16 Sep Nerfed drenor enchants for run speed I login after patch and what i see? Drenor enchant on back -now gives only +2% run speed. Where patch log about this nerf?Жинец5 16 Sep
16 Sep Engineering pet is bugged Hi! I just made 2x Trigger pets, and the items stacked (The Use: Learn this companion items). I learned him once and the other item was apparently used up aswell, but i still only currently have 1x Trigger pet. Is this a known bug or has it happened to anyone else?Dimish0 16 Sep
16 Sep Jewelcrafting - Prospecting - Bug? Hi guys, Not sure if this is a bug or just poor RNG.. I'm literally at my end with how bad the rate of rare gems is.. I've now prospected 975 ore and got 4 rare gems, 2 yellow and 2 red ones. So that's pretty much 250 ore per rare gem.. how is that even balanced.. Is this just poor rng or are other people having the same issues? ThanksOrangé19 16 Sep
16 Sep 1 ore = 80 gold? Hi my fellow crafters. I had been noticing a trend lately. I had see many times that a lot and a lot of miners had decided to sell their ores in the AH for 60-80 gold each. 1 ore = 60-80 gold and you can click on next on the AH interface untill you weight a gram and still not find a stack of atleast 20+ ore. A lot of sellers are using the same tactic and I was I wondering why? on my Realm Tarren Mill there are atleast 12 people who are pulling this off. Also, does this annoy you quite a bit? For me it is annoying, But I guess others have too much time and gold to even care I guess... Ah well, I guess I gonna go out into the broken isle and grind my stuff the old fasion way.Alphafrosty8 16 Sep
16 Sep Sneak is change to cloak enchant? I notice today that the cloaks enchant gift of....* has been changed to not add 10% speed change but to add 2% now instead. I seen nowhere the notification of this change to the enchants and tbh 2% is worthless. for example gift of mastery is 2000gold on the AH while the breath of mastery is 500 gold both have the same amount of mastery, and I certainly em not paying 1500 gold more to get a negliable amount of speedboost that no-one is going to notice.Othinn2 16 Sep
16 Sep Skinning quest bug [Glielle / Under Down] Hey budds, something wrong is happening with this quest , its about rank 2 on stormscale leather, i've done everything in the chain, im even rank 3 on stonehide, but this Glielle npc in azsuna should give me quest for 20 hippg scales, but it doesn't, it just stays there and do nothing. Any suggestions ?Inflámez5 16 Sep
16 Sep Legion Gems and Gem Bags Hey! So, none of the legion gems go in gem bags? Why is this considering they are used for Jewelcrafting? Or is there a bag for legion gems that I'm unaware of?Jenei1 16 Sep
16 Sep Anvils not working Anvils don't work, like the one in Thunder Totem next to Galica Bravepaw. Frustrating to find anvils to craft stuff :(Vor3 16 Sep
16 Sep First Aid Can DoTs not ruin the whole profession please ? if dots were not intended to be used in combat then just add a combat restriction.Nivle0 16 Sep
16 Sep Schematic stuck in "unlearned" Hia folks Last week I bought (from a player) the schematic for "Mecha bond imprint matrix" and "read" it; but now, for some reason, it only shows in the unlearned tab. I went to the NPC that sells it, just to confirm, and it states that the schematic is "allready learned". How to I move it from "unlearned" to "learned"?Hammerbolt0 16 Sep
16 Sep Stuck at 780 Lw As the title says I am stuck at 780 Lw all my crafts are grey so they do not give anymore skill,have I missed some patterns/quests that can get me to 800? Any advice would be nice :)Hunterglory3 16 Sep
16 Sep Rank 3 Skinning Problem It needs 3 raid bosses skins but Im stuck on Occu'thar. Tol barad alliance controlled everytime. What can i do? Tons of alliances camping there :/Tontikbunny5 16 Sep
16 Sep Rogue what proffesions? what do you think? what proffestions?Fujis1 16 Sep
16 Sep Leystone Mining Rank 2 doesn't drop. I've done the quests in highmountain and after that mined almost a full stack of leystone - but for some reason the quests, that were usually in the first couple of deposits don't drop. Am I missing something important here?Vanq7 16 Sep
