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16 Apr 2012 Looking for players — PvE forum Welcome to the "Looking for Players — PVE" Forum. This is the place to look for other players if: You are looking for a new member for your guild You want to join a guild You are looking for members for cross-realm raiding You want to join a cross-realm raid You are looking for a leveling partner or simply to find someone to quest with In order to make your search as successful as possible, we recommend you to follow these simple steps: Use the search feature at the top right of the screen before posting When creating a new thread, make sure to use an appropriate and descriptive title (e.g. "[A/H] Guild on (name of realm) looking for <Class> <Raid>" or "[A/H] <Class> Looking for cross-realm raid" or “[A/H] <Class> Looking for leveling partner”) If you are not interested in teaming up with players from other realms, please feel free to also post on your realm forum. We hope that you will succeed in finding other players to have fun with!Vaneras0 16 Apr 2012
11h Early Evening /Daytime / Weekend / Latenight Guild List NOW BEEN UPDATED FOR WOD. Hi there! This is a list for the few guilds that raid unconventional times / days, compiled onto one page. The list updated once a week with new information and inactive guilds are regularly cleaned out of the list. The list is divided into five sections; please read the criteria for each section to see if your guild applies. Spamming of guilds who don't apply in the thread will make it unusable. Some guilds may apply to multiple categories and will be listed in all sections that apply to them. A feature new for WoD, the top progressed guild in each category will be highlighted in bold. Weekend raiding: Guilds who raid ONLY on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Morning / Daytime raiding: Guilds who's raids finish before 18:00. Early evening raiding: Guilds who's raids finish before 22:00. Late night raiding: Guilds who's raids start at 22:00 or later. One Day Raiding: Guilds who raid once per week. If you are interested in listing your guild in this topic, please use the template below to produce a reply ... To update any changes to your guild, for example progress or schedule changes, please copy your template and update any information in it you need to. Please included a bold UPDATED message at the top so I know not to repost as a new guild. Feel free to update progress as regularly as you like, I'll be checking the thread often. [b]Guilds who go 4 months or more without an update will be removed from the list in order to make it easier to find active guilds. Thanks for reading and if you felt like the thread was useful please give it a thumbs up :) Faiitth.Faiitth426 11h
13h Late Night Guild List Welcome to Europe's finest late night guild compilation! Remember to read the thread rules below before posting and happy hunting. Lets get into it then, any late night from 22:00 server time onwards should be listed below as follows. Template: * Faction: * Server: * Guild Name: * Contact: * Guild Size or Mythic: * Guild type: * Raid time and days: Format in ST only in 24 hour format * URL: * Other information: Please note: - !!!NO THREAD HIJACKING FOR PERSONAL RECRUITMENT POSTS!!! - !!!IF YOU DON'T USE THE TEMPLATE YOU DON'T GO ON THE LIST!!! --- Refrain from including the following; - Useless/irrelevant posts - Information regarding guild status, such as recruitment and guild progress (this changes far to much for me to keep track of) - Any guild that raids before 22:00 will not be included as you fall into the standard raid category . Social and leveling guilds should not be included since they aren't regarded as time/date specific. To be perfectly clear you MUST have a raid and or PvP component to your guild to qualify. - Other information should not be about how friendly you are or what you want to achieve; language, age or specific requirements should be put here instead. Keep it simple. --- Include the following; - An edit section on edited posts outlining the changes to make my job easier. - Specific raid times (server time) and days are important. I wont chase up for raid times. Good luck with your guild search people! DISCLAIMER: This thread is intended for progression Guilds and Active PvP guilds only. Casual recruictment should not be done here. The process of maintaining this thread will be subject to my availability, i will check back every other day, please don't get upset if your info is not listed immediately. I'm sure you understand. Real ID: phrazer#2237 Last updated: 02/12/2015 * Note that as of 02/12/2015 a purging of inactive guilds that no longer meet the threads criteria has taken place. If your guild has been removed and you would like it re-listed feel free to submit your details once more.Morbidian444 13h
29 Jul Daytime/Weekend; EU guilds list. Hi, as the title suggests, im going to attempt to compile the much needed Daytime and Weekend specific guild list. The aim is simple. Any Daytime (between 10am - 7pm server time only) or weekend (Friday 6pm-Sunday 6pm server time only) should be listed below as follows. I took the idea from the Late Night sticky, hopefully it will work in the same way; just with myself managing it- credits to Skjald. The format works, so ill follow it here. (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1549387836) ... Please note: --- Refrain from including the following; - Useless/irrelevant posts - Information regarding guild status, such as recruitment and guild progress (this changes far to much for me to keep on top of) - Posts that do not follow the meaning of the post, remember, it is about specific daytime or weekends guilds (e.g. raiding on Friday, Monday and Wednesday 20:00-23:00 neither qualifies for weekend or daytime). Social and levelling guilds should not be included, since they aren't regarded as time/date specific. - Other information should't be about how friendly you are or what you want to achieve (see 'Information regarding guild