Battlegrounds and World PvP

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Experinces of World PvP whilst leveling World PvP whilst leveling doesn't seem to be much fun. I'd be interested to hear other's experiences since mine have been mostly negative so far and I'm wondering if it's worth persevering. I've just returned to the game after a long break. To me, PvP is the best part of the game (based on bgs and arena). So I decided to start fresh on a PvP server to increase chances of finding guilds and friends who like the same. But leveling has been a nightmare. The three most common scenarios seem to be: 1. Level 100s running around leveling zones senselessly killing lowbies with a single attack. This just wastes my time - it's no fun for me as there is zero counterplay (can't even hide because nameplates are visible). Maybe they find it fun, but that pleasure is comparable to bullying (deriving pleasure from dominance with no chance of reprisal). 2. Getting killed in collateral by random aoe or accidental tab-targetting of level 100s who are farming in the same area. It's like I'm playing as a critter... Surely no fun for either party? 3. Having a good fight against a level appropriate enemy only for a level 100 to swoop in like superman to an amateur boxing match. "I'm helping right?" No. You just ruined an otherwise fun PvP experience. So does it get better? Or is world PvP mostly pointless? It seems to me a lot of this could be resolved by reintroducing dishonourable kills, or by automatically scaling players down to the level of the zone. Wouldn't that just make for a more fun world PvP experience? Siegbjorn7
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Alterac valley in Pre-patch. Its beautiful. Please learn from whats happening atm, blizzard. If you are watching. The guards are so high lvl they can almost 1 shot you. THe boss is insane to take down. THIS...encourages actual PVP a PVP battleground and thats how it is supposed to be. I've been leading in AV, pvp style. Recapping and farming casual, random groups several times. And because the focus is not on the god damn PVE anymore... people listen. People enjoy the PVP. people love to farm, to dominate the scoreboard. The SEE ONLY RED:.. on the top. Its fantastic to see True Pvp in alterac valley again. And all this because the PVE element is made difficult and annoying. WHICH IS FANTASTIC. Because were supposed to PVP in battlegrounds blizzard. and Many of us really want to again. Please learn from whats happening in AV atm. The PVP in pre-patch. Is some of the best PVP I've ever had in a very very long time in casual mode AV. People want to pvp. To work together. To fight for the Horde with friends and badasses alike so we turn from Casual, into a bloody premade from 1 second to the other, simply because.... of PVP spirit...and most pvp over the bloody Race to Win PVE that has destroyed AV entirely. Please. give us back old AV or make the guards higher lvl and hitting a helluva lot harder alike Ashran is atm. WE NEED IT. AV is awful otherwise and its sad because its the best damn Battleground in this entire game for those of us who remember its glory days. Please read this, blizzard. and please do something about this, Holinka. We love PVP, so let us PVP. Enough of this PVE already. Vladdracula23
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PvP feels unbalanced now I don`t know, how many posts there are with people crying about PvP and i don`t want to know. But the majority of those Posts don´t really explain what is wrong. Let`s start from the beginning, shall we? So, when i heard that the Gear is being "normalized" i was somewhat happy about it and suspicious. Now i haven`t really played WoW for a long time, but the one thing i noticed in PvP was that it was a lot about Tactics and a lot about luck. I`ll be taking a Warrior in Ashran as example now. One time in Ashran a warrior obtained the artifact, he was like "oh great i`m op now" -> Ran into horde, died, 30 minutes of winning for Horde. One or two days later (we were loosing hard!) again a Warrior obtained the artifact - i was starting to fear the worst, was mentally prepared for rage quitting when the Warrior suddenly spammed /rw "All on skull" - "All on skull" - We stealthed, ran into the Horde as one and wiped their entire Team with that warrior wielding his blades at the healers first. So this day i was lucky and managed to obtain some Gear for my Hunter and that`s how PvP was all the time. To give another example we`ll just to the Island. "All on Docks" - "All on Docks" - is literally the first thing you see in chat when you join in. Now people with the Intelligence Buff would go Docks, make sure it is secured and then defend the gleves while the rest hops in and uses Bombs. Everyone without the Buff would be getting wrecked at mid... Okay okay, what has all this got to do with "unbalanced PvP"? It`s fairly simple, while you maybe had 3 Hunters being ridiculously under geared, you maybe had the advantage of a fully geared mage who actually knows what he was doing. That kinda balanced everything out. You didn`t had to worry about your team, as "the good players" were making up with gear and skills on what "the bad players" lacked. Now we jump to the Pre- patch....... First of all - Frost DK`s are absolutely useless in PvP, as they just do auto hits in 50% of the time, while Anti Magic Shell keeps them up long enough to do 10k dps (if even) - But that`s not the point i`m on about. Now while before the mage was making up for the hunters - they all got "scaled" to some sorta the same level. At least so the theory. But the proven fact is, that now you haven`t got those "pro players" anymore, since they`re lacking equipment. So if you now get a hunter in your Team, that has no clue what to do - You have to live with it. You can either sit there half an hour explaining to him or you just go auto follow afk. I`m not saying, that the "good players" are helping the "bad ones", because in most cases they felt like they`re the kings and if somebody didn`t know what to do they just flamed him and his mother. But still they were keeping everything on a certain level on balance. You might had the Luck to have 3 or more of those good ones in a team and then win the random battleground (which was very rare as alliance player) and of course there is those players on the other team aswell (even tho their team seems to be 90% rogues most of the times) - but (and i`m not sure about this) : The way those stats get calculated was different to the way your team stats were calculated. I know i know, tell me i`m wrong - that`s fine... But when i see an enemy Mage with 500k life, while our team get`s scaled down to say 300k Life that`s ridiculous. We need 3 players that know their rotation to actually hit him down and they barely walk out alive. About the classes and rotations etc... Now all of the Mentioned classes are just ment to show an example, to help you understand better why PvP feels unbalanced now. I`m very aware of the fact, that some classes / rotations lack damage and or resources to do damage, but that`s not the point of this Post as things get changed all the times and if enough babies cry about their classes they will eventually be powered up. Another HUGE difference is the majority of classes in PvP. Now this is again "how it feels" and this should not stand as an argumentation foundation: Whenever i join random Battleground i see most of my Team is a DD. Yeah you always get like 1 healer in your Team, but never more then that and most of the Time you don`t have a Tank, while the enemy team always seem to have 2 - 4 Healers and at least one Tank. Now i don`t know exactly how the teams are thrown together, but what i know fer sure is that somebody didn`t put much affords in that. Just to put it all together once more: All in all the lack of the "OP Gear" (i know, i know - but that`s how i want to call it right now) makes things worse and not better. Okay i have cried a lot, but how to solve this issue? I`m very sure, that somebody out there who feels the same has put some big thoughts into this and they might come up with a brilliant Idea. But to be honest i haven`t got one. The only thing i can suggest is to put the same amount of Healers, Tanks and DD`s in both teams. Maybe this can be Link with the Achievement for Victory's or something, but i didn`t manage to find a good solution yet that i could share. Oh and the last thing i got to say is: FOR THE ALLIANCE! and ofc have a nice day and a nice time reading this small book. Lunarfire11
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Can thinks get back their own BG'so please Today I have been running some bg'so in the 10-19 bracket. And yes I know pre-patch = imbalance. But this is not just regular imbalance. The twinks seem to be back in normal bg's and frankly... it just sux! I have full enchanted looms, and I can't barely do an impact of any of those who are twinked, not to mention they instant-kill you. Now, this is actually not so much about me as per say. But this, having the twinks back in normal battle grounds, makes me a tad concerned. You guys lost a lot of subs, now, finally you are doing something right, and with the movie you are getting a lot of new subs. How do you have in mind, that the new players shall find any fun in the battleground at all. When even loomed players doesn't stand a chance against the twinks? I mean it's bad enough for you as a new player entering a bg with full teams of fully loomed players.... then imagine the experience of a new player.. meeting twinks. Have you given it any thought, that you might actually loose some of the new subs, if it's people who is in for pvp along the leveling? Or just because they join a game, where you have to be almost exclusively veteran, to even be able to have fun aside of the dungeon rushing (which reached an insane level) and quest grinding. I don't have anything against twinking, I just really think that you should reconsider, if they should keep the access to the normal BG's ... for the sake of getting and most importantly KEEP new players to this game. Xaniza13
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