find upper fishes in Outland. I can catch only <barbed gill trout> and <spotted feltail> any1 can help ? PS: WoWwiki/head says about Outland but cant fish...Gajä10 09 Feb 2012
08 Feb 2012 Do these meta gems sell? Yo, I'm in the meta gem business and I've got most of the recipes, but not all. So beforee I consider buying some more I was wondering if any of these will sell: - Fleet - Revitalizing - Powerful - Chaotic - Bracing - Destructive - Effulgent Are there any classes and specs that use these?Brosephine2 08 Feb 2012
08 Feb 2012 Cata tiners on 70 Nerf synapse springs and tazik shocket on 70! ppl one hitting you if retarded! Come on fix it. we pay for this game blizz, a simple hotfix is needed. make it unavalible or nerf if lvl wise. gogoSvarv0 08 Feb 2012
08 Feb 2012 Engineers being laughed at during Lunar Veil There are 84 Coins of Ancestry total to be gotten on one character. There's a companion for 50 coins. There's a suit or dress for 5 coins needed for achievement. And then there are recipes. Six recipe clusters, sold for 5 coins each. Total 30 coins. That sums up to 85 coins to buy everything. It's even worse for an Engineering/Tailoring combination, though I suspect that's kind of rare. Come on, Blizzard. Really? ONE COIN short of buying everything? Is this what you consider to be a fun and player-retaining experience?Moonleg17 08 Feb 2012
08 Feb 2012 Cheapest profession. Hello, As topic says, what is the cheapest profession to level through action house? I´m mostly interested in Tailoring and how much it would cost roughly! (Know it´s different prices on different servers but roughly how much) Kind regardsHérmés5 08 Feb 2012
08 Feb 2012 Looking for tips on Priest Roleplay. Firstly, I already have a pretty decent understanding on how a Priest would act and behave within society; they act as mentors, protectors, healers and pretty much have a philosophical role when it comes to their outlook on life. I have also already figured out his personality traits, his background and very vaguely where I would like him to end up in the future. So the main questions I ask are there: In what way do Priests defend themself and fight? Do they all shoot holy beams of light out of their fingertips or can the light only hurt demons and the undead? What would be a Priest's outlook on violence or would it be more sensible to be a pacifist? Or, something I'm hoping would be viable and interesting is if he is a "Master" at using a combat-staff, tending to stay away from using the light to harm and instead laying down justice in the form of martial weaponry? Krieileon3 08 Feb 2012
07 Feb 2012 Fishing - chance of hitting pool Should increase as your skill increases, i think its hilarious that a professional illustrious grand master fisher can take more than 5 casts to hit a pool of fish 10 feet awayPandi5 07 Feb 2012
07 Feb 2012 My sales This is a wonderful ad on that helps me a lot. But my main problem is that I can't categorize my sales in it, for example after proffessions. Is there an add on where you can set up how you track your sales, for example have it show only BS or JC sales or only glyph sales or other Inscription sales? Thanks in advance.Bankhack1 07 Feb 2012
07 Feb 2012 Hypnotic dust So I bought a lot of hypno dust for the next expansion. I bought for just around 9k in total. I'm unsure of wether I should continue to stockpile, or just keep the stacks I have now. What are you guys going?Bankhack13 07 Feb 2012
07 Feb 2012 INSCRIPTION NEED TO IMPOROVE Dear game support team We need to improve the Inscription too , PLZZZ help to this prof we could make off hands, relic 346 ??? who want it ? when they could drop very better than it in any dungeons? We make very hard a trinket after gather hundreds of herbs & mailing them !! we could gather very rare cards also after 2 weeks waiting the dark moon will come & give us a Trinket with AN ITEM LVL 359…….Do u go to the new dungeons, u could get very easily a trinket with 378 item in 30 min , is,nt it !!!! the tailor , BS. LW.JC & ... can work with their prof & make an items with ilvl 397 BUT we couldn’t !! After Spending many time for researching to get new glyphs , we had a junk items plllllllzzzzzz IMPROVE items . I,m looking forward to hear you for a good news & changing or improving in this prof And sorry if I had mistaken in my eng Regards Gezmon5 07 Feb 2012