status...'); include raiding times, language, age or requirements (must have 2k arena experience or whatever!) - Refrain from advertising your character or personal requests (e.g. I have 360 IL, willing to transfer if there are any horde guilds out there.) - it defeats the purpose of this thread. --- Include the following; - An edit section on edited posts outlining the changes to make my job easier. - Specific raid times (server time) and days are important; I wont chase up for raid times; 'daytime raiding guild' doesn't qualify, since most tend to be disillusioned! Note: I've cut down a lot of information on many of your responses that is subject to change or irrelevant; don't be disheartened if your 'Other Information' reads very little. Don't forget your websites/forums! Thank you all for your support, and happy raiding! DISCLAIMER: Although I am trying, it isn't possible for me to keep every piece of information completely accurate; use this thread as a guide, research yourself in more detail! As suggested by Hegatossen, [www.lookingforplayer.com] could be worth a look if you have no luck here. Last Edited 18th June 2014 Last Updated 20th October 2014Hulaine500 29 Jul
18 Jul 2012 READ ME —> Do Not Bump Threads We appreciate you’re keen to promote awareness of your guild, but the act of posting simply to bump a thread is considered spamming. Anyone found to be bumping may have their thread deleted and be subject to a forum suspension. Important note: It is perfectly acceptable to update your threads with new information related to your recruitment, but posting just for the sake of bumping is not okay! If you are updating your recruitment thread and you make a new post in that thread to say updates have been made, please be sure to include the updated information. Simply posting “Updated” or something similar is not sufficient, and may result in a forum suspension and/or deletion of your post or thread. Why bumping in the 'Looking for Players' forums is bad: If everyone is allowed to constantly bump their threads in the 'Looking for Players' forums, it creates a continuing and ever growing need for people to keep bumping threads. The ever increasing bumping of threads will flood the forums and make it much harder for players to find guilds of interest, which in turn will make it harder for guilds to attract new recruits, because the recruitment threads are less likely to be noticed by the potential recruits. If no-one is allowed to bump, the 'Looking for Players' forums move more slowly and there is less flooding. No bumping means that it is easier for potential recruits to get an overview of the guilds recruiting, and because there is less “noise” in the form of bump/spam posts. People will also be motivated to actually spend more time on the 'Looking for Players' forums as they are not discouraged from having to trawl through a ton of bump/spam posts to find the information they are looking for.Vaneras0 18 Jul 2012
5m Holy paladin + mage looking for hc guild 7/7 So me and my freind is currently looking for a hardcore raiding guild. were both high skilled players , and have done insane amounts of content mythic + 2-5 boosts - over 35 x times we have done + 7 mythics, and currently working towards the 10+ We have done over 600 heroics in total. In our search for legendarys. but we werent really lucky. we have allthought finally got our hands on a couple of legendarys http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/the-maelstrom/Zodix/simple http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/sylvanas/Klamer/simple Klamer#21419Klamer8 5m
5m 855 MM, LF guild, 2 days max, pref weekend sup LF a guild. Thats it. mythic if possible. I'd like 2 days a week tops, prefer weekends. I don't write apps, I prove my worth in a test raid instead, either you like me or you don't. I had a guild, now I don't, nothing more.Talnar9 5m
6m [H] [Draenor] <Law> Wed+Sun HC / Myth Guild Avast yer scurvy loot dogs! Our Guild <Law> [3/7 Heroic, 7/7 Normal] are now recruiting eager brothers and sisters to join our crew of mad men and women. We are a mature guild but we appreciate that younger folk can be equally as skilled and mature so would welcome most people! We raid 2 days per week on a Wednesday and Sunday 7-11pm server time (6-10pm UK time) but also have optional raid days for people who want to progress a little further on flex. Our Story & Goals Although we only raid 2 days a week, we have a strong core of mythic experienced raiders who have known each other since vanilla for the most part. This means you will have a strong leadership who know how to direct you and get the most out of you. We also pride ourselves on the strong bond we have with each other but also miss meeting new people which is why we are making a drive on our recruitment. We are currently progressing through heroic at a quick pace and would expect people to be geared appropriately before they apply. What we are looking for Elemental Shaman Balance Druid Holy Paladin We will of course accept exceptional players You can apply at lawdraenor.shivtr.com (WITHOUT CREATING AN ACCOUNT AT THE FORUMS) or whisper me in game on my battletag at Ironside#21609 Thanks!Xuala2 6m
