Interface and Macros

07 Mar 2011 WoW User Interface Add-On Development Policy With the continuing popularity of World of Warcraft user interface add-ons (referred to hereafter as "add-ons") created by the community of players, Blizzard Entertainment has formalized design and distribution guidelines for add-ons. These guidelines have been put in place to ensure the integrity of World of Warcraft and to help promote an enjoyable gaming environment for all of our players - failure to abide by them may result in measures up to and including taking formal legal action. 1) Add-ons must be free of charge. All add-ons must be distributed free of charge. Developers may not create "premium" versions of add-ons with additional for-pay features, charge money to download an add-on, charge for services related to the add-on, or otherwise require some form of monetary compensation to download or access an add-on. 2) Add-on code must be completely visible. The programming code of an add-on must in no way be hidden or obfuscated, and must be freely accessible to and viewable by the general public. 3) Add-ons must not negatively impact World of Warcraft realms or other players. Add-ons will perform no function which, in Blizzard Entertainment's sole discretion, negatively impacts the performance of the World of Warcraft realms or otherwise negatively affects the game for other players. For example, this includes but is not limited to excessive use of the chat system, unnecessary loading from the hard disk, and slow frame rates. 4) Add-ons may not include advertisements. Add-ons may not be used to advertise any goods or services. 5) Add-ons may not solicit donations. Add-ons may not include requests for donations. We recognize the immense amount of effort and resources that go into developing an add-on; however, such requests should be limited to the add-on website or distribution site and should not appear in the game. 6) Add-ons must not contain offensive or objectionable material. World of Warcraft has been given a "T" by the ESRB, and similar ratings from other ratings boards around the world. Blizzard Entertainment requires that add-ons not include any material that would not be allowed under these ratings. 7) Add-ons must abide by World of Warcraft ToU and EULA. All add-ons must follow the World of Warcraft Terms of Use and the World of Warcraft End User License Agreement. 8) Blizzard Entertainment has the right to disable add-on functionality as it sees fit. To maintain the integrity World of Warcraft and ensure the best possible gaming experience for our players, Blizzard Entertainment reserves the right to disable any add-on functionality within World of Warcraft at its sole discretion. 15 July 2009 Music Distribution through UI Add-Ons We have recently seen a number of User Interface Add-Ons that are making modifications to the World of Warcraft in-game music files and wanted to take a moment to go over some important points with the community in connection with this. While we are currently allowing Add-Ons that remove or replace existing sound files, keep in mind that it is illegal to distribute copyrighted materials, in this case in-game music and audio files, without authorization. One of the primary goals of the user interface is to allow players to customize their game experience and we hope to avoid making any modifications in the future that will prevent this. 13 April 2009 UI Add-On Development Policy Update On 20 March, we released the new add-on development policy to the public as an ongoing effort to help ensure add-on integrity, safety, and quality for the community. Since that time we have been in touch with many UI development communities on what the policy means to them and the continuing development of these add-ons. We would like to announce further that we are providing a sixty-day grace period beginning at the time of the initial release of the policy for UI developers to comply with the new policy. After May 19th, Blizzard Entertainment will begin to enforce the Add-on Development policy, and developers found to be in violation of this policy will be contacted directly. For more information... If you are an add-on developer and have any questions about and this User Interface Add-On Development Policy and how it pertains to the add-on that you've developed, please don't hesitate to email us at 07 Mar 2011