07 Feb 2012 Ideas for new primary/resource professions Woodcutter (resource) GATHERS: -Lumber (main resource) -Resin (used for carpentry and alchemy) -Sub-products, such as shrooms or fruits REQUIRES: -Woodcutting axe (main hand, 1-2 dmg, 2sec. Its also unidentified 'weapon', like the pickaxe, blacksmith hammer and skinning knife) NODES: -Trees; -Cactus; -roots; -In certain cases, bones/chitin. ____________________________________________________________________________ Carpentry (primary) PRODUCES: -bows -crossbows -staves (with need of jewelcrafting supplies) -item enhancements (such as shield enchants) -some trinkets (top rank by exp. only) -various other items REQUIRES: -Lumber -Resin -nails (BS) -Laquer (alch) -Crafting tools Other ideas are welcome. I just gave two of mine :)Kaladrian0 07 Feb 2012
07 Feb 2012 New secondary profession? I've had an idea for a secondary profession that could possibly link to a storyline involving the draeni. my idea is simple: ASTRONOMY, the draeni could decide they want to look for their home planet with the help of the earthen ring or some neutral faction to both horde and alliance. it could also have potential for a little bit of fun for the higher level charactors as it could like to parodying some famous disaster movies that involve out of the world disastersPurir12 07 Feb 2012
07 Feb 2012 Bring Back the different "Master" smith Hi people, let's make a lot of threads that involv the mastersmith so blizzard hopfully bring the recepies back.Oktoy1 07 Feb 2012
07 Feb 2012 Silly question about fishing >.> /Shame As you progress in fishing, what actually unlocks rather than fishing lures etc. As you can see, i never actually level secondary proffessions >.>Rotation10 07 Feb 2012
06 Feb 2012 Change out Mining into Enchanting? So i have jewelcrafting skill 340 and kinda want to change out mining into enchanting. (i have mining because at low skill everything in JC was only collected in mining) but is that ok or will i need mining supplies for higher skill in jewelcrafting? Sorry for bad english lolSaakon1 06 Feb 2012
06 Feb 2012 Should engineers be able to make mobile forges/anvils? Bit more into detail here: Should engineers be able to make mobile forges + anvils that anyone can use and that last for a day?Nykiax7 06 Feb 2012
05 Feb 2012 Making money with elixirs? Is there any way to make significant money with alchemy if you chose elixirs spec or am I better off continuing to farm savage leather on my Rogue main?Antoinetta3 05 Feb 2012
05 Feb 2012 Best class Hi i was just wondering what in your opinion is the best class to farm herbs and ore Im thinking between dk/pala due to fast mount speed or druid due to insta flight form and herb gathering w/o dismounting Thnx a lot for your helpWartei7 05 Feb 2012
05 Feb 2012 Engineer (cataclysm) Tinkers on 65-70. Will blizzard do anythign about overpowered Cataclysm tinkers for Mop? at 65/70 you can get synapse springs/tazik for engineering. increasing your main stat for 480 or hitting your enemy for 5k dmg(+crit) overpowered as hell when ppl have 7-13k hp. Tazik crits for 7k Synapse strings make you hit hard enough to kill any healer/dps as basicly any class(in 5 sec) lets make Mop the best exp ever Aight? SO LETS FIX IT <3 //crossSkitskön1 05 Feb 2012
05 Feb 2012 Production Professions need some love too We have been seeing huge changes in many aspects of the game, but no real change in professions, specially production. Gathering professions doesnt really have much to change, besides the number of nodes/plants/cloth/leather sources and amount gathered. Production professions on the other hand suffer too much with the new leveling curve and loot/reward gear, gems and stuff. Leveling your char takes much less time today that it took once the professions last really changed. You have new "titles" on professions, new itens, but the system of leveling and utility of itens crafted didnt changed so much. A dozen itens give you more skill points for a short time, and mats are roughly easier to find, but if you dont buy them in AH exclusively to level, you will need too much mats to level too little, in a big time spam. Then, when you have a maxed profession, most of them dont offer itens you will be using as the rewards and looted itens are aways better and easier to get. Alchemy, Jewlercrafting still have some use in cap level, but like leatherworking, blacksmith and others are just to transmog, which doesnt really matter much because you can get the same appearence in old instances you can solo at cap level. The value of gear and itens doesnt really