19 Nov 2010 Informative & useful threads for Roleplayers This thread contains a compilation of informative and useful threads for the roleplaying community. If there are any threads that should be added or removed from this list, please report them using the red bio-hazard symbol that can be found next to the thread's subject title (Reason: Sticky Request) General Guides and Information: [Guide] Why RP?: or Why we talk funny by Adnaw - [Guide] Guild Recruitment - Your Advice by Adnaw - [Guide] The Conversationalist's Handbook by Azhaan - Roleplaying and Character Guides: [Guide] How to have "Lok’tar" in Orc roleplay - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Warlock by Velynia - [Guide] How to roleplay Tauren? by Takuur - [Guide] Blood Elf Roleplaying by Sorathiel - [Guide] Heroic virtues, heroic flaws by Edanna - [Guide] Roleplaying a Night Elf character by Aldrannath - [Guide] Military RP by Steelhammer - [Guide] Simple character backgrounds for beginners by Edanna - [Guide] An undead's guide to... Gnome RP! by Mharla - [Guide] A Sailor's Walk: a "guide" for nautical roleplay by Scurvy - [Guide] Draenei roleplaying by Sikon - [Guide] Shapeshifting by Edanna - [Guide] Dwarf Roleplaying by Thunderbraid - [Guide] Creating and maintaining characters by Gremkarc - [Guide] Dark Ranger roleplay – a guide and general advice by Lyanea - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Death Knight by Koránith - [Guide] The Dark Lady and Her Forsaken by Viatrix - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Pandaren by Skrauhg - Lore and Resources: [Guide / Lore] Draenei Information by Naiyu - [Guide/ Lore] Time is Money: Goblins in Cataclysm by Adnaw - [Guide/ Lore] Howling Oak: Worgen in Cataclysm by Adnaw - [Guide] RP Gear & Props List! by Normie - Macros and Add-ons: RP AddOns by Gehco - Epic Tales & Stories: <none added yet> Community: <none added yet> Miscellaneous: [Guide] Infernal Key - Guide to Demonic Summonings by Sophyra - 19 Nov 2010
14m Describe the above poster in 5 words or less (Part 3) Not the one who ended the thread prior, but I will open a new one, as needs must.Elyssarain93 14m
18m General Legion Chat #2: Renamed for sake of Continuity So the NEXT EXPANSION DISCUSSION THREAD (which was named before Legion's reveal) has reached a cap, so here's the second one. What is this thread? Basically we've always had General RP Chat threads as a place for the RP community to discuss OOCly, so as to not clutter the IC threads. This is essentially like that, but in a thread where people are free to discuss spoilers. That way nobody has to be alienated from the usual OOC thread, but those that want to discuss spoilers can still freely do so. Read this thread at your own risk. If you want to avoid story spoilers, you're better off leaving to the General RP Chat thread. So! We have a release date. Time to start speculating the prepatch date. Personally I'm thinking somewhere in June. It'd be longer than normal prepatches, but they said that was the plan anyway. This gives us ~2 months of time with the prepatch.Kyrina152 18m
26m Your own Artifact Don't get me wrong i do love the look of many of the Artifact weapons in legion but for RP we all cant have the Ashbringer or Doomhammer. For a while now ive been toying with the idea that we make our own artifact weapon up, i know a lot of people would probably say no to this in RP as it screams special snowflake but most of these artifact weapons are just weapons with power that were wielded by famous people in Azeroth and a demon hunter npc wield a artifact weapon as well. Ill give you an example for my Paladin i could say the weapon i wield a transmog of vicious gladiators greatsword is a blood knights attempt to create their own version of the ashbringer (it isn't in fact i see it as a family sword but that would take longer to explain) So would or do you sometimes make up your own legend around your weapon transmog (if you use one) even if you dont personally use it in RP.Koradan7 26m
1h General RP Chat #35-2: Nobody is right Edition There. Now either everybody can be either happy or unhappy. Can we PLEASE stop with all of this pointless bloody stupid arguing, already?Tethenar334 1h
2h Looking for help with a backstory I'm trying to come up with a believable backstory for my Gilnean Rogue and got some notes about him: -Is a proud Gilnean, truly believing in the strength of it. -Was on the Crowley's side during the Rebel. -Is NOT an orphan/poor one. -Joined the Ravenholdt some time after leaving Gilneas. -Is an assassin and a thief. -Trusts other races/nations, such as Night Elves, even though most Gilneans are kind of embarrassed, because of how they left the Alliance (Lordaeron at that time) but then depended on them during the hard times. I feel like this is a bit messy and I'd like to make this more tidy. Please, give me a tip or two on how to make it better. I also don't really know how to make him not a poor one but still an assassin/thief. Thanks in advance!Crowton0 2h
4h Scarlet Crusade in backstory for Dwarf Paladin (RP)? Hi there I'm currently developing a backstory for my Dwarf Paladin and I was thinking of how and when the character was trained into a Paladin, storywise. My options at the moment are ether he joined the Silver Hands after the Third War (or what was left of them) or he joined the Scarlet Crusade, somehow seeking to rid the world of the undead. If he joined the Scarlet Crusade, my idea is that he left the order after some time, realising that the order was not for him and later joined another order. But is it reasonable for a dwarf to join the Scarlet Crusade? I have found some sources hinting that dwaves could have joined the order, but I don't know if it is canon or not. Maybe the Scarlet Crusde wasn't as xenophobic when it was founded? Or do you have any other tips for orders that could have trained a dwarf after the Third War? Any help would be appreciated.Baelvar2 4h
