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28m Cross faction RP First of all, I am not an RP'er myself, though I do like to play on an RP server. Thing that crossed my mind is; why can players not RP cross faction on RP servers? Perhaps even take it further and make hostility towards the opposite faction an option instead of a given. We could all be neutral towards one another, speak eachoters languages and visit our capital cities, without getting insta attacked by all the guards and triggerfinger happy players. Personally, I think it could bring a whole new thing to RP. I kinda think the whole opposite faction thing is a bit too 2005. We shouldn't be generalising IRL, so why do we have to in game? Everyone has toons on both sides. How cool would it be for those to interact on non PVP realms? Or better yet, be friends? As far ad Blizz is concerned, we don't get to pick our own friends across the world. Only amongst ourselves we can be friends. Heck, what if I as an orc, would like to join a befriended alliance guild? On a non pvp realm, I think it should be a possibility for the players to choose. I have no beef with any alliance player, but I have no choice to hate them in game. That feels old and wrong now. Those who choose for rivalry, welcome to pvp/pve servers.Renaró27 28m
6h Would you date the person above you? #36 Here comes that datin'!Akalazam71 6h
7h A Wish for my Musketeer Transmog Hail; I am trying to do my best for my musketeer transmog on my outlaw rogue. Choose these and believe they are the best for a musketeer look. I just need a fancy hat a little feather, one side folded, a leather belt token attached etc.. hope someone from blizz read this post and says " hey that is really an innocent wish not changing game mechanics at all lets put one " What you guys think about my tmog? really want to hear your comments and advices if I didnt see an item fits better then my currentÂzââth4 7h
8h What would your character say to the above poster? #21 The True Horde... CANNOT BE STOPPED!Daha75 8h
9h What would you do with the Above Poster? #15 There is stuff to do, ladies and gentlemen ... and we must do it with one another.Cathríon353 9h
9h Rate the name of the person above you! #7 Character limits, yo. Since I made the last post in the old thread I'll make the new one. Saramisya TruestrikeSaramisya226 9h
9h Another Night Elf Age Post. From what I've seen on Google, night elves are apparently young adults between 110 - 300. I've been people from 20 years to 5000. I had someone approach me and ask my age, after stating 200 they told me I was far too young to be out and should return home immediately. "Barely two centuries old". So, if I want a young adult night elf (21 our age) how ol would you personally put?Prinnitie19 9h
9h What aspect of life on Azeorth draws you to RP? I had this thought bubbling through my mind as I put out 32.5g Walker's Cheese and Onion crisps out on the shelf. A lot of similar questions pop into my head while at work, except with this one I thought YOLO, post it and see what people say. So to repeat, expand and example the question: What aspect of life on Azeorth draws you to RP? Basically, what part of your character's life (racial struggles, class rituals, cultural diversity, for example) do you feel isn't present enough by Blizzard? *cough*awholegoddamnlot*cough* For example, I may have expressed this once already, but I really enjoy exploring the ideas of mundane life through RP. With Terintha I try and get across the vast dedication of druidism, and my personal interpretation of it being a lot of actions rather than prayers to preserve the Balance. Astrophel shows snippets of his daily life in the flying city, Dalaran. Reading newspapers, buying coffee before daily grind, running errands (Pre-Legions, obvs), this sort of thing. Razuun on his artistic pursuits while he tries to balance his duty and his passion. What I like about the mundane is one can be quite creative within boundaries of lore, but because the focus is quite zoomed in (and relatively unimportant), the boundaries are quite far apart giving a sense of creative freedom. But enough about my ideas, what about yours? Do you like to revel in the ideas of knighthood? Or enjoy the ideas of Azerothian pirates? The fanciness of elves? Playing with true Orcish honour? Or like explore the chilling depths of undeath? A bit vague, but feel to post more questions so I can pin the focus of this discussion down.Terintha10 9h
12h Legacy Guild! 12h
