19 Nov 2010 Informative & useful threads for Roleplayers This thread contains a compilation of informative and useful threads for the roleplaying community. If there are any threads that should be added or removed from this list, please report them using the red bio-hazard symbol that can be found next to the thread's subject title (Reason: Sticky Request) General Guides and Information: [Guide] Why RP?: or Why we talk funny by Adnaw - [Guide] Guild Recruitment - Your Advice by Adnaw - [Guide] The Conversationalist's Handbook by Azhaan - Roleplaying and Character Guides: [Guide] How to have "Lok’tar" in Orc roleplay - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Warlock by Velynia - [Guide] How to roleplay Tauren? by Takuur - [Guide] Blood Elf Roleplaying by Sorathiel - [Guide] Heroic virtues, heroic flaws by Edanna - [Guide] Roleplaying a Night Elf character by Aldrannath - [Guide] Military RP by Steelhammer - [Guide] Simple character backgrounds for beginners by Edanna - [Guide] An undead's guide to... Gnome RP! by Mharla - [Guide] A Sailor's Walk: a "guide" for nautical roleplay by Scurvy - [Guide] Draenei roleplaying by Sikon - [Guide] Shapeshifting by Edanna - [Guide] Dwarf Roleplaying by Thunderbraid - [Guide] Creating and maintaining characters by Gremkarc - [Guide] Dark Ranger roleplay – a guide and general advice by Lyanea - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Death Knight by Koránith - [Guide] The Dark Lady and Her Forsaken by Viatrix - [Guide] How to Roleplay a Pandaren by Skrauhg - Lore and Resources: [Guide / Lore] Draenei Information by Naiyu - [Guide/ Lore] Time is Money: Goblins in Cataclysm by Adnaw - [Guide/ Lore] Howling Oak: Worgen in Cataclysm by Adnaw - [Guide] RP Gear & Props List! by Normie - Macros and Add-ons: RP AddOns by Gehco - Epic Tales & Stories: <none added yet> Community: <none added yet> Miscellaneous: [Guide] Infernal Key - Guide to Demonic Summonings by Sophyra - 19 Nov 2010
1h Would you date the person above you? #35 Oops, I did it again.Gibbles414 1h
3h Rate the appearance of the character above you #8 (And new thread to continue ... Here's a picture to show Kahli'wa's more ceremonial outfit. Which also works as my transmog: 3h
3h What would you do with the Above Poster? #15 There is stuff to do, ladies and gentlemen ... and we must do it with one another.Cathríon275 3h
4h RP Class Balance Starting off with a note: I'm not saying xxx class is OP in PvP or such, this is not a thread like that. Something i'd like some public RP hosters to think about is that if you got melee characters in your group which joined your RP, then let's make it intresting for them aswell and not do a event where it's catered to prefer ranged ability characters like Hunters and so, left a event like that recently as it became such a boring event as the hoster hadn't really planned much from what i got from it, it was catered for ranged characters only, as throwing knifes and so wouldn't really be effective from that range the enemy was, it was a demon about 500 meters out at sea (counted from shore) and rangers and air units were shooting at it which from there perspective works but not from the vision of a character bound to Melee. If you're event caters ranged alot more then Melee like Rogue, Warriors and so. Do tell them that before the event starts or make it a little more fun for them aswell then just a stare fest. Just wanted to say this as it can be kind of a bummer when something like this happens which makes it for some in that event a boring one where they have no effect at all in the outcome.Vhíly2 4h
4h What would your character say to the above poster? #20 (Slightly altered the name of the thread to make it more pleasing to the eye!) @ Sanctia I wouldn't tempt fate by attempting to take on that Goblin in any kind of duel Kaldorei, be it mental, physical, or otherwise ... given her track record, things could become extremely competitive. It may be best to let her have the win and walk away.Cathríon436 4h
4h Rate the name of the person above you! #7 Character limits, yo. Since I made the last post in the old thread I'll make the new one. Saramisya TruestrikeSaramisya203 4h
4h What does your DH think of the Alliance/Horde? What does your demon hunter think about the alliance or horde? I'd imagine this would be stranger for blood elven illidari as their people have been through much since they were last united. I think it's a little strange for them to be enemies in these factions having previously been brothers in arms under Illidan. Ofc the factions just serve as a mechanic though so I guess we could just ignore it in character.Korvús14 4h
5h Describe the above poster in 5 words or less (Part 3) Not the one who ended the thread prior, but I will open a new one, as needs must.Elyssarain0 5h
5h How would your character kill the one above? #9 Continuing the murder business, as I was the last poster of the previous thread.Gibbles457 5h
7h General RP Chat #34: Jaina is right Edition. She is right...Sipharion104 7h
7h Does Blizzard even care? For years our community have been haunted by players who continuously harass and in general try to ruin our experience of the game, but what has Blizzard done to fix this? I've been wanting to make this thread for months, but tonight when a youtuber and his followers did their best to ruin a server wide Memorial Event I just couldn't keep silent anymore. We've seen this time and time again, people getting organized to ruin events and general roleplay on our servers. But what can we do to stop them? Well, we can report them, sure. But only as ongoing harassment. Something that is rather difficult to do since they always change characters. We can en mass report them for spamming and hope they get their communication privileges revoked, but this is merely playing the system. We can try and talk sense into them, but in my experience, it only makes things worse. Trying to be civil with players who's only goal is to ruin other people's experience of the game simply does not work. They claim they are doing nothing wrong when they spam the chats, using disrupting toys ect. Nothing works. Nothing is being done to limit the cross-realm function on RP realms so that players from non-RP servers cannot interact with us. Nothing is being done to help us combat these trolls and disruptive elements. This is not only a plea to Blizzard, but a call to the community. How do you feel about having your experience ruined? What do you think can be done to limit or stop this harassment? I for one am tired of paying money towards a game that I love so dearly, yet always find myself loathing because of people who cannot let some people enjoy the game their way.Aeranìel3 7h