16 Sep Artifact Knowledge not working for Artifact fishing rod For those who don't know. They way you are supposed to obtain artifact power with the artifact fishing rod, is by catching rare fish and tossing them back in the sea. Supposedly at base level, the fish give 50 artifact power each and according to the Underlight Angler guide on wowhead (at the very bottom) artifact knowledge should work for the rare fish as well. However, for me at least, still wriggling freshly caught rare fish stubbornly give me 50 artifact power on my fishing artifact even after 2 artifact knowledge "levels".. Anybody know what's going on?Everyone1 16 Sep
16 Sep Why does Nomi suck at cooking? I don't get it. He was such a promising student. I rang the bell and up he would run, excited for the challenges of instant noodles. Days I spent beside him, teaching him, guiding him. Molding him into a master chef. Into a artisan of artichokes. A prince of pizza. A savant of salads. That little panda grew before my eyes into a shining example of chubby fluffy cooking skills. I was excited to see him again. I paid a visit to his kitchen. I hand him stack after stack of the finest, freshest ingredients. He smiles and waves me on. I am confident. He has got this! I return the next day to find a pile of ash laid out neatly on a table as though it were a banquet fit for a raid. Sifting through the burnt and confusing mess of hot-dogs stapled to the sides of salmon and still alive chickens force fed raw pork, not a single recipe had been written down. Searching I noticed a glint of gold. I scooped up the mass and smeared away the gunk to reveal ... a ring... attached to a human finger. Confused I looked up, my hands caked in what resembled a murlocs stomach. I watched in horror as Nomi, grinning with pride, began to fillet a gnome rogue who had wandered in earlier that day to purchase some flour. I turned in disgust. The screams. The madness. I ran for the door. This wasn't my Nomi! This wasn't my panda friend!! I cried out ' Nomi! Why? What have you become!? ' Nomi turned, his eyes filled with green fire. ' There is no Nomi! Only ZOOL! ' * My question being how can he at the age of 10 cook anything I throw at him but can't get his head around endless stacks of fish!? I call Fel! *Kythan1 16 Sep
15 Sep Underlight Angler - Better Luck Next Time Hey all, Just wondering if anyone that has the fishing pole managed to fish up any boots with this trait? I've looked up on Wowhead etc and nobody seems to know anything yet. Some people think it could be boots with +Fishing Skill like the ones rewarded from the Fishing Competition, and others say it could be another way to obtain the Legendary Boots. If I manage to fish something up I'll post it here. I'm sure being an artifact trait it will be more than a soggy pair of leathery soles :P ThanksNeetz23 15 Sep
15 Sep Obliterum - Life AFTER Emerald Nightmare? So, as we know, the cap on crafted gear is set to be raised to 855 with Karazhan, but what about Emerald Nightmare? Crafting Obliterum, while fairly easy and cheap, seems like it could become defunct after only 20 days into the expansion. If better gear can be obtained from the first raid and as we have already seen, getting to a respectable gear ilvl in preparation for Raiding is VERY easy to obtain through world quests and dungeons, then what would be the actual point of crafting? I understand that crafted gear should not be better than gear obtained from say Mythic Raids but is there any plans to continually increase the cap on crafted gear as the expansion progresses, much like the system in place for Legendaries? Sorry if I am covering old ground but I have been googling this extensively and not found an answer.Drakkaris1 15 Sep
15 Sep 800 lvl professions Simple question: is there any benefit for leveling the profession up to 800?Redgy1 15 Sep
15 Sep Felslate world quest Hello Blizzard or whoever reads this. I really want a clarification about the ban wave that was sent out about the world quest that spawned "infinitly" mobs which you could mine. I just wanna make sure how this ban thing works and how to not get banned either by accident or by exploiting, really don't wanna get banned for getting a couple of thousands gold. Sincerely Wartt - The MaelstromWartt0 15 Sep
15 Sep Relearning profession Yesterday I got rank 3 on my Stonhide leather spell but unlearned the profession in order to do Trial by Fel Fire quest. Now that I'm done with that I decided to go back to skinning, bought the book that makes me re-learn everything but my Stonehide leather spell is rank 2. What do I have to do to get it back?Therionn0 15 Sep