19m [H] <Raider's Inc> Team Tremor - 2 Days/Week <Raiders Inc> Argent Dawn is currently recruiting for our new progression team Tremor. http://raidersinc.enjin.com/ Raid nights are Wednesday and Thursday, with a potential third day being added later on if the interest is there, this leaves us with a total of 5 and a half hours a week. Invites start at 8:15 server time and we continue till 11:00 (with a short break sometime during the raid). ……………………………………………………………………………………..................... We are currently recruiting: Tanks: Open (With viable DPS spec) Healers: Priests of both specs (Discipline WANTED!), shamans and monks Ranged DPS: Mages (Fire WANTED!) and All kinds except for balance druids. Melee DPS: Closed for the moment (Exceptional Applicants Considered) Our current roster is sitting at 14 people and we are looking to recruit more to add depth to the team. We will be looking to recruit the bare minimum to do Mythic, benching is something we will be trying to avoid at all costs, this also means you will be expected to have a stellar attendance. Loot is distributed via personal loot to avoid spending the little raid time we have sorting out who gets what. ……………………………………………………………………………………..................... PLEASE NOTE: We expect applicants to have at least 835 ilvl closer you are to the raid average of 845 the better. Experience does not matter as long as you bring a willingness to learn and perform. ……………………………………………………………………………………..................... About Us Originally started as a reroll project over two years ago, the guild has come a long way over the course of MoP and WoD by keeping a strong focus on the community, and spirit of the guild as a whole. The guild is run by a council with raid leaders focusing solely on running the three independent raid teams. You will be joining the most recent raid team Tremor within the guild, the core of the team is a group of friends who have been raiding together on and off for the past 7-8 years varying from top 100 guilds to the most casual kind of raiding. We aim to progress swiftly through heroic and then work our way through mythic in a reasonable manner. We value a willingness to learn and improve, to do what is necessary for the group so we can achieve our goals. This guild has achieved what it has by working together and it is the only way things can work. Those out for themselves will be rejected/removed promptly. If you want to know more about us and our history you can find out more on our website: http://raidersinc.enjin.com/theguild and http://raidersinc.enjin.com/forum/m/36289118/viewthread/25811405-history (only covering MoP atm) ……………………………………………………………………………………..................... What We Expect Someone dedicated to the guild and the success of the team Experienced and geared for the content we’re doing. Be realistic please, applying to a guild doing heroic and mythic without having put effort into your artifact weapon and gear doesn’t make sense right? Willing to take criticism and a willingness to improve. We are not an RP guild but we expect you to abide by the rules of an RP realm. Just be a generally decent human being. ……………………………………………………………………………………..................... What You Can Expect From Us A strong community focused guild. This guild has developed a very family-esque atmosphere through the reroll process. The members are the driving force behind the guild the leadership just helps to steer the ship. An experienced and focused raid team, always looking to push ourselves as far as we can with the time we have. Feedback on performance and a dedicated raid leading team. An opportunity to show what you can do and a chance to continuously improve. The effort you put in will be equalled with what we give back. ……………………………………………………………………………………..................... If you have any further questions feel free to contact me or the other team officers in game by whisper: Austre, Crucios and Spiritchick or via btag (please drop a message when adding if you can) Blessthefall#2115.Austre2 19m
22m [21+] Filthy Lil Hobbits - tight-knit Social Raiding ...Lïttlepaw50 22m
27m Holy Paladin 844 Looking for guild <3 Hello :) I'm looking for an active and friendly guild.I began to play WoW in the 2005.Since Cataclysm I'm main healer.Since Legion came out I was in two guilds. First one was so nice in the beggining For Harambe!.I joined them when they were just 10 people,after two weeks there they began to ignore me not even say Hi or bye.They had two groups made with healer guild master and tank guild master,they were all the time doing mythics together,never asking to me to join or to other players,When I asked in the guild if someone of the guild wanted to do dungeons with me,nobody never answer. The guild Siggy,I joined yesterday,inmediatly they asked me to go to kill Xavious in the Emerald Nightmare,I went with a very friendly mood,After we died 10 times,(all the times I was the numer one in healing)they began to say tank was trash,they began to kick out dps even in the middle of the boss fight,I said it was my first time in a Legion raid and I was doing my best.I was not dispelling good the first times (After yes)then one them said I need to clean my eyes and bad things....After that and losing 800 gold repairing I said to them (it was late in the night already)That i needed to go and that next time I will get Teamspeak to play better with them,and good luck.Now I logged in the game and they kicked me out saying I was a !@#$ healer and all it.... So please I'm a kind person that loves to play,be friendly and social,is there any nice guild for me? :)Isthariel7 27m
28m 4 raiders lf hardcore guild Hello folks! We are four experienced mythic raiders that are looking for a semi hardcore raiding guild. We have joined a guild on argent dawn but it seems like the casual experience is not for us after all. We are : Niekala : Druid Healer/tank or balance if needed ( a true druid after all) http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/argent-dawn/Niekala/simple Xen ( a shadow priest) A real good one too ! http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/argent-dawn/X%C3%ABn/simple World of Warcraft Me: unholy dk or blood if needed be pahki (vheanom): Arcane mage with lots of magical cakes and dead bosses. http://eu.battle.net/wow/it/character/argent-dawn/Pahchi/simple We all have gear above 850, maxed aout as much as we could, and we all have experience of mythic raiding in two entire expansions + heroic raids in previous ones. We all strive to get to the highest possible tier. we are all 1/7 H 7/7 normal We would prefer to have a guild that can offer us four all a raid spot. My battletag: Lokrimir#2135 others battletags: Nieka#2747 (druid) Vheanom#1209 ( arcane mage ( they exist yes!)zero#21376 priest contact him preferredSeyliah7 28m