4m Personal Resource Display Click Through? Is there anyone who knows if there is a command or an addon that makes the Personal Resource Display Click Through (without changing the look of the UI) I did try ElvUI, just to get the click through but it's just so annoying to setup on each character. Seeing as I either have to edit the Private.lua file, in Interface/Addon folder, to disable all the things I don't want to have from the UI (which probably will reset when updating the UI to a new version) or disable all the thing I don't want on each character. But the look of ElvUIs bars etc are just ugly, I like the simplistic style of blizzard UI and ElvUI is reducing the performance of the game, which is slightly annoying. So anyone have any addon or command that enables click through for the normal Personal Resource Display?Seifern2 4m
1h Invite Real ID to a Party - Macro [HELP] Hello, I am looking for a way to invite 3 friends using only a macro instead of having to open the Social Window and click 3 "+". I found this thread before I decided to post a new one. Thread Link:] The problem is that the API apparently changed and they've replaced some of these commands. This is what I have (totally not working) /run local _,n=BNGetGameAccountInfo(bnetIDGameAccount'Neosnof')InviteUnit(n) "Neosnof" being the Real ID of the friend I want to invite tot the party.Paterorci1 1h
1h Macro to invite a Blizzard Account name My wife and I have many characters that we play together. However, it is a chore managing macros to invite any of her characters into party. Since we are Blizzard Account friends, can I make a macro to invite her whichever character she is playing?Troilus15 1h
3h old character models and new melee animations Please bring back the old charecter models!! i can't stand the new ones and now i get epileptic attacks everytime i see a melee in arena, and i can't turn the off all the bright flashings on my screen. Please fix! :(Mizitz0 3h
4h Kick macro for nearby enemy Hello, so I used to have this macro: #showtooltip /targetenemyplayer [mod:ctrl] /cast [mod:shift,@focus][] Spear Hand Strike /targetlasttarget [mod:ctrl] Which basically kicks the closest enemy if you hold down CTRL and get you back to the target you had before the kick. Kicking the focus with SHIFT, and also kicking the target if you have got no modifier. BUT!!! The macro doesnt work anymore, I am assuming it's because of the Legion pre patch. Any ideas on a macro that would function the same but would replace this piece of code?Ueze2 4h
4h Old macro stopped working. I can't get my old mouseover shift mod macros to work, they worked pre patch and now nothing, example of one #showtooltip /cast [target=mouseover,mod:shift] Lightning Bolt; [target=mouseover] Healing Wave No clue what's going wrong.Drone8 4h
5h Weakauras for execute Hey guys i'm not too good at weakauras. I've managed to make a simple one in which the execute symbol will appear when the target hits =<20% hp. but can i also get this symbol to flash or pulse when i have sufficient rage to use the ability?Kappaofdeath2 5h
6h Stop talents from placing themselves on action bars? I'm using Bartender4. I make these macros where I put the same tier of talents in one macro and one keybind, they switch seamlessly as I change talents. That's great but when I take the new talent it automatically places itself somewhere on my spare action bars, I don't want that. Any way to prevent it from happening?Vezpira2 6h
11h Professions on macros Why i cant link my professions in my macros like before?Magnimus0 11h
15h Legion Interface Options FAQ A lot of interface options have been pruned in Legion, but you can still use addons and console commands to access them The hide Helm/Cloak options were also pruned, you have to use Transmogrification now to hide them. The Grand Expedition Yak mount carries a transmog vendor AdvancedInterfaceOptions restores access to removed options and has a CVar browser Max camera distance was nerfed from 50 to 28.5, and then to 39 yards Auto self cast (autoSelfCast) is an option again (Build 21874, June 8) Loot under mouse cursor (lootUnderMouse) is an option again (Build 21996, June 19) Enable WoW Gaming Mouse /run SetCVar("enableWoWMouse", 1) DetectWowMouse() Hide Lua errors (but it's recommended to use BugSack/Swatter) /console scriptErrors 0 Make action button keybinds respond on key up (instead of down) /console ActionButtonUseKeyDown 0 Enable reverse cleanup bags /run SetSortBagsRightToLeft(true) Increase max camera distance (cameraDistanceMaxFactor can't be set past 1.9) cameraDistanceMax REMOVED since build 22018, June 22 Disable free look when the camera