12h Demon hunter - warlock relationships? So both of them kinda chaotic, using the fel and the power of the enemy against them, both sacrifice something in order to defeat the enemies, and we see Ted Shoemaker and Marius Felbane adventuring in Azsuna and High mountain. But also there were a line what the demon hunter told to the undead warlock, something like: "there is enough demons are there without you summoning more", and I remember something about the demonhunter thinking about killing the warlock. So what do you think about a relationship between warlock and demonhunter?Grashgork6 12h
13h Argent Dawn or Defias Brotherhood for Horde? I've decided I want to roll Horde on a roleplaying server since I think roleplayers make the world feel more alive but I'm not sure which server to go with? I could either stick with Argent Dawn or try any of the RP-PVP servers linked with Defias Brotherhood? Although there are loads more roleplaying on Argent Dawn but the population is a lot more balanced on DB with more Horde players? Just not sure where to go?Natually2 13h
14h XRP keeps resetting When ever I log out on this character my XRP profile deletes. Any advice?Feirgan5 14h
14h Outcast Merc/Adventure Guild?? I have been playing around with the thought of getting a guild up for "Outcasts" and Renegades. My thought is a RP Guild of toons that normally are not among the most popular in the society, like Lord Felsun here, but that they between themself make a bond and respect of each other. Is this something that could be an Idea?? this is NOT an Idea of a Military Guild, but Adventurers that at times can take on Merc Missions.Xirque4 14h
14h How would your character kill the one above? #9 Continuing the murder business, as I was the last poster of the previous thread.Gibbles499 14h
18h Rate the appearance of the character above you #8 (And new thread to continue ... Here's a picture to show Kahli'wa's more ceremonial outfit. Which also works as my transmog: 18h
22h General RP Chat #34: Jaina is right Edition. She is right...Sipharion416 22h
1d Paladin vs Lock vs Druid! Who is best! Hey everyone! To sum it up, I am struggling a lot to choose which character to main in Legion in regards to Roleplay. Therefore, I ask for your help in perhaps making my decision a little easier. Below is very short about my three chars, and so I ask: Should I RP my Paladin, my Lock or my Druid! Feel free to tell me about your own experience with roleplaying any of the classes as well! Draenei Paladin: A previous vindicator who has put down her mace in favor of the tome, being a devoted healer and spreader of cheer! Your typical draenei paladin with a bubbly and loving personality! She tries to make friends with whomever she meets along her way of aiding the alliance combat the Burning Legion. Gilnean Warlock: Once a mage, this gilnean BAroness has since sought out greater power in the form of fel. She is still a good person deep down and often sporting a smile, she fights for the glory of Gilneas and the Alliance, but does not mind getting her hands filthy along the way on her quest for power. A baroness lock basicly with a more up beat twist to the usual moody locks. Kal'dorei Druid: Slightly caucious of the other races, this druid takes some time to get to know, and even longer to get under her skin, but in the end you'll find a loyal and precious friend! She is still a bit of a WIP, but is a mender more or less :) I hope you can give me a little insight! <3 Love VelanoraVelanorà3 1d
1d Transmog: First Mate Hat Please change First Mate Hat from cloth to leather. How can you expect anyone to play Outlaw without a proper pirate hat?!? 1d
2d Purple Parlor Legion Dalaran I've noticed that the purple parlor portal is no longer in the violet hold. It was such an awesome place to chill and having Alfred Copperworth there made it a batman-ish kinda place where you would survey the city of Dalaran while no one knew that you were there. Why is it no longer there ? I've looked in that direction and I might have seen the open door up there but there certainly is no way to get to the room until flying is unlocked. Please blizz, give us back the Purple Parlor.Silyy1 2d