5h Purple Parlor Legion Dalaran I've noticed that the purple parlor portal is no longer in the violet hold. It was such an awesome place to chill and having Alfred Copperworth there made it a batman-ish kinda place where you would survey the city of Dalaran while no one knew that you were there. Why is it no longer there ? I've looked in that direction and I might have seen the open door up there but there certainly is no way to get to the room until flying is unlocked. Please blizz, give us back the Purple Parlor.Silyy5 5h
10h Perfect Date in Warcraft GUIDE! Hello guys! I made a small guide to make a perfect date in the warcraft! ;p 10h
13h [AD]Freshly rerolled paladin LF new friends and home [Deleted]Yandorle0 13h
14h Random VS Guild RP, Wich is better ? Yes, I know : "Why not have both / both are just as good" BUT, I've seen that most of the large scale events are made by guilds, and the best experiences people had in RP seem to come from guilds, I never had any really rememberable random RP (But maybe cause I was most of the time with guilds/friends) So, on a personal level, wich one do you enjoy more and why ? (This is just a question out of curiosity)Argetor4 14h
16h Need feedback on Demon Hunter RP Story! Hey everyone! I am going to put a highly detailed backstory up in this topic and i would love to get some feedback on if i did well. My roleplay story is connected with this one so if anything is unclear maybe that will help. This is the story of Gelthalas Twinleaf. I was born in a village near the well of eternity, and liked it there for the first 20 years. After some time i got kind of lonely mother was at her duty and dad was always busy. Untill my 49th birthday, i got the news i was going to get a sister or brother! It turned out to be a brother and so Yarathir was born! We played and trained and did everything together! Then we got word that yet another baby was to be born! Me and Yarathir were very happy. Lets move fastforward a bit. Our sister was born (Lefanie) and when she was very young. Too young to understand, me and my brother joined up with the Illidari. You see, we noticed that something was happening with the forest and the animals. a foul energy was corrupting some of the creatures that lived there. Even the trees. We investigated the energy and we discovered (after quite some time) it was the fel! It was then that we learned about the burning legion. That is how we got into contact with the illidari because we did not see any other solution. And i still dont. We are now at the black temple, being trained. During training Yarathir could not keep the inner demon under control. And he had gone mad. He was talking about how Lord Illidan did not sacrifice enough. Because i was his brother, i of course did not report this i did not want my little brother to get hurt. But after some time He had gone completely insane and he wanted to kill not only demons but everything. when he finnaly snapped and reached for his warglaive, i thrusted my warglaive through his chest. his last words were *Thank you.... Brother...* Now after the assault on mardum, and the escape from the wardens. I am heading for the city of stormwind. I am just wondering, will i see Lefanie? And if i do what will i tell her about yarathir?Gelthalas5 16h
19h Would you date the person above you? #36 Here comes that datin'!Akalazam242 19h
19h How would you get killed by the above poster? I'm bored, and thought this would be a fun idea, it probably won't be, but we can always try. Basically the other post, but in reverse, test your creativity! Anyone can kill someone, in fact, most of us thrive on it, I can see Daha having issues here, silly Orc! So, How would you get killed by me? I'm a gnome, so you might have to think hard on this one *Evil grin*. But don't worry, the next poster gets killed by you! Presumably before you were killed by me, try not to think too hard on that one.Karama434 19h
19h What would you do with the Above Poster? #15 There is stuff to do, ladies and gentlemen ... and we must do it with one another.Cathríon448 19h
23h RP background Question. Hi everyone. I just made this druid character last friday morning and decided to start with roleplaying and with making a background. But I don´t know a lot about the WoW lore, so I wanted to ask you guys if this story fits in with the WoW lore. (sorry for my bad english please correct me if i spelled something wrong.) Lefanië Twinleaf, The Little Alchemist. Lefanië Twinleaf is a Shy Young Night elf girl that doesn't know a lot about the world but knows a lot about druids and Alchemy. Lefanië was born in Darnassus at Teldrassil. She had two older brothers called **** and ****. When she was a child her two older brothers were going away, she didn't know why and couldn't ask them because they were really busy. When the two were away she started with the druid lessons she first was really bad but then became better after some lessons. After a lot of lessons she got golden eyes and learned her first form, the tiger form. After a while she became