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Inexperienced fisherman, looking for advice. Hello folks! As the title says, I'm looking for some advice and even confirmation on the fishing profession. I've managed to get all the way up to 700, including the fishing shack to level three, and gotten Nat Pagle as a follower in my Garrison. At first glance I was quite excited over the items he was selling, especially the fishing equipment. The items are as follows: [Nat's Drinking Hat]: Increases your total fishing skill by 160. (skipping all the unnecessary text) [Draenic Fishing Pole]: Increases your fishing skill by 230. I personally haven't bought both items yet, so I am unsure of whether or not they stack. I'd like some confirmation on this, but regardless, let's just imagine that they do. Both put together would give any player an' increase by 390 skill - amazing bonus! Or is it? - it turns out that there is a way to get an' increase by 400 instead, which is slightly better than the two fishing pieces you purchase from Nat (assuming ofcourse that his items do stack and if they don't, it really is !@#$) The method of obtaining 400 (which I can confirm myself) is by fishing in your Garrison. There you will get an' item called: Lunarfall Carp. The Lunarfall Carp summons a tiny little murloc that drops all sorts of items, including two fishing equipment pieces. They only last for a set amount of time, but nonetheless, they increase the players fishing skill by 200. Combind those two dropped from the murloc, and a [Worm Supreme] item, and suddenly you got 400+ to your fishing skill. Yes, those two fishing items only last for a set amount of days, like the hat lasts for 7 days and the fishing pole for 1 day. But it's taken me roughly 5-10minutes each time I require a new piece to get it back, by simply fishing in my own Garrison. It's not a huge waste of time either, considering that you can select which ever fish you want to catch in your Garrison, so spending that little amount of time is no big deal, to any player. So my beef with this, is that the equipment you purchase from Nat seems to suck in comparison to the items you loot by a Murloc, that only takes 5-10minutes to summon. Why is it like this? - Or am I missing something? Peace. Sôkar3
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Sandstone Dragon Just got back in the game after couple years out. trying to craft a sandstone dragon but cant find how to do it, thought it would be in the spellbook but isn't, can anyone tell me how to get it? Spent months getting the recipe, any help would be well appreciated. Luppiss3
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Archaeology Feedback Levelled Archaeology on an alt. Here's some feedback: --Digsites seem too limited in placement for lower-level players. Arch doesn't feel like the sort of thing you can level while you level-up from 1-100. This is contrary to professions, secondary professions, pet battles, and so on. --Lack of 'cool stuff' and not enough detail in the stuff you find: if rare's are going to be rare (and I'm surprised there isn't any green rewards (gear, gems, toys, rep tokens, gold bags) then the normal stuff has to come with more lore than it does. I solved loads of stuff that I just vendored and there was very rarely anything fun or storied about it. This isn't the case with regular professions where you are rewarded with every skill-up. Arch felt like I'd lost or wasted fragments if I didn't solve a rare. Perhaps solving stuff could give rep with factions in Vanilla, Shatar in Outland, etc. I know it's optional, but still - it felt bland in places... almost pointless. --The survey equipment is sometimes waaaay off. I understand you want people to 'work' for their fragments, but there were times, especially on bigger digsites, where I would zigzag at 90-degrees or even go round in a full crescent. The red survey result in particular needs to be more direct and create a tighter 'cone of suggestion'. --Un'Goro digsites are just too big. Plain and simple. Especially if you back and forth from one side to another. If you do it without flying, it's horrible. --Pandaria (esp Mantid) digsites are too small. A couple of double/insta-finds are nice here and there, but chaining green surveys and clearing an area in less than a minute seems a little rushed. or easy, perhaps. --You level much quicker than you find stuff. This is similar to the lack of rares, but it makes sense to me to go through Archaeology in a 'fairly' linear fashion. I know this is a game, and Arch is a secondary profession, but hitting (in my case) 600 and still not uncovering half the blue items seems incomplete. It would be better, I'd hazard, to have solves require less fragments, letting the player complete more and get more stuff but level slower, with solves granting 2-3 skill rather than 5+. I'd hoped archaeology would be a nice addition to my characters' skill sets and my WoW experience, but in truth I feel as though I've got to max (MoP) level and still missed out on so much. I relied on surveying and digging to skill-up for the most part, leaving solves until I was 600 or fragment-capped (appx. 15 times, esp Fossil, Troll, Dwarf) It feels like Archaeology is the kind of thing Blizzard want people to to-and-fro from, but this feels weird. I don't feel any more capable as a 600 archaeologist than I did a 20 Archaeologist. It feels empty, non-linear, patchy, and confusing. If there was some deeper narrative to things (not just a sentence) then it'd be more worth it. Or if there was a 'collection' that you donated to (instead of sold for fragments) rather than vendor GREY items, that'd be great. It feels like 80% of the stuff was: "WOW, a petrified thingymajig, what a find! I'll buy it off you for a quid and chuck it away shortly after!" Should 80% of archaeology feel like fishing up junk? Probably not - especially when it takes more time! Cheers Blues -- Porky1
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Broken Archaeology sites (Now with workaround) Edit: Work around found. Dig away at the broken site until you can't get to a piece, go and start on another site, return to the first and you should have new spots to dig from, it may take more than one return but it will work, I've been able to finish every broken digsite today using this method. I've found two broken sites so far where the red patch on the map is split in two pieces leaving a strip within that is not a surveyable site, Broken Spine digsite in Gorgrond where I am unable to get a piece as it is in the split bit and it won't let me use the surveyor and now another in Frostfire Ridge, Coldsnap Bluffs digsite. I have submitted a bug report for the Gorgrond one and have only just found the FFR one, I'll add to this post any more that I find today as I can imagine bug reports and GMs are exceptionally busy on patch day. Edit: So far I've found (In Draenor, digsites are broken in every zone, I'm not going to list them) Frostfire Ridge : Coldsnap Bluff, Lashwind Cleft, Southwind Cliffs Nagrand: Ruins of Na'Gwa, Ring of Trials, Osh'gun, Elemental Plateau, Highmaul Watchtower Gorgrond: Broken Spine, Beastwatch Shadowmoon Valley: Gloomshade Spires of Arak: Veil Akraz If these sites are available to you do not attempt to dig them, leave Draenor or relog and you should get new sites, I can't guarantee that as I haven't tested it thoroughly but it's what has worked for me. Edit: That work around doesn't work, I've had all four sites broken since yesterday and they haven't changed even after logging out for the night, playing on other characters and leaving Draenor. Oh well. Buckitt31
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