10h Let's write a story With legion coming I'm thought it was fun to have a little post where we're all going to write a story for the good of the earth So let's begin: "Anduin walks down the street."Derpr14 10h
10h Lord of the Rings in WoW :P Anyone that would be up for a little fun this weekend on a RP server? I thought it would be fun to re-enact The Lord of the Rings :P But of course we'll need a loooot of players! So I decided while we all wait for Legion I'd look for some peeps and make this a very fun day! We will need a whole lot of characters! To give an example: - 6 gnomes (One that looks slightly like Frodo, Sam, Merry and Peppin and one older looking one for Bilbo and a gnome to act as Smeagol.) - 9 Death Knights to act as The Nazgul. - Some druids to act as eagles (altough sandstone drakes could work as well) - 2 human wizard that look very old for Gandalf and Saruman. - More humans for Aragon, Boromir Theodon and such! - A lot of elves! A whole lot! We need Elrond and such. And a lot of guest Elves! - Guest humans, Guest Trolls and Guest orcs to parttake in the huge war scenes. - Gimli and Legolas of course! - If druids somehow have the ability to become a tree, I'd love you for the Treant scene! This will take a wholeeeee lot of organizing so I'd ask if you'd all be up for it if so I'll start organizing! If you're up for joining tell me what character you'd like to play and I'll see if it's still available! In the war scene's we'll enable PvP! Let me know if you'd enjoy this!Sammyknight4 10h
11h Guess the IC title of above poster #7 Mine was the last post, so I guess it's up to me to start a new thread.Rothan452 11h
12h Question: Warlock Magic Hi! I have a few questions about warlocks. Their magic to be precise. What do you concider to be a warlock? One who uses fel magic? One who uses shadow magic? Both? If a warlock only could use shadow magic, whould you call him something else? Shadowcaster? I'm not interested in demon summoning, just "spells". I whould like to hear your opinions!Durgil12 12h
12h Can you have different kinds/colours of chi? I've seen two monks mention different colours of chi. The first said that there was bad chi, neutral chi, and good chi, and that they were red, blue and green respectively. The second merely said that their chi was red, like a blood moon would be. Are there any sources or in game stuff backing this up?Caelra1 12h
19h What does your char do when you log off? Oragrimm would stand exactly where I left him for another 30 seconds, then slowly moves his hand to reach in his pocket and pick out a small mirror. Slowly moving his hand up to so he can peek at what's behind him. After he secures that my face isn't somewhere up in the sky looking down at him, he slowly turns his head to look at the left bottom part of that frame my face should be in. Again, using his mirror he now can read the chat window which is there. "Good, no yellow words like 'You are AFK' to see", he says and with a huge reliefing sigh, he drops his armour on the ground, smells his armpits and lets out a deep grunt. "Finally done for now" he says and picks up his gear and puts it in his bags. In his bag he has a [Mystery Keg], pulls it out and sets it down and gets himself a brewsky. "Aaah! That's one for on the road, hee hee. Since ya can't stand on one leg, might as well get another!" Then he fumbles in his bags and reaches for a small secret pocket. He fumbles some more. "Ah! Here it is" and pulls out his phone. He quickdials his wife to tell her he's done with his shift and is on his way home. "I might grab a pint and a snack on the way home, though, so yer might not haf ta stay up fer me" he says. After a few drinks and chicken legs, he goes home, wakes up his wife and starts complaining about his !@#$ty day at work. "There is just no stopping that face-in-the-sky from commanding me where to go and what to do. I've almost done a double today!" His wife comforts him, takes him to bed and lays him down. No 5 seconds later he snorrs as loud as an old saw mill, resting for the next day at work......Oragrimm1 19h
19h Let's make it an interview #2 First thread got full so it's time to continue! (Thanks Cal for leting me post this \o/ ) So how does this work? It's simple you answer the interviewer's question from the post before you in character and when you have done that you choose the next question the interviewer ask for the next person to answer! Like the question is, what's your favourite colour? Bob the Guard: "Periwinkle, just like my wife's eyes." then Bob makes the interviewer's next question ooc, simple! So ...Interviewer356 19h
1d Describe the above poster in 5 words or less (Part 2) Last one was full, continue. Elf who ends forum thread!Kresha500 1d
1d A few questions about troll DK. Hello there. So I have a few questions here. Is it possible for the Troll to have his regeneration after he have been ressurected from the death? Also, I know that I am not welcome within the Darkspear or any other troll tribes, as the ressurected trolls are an insult to the Loas. However I'm IC'ly serving Hakkar, the Blood God, that's why I RP as Blood and Unholy. Any other helpful tips would be appreciated!Boneflayer1 1d