bored because she didn't had a lot to do because her brother were still away and she couldn't leave her town because she was a child. One day in the afternoon she found a book in her father's room. She opened it and saw a lot of alchemy thing. She started reading and began to love it. The next day she decided to go out and find the plants she saw in the book. When she got home, she showed her father the herbs and asked him to make the red potion in the book. Her father then told her that it was a Healing Potion and that she should keep it with her so she is always safe. The next morning Lefanië walked in the forest and saw an injured owl laying on the ground. She looked at the owl's wings and saw a big scar. Quickly she grabbed the healing potion and used it on the owls wing. The scar then slowly faded away and the owl could fly again. When she decided to go away the owl followed her and didn't go away. She started to play with the owl and gave her the name: Xeraa. At home her parents couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Lefanië with a beautifull young owl. Lefanië's parents asked her how she got the owl and why it's not afraid of her, she then told the story and asked her father if he could learn her more about alchemy so she can always help other people and animals. Her mother was a strong trained sentinel and was mostly off to work. One day when her mother was defending the city of an Ursa attack with other sentinels her morther got a poisoned scar from an Ursa that used poison. Her morther then got ill and layed at her bed for weeks. Lefanië and her father tried to make a healing potion that would cure the poison but couldn't the last herb they needed in the closet. The next morning Lefanië rushed outside with Xeraa to find the Liferoot they needed. She runned to the mountain side to find the Liferoot but couldn't find a sentinel to help her and her Tiger form was to weak to jump high enough. She then asked Xeraa to fly over the mountain and to get a Liferoot. Xeraa flew over the mountain trying to find one. A few minutes later Xeraa came back with one Liferoot. Lefanië was happy and told Xeraa to fly to home as quickly as possible. Back home her mother's poisoned scar got more red and grew a little. Her father already began with making the potion and asked Lefanië to sit at the chair left of him. Together they worked fast and made the cure poion for her mother. Her mother got cured and was so happy that she called her daughter The Little Alchemist. After some weeks her mother asked Lefanië if she wanted to be a stronger druid. Lefanië told her that she wanted to be a super strong tiger and want to defend herself so she can explore more parts of the forest with Xeraa. Her mother braught Lefanië to the Sentinel training school to train together. A month later her mother asked Lefanië to practice against her so she could see if she became stronger. Lefanië then almost defeated her in a duel with her strong tiger form. Her mother told Lefanië that she has to take every advantage she can get to defeat even the strongest enemies. Her mother then told her that she can use the potions to become stronger and heal herself from wounds. One week later they dueled again and Lefanië won by using a potion that made her attacks stronger. After she did more lessons and became 18 (in human years) She heard that her oldest brother came back and that he has arrived in Stormwind City the city of the humans and that he had some new powers. She then decided to go to him and took Xeraa with her to see what his new powers are. Thanks for reading :)Lefanië17 23h
1d What would your character say to the above poster? #21 The True Horde... CANNOT BE STOPPED!Daha212 1d
1d What would the character above you drop? #1 Shamelessly stealing this from the General Chat because I thought it would be a funny (And hilarious in some ways) idea! So, the gist of this... You just killed the character above you (Somehow) and you go to loot the corpse. What special item does the character have available to loot? As an example... Tethenar kills Astrophel (Sorry dude) and loots his corpse. What does Tethenar find? Astrophel's Head Polish Toy Use: Removes all hair from your head and develops a radiant gleam so you too can have a shiny bald head like Astrophel! So. Shoot!Tethenar129 1d
1d Guess the IC title of above poster #8 Have just Capped the last IC TITLE abow with my "Arnt" Alt Starting a new one here at once. Play nicely :-)Xirque32 1d
1d How would your character kill the one above? #10 *Yabu teleports nearby Xirque* *Stretching his hand, and charging a ball of Fire, Ice and Arcane.* Whispering a powerful spell: Kaaa.....meeee.....haaa.....mee............HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *The energy beam is so massive, powerful and fast, Xirque is totally obliterated by the extreme dangerous power of Yabu.* *With his job finished, the mighty Yabu teleports himself away.*Yabu47 1d
1d Can Highborne Have Rites Of Passage? I was just wondering, I know this sounds silly, But can Highborne -Have- or -Get-, Rites of Passage?, I mean if it is possible for one to get some, And what would a Highborne have to do to get some?, Again if it is possible or not.Rosenight1 1d
1d Rate the appearance of the character above you #8 (And new thread to continue ... Here's a picture to show Kahli'wa's more ceremonial outfit. Which also works as my transmog: 1d