2d Characters "changing class" I've been wondering, based on some examples in the lore of Warcraft; is it possible for individuals to really "change class" as it were? For example, Rehgar Earthfury started out as a warrior, but by the time of Thrall's establishment of the New Horde, he trained in shamanism, hence him being both a fighter, and a shaman. Illidan was a sorcerer/mage during the War of the Ancients, and by the end of the War, or possibly during his imprisonment, he basically developed into what formed the basics of the modern demon hunters. Orcish shamans before the Horde learned fel magic from Gul'dan and the demons to replace their lost elemental magic after Gul'dan severed their ties to the elements and spirits. Even plenty of mages have been shown to learn warlock magic, such as blood elves after the fall of Quel'thalas after Arthas and the Scourge sacked it. Death Knights started out as any possible hero on Azeroth until their forced indoctrination into the Scourge via Frostmourne by the Lich King. Now it's true that this was the Lich King we're talking about and Frostmourne, despite being eventually shattered by the Ashbringer, so it's safe to assume the Lich King gave them the initial powers to gradually grow stronger under his service and later against him when Darion Mograine and the Knights of the Ebon Blade broke away from the Scourge. So would it be possible for example of a night elf priest or hunter becoming a druid later on in life, or a warrior becoming a paladin? For example, with the cultural changes to the night elves accepting women as druids, paladins being essentially a merger with a priest as a warrior and since hunters seem to incorporate some form of magical ability in some of their abilities (Chimera Shot (r.i.p), Sidewinders, Mend Pet, a lot of the traps, etc).Joldis6 2d
2d Chaos, Fel, FoD Hi! I have a few questions for fellow lore nerds. Is Chaos the same thing as fel? It would seem logical that Chaos is derived from the force of disorder (same as fel), according to the cosmology chart in chronicles vol 1. If so, how corruptible would the usage of chaos bolt be? Is it plausible for a normal warlock (not wanting to end up with mutations) to constantly fling around chaos bolts? A bit like destro in Legion, or Archimonde's and Illidan's auto attacks in WC3? FoD (Finger of Death) is Archimonde's signature spell, but what exactly is it? Disorder manifesting as death, or the other way around?Zurramm15 2d
2d Is the alliance angry on horde or not for broken shore? I didn't get that too clearly from the game, but we as players know that Horde withdraw from battle because they were overrun by demons. But what does alliance think of that? Do they know that was the reason, or do they think that Horde did that on purpose to let Alliance troops and king die? Anduin wanting to continue allianec with the Horde seems to suggest the former (if he thought that Horde left them to die on purpose he wouldn't want ally with them) but then Greymane and Jaina seems to think that Horde left them on purpose. I'm just beggining my journey through Legion, but i'm not exactly sure what exact relationship is there right now between Alliance and Horde. Is it an open war, or is it a cold war, with both groups theoretically fighting common enemy, but not coordinating their efforts much and hating and secretely ploting open warfare between eachother?Sharkhe10 2d
2d Which RP Guild Style Keeps You Most Engaged? There are a fair few number of styles and approaches that a roleplaying guild can take to roleplaying. Some guilds are nothing more than a unifying theme, under which those that join simply have to create their own RP. Some guilds plan and script events very carefully, and have them every week. Every day, even, during some periods. Between these two "extremes" there are plenty of variations. What I am looking for is the kind of thing that made you, and your character, the most active in terms of RP? I'm not talking activity just in the sense of "Well, there's an RP event every night, so I was active every night!" Just as much, I'm talking about what personally engaged and motivated you and, just as importantly, your character. Personally, the guilds I've found to be the most engaging, most developing, are those where reasons for close bonds between characters to form are baked right into the concept. A guild that focuses both on its larger stated goals, and on master-apprentice RP, for example. I'd love to hear the experiences of other people!Nisharil3 2d
3d Help with getting a proper Title So as you can see I have a paladin named Holy, which I kinda thought I'd finally play after I made it back in TBC. But the thing is, is there any funny/witty or just plain cool that goes with the name Holy, suggestions?Holy4 3d
3d - -Daynasa7 3d
