07 Sep fix skinning i pull 5, can skin 3. no one in area, no one touching it, no one needs to loot it. Just not possible to skin. Once every 5 mobs i get one that isnt skinable, all same mobs. Its retarded.Hellocrítty0 07 Sep
07 Sep How to get the third rank for flasks? Does it just randomly happen while crafting them?Bows0 07 Sep
07 Sep dont buy the enchanting recipies I bought the enchanting companion recipies some days ago, the day after they were gone, an ddid the sam eyesterday and well again it was gone when i relogged. They should fix that at some point, but as for right now, just dont buy it. I made a ticket yesterday morning, and the average time is still 3 days and 23 hours (even longer than it was when i first made it) a few friends have had the same bugMischá2 07 Sep
07 Sep Was tehre a Hotfix for skinning? Hey there i just farmed all day today and im on rank 3 Stonehide and usually get between 6-12 stonehide from each mob now i relogged and noticed im only getting 2-4 oO Maybe its a Bot protection or something but .... yea im just farmingDemoninside1 07 Sep
07 Sep What professions do suit Warrior best? Hello, I'm a new player, bought wow 2 weeks ago but wasn't able to play much, got warlock to lvl 82 but got bored, I want to play warrior now and I'm wondering what professions do suit him best? Orc Warrior? I want to be able to make some money too.Mörgön1 07 Sep
07 Sep Problems getting Rank 2 mining skills Hello Fellow mining people. So. Regarding Leystone ore mining - I did complete the questline in Highmountain, and didnt get any follow up quest. - Thou im still stuck at rank 1 mining. However, Ive read on the internet, that you have to mine 3 different quest objects to recieve rank 2 in mining laystone ore. - But I do not have a active quest for that - Does that mean I dont have the quest, or will they still drop? - Ive been mining alot Laystone ore, and havnt recieved any quest items for rank 2. So. Do I need an active quest in my quest journal Or am I good to just keep farming and waiting for RNGesus to drop?Broffelof3 07 Sep
07 Sep Mining felslate rank 2 Anyone else having mined hundreds of felslate deposits, with no quest item drop for the rank 2 skill? Got all the others very quickly, all the rank 2 leystone skills and felslate seams and living felslate, just the felslate deposit version doesn't seem to drop. Playing on Alliance, btw.Vaelahrn3 07 Sep
06 Sep Skinning World Quest? So, I've found that to be able to skin Felhide that you need to do the skinning world quest to get the drop. But it hasen't popped up yet, is it random? Just wanna start farming it and make some of the patterns that require it.Onizuka18 06 Sep
06 Sep Trade macros How do you make these again? Would ideally like to link 2 proffs in one message, but if not, whats the setup to link one? Ill just make a macro each lolUseyour1 06 Sep
06 Sep RANK 3 (Herbalism) recipes So.. does anyone already got 1 of them? Im on 110 since launch day and farming here and there but didn't drop a single level 3 quest-starting item? Am I missing something? like dungeondrops or stuff? Or am I just unlucky as usual? GreetzSoo5 06 Sep
06 Sep Mining nodes vanishing while mining them? So this just happend agian. Ita quite rare though. Happend 3 times so far for me. Worst is when you´r mining a Rich Felslate nod and midmining its just vanish and a red text in the middle of the screen says somthing like Invalid target. Any1 else noticed this? On a side note.. all these 3 times I have been alone, no party etc so it can´t be a phasing issue?!Zorieke4 06 Sep
06 Sep Mining Past 785+ Where am I supposed to get the last 15 levels? All deposits, and seams are grey for me. Baskilists (Although not grey) do not award mining experience when you mine them. Am I supposed to mine them until I get the final quests (3 stars), and then they turn green or something? Cheers if you know, ClirimtareClirimtare5 06 Sep
06 Sep Mining spoilers ahead! Question regarding rank 3 felore Hello. I have rank 2 of all fel ore mining. I know you have to click three summoning stones to get the others. I found one (felhold) but I can't seem to click it all. Do the dialogue option (or whatever it is) operate on a cooldown or something? Or have I missed something completly?Zaru1 06 Sep
06 Sep Engineering - Can't complete short circuit - Hostile! I'm doing the short circuit quest and can get all the way through to "Talk to Nixx Sprocketspring in Gadgetzan", however my character is hostile with Gadgetzan and I can't talk to the NPC. I was hostile at ratchet but could still talk to that NPC (I'm assuming because it was a human and wasn't part of the faction). Any ideas if there's a plan to make these NPCs not hostile, or am I going to have to grind pirates to get neutral with Gagetzan just to do my new engineering quest? ~Waftycrank~Waftycrank4 06 Sep