1d Demon hunter sight question So, if I understood it correctly, demon hunters (most of them) are ritually blinded,(hence the blindfolds, glowing green "eyes") in order to obtain their enhanced spectral vision. My question is, how would that play into roleplay? Is there an actual price or handicap associated with the ritual? Since demon hunters certainly don't seem hindered in any way. But might it affect them in other ways, e.g. perceiving colour, or seeing the world in a completely different way than others? I'm a bit confused as to how it worksNerenvar1 1d
2d New RP community on Argent Dawn We (The Stonehammer Tribe) are, as the title suggests, a freshly formed community of Role-players for the Horde side on the realm Argent Dawn. At the moment we are but a few, so we hope to attract more RP interested players towards our guild in order to obtain an active RP community. In case of interest, read here now the IC background of the Stonehammer Tribe: The Stonehammer Tribe has been founded years ago by the Troll brothers Zekkora and Zulofon, supported by their uncle Zulfonak. The three just fled from the Amani tribe, because they didn't agree with their methods/views on other races. They let their past as Amani behind and became tribeless Trolls (Fon). Even though they escaped their gruesome past, no one of them felt save; for the Amani don't easily tolerate fugitives from their tribe. They had to fear assassins at every corner they passed and in every night they rested. In the end; now consisting of more homeless creatures then just the three of them; Zekkora decided to settle in the Northern Barrens on Kalimdor at a place called: The Stagnant Oasis. Founded on that very day the Stonehammer Tribe is since then being a refuge for every member of the Horde, which seeks to escape its culture/political affiliation or what not. In case that you're still interested in the story or even in joining our community read here now the continued RP story of our Guild (The result of our first RP event): One night chieftain Zekkora and his uncle Zulfonak traveled back to their former continent in order to visit a renowned bar in Silvermoon: Wayfarer's Rest. They traveled to Silvermoon even though Zulofon precisely warned them not to. In that very night they met three Orcs: the blade-master Birnak, the shaman Thralm and the hunter Machira. Who shall become important for the story later on. The night itself isn't very important due to nothing really happened during their time together but at the end of the whole trip to Silvermoon only one Troll returned to the Barrens: Zulfonak. Zulfonak, being the uncle of them both, took over the role of the chieftain at the Stagnant Oasis; while Zulofon took the decision of heading to Silvermoon in his turn. The only lead the young troll had was Zulfonaks description of the three orcs. So he searched for them in Silvermoon. Zulofon met Machira at that very same bar soon after his arrival in Silvermoon but the hunter couldn't help him, knowing nothing more then Zulofons uncle. Zulofon who didn't believe the words of the hunter decided to spy on Machira which ended in him saving the life of the hunter while he was being menaced by two witch sisters. Machira, who stood now in the debt of Zulofon, decided to support the search of the young Trolls brother. They didn't find a single clue in all of Silvermoon but met Birnak and Thralm, building a group of four now. The three Orcs searched for Zekkora in Silvermoon and the surrounding area while Zulofon headed back to the tribe settlement in order to gather support from his uncle Zulfonak. Exactly two days after Zekkoras disappearance every single one of the four received a mysterious letter, which warned them not to trust Zulfonak. But no one of them told the others of the letter he received. Zulofon didn't return to Silvermoon but Zulfonak did instead. Meeting with Machira. Birnak and Thralm were still busy searching for clues in the forests around Silvermoon. After an evening full of drinks Machira stumbled to bed, leaving Zulfonak at the bar. An unexpected attempt of Zulfonak trying to assassinate the sleeping Machira failed as the vicious shadowhunter was disturbed by a bunch of demonhunters. Zulfonak managed to escape the city though. Machira who began to distrust the whole situation left the city in his turn immediately after. Thralm returned to Silvermoon in his turn; allowing Zulfonak to meet witch him alone. Every single one of the four members of the party searching for Zekkora was all by himself now. Zulfonak managed to lure the unwittingly Thralm out of Silvermoon into the Ghostlands telling him about a lead for Zekkora there. As he tried to shoot Thralm in the back the old shaman noticed something going on in time and reacted. A fight between Thralm and Zulfonak ended as Zulfonak feinted his death and sneaked away. Zulfonak traveled back to the Stagnant Oasis afterwards were he met with his nephew Zulofon telling him that the traitorous Thralm tried to murder him. The young troll who still trusted his uncle traveled to Silvermoon immediately after his conversation with Zulfonak in order to face Thralm. Zulofon met with his three former companions in Wayfarer's Rest, where the three managed to convince Zulofon to believe their story. Zulofon returned to the Barrens afterwards in order to question his uncle. In time Zulfonak hired a monstrous Troll blood champion to hunt down the three Orcs who opposed his plan. The killer managed to track Machira down in Silvermoon while Thralm and Birnak were heading to the Barrens in order to