3d Class- (and Race) specific Titles (suggestions) Hey People, I thought i would share some of my suggestions for Class Titles that may be added in future WoW content. If you have some additional suggestions or criticism, feel free to comment, i will add them to the list. How would you achieve those titles? My idea would be: class-specific quests/achievements (f.E. "tame 200 exotic beasts" = Master Tamer title) Warrior = <Warbringer>, <Weaponmaster> (arms), <Berserk> (fury), <Aegis> (prot), <Brave> (tauren), <General> (human, forsaken), <Overlord> (orcs) Paladin = <Crusader> <Prelate> <Exarch> <Vindicator> <Highlord> <Justicar> <of the Silver Hand> <Blood Knight> (Belfs), <Sunwalker> (Tauren) Hunter = <Heart of the Wild>/ <Master Tamer> (BM), <Deadeye>/<Heartseeker> (MM), <Ultimate Survivor>/ <Trapper> (SV) Rogue = <of the SI:7> / <Agent> (alliance only), <Cutthroat> (Horde only), <Shadow Blade> (sub), <the Jolly>/ <Commodore> (outlaw), <Kingsbane> (assassination) Priest = <Cardinal> /<Archbishop> (human/forsaken only), <Prophet> (Draenei only), <Chosen of Elune> (Nelf only), <Witch Doctor> (trolls), <Herald of N'Zoth> / <Acolyte> / <Voidlord> / <Fanatic> (shadow) Shaman = <Speaker of Elements> / <Elementalist> / <Earthbreaker> (ele), <Windlord> / <Thundercaller> (enhancer), <Tidecaller> / <Ancestor> (resto) <Farseer> (orcs mainly), <of da Voodoo> / <Brujo> (troll), <Earthshaker> (tauren), <of the Wildhammer> (dwarfs) Mage = <Inferno> / <Pyromancer> (Fire), <Winter's Majesty> / <Cryomancer> (Frost), <Netherweaver> / <Archmage> (arcane)/ <of the Kirin Tor> (ally), <Sunreaver> (horde), <Grand-Magister> (nelfs) Warlock = <Master Summoner> / <Fel Overlord> (Demonology), <Corruptor> / <Cursespeaker> (affli), <of Xoroth> / <Destructor> / <Chaosbringer> (destro), <of the Black Harvest>, <Grandwitch> (ally), <Manari> (if you could play a draenei warlock) Monk = <Brewmaster> / <the Black Ox> (brewmaster), <Hurricane> / <Xuen's Fury> (ww), <Emperor> / <the Red Crane> (mistweaver) Druid = <Archdruid>, <Shapeshifter> (general), <Starshaper> / <the Ancient> (Moonkin), <Apex Predator> (Feral), <Earthwarden> / <Avatar of Ursoc> (bear), <the Treant> / <Aspect of Life> / <Grovekeeper>(rejuv) Demon Hunter = <Illidari> <Slayer> <the Sixth> <the Blind> <Glaivemaster> <Edgel0rd> <Netherblade> <Martyr> Death Knight = <Necrolord> / <Grand Lich> (unholy), <Avalanche> (frost), <Heartstopper> / <San'Layn> (blood)Eredo5 3d
4d [A] RP School - Defias Brotherhood - Mondays 20:00 With Legion getting closer we have seen more players in general on the realm, which is great! I've still see people new to RP, while some can get some help from /lfrp and helpful people this would make it a natural place to get into RP. Main purpose is to get people new to RP involved in the community by providing the following help: - Learn the basics of RP, such as concept of IC and OOC etc - Help with background stories for characters - Practise some RP to become comfortable with it, often people are afraid to give it a go because they are afraid of making mistakes - Help to answer lore questions - Provide hints where to find RP, which guilds are around, give information of public events etc When? Mondays, starting at 20:00 server time (Defias Brotherhood RP-PvP realm) Where? Goldshire will be the "base" but we move where we are needed How? Whisper to me to get an invite or ask in /lfrp Anyone who wants to help out is of course welcome to join in.Maelmoor4 4d
4d Erm.. I dont even know what to say Yesterday evening, I went to goldshire tavern, at the midnight. so many questions.. what's life? what did I witness ;o halp..Bukachu15 4d
4d More then Pirate Tmog Ok blizz.. time for musketeer transmog please give us some fancy hat with some feather a nice leather tunic a new belt which shows a pistol and stiletto... that is all we needÂzââth0 4d
4d The /dab Emote You know the dabbing that became mainstream nowadays. Why Blizzard who gets referrence and adds into WoW did not add this new animation. Just think about it, your character bends its own head to the right down, covering its head with its righ arm and then left arm is being rised at 45 degree of slope. Please blizz, I wanna /dab when I achieve something good at the game.Algonquin10 4d
4d Demon Hunter eyesight and proffessions So, how do you think their sight affect their proffesions? I have heard few different explanation how it really works so i'm not sure about that. I have a Demon Hunter and i thought that, as she is internaly fighting with her demon taint and unleashing her fury at her enemies, she decided to take a hobby that would make her calm down. So she took caligraphy (inscription, and i never had a character with seriously developed inscription proffesion :P ) to sometimes sit and calm her nerves and destructive nature. But how exactly her eyesight could affect that? Can Demon Hunter really see good enough to write/read complex runes or is it more like Daredevil (who could fight and move like he see, but still couldn't used computer or read papers)? Or is the Spectral Sight ability how supposedly they see all the time? What do you think is the most fitting proffesion to Demon Hunters regarding their sight?Sharkhe3 4d
