04 Jan Story Forum "Guidelines" and Suggestions We've adapted the description of this forum to include Fan Fiction, and we encourage you to share your stories here! This rest of this post is taken from Nethaera's thread on the US forums: I know more than a few people have been asking if there are guidelines to posting in these forums. The answer is yes and no both. Confusing, I know, but you'll understand once I explain. First, if you are sharing a story here, it should be fictional and set in the Warcraft universe. Can you break canon? Yes. It's your story. Just please try not to go too far afield. Your audience will appreciate some semblance of familiarity. Next, you've asked about just how far language, sexual themes, or violent themes can go, so I'll explain here. Keep in mind, the forum Code of Conduct still applies. Also, keep in mind the rating (T for Teen) as well. When you want a good example story, please take a look at Blizzard's own for World of Warcraft. That should give you a good comparison for your own tales. Use your best judgement. If you ask yourself, "Is this too far?", it just might be and you might want to consider doing another editing pass. While not everyone may agree on taste, try to keep it as tasteful as possible. If you're sharing a story, it may be a good idea to put "complete" at the bottom of your story if it takes more than one post to tell it. We know there are restrictions on the forums that may hinder you a bit, but this may give you the room to post without someone jumping in before you're done and so that the reader knows they are reading a "finished" (we all know no story is ever really finished) piece of work. Authors may also want to express at the bottom of their completed tale if they are open to constructive feedback. Some may not want feedback other than to hear if someone enjoyed it and some may be looking for others to help them hone their skills. The best way to solicit either is to make it clear what you would like. "Constructive feedback welcome." If you are a reader, please be considerate. If you didn't like a story or liked it, then sharing constructive feedback is fine. But, please make sure you do it in a way that isn't insulting to the author if the author has asked for or made it clear they are open to feedback. Most importantly, we all know that these types of efforts are very personal to the author. I'd like to ask authors not to take feedback too personally and likewise for those that give constructive feedback. Please don't make it personal. Personal attacks are definitely not OK here. This is largely 'your' forum to make of what you like in the end. While we have the power to moderate and help mold, the shape of it all is largely up to you and what you make of it as a community. *I've left this thread open on purpose so that any additional etiquette discussions or questions could be kept here. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.Takralus8 04 Jan
2h Night Elf Paladins (Minor Spoiler) Delas Moonfang has kinda opened the door for night elves wanting to train as paladins, when she switched from holy priest. So, how do you feel about night elf paladins? Do you think they will get their own order in the future, like the tauren Sunwalkers and the Sindorei blood knights or do you think they will just be the strange individual here and there defying traditional class-race combination? Or will Miss Moonfang remain a special little snowflake. Or will they simply be a part of the "priestesses of elune". After all Tyrande is a priestess despite often using her bow instead of the light as a weapon. And do you think this opens up for players soon being able to make Night Elf paladins themselves, or will it remain an npc only combination? I just think it is taunting me... I want a night elf paladin now, even if the night elves don't have traditions for it. And are there any other races you think should get the paladin class in the future? I think the Pandaren could also pick it up. Especially since the pandaren joining the horde and alliance are the younger ones breaking tradition.Justinnia93 2h
3h Night Elf Druid - How to quest? Hello everyone, I'm back for Legion after stopping to play WoW after TBC. When I'm done with all the daily and weekly stuff on my main I'm trying to get into the Night Elf and/or Druid lore. Are there any recommended paths I should take (like for the Forsaken lore)?Deluran0 3h
6h [LEAKED] Azshara kills Sylvanas According to the latest leaks, Azshara kills Sylvanas, leaving no remains behind as her (Azshara's) spell erases Sylvanas and her elite force from existence. This will most likely happen in the upcoming unannounced raid, or in the quests leading up to it.Inanis17 6h
6h Few questions for you historians! I've recently taken an intrest in lore, you can call me a beginner. I do have a few questions for you guys who know more. Some questions might not be possible to answer but maybe some of them can be answered by you guys who know more about the history and lore of warcraft. Maybe there's a clue or a hint somewhere in the lore that I have yet to discover! ____________________________________________________ # If Sargeras is so powerful that we can barely take down an avatar of him, why doesn't the real Sargeras just go to Azeroth and kill us all? # Why do the demons have to summon Sargeras when everyone else can use the portal? Aren't they all in Twisting Nether? # Why don't we go to Twisting Nether and put an end to all the demons? The starting quests when you play a Demon Hunter takes place in the Twisting Nether, can't we set up a camp there and go search for Sargeras? ____________________________________________________ # Would the Old Gods be content with only ruling Azeroth or would they want more? I'm thinking in the beginning they seemed quite alright with just Azeroth. # Can either side (us or Legion) convince the Old Gods to pick a side or would the Old Gods simply corrupt everyone on both sides and make the world their own? # Are the Old Gods so powerful that they technically could corrupt anyone? Could they corrupt each other or are they working as a unit? ____________________________________________________ # Could the Lich King return as evil in the form of Bolvar Fordragon or is he a "nice" Lich King? Is the Lich King automatically evil? ____________________________________________________ Hypothetical: If we would rally all of our heroes, leaders and creatures on a giant battlefield and all of the Legion did the same, would we stand a chance, powerwise? A fight until the end, who would stand victorious? Both sides would have skilled spellcasters, vicious creatures and great healers to help the wounded but who would fall? Do you see one side as a bit more powerful or is it more like a coin toss? Lore-wise to me (remember I'm a beginner), it feels like the Legion would win. I mean sure, we've defeated some bad guys through the years but it still feels like they have more power in their arsenal if they were to throw it all at us at once.Alixha6 6h
9h *PRIEST CLASS SPOILERS* So are we just gonna ignore... The fact that Calia Menethil is in the game? She has been surrounded by so much mystery for several years and no one even seems to notice that she's back. You'd think people would be slightly shocked, but no, it's like she's not even someone important. Does she even tell us where the hell she's been all these years?Silveria5 9h