assist Zulofon there. Machira could barely escape the hands of the killer and headed to the Barrens himself. The three Orcs rallied at the Stagnant Oasis and faced Zulfonak. During a longer conversation the vicious shadowhunter told the orcs his entire plan: Zulfonak never let his Amani past behind but stayed an Amani all time along. He supported the escape of his nephews but to spy on them later on. After there night in Silvermoon Zulfonak ambushed Zekkora and dragged him to the Ghostlands where he held him captive. He plotted to murder the three orcs who were the only ones opposing his plan. As the murders failed and Zulofon came to face his uncle, Zulfonak pushed a dagger through his chest. Believing him dead. Zulfonaks whole plan wasn't only to take over the Stonehammer tribe but to let the Amani rise once more. Seeking power from the Burning Legion the Fel'Amani were created. Zulfonaks plan went even further as he planned to bind the Blood God Hakkar to the physical plane and corrupt him with Fel magic to make him not even more powerful but a slave to his will. Zekkora was meant to be the first sacrifice. After Zulfonak was finished with his story, Thralm and Birnak decided to take him prisoner so that he could take them to Zekkora himself but Machira was faster. The Orc hunter needed but one precise shot to kill Zulfonaks mount and let him fall to the ground but the vicious shadowhunter escaped once more using the same old method as he used to escape from Thralm earlier. Thralm came to the conclusion that Zekkora must be held captive at the very same spot where Zulfonak tried to murder him earlier on so the three decided heading there immediately. In the same time Zulfonak sneaked around the oasis planning to head to Zul'Aman immediately to prepare the coming invasion of the Fel'Amani but was stopped unexpected in the very last moment. Zulofon, badly injured but still alive, put a dagger through Zulfonaks heart and took his head in order to end his evil presence once and for all. Joining his companions shortly afterwards the four were reunited once again marching on Zul'Aman. The three orcs raided the ruins and managed to destroy the Fel'Amani even before they could fully rise while Zulofon searched for his brother around the ruins. In the end the Fel'Amani were destroyed and Zekkora was freed. The Stonehammer tribe finally saved. Back in the bar where everything started the five celebrated their victory over their worst enemy, when the freed chieftain Zekkora raised to make an announcement: The last days had proven to him that he isn't even half-ways the shadowhunter he always intended of becoming and that he wouldn't be the chieftain which the Stonehammers are needing. That's the reason for him to pass on the title of chieftain to his younger brother Zulofon who had proven worthy in the past days. It would be for him lo leave the tribe for an uncertain time in order to gain the wisdom he needs. After his announcement Zekkora left Silvermoon leaving the four companions behind. Thralm and Birnak joined the Stonehammer Tribe, Machira who preferred not to settle wandered off in his turn. The Stonehammer tribe was save once again but with more threats on the horizon to come. In case that your interested in joining our gentle little community. Contact me or add me on My Battle Tag: NecroThror #2294Zulofon0 2d
2d Question: Human RP Names. Howdee all. I am looking to re-roll Alliance, a Human Paladin or Death Knight perhaps, something that can tank at least :p When thinking about a name for this up & coming Human toon, I don't want to name him by a normal every day name such as David, Luke, John or what have you, I prefer short, snappy but unusual sounding names. Is it acceptable on an RP realm to name a Human by his surname? Such as Blaiden, Vaygon, Noven, Vaygr, just a few examples of names I would like to use. Many thanks.Gyzuk30 2d
2d Choose a theme for the above poster. Cathrion was suggesting themes for my Shaman, I'd still stick to Manowar. but it gave me an idea for another forum thing that I can waste several hours of each day checking for updates upon. Pick a Musical theme that -YOU- think suits the above poster. Music is a good way to enrich our minds, even bad music. So let's share bands eh? Edit: I generally enjoy sharing heavy metal with people, hopefully people will enjoy it, if you don't want to listen, totally up to you. Edit: Finntroll is always a good answer!Grikkha256 2d
2d Suggestion: Add Role-Playing in Group Finder Came up with a neat little function that would help players gather up for some role-playing. This image pretty much sums up what I think should be a simple but useful tool: What do you think? It would create an easier opportunity or us on non-rp servers to have that as an option. Also, you could extend the 'description' for each group so people could set up for a story line or something.Alyrie3 2d
3d Dissertation Research: RP in Howling Fjord & Stormheim Hi all! I am a history student and for my undergraduate dissertation I am looking into the historical viability of WoW as a form of participatory medievalism; with a focus on the Howling Fjord and Stormheim as recreations of Norse/Viking culture and society. So if there are any Vrykul/Norse/Viking RPers out there who would be willing to spare some time for me I would love to hear your thoughts on where your favourite places to RP in these areas are and why you think they, in particular, provide the most immersive Norse experience. Feel free to mention any of your favourite Norse inspired NPCs/armour sets/quest lines etc. from these areas too! At the moment I'm really just trying to gain as much player opinion as I can because all I have to go on at the moment are my own experiences questing these areas. So anything you can offer would be awesome! Many thanks! :DNemene4 3d