5d Newcomer friendly RP guild Hiya I'm looking to level an Horde alt on one of the RP realms (except AD cos alliance characters are there) I'm not entirely sure what I plan to level yet, possibly a goblin rogue or a Tauren Hunter and I'm looking for a guild that is happy to accept newcomers, show them the ropes and support them in RP Do any such guilds exists?Natlean1 5d
5d The Sandshapers - Loa-themed Cult RP Guild (AD) An interracial cult worshipping the Loa spirit of the Dead, Mueh'zala. It was first created by outcast members of the Sandfury Tribe, who openly spoke out against dealings with the Twilight's Hammer, worshippers of the Old Gods. These members knew their ancestors had fought and died in the wars made thousands of years ago against the Qiraji, a creation of the Old Gods, who were worshipped by their newly made allies. These defiant trolls were numerous and scattered throughout Zul'Farrak, many even going so far as to assassinate ambassadors of the Twilight's Hammer during peaceful delegations. As to not tamper the alliance the Sandfury trolls had made, they sent spies to hunt down activists and kill them. The survivors were forced to flee the city, but their tribe having made enemies with the Horde, Alliance, the goblin cartels meant they had no one to turn to and no-where to go. Some were so bold as to ask the trolls of Stranglethorn for shelter, with little success beyond mistrust and hostility, the Gurubashi questioning why the Sandfury would wander so far from their homeland and not offer protection to their prized city. With their homeland long gone and hope dwindling, the trolls that remained took to the aid of their favoured Loa, Mueh'zala and Kimbul. Offering live sacrifices and rituals to contact them out of desperation. While Kimbul saw little value in these trolls for having disgraced the will of their own tribe, Mueh'zala gave pity for them and offered them a second chance. He asked that they worship him and none other, that they devote their very lives unto him, and in return, he will give them what they seek. A place to call home, and new-found hope in knowing that a Loa would be forever at their side. Mueh'zala told them of a temple sealed off from the outside world, one that slumbers, one unguarded. The green dragonflight had since moved away from the sunken temple of Atal'Hakkar after the return of the Burning Legion, and the corruption of the Emerald Dream. He told them that this would be an opportunity not to be wasted, as this temple would be their new home. The perfect place to live in secrecy, and to carry out Mueh'zala's will without interferences. The trolls quickly moved out and settled in the temple, biding their time by making use of the corpses of Gurubashi trolls scattered throughout, and when supplies ran out, scavenging the marshes for animal carcasses. Practicing necromancy on them to satisfy their saviour, and even going so far as to offer their dark magic to outsiders ..should they dare enter. Yes, yes, I have no doubt that there's going to be a few lore discrepancies here and there, but I'm posting this here to get my guild some recognition, and to make for some discussion on any questions people have on my guild and how it would run. Since there is little evidence leading towards Loa offering their services to races other than trolls, I designed this concept hoping for the best. The idea is a small society lurking in the depths of Sunken Temple that openly offer training in necromancy to any who would be to bold as to ask it of them. I've done research on embalming, as well as Loa, the Sandfury trolls, the Qiraji, etc, etc, to ensure my guild is as lore-friendly as humanly possible. The websites I used can be found here:- Since their trollish roots have died off over the years, the cult focuses more on necromancy than it does on Mueh'zala. His worship is more or less out of fear as to not invoke his wrath, with the cult being so deeply in his debt. These are the basic procedures:- Step 1 - Body in storage. Rock under head, cover. Step 2 - Bathe in 15 degree water with salt. Step 3 - Massage body. Slit neck, shoulders, first rib and legs. Dip in cloth soaked in banshee bells and salt to absorb fluid. Step 4 - Clean blood, close slits with stitches. Step 5 - When dry, wrap in linen and cover. Step 6 - Take body to shrine of Mueh'zala. If raised, observe in chamber until collapse. If not, bury on shores surrounding temple. Step 7 - After collapse, bury raised corpse