collides with the ground /console cameraPivot 0 Action Camera (optional feature) /console ActionCam full off basic default full Change spec macro; where 1, 2 or 3 is your respective spec index /run SetSpecialization(GetSpecialization()==1 and 2 or 1) Show all debuffs on targets again /console noBuffDebuffFilterOnTarget 1 Hide buff durations on your buff frame /run SetCVar("buffDurations", 0) ReloadUI() Disable Floating Combat Text done to other players/mobs /console floatingCombatTextCombatDamage 0 /console floatingCombatTextCombatHealing 0 Make Floating Combat Text done bigger and scroll up (instead of arc) /console floatingCombatTextCombatDamageDirectionalScale 0 The option for Scrolling Combat Text received is still there, but disabled by default /run SetCVar("enableFloatingCombatText", 1) ReloadUI() CombatState, Low Health, Combo Points, Energize, (De)buffs, Dodge, IncomingHeals /run for _, v in pairs({"CombatState", "LowManaHealth", "ComboPoints", "EnergyGains", "PeriodicEnergyGains", "Auras", "DodgeParryMiss", "FriendlyHealers"}) do SetCVar("floatingCombatText"..v, 1) end ReloadUI() Change Scrolling Combat Text received done to Arc Mode /run SetCVar("floatingCombatTextFloatMode", 3) ReloadUI() Legion Live Dev Q&A (June 16) ... Interface options pruning Interface Options & You Enable/Disable hidden options New Character Pane Stats 15h
16h #showtooltip passive talents Let us #showtooltip passive talents in macros. For some reason they don't show up on spellbook hence we cannot make tooltip macros of them unless they are actually in the spellbook. Thanks.Katysheva2 16h
16h Any way to see miss/dodge/block text on self any more? And by this I mean as scrolling combat text, similar to your damage/healing taken etc. As a tank especially I really like to see how much I'm dodging, blocking, parrying etc, but at present I can only see avoidance text alerts when they show up on my character portrait -- not exactly something I'm looking at in the middle of combat. The AdvancedInterfaceOptions addon allows you to restore a lot of the scrolling combat text options that were removed, but it doesn't seem to have any option for avoidance alerts. Is there any command to re-enable this in the game?Lirena2 16h
17h Switch gear on spec switch? Outfitter used to be the addon for this, right? Looks outdated. Sadly despite the recent changes in gear stats even in Legion content there is still gear that does not have multispec stats. I currently need some gear for off spec. And every time I change spec, I need to switch to that gear manually. Is there an up-to-date automatism for this?Dowlphin4 17h
18h Can't find where the error is.. As my tittle sais, can't find where the error actually is. it's a weak aura that i'm using or another addon? thank for your kind help. 6x [string "return function(progress, ...)..."]:4: Usage: UnitAura("unit", [index] or ["name", "rank"][, "filter"]) [C]: in function `UnitAura' [string "return function(progress, ...)..."]:4: in function <[string "return function(progress, ...)..."]:1> WeakAuras\RegionTypes\icon.lua:251: in function `UpdateCustomText' WeakAuras\WeakAuras- in function <WeakAuras\WeakAuras.lua:2917> Locals: (*temporary) = "target" (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = "PLAYER|HARMFUL"Purenature0 18h
18h Rogue Subtlety Macro Hey guys, I'm sitting in a bit of a hassle with a macro that I really would like to work, but somehow this macro doesnt work for me and maybe, just maybe someone in here may know what the problem is and/or a possible solution? I've been trying to make a macro that makes a sequence that goes a little like this: Stealth -> Symbols of Death Vanish -> Symbols of Death I've tried a wide variety of macroes of which none happend to work. Current attempts: #1 /castsequence reset=5 Stealth, Symbols of Death; #2 /cast Stealth /cast Symbols of Death #3 /castsequence Stealth, Symbols of Death #4 /cast stealth /stopcasting /cast Symbols of Death Error messages on #2 and #4 saying: "Must be in Stealth." So I figure it's because there need to be some sort of a delay? Not quite sure how that's possible except for reset in castsequence but thats not really working all that much, trying to avoid having multiple buttons in stealth bar.Kashimen1 18h
19h Friendly nameplates keep coming back So I turn off all nameplates with Ctrl+V but after about 1 minute or so they just automatically come back on, this is super annoying mostly because of the friendly nameplates taking up so much screen space.Hitmonchi0 19h