9h The problem with the Warrior Order Hall Ok before you downrate this post like the masses hear me out. I think the main problem is that the order hall does not represent the class fantasy for warriors at all, considering all the other order halls. So why is the warrior class order hall bad. There are a few reasons and here are my 2 cents on it. First the halls are beautiful, gorgeous even. I won't deny it. But here lies the problem. Warriors are not about beauty and gorgeous stuff. They are hardened veterans who don't care about shinny !@#$. The halls are too clean, too peacefull. There are no brawls in the halls, no mead spilled on the floor, no yelling, just peace. This would be fine for paladins maybe but for warriors no. When I think of warriors I think of the brawlers guild. Now something like that would have been way more in tone with the class fantasy. Fights all the time, cheering, drunk patrons, etc. Or since it's legion after all we could have had a war camp on the frontline, us being the first line of defence against the legion. Or maybe an abandoned castle that we retake and occupy. Second everything in the halls is vyrkul size. Which makes sense considering that it's the vyrkul heaven, but it makes us feel unwelcome and as a total outsider. Maybe grant warriors a buff that increases our size by 2 or something while there? Thirdly the followers. Our followers are the most bland and generic followers that we can get. Let's see what we get. 5 Vyrkul. 4 of them look like generic npcs. Heimdall looks cool an all but has trash mob weapons. Would be nice to get a quest or something to upgrade them maybe? He is a fury warrior with 2 1-h swords, common blizz. Though I do think he is the best out of all followers. The female one is a missed oportunity. Why not name her Sonya to give a nod to heroes of the storm or diablo 3? That would have made soo many people happier. Also getting Ymiron makes no sense. We kill him 3 times and somehow oh we'll definitely trust him! The other 2 look like generic mobs you kill in the world. This could be easily rectified if they just get some better armor strapped onto them. Now the other 3 follwers : A random iron dwarf no one heard of. And 2 titanic creations that we fought in ulduar. Their models look old and out of place. Also how come those 2 , Thorim and the other guy(forgot his name) are our subordinates while we are odyn's little %^-*!, when Thorim, odyn and the 3rd guy are on the same power level as titanic creations. That is just stupid. Again if our base of operations would have been in the real world we could recruit big names as our followers like Nazgrel, Eitrigg, etc. I mean I see every class with a big name follower except us. I mean for @#$%s sake, paladins get a holy dreadlord.... Also they say we are the only mortal that can get there. I call bull^-*! considering that place is a dungeon where we fight odyn. Another way they could have rectified the warrior lack of companions is if we were sent by odyn to recruit the greatest warriors of the land, kinda how like the DK has that quest to get the 4 hoursemen. It's sad the blizz is trying to force this vyrkul fantasy of theirs down our throats like this is every warriors fantasy, esepecially when they got most of the other ones spot on (looking at you dks and pallys). Especially when in earlier builds we had warriors from all over azeroth as followers. I know is too late to fix this it's just that I'm dissapointed. The warrior order hall is just a glorified quest hub, that if it appeared in the game as a quest hub no one would be like, gee this would have been a great warrior class hall compared to that old castle / war camp. I put up with how boring they made prot. I put up with how @#$%ty the artifact is for arms and fury. Will I reroll my main from warrior? Unfortunately no, I put way too much effort and time into this character, both game-wise and RP wise. But I'm sad. This has been my sole main for about 3-4 years now, and I'm sad. I do know I won't play him as much. I will prolly roll a pally. Thank you blizzard for ruining my warrior with your forced fantasy. EDIT: Also you are supposed to be the only mortal to ever be there right? Well seeing other warriors running around that are not vyrkul kinda breaks that lore point (they could have phased it out if they wanted to be strict with the lore), so not having non-vyrkul as followers makes little sense. I mean you are strict there but just there cuz you are lazy to make quests.Malighos111 9h
10h My fan story Chapter 1: The fault in our stars It will be a story of great hope and despair as you follow three main characters. A hunter, a worrier, and a priest. You'll follow their attempt to save and vanquish a great threat in and around Elwynn forest. 10h
13h Green, the color of Fel or Unholy? As the title says, which magical class does the green represent and belongs best to? Everything Legion-related is littered with Fel-green fire and its always been the symbolic representation of the Legions destructive and corruptive might. The green color does, however, also appear in just about every area where the Scourge's or Ebon Blade's Unholy magic is at work and the spec itself is symbolized with a green skull, the Unholy Artifact weapon starts out as green default color and the Plague is often colored sickly green. So, which faction/magic does the color represent best, do you think?Tyrenar8 13h
14h Why did Tirion die so easily Well I thought about it and came to a conclusion, that's there can be one pretty good way to explain it (except of course that one where blue gods just dediced him for lulz): Let's look at his dialogues, going baaack to the fight with the Lich King where he got frozen "LIGHT, GRANT ME ONE FINAL BLESSING. GIVE ME THE STRENGTH... TO SHATTER THESE BONDS!" And at the scene where he died he said something like that: "The light will protect me" Explanation is the following: He asked Light for the final blessing. With that the light won't aid him anymore and he is just an ordinary mage who can control the light power but can't recieve blessings from it. It's kinda logical, since that final blessing helped him to break the ice prison which supposed not to happen (especially on the unholy ground, right at the frozen throne). By that he used all of his "light" for his whole future life and the drawback of this is like I said above, that the light won't help him anymore. That's why that demon just burned through his bubble without any problem. Especially again, on the "unholy" ground. Final blessing won't happen twice, because it is final. /discussEilith26 14h
15h corrupted ashbringer paladin weapon?! could someone please explain me why the corrupted ashbringer, a weapon only wielded in the storyline by a deathknight. How can this be a skin for a retribution paladin?! Next to that the Unholy deathknight has a skin that is just the handle of the apacolypse with a hook attached to it. I think this is a great expansion but the fact that Blizzard doesnt even looks at its own storylines is quite a disappointment to me, and i also think they should have put more effort in finding a unique looking skin for the unholy deathknight.Borruz8 15h