06 Sep Engi I feel really bad about engi atm Items are expensive and there is no way to earn any gold by this proffesion. Blizzard could at least reduce amount of mats needed to make gunshoes for example ..Trzeciaczek8 06 Sep
06 Sep Herbalism World Quest Missing?? [Solved] I want to start collecting felwort for my darkmoon cards but after unlocking world quests, the herbailsm one is missing from my map. Can anyone shed any light? Thanks, BrewBrewster5 06 Sep
06 Sep Herbalism world quest - Felwort It's been 5 days now and still no world quest for felwort, not even a single one. Is there any criteria that needs to be filled or why am I not getting the quest? It's becoming very frustrating. :(Tsibango4 06 Sep
06 Sep Enchanting needs Ranks for disenchanting As im playing the game, i notice that most of the enchants cost way to much. And the amount you get from de stuff is just 2-4 dust per item. There is no diference between a lv 100 item and a 110 item. None. Not to mention the amount needed for most enchants is way to big. Even at rank 3. Lets take Binding of Agility, the cape enchant, 8 epic shards, 30 dust and 2 blood of sargeras. You need to farm ALOT to make anything. There is no daily cd to use for 1 free epic shard. There is no make 1 from 5 blue shards, nope. Even the Ley Shatter thing you get is useless, 1 blue shard to get 3 arkhana? Thats not worth it. Considering that most mats cost alot of blue shards as well. So you depend ALOT on geting gear to melt, and you dont get any bonuses when you do that like with mining, herbalism and skinning. There should be ranks for disenchanting. Being able to get more mats from stuff. Or double the amount would be awesome. Maybe make it so you can disenchant Blood of sargeras for mats, you do get alot of it from dungeons, world quests and some from de stuff. Im not so sure if the Shoulder enchant, Boon of the Manaseeker is gona help much. Since its ment to be a low drop chance.Darnax2 06 Sep
06 Sep Felslate seam location? I have soon completed all chapters in 3 areas but i still havent found a single felslate seam. Anyone have any locations or tips?Blong4 06 Sep
06 Sep Inscription warbinder ink trader Most people like me came back in wow after legion release with a lot of warbinder's inks in bag. With the changes of this profession warbinder's inks became very useless because you can't even craft a sigle old glyph with them. So is there a chance to put back a npc that can still trade old inks for that one? Maybe for just like a month to let people clear their bank from them? I know every expansion works this way, but if you think about it old inks were still needed for something. I hope you'll take this idea in consideration.Imissu1 06 Sep
06 Sep Will blacksmithing/crafting become more relevant later? So after the first week I've maxed out & I've used blacksmithing to get myself heroically geared with a couple of items, world quests / dungeons for the rest. I've since gone on to lock out each Mythic & now looking for things to do. As far as i can tell blackmithing is pointless for me, I've replaced the crafted gear with 840/845 already. I may roll another profession that's a little fun rather than functional, the time & effort needed to invest in 10 obliterum (complete a quest chain that relies on other players/alot of time or gold, then destroy 4/5 crafted items per 5ilevels on each piece of crafted gear) is nothing compared to getting some class hall gear or getting that drop in your dungeon. My question is, when the raids come out & Mythic+ comes, will there be new recipes, will the item level of the crafted gear go up? I could drop blacksmithing, get engineering for some toys & a potential AH in Dalaran later, maybe come back to BS when I want the mount from the raid..Faren5 06 Sep
06 Sep I'm thinking of dropping engineering. Seriously... I watch my guildies craft gear and then upgrade them to 850ilvl. Engineers? I can't even get upgradable goggle schematic until I get into that (apparently) reputation gated dungeon in suramar! I think that is going to take weeks. I will be raiding before I get gogles. I also think those are only items I could use and upgrade from engineering. LW get lot of armor pieces. BS get lot of armor pieces. Tailors get lot of armor pieces. I don't know about the rest, but I'm feeling rather disapointed. Perhaps I can level up another profession(s) rather quickly, if I just start doing it. Like.... leatherworker or something more useful than engineering. Engineers only get QOL stuff like wormhole generators. I think nearly all engi items are just "for lolz" items. I think I'll stop the QQ at this point. I could go on about how nearly all engi items are completely pointless and redundant, but I wont. Do you people think I should just drop engineering since it is useless? If so... what would you suggest I replace it with? I got mining as gathering profession. So I may need to switch that too, if I change crafting.Khareal8 06 Sep