20h WeakAuras 2 button glow trouble... Im using WeakAuras 2 to show a texture when im above 110 Maelstrom and/or when i have Hot Hand buff, and that works great. But now i have tried adding a button glow for Lava Lash also, and then it gets tricky... The trouble is when im above 110 Maelstrom and Hot Hand procs, the standard UI also trigger a glow on the Lava Lash button and when i press the Lava Lash button the glow goes away (the texture is still visible) even though im still over 110 Maelstrom. Anyone know how i can solve this? Import string: dStxfaGAbv1UujABuK2NGiZuvP5QIsZwu3ufrFtfHFtQDQk2lA3ISFkq)uqyyuOghfYTLsdvvIbRkPHlvhuq50KCmjCovPwOk1svrXIvvSCipuqupvzzsupNktuqftLQMSKmDWfvrYvfuLNrbDDH2OksDpvcBwf2of1NHQVlPMMezEuaJuq6WuA0sX4PioPGkDlvuDnvsNxv1LjESa)fkZc65u8PWWRgv2qohx5llFzXLfCTCvCv0ZzsiooCcWtF(1sfgzOrLVAAPYMwy07tWJZlDLlMaKchxq0Z111cIRW43CDDTGW0DbzbnIZaxWfDcwxxliEZftkGRNT)cIl6eSysb8MahsWv6K)VlCGycerc3FiooCcWNZn(Y3VFBOrVnTKrLm8ex5SbGYS4rkCCbDsDLWNZlmMRs5c)ykauMfoB6NtLuawGUTNfqQ4tbNnau6KJEohyra9CvAm8SUM3C4zDnMnau6eNRrxZHN11yhiBRWD7lDhbqNm9kbovsb0ZvPXcIoq3Ype4oujLRHEUkngEwxZBo8SUgZgakDIRrvjC4zDn2bY2kC3(s3ra0jtVsGahiMarKW5ftGisCNDDjNdlauMTGsNcHzbLT)UZEglUkHJDN11CQkUVwZwd(6xRRXGV(voaoBs1AbLorpNdSiGEUosCcW9rhtbs4ib2FcCTwvIEo4VlCDK4eGRJeNaC9y2jeiWzRQuGsNSzmaPWXfKJE(uqphGu44cIEox8JywsWli5qzc3E5uF)Yb)DHZgrwoxxY5WTYrpbox8JywsWIhhkt4Wc5WMhB(WoJNlMuaxpB)fexY2ko65tbxOAWGVgQnvrGtmljGluXMHgUk5t84W)3fUqp13xoD49LaxmbifoUGONabcC1QkOHpfMAmxk26rkCCb54tzoaPWXfe9CrNG111cI3CDDTGG)UWNIcUOtW66Abb)DH3CWFx4CGfIoUOtWAeBgA4hUUUwqCffgZ111cct3fKf0iUq6cUUGcKe0i2m0Wz4voXSKaUx01cIRrSzObt3fKf0iodCbx0jyXKc4nxmjMLeWfeDGULl6eSUGcKe0i2m0WBUUGcKe0i2m0GP7cYcAeNbUGaxJOWBa(u(TXCzTTIEoWMLeqpxBmdk6jqGZ1La65CQeEw4tzcCbzRZrpNtLWZc3cnStg2dbUdBaO0j65AJzqrpbcCrNGfKTohV5q6SqpxBmdk6jqGdzde65AJzqrpbcCrNG56saV5QuhhQGyg(PNRnMbf9eiWfDcwGU9Jf4nx3ChSzjb0Z1gZGIEceiWfOZAe98PeFkiqGZmFkkvUGajaLorimo3 20h
22h Please help me to remove this... hello can you pls tell how to remove this window? or how does it name? thank you 22h
22h Dispel Notification Addon? Is there an addon I can download which will give me a notification that something needs to be disspelled as I am a running as resto druidSamhyprdx5 22h
23h ElvUI Buff/Debuff Bar Setup Hey guys, I could use some help with the setup of my new interface Description: Currently what I was trying to achieve is to get my important buffs shown above my Player Frame which I've achieved using the options in UnitFrames>Player Frame>Buffs There I've also filtered out all the 60 Minute Buffs etc. using the Black List option that are not too important to keep track of like my Blessings for example. So my overall Buff Interface (Buffs and Debuffs Interface Options) I've moved to a spot at the side where I can track all my less important buffs if I need to and remove auras using right click if necessary. My Problem: There is a script that could hide the Standard Blizzard Buff/Debuff frame but that is not working for the ElvUI Buff Frame. Also there is no such interface option given in the ElvUI Options Frame to show the Buff Frame only in combat or on mouse over (which would be the best scenario for my setup) So, ideally this Buff Frame should hide for me unless in combat or I mouse over it. Is there any solution to this? Additional Question: Currently I did not find a way to remove Buffs above my Player Frame (Using the UnitFrames>Player Frame>Buffs option) using Right Click. What I mean is /cancelaura via Right click as it is possible with the normal Buff Frame. Is there a way to achieve this setup? I'd be glad for any solutions Thanks in Advance PS: My current solution is using the standard blizzard buff interface with move anything and the hide/show script binded to a keybind which is not optimal.Gwelwenant0 23h
1d Shadowed Unit Frame : Where are my buffs Hello guys, I just started to use Shadow Unit Frame, and while this one is activated I can't see my buffs on the top right corner, beside the map. Does anyone has a solution for this? Thank you very much, your help will be appreciated :)Yùki2 1d
1d Weak Auras 2 - Shadow Dance stacks Hello! Since many people are using Weak Auras 2 to track buffs and debuffs, I thought I'd post my string for shadow dance stacks. If you don't like the placement, simply move the entire group called "Rogue - Dance" as one unit. -If you have shadow dance stacks ready, they are shown with a big colored number (red,yellow,green) depending on how many stacks you have. -If you have no stacks, it will instead display the CD timer on Shadow Dance -If you activate Shadow Dance, it will display the buff with remaining duration. I have however changed the icon into the Shadowstrike icon, so it's more visible when you actually pop dance. Here is the string. Hope you'll find it useful :) Sorry for the mega-wall of text... da0nraqijqPrjbYPOIu3sQODjbmmQQoMszzsupJKAAKKUgvY2KQ4BiPgNuPZjrmpjq19ij6GsfAHuvEivutujLlkvvBujPpkvPgjjHoPuvEjjbZuQsUPeP2PI(jsmujOLkrYtvnvsDvLuTx4VuHbtLQdtPflvWJvyYc5YI2mv5ZKy0kvNMIvlbkEnvKmBuDBKA3c(nkdxOwUKEoIPtCDPSDKKVReJxjX5LqRNkI9tLYydACl0qWj4Llq5cSvGY404r4rqJVcfppskysDbkPKULlzZ)MREk7cVMkgwqxmoXvQSwmUDigQsD1OOK1sZIsm7CZpEUsSneLrOd4Mi8sXuAPBU3PBUVMnmsCsY9kKzccUpkAnLs3R(xvJhA06QrrjRem3WlsXZJKcwTh)U2Own1u3tj(7wUBxQHxNQsnoNzJGgxS8miqJt34IbAiqWJmEEMrJlfHgNUXfd0qGGxTJeAC6gxmqdbcUNDigwaAC6gxmqdbcEmvXILNbbAC6gxmqdbcELXtOXPBCXanei4ns6yWTecUuBj(GBjeOXjMGcpXlfLEVE)qGGhzifmTWqmuL4wohc(aAm3GgVfKQrrjRqJt2zluc4KD2cLGZmgpITeGGBhIHQuxnkkzT0SOet)4ESGSk3QqW1QyFoRcuwx3R(M9JlvJIswHgFSBRkjXbloRwHvXl4QexkgN4eXkncElKuLbb32egEJKoi7Sfkb4dVrshJDBvjjWhEsvgeCNzmEeBj4M7fwzk1KqCZ9c6XjN70410YFCY5tlDI)DBeBXn3xZggjEJKoiXjNpT0j8HpAeHr7y3eL4IHoJWj7SfkbCYoBHsWzgJhXwc4JDBvjj4(XjXjNpT0jMBDDPEtneCoZgbnUy5zqGgNUXfd0qGGp4wcbACIjOWt8srP3R3peCsCoGgNyck8et140nUyGgt1Whei4ns6yWTec8Hxz8eAC6gxmqdbcEJKoiX5a(WJPkwS8miqJt34IbAiqW9SdXWcqJt34IbAiqWJmEEMrJlfHgNUXfd0qGGxTJeAC6gxmqdbceCpwqUXjjMUCHxtfdlOlgN4MblGBcgXXGrhZtjJWCdFfkEEKuWu9wxCNWy0y6Va(DHte7WPifYmbbxtPqCte(A2WiDZDNxd3RAPZlvRyXunEOrRRgfLSsWCdVifppsky2j1DXhmgpITeGpCjxrCMXzvOXSmwL6s2kx2FpQ6x1TEuTh1LHxNUOgt1y6hcemldnErkEEKuWStQ7IBhIHQuxnkkzT0SOet)4ESGSk3QqW1QyFoRcuwx3R(M9JlvJIswHgFSBRkjXbloRwHvXvPkXLIXjorSsJG3cjvzqWTnHH3iPdYoBHsa(WBK0Xy3wvsc8HNuLbb3zgJhXwcU5EHvMsnje3CVGECY5onEnT8hNC(0sN4F3gXwCZ91SHrI3iPdsCY5tlDcF4Jgry0o2nrjUyOZiCYoBHsaNSZw6iFXwKGp2TvLKGVHtItoFAPtm366s9MAi4CMncACXYZGanoDJlgOHabFWTec04etqHN4LIsVxVFi4K4CanoXeu4jMQXPBCXanMQHpiqWJmEEMrJlfHgNUXfd0qGGxTJeAC6gxmqdbcELXtOXPBCXanei4XuflwEgeOXPBCXanei4ns6yWTec8H7zhIHfGgNUXfd0qGG3iPdsCoGpi4ESGCJtsmD5cVMkgwqxmoXndwa3emIJbJoMNsgH5gUtymAm9xa)UWhmgpITeqhWnr4RzdJuLB4EvlDEPAflMQI3cs1OOKvOXj7SfkbCYoBPJ8fBrce8vO45rsbt1BDXdnAD1OOKvcMB4eXoCksHmtqW1ukexYveNzCwfAmlJvPUKTYL93JQ(vDRhv7rDz41PlQXunM(Habt1qJxKINhjfm7K6U42HyOk1vJIswlnlkX0pUhliRYTkeCTk2NZQaL119QVz)4s1OOKvOXh72QssCWIZQvyvCvQsCPyCIteR0i4TqsvgeCBty4ns6GSZwOeGp8gjDm2TvLKaF4jvzqWDMX4rSLGBUxyLPutcXn3lOhNCUtJxtl)XjNpT0j(3TrSf3CFnByK4ns6GeNC(0sNWh(OregTJDtuIlg6mcNSZwOeWj7SLoYxSfj4JDBvjj4LXjXjNpT0jMBDDPEtneCoZgbnUy5zqGgNUXfd0qGGp4wcbACIjOWt8srP3R3peCsCoGgNyck8et140nUyGgt1Whei4rgppZOXLIqJt34IbAiqWR2rcnoDJlgOHabVY4j040nUyGgce8yQIflpdc040nUyGgce8gjDm4wcb(W9SdXWcqJt34IbAiqWBK0bjohWheCpwqUXjjMUCHxtfdlOlgN4MblGBcgXXGrhZtjJWCd3jmgnM(lGFx4dgJhXwcOd4Mi81SHrQYY4EvlDEPAflMQI3cs1OOKvOXj7SfkbCYoBPJ8fBrce8vO45rsbt1BDXdnAD1OOKvcMB4eXoCksHmtqW1ukexYveNzCwfAmlJvPUl190TRQ(DP6MQ94xvQHxNUuJPAm9dbcMQcnErkEEKuWStQ7IBhIHQuxnkkzT0SOet)4ESGSk3QqW1QyFoRcuwx3R(M9JlvJIswHgFSBRkjXbloRwHvXvPkXh72QssWvJ3iPdYoBHsa(WBK0Xy3wvsc8HNuLbb3zgJhXwcU5EHvMsnje3CVGECY5onEnT8hNC(0sN4F3gXwCZ91SHrI3iPdsCY5tlDcF4Jgry0o2nrjUyOZiCYoBHsaNSZw6iFXwKGlfJtCIyLgbVfsQYGGBBcdNeNC(0sNyU11L6n1qW5mBe04ILNbbAC6gxmqdbc(GBjeOXjMGcpXlfLEVE)qWjX5aACIjOWtmvJt34IbAmvdFqGGhz88mJgxkcnoDJlgOHabVAhj040nUyGgce8yQIflpdc040nUyGgce8gjDqIZb8H7zhIHfGgNUXfd0qGG3iPJb3siWhELXtOXPBCXaneiqW9yb5gNKy6YfEnvmSGUyCIBgSaUjyehdgDmpLmcZnCNWy0y6Va(DHte7WPifYmbbxtPqCte(A2WivPACVQLoVuTIftvXxHINhjfmvV1fp0O1vJIswjyUH3cs1OOKvOXj7SfkbCYoBPJ8fBrce8bJXJylb0bCjxrCMXzvOXCdR6sDpDlPeQl7VC3YUkPevHxNUCHPAm9dbcMUGgFfkEEKuWu9wxC7qmuL6QrrjRLMfLy6h3oedlqGg3ZemKDOXJyou4Sf0bCfoBXHDigwaNSZwWv4SfhEvlDI7tRQVMiSWgei4ESGSk3QqW1QyFoRcuwx3R(M9JBdgARyybOXjITkqJhxtsk4eUjk7ategneCptWq2HgpUMKuWjCtukSyiqWLQrrjRqJZwcuc8IWhEWsNeOXCd)72i2IBUVMnmsi4K4KZ7lIanMByU11LQLldbF0icJ2XUjkXfdDgbbpUYuQjHuynhgIHfW0poNzJGgxS8miqJt34IbAiqWhClHanoXeu4jEPO0717hcojohqJtmbfEIPAC6gxmqJPA4dce8iJNNz04srOXPBCXanei4v7iHgNUXfd0qGGxz8eAC6gxmqdbcEmvXILNbbAC6gxmqdbcEJKogClHaF4E2HyybOXPBCXanei4ns6GeNd4dcUhli34KetxUWRPIHf0fJtCZGfWhmgpITeGpCNWy0y6VaLXTnHHoGxKINhjfm7K6U4Mi8VBJylU5(A2WilyX9Qw68s1kwmDHhA06QrrjRem3WJmKyUTyFdwaZn1uRUKTY4eXoCksHmtqW1ukexYveNzCwfAm3WQUu3t3skH6Y(l3TSRskrv41PlxyQgt)qGabNkm3uT8geaaFrodomir0 1d
1d Cursor Size & Visibility Monitor's size and resolution increased tremendously compared the days WoW Vanilla launched. It's getting harder and harder to see the cursor in-game as the resolution of monitors keep increasing. Wouldn't it be nice If we had an option to increase cursor size or the ability to highlight mouse cursor in-game without the need of add-ons? I hear a lot of people are losing cursor in-game much more frequently nowadays. Even thought I am not a clicker, I still use the mouse at some point. So, fellow WoW player's, what do you think about this? Would it be nice if Blizzard adds an option to resize or highlight the cursor (like adding a glow on it)? It should not be that hard to do it I believe.Adrenna10 1d