4d How to get started and find people to RP with? I feel a little dumb for asking this, but how do you even get started with finding people to RP with? I'm relatively new to WOW (first month) and I don't really even know where to start. I've spent plenty of time reading up on lore, and I think I've got pretty solid backgrounds for two of my characters, but I just can't find people. Specifically, I'd like to ask how to do so without having to immediately join a guild. I'd be more open to joining an RP guild if I actually got a taste what their RP themes were and what the community was like and how friendly they were. I'm on Argent Dawn, so there's plenty of people doing RP just on the streets of Stormwind and such, but it seems generally quite frowned upon to just barge in on these conversations, and I have never been approached by other players first as of yet. So call me a noob, but I just honestly have no idea where to start, and would appreciate some help.Nerenvar9 4d
5d become an elf if someone told you that you will turn into an elf, wich universe elf will you be ? i would love to be one of tolkins elves.Wårrior31 5d
5d Death Knight Roleplay Possibilities. Hello everyone!. I was wondering what the reach of deathknight rp would be. As a deathknight am you forced to be a Knight of the Ebon Blade and just that or could you roleplay something more than that?. For example, I seen soldiers, People who roleplay as townguards in whatever city, or as adventurers, gladiators, bodyguards, common folk and even a farmer. etc etc. What do you think?Fiercedeity6 5d
5d Sin Thalas - Sindorei RP Founded in the wake of the high elven kingdom's destruction, Sin Thalas used to be one of the many units serving the thalassian army. As a political and military organization, Sin Thalas is tasked with the defense of the kingdom of Quel'Thalas honouring their allegiance to the New Horde. With the defense of Quel'Thalas at the forefront of its purpose, Sin Thalas seeks to defend the ideals and tenets of the Sin'dorei across all of Azeroth. Their forces have been seen chasing artifacts, freeing prisoners and bringing justice to the traitors of Silvermoon. Showing upon the bulletins in each Sin'dorei settlement is a silken red flag with an emblazoned golden sun. Written on the parchment in an elegant script is the following: ... =================================================================== OOC INFO: Sin Thalas is a RP-PVP/E Guild. We hold a guild meeting every week, and in addition aim for lots of random RP and regular events and campaigns. Most of our events take place in the Eastern Kingdoms, in the lands of the Sin'dorei, although we have been known to offer our services for the good of the Horde as a whole. Each and every member of the guild is welcome to contribute ideas and lead their own events. As an organization consisting solely of Blood Elves (no exceptions), we accept any level and class of Blood Elves (yes, even Death Knights are welcome), we encourage our members to level up and grab some gear so that they can attend all kinds of events in various different locations. We also encourage members to engage in PVP, in order to be prepared for upcoming RP-PVP events and also for the sake of defending our faction capital from intruders. Besides RP-PVP, many of our members enjoy casual PvE or PvP and often team up for other things the game has to offer, like Heroics, LFR, BG's/Arena's or Timewalking. However we do not actively organise these on the calendar. If you are interested in our guild, you can visit our website for more informations and also apply at ( original post: )Seregolas1 5d
6d Tenebran Conclave Tenebran Conclave is a Death knight themed guild. Based in the Ruins of the scarlet enclave also known as the death knight start zone. Purpose of the guild: To make sure everything that remains of the scourge is kept in check i know that lore wise that they already are but one can never be to sure. To keep en eye out for potential new threats in Azeroth (i have heard that the forsaken might become enemies with the ebon knights) Since most of the ebon knights have gone with the hold to broken shore the Conclave remained to ensure the safety of those who are not fighting against the legion. "We do what the living can not" As this is the first time i am trying to create an RP guild i apriciate any help you could give me All races acceptet as long as they are Death knights find me IC on Argent Dawn Thank you for your time!Thálánor0 6d
6d Let's make it an interview #2 First thread got full so it's time to continue! (Thanks Cal for leting me post this \o/ ) So how does this work? It's simple you answer the interviewer's question from the post before you in character and when you have done that you choose the next question the interviewer ask for the next person to answer! Like the question is, what's your favourite colour? Bob the Guard: "Periwinkle, just like my wife's eyes." then Bob makes the interviewer's next question ooc, simple! So ...Interviewer374 6d
18 Oct TRP3 Extended So ive downloaded the new module and it is great. The only problem i've found is all the linking and IDs get a tad if anyone knows of a guide or will write one that'd be greatSmurphy0 18 Oct