06 Sep milling for sallow pigment i milled a lot of stuff recently and i am now sitting on 200+ roseate pigment vs a measly 20 sallow pigment. as it says "commonly found" i would assume the droprate is a little better then that. anybody else having this problem?Kelinci0 06 Sep
06 Sep Unable to hit 800 blacksmithing I've hit skill-level 783 where all my recipies have greyed out, I have completed all the blacksmithing quests, and I have a few of the demonsteel rank 3 recipies. What am I supposed to skill up with? As far as I could figure out myself, the demonsteel rank 3 crafts where supposed to take me straight to skill-level 800. Anyone else encountered the same issue? Or have I just had a massive oversight somewhere...?Killme3 06 Sep
06 Sep Fixing skinning for unlooted mobs Hey all, Just now I was going around on MMO-c (threads/2060523-Players-not-looting-skinnable-mobs), and someone had the most brilliant idea for skinning.. Especially with Legion's open-tap on quest mobs, it is rather annoying when you've just spent time on a kill, someone either helped out or simply tapped it with a single attack, but then doesn't loot the mob.. This, of course, means that it is not possible to skin it. Now here it comes: ... Wouldn't this be plain awesome to have? Is it possible?Marinai6 06 Sep
06 Sep Profession world quests not showing? For the past 3 days i havnt seen any profession related world quests, like brimstone, bacon, fishing or regular mining, i have found a few fishing world quests by chance but they dont show on my world map, is this a bug or something else going on? Thanks.Kuppz15 06 Sep
06 Sep Recipe quests: yeah or nay? I'm undecided about them currently, as I'm locked out of the game by constant disconnects, but here's how I see it: To learn all your recipes through questing takes more game hours than by daily cool-down recipe tokens (as in WoD) or daily quests. But you can push through these game hours without the daily cooldown limit or previous systems. In essence, I think it makes you more committed to your profession, but instead of "I need five tokens for this recipe, so I'll get it in five days" you have a case of "better go grind quests in this zone until I have all the recipes" Of course, that's all well and good assuming you can actually play at all with the current disconnection issues, but that's a problem for another forum.Concobanus11 06 Sep
06 Sep Leather Lady LW quest in Dalaran Anyone know why this quest isn't showing up for me? I did the previous quest Playthings, and WoWHead says Leather Lady only requires level 98. Clearly i am missing something. Can anyone help me out please? Thank youZruke0 06 Sep
06 Sep Can't use Leather Refurbishing Kit on upgraded gear The title pretty much says it all. I forgot to reroll the stats properly and I just screwed myself. Why can't I change the stats after I've upgraded it? Is there a specific reason for this? Am I perhaps just overlooking something? Help me please. The gear I'm trying to reroll is a 7/7 obliterum upgraded Dreadleather Pants of the Fireflash.Elynaee3 06 Sep
05 Sep Leather working run out of quests no 515 recipes My wife's LW has done many quests even the last one with the wolf on a rope that was really hard. There are no quests showing up on world map or LW trainer in Dalaran. what are we missing? How can the 815 recipes level 1 be learned when the quest line can not be re found. Any addons to help with missing quest lines or anything similar?? Really annoying this.Ooch3 05 Sep
05 Sep Alchemy: Sylvan Elixir So is there any reason why this elixir is unusable in the only place that makes sense to use it, namely in dungeons where the bonus 10% on stats would actually count? Is this a bug or is it deliberate on Blizzard's part?Kei0 05 Sep
05 Sep Can't train Herbalism to 800? At the Dalaran trainer there is no skill to level to 800? Do you get it via a drop as in WoD or is this a bug?Praxus8 05 Sep
05 Sep Herbalism stuck Does anyone have any idea why my herbalism is stuck at 391+10? I'm picking frozen herbs, which are orange, and getting no skill points; very frustrating.Jimreeves0 05 Sep
05 Sep FELWORT??? So like we all know, the world quest tracker for professions are broken (The Broken Isles), does anyone have cords for the felwort? Please comment if you know!Ethalion1 05 Sep
05 Sep Obliteration suggestion. Obliterating only one item at a time is incredibly poor design, please consider adding several slots to the obliteration machine. 10-12 should do nicely, please consider this, it's incredibly time consuming, in order to get 1 obliterum it takes 20 minutes or so...Tumbuktu3 05 Sep
05 Sep Underlight Angler AP Hi, I got my Underlight Angler fishing pole recently, and used it to fish up some of the rare fish to level it and the fish are still saying they reward 5 fishing levels when you throw them. Aren't they supposed to reward 50 AP?Manajuma0 05 Sep