on shores surrounding temple. Ranks:- The Prophet - Leader. Oversees the cult. The Adjutant - Second-In-Command, advisor. Upholds the will of Mueh'zala. Coroner - Imports and deports bodies, water and food. Cardinal - Head embalmer. Sees over Lay Cardinals. Lay Cardinal - Embalmer. Acolyte - Learning the ropes. Allowed to work with embalming, but must be watched over by a Cardinal. Novice - Learning the ropes. Not allowed to work with embalming, but is shown the process by a Cardinal. Events are usually carried out in a similar fashion, with each rank fulfilling their duty, although there may be more than one raising every day. Every once in a while, we'll do a sacrifice (no live ones!), maybe a couple of adventures to Troll ruins for necromantic purposes. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. As for invitation, the typical way you'd join is to ask about it OOCly, then to be led ICly to some discreet location in Stormwind to conduct an interview, followed by saying your rites to Mueh'zala. After that, you just head on over to our base. If you're interested, come visit the Alliance side of Argent Dawn and I'll make a place for you. We accept all races, and classes ..well, you'll have to give us a damn good reason to invite a Demon Hunter/Death Knight, but other than that, you should be fine. As I stated before, I'm open to discussion. Give me a suggestion or two if you'd like. The guild is still new and fresh, and could do with some improvements.Lagalily0 5d
5d How I feel like when doing quests.. Me walking to an NPC NPC: "Greetings Richtendithas. I see that you are the one wielding the reforged weapons of the legendary weapon Frostmourne! I also heard that you recently defeated Ysera. Furthermore I heard that you command The Ebon Hold and your champions consists of names like Nazgrim and Thoras Trollbane who refer to you as Deathlord." Me:" I appreciate your admiration. I heard you had an important job for me?" NPC: "Ahh yes, you see these mushrooms growing around my feet? Could you be a good boy and pick them up for me, since I'm a lazy douche. Now chop chop you lazy peon, I haven't got all day!"Richendithas6 5d
5d Slyvannas as Warchief ? OK I'm done. Hello dear Azeroth people... First of all as assigned leader of Scourge by LK and patriotic citizen who belongs mighty HORDE. I did my best whole the time for my faction. We fighted Kil'Jaeden,Arthas,Garrosh's torture and himself, Archimonde, Pit Lord and many many villian who tried broke peace of Azeroth. I'm calling now all alliance and horde champions to unite. We succed our orders given from King and our Warchiefs shorty i can say we saved Azeroth whole the time. Our leader only sat their thrones and give orders us. They did nothing. And now demons inside. Result of last situation Horde lost Vol'jin and now Slyvannas became Warchief. (I don't know what's going on Alliance.) She is good but not has skill of a leader. As leader of mighty Scourge. I already deserved title of warchief. I'm saying this to Slyvannas !@#$% from here. If you dont give up. I will occupy Orgrimmar with my damned army. And break you down. This is last warning!Ottomanian19 5d
6d Need some help! So I'll just start with a little background first; I used to be an avid Warcraft fan until BC, that's when I've stopped playing. I've still loved the game to death ever since. And just recently I've had the balls to return to play. And mostly RP. I've had my fair share of RP and even enough in WoW, but now I'm older, and after being enlisted it's much harder keeping tabs on a guild/character like I used to. I get home every third or second weekend and so my time for myself is usually short, so I'm looking to get back into business, but through something more casual, that I could go hardcore once I'm home and through the weeks I'll be able to catch up through my phone. Anyways can anyone help me find a good server with a good community, and maybe a great guild to join, something that I won't have to commit too full-heartedly. I play an Orc warrior in case anyone is asking. Thanks a lot AdarGarothax0 6d
6d General Legion Chat #2: Renamed for sake of Continuity So the NEXT EXPANSION DISCUSSION THREAD (which was named before Legion's reveal) has reached a cap, so here's the second one. What is this thread? Basically we've always had General RP Chat threads as a place for the RP community to discuss OOCly, so as to not clutter the IC threads. This is essentially like that, but in a thread where people are free to discuss spoilers. That way nobody has to be alienated from the usual OOC thread, but those that want to discuss spoilers can still freely do so. Read this thread at your own risk. If you want to avoid story spoilers, you're better off leaving to the General RP Chat thread. So! We have a release date. Time to start speculating the prepatch date. Personally I'm thinking somewhere in June. It'd be longer than normal prepatches, but they said that was the plan anyway. This gives us ~2 months of time with the prepatch.Kyrina137 6d