1d [Guide] How to Roleplay a Death Knight FOREWORD What originally started out as an informative reply and quickly grew too long for a single post has now amassed into this extensive guide to Death Knight Roleplay - now with a shiny new update! This guide will attempt to cover every aspect of roleplaying a Death Knight, from the most basic to the most in depth. Some of the things I address because I have witnessed them first hand, and other things are here because people have asked about them. All my sources are cited at the end of the guide, and I've tried to make clear what is lore, what is speculation, and what is personal preference. Many thanks to the people who wrote the lore, the people who collected the lore on wikis and in other roleplay guides on the forums, and the people who shared their thoughts and opinions with me on this topic. I will try to credit all of you at the end as well, but please forgive me if memory fails and I miss a name! Table of Content: 1. Facts about the IC Class 2. The Story by Blizzard 3. Faction Alliegence 4. Making Your Character Within This 5. Races 6. Being a DK after the Lich King's Fall 7. Being a DK in Legion 8. Specialisations 9. Saronite 10. Miscellaneous 11. Useful Tips and Advice 12. Sources NOTE: The number of posts I originally reserved for this guide originally failed to live up to the sheer volume of information surrounding this topic - a lot of which gets asked, answered and pointed to in the ever-growing comments. So if the guide itself does not answer your questions, go ahead and check out the comments! Since this latest update to the guide, I find I have either become much more space efficient or Blizzard have upped the limit on post sizes. Either way, you'll see a lot of now empty posts near the end of this guide which I intend to try to fill out with the compiled results of discussions in the comments. That... will take a long time to get through, though, but I felt the main guide deserved this update now at least. Enjoy!Koránith362 1d
1d Warlock iconic specs in legion Is destruction the only iconic spec for warlocks in legion? Its the only spec that uses the things the most powerfull warlocks in wow use (as far as we have seen)..: - It uses destructive fel magic (felfire) - It doesnt seem to lack in any way in summoning multiple higher demons. You have access to doomguards and infernals, can summon multiple demons with grimoire of service and cds Or even kill them for greater power). You can even make it rain infernals. With a combination of the above you can have 6 demons summoned at the same time once in a while, which seems quite powerfull for a warlock who doesnt "specialize" in summoning. While demonology has the name and summons an army of demons you dont seem to use any felmagic apart from drain life. (its pretty clear through wod and legion that fel magic IS green, so i wont count lifetap etc even though the nature of the spells screams fel). Also none of the spells you use are quite powerful. About affliction...yea. its even worse. It seems that if you wanna feel like gul dan or archimonde (or a small version of them regardless) that destruction is the only way to feel like a true warlock. Any thoughts on this matter are greatly appreciated.Jubeka4 1d
1d Class- (and Race) specific Titles (suggestions) Hey People, I thought i would share some of my suggestions for Class Titles that may be added in future WoW content. If you have some additional suggestions or criticism, feel free to comment, i will add them to the list. How would you achieve those titles? My idea would be: class-specific quests/achievements (f.E. "tame 200 exotic beasts" = Master Tamer title) Warrior = <Warbringer>, <Weaponmaster> (arms), <Berserk> (fury), <Aegis> (prot), <Brave> (tauren), <General> (human, forsaken), <Overlord> (orcs) Paladin = <Crusader> <Prelate> <Exarch> <Vindicator> <Highlord> <Justicar> <of the Silver Hand> <Blood Knight> (Belfs), <Sunwalker> (Tauren) Hunter = <Heart of the Wild>/ <Master Tamer> (BM), <Deadeye>/<Heartseeker> (MM), <Ultimate Survivor>/ <Trapper> (SV) Rogue = <of the SI:7> / <Agent> (alliance only), <Cutthroat> (Horde only), <Shadow Blade> (sub), <the Jolly>/ <Commodore> (outlaw), <Kingsbane> (assassination) Priest = <Cardinal> /<Archbishop> (human/forsaken only), <Prophet> (Draenei only), <Chosen of Elune> (Nelf only), <Witch Doctor> (trolls), <Herald of N'Zoth> / <Acolyte> / <Voidlord> / <Fanatic> (shadow) Shaman = <Speaker of Elements> / <Elementalist> / <Earthbreaker> (ele), <Windlord> / <Thundercaller> (enhancer), <Tidecaller> / <Ancestor> (resto) <Farseer> (orcs mainly), <of da Voodoo> / <Brujo> (troll), <Earthshaker> (tauren), <of the Wildhammer> (dwarfs) Mage = <Inferno> / <Pyromancer> (Fire), <Winter's Majesty> / <Cryomancer> (Frost), <Netherweaver> / <Archmage> (arcane)/ <of the Kirin Tor> (ally), <Sunreaver> (horde), <Grand-Magister> (nelfs) Warlock = <Master Summoner> / <Fel Overlord> (Demonology), <Corruptor> / <Cursespeaker> (affli), <of Xoroth> / <Destructor> / <Chaosbringer> (destro), <of the Black Harvest>, <Grandwitch> (ally), <Manari> (if you could play a draenei warlock) Monk = <Brewmaster> / <the Black Ox> (brewmaster), <Hurricane> / <Xuen's Fury> (ww), <Emperor> / <the Red Crane> (mistweaver) Druid = <Archdruid>, <Shapeshifter> (general), <Starshaper> / <the Ancient> (Moonkin), <Apex Predator> (Feral), <Earthwarden> / <Avatar of Ursoc> (bear), <the Treant> / <Aspect of Life> / <Grovekeeper>(rejuv) Demon Hunter = <Illidari> <Slayer> <the Sixth> <the Blind> <Glaivemaster> <Edgel0rd> <Netherblade> <Martyr> Death Knight = <Necrolord> / <Grand Lich> (unholy), <Avalanche> (frost), <Heartstopper> / <San'Layn> (blood)Eredo4 1d