41m [H] 2 raiders looking for raiding guild Hey there, What we can do: Me and my friend are looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild. Up to 3 days a week of raiding, earliest we can make it is 6:00pm. Players details: Zyriel - Main mage, can switch if needed. Learns tactics fast, listen to those who lead the raid, and corrects his mistake when being aware of his mistakes or if someone calls it out. Working, so that's why 4:00 PM GMT or above is best for him. Hard working player, tries to do his best when it comes to raids. Funny guy, can have a laugh with, social, and up for guild stuff outside of raiding. Glandes - Main Priest (atm druid), Come prepared with tactics, help in the raids if needed. Social with the people as much as needed. Active most of the day, unless something is up and cannot play. Up for conversations, or some stuff outside of raiding. As well is flex about classes, and can play whatever needed. Little general information: We had our guild, progressed 13/13 HC. Took a break due to the server being dead. Came back and decided to get outside of our server and get into other guilds. We both took the guild very seriously, and that also means to get to know players. Which we will do as well in any other guild because being social is one of the terms of successful guild. You might require us to switch to a different class/spec and due to that, we won't be able to raid with you in the time being because of ilvl and artifact level. We are fine with that as long as we can get a chance to raid with you, and both sides get to test the other. Thanks all for reading. Add me for more information if needed: Lunal#1402Glândes3 41m
46m Do you want a bear? *Name: Mateusz (Mateo) *Age: 33 *Location: Poland *Previous MMOs played: Wildstar, SWTOR, ESO, RIFT *Character Name and BattleTag: Daznachor (Gaffer#1810) *Class: Druid *Primary spec: Guardian *Secondary spec: Not decided – preferably Resto – however I invest AP in first “cheap” 13 points in both resto and feral weapon to be ready to hot swap if needed. Some gear with stats more focused on those spec is also in my bags. *Link to your Armory profile: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/nordrassil/Daznachor/advanced *Preferable playtime: Mon-Fri: after 19:00 ST until 2AM if needed. Sat-Sun: might vary – might be whole day for WOW, might be day off depending of family commitments. However if the raid is scheduled Sat/Sun I will do my best to be prepared on time. *Computer specs: •Good old i2500k, GF970, 8Gb RAM – smooth 1080p gameplay. Some mic is also around so TS3/Discord/etc. is not a problem •NET connection: D/U: 300 Mb/s, stable ~50ms ping to European WOW servers. *Addons/UI: I really like tinkering around UI, picking up addons etc., so its vary a lot, however at the moment my UI is based on S&L ElvUI+WA2+DBM+TidyPlates. If it is necessary, I can upload some screens. *No WoL parses at the moment I’m afraid. *WOW history so far: I join the WoW community at the start of Ulduar and after short time I was happy to find good people who teach me how to play and show me what it is means to raid. I was able to run some Ulduar 10/25/hardmodes when it was viable. However, my serious raiding started with TotC and onwards in ICC (10/25/10hc/25hc). At the time I was playing as a hunter (Dabigchoppa: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/nordrassil/Dabigchoppa/simple), and after hours I was slowly leveling my druid to the point that I was able to heal in ICC in couple of runs. With the Cataclysm I change main character and role to Druid Guardian with Resto OS and was running through BH/BD/BoT/TFW. Before Firelands I decided to focus more on RL and left WoW – that was more than 5y ago (:D). And now I’m back looking for some bunch of man and woman who likes to kill digital dragons just like me. Do you want a bear? For me PvE raids are the best that WoW has to offer therefore I’m looking for some seriously raiding (i.e. on schedule) guild at the moment. As I don’t really get that semi casual, almost professional guild labels I will tell you what I am looking for: 1) Guild who has dedicated players that can rely on themselves and on guild/raid leaders. 2) Raiding at least 2 times a week 3) Guild focused on getting to the edge of its potential as its goes for raiding (it will be fun to do everything on mythic but I enjoy more the struggle to down some boss after countless hours of wiping than to farm it). What I can offer: 1) Commitment – If I sign up for something, I will do my best to do that/be there. 2) Being focused on developing myself and others (I’m a forum/blog/YT worm ;) always looking for some knowledge about game or my class) 3) Being rather silent on voice com – I will not bore you to dead talking about weather, tax rates in Poland, etc. especially during raids, but after hours we can talk politics ;) So if you interested and need a fluffy bear as a meat shield in your guild please contact me in game on via forum. See you and happy hunting! GafferDaznachor1 46m
47m Resto Shaman LF Raiding Guild Hey guys, 1/7 HC progress (7/7 Normal) Looking for a guild that's progressing through Heroic and has plans for Mythic in the future I am available Sun/Mon/Tuesday Thanks!Brett2 47m
52m <War Torn> Looking for more raiders Who we are: We are a guild located on Frostmane EU and we were founded in Cataclysm. Raiding days and times: Monday 19.30-23.00 Wednesday 19.30-23.00 Sunday 19.30-23.00 Our Goals: Our goal is to clear the current tier before the next tier comes out. We want to be one of the top guilds on Frostmane and one of the top guilds for a 3 day raiding guild. We want a good atmosphere in the guild outside and inside the raid. Recruitment Status: Currently looking to fill out the roster with dedicated players, so we can progress mythic. Classes and specs we need: Resto Shamans Resto Druid Warrior Dps Mages Website where you apply: http://wartorn.shivtr.com/ (forums, applications) For any questions about recruitment or your application to the guild you can contact the "Recruitment Officers" on battlenet: Kling#2996 Or Godvu#2356 For any questions about the guild contact the Guild Master: ShadowMurloc#21952 For any questions about inside the raid contact our Raid Leader: Appelappe#2891Safehaven7 52m