15 Sep Stuck on advancing Herbalism? So yeah. From what I can tell, the only way to get the next rank up of your herbs is to get all herbs to the previous rank. Like you can't get rank 2 Dreamleaf unless you have rank 1 for everything else. Although I'm having trouble with rank 2 Aerithil (Aszuna herb). Usually I loot a couple of herbs and bam, got the quest. I've looted quite a bit of Aerithil now and no quest. Am I missing something, or shall I just keep going? I have rank 2 of all herbs except Aerethil.Shallin7 15 Sep
15 Sep Disenchanting problems? So I've been disenchanting some items I made whilst leveling tailoring, and one of them was an epic Silkweave Cinch of the Aurora. This being a legion item, I was expecting to get a Chaos Crystal, or atleast some leylight shards or arkhana. I was however unpleasantly surprised when I got a Temporal Crystal instead, which are, as we all know, created by disenchanting Warlords of Dreanor epics... So... is this a bug? Should I report it? I have disenchanted some crafted gear of the same ilvl before, and so far they all gave me Chaos Crystals. I really have enough Temporal crystals stored in my bank to last me through the winter, but I could use some new shiny materials...Dashnu2 15 Sep
15 Sep Archeology in Azsuna One of digsites in Temple of a Thousand Lights. This area with elite NPCs with 10K+ HPs Why? Making this profession life harder?Saldun1 15 Sep
15 Sep Herbalism Podlings, no loot after 100? As it says. I'm a heathen who goes back to the garrison quite often, mostly to try and finish off some time sink achievements like rare missions and the garden tools transmogs. I have noticed though, that podlings spawn at your level even past level 100. Their stats don't seem to change though. However, it seems they don't have a loot table, as when I kill the podlings that spawn aren't lootable when I kill them. Is this intended? Or am I losing the loot for another reason, such as garrison NPCs and my bodyguard doing too much damage for me to be considered having a tag? As I'm pretty sure that you needed to do a certain amount of damage to a mob in order to get credit for the kill if NPCs attacked it, perhaps a way to prevent you kiting strong mobs into city guards. I usually drop a moonfire and sunfire, and I believe the first moonfire tick kills the podling. Either way, could be a bit of a block for those still wanting the pet and not willing to pay for it. I assume the ore monster things share a similar fate.Shallin2 15 Sep
15 Sep No time to Skin, mobs despawn Hi, so think i'm not alone with this issue skinning was hotfixed. Now you cant pull more then ca max 3-4 mobs and rest of copeses despawn, is this how it should work from now on? was no problem in draenor to farmRagecano2 15 Sep
15 Sep Mining with Server Hop So i have been watching some videos that people have been using the above mentioned addon to basically mine ore while staying in the same spot. That looked kinda shady to me. I dont neny its efficiency , the guy was making 30+ nodes in under 1 min i was merely asking if this is something that is punishable. Any opinions or ideas? Or could we get a formal response to it?Minasmorgoul5 15 Sep
15 Sep [Engineering] Modular Modifications prob Hello I accidently summoned Reaves before making Reaves Module: Snack Distribution Mode... And now i have made the module i can't re-summon reaves, he has dissapeared from my bags... Ive tried abandoning the quest and accepting it again but it still doesn't show up in my bags... Any ideas?Adzz4 15 Sep
15 Sep learn bling mode for reaves, without being 800 skill If you are like me, stuck at 790 and looking with dread at the last 10 points, while having the recipe in hand. Buy the tome of forgotten knowledge for engineering. Instantly teaches you the 'missing' recipe, because you earned it as a quest reward. Credit to Kamenwati on steamweedle cartel for discovering this. I suspect it may work for other proffessions as well, as long youve earned the recipe as quest rewards.Bloodwrath0 15 Sep
15 Sep The new archaeology. I got the new quest for archaeology today and all of a sudden my previous one were gone. Did you have a stroke at Blizzard when you designed this? It doesn't even say that you only have a certain time to complete it. I had 155/200 and thought I had my sweet time. I don't mind having the areas switched, but the quest should remain.Papalicious3 15 Sep