22 Sep HELP! Cant bind BattlePet to TRP3 Hello, I am trying new things with the TRP3 curse addon and I had made my profile and everything else. It binds my mount but it wont bind my battle pet. Its a flying battle pet with its own personal name. When I summon my Battle Pet, the Companion profile wont show up in my TRP3 profile preview panel neither by clicking the Battle Pet itself shows nothing. It had worked many months ago, but now it doesnt with any other battlepet. How do I fix it? I updated the addons and everything, I am totally clueless. (Another thing that I have in mind, is how do you add those TRP3 Themes?) Please help me!!! Update: Ok so I tried to Target bind my renamed Sentinel's Companion BattlePet, but it gives me an error panel of "Your target is not a valid pet, minion, ghoul, mage elemental or a renamed battle pet.". Ahh what do I do?Ëlona6 22 Sep
22 Sep Would you date the person above you? #35 Oops, I did it again.Gibbles500 22 Sep
21 Sep Gnexit Dear all For many years I have stood aside the alliance in their campaigns, their never ending quest for world peace and global harmony. But as I entered Dalaran few weeks ago I stumbled upon a disrespectful scenario which absolutely confirmed my point of view. Hereby I refer to the place Gnomes currently posses in the alliance. As far as I remember Gnomes never really played a serious role in the story of warcraft. This does not actually bother me but the fact that we are being treated as mercenaries, second rank folk... This heavily affects my temper. And I do not take this any longer. Now before you label me as a separatist, hear me out. We were driven out of our home gnomeregan many years, only to seek shelter at our dwarven friends who gave us a shelter in front of a railway station. 4 rooms and a hallway for an entire race. Anyway things could have gone worse, so my heart can bear this burden. Ever done any quests for gnomes? Aside Toshley's station in Outland, all you had to do 90% of the time for gnomes was collecting garbage and scrap to complete or repair an invention, so any other race could complete their noble higher causes. No credit for gnomes here. Anyway things could have gone worse, so my heart can bear this burden. Retaking our beloved city from filthy weak troggs, where were our allies during this siege? No human or elf detected on the battlefield during this slaughterfest. Anyway things could have gone worse, so my heart can bear this burden. Years have passed, I have contributed my part defeating the most vile creatures in Azeroth during the early days. I was in the front line towards Illidan and the Lich King, My shield and me between Deathwing and my fellow adventurers and slaughtered countless of hordes during campaigns in Pandaria and Draenor. Now that I entered the neutral city of Dalaran, my heart could not take it anymore. Engineering has always been a Gnome and Goblin craftmanship. While in the engineering shop I did not see 1 gnome representative for our noble profession! Yet a human stands there who does not know a single thing of engineering!!!! Far worse, I got a request from this goblin to seek out Filgo Scrapbottom, who dwells in the SEWERS of Dalaran! This last straw broke the camel's back... I do not longer take this humiliation, it is our right to be treated with respect and dignity. I say we gnomes leave this so called alliance and stand for our own! I vote for a politically, economically and military independent Gnomeregan were we have to answer to no one! Out with the alliance, in with the gnome revolution! TLDR; gnomes are treated like plebeians in the alliance, complete independent gnome faction demanded. Sincerely yours DroïnDroïn24 21 Sep
21 Sep LF a norse mythology (Asatru) RP guild I would like to join a norse mythology RP guild in any of the big rp servers Or if you know a norse mythology RP guild on a server let me know!Psyghost3 21 Sep