15h The possibility of a fresh start (WoW2?) With WoW Chronicles, Warcraft finally managed to evolve into a fully functioning fantasy setting although a certain amount "revamping" was done in the process for the sake of not having anything uncovered. What i think is, the blatant mentioning of Void Lords, Army of Light, the prophecies surrounding certain characters like Anduin, they all seem kinda... "endgamey". Now, i'm not saying WoW's gonna end (no way) but it seems like the entire story kinda narrowed down into a final defining battle that we'll maybe see in near future. What i'm asking is, do you think we'll see a new, fresh chapter, that will be a successor to the original story, and that will also open the gates of endless possibilities of new stories?Lynnir19 15h
15h Lor'themar in Legion ? Anybody else a bit let down Lor'themar was not included at all in the Legion story so far ? Would had liked if the at least had a small cameo in one of the Broken Isle's zones. If he is going to be included it he story ,what do you people think / hope his role will be ? I'm guessing a possible interaction with maybe Alleria , if she returns.Senpusha59 15h
16h I gathered all four pillars of creation. Now what? Hi all. I've just completed the main questline in which I have to gather the four pillars of creation. My last one that I got was the Tears of Elune and after I delivered it in Dalaran, Tyrande just talked a bit and went away, leaving me with no questline to follow. I can't seem to find Khadgar anywhere either or any relevant question marks in the map. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to reach level 110 to have a questline again? Thank you all very much!Wolfclan14 16h
18h Alexstrasza's reaction to Ysera's death I'm kinda sad we didn't get to see it :( How do you think she feels about another aspect dead?Ildvand18 18h
21h My thoughts on the disappointing priest hall campaign. People on the US forums made a similar topic people can read it here. I decided to do an "eu" version. Right I just want to put down my thoughts on the priest hall campaign I felt it did some things which are good and some things which are bad(mostly bad). Now the campaign is not as bad as the monk one from what I hear but I feel the priest one is one of the worst ones like in warrior tier. Right what I liked about the campaign was everyone coming together light and shadow as Faol said to heal our allies with the light and cast our enemies down with shadow. The problem is we never got to the shadow in the campaign. As a shadow priest I felt like an elephant in the room. Light priests from what I have seen on the US forums also did not like how our campaign is pretty much the paladin one. Where it's like blizzard expected you to pick a paladin and the paladin is the main character. It did not also help that during a quest npc's were calling me "highlord" or "I did not expect help from the sliver hand!" I was like what? Is going on here? As per the US topic people who don't even play shadow said that they should of put more focus on developing shadow priests to aid in defending OUR temple. The whole point of the expansion is for you class to stand on it's own two feet. That did not happen. Some people would say hey we got the founder of the cult of forgotten shadow back! Well that was only one quest and she was kinda shoved into the void hall never to be heard from again. Considering the amount of lore bombs the shadow priest dagger is dropping to see nothing of shadow priests defending the temple. (When we are meant to be the fighty priests that you know kill people is silly.) It was so underutilized, considering we can bind void walkers etc and faceless we did none of this in preparation for the defense of the temple? We could of developed the void/shadow aspect more perhaps it will come in a future patch but overall. Shadow priests were kinda nonexistent it was light this and light that OH PC you will bring everyone together under the light! Blizzard only 1 spec purely uses light just saying... Plus it did not help in our finale.. I am sorry PALADINS finale we get the aid of a holy dreadlord. That soon leaves to join the paladins and what do priests get? A lightspawn yes a lightspawn. Plus getting faol in the end yeah he is faol but it was kinda.... you know he does not do much at all. It has a lot less WOW factor compared to a holy dreadlord. The fact that they also did nothing with Calia is god dam shocking. Overall the priest campaign just felt half done it seems like blizzard did not want to develop a proper campaign for us and copy pasted the paladin one to us. I was personally getting excited when the shadow priest was talking of the mad whispers of our deaths. Then I was met with disappointment at the end. Plus considering the class hall upgrades for shadow priests were you can spawn a FACELESS. (Why did we not bring these bad boys out when our temple was being raided?) People who play light priest at the end also said in the US forum they felt inferior to paladins. That should not happen especially in an expansion about YOUR class taking the fight to the legion. Considering the stuff velen and elune stuff I know blizzard can do awesome things with light priests. TLDR What was done well . Priest's across the world being bought together the ritual of turning the naaru back was awesome at the start. With the epic music. .Design wise I like how the story STARTED about gathering the power of the light and shadow to defeat the legion. . eeer that's it What was not done well .Copy pasted campaign from paladins and having the paladins save us so we did not even have a unique campaign. It was pretty much the paladin campaign. . Putting an awesome character at the end and having him save us then leaving . Shadow/void priests were the elephant in the room when our role was to cast down our enemies . Light priests felt they were inferior to paladins . Check quests properly I don't want another case of my own followers or paladins calling me "Highlord" or "I did not expect help from the sliver hand!" . The naaru in our temple did nothing What can be done better . Let shadow priests do our job I feel it would of been more interesting for a part of the campaign for shadow priests to develop means to bind C'Thrax or N'raqi. Seline must know stuff she wrote my off hand book. C'Thrax N'raqi Considering shadow priests can get a potion to bind a faceless for 10 minutes I am sure the shadow priests of the temple could find a way to bind one of these guys to service against the legion. It could be our own "dreadlord" follower. . More light priest smiting demons etc I am reading the background of light's wrath and it's whole history is about smiting "evils". Did not see that in the campaign with priests it was paladins doing the smiting. Considering velen is reducing demons to ash with a light shield I want to see more of that. . Moira was underused HEAVILY we could of got more information on dark irons or the cult of forgotten shadow interacting with seline you know. Both groups working together to develop new techniques. . Make our naaru in the temple actually DO something. Like you know smiting demons when they were ransacking our temple? .Oh and calia being just "there" was a downright crime to her character lot's of things could of been done. I recall humans are pretty much missing their pope right? Could of done something there as well. Apologies for the length just wanted to get my thoughts down.Vashimo19 21h