15 Sep Felwort daily Hi My felwort daily quest hasn't reset yet. Is it a daily or is it on a random timer? I done it Sunday 12pm and it still hasn't come back since then. Any idea?Daimonas4 15 Sep
15 Sep Cant lvl Blacksmithing beyond 781 All blacksmithing recipes (even rank 3) appear grey after 780 skill error or some new recipe due out?Garathjax4 15 Sep
15 Sep Repeating dig sites First of, I'm sorry if this topic already exists, but I didn't find it with the search function. So, I picked up archaeology for fun and realized that one dig sites popped up again, after some time (Fields of Blood Fossil Bank in Southern Barrens). Is this supposed to happen or are there just 2 dig sites really close to one another?Cazali1 15 Sep
15 Sep Best gold making Profession thoughts? have pretty much all at 700 on various chars so starting the lvl to 110 and want to start earning some mullah as well :))Unholyhannah9 15 Sep
15 Sep Consequnces of relearning professions So I figured I would drop my alchemy and go back to blacksmithing for a while to make me some Demonsteel Breastplates and Gauntlets, in which I had rank two before I decided to drop it for alchemy for the good of my guild. When I used the tome to relearn my blacksmithing I noticed that it did not give back either the ranks I had, nor my previous skill, nor the recipes I had purchased from the vendor in Suramar. From my understanding (and the understanding of everyone I've spoken to) you were supposed to relearn all the recipes you knew at the point of dropping a profession, excluding old world professions. This includes the ranks you had obtained. This was not the case. I know the tooltip of the tome says "recipes learned through questing", however, I would like to argue that Demonsteel rank two recipes are learned through quests. Additionally, since many recipes are "unlocked" at the vendor through questing, you are led to believe the tome would apply to them as well. The consequences of unlearning and relearning have to be clarified, since my perception is (as well as many others') that you do not stand to lose anything from unlearning (except old world professions) and that you could sort of hop between professions as long as you had obtained the recipes and ranks at some point. Now I have lost all my blacksmithing ranks and recipes of any value, as well as all of my alchemy recipes and ranks (since no recipe is obtained purely by questing, they're just "unlocked" at the vendor). Luckily I had not yet obtained rank 3 in any flask or potion (that seems impossible, by the way), but if I had this would have been far more frustrating than it currently is. Players are being led into a trap through this system, since it is far less convenient to swap professions than it currently seems.Funkystein5 15 Sep
15 Sep Jewelcrafting and Obliterum Was just wondering is it worth doing the questline for the Obliterum forge if you're a jewelcrafter? Can you destroy rings and necks in the forge to create Obliterum Ash?!Bevoring3 15 Sep
14 Sep How do you learn mass prospect felslate? I heard you get it from just prospecting felslate the normal way, but I just prospected 600 felslate and still didn't get it.Cyndilauper1 14 Sep
14 Sep Level fishing w/o Legion Can I level my fishing to 800 without buying Legion? I'm at Marcia, but I can't do it. My friend, though, got the ability to level his Inscription to 800... I know we might need to buy Legion to get it all the way up, but I can't even seem to get the oppertunity to try without Legion. Anyone?Fishpudding1 14 Sep
14 Sep A question If I unlearn a profession and learn it again, do I get the same knowledge of the profession or do I start from 0. Say im BC with 750 points and I unlearned it, then learned again, will I have 750 again or will I start from 0? c:Bukachu2 14 Sep
14 Sep JC daily bug? i've noticed that for the last 7 days or so at least, the cata JC daily has been the one for the blue gems every day. this should rotate between 5(?) jc quests, but it seems to be stuck on the blue gem one for over a week now. i will report this in game as a bug, but wanted to find out if anyone else is experiencing this? Also, now that the cata JC plans are not current, would blizz consider making another way to get these tokens? i try to do this quest whenever i can, but still need over 120 days or so to learn all plans.Vintoleth1 14 Sep