18 Oct Extra customisable options Okay, I don't know if this is the right forum but here we go; Now that we can transmog our armour, change our hair styles, beards, piercings, colour, faces and even have illusions on our weapons, would it be out of line to ask if we can change our stances and dances to any race and sex of either faction? To have implemented I mean Would be cool to see this rogue character use an undead of both factions as a stance of combat and the dance of a male night elf and to see a tauren use a Draenei or human dance with an orc stance. Thoughts?Jylic7 18 Oct
18 Oct A crazy druid? When i first started leveling this druid i did it because i wanted to roleplay a normal druid, and i thought about how would it be a to be crazy druid, by crazy i mean someone who says random things such as: "Hrmph! Back in my day, we didn't fight your average fancy gob and troll, we had to stick with the demons!" but then again, i would personally run out of fuel quick with things like these, and would the nature even grant druidic powers to someone like that? has anyone tried it out? should i give it a shot?Echdar2 18 Oct
17 Oct A Worgen Arch-Druid Would it be possible? Okay, I've heard the whole 'worgen are only new to druidism' thing loads of times, and I've lost count of how many times my average-powered worgen druid has been called OP while RP'ing. Yeah yeah, it took the Nelves thousands of years and whatever.. but two things go against that: Firstly, Elves mature slower than other races. That's a fact. It is likely, therefore, that they learn much slower. Secondly, the reason it took so long was because they were DISCOVERING how they could use their powers. Now they know how to do so, it's much easier to learn. So, if a druid was a fast learner, strong-willed and dedicated, they could, in theory, become an arch-druid, right? And would it be possible to RP one? Obviously it would be hard, but would it? If not, what is the extent to which the powers of a worgen druid could go to?Raenmar22 17 Oct
16 Oct Migrating to Defias Brotherhood or Argent Dawn? Migrating to Defias Brotherhood or Argent Dawn I've played WoW for well over a decade now and it's come to the point where I wish for something new and refreshing to wake up to in Azeroth, hence after careful thought I've decided to migrate to a roleplaying server. However I'm struggling to pick between the two... This due to how I want to play on a high population server, yet would prefer RPPvP opposed to standard RP servers. Could someone inform me on what the styles of both Defias Brotherhood's and Argent Dawn's roleplaying style is like. I'm looking for points such as 'Standard of Roleplaying', 'World Populous', etc. The sooner I could get a reply back the better :) - Your Alliance Dog 'Kadvarn the Rouge'Kadvarn10 16 Oct
15 Oct Relationships So, a friend of mine who RP's told me a story the other night. A small group of people were RPing and there was a marriage proposal. The answer was yes. There were hugs and kisses and yays all round. Now, the engaged couple are both female characters and as I mentioned there were lots of hugs and kisses going around. So, one person decided to whisper one of the love birds saying they shouldn't be doing "that" in public. The whole RP was disrupted because of it which is a shame. Now I wasn't there and my information is third party, but here's my question; what level of public affection is acceptable in most people's eyes? My character has no problem greeting with a hug and a kiss whether it's in public or not, and I've not experienced any problems doing it. I generally go with the "if it's okay in real life it should be fine for RP" rule. Aveelle is a VERY huggy person and I'm worried that's going to be taken the wrong way. Again, I just want to state I WASNT THERE FOR THE PROPOSAL. So I have no idea that the information is accurate. I'm more interested in what level of public affection is acceptable. Hug? Cuddle? Snog? Quick peck? AveelleAveelle10 15 Oct
14 Oct Gnexit Dear all For many years I have stood aside the alliance in their campaigns, their never ending quest for world peace and global harmony. But as I entered Dalaran few weeks ago I stumbled upon a disrespectful scenario which absolutely confirmed my point of view. Hereby I refer to the place Gnomes currently posses in the alliance. As far as I remember Gnomes never really played a serious role in the story of warcraft. This does not actually bother me but the fact that we are being treated as mercenaries, second rank folk... This heavily affects my temper. And I do not take this any longer. Now before you label me as a separatist, hear me out. We were driven out of our home gnomeregan many years, only to seek shelter at our dwarven friends who gave us a shelter in front of a railway station. 