1d Story: "Shadowsong" Are you confused by the direction Maiev’s narrative has taken in Legion? Are you left wondering why her murders are seemingly being ignored? Do you find it perplexing why a wanted criminal was consulted on world matters regarding the Iron Horde and lent Cordana to Kadghar? Well, all this and more can be solved with a handy application of fanfiction! Marvel at the rewrite that turns the murder plot of Wolfheart around into something far more in-character for our resident grumpy Warden. Serious Summary: Xaxas has shattered the world and thrown it into chaos. With enemies pressing in on all borders, the last thing Darnassus needs are enemies coming from within. When the bodies of murdered highborn begin to turn up, Maiev Shadowsong pledges to find the culprits and bring them to justice. But is it ever so simple? "But Keleria, where is this self-indulgent story posted?" It's going to be posted to AO3, but since I like to try and keep a schedule the first full chapter will be posted on the coming tuesday. It'll be updated every tuesday after, with six chapters total. Right now, I just want to give people a little preview before it's properly put up. So, without further ado, here's a preview of the first chapter in "Shadowsong" - - There were still hours to go before the banquet was held, before the political tension was smoothed over with wine, practiced smiles and honeyed words. Maiev had little doubt there was an air of sincerity to it for Tyrande, but thinking of the younger species like bickering children was a hard thing to shake. She met with Tyrande at the temple, walking its deeper halls devoid of prying ears or eyes. “All is as it should be, for the moment.” “Thank you, Maiev,” Tyrande said, smiling tiredly. She eyed Maiev’s armour for a moment and canted her head, asking, “I trust training has been going well?” “My Watchers are ready, High Priestess. Initiates are being kept to low risk duties for the duration of this summit, but they are getting their first taste of our life.” “I imagine they must be proud.” “They know their duty and have purpose.” A slight strain entered Tyrande’s expression and she gestured for them to begin walking back to the front of the temple. “I am grateful to have your aid in this tumultuous time,” she said calmly, each word carrying more weight than anyone watching could have picked up on. Tyrande visited the Watcher’s Thicket a number of times, but each time was brief, if courteous. Something in her eyes shifted when she saw the new watchers training, saw Maiev and Cordana in their warden armour. Maiev knew very well the expressions of guilt and it seemed the weight of her actions years ago was catching up to Tyrande in full. A lot of innocent blood was spilled to release a mass murderer, leading to even more loss of life as the city of Nendis was razed to the ground and its people slaughtered. It was exactly the sort of thing Maiev and her people were there to prevent, it was why they kept their vigil, kept to their duties, because they knew exactly what would happen if any of their charges were to escape. It still gave her chills to think about the others. Illidan was a monster, there was no question about that, but the other charges were not fuelled by a twisted love of power. All were foul for different reasons, driven by an innate or learned desire to hurt others. Maiev did well not to forget the details, intimately knowing the details of their crimes emboldened her to keep them locked away for eternity, rotting in their cells where they belonged. How many people did they hurt when they escaped? How many of those victims were chalked up to demons or undead? Maiev shook her head, paying attention to her surroundings again. “It will be made right again, Tyrande, in time. But we will need more of it.” “I understand.” “I am not certain you do.” “Then help me to understand.” She stopped walking and Tyrande paused as well, looking at her directly. Moonlight fell across them both through the entrance to the temple, forcing Maiev to cast a severe looking shadow. It almost swallowed the High Priestess.Kelería13 1d
1d Faction and us Hello people, I was thinking about the 2 factions (Horde/Alliance) and our connection with those in Legion. First of all, lets look at languages. Horde can talk orcish for example. Humans can talk common. Why do we communicate with other humans (from Kirin Tor, from everywhere) like normal? Aren't all races supposed to be able to talk common? Why the restriction then? We even seen how Garrosh talked with Anduin. They both talked the same english (I mean common). Time to lift those language barriers. Then let's look at factions and our "champion". As an example let's look at DK (spoilers ahead, if you are not prepared): DK joins the Lich King and starts following his orders. Lich King is neither an ally of horde nor of alliance. DK get "servants" from both sides, just look at Koltira or Thassarian. DK doesn't care about faction, he saves Koltira from Sylvanas (his own warchief assuming the hero is from the Horde) and assault Argent Crusade (which supposed to be friendly for everyone) just because they need the body of Tirion. Which lets me assume, that DK doesn't really care about anything, as long as it comes in his way (and the way of the Lich King, since according to the Memory of Arthas, we are still LK's servants and bound to his will even if we think that we are free). So for DK, faction doesn't even play any role. Demon Hunter They are the Illidari who got freed from the prison. Why do they even have a faction? They don't even care about it. Nightelf Illidari going to alliance just because they are nightelves, and same for blood elves and horde just doesn't make any sence? They are supposed to be neutral. Mage You will have to lead the Tirisgarde and become an infuental archmage of Kirin Tor. And of course, the faction won't matter here, too, since you aren't doing literally a thing for your faction (like Aethas Sunreaver did), the only thing you care is techically the Kirin Tor (and they are supposed to be neutral). So according to that you have joined your "class" faction since legion, without doing something for your own "real" faction. Why then factions still exist? Why don't make all factions friendly to each other (or all races can play for any faction) and BG and arena will just be considered as war games? Even if horde has a grudge against alliance and the other way round, you will most likely only fight for money, and not for your faction. "For the Horde" means nothing anymore, according to the lore you get in the class hall. You are an orc warrior and killed 100.000 alliances? Doesn't matter anymore, since you are Odyn's champion, and not just a mere horde grunt. You fight for glory, and not for some stupid faction. Maybe in future there will be no alliance or horde? Is blizzard following that path? Because if they wanted 2 opposite factions, they would continued the way of Garrosh and instead of "betraying" him as a horde player, we would start pulling our horde war machine onto alliance, and the next addon after pandaria would be a big war with 2 factions instead of some senceless kind of draenor setback. /discussEilith15 1d