14 Sep Jewelcrafting quests in Suramar Anyone else think these are aids? A) Need a group for one, which noone wants to do B) Drop in and out of Masquerade killing things, occasionally dying, for some pathetically low drop rate item... So unfun I'm giving up on JewelcraftingUseyour2 14 Sep
14 Sep Coilskar Chests Ever since the new patch, i've seen some of my enchants in my enchant tab (Battlemaster and Spellsurge) that i do not yet have in my Unlearned Tab. The location for these 2 recepies seems to be in Shadowmoon Valley (TBC) in Coilskar chests. After looting some of these, i've yet to find anything: So, did anyone find one of their missing recepies in there?Pouring5 14 Sep
14 Sep New way to rank up in gathering in the future The way the gathering proffessions work atm, they are way to random. Hopefully they make it more predictable in the next expansion by making it so you fill a bar and get a rank up in gathering skills. Mine/skin/harvest 10-20 of something to get rank 1, then 100 for rank 2 and possibly 300-500 for rank 3. Cus now its like.... unpredictable. You can get the quests after collecting mats for a few hours, had a friend get the rank 3 in 2-3 hours of him starting his gathering proffession at 110....i think it was in mining with Leystone deposits and living felslate. And i have been doing them for days... and no rank up past rank 2.Darnax1 14 Sep
14 Sep So Legion now punishes 2 gather skill chars? I am not happy the "rare" reagents are now BoP and that means those Characters that chose to do 2 gather professions , cannot use it for anything? I am sorry I just find that <insert bad words here> Why? I need to respecc all my chars that I play just because of this? Really? That's SO BOGUS.... Because that will be the outcome of this change. I hate it, I hope they reconsider. You can start flaming, if you want, I do not care. edit: typoIveny15 14 Sep
14 Sep Shoulder Enchants stealth-nerfed? I couldn't read anything about this in the hotfix notes. For instance, the jewelry gems from the gemfinder enchant ALWAYS rewarded at least 1 rare gem. Now, I only get a green one and the gem chips. Wow, nice nerf blizz, didn't even put it in the notes, why? It would be really extreme to get ONE rare gem out of 50 mob kills, eh? Why don't you just remove anything related to professions, since you nerf everything around them into the ground?Hiski1 14 Sep
14 Sep Tailors - Cloth Drop Rate I picked Tailoring on this boosted character. I have a skill of 1 out of 800. How do I get the increased cloth drop rate for tailors? Do I need the cloth scavenging book you get from Northrend, or is the drop rate simply incorporated into the profession? There isn't any mention of increased drop rates anywhere in the profession panel in game.Josiah5 14 Sep
14 Sep Skinning nerf? So was farming 'Stonehide Leather' and 'Stormscale' (got rank 2 in both), so I vas getting about 5-8 per mob... Then now sudenly I only get 2-3 per mob! I cant find anything on this, is it just skinning or the other gathering profs also? Annyone else got this?Shadeclaw37 14 Sep
14 Sep You work, they mine? It is ridiculous how new mining works. Deposit/seam disappear while u mine it because someone else mined it before u? Got smth better - u come to Azsuna for mining quest - you gather worms and almost kill them - some lazy !@# hunter/warr/mage (anyone pretty much - even other faction) passing by caststs 1 aoe, waits for u to loot and then impudently mines the mobs You gathered and killed. This makes "mine 40 worms" quest "mine 40 worms quest before some ninja $%^"... I know it all comes to shameless players, but it should be fixed than.Moriar1 14 Sep
14 Sep Archaeology all in one place! All my archaeology sites are in stormheim, and I've dug more than 10 there. Why won't sites in other places spawn?Raemia18 14 Sep
14 Sep Enchantment hut equivalent in Legion? WoD had the enchantment hut where your non-enchanter alts could diss their gear and send to your enchanter (or sell at AH). I have been saving my soulbound gear on alts in Legion also, hoping for a similar thing here. But this seems not to be available, can someone confirm this?Gand1 14 Sep