05 Sep Felwort world quest location co-ords ok so I know they're bugged but the quest locations would at least allow us to go look and see if one is there for instance I did one at highmountain 36,42 and got the quest and 5 felwort I believe there is one in Azuna around 48,55 as well if anyone else has locations where they have done felwort world quests it'd be handy until they fix the bug. Obviously there is no way of knowing when these quests are up or not but if you're in the area anyway...Shameleon3 05 Sep
05 Sep Skinning and ancient manacrystals. Cant remeber the name of the zone but its the place you get manacrystals. When you are topped up with manacrystals you cant skinn animals and you cant dump crystals becouse the are a currency. So there you are 300 mana currency things and 1 mana currency thing in the animalcorps, cant pick up the mana thingy so you cant skinn. Do something please.Krison0 05 Sep
05 Sep Enchanting quests Why are there so much running around the world ? And even going back to Stonecore and Scholo again, come on. We seen them 100+ times already don't want to see them again. This is so alt unfriendly it's hard to find words. I spent all day only on enchanting, 4 world quests and 3-4 dungeons and one cooking quest. This taken like 6+ hours because of all the running around. Tiresome and not very fun at all.Myri1 05 Sep
05 Sep Ringing true quest reward? So when I completed the Ringing true quest I got to choose one of the following: Word of Critical Strike, Word of Haste, Word of Mastery Is there no other way to get the other two? I can´t seem to find any information on this. I even saw a video where the player was awarded all three. :(Izii0 05 Sep
05 Sep Leyfish Blenny. I've caught 200 fish and still not caught the Skrog toenail. I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any specific pools or locations I should be fishing? Where did you catch yours? This post is no longer relevant, I traded a friend some bait for their bait and got my fishy.Vodkah0 05 Sep
05 Sep Dungeons and Professions? Please enlighten me if I've understood this right: You cannot lvl professions without doing dungeons now? Got a ench quest taking me to dungeon - am I done lvling prof now, if I don't do that...?Maybella2 05 Sep
05 Sep archeology Can someone explain whats with the dig sites? I'm guessing dig sites will stay in a single zone per day, are they reset randomly to what zone will be the next day? if so it seem a bit broken considering I've only had dig sites in stormheim since the day after launch. and well I highmountain for the mount...Ludovic2 05 Sep
05 Sep Disenchanting in legion Is there an enchanting level requirement for disenchanting in legion, can a level 1 enchanter disenchant legion gear ? Edit;) Just disenchanted a blue reward from the Broken shore scenario on a level 100 with just skill level 1 Enchanting but only got Draenic dust.Fenella3 05 Sep
05 Sep Enchanting World Quests I have enchanting at skill level 627 and I have completed all enchanting quests, most are even at rank 2 and I still don't see any quests on the map for 2 days now. According to wowhead you need 100 skill lvl for quests to appear and according to a guildie it is above 500. I have suprassed both and I still don't see them, while my JC/mining buddy has 1-2 world quests per proffesion per day.Dellingrx1 05 Sep
05 Sep How to get Legion Scribe back I did delete scribing after i did the quest Sign This and asked a gm to restore it and they did but the problem is that now that i didn't get legion scribe back, the skills went only to 177/225 as it was before 177/800Kolossi2 05 Sep
05 Sep Bit confused about obliterum Hi all Just wondering if someone could help me out with something that im unsure about. Ive recently dinged 110 and have a fair bit of spare cash, i have 2 blood of sargeras If i buy a crafted chest piece (815) and buy obliterum as well can i use it to upgrade the piece similar to the essences in wow? or does it require the forge etc? ThanksRavinee2 05 Sep
05 Sep optimum stack size what stack size sells the best and gives highest return (just came back to WoW) for enchanting mats ect ect i tried to sell them as high as 200 but those wont sell can somebody help me plsDamesta2 05 Sep
05 Sep [Request] Ancient Maelstrom Amulet - Shaman Hello. So, just gonna make it short. Asking Blizzard to rework that Jewelcrafted amulet that's for shaman only because it has absolutely no sense, and it's totally useless. The amulet is : Ancient Maelstrom Amulet ( ) The proc is just total garbage, when you compare it to ALL other class related amulets ( warlock one is quite bad too ). I understand these amulets are not end game gears, but cmon... Thanks in advance :)Nodj2 05 Sep
05 Sep [Engineer] Short Circuit Quest/Hated Steamweedle Cartel Do Goblins Forgive? Let's be friends and forgive each other? In other words, i cannot finish the quest as i'm unable to talk to Nixx Sprocketspring. PeaceGinntonic1 05 Sep