1d (Spoilers) The ending to the Emerald Nightmare. On the 21st our guild cleared The Emerald Nightmare on Normal, but I didn't get enough time to explore around the Emerald Dream as we went straight to attempting Heroic. So I came back to it yesterday, and found a familiar friend at the pool: Skip to 1:00 if you wish to get to what I'm talking about, the previous part of the video shows you what there is to see in the Emerald Dream. EDIT: When Shadow Priests interact with this thing, their weapon will talk to them: ...Dominka40 1d
1d Floating Ziggurat In Legion (Naxxramas ???) Ok can someone tell me is this what i think it is ? and another image in relative location compared to other prominent places If you are wondering how i got here , its just south in Stormheim from shore south of Halls Of Valor it can be spotted. Going any further then that starts fatigue.Sethehk31 1d
1d Part 5 Illidan storyline Does anyone know if it is confirmed that when you reach rank 10 artifact knowledge it's supposed to give you the part 5 quest of the Illidan storyline? Cause I haven't seen it pop up in my order class hall.Alexíz2 1d
2d Shadows in the Horde Why wasn't Ner'zhul and the Shadowmoon Clan involved more heavily instead of taking the direction of the story to the same path as the original one, namely them choosing Fel in the end. Imagine if they would've saved the Dark Star till last patch and it could've been a huge boss instead. But no. The Shadowmoon clan gave birth to the most powerful shamans and sorcerers the Horde has ever seen. There should've been more!Ernstx12 2d
2d Il'gynoth quotes: A stretch edition "The king of diamonds has been made a pawn." King of diamonds is a card. In cartomancy, the king of diamonds represents Caesar, the one who was betrayed by his peers. This is OBVIOUSLY Illidan, the betrayed betrayer. Now, a pawn is a chess piece. So, this quote confirms that Illidan will be a pawn unit in the new Chess event. Rejoice! "The lord of ravens will turn the key." The key is Illidan, because Xera told us that he is a key to everything important and we are irrelevent and noobs. "Turn" means turning to another side. So Illidan will be converted to the side of some Arakkoa, who are literally lords of ravens. "The boy-king serves at the master's table. Three lies will he offer you." That is about Arthas. He was called a boy in WC3 and became a king. Lies he will offer are those lies the Lichking tends to tell us. And the master is obviously Frostmourne, because Arthas is his slave and Frostmourne hungers, meaning that the master has to eat, while his boy-king serves him new souls. "Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it." Nablya the titanic watcher in the Un'Goro Crater. Another titanic creature fell to the corruption of the Old Gods. Probably a new raidboss in some future tier. "Five keys to open our way. Five torches to light our path." That's how many expansions there will be before we will finally get to kick another Old God's !@#. Simple as that. "At the hour of her third death, she will usher in our coming." That's an easy one, she is Onyxia. We killed Onyxia twice before and now she's coming back as a fel dragon, so we can kill her for the third time. Because third time's a charm. "To find him, drown yourself in the circle of stars." Stars aren't literal stars but celebrities, who are called stars sometimes. Circle means a small group. So to find him we have to "drown" ourselves, which means to party hard with a small group of celebrities. The only person whom we can find this way is obviously Ook-Ook. So this quote confirms that we will have to find Ook-Ook and party hard in Pandaria.Faycron4 2d
2d Connection to Draenor after WoD While I realise this might be the wrong part of the forum to ask for an answer, I simply can't find myself seeing the other sections as more correct. My question is simply the title. What is the current connection lore-wise between AU Draenor (the Draenor in WoD, not Outland) and Azeroth. This question came to my mind after I saw a fellow in trade chat mention that the alternate timeline was basically gone after we had cut the portals to Draenor. This prompted me to ask where this information was. The only reply I got was that there was a tweet somewhere about it. I spent a good two hours or so trying to find this tweet and completely failed. So therefore I come to the forums to ask you lovely folks. Is there still a connection in the story between that world and ours or is that one gone? Because I sure haven't found any evidence to support that the connection was severed once Legion launched.Tathilan7 2d
3d A Hunt for Blood, Gems and Sand Welcome one, welcome all! I present to you my story. A story of four characters that explore the great wilds and dangers of Kalimdor each with their own agenda. It's a story full of action, adventure, humor and exploration. This is rated T with some violence, I'm open to criticism and feedback and the whole deal. The story is currently ongoing. Presenting a mighty Blood knight on a mission of exploration - Vilien Vilien spun to his right seeing an arrow that came right at his chest. Before he could comprehend the incoming projectile it bounced right off of him, falling to the ground. “Charge them! NOW!” Makkura ordered. The knight looked towards where the arrow came, finding two orcs to the east. From their shaggy clothes Vilien assumed them to be bandits. The bowman was drawing another arrow as Vilien began sprinting as fast as his armor would let him. The second bandit was armed with a mace and stumbled, surprised by the charging, tall elf, but got in front of the archer. Another arrow was loosed. It was precise and fast as it went for the knights shoulderline. Instead of embedding into Vilien’s heart the arrow ricocheted off of him. It was all Makkura’s doing, the elf realized as he was upon the bandits, smirking slightly. Vilien pushed the flagon to his lips and drank a sip of the black liquid only to be hit with the sudden bitter and strong taste of orcish stout. He spat it on the floor following his performance with a fit of coughing. A few of the regulars snickered. Embarrassed, Vilien placed the flagon on the desk. “Is this what my life has come to." A wonderful craftsman and entrepeneur - Makkura While the knight was pacing around the open field Makkura returned to eating. What exactly had she been thinking about? She could not remember. "Not a big loss, at least I have this brilliant apple" the priest quietly celebrated as she sank her teeth in the bright green succulent fruit again while another spear flew past somewhere at the corner of her eye. Makkura looked up to see Vilien still standing and returned to her thoughts A mighty tauren druid, determined to uphold his duty and meaning in life - Galtir The huntress was ready for a journey, the bags needed were with her. A backpack with clothes and a blanket, two pouches for food - hers and her spider’s. Two large flasks filled with pure stream water. A bow strapped to her shoulder and a dagger in its sheath secured at her belt. The tauren got up from his chair now making his titanic size visible to the elves, towering over the rest, a head taller than Vilien, who was in turn taller than both women. “I will begin my way to Thunder Bluff in an hour as soon as I’ve prepared my supplies. Be ready by then.” The huntress turned her gaze to the tauren and fixed her eyes on his. In turn he looked over her attire. "Nevermind," he grumbled, walking out of the inn. And last but not least, a powerful blood elf huntress ready to take on anything - Rillithien “What is happening here,” the druid demanded in a distressed and fearful tone. Rillithien turned back to the tauren that was now walking in her direction. “His friend called my mother a !