pay the work to make them, as VP, JP and other "rewards" can be sold, cheap, in AH. Inscription provides roughly glyphs, but you wont have "recurring customers" for glyphs, as they need them only once, and we already have enough inscription chars in most servers to supply the demand. Jewlercrafting and alchemy aswell. You can say that some crafting professionals earn bonus from their professions that are really useful for themselves, which is true, but not really a big advantage in their DPS, healing or tanking that they wouldnt go along fine without them. Racials usually are more usefull than profession bonuses. One exception is jewlercrafting and engeneering, which provide special gems and gadgets that can really be useful for you performace, but still not decisive as to be needed in a situation without replacement. My suggestion would be to follow the way some other games treat the crafting professions, and change the way professions work in a manner that they go along with the changes in the game without much work. For example: Gear Production: The professional learns how to use the mats, and the type and ammount of mats produce specific resultas, like for example, a leatherworker learn how to use a kind of leather, and the number of pieces of leather used to craft an item makes it having more armor. Obviously limits apply, as you couldnt use 500 pieces of light leather in a single item, instead, each kind of leather contributes with more armor. The final item isnt really a serial production of the same item, but a careful created itens respecting limits and those limits are entangled, like, you use leather for armor, and, lets say mote of air for agility. For each piece of leather you add, less motes of air you can put, and vice-versa. There would be space this way to diversify the leatherworkers and to produce unique pieces of gear that would be more in tune with the reality of the game. In wow it would never be done because production professions are to be bad, otherwise gold sellers would have a huge market, at least that is the thought by restricting relevant itens to NPC vendors in non-transferable currencies. Sad that it doesnt work and gold sellers will exist as long as gold exists in the game, and the ineffective measures to counter them only damage those who have nothing to do with them. But we could at least have more relevance for all professions, and restore the joy of being professional of some sort in WoW.Shotinha3 05 Feb 2012
05 Feb 2012 why did blizz ruin engineering :( i been palying this game for 4-5 years now and i seen engineering getting more and more boring. the fun thing about engineering is that u can make stuff that just are for fun or like the rocket boost but when u use them now u have a chance blowing up or being set on fire. why does blizz do this do they know how hard it is to get things needed to build things for engineering? and do we earn alot of money by doing it NO only reson why am not getting a new prof is becuse the old engineering from bc and vanila is still here cata ruined engineering can only make the enginering head and some gun why cant we make cool things enymore that works not like the rocket boost that may kill u if u have little help and trying to escape then u burn to death:( why cant they make it cool again. if there is somthing u guys miss somthing in engineering to please post it to :)Kuelthas15 05 Feb 2012
05 Feb 2012 I haz problem Since level 20 i trained archeology and wandered around in kalimdor and explored some artifacts, and now i am so bored of it. So i was thinking 'Now i am going to train another profession!' and took al flight to orgrimmar. But i found another problem; I cant decide what profession who is the best for me. So plz comment some professions that i can try out!Drshark2 05 Feb 2012
05 Feb 2012 u can do without a profession the prof benefits in short are +80 stats, which is sith if u ask me, totally not worth the time and money invested into them, only reason i can think of is when you are going for server first hc raid kills... oh and if u are limited by money, then u prob wana have ench/jewel/tailor my next char im rolling will have no professions and no secondary professions for sure, useless waste of time and gold np for saving ur time and gold note: new players should definitely try professions, as they will seem cool/useful and interesting, the above info is for players who have played for 2 expansions or moreVelvetti14 05 Feb 2012