1d For the love of RP, turn off Cross Realms! Mid RP, I just got phased. Without warning, without reason. I was at the Crossroads, talking to some elves. There was maybe 5 of us at Crossroads, so not even that many. And poof, I phase. Completely empty Crossroads. Why did I phase? Why is Phasing even a thing right now? The Legion events are a clustertruck of lag to the point where the servers themselves lag out and cause 2-3 seconds of delay, so clearly there's no need to merge a bunch of servers into one. Can we just get the cross realms turned off for the time being? Real tired of either lagging out when doing events and getting chucked onto a different realm for no reason.Kusung14 1d
2d Something that nobody cares about So , there is a piece of armor from Wotlk that I always wanted , specifically , this I demand this be made into a set ingame , it already has a model and works for all races , Just slap it onto some random vendor in Light's hope chapel . This is really old , and Blizzard doesn't care , nor do you care people , but Still , I really want that gear , So , yeh , Blizz plx gib armurArgetor3 2d
2d Cross faction RP First of all, I am not an RP'er myself, though I do like to play on an RP server. Thing that crossed my mind is; why can players not RP cross faction on RP servers? Perhaps even take it further and make hostility towards the opposite faction an option instead of a given. We could all be neutral towards one another, speak eachoters languages and visit our capital cities, without getting insta attacked by all the guards and triggerfinger happy players. Personally, I think it could bring a whole new thing to RP. I kinda think the whole opposite faction thing is a bit too 2005. We shouldn't be generalising IRL, so why do we have to in game? Everyone has toons on both sides. How cool would it be for those to interact on non PVP realms? Or better yet, be friends? As far ad Blizz is concerned, we don't get to pick our own friends across the world. Only amongst ourselves we can be friends. Heck, what if I as an orc, would like to join a befriended alliance guild? On a non pvp realm, I think it should be a possibility for the players to choose. I have no beef with any alliance player, but I have no choice to hate them in game. That feels old and wrong now. Those who choose for rivalry, welcome to pvp/pve servers.Renaró14 2d
2d Phasing in Cities I resubbed blindly assuming that this had been removed. Evidently it hasn't. For stability reasons. Which is. Uh. Kinda a cop-out answer IMO. There are plenty of options available to help players deal with lots of players onscreen at once, and if the real issue is server stability, the issue will die down in one month of release once players hit max and stop hanging around the same areas. C'mon. I just wanted Stormwind to feel like an actual city on a high pop server. Not to see 3 people in the AHAddolphus0 2d
2d Raptorial Gaming Forming Pro RP Teams Raptorial Gaming is an up and coming professional gaming organization that is trying to burst its way into the WoW scene by making teams comprised of the three modes in WoW that make up the game: Roleplay, PvE, and PvP. Raptorial Gaming is looking to extend its fingers into the Roleplaying area, where we offer skilled Roleplayers the chance to partake in three unique scenarios that will test their skills and passion about roleplaying! Lorewalkers: These neutral characters strive to learn more about the world they live in, while also trying to promote peace among all races that inhabit the world. They are peaceful beings that never raise fist to settle disputes, but try and always persuade the other side to see reason through words. The Lorewalkers must be exalted with The Lorewalker faction and have appropriate attire on at all times. When roleplaying, transmog is not permitted, and they must use the actual items themselves. Demon hunters, warlocks, and death knights are prohibited. Undead, Goblins, Worgen, and Trolls are banned as well. The Rumble Ragers: These characters strive for fighting, and they live and breathe carnage in the arena. Constant illegal tournaments are being held to determine the most bad !@# Mofo around. Tournaments are held to determine this, but there is only rule, There are no rules. Actually there are. Characters must have no stats equipped. They are permitted to wear the worst armor they can find, but it can not provide any stats, essentially meaning grey items only. The combatants are also not allowed to wield weapons of any kind. No spells may be cast. The basic concept is a drunken arena where a single lone Goblin is holding wagers on who will win. Pimps are allowed in this, but they are only allowed to spectate, and are considered rich. The Pimps can purchase the combatants who must act poor in order for them to fight for their given Pimp. Trading of Combatants is allowed. These combatants fight, and their Pimp wins money and gives 20% to the Combatant. The Pimp must pay 5g in order to enter their Combatants into the tourney. The Pimp can also have another 1v1 wage with another Pimp for their combatants to dish it out. PIMPS CAN ONLY OWN 1 COMBATANT. Combatants can only be the following races: Human, Worgen, Dwarf, Orc, Tauren, Troll. The Pimps must be one of the following: Blood elves, Gnomes, Humans, Goblins, Night elves. | Pandaren and Draenai are banned. Forsaken are permitted to be spectators. The Swappers: The Everyones is the group that is designed to help those that do not fit into any of the current Roleplay scenarios still participate in the events. In this scenario, there are no banned classes or races. The Swappers participate in the frequent events constantly posted on the calendar. The events often have different requirements and it will be given a week's prior notice by the leader for member's to participate in. During that week, players must gain all that they need and fashion themselves ready to participate in the upcoming event. The event may be an easy one, like a party and Gallywix's Pleasure Palace, or it could be slightly more difficult like leading marches through Orgrimmar or Stormwind demanding that some changes be made. It could be leading a full on attack on the opposing faction's city, leaving nothing but destruction in your wake. Please take the time to find more much needed information and the place to fill out your application here: We will respond to you as soon as possible! Thanks!Zeming3 2d