@#$% so I escorted him out.” Rillithien told Galtir as the drunk tauren attempted to grab her shoulders with his large hands. The elf ducked and before the attacker could try again the huntress rammed her right fist in the tauren’s stomach. Galtir was about to rush to her aid with the certainty that the tiny elf’s punch could not phase a tavern brawler when he noticed the shock in the tauren’s face. As the huntress jumped back from her opponent he grasped at his stomach, bent his back and fell down, whimpering on the floor. “Your strength is surprising,” said Galtir with a bit of amusement. Rillithien twisted her right arm a bit and then stretched it forward. “It’s the bow arm. Never get hit by the bow arm,” the huntress replied with subtle amusement as well. If ya like what you read and want to know more about these characters then get right on AO3 and check it out! Posting the link for ya just one more time in case ya don't feel like scrolling up 3d
3d Why is Sylvanas Warchief? No this isn't another thread on why that despicable High Elf war criminal doesn't deserve to be Warchief of the Horde. Though she really doesn't. I just want to ask... what purpose does her character serve as Warchief? One would think such a controversial move would at least lead to a... shaking up of some sort. But so far nothing Sylvanas does is anything that couldn't have been achieved in her previous role. She sets out to Stormheim and engages in power-grabbing shenanigans. As usual for her. She doesn't utilise any of the resources of the Horde outside of Horde players, which she could likely string along anyway. Which is doubly odd because she keeps complaining that the Forsaken are in danger of dying out. So why not use some Orcs or Trolls or whatever instead? This is in fact proven by the fact that Genn is not High King or anything, and basically does the exact same thing she does. More so even, because he starts a conflict whereas she doesn't, even though as Warchief she'd have more authority to declare war on behalf of the Horde than Genn does for the Alliance. So really.. what's the point? I mean, aside from that bit where she takes the mantle of Warchief and then openly threatens the player into being her simpering minion... no doubt fulfilling several of the writer's fantasies of Sylvanas punishing them for being naughty boys... there is absolutely nothing that requires her to be Warchief, and I don't see anything coming that will change that.Synéa107 3d
3d titanic battle what would happen if the ainur (valar and maiar) of tolkins universe fought the titans of wow. who would win ?Wårrior11 3d
3d Most hated/annoying character in Legion thus far Hi all, Just had a look through a forum about a favourite/most gripping character in Legion. Out of curiosity, I'd love to know your most hated/annoying/dull character so far.Legionhaire111 3d
3d I think my dagger is an old god... Hello gents, There are many theories out there with overwhelming evidence that Xal'atath dagger that the shadow priests obtain is merely an ancient minion of N'zoth and nothing more. But i'm here with even an more insane theory... what if the dagger is an actual old god that got consumed by it's brothers eons ago? The outlandish theory out there is that in the beginning there were 5 old gods that got hurled to Azeroth, something happened, Xal'atath got betrayed and consumed by her brothers. Bear with me here.. i know it's a long shot. The first hints towards this comes from her whispers to me when entering or killing or contacting an NPC in game, here are some that "supports" the cause that she is in fact an ancient "5th" old god and an female... ( The in game voices of the old golds are all males and her in game voice is female) The first whisper we have is this: Xal'atath whispers: We may face some of my brethren in this conflict... a prospect that delights me. Their power will be mine! They will pay for what was done to me long ago. As you can see, she is clearly pissed about something, maybe betrayal? The second one is this: Xal'atath whispers: Though he is not one of our servants, he has heard our whispers. They darkened him forever. See how she says "OUR" as that she is not an servant but something else. The third and the last ones is this: Xal'atath whispers: It is possible N'Zoth may be responsible for her form, but her arrogance is all her own. Xal'atath whispers: For this idiotic pustule of N'Zoth to have lived so long... it does little to refute my opinion of this world's new owners. The way she mentions his name is shown in passive dominance, not submission.... She seems to be rooting for N'zoth somehow.. but doesn't behave like a servant, but like a... adviser... maybe N'zoth is the big brother that protects his little sister? Could Xal'atath be biding her time and strike at N'zoth once he shows himself to absorb his form and return to her old glory? For me this makes me think the "outlandish" theory might be the closest to the truth here. Please discuss this with me and i cannot wait to hear your theories about this. I am not an expert in the lore, i merely scraped together what i found on the internet.Zippey12 3d
3d Give us more Horde characters So, in this expansion, which brings back yet another night elf, we lost vol jin, THE ONE AND ONLY TROLL CHARACTER that was important to the plot.... and it got me thinking, there arent that many characters in the lore that are still alive that are of plot importance now that arent elves or faction leaders (of which now none are trolls) so why did illidan get special treatment, hate to tell you this but other than a meme he wasnt that great. now lets not turn this into a complaint but instead suggest characters we have already seen that could potentially be expanded on to make them more than just one off characters. Trolls- give us back voljin or make a new cool troll. Tauren- Sunwalker Dezco, I hear hes in with the silver hand, I liked this guy and feel he could be expanded on, we lost tyrion why not have the new major palidan figure is moved away from humans to a tauren? Elves both kind- got plenty we dont need any more. worgen - more Darius Crowley. so what characters would you sugest we see more of, dont bother saying human elves or orcs the point is to expand the diversity of who we are seeing in game.Unhorn77 3d
3d Demons can die in Outland? We all know, that demons actually truely die only in Twisting Nether or Argus. But what about Outland? Asking because Outland sky mainly in Hellfire Peninsula and Nagrand got view to Twisting Nether, and mainly Hellfire Peninsula and Shadowmoon Valley are corrupted. Nagrand for example stayed untouched.Sapherea8 3d
