23 Jan My professions feels useless. I have BS/Tailoring which was suppose to be "best" for me in MoP as a resto shaman. This xpac it just feels... Bad. Considering leveling engineering since I have always enjoyed it on my previous main. But I dont wanna spend a ton of gold on the AH for mats, and I don't want to be there in Legion with a useless mining profession. I need some advice. ThanksTrollmonaut8 23 Jan
22 Jan pirmal spirit Please make pirmal spirit BoA or make the Crafting Mats BoA and not BoP?.. futermore how come that Alchemical Catalyst is nothing? can be sold on AH/tradet etc.. but War paints can't as they are BoP like all other crafting stuffLightingcow3 22 Jan
22 Jan Pattern: Deviate Scale Belt I'm currently in possession of this item on the horde side of Earthen Ring, if someone would be interested in a purchase please leave a comment. I also carry some old Zul'Gurub coins if anybody would be interested in those, probably some pre-cata shirts aswell.Borgok0 22 Jan
21 Jan potion of luck Is there anything like the potion of luck for draenor ?Truespear3 21 Jan
21 Jan WoD crafting stuff Anyone know if blizz plans Unique Equippe 3 thingys in Legion or anytime soon? Cus i have a metric crap ton of diffrent mats and i was not sure on what to use it on. maybe make Stuff for DH but not sure on itemlevels thereTitanen1 21 Jan
21 Jan Schematic: Flawless Arcanite Rifle I found one on my old dk who was positioned in the plaguelands.(It dropped before cata) It is for sale. From recent underminejournal data it seems I am the only one posting it on ah as of now.(in EU) I am also interrested in buying the songblade. Frostmane-EUVeryrich0 21 Jan
21 Jan Embrace of Twisting Nether? so im getting my shammy together with Mog and when it came to finding a chest i really liked Embrace of Twisting Nether.....has it been removed? if not are their anyone on the wildhammer/Thunderhorn realms that still have this pattern?Spirittotems1 21 Jan
20 Jan Jewelcrafting issue Hi there! I have no clue if this is in the right category on the forums but, I've been having a issue. On the internet it says you unlock Tigers Eye Band at jewelcrafting level 20. I've been trying to grind up my Jewelcrafting using a guide but I have a problem. I don't have this Tigers Eye Band in my jewelcrafting UI. This is probably a stupid question but how do I get it? It's probably really easy but I'm kinda new to this game and would really apreciate to know! Thanks!Duckerino1 20 Jan
20 Jan WTB Stormshroud Armor Chestpiece Title says it all. Im on LightbringerToryill0 20 Jan
19 Jan Archaeology dig sites reset without a reason? First of all I rarely use wow forums so I dont know if its the right place to ask about this thing but anyway. For a while now my dig sites are getting randomized without the use of the randomized item without a reason. I can have certain dig sites on progress log out and then log in to find my dig sites completely randomized, this doesnt happen always its kinda rare BUT it always happens after I log in after I get disconnected. Its a real pain especially after you notice that all the dig sites you have are the ones you dont want, and of course the consumable item to randomize them into something else is on cool down. This happens only with Draenor dig sites as far as I noticed, never happened for me in Pandaria. Anyone has any idea if this is intended ?Rebbelion1 19 Jan
18 Jan WTB Frozen Runes WTB 5x Frozen Rune on RavencrestGenakoil1 18 Jan
15 Jan Alchemy Transmutation master or potion master?Eliassen1 15 Jan
15 Jan Haunted Herring recipe? Where is the best place to farm this along with the other emotion recipes in Northrend? Specific instances or any spot in the world?Zhid2 15 Jan
15 Jan Peon's Mining Pick bugged It says on the item that it allows faster mining in draenor and doesn't need to be equipped for it to work. However it seems that sometimes it mines faster and other times it doesn't. Think this might be a bug if any can tell me. I submitted a report but nothing was done yet. And yes I am using it in draenor.Burntwaffles3 15 Jan