53m [H] SHIFT [Chamber of Aspects] is recruiting S H I F T is recruiting TL:DR Flex raiding guild aiming to raid 2/3 times a week, all 16+ welcome, times 21:15-00:00 server time, days Wednesday + 2 flex days, recruiting all specs/classes, and won’t force you to play a spec/class you don’t like. What is S H I F T The best way I can explain it is that it is a flexible flex raiding guild. WTH is ‘flexible flex’ ™ Surprisingly we are going to do flex raiding (shocking I know) but we will have 1 set raiding day per week, the other 1/2 days will be agreed in the week or 2 in advance based on people’s availability (flexible). There are no punishments/repercussions for not being able to turn up for a raid we all have lives and we all know they get in the way :P but if you do sign up to raid then you will be expected to show up. When we raid its serious so you are expected to know tactics and have pots/elixirs/enchants/gems as appropriate, and you won’t be taken if you are under geared but we will be more than happy to help you gear outside of raid times. Whats the raid days and times Generally, the raid times will be 21:15-00:00 with people expected to turn up at 21:00 (all server time) The ‘set’ raid day is Wednesday with the other 1/2 days being agreed a week or so in advance via an old fashioned voting system. If you’ve got this far then you may want to know who we are Currently there are 3 IRL friends that have set this up and have known each other and gamed together for the majority of our lives. Xience – started in TBC, played pretty much every class/spec but prefer tanking. Married and have a baby. Hence why I need this style guild. Vre (has a stupid accent over his e) – Also started in TBC generally mage/priest, he works shifts (guild name! see what we did there). Hence why he needs this style guild. Legendairy (has accents all over the place) – Started in WotLK played almost everything is a very good tank & healer currently mains a healer, he also works shifts. Hence why he needs this style guild Experience We have a decent amount of combined raiding experience over a sustained period of time since TBC; TBC – up to BT WotLK – All Raids (generally 10 mans) Cata – Heroic Raids MOP – This was a down expansion for us all. WOD – Heroics & some Mythic Who we want + 16 age restriction (for raiders/VOIP): Over the years we have found that younger players don’t = immature and in fact it often turns out that they are more mature than their older counterparts. That being said, we would like to have a bottom limit due to reasons and feel that 16 is probably the lowest we would want. We anticipate that this style guild will attract older players naturally though. Raiders/Socials/Part Time Players: anyone is welcome and anyone can invite but we are a raiding guild. It’s a Game: so if you’re disruptive or anti-social you won’t be welcome into our guild. VOIP: you don’t have to talk (although it’s nice if you do) however we do expect you to be on our chosen VOIP (probably TS3) and listen to RL instructions. Sadly, all 3 of us do not speak any other languages fluently so we would require you to at least understand verbal/written English and be able to write in English. Addons: DBM is our chosen Boss Mod. Other than that use what you want to. OK so we’ve covered who we are, what we do and who we want you to be, what classes/specs do you need. To be completely honest, we will not be doing mythic raiding as a weekly guild run (barring significant changes in circumstances, or if we get HC on farm pre-next tier) so we don’t want to ‘min/max’ and make you play specs that are better by 3 DPS or something. Play what you like, we do want you to ‘main’ a spec/class because we don’t want to be wasting drops. That being said we do have a druid tank and would prefer to get a different style tank to mix it up. Below are the current numbers so you can make an informed decision; Weekly Raider (traditional raider who can raid most weeks/days barring exception circumstances) Tank : 1 Xience Healer : Range DPS : Vre Melee DPS : Flex Raider (raider who will not be able to make every week due to reasons) Tank : Healer : 1 Legendairy Range DPS : Melee DPS : If you read all of that then good on you! If you’re interested whisper me in game/reply here/sign up on the website/or jump on VOIP (Website incoming and VOIP incoming)Xience3 53m
1h [H] Veng-DH n Holy-Pala LF 'casual' HC/Mythic guild Hi! Allright, 'casual' and Mythic probably don't go well together. Basically we'd like to join a guild where there is a nice relaxed atmosphere, but still making some progress. Maybe semi-hardcore is a better term. Although we prefer a tuned down attitude towards the hardcore part. Like most others, we've been around. Done some old raids. Progressed quite well back in the days. What neither liked about that, was always the atmosphere. So competetive. Flaming, yelling, bashing, abuse. It got the job done, but didn't feel particularly good. I'm sure you know what I mean. We both know what buttons to push, when to push them, and got a brains to think with. That being said, like everyone else, we're not flawless. We are currently doing mythic+ and now looking for 2-day guilds to progress with. We'd love to be in the action, not on any stand by lists or stuff like that. Tank - Dehdamned: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/wildhammer/Dehdamned/simple Healer - Vitoxx http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twilights-hammer/Vitoxx/simple We prefer raids ending no later than 23:00 CET (UTC+1) And no Saturday raids (Sunday is fine) If you think we'd be a good fit, or if you have any questions, please give me a shout! Damned#2870Dehdamned2 1h