1d Spell Alerts Hi, is there a way to disable the default Blizzard Spell Alerts? Can't find the option anymore in interface menu since the pre-patch hit.Luey2 1d
1d Target's target unit frame not showing My target's target unit frame is not showing up at the top of the screen, no matter what I try. Any solution to this? I've tried to disable and re-enable the relevant interface option checkbox and clearing my cache and WTF folders, but nothing helps. I am not using any addons. Example image that shows the issue: Thanks for any help/tipsTocksick0 1d
1d Laze "farm mode" macro for lazy Saturday farming Hi, Since it's such a lovely day for some herbing and Legion is just around the corner I decided to go out and farm some herbs, but with default UI the minimap feels so distant, to fix this I decided to make a small macro to bring our loved buddy back to middle of attention Lazy farm mode macro: /run Minimap:ClearPoints() /run Minimap:SetPoint("CENTER", UIParent, -100, 0) /run Minimap:SetAlpha(0.7) /run Minimap:EnableMouse(false) /run GameTimeFrame:SetAlpha(0) /run GameTimeFrame:EnableMouse(false) Hiding GameTimeFrame isn't necessary, it just hides calendar, but I didn't feel like having it in the middle of my screen. To reset the situation just reload your UI. Anyways, I hope this is useful for someone other than just me. P.S. If you want an idea how this looks you can check my screen shot here: 1d
1d Shadowed unit frames questions 1. how to display class spec icon in player, target, focus, raid, etc.? i can only see class spec in arena target frames. i want to have at least target class spec icon for continuing using shadowed uf. if not possible i'll have to look for other highy configurable unitframes instead of suf and preferably low in memory usage... thanks in advance! if not possible in suf, anyone can recommend other addon like suf that does have the features i'm looking for? it needs to be highly configurable, preferably low in memory usage and one that can display class spec icon. 2. what are battlegrounds unit configuration is for? currently i use raid frames for battleground frames of my raid. 3. how to eliminate raid frames row spacing? i want no space between each player frame. i find myself clicking between raid members because of the gap between each player frame. 4. how to disable blizzard arena target frames? i posted this a few weeks ago at wowace in the addon forum but got no answer, thanks in advance,Amirlock1 1d
1d WA2 hide aura IN combat I made an aura to track my paladin blessings and i want the aura to hide in combat because i can't buff them anyway in combat. Am I missing the option or do i need a script to do that?Gellx1 1d
1d Combat damage numbers have dissapeared Hey recently and I'm not sure why but my combat text isn't showing up and I can't see what damage I'm doing or taking, I've reinstalled the game and it's still not fixed anyone know a way to fix this ?Skiban0 1d
1d Blizzard Raid Frames Hey guys, this is about the Blizzard Raid Frames and how I can get the raid frames I configured/how I liked them on to each of my characters. I made my raid frames how I like them, on my priest, save them, make sure the profiler works for that character, sure sure; it works. I log onto my other characters but I can't see the profiles I made on my priest? is this because it doesn't support other characters and I have to create the raid frames how I like them on each individual characters? Or am I missing something and making me look stoopid. Cheers, IariaIaria5 1d
1d Return Floating Combat Text to old version? Hey, Ever since 7.0 was released, my floating damage numbers have been going all over the place. Some fly to the left, some fly to the right. Completely annoying. Is there a way to reset them to this state? (Where they actually stay in one spot so you can read them) Thanks.Nàrash1 1d
1d ability image not updating in castsequence macro hey guys i was wondering if anyone can help me with a somewhat annoying issue. i have the following macro on my monk: #showtooltip /castsequence [no channeling] reset=9 Rising Sun Kick, Fists of Fury, Whirling Dragon Punch basically the idea is to have these 3 on one key (not optimal but makes farming invasions or old content easier) and i just build chi or BoK with other keys and weave this in at the right times, anyway, my issue is the sequence goes off without a hitch in terms of ability use but the tooltip image seems to not change at all sometimes or get stuck other times, the timer on the tooltip will show correctly the spell cooldown for whatever spell is supposed to be next but not the actual image. i tried making a simple castsequence macro with just tiger palm followed by BoK too and the same thing happens the ability image just gets stuck randomly and doesn't update, any idea how to fix this as on the beta it works fine and also recently on live was working fine too.Bellyfatfat2 1d
1d Target Nearest Enemy Been having issues with TAB key since pre patch. The function to target nearest enemy simply does not work anymore for me. Be it via TAB key or in a macro, the "target nearest enemy" targets anything but the nearest enemy. A monster or opposing player can be right in front of you when you hit TAB and a random monster gets targeted. You now even target enemies through walls but then off course can not cast a spell on them, you sometimes target enemies on a different floor in the same instance, behind trees and other obstacles, it's simply ridiculous. The problem occurs on all chars I have, with melee class like the Demon Hunter you can TAB all you want and keep targetting random enemies around you, besides the one right in front who is hitting you in the head. During Invasions you even target your "allies" twenty yards to the left and right if they are horde instead of the Demon two yards away looking you in the eyes. Cause of silly incidents where you see enemies dropping dead unexpectedly while doing lower level stuff. Not so funny if you do raids/dungeons or pvp at your appropriate level...Lankoür16 1d
1d Elvui and chat tabs Hallo fellow Elvui-ers, I would like to know if there is a way to export/migrate/copy the chat tabs I have on one character on another, or even better on my whole account. With chat tabs I mean all the configuration files for the chat, general tab, combat log, custom tabs; what channels are showing in each, what font I use, what font size, color options, size of the windows and so on. Everything.Hogshead3 1d
1d Macro: Rogue SAP I can't managed to get to work: #showtooltip /cleartarget /targetenemyplayer /cast Sap ___________________ Seems like "/targetenemyplayer" not working anymore?Baagan0 1d
1d Increase Floating Combat Text size? So since 7.0 Blizzard changed how floating combat text works. The damage numbers now scale based on your distance from the target, along with some other things. It starts out pretty small in melee range and only gets smaller the farther you move away, which I do not like. Is it possible to increase the font size any way? Or if possible to just revert it to how it was before the prepatch? I've been looking through console commands but I can't find any.Mezecs0 1d
1d Settings aren't being saved? I'm having some issues with settings that aren't saving. I have to change them every time I log in to the game. First one is the refresh rate. It resets back to 50Hz every time, and I have to always change it back to 59.9Hz. Second one is about the new camera distance. The command "/console cameraDistanceMaxFactor 2.6" increases the distance beyond the normal distance, but I have to enter that command every time I log in as well. How can I make it so WoW saves these settings?Pride2 1d
2d Macrohelp - Talents So I have this old one to switch between 2 talents; /run SetSpecialization(GetSpecialization()==2 and 1 or 2) How to rewrite it into switching between 3?Caridwen1 2d
2d Daily quest - yellow??? Hello! I'm not sure if this topic is in the right place or not but i give it a try. So my question: Why are there quests (that are daily/weekly) marked with yellow exclamation mark? I like completing every quest - this makes me uncomfortable - like i haven't completed it yet. Example: He has the yellow mark over his head, but he gives 2 blue quests... ThanksRooch0 2d
2d Castsequence or ? Hello i post my problem here I want from macro : Cast shadow dance, than sap (casting sap will stay for 5 seconds) and afer than time macro reset and starts again from SD -all on focus #showtooltip sap /castsequence [target=focus]reset=5 Shadow Dance, sap i did smt like this, but it dont work.Nerfyolo0 2d
2d nochanneling in castsequence for a spell, but not ever /castsequence [nochanneling] Crackling Jade Lightning, Crackling Jade Lightning In this way both "Crackling Jade Lightning" are with "channelling", but I want only the second, and not first. Any way?Acaso4 2d
2d Flying mount camera angle Hi guys, I have an issue with the flying mount camera angle: It is set far too level with my mount meaning once in flight, I stare right into it's bum and it blocks my view of where I'm going. Unless I'm zoomed far out, I don't see enough of the ground in front of me, when I'm flying close to it - especially an issue with my druid in forced flight form trying to gather resources. I really need to be able to change the pitch so that I see my mount from from a slightly higher angle downwards. Is this possible somehow? I'm using left+right button to move so I can't look down without either stopping or changing my flight path straight into the ground. As it is, I'm hobbling along flying straight ahead against the ground, leveling my flight path with space to gain altitude when I get too close. It's very frustrating. I found this thread with my problem exactly but I can't comment on the us forum. Also, the 'never follow' camera option isn't what I want since I use the mouse to move, like I said. Any advice?Blodwyn0 2d
2d ElvUI - possesbar, overridebar, bonusbar I have been using ElvUI for some time now. I never payed much attention to different action bar shifts but recently I was struggling to leave vehicles. After searching google, I found that actually you can execute one of these: /leavevehicle /run VehicleLeave(); or in ElvUI click on an arrow on the left hand side lower corner of the map. But before I found anything, I'd managed to look inside a lua code of ElvUI and found a list of conditions: ['conditions'] = format("[vehicleui] %d; [possessbar] %d; [overridebar] %d; [shapeshift] 13; [form,noform] 0; [bar:2] 2; [bar:3] 3; [bar:4] 4; [bar:5] 5; [bar:6] 6;", GetVehicleBarIndex(), GetVehicleBarIndex(), GetOverrideBarIndex()) My question is what are those for: bonusbar, possessbar, and overridebar? ThanksBelri0 2d
2d Weak Auras 2 Hello guys, please brainstorm with me over this. I've been hearing signals that people dont trust WeakAuras2 Addon. Is this valid or not? I'm wondering because of this perspective, i make biautiful useful integrated weak auras and share the strings amongs friends fans and the public. Is there anything i should worry about? Thanks a lot, DrTDrtechy1 2d
2d Annoying Ugly Box So i wanted to lvl a druid, when i notice what looks like an addon, just an orange box, displaying how many combo points i have, i can shift click and drag to move it around, but there's no way to delete it. I have searched in my addons folder and the addon tab in-game, this is really bothering me. :IWratherus1 2d
2d Do macros have an AND functionality? So that when you want to cast two non GCD spells it only does so if it can cast both together. If no is there a workaround of some sort? Guardian druids now seem to be able to have 90%+ upkeep on both one stack of Ironfur and Mark of Ursol so might as well put them in the questing/dungeon rotation macro but two /cast only keeps up one and /castrandom is just that, random.Yvonepaine1 2d
2d Default font names and sizes? Remove this, I found out that there's a simple option not to replace default Blizzard ui text fonts in the addon already! My eyes are so happy!Rorcanna0 2d
2d Pet cast bar gone? Hey guys. I'm playing a Warlock in Legion. However i can't see the pet cast bar nor find a setting for it. Did they remove it entirely or am i just blind in the interface settings.Powerleaper0 2d
2d Screenshots without any UI - impossible quest? Found an older thread which didn't come to a satisfying result. You'd have to deselect a target if you have one, and I'm not sure whether floating combat text will be gone, too. And then you'd also manage to bind a macro to a key or you'd have difficulty triggering the macro to enable the UI again. I can hardly believe that there is no addon that helps with this. This absurdity exists in many games where one wouldn't expect it. When The Witcher 3 came out, the same problem existed. You had to manually disable all UI elements before taking a screenshot, until months later they finally implemented that via a single key. And that is what I and surely many others need: You press one key and ALL UI is invisible and you can take a screenshot. Yet after 11 years WoW still doesn't have this and I can't find a proper addon. Today I died from trying to take a proper screenshot, because the scene was worthy of being done without any labels visible.Dowlphin2 2d