3d What happens back on Draenor atm? (Speculation) Hello everyone! I know most of us are currently enjoying Legion, me aswell :) And i dougbht most of us have no given thoughts of anything wod realated at all in this moment. However.. I have had this in mind for quiet a while now, it's been bovering my mind ever since the ending of the 6.2 story. We never got a clear answer to what excaclty happend to remains of the people on Draneor. Specifically the Orcs, Draenei and characters such as Yrel and Grom. At the end of the cinematic where Archi sends (AR)Gul'dan back to our Azeroth, we just see Grom giving a big "Draenor is FREE!" and all the Draenei and Orcs start chearing. And i just thought okay? No one thought about what Grom had just caused with the whole Iron Horde situation and many peoples lifes lost because of it. And everyone is all happy and stuff. But what after that? Did anything happen with Grom and Yrel? I mean Yrel was like "When you need us we'll be there" And now we have this big invasion going on and their no where to be found. Same with Grom, i would have loved to have seen some more redemption story for him, considiring with death of his son the burden carrying over with the Iron horde and his people. I woul d if like their was like a quest or some scenario sending us back to Draenor and recruit them into our ranks. Maybe the warrior order hall could have them go back and recruit Grom and some orcs over to help us out. Or Yrel with the paladins etc. Was thinking what to do u guys think? Personally it would atleast help out with some question still unanswerd about wod :)Kempg14 3d
3d [Spoiler]Alcaz Island So apparently, on the 7.1 they have been some change on Alcaz Island ( the Island not far from Theramore). If you remember, that was a place full of low level naga. Well on the PTR it's now under the control of many, many many robots, including a great number of elites and Gnome, marqued as undead and "Servant of Weawil". Yep, he his back. Aniway, it's not the only thing here, they have some new mobs, mecha-beast to be precise with very fancy new model that can't be tammed unless they are under a certain amount of PV. And I wanted to knew if any of us as a idea of what it's gonna be, or whant to react, ect...Nomithrazar9 3d
4d The Elemental Lords? So what has happened with them story wise? I'm assuming Ragnaros and Al'akir are both for real dead, since we defeated them in their own domains. Therazane probably continues to be fat and chilling out in Deephom. And Neptulon is still kidnapped.Shallin10 4d
4d Blizzard , Please do not destroy our herpes When I have started playing warcraft , I saw movies and did game walktrough (I started with Warcraft 3 and currently is playing WOW Legion) , I have found Thrall the most Exciting Hero. He was Strong , He was Wise, He was Trustworthy, He was Kind and Stable I have found Nature around him , and elements was serving him, the storyline was strong and convincing , after TBC before my marriage I have stopped playing wow , and now i have returned and Started playing again , and now I see Thrall as a side character! A good Death is better than Such weakness. I have heared from my friend that he have lost his elemental power and is very weak now. Blizzard I suggest you to remember , when you create a character m the character isn't yours , it is belonged to whom followed you to the point. so please respect people and please help thrall to rise again and if you wanted to create new characters , a good death is better than weakened life. also please increase elemental shaman power! when people here that i am elemental shaman , they look me bad! they say shaman class (specially elemental shaman) is useless , and yes in both pve and pvp , elemental shaman seems to be crapUltrathunder9 4d
4d Who is most powerful in warcraft universe? I dont mean like most powerfull organisation like pantheon. I mean, raw power that single person has. I know old gods are very powerful, but what about Sargeras, or perhaps Aman'Thul?Soberone115 4d
4d Who will be the final boss in Legion? Hello. I was wondering who people think will be the final boss in Legion. We kill Gul'dan and tichondrius in the first raid, so i am wondering what Legion commanders are left.Tankard92 4d
4d Legion are what are they doing. considering the pillars of creation, We speculate that legion wants the so called keys to open a portal to let sargeras in. But at same time the legion is not realy after them, exept the one in Stormheim, where God-king Skolvar who works for the legion tries to get it. but in Val´shara it is the old gods minions who seeks it, whit xavius. Highmountain it is Drogbar again, though he works for him self and none other, but there is no legion presence at all there almost. Azuna, legion is there, failing hard, where Azhara is again closer to get it, again old gods. so are the legion even after them, considering their strongest demons are all in broken shore protecting it, Gul´dan is not even there, he is in suramar city probably using the eye of amanthul to summon or more like trying to posses Illidan whit some body. so could it be that the legion is trying at all costs to not let us get to the tomb of sargeras, and so we can not use the keys to shut the gate as we think we should do, becuse if we get there, we let the old gods out instead. even the tree in Emerald nightmare suggest that is what we are going to, if you read the whisper or listen to them. we do know, Archimonde did send Gul´dan there, most likely to find a body for Sargeras again, but buy accident he stumbled on illidan, and set things in mostions, and at same time, when legion attacked us, Azhara saw her chance also to wreck some havoc for her new master. This could have stopped the legion in their tracks and instead of fully attacking us they started to more defend the borken shore from the Naga and us now.Waleria6 4d
4d About Odyn... I like this guy but... who is he? A titan? Aren't all titans dead by now? Is he some kind of god? If yes... what is his role in the WoW universe? Did he create something? Did he forge the world or what? :PSandalf19 4d
5d Horrible Quest Hi! After much consideration and hesitation I did the quest "Ravencrest's Legacy" today on my 1st alt. I swore never doing it again after the horrible experience on my main, but the distinct feeling that the questline might become important later on led me to another go. Most people probably won't understand, but I feel Blizzard crossed some lines here. Yes, I know, Illidan is an important character in this expansion. Even storywise I see the need to show his motives, his conflicts leading to the decisions he made. I would not mind watching an cinematic showing Illidan killing hundreds of nightelves to save his people. But here I am forced to do it myself. I have to play Illidan and "push the buttons". Listen to nightelves crying in pain, begging for me to stop while dying. While doing it with sound turned off helps a little bit, it is still a heartbreaking quest for me. Me being autistic probably increases the challenge, but I can imagine a lot of players hating this quest. All I want to know is whether this quest is needed for important character progression later so that even on alts it should be repeated. Perhaps Blizzard should implement an option to skip it once you finished it one time. Or even skip it alltogether, at least give a warning.Luthara5 5d
5d Three Favorite Factions in WoW What is your favorite factions in warcraft? Faction not race. I mean some races might be so small that it is one and the same like with the gnomes, but for most like the trolls, humans, and orcs there has been many different factions. Just to add one more criteria the faction has to still exist in WoW today, even if it doesn't have a presence in Legion's story. So Theramore, the Alliance of Lordaeron, Garrosh' horde, and the Old Horde are disqualified from participating in this topic. The Wardens: I like the wardens a lot, with their determination to ensuring justice is done, even if it means going against the will of their corrupt leaders. Even outnumbered they will give everything they have to ensure that their goal is met. They still remind me of the more classic fierce and savage night elf that still has a mystic aura about them. The Green Dragonflight: I really like these peaceful and reclusive dragons. Because they are tied more to the emerald dream, it feels like they are messing less with the mortals and get a more mystical nature. The Kingdom of Ironforge: A faction of three clans; Wildhammer, Bronzebeard, and Dark Iron ruling together for the better of their people, despite different ideology and background. And actually showing a bit of politics in the alliance, even if just a little.Justinnia25 5d
5d Chronicle, Volume 02 - Coming March 2017! The fact that it has Gul'dan as cover photo says to me that it's going to reveal information about Draenor/Outland lore, WC1 till WC2. Finally... can't wait to see some clarifications about the Orcs - Ogres history, clans, how exactly they got corrupted etc..Daha28 5d
5d Xera writing is awful Seriously, whoever was responsible for that should never ever write even for kids. First, they establish that Illidan is THE CHOSEN ONE, which is a cringeworthy cliche already, but it could've worked with proper presentation, but instead of trying to make it look logical and sensible, to try and show Illidan's not-a-complete-jackass side, they literally made it look like "omg, Illidan was so smart and you all dumb for killing him despite illidari murdering, slaughtering every possible ally that didn't bow before THE GREAT ALMIGHTY ILLIDAN". I played BC, I remember well, how Illidan didn't even bother to contact Horde/Alliance when they were obliterating his forces. A single scene, where Illidan tries to explain his intentions but is rebuked would be nice. Blizz retconned every part about Illidan being crazy and mad after losing to Arthas, they justified Illidan being a brutal dictator and tyrant, they literally said, that it's ok to be Stalin, if you do it to fight a bigger evil. Seriously, Blizzard?Faycron35 5d
5d Gul'dan vs kael'thas Who would win in a vs fight between these two characters? I say kael'thas because blood elfs>orcs everyway.Delerimm21 5d
6d Discussion about the Horde. So before all this I will just say that when I started to play the game I was a very big fan of the Horde. Blizzard's inability to choose a direction for the Horde storyline has led me to this mindset. Real post: Almost every decision by Horde characters since the beginning of WoW has annoyed me really. In cata Blizzard had the chance to fix it with Garrosh. We could have actually had two factions which were extremely different. But I suppose people really like to play green humans. Adding the undead and the Blood elves to the Horde means that their identity can never move past 'bunch of people who got rejected'. How can you move the Horde identity back to 'Blood and Honor' or a group of shamanistic warrior peoples if you have to group the forsaken and blood elves with them. What you end up with is what we have now. Orcs becoming green humans who suddenly shoot back to their old values once the story needs them too. The tauren being invisible since there is no way to motivate them working together with the undead. The trolls being invisible, with a little bit of shine in MoP, because they also don't fit the new Horde identity. Every now and then you get some focus on Blood elves (think ToT) or forsaken (think Stormheim). But never do they let all the Horde's forces come together in a storyline. It simply wouldn't work.Regenboogje36 6d
6d Eyeball demons observers/Glazer served the void lords? Soooo I was doing vault of the wardens today and upon entering Glazer Xal had a line where she pretty much said something to the effect that they used to "serve our masters but due to their obsession with magic" they made poor servants or some such. She ended with saying that they also are useful from time to time. So what do you guys think? Plus I do recall in the warlock green fire quest that it's revealed that they are not actually demons right?Vashimo1 6d
6d What is Varok Saurfang age? Orcs are considered adults at age 16. In WoD we travel back 35 years ago that is the time the dark portal opend and the first war took place (maybe abit before 1e war because it was the demonblood drinking so they would need to kill the draenei before they left into the dark portal lets add 1-2 years for that), Broxigar his smaller brother was alrdy considered a veteran in that war. When the 2e war was going on he was 2e in command after Doomhammer so that means he had proven his combat skills and leadership in some way to gain that rank what makes him a 30/40 year old Orc at the 2e war? So is Saurfang at the age between 65 - 75? or is he younger/older?Trø9 6d
6d Shadow priests and Old Gods/The Void Hi i am somewhat new to the WoW forums and recently obsessed with lore surrounding The Void. The mysterious and lovecraftian beings have always been my obsession. It is like exploring another universe with links and influences to this world. My question is as follows. How come that shadow priests use The Void to empower their magic, but also fighting As Metzen has put it "Pets of the Void Lord", and if succeded potentially depleting their power source in the process. What is their motivation to kill that wich provides their source. Thank you for shedding some light on this matter in advance.Azriul15 6d
6d Are you kidding me with this Illidan nonsense? *spoilers for the newest Light's Heart quest chain* . . Really? Really? REALLY? It's bad enough that they have Maiev Crazysong take all the credit for defeating Illidan, portraying the players as useless fodder. Had I actually raided in TBC I might be rather miffed at this point. But then, at the end, we are berated, berated even for daring to have ever risen a hand against the special golden eyed wonderful amazing starchild of destiny Illidan. I had already thought the novel had crossed the line by portraying Illidan as the misunderstood victim and everybody else as reckless ignorant meaniepants but this, THIS is fanfiction level terrible. What next? Will we lie prostrate before our lord and saviour Illidan and beg his forgiveness for our misdeeds? Will we bow down chanting "we are not worthy!" Come on now.Synéa121 6d
15 Oct Mini-rant + question Seriously, so much lore lately, from dragon soul ending to changing Garrosh into a dishonorable dictator, from WoD to Chronicles lore, lately the lore has just been absolute nonsense, there's just so much wrong in lore, nothing makes sense, Just gonna ask, if you were in charge of lore, and you were allowed to rewrite it entirely, what would you change, and how? feel free to describe every detail you can come up withCaenas1 15 Oct