2d A new guild! I'm looking into getting back into role playing and in the past I always found it best to have fun is with a guild. What was that? Why not join somebody else's guild? That's simple, ill explain : ) At far as my character goes, which is Vai'let, a warrior troll that worships the loan, there are very few guilds she would fit in, why not join a troll guild then? Another good question friend! I have no idea about other troll guilds and if there is even any anymore. So, I wanted to build a guild based around an family, after the war with garrison and the lose of Vol'jin, trolls have had it bad, oh great, now this sound like a theropy club for trolls xD Ahem, anyways, I'm not looking to make anything big, I don't want to build a warm and, more of a safe haven for trolls to go to, if they believe in the loa or not : ) Events wise would involve the war with the horde, exploring new lands, finding artifacts and also I cool in guild story line to follow! Ranks would be achieved on what route you choose and how loyal you are, of course this would be everyone's guild so suggestions are always welcome : ) Anyways! This is just a general idea and aren't 100% solid, but like I mentioned this guild will belong to every one and I would take any suggestions on bored: DJuviette1 2d
3d Let me draw your character Hello roleplay forum! I would like to draw your character(s). I'm an ex-player who used to roleplay a lot in WoW. I don't have an active subscription, but I still hold the game dear to my heart and I keep tabs on the forum. So I thought this might be a fun way to get a bit involved. What I'd like from you (if you are interested): - A description -Art reference(s) Description: I'd like a detailed description of the character I'm going to draw. Any practical details such as skin hue or hair length is good, but also a bit about the personality / manners. Keep it short and concise though, please! Personal quirks are fun. Even though ferocious orc warrior swinging an axe wildly is a fun motif, him smoking a pipe after a battle to restore his nerves might be more unique to the character. Reference(s): I want a reference picture of the character (in-game) as well as the pose you'd like (the pose reference can be from anywhere though). Close up pictures of gear is helpful too, a reference picture of a face is also nice (if you can find a photo of someone who looks like what you imagine your character to look). Here's a few sketches of mine to show what kind of style / quality I am aiming for: Send it all to: (As I don't have an active subscription I can't reply here on the forum. If anyone knows of a better place to post, do tell!) Why am I doing this? For practice, for fun, for an ego boost ;)Stravidarius3 3d
3d Gladiator Merged RP Faction Guild Merged <The Kings Gladiators> (Alliance) <The Warchiefs Gladiators> (Horde) Argent Dawn EU These two guilds on opposing factions are merged. These guilds both follow the same Roleplay scenario, and will interact with each other in every activity. Here is the concept. Both the Horde and Alliance have slaves, (level 1 characters) who fight for their banner. Each Gladiator has an Owner on their respective side who is responsible for taking care of the Gladiator they own. The Owner must feed the Gladiator, clothe the Gladiator, and pay an entree fee for the Gladiator which is currently in our minds, 5g. This will probably increase. For the Gladiators, we recommend going to the experience eliminator and nipping that in the bud asap. It may feel like getting a vasectomy, but it is over before you know it. Owners must be looking rich, be acting rich, and again, dressed to impress. We need 2 Commentators, one Horde one Alliance. Preferably a Gnome for Alliance and a Goblin for Horde. We also need a Horde Priest and an Alliance Priest to resurrect fallen Combatants. Preferably Human and Blood Elf. This is how the scenario would go down in my small brain. At chosen destination, the Horde and Alliance walk in file. Horde from one side and Alliance from other. We would have a leader who would probably be me announcing the order in Demonic. I would ask some Demon Hunter out there on the Horde to translate. The Alliance Gladiator and the Horde Gladiator would dole out, loser dies, Priest resurrects. Next Combatant pair go. We have a bracket set up that is keeping track of winners and losers. Trash talking is absolutely permitted. The only people allowed to talk throughout fights are the Combatants trash talking each other, the current Gladiators' Owners, who are being snobby or giving orders, and the Commentators. All the other people must use /e or /me to express their support or disdain. Winner receives the pot. The Owner must give 20% to the Gladiator. Should the Gladiator level up at any time, he or she is not permitted to continue fighting, and they may become an owner, or they must retire and move on in their lives. The reigning champion gets special privileges, but those are not determined yet. Rules: Combatants: *Combatants may not use spells. *Combatants may not use weapons. (Hand to hand) *Combatants must be level 1. *Combatants must not have any Green+ armor. *Combatants may not pay for anything they possess. *Combatants may use transmog *Combatants must use the Guild Tabard for their side. Owners: *Must be absolutely terrible people. *Must be rich. (Act like it.) *Can not engage in any combat (Sorry.) If you would like to apply, please fill out this application link, and please do not hesitate to give me any terrible or fantastic feedback! 3d