15 Jan Rerolling gear stats presenting the same gear again Had some doubts if I should post this as an ingame ticket or here, but here goes. I won't go into what I think of the RNG-fest that is the crafting situation at the moment, because I believe that we're stuck with it and the topic has been beaten to death with a rather large stick. What really, really peeved me off just now was waiting a day for my daily cooldowns, having the mats to reroll the stats on my 640 tailoring cloak... and getting EXACTLY the same stats as before (of the Savage). I had to reroll stats on my Warrior's 640 JC ring some 10 times or more before I got what I wanted, having stats repeating throughout the rolls... but never, EVER getting the same item as the one I just had. Is this a bug, or working as intended? If we're stuck with this system for now, at least make it impossible to get the same item as the one we just had. That's just... bad. Really bad.Lamyl9 15 Jan
15 Jan Need help! Cant decide Hi! I cant decide between my proffesions. I am thinking about Mining and Herbalism cause i like the grinding point. But they seem so pointless! Is there any other proffesion that i good and grindish??Mogus1 15 Jan
15 Jan Restored artifacts on alts I have an issue with restored artifacts. I dont have the time or the inclination to level up my alts archeology to 600, yet the mine, missions etc. yield enough fragments that they over time assemble a stash of restored artifact crates, crates that I cannot turn in, due to their skill being too low. As Archeology is implemented now, its just silly to have the system this way. With the archeology rewards all being BoA, there is no incentive to level it up on multiple characters. Treat the crates as any other suprlus resource that you can send to your appropriate crafter. I would like to see the skill level requirement to open the crates of X archeology fragments removed or (even better) make the restored artifacts BoA.Sendai1 15 Jan
15 Jan New char! Dont now what prof. I should pic! Been away and have been reading about garnisons And stuff! Should i just pic that i like ex if i want a mc or carpet! Or can you save mony if you have like enh? Or if you are cloth is there gear you want that you have to make? Hope you understand what i am after! Sorry about the LanguageEwengelin1 15 Jan
12 Jan Krakkanon tips? Krakkanon, the fish pools of panicked fish in Pandaria: 1. Killed it once, and had the option to loot …. Nothing 2. There was another player who popped in several times, fished few pools and probably hopped realms 3. After 1 more hour of fishing pools, another player comes in the spot, taps it and then vanishes, also the monster vanished, phased out. Can someone enlighten me why no swarm of bigger pool of panicked fiish appears? Is this event changed? I was there for 2-3 hours, just to watch others come in for 5 minutes and take the kill, and there was no bigger pool of panicked fish spawn, in the area around the Krasarang FallsDeealyne1 12 Jan
11 Jan Handful of copper bolts. I cant craft this. I have been to the trainer and I am 40 in engineering. I just cant find out how to craft this.Radella5 11 Jan
08 Jan Best Money Making Professions + Hunter Utility So I levelled this character with Herbalism and Mining as professions, under the assumption that, just like previous expansions, it would easiest to make money and level gathering professions. However now with Garrisons, everyone can gather herbs and ores, regardless of if you have herb and mining as professions or not. So now due to the expense of Garrison upgrades and also buying enchants, I seem to constantly hovering around 5K gold, but now I'm starting to loose money. I am considering dropping herb + mining in favour of something like alchemy, gem cutting or enchanting, however I also don't want to loose the utility that the ability to farm extra materials gives me for Garrisons, such as making agility flasks at the alchemy lab. So this brings me to my question; what would be the ideal professions to make money on the AH off, while still having utility for a hunter in a PVE raid environment? Any help you can provide is very much welcome!Ragvir3 08 Jan
08 Jan Help me make gold with alch/herb :) Hey all , As the title says I am looking for a few tips on how to make these to profitable.I don't mind grinding herbs only and selling them straight to the ah. Just share a few tips and tricks for these two if you feel like helping . Thanks in advance ! Stomaklija from RakijaStomaklija1 08 Jan
08 Jan Inscription - Glyphs yet to discover ?? Is there any way to find out how many glyphs i am missing from achieving total collection of all glyphs. Maybe addon or macro ? ThanksHexercisë6 08 Jan
05 Jan Is there a reason to go blacksmith/tailor etc? Over enchanting, jewelcrafting etc all these is useful through out the expansion, any reason to go Blacksmith?Alempa0 05 Jan
05 Jan Gold Making with Professions Hey Guys, I wonder if this ahs already been posted but if it hasn't I would like to ask how to Gold Make in WoD...though primarily with the Professions. I have been struggling as a gold maker this expac and I wondered how y'all do it. If you will not share with me nay details that is fine, though of course I would hope you would! MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!Funtardon6 05 Jan
04 Jan "Phantom Blade" hey guys... i start farming the recepie of this sword for 2 weeks at doungen...but still nothing! just want to know does it exist or they removed the recepie :/Ilkassadinll1 04 Jan
03 Jan Enchancment for twink. So i just recently made a twink. (lvl 19 fury) And now i have to enchant my sh*t. So i was wondering if i can enchant hierlooms on my lvl 100 and mail them or does my twink need to do it? //GatoZGatoz2 03 Jan
03 Jan Profession Schedule from Wod to Legion Just to share it i was reading legion thread on different websites and one thing comes back often : Gathering is back on track... Well mmh, since WoD, all my alt go 2 crafting professions and i get rid of the gathering since we can do without it. I did not say it was useless, i said we can easily do without it. Well guess it's time for a change ! Professions are fast and not expensive to level in this expansion. Got loads of alts 13x100 geared,with garrison level 3 and professions. I cleaned everything :) DK (Main) JewelCrafting and Engineering + Archaeology + Fishing + Cooking Paladin BlackSmith and Mining Hunter LeatherWorking and Skinning Warrior Enchanting and Engineering Druid Inscription and Herbalism Priest Alchemy and Tailoring All the rest of my character will only be Gathering, chosen depending the class mobility Shaman,Monk,Warlock, Rogue, Mage, Mage2 and DK2 Since i plan to play Demon Hunter, got a free slot, to solve any unexpected problems. Voila! NB: i still have time to change if you think something can be improve as wellTazchi4 03 Jan
02 Jan Looking for Alchemist that can Transmute: Titanium (Aggramar, Hellscream)Astronomywar0 02 Jan
01 Jan Nerubian Chitin I'm guessing "Skinning" these mobs doesn't work anymore? Tried for hours with a 25% drop chance.. No success, or am I doing it wrong? Any thoughts? 01 Jan
30 Dec How is Jewelcrafting in wod? Hello! I think I'm going to choose Jewelcrafting and Enchanting on my alt that I plan on semi maining untill Legion because I'm bored of my warlock for now. I remember that some guildy said that jewelcrafting was useless to make money but that was in 6.0 ( also he might just have been unlucky/bad, didn't really think about it at the time) is that still the case? Because I can choose whatever except Tailoring and Engineering on that alt, so if Jewelcrafting is useless, what should I choose instead? I will also make money with enchanting but I know that enchanting can make you money in wod so that is not really part of the question. It's a Spriest so I'd prefer something that benefits that class/spec and not blacksmithing nor lw.Zhyrion2 30 Dec
28 Dec LF BS to craft Storm Helm (Horde Side) Hello I am very eager to get the [Storm Helm] crafted if there is a blacksmith on horde side who has the recipe. You can contact me in game on Hauntress - Thunderhorn. My tag is Darkholme#2811. I can provide the materials required. I hope to hear from someone soon. :)Hauntress0 28 Dec
27 Dec Leatherworking, Pratt McGrubben & old world recipes... I dropped Leatherworking some time in BC/WotLK after having learned all the Wild Leather recipes. I have now re-taken Leatherworking and to my surprise (& delight) there is now an option when talking to Pratt, to re-learn your old Wild Leather recipes again! (I assume it's the same for the other old Leather specialization recipes?). Woohoo! Nice touch Blizzard. Thank you for implementing this, small, but very welcome change. Now please can I re-learn the Wolfshead Helm recipe? Pretty, please? Are there any changes to other professions with similar re-learning potential? E.g. Old Tailor / Blacksmith recipes, that I maybe don't know about?Berrt0 27 Dec
26 Dec Anyone else miss 'realistic' professions? As the title implies, I miss the gold old days when professions just seemed that little bit more realistic with regards to the mats required to make an item, compared to today's 'idiot friendly' way it's handled. Here's a couple of example... Red Linen Robe, vanilla Tailoring, ilvl 10 cloth chest, mats = 3 bolts of linen cloth, 2 coarse thread, and some red dye vs Sumptuous Robes, WoD Tailoring, ilvl 565 chest, mats = 50 Sumptuous Fur Silver Plated Shotgun, vanilla Engineering, ilvl 26 gun, mats = 2 bronze tubes, 2 whirring bronze gizmos, a wooden stock, and some silver bars vs Shrediron's Shredder, WoD Engineering, ilvl 630 gun, mats = 100 gearspring parts Personally, I always found it more interesting to have to assemble all of the mats required to make an item rather than just having to farm X of 1 item.Quarrel6 26 Dec
26 Dec Best ore to farm? So i recently started farming gold on ores. But is fel iron most expensive or is there any better to farm?Druiidi4 26 Dec
24 Dec Inscription - Cool/Funny Glyph idea for pala(legion) Just thought it would be really cool if paladins could get a glyph that gives a visual of the streetfighter Guiles "Sonic boom" move on either denounce or holy shock or even judgement (Doest it even matter where?). I can see the ashbringer paladins running around with their awesome sword and then throwing out SONIC BOOOOOM. Thoughts?Castles1 24 Dec
24 Dec Flasks. In legion, please make it easier to tell apart the greater strength and Agility flasks as the color is rather similar! I didnt buy the wrong ones from the AH! dunno why you would think such a thing.Goregut1 24 Dec
21 Dec Annoying Archaeology? Help? I've found two ways of doing Surveying, and both of them are really annoying, so I wonder if anyone have found another way! Iteration You Survey You move in the direction the device points You Survey You realize you're way off You move in the new direction, and repeat until you finally get your artifact This is just full of disappointment and feeling mislead. Math You Survey You Survey You Survey You Survey You Survey You Survey You move in the direction of the weighted average of the device's directions You Survey If yellow/green, you move a bit to the side You Survey You move to where the directions intersect, and find your artifact This would have been fine, if not for the relatively long cooldown that you have to wait for in between your surveys. It feels like the system is made to be annoying, taking out all possible skill, in order to make archaeology slower, or to put everyone on an even playing field, no matter if they can figure out some basic geometry or not. Does anyone have a better idea for how to go about this, because I would love it if I could do archaeology without going crazy!Unmarked4 21 Dec
21 Dec Old Ironjaw - yes this guy again! at this moment i have been fishing in Ironforge with this guy for roughly 6 days with many hours spent and still has not found Ironjaw at all. My current score is 5100 Casts: [Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper] = 3032 [Raw Brilliant Smallfish] = 868 [Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish] = 1155 [17 Pound Catfish] = 11 [19 Pound Catfish] = 6 [22 Pound Catfish] = 2 [Lesser Healing Potion] = 12 [Lesser Mana Potion] = 8 [Bloated Mud Snapper] = 2 With [Tigerseye] = 1 and [Shadowgem] = 1 [Blue Leather Bag] = 1 [Hook Dagger of Power] = 1 [Simple Robe of Spirit] = 1 [Seer's Boots] = 1 And yet after all this time and being killed by alliance players, [Old Ironjaw] just hasn't appeared. Now as far as I'm concerned it should have shown up by now even if its drop rate is very VERY low, the 22 Pound Catfish has an even lower drop rate yet that's appeared twice now. This guys gotta have been removed surely, it should not be taking this long. Thing is i also need to do some Pilgrim's bounty stuff for this troll here too but i don't wanna have to leave then walk all the way thru Ironforge again to get this bloody thing. Has anyone recently been having trouble with this guy more so than ever, whether alliance or horde and whichever realm?Zylon4 21 Dec
19 Dec First time hello everyone, can any1 pls tell me what should i do in order to get a separate, 1. Timer for how long it will take for my skill to reappear once it is used 2. Timer for how long it will take for my MOUNT to appear 3. A separate status bar for my team showing their HP 4. how to change the game interface for each status bar like how to change the map size and to change HP bar of my pet and so on thank you.Shuoshuo1 19 Dec
19 Dec Anyone still using TSM? I noticed there was an update recently they screwed up the AuctionDB. Is there any other way to list AH items now? or is there any addon to replace this function?Gannet2 19 Dec
18 Dec Shouldn't it turn into an Epic? I just crafted an Shadowtome for my warlock and I've upgraded it 5 levels now, I've upgraded items in the past and they turned epic on stage 2 or 3 but this one hasn't, should it turn into an epic or is it a bug?Zackarius6 18 Dec
16 Dec Any Cooking recipies with effects? Do anyone know of more cooking recipes like the Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight That gives a funny effect when you eat it ?Metalbull3 16 Dec
14 Dec How to make gold via professions in WOD So I lvl up an alt to pvp with, and I got herbalism/mining and also a Lumber Mill so i run around in travel form gathering herbs/mines/timber. I read in forums thought that gathering professions are not good any more, but on the other hand I do not want to spend any gold leveling up enchanting or tailoring for example. What do you suggest? Also which garrison buildings are the best to make gold fitting your professions you suggested? Through salvage yard/barracks mission completing style, or maybe some other kind? thanks in advance!Fayereagan9 14 Dec
14 Dec Outland cooking & fishing. Good day everyone, Could you lower the level to start with the cooking and fishing daily's in Outland from 70 to 60? Because I am training my skills now to 375. I can get the vendor recipes of course but it would be great to start the daily's also, then I can continue my travel to Northrend and start there from 375 and not stuck to do the daily's first. Yours faithfullyGoatic0 14 Dec
13 Dec wat Profession gives the most gold? wat Profession gives the most gold? and what to farm?Tysonbeast6 13 Dec
13 Dec Any tips ? Hello everyone, So, I started to level professions on my mage, who is lvl 100. The professions are tailoring and enchanting. Can I get any tips on how to speed level them ?Linasu3 13 Dec
13 Dec Which professions? I play Undead Warlock. Could you help me and let me know which professions will be the best for that?Funo2 13 Dec
13 Dec best AH addons for lots of selling Hi I use Auctionator so far. I have lots and lots of items that I want to sell on AH (usually nothing expensive) and I kind of miss automation. So far I Alt+leftclick an item to have it bring up all the items of same kind and their prices. Is there an easier - more automated way to sell (or at least try to) several hundred items every few days? ThanksZondralin4 13 Dec
12 Dec Archaeology artifact gear I had the idea that Archaeology in legion could reward us with full armor sets. unique ones, like the breaker of terokk (arakkoa 1h mace) or the warmaul of the Warmaul Chieftain (ogre 2h mace). every class could get a legendary quest line from the league of explorers to go excavate this. lets take warrior for example; they could get a quest that tells them to go to stormheim and there we need to go to several places and do some archaeology and then we get a unique vrykul set. death knights could maybe go to northrend for it, druids to val'sharah etc.Rohan0 12 Dec