21 Sep [Guide] How to have "Lok’tar" at Orc roleplay [V.1.6] Prone to change. Disclaimer: This guide is not meant to be followed to the letter. It is only a guide to give you ideas in your head. This guide is aimed towards new orc roleplayers, but is also aimed to be helpful for experienced orc roleplayers. Some of the text may be fan-fiction, but is aimed to stay close to the Orcish ways as possible. What is an “orc”? Orcs are aliens to Azeroth. Their skin colour can be green, grey, brown, dark and red. Orcs are around one head taller than your average human, and usually have a muscular build. They often choose a job as a warrior, and if they have been gifted by the elements they will choose the path of a shaman. The orcs use all kinds of weapons, but are mostly known to carry a big axe with them. The orcs mainly live on Kalimdor today, but they also have settlements in other parts of Azeroth. The orcs are known to be bloodthirsty beasts to many of the races on Azeroth. However, over the years of their presence on Azeroth, they have gone from being mindless bloodthirsty monsters, to be a more organized people, that fight for their own survival in the harsh lands of Kalimdor. Content: History (Timeline) Culture The Four Archetypes MiscellaneousTazkram58 21 Sep
20 Sep Guess the IC title of above poster #7 Mine was the last post, so I guess it's up to me to start a new thread.Rothan479 20 Sep
20 Sep Mage Frost i play 8 years mage frost but in legion mage frost is realy weak what hapepn for frost? any plan for fix damage? mage frost is realy bad in arena i dont want play firePiyer2 20 Sep
20 Sep #GREENLIVESMATTER. Green Lives Matter is a chapter-based national organization working for the validity of orcish life. We are working to (re)build the orc liberation movement.Lustraiser8 20 Sep
20 Sep Skyhold Lore Problem Am I right in saying that Skyhold is the ONLY Order Hall in which the player is supposed to be the only member of his class who is there? The lore says I am the only living Valajar. So every other warrior running about isn't there in the story. How does that work? Why are all the NPCs Vrykul? Why are all the followers Vrykul? Why are half the Vrykul in Skyhold not even Warriors? This Order Hall feels like some random quest hub that anyone could go to in the Storm Peaks. Did Warriors even GET a "Class Order Hall"? No other members of my CLASS appear to be there -in story-. There are lots of other 'only living Valajar' players running around, but they're not supposed to be there. I literally can't even roleplay my class story because only the single "LIVING VALAJAR" gets to go to Skyhold in story and join the Order. On an RP server there are 100s of Warriors. No other class has this problem. Every DK can be in Acherus/part of the Ebon Blade, so you can ignore being the Deathlord. Every Paladin can be Silver Hand and in Light's Hope without being Highlord. Etc etc. Only ONE Mortal Warrior gets to go to Skyhold in the lore. Or am I missing something? Really poor show. :( There isn't even a SINGLE prominent warrior character in the Warrior Class Hall. Not one of Warcraft's many storied warriors. You had to fill it with Ulduar bosses, Blizz. What were you thinking?Konrad21 20 Sep
20 Sep What would your character say to the above poster? #20 (Slightly altered the name of the thread to make it more pleasing to the eye!) @ Sanctia I wouldn't tempt fate by attempting to take on that Goblin in any kind of duel Kaldorei, be it mental, physical, or otherwise ... given her track record, things could become extremely competitive. It may be best to let her have the win and walk away.Cathríon500 20 Sep
19 Sep Fix this bug Hi there, im doing the Blade's edge achievement and trying to complete the Relic's Emanation quest and it is totally bugged, some people say on forums that theres a mechanic to it that u need to click in between waves bursting out of the crystal, yet i get 3 times the same colour on these waves and it has like a second delay before i can click it again and then there comes the wave and im powerless to do something. Its really frustrating i tried about 20 times and keep failing because this quest is just messed up, could u just fix this please? would be great ( I'm not that good in it also but even had my GF type the colours for me to click it)Spitnoise1 19 Sep
19 Sep To the Raiders who have an RP alt How do you pull it off in Legion? I constantly feel pressured to get my artifact on my main up to the best it can possibly be, that I haven't even really touched my RP alt, at most gotten the artifact and chosen my first zone. Though my guild isn't aiming for world firsts or anything, they have a large roster, and I will have to be on the cutting edge to gain a place in the main team this expansion. It absolutely sucks because I love WoW RP, and it is what kept me going through the droughts of WoD, but now there's so much to do in so little time with my job, It feels quite overbearing...Takenoko3 19 Sep