3d Tautological tautolgy of the year (Vol 'Jin) "That's no invasion force, that's an army" Seriously When Vol'Jin says "that's no invasion force, that's an army", it grates every f**** time. can the script writers please use dictionaries? It's like, "That's no tautology, that's a tautological repetition of what I just said it wasn't" Or to hammer the point home: "That's no hoover, that's a vacuum cleaner"* "That's no citrus fruit, that's a lemon" "That's no vehicle, that's an automobile" Am I the only person who found this jarring? Maybe doing a PhD in semantics has left me a little bit weird, but I'd like to think I'm not the only player who found that line just a little bit <i>wrong</i>. *Where I come from (IE), everyone calls every vacuum cleaner a "hoover" regardless of brand. It's even a verb; "to hoover".Concobanus24 3d
3d Looking for Gnome RP Guild So I've been getting back into WoW lately and decided to, finally, get around to that Gnome I've been meaning to make. I settled on a Warrior Gnome named Copperwall. In short I'd like to find a Guild that - 1. Is serious about lore 2. Doesn't mind that I have a few alts in another guild for raiding 3. Doesn't use Gnomes as a comedy troupe of little people to laugh at, Gnomes are proud and a lot smarter than most other races. Not too say I would be against funny RP or just being silly once in a while, if that makes sense. 4. Someone who is reasonably new to Gnome RP, mostly done Human, Night Elf and Worgen stuff in the past but thats about it. 5. Fairly active but doesn't require me to attend every event due to raiding, guild meetings I will attend of course. 6. Due to bad experiences I refuse to join a Military Guild, my reason being simply that they often require uniforms and I didn't spend all that time farming a transmog just to be told I can't wear it. Not for me, sorry. My Gnomes RP: He's an older Gnome, white hair and beard, and a survivor of Gnomeragon. He's an old soldier and is skilled in martial combat, favoring the sword and shield. His personality is as kind and wlecoming as your typical Gnome and also very loyal. He's not damaged or edgy, just a wise old gnome with plenty of life experience. His time in Gnomeragon living in hiding among the devistation and leper gnomes may have given him physhical scars but he's a soldier and he emerged from the chaos mentally intact. He's no Engineer, preferring instead to devote his energy on swordplay and will happily take on aspiring young gnomes as students to train in his personal time. He's still being fleshed out and needs a lot of work and general RP experience to get where I would like him to go. If you're happy to accept me then send a letter to Clennam or Copperwall and I'll get in touch or just let me know were to contact you here. Thanks in advance.Clennam2 3d
3d Do Pandarens have monk in every class? I was just wondering in terms of the Pandaren, notably they have different classes but i always feel with their individual class there is a bit of monk within that class to. Such as the Meditation and Chi i know it may sound a bit strange but i'm leveling a Pandaren Shaman, and i could picture the Shaman using some aspects of the monk in his/her arsenal assuming that they were once a monk but branched off. Any thoughts?Halloween2 3d
4d Ruins of Uldum, a possible RP hangout? I ask this on behalf of my friend. A question of one of the many possible hangout-locations for a newly forming guild, The Children of the Road. I understand, that Ruins of Uldum is a highly questionable hangout-location lorewise. (The whole area of Uldum is pretty much unknown lorewise to me...) So... 1. Are the lingering Earthen still a threat to anyone entering the Ruins? Are they valid and actually there even now, after all of the time has passed. 2. Is the ruin safeguarded by other means for any trespassers? Could we have even a chance to deactivate some of the defences, or would the place literally burn us alive after venturing deep enough 3. Since I haven't completed the Uldum questline (Atleast not followed the storyline) I am unaware of how important this location is. It used to be the main location to Uldum, but does it remain as an ruin? It is not inhabited, or any major factions are not at the moment interested in it? An early thanks to anyone taking their time answering this!Caemazhen0 4d
4d Demonology warlock - Summoning Demons during combat With new demonology mechanic, I've started to wonder how demonology warlock would now work in RP combat. As for now they rely on swarming their enememies with constant waves of demons, that can be summoned in a matter of seconds. As for RP, summoning a demon was always a proccess that took a lot of time and preparation, and was not always successful. Making a pact with demon, offering a soulshard etc... Etc... But now, with the new demo warlock skills, I came up with the idea how they could summon a demon in a matter of seconds. Bassically, warlock can have only one (2 if you using a companion and a cookie) active pet, that he have a "pact" with. And that demon, can stay at the warlock side as long as he or the summoner is not killed, or the summoner decides to send him back. But thanks to Grimoire of service we can summon additional demon for short amount of time. Same with call dreadstalkers and hand of Gul'dan that can spawn imps depending on how many SS you have left. So those are the spells that can summon demons for brief amount of time, how it looks RP wise in my opinion? Well, demonology warlock that studied demons and rituals for a long time now, and with the invasion of the legion, discovered a new ways of summoning and "Controlling" demons that he don't have a direct pact with (let's call them "wild" demons for now). Demonology warlock instead of drawing a circle etc, etc.. Would now have a page in his grimorie, that would be preparied earlier to summon such a wild demon and burned or something like that in order to use it. Of course, items like soulshard would still have to be spent, and the diffrence between your "main" demon and that wild one would be that you don't have full controll over them. You would be only abale to open a way for them to briefly manifestate on Azeroth and point at your enemie. I wonder about the others opinion on that matter.Sigehr2 4d