1h [A] <BROUGHT FRIENDS> @ Sylvanas, LF new people! Quick Info Guild: BROUGHT FRIENDS Faction: Alliance (DOH!) Realm: Sylvanas Site: http://broughtfriends.enjin.com/ Raid Times: Mon / Wed / Sun | 19:00 – 23:00 Server Time Raid Difficulty: Normal + Heroic (possible switch to Mythics – more on that below) Classes we're looking for (9/6/2016): Ranged DPS (Hunters preferably) (still, we're always looking for cool raiders even if their class isn't listed) Contact: Lunni (Looter#2969) & Mech (Mech#21166) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- < As you approach the Guild announcement board, carefully evading all those Rat mounts running about, you notice an oddly dressed knight with what appears to be a… Is that… Is that the Maw of the Damned? Well it probably is, since every bloody (eh? eh?) Death Knight has one – you’d think that it isn’t so Damned after all. Death Knight appears to be talking to herself whilst nailing something on the notice board.> “Let’s see… A Rogue, a Warrior… hmm – oh great, a couple of Hunters.” < The Maw glows brightly and starts emanating sound, barely tangible at first. Ice? Ice-cream? > “Master, Master! Can we get some ice-cream now? You promised us some ice-cream! The Maw must feed!” “No.” “But Master, the Ooey-Gooey Gelato! Or… or – OH, the Tigule and Foror’s Strawberry delight!” < The Maw changes it’s color from green to dark red > “Master please, the Maw cannot feed from Felguards and Murlocs alone. Mast-“ < Damned Axe fixates on you> “How ‘bout that one Master, he looks delicious?!” “What? Wait!” < Death Knight gazes at you > “Oh hello there. Don’t be afraid of the Maw, it just wants to play.” < Skull ornaments on the notorious axe start flickering > “Ain’t that right?” Anyway, you seem like you’re looking for some organized group to feed that weapon of yours. Listen, the Maw needs to be fed, and I can’t bear to enter Dalaran Sewers again, so I need to go grocery shopping. Here’s our pamphlet, maybe you’ll find something interesting here. < Death Knight goes into wraith form as you start inspecting the pamphlet > --------------------------------------------------------------------------- < BROUGHT FRIENDS >, the guild where all your friends are, because we brought them there (by force). Well that was a poor excuse for a joke. Anyway, we’re an international group of players, ranging from Hillsbrad Foothills, over Loch Modan, all the way to UK, Denmark and other not so cool zones as those first two. We are a new guild, but so far a lot of us played with one another at some point, be that in WoW, Star Wars or any other MMO out there. Our (raiding) goal is to clear everything that the Legion (and future endeavors) throw at us on time, without any Blizzard inducted nerfs, so we can experience the raids to their fullest, and then focus and enjoy other parts of WoW or some other games we play together. Currently, due to our lack of a few raiders, we will be doing Normal and Heroics raids (with couple of Mythic+ dungeon groups), but eventually, once we get some more people on our roster, we’d like to test out Mythic raids and see how we are standing there. That said, we don’t want to spend days upon days progressing, so we’d like to keep our schedule on a 3 day casual basis, since we enjoy spending our time outside of Suramar as well. < In the distance, you hear The Maw talking once again > “Eating ice-cream and stealing Blood Elf souls with my Master!” Most importantly though, our goal, as a guild in general, is to create an atmosphere where people would love to just log in and say hi, chat and talk about conspiracy theories to oblivion. Yes, we know that every single recruitment thread says something along those lines, though most of that is true, but we feel that we’re heading in the right direction, hence we’d like to share that with new people. “And the Maw must feed with new souls, Master!” “Shush!” --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raiding days and times: As of September 1st: Monday Wednesday Sunday Running from 19:00-23:00 server-time (18:00 - 22:00 UK-time). Raiding days/times can and probably will be changed as we progress and get those farms going. It can also change once/if we get good squad of people and start doing mythics, but we will tackle that in due time. What can you expect from us: Clearing of current content in timely manner Fair loot distribution New recruits to keep the roster competitive Social/Fun events (more on that below) Chatty Discord server Chance to reroll and gear up another class/character PVP squads Transmog, Achievement & Mount Runs Recipes / Reagents / Consumables sharing What we expect from you: To love the class(es) and the game that you play Being polite (well, not always) and friendly to those that deserve it Able to contribute to and discuss in a positive and constructive manner all aspects of the guilds growth (Raiding) Being up to date with your class(es) and their specs (Those nerfs are always lurking!) (Raiding) Able to sustain and give criticism in order to heighten the level of our game (Raiding) Able to adapt to unplanned situations and maintain focus (Raiding) Able to attend majority of raids (especially during progress) (Raiding) Coming to raids prepared (Gear, Consumables, Tactics) Notifying us whether or not you’ll attend a raid/event on time PATIENCE (We can’t stress this enough – whether are we hugging the floor on 3rd boss, or are caught in the Content draught, you and all of us need to have patience. We really want to make this work, and are planning on committing a lot of time to make everything happen, so bare with us whilst we make it as enjoyable to everyone as we can!) ------------ Of course, the (Raiding) parts don’t apply to social members, but it’s something to have in mind for the future. Events we do (and/or planning to do): These are still work in progress, but so far, here’s what we have in mind - “1001 and counting” (Transmog, Achievement & Mount Runs) *Soon Ji-Kun, soon…* “Where in the Fel is Mech?” (to be explained) “Be still, my beating alt!” (Alt Runs) “Why is the repair bill so high?” (Drunk Runs) “Where’s my medallion?!?!” (PvP groups) “Not on my watch!” (basically, Overwatch) + quite a few more, WoW and