4 rooms and a hallway for an entire race. Anyway things could have gone worse, so my heart can bear this burden. Ever done any quests for gnomes? Aside Toshley's station in Outland, all you had to do 90% of the time for gnomes was collecting garbage and scrap to complete or repair an invention, so any other race could complete their noble higher causes. No credit for gnomes here. Anyway things could have gone worse, so my heart can bear this burden. Retaking our beloved city from filthy weak troggs, where were our allies during this siege? No human or elf detected on the battlefield during this slaughterfest. Anyway things could have gone worse, so my heart can bear this burden. Years have passed, I have contributed my part defeating the most vile creatures in Azeroth during the early days. I was in the front line towards Illidan and the Lich King, My shield and me between Deathwing and my fellow adventurers and slaughtered countless of hordes during campaigns in Pandaria and Draenor. Now that I entered the neutral city of Dalaran, my heart could not take it anymore. Engineering has always been a Gnome and Goblin craftmanship. While in the engineering shop I did not see 1 gnome representative for our noble profession! Yet a human stands there who does not know a single thing of engineering!!!! Far worse, I got a request from this goblin to seek out Filgo Scrapbottom, who dwells in the SEWERS of Dalaran! This last straw broke the camel's back... I do not longer take this humiliation, it is our right to be treated with respect and dignity. I say we gnomes leave this so called alliance and stand for our own! I vote for a politically, economically and military independent Gnomeregan were we have to answer to no one! Out with the alliance, in with the gnome revolution! TLDR; gnomes are treated like plebeians in the alliance, complete independent gnome faction demanded. Sincerely yours DroïnDroïn39 14 Oct
14 Oct Order of the Broken Temple (Ignore Thread!)Shentaó1 14 Oct
14 Oct General RP Chat #35: Garrosh is right Edition. FOR THE HORDE. DEATH TO THE TREACHEROUS RED-ALLIANCE. This is what I made, for the people who haven't seen it: 14 Oct
13 Oct Vampires. Possible? I am thinking of roleplaying a vampire, possibly a Blood Death Knight or a warlock. I have got a few questions: 1: Does Vampires exist in world of warcraft? I have never ever heard about any. 2: What race? As good as i know, vampirism is a virus that basically kills you, and takes control of your body. This should make it possible for any race to become a vampire right? Of course some races might be resistsant to the disease, but in that case who? 3: What class? It would be natural to be a blood mage, or a blood death knight, since vampires need blood to survive. Please post your opinions.Throatcutter55 13 Oct
13 Oct Guess the IC title of above poster #7 Mine was the last post, so I guess it's up to me to start a new thread.Rothan500 13 Oct
12 Oct Need a new rogue name! Hello guys, making a new rogue, but i simply just cannot come up with a name, i like simple names etc. Any suggestions? ^^ Gender: Human female rogue Could also consider a night elf female rogueStealth10 12 Oct
12 Oct Can a monk revere the light? So I was wondering today, would it make sense if a human mistweaver monk still worshiped the holy light? Or would they "change religion" and start to worship the august celestials? Wouldn't it be weird if they revered the holy light yet went to another religion to learn to heal?Sinlyn3 12 Oct
11 Oct Rate the name of the person above you! #7 Character limits, yo. Since I made the last post in the old thread I'll make the new one. Saramisya TruestrikeSaramisya243 11 Oct
11 Oct Demon hunter - warlock relationships? So both of them kinda chaotic, using the fel and the power of the enemy against them, both sacrifice something in order to defeat the enemies, and we see Ted Shoemaker and Marius Felbane adventuring in Azsuna and High mountain. But also there were a line what the demon hunter told to the undead warlock, something like: "there is enough demons are there without you summoning more", and I remember something about the demonhunter thinking about killing the warlock. So what do you think about a relationship between warlock and demonhunter?Grashgork30 11 Oct
11 Oct Characters "changing class" I've been wondering, based on some examples in the lore of Warcraft; is it possible for individuals to really "change class" as it were? For example, Rehgar Earthfury started out as a warrior, but by the time of Thrall's establishment of the New Horde, he trained in shamanism, hence him being both a fighter, and a shaman. Illidan was a sorcerer/mage during the War of the Ancients, and by the end of the War, or possibly during his imprisonment, he basically developed into what formed the basics of the modern demon hunters. Orcish shamans before the Horde learned fel magic from Gul'dan and the demons to replace their lost elemental magic after Gul'dan severed their ties to the elements and spirits. Even plenty of mages have been shown to learn warlock magic, such as blood elves after the fall of Quel'thalas after Arthas and the Scourge sacked it. Death Knights started out as any possible hero on Azeroth until their forced indoctrination into the Scourge via Frostmourne by the Lich King. Now it's true that this was the Lich King we're talking about and Frostmourne, despite being eventually shattered by the Ashbringer, so it's safe to assume the Lich King gave them the initial powers to gradually grow stronger under his service and later against him when Darion Mograine and the Knights of the Ebon Blade broke away from the Scourge. So would it be possible for example of a night elf priest or hunter becoming a druid later on in life, or a warrior becoming a paladin? For example, with the cultural changes to the night elves accepting women as druids, paladins being essentially a merger with a priest as a warrior and since hunters seem to incorporate some form of magical ability in some of their abilities (Chimera Shot (r.i.p), Sidewinders, Mend Pet, a lot of the traps, etc).Joldis11 11 Oct