4d < Highmountain > Tauren RP (AD) Good day everyone, I'll try to keep it as short as I can! If you, like me, were and still is shamelessly hyped about the Highmountain Tauren of the Broken Isles and wish to roleplay as one but also explore their lore and lands together with others - this is definitely the guild for you. < Highmountain > is meant for Tauren players with roleplay experience who wants to level and roleplay together in Highmountain (and surely beyond). The point is to create a small, friendly community that'll gather us under one roof. I personally have a guild leading experience stretching on about five years, so I know a few things about the hard work of keeping one alive - especially with leading single-handedly. And that is exactly why this guild won't be leader-dependent, we are simply loyal to the respective leader of our choosing but hang within the same guild. As of now, the ranks available are: Guardian ( Taskmaster rank ) Warbrave ( Veteran warrior / Warbrave ) Eagle Eye ( Hunter / Scout rank ) Bloodtotem ( Bloodtotem tribesman ) Skyhorn ( Skyhorn tribesman ) Rivermane ( Rivermane tribesman ) Stranger ( OOC rank ) All in all, I want to keep it simple and rely on an organic development where the guild evolves the more we learn. I envision doing dungeons together, perhaps some raiding but mainly exploring this new race, teaching ourselves and each other about the Highmountain and building our characters on the information we find. A place for adventure as well as late evenings gathered around a campfire. Storyline: While everyone is free to follow their own personal storyline suitable for their character, the guild as whole will (most likely) mainly focus on the course of events following the Legion’s invasion and respond accordingly. Be sure to voice your character’s concerns, there is always someone who has the same things in mind as you do. Surely there will be characters that will attempt to carry on pretty much like they’ve always done by hunting, farming and gathering. Others might be curious or sceptical about the newcomers of the Horde and the Alliance and want to roleplay around that. Any events will probably involve adventures revolving around fighting, hunting, gathering but also simply adhering to tradition through rituals or telling stories by the campfires. I have a hard time seeing us doing anything particularly outrageous. IC / OOC Rules: Tabards are not mandatory but traditional-looking Highmountain attire is, as are roles that agree with what we know about the Highmountain so far. We won’t actually begin to roleplay before Legion is released! You are not required to be in-character all the time but please signal when you are out of character so people don’t mistake your jumping around craziness for roleplay! Represent the guild well and be nice towards your fellow guild members as well as people outside the guild. Since you are expected to be an experienced roleplayer I will not get too much into the details here, you’re trusted to rely on reason and experience to make good decisions. Here’s what you should know before joining the guild: Highmountain lore: A mountain divided - graphic novel! PS! I doubt we are going to be able to obtain the Highmountain’s magnificent antlers for roleplaying purposes, but if it’s any consolation, all Highmountain Tauren may not necessarily have these antlers! In cases such as Trag Highmountain or Melgromm Highmountain it is still unclear whether or not they are descendants of Huln’s Highmountain tribe but neither of them have been portrayed with antlers. It does however seem like we are getting cosmetic totems to carry around! How cool is that?Adlerahn0 4d
4d Thrall Missing? [ Spoilers so sorry to anyone that hasn't done Broken Shore yet] I noticed at Vol'jin's funeral; Thrall (Go'el) was no where to be seen. It strikes me as odd that he wouldn't attend his best friends ( and oldest comrades ) Funeral. Can any explain this or event Blizzard? Would welcome any and all feedback to this puzzling turn of events.Tatsamo9 4d
5d Sucker for realism! I haven't roleplayed in WoW for long, but, I have in other games. As the title states, I am a sucker for realism and realism within roleplay is something I always strive for and consider when I roleplay myself. I see alot of the common roleplay is in shops and pubs etc where you exchange money for food or drink. I was just wondering if people actually trade common stuff in exchange for a couple gold? I feel it'd add realism aswell as supplying necessary scening of hunting the animals for food, maybe heading to 'wholesalers' to buy alcohol to supply. Etc etc. Just a thought.Daegin2 5d
5d How would you get killed by the above poster? I'm bored, and thought this would be a fun idea, it probably won't be, but we can always try. Basically the other post, but in reverse, test your creativity! Anyone can kill someone, in fact, most of us thrive on it, I can see Daha having issues here, silly Orc! So, How would you get killed by me? I'm a gnome, so you might have to think hard on this one *Evil grin*. But don't worry, the next poster gets killed by you! Presumably before you were killed by me, try not to think too hard on that one.Karama402 5d
5d Dungeons and Dragons character sheets. I'm trying to make a Roleplay system for WoW, I'd gotten most of the basics worked out, but it was a nightmare to keep track of, let alone setting up the levelling system, it was damn near impossible to keep track of cooldowns on abilities, and how much health everyone had. I was keeping most of it on a sticky note, which just didn't really work very well and I had a lot of details in a notepad. But it is just a colossal headache! I just cannot do RP events where it's free emote, because I will often wind up being the only person who gives my characters flaws, and in the end I will look like a total failure. Great. That's what everyone wants their char to aspire to... I cannot do Rolled events either, they are ALWAYS roll 1-100, everyone roll this, doesn't matter who you are, an elite archer has the same chances to shoot an apple off a gnomes head, as a blind snake. It just doesn't work for me. So I had Modifiers set up, Archers rolled 10-50 to hit, and 5-50 for damage (Or if they rolled a 50 to damage then they could roll again, for critical damage) But keeping up with it all is a nightmare. So, the whole point in my post here! I was wondering if anyone knows of a good addon for like Dungeons and Dragons character sheets, but for WoW. MRP and TRP are just too messy for it, I'd make my own addon if I knew how, and I don't know what to look for on curse.Vodkah5 5d
6d Demon Hunter Tattoo Colours in RP Hello. Somewhere a while ago I read that the Tattoo Colour of the Demon Hunter shows which Demon they first killed and absorbed and I wanted to know if that is true or if any of you play it like that? I can't find the article anymore but it was something like: Succubus - Purple Imp - Green Felguard - Green and so on... Has anyone heard anything about it? Or maybe even if it's not official it might be a good idea? Any suggestions?Zeenoth6 6d
6d Question on name for Worgen Druid I'm thinking of changing the name and race of my druid to a Worgen and I've been trawling the list of old english names and found Alveena, it means elf, or magical being friend, which seems apt but I'm not sure about the name itself, what do you thingMyrleth6 6d
6d Warcraft Planet TV on Youtube Hi there I am from Warcraft PlanetTV on YouTube; What we do is record gameplay and make it into a YouTube Video for Viewers to watch! This involves Transmogs, RPing, Random Events e.g a Parade! If you are interested in getting involved, please contact me! Reason Why I have made this thread to to represent WoW Players on EU on YouTube if that is By Transmogs Pvp Pve or Role Playing events ,Including Class Transmogs You can Contact me Via Game or Direct Message on the YouTube Channel hope to hear from use all soon! The Link : 6d
6d [YT] Mupun's Revenche Hi everyone, I would like to share with you the first episode of my series on the history of my character, Mupun. The video is in french but subtitles are available. (As english is not my main language, feel free to send me the mistakes you could read here and there). Hope you will enjoy it ! Link to the video : Have a nice day !Mupun0 6d
6d Argent Crusade after Legion So I'm gonna bring up a faction that get's a lot of hate on RP realms IC and OOC , Mainly Argent Crusaders . Since Tirion dies , most crusaders die and a large amount of the survivors join the Silver hand , What will happen to Crusade RP'ers and the Plaguelands in general , will there be remanents guilds like with the silver hand (Honestly I now feel like the Northern RP'ers I despise ;the feeling is mutual; I feel irrelevant) , I'm just wondering , Opinions ?Argetor4 6d
6d [A] RP School - Defias Brotherhood - Mondays 20:00 With Legion getting closer we have seen more players in general on the realm, which is great! I've still see people new to RP, while some can get some help from /lfrp and helpful people this would make it a natural place to get into RP. Main purpose is to get people new to RP involved in the community by providing the following help: - Learn the basics of RP, such as concept of IC and OOC etc - Help with background stories for characters - Practise some RP to become comfortable with it, often people are afraid to give it a go because they are afraid of making mistakes - Help to answer lore questions - Provide hints where to find RP, which guilds are around, give information of public events etc When? Mondays, starting at 20:00 server time (Defias Brotherhood RP-PvP realm) Where? Goldshire will be the "base" but we move where we are needed How? Whisper to me to get an invite or ask in /lfrp Anyone who wants to help out is of course welcome to join in.Maelmoor2 6d
6d How many Forsaken should there be? To be honest there has one thing that I have not understood yet, But how many Undead / Forsaken there be now, since we know the fact of that the Forsaken are from the Lich king after he raised them as his minions and they managed to break free of his control but the fact that the Lich king who basically killed however he wanted and rises them into "His minions" is dead and now is replaced with a lich king who does nothing now, shouldn't there be less Forsaken by now I mean the army of the lich king was big but on the Wowwiki website it says that there is 11, 700 Forsaken and 650 Undead in the Undercity alone and there is a lot more out there, but this is just me and I wanted to know what you guys thought about it?Hunterisme3 6d
21 Aug [A-RP] Stormwind's Army - Enlist Today! ... Realm: Argent Dawn EU Enlistment restrictions listed on website. Have you been looking for a meaningful role-play guild to commit to? Look no further. Stormwind's Infantry has an enriched history of role-play, dating all the way back to its original founding in 2009. What we are looking for is military enthusiast role-players, to enact the fantasy of playing out characters of the average Joe of Azeroth, forced in to military service, leaving behind a family, a homestead or farm land, to take up arms against the immeasurable amount of enemies that the Alliance now faces. We promise to deliver high impact, emotionally driven role-play from recruitment, training and deployment all the way to administering your character at the Barracks. Interested in finding out more? We have a website so you can check in on just exactly we have on offer. ... Not enough there? Prefer a more visual representation? No problem, there's a tonne of youtube videos to check out too. ... So stop standing about aimlessly hoping for role-play to come to you, with events every week and casual role-play every night; you will never be left wanting of role-play interactions again!Arthedun2 21 Aug