other games included (once we settle on their names) What classes are we looking for: Ranged DPS - Hunters (BM + MM specs) preferable If you don't see your class listed, don't hesitate to apply anyway. In this guild, raid spots are earned, not taken for granted. If you think you are the best around for the job, apply away. PVP Although not our primary focus, all of us are well versed in PVP and some were quite high on the ranking lists in the past. We are planning on having some arena teams and hopefully a Rated Battleground team once we’re fully set up. Socials Very much welcome, guild chat can always be more.. chatty? We understand that people might just want to play their own game with an occasional grouping here and there, and that is perfectly fine (though we’ll try and make a tough case for you to join us on some raids). Chatty & social members are usually the core of every guild, keeping the guild chat alive while others are cursing the day they’ve re-subscribed. So yes, socials are very much welcome! Interview After we review your application and find everything is in order, we'd like to do an interview with you on our Discord channel. This goes for both Socials and Raiders alike. We get it that you might be shy (most of us were at some point) and maybe uncomfortable, but it will truly help, both you and us, to see if we are a mutual fit. We might take you out for a dungeon or two, do some world quests or just chill while we're doing the interview, just so we (and you) could see how it all works in practice. Remember, "live" interview should help BOTH of us to see if we are suitable to work and play together (and get some artifact power in the process)! Contact If you’re interested in applying, or just want to find some more information, please visit our website - http://broughtfriends.enjin.com/home and contact either Lunni (Looter#2969) or Mech (Mech#21166) , and we’ll get you sorted! (You might also want to bring some ice-cream with you.)Lanir5 1h
1h [H] Sanctus Pauci - LF DPS 7/7 N Hey there! We are a quite chilled bunch who like to progress current content while still having a laugh. We have been around since Cata but most of us played since vanilla. We are looking for more like minded people who want to get stuff done this expansion! We Do weekly Mythic dungeon farms and looking to push the New Kara and Mythic+! What we expect: Food Flasks Tacs Read Dedication and positive attitude Looking for: Spriest Warlock Rogue Shamm Warrior WW Monk Other classes accepted also. Most of us are From the UK but we have Norwegians,Germans and even Swedish! Raid times Mon - 8pm-11pm Wed - 8pm-11pm Sun - 8pm-11pm (Could be subject to minor tweaks) Finally add my BattleTag - Grate#2977Grate19 1h
1h <Premature Pullers> (A) Ravencrest Norwegian raidguild We're looking for Norwegian players only, so the rest of this post will be in norwegian. Vi er en guild på Ravencrest EU som søker etter flere raiders. Guilden består av en kjerne av spillere som har spilt sammen lenge, som har erfaring fra highend raiding i tidligere expansions. Nå som vi har blitt litt eldre så ønsker å raide på et høyt nivå i et casualt miljø. De fleste i guildet er fra 20-30år. Vi progresset ganske greit i Warlords of Draenor og var blant de 4-5 beste helnorske guildsa på wowprogressrankingen. Vi tok en pause etter vi clearet HFC Heroic, og et par bosser på mythic. Det fristet lite å farme samme raid i over et år, ingen content patcher eller nye ting å ta seg til ingame. Vi har et veldig godt og inkluderende miljø, med mye uhøytydelig og til tider svært lite politisk korrekt humor. Vi har raids to dager i uka. Onsdager fra 19.00 til 23.00, og Søndager fra 19.00 til 23.00. Hender seg vi setter opp raids noen mandager for ekstra progress om folk er veldig gira, og noen altruns på fredager. Progress første uka ble 7/7 Normal og 4/7 Heroic. Vi søker etter: Tanks - Healers - Paladin(High) Meele-DPS - Warrior(High), Druid(Medium), Paladin(Medium), Demon Hunter(Medium), Rogue(Medium) Ranged - Hunter(High), Shaman(High), Mage(High) Det er også ønskelig at du har, og kan spille en offspec ved behov i raids. Spiller du en class som ikke er på lista over, og føler du har noe å bidra med, så er vi uansett interessert i å høre fra deg. Ta kontakt med Toyt, Kvalross eller Mistrasza ingame, evt. send en ingame mail om ingen er online så tar vi kontakt for en liten prat. Battlenet tag Tord#21972Toyt4 1h
1h Two exceptional players LF mythic raiding guild. Greetings. ((Turns out I am getting a lot of friend requests, please comment on the thread if you add me, I do not accept random friend requests. Thank you.)) A friend and I are currently looking for a raiding guild with mythic progression in mind for Legion. We were essentially supposed to play with a bunch of friends, but it turned out to not go so well, so we ended up leading twenty other players through 7/7 Emerald Nightmare on normal difficulty, and 2/7 on heroic. A little introduction about ourselves: We're two Norwegian players in our early twenties. I currently main a Balance Druid, though I am an extremely good Restoration Druid as well. My friend mains an Enhancement Shaman. (Though considering Legion DESTROYED off-spec builds (for people who don't play literally 20 hours a day), Restoration is not currently an option as I've unlocked over 20 traits in my Balance artifact weapon and certainly wish to unlock them all, for the extra DPS increase.) Both of us are top-tier players with previous high-end raiding experience. Not so much throughout Warlords of Draenor, as neither of us played that expansion, but we're now looking for a good and competent raiding guild in Legion. Why you should consider having us in your guild: We're fantastic players, have full knowledge of all boss-fights, and showing up for each and every raid won't be a problem. We bring our own food buffs, flasks and active participation for other guild activities such as mythic+ dungeons, etc. For more information or if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Our battletags: horsejuice#2566 and sputnik#2457Kosteskaft24 1h
1h Access Denied (Draenor) is recruiting for Legion! <Access Denied> 3/13 Mythic, is recruiting experienced players with at least the same progress as us or with an older 'ahead of the curve'. We raid wednesday, thursday and sunday 8-11PM Server time. We use EPGP as loot system. We are seeking MDPS and RDPS for our Legion roster! If you are interested visit www.accessdenieddraenor.eu or add me Ayoe#2823 or find me ingame Siisz.Siisz10 1h
1h [Ravencrest] <Gathering> LF Resto Shaman or Druid Gathering are a mature 2 day a week HC raiding guild that focus on teamwork and a great atmosphere while clearing HC content. While we are not really a Mythic raiding guild we do clear some Mythic content. Our raid days are Mondays and Wednesdays 19:30 to 23:00pm. We are currently 7/7 normal and 1/7HC. We are looking for a strong Resto Shaman or Resto Druid with a decent offspec or willingness to gear an offspec. If you are interested in more than just clearing content and want to have fun and meet great people contact the following people in-game. Psygone AluandraPsygone0 1h
2h [Twilights Hammer] [H] <Harx> LF DPS for Raiding <Harx> is a group of old tmers that enjoy playing together in chilled out atmosphere. We're looking for some dps to fill up our raid group and to do mythic+ dungeons with. Raid Nights are Wednesdays 20:00-23:00 and Sundays 19:00-22:00 (23:00) Next raid is tomorrow, 28.9, at 20:00 Our aim is to progress steadilly through the content as it releases, and most importantly having fun doing so. We're not looking for any world firsts or a high guild ranking, but we do ofcource expect people to show up to raids in the right spec, knowing their rotations and being generally prepeared. If you're looking for a mature raid group, like to have a laugh, and want to experience progressing through the content in Legion at a steady pace, <Harx> might be the place for you. Whisper <Laurapalmer> in game, make a post here or add my battle tag (Pentagon#2992) for a chat. P.Laurapalmer0 2h
2h <Outerspace> Ravencrest [A] - 5/7HC LF players Who are we? Outerspace was established in January 2016 by a group of experiences raiders with the goal of pushing progress and clearing all Mythic content while on a limited schedule. Our officers and raid leaders have been raiding since vanilla or TBC and have multiple years of leading experience. We are a tight knit group that like to socialise on TS, and play other games together when we have some downtime. We are a mature group and most of us have full time jobs which is why our schedule is strictly imposed and punctuality and commitment to raid times are very important to us. Raid Times: Wednesday - 20:00-23:00 Thursday - 20:00-23:00 Sunday - 20:00-23:00 All times are Server Time (CET) What can we offer you? Fair and committed leadership and a stable organization. Mature and skilled players. Old school players that remember what it was like to raid in vanilla/TBC and wipe for a whole month on the same boss. Competitive raid progression on a limited schedule. Raid spots, rank promotions and loot based on merit and commitment not on favoritism. What we expect from you. Know your class inside and out. If you are pure DPS class you are expected to know and play the best current spec. If you are a hybrid class you are expected to have very good knowledge of at least one offspec. We also expect our raid member to make use of any (legal) tools and addons that help them maximise their performance in raids. Know the current raid tier inside and out. With our limited schedule it is very important for everyone in the raid to know all of the boss’s abilities and how to deal with them BEFORE we even face that boss. You should understand that when you join a raiding guild the guild and raid progression will always be the first priority. You will be part of a team and need to know how to work with the team even if it sometimes means making a sacrifice for the benefit of the guild. Attendance: We require at least 90% attendance. We do understand that Real Life will take priority, but we do require you to make a post on the forums if you are going to miss a raid. Punctuality: Raid invites will always start 15mins before the raid start time. We expect everyone to be ready and in position to do the first pull at the specified raid start time. This means you must have all the flasks, foods, potions (and any other item necessary for the raid) ready before you come to the raid. Communication: We expect you to be able to understand and speak English well enough to communicate with the guild. You will require a microphone to communicate over TeamSpeak. We also expect you to check and participate on the guild forums regularly. Contact Us: If you think you are the right fit for Outerspace, you can apply directly on our website: http://outerspace.shivtr.com/ Or you can contact any of our Officers through Battle.net Bigwhoop - Bigwhoop#2511 Hoodstar - Hoodstar#2348Bigwhoóp2 2h
2h [A] <RAZE> - Alonsus, 3days/week Mythic Recruiting Raze's Main Mythic team is recruiting Currently Recruiting Tanks *Recruitment Closed* DPS Feral Druid(Low) Healers Shaman(High) Druid(Medium) Monk(Medium) Paladin(Low) We are always looking for exceptional players to maintain our Realm Rank #1 status, so regardless of your class feel free to apply if you think you have what it takes! Our current Progress Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Heroic What you can expect from us: - 3 raid nights a week Wednesday, Thursday & Monday - 19:45-23:00 ST, we also raid Sundays during first month of a tier - Structured & organised leadership - A stable, experienced & dedicated raiding team - Highly skilled team committed to maximising their performance - A friendly and helpful community of current and ex-raiders What we expect: - Strong class knowledge to maximise your role and survive in a Mythic raiding environment - Suitably Geared - Reliability: We try to keep our rotation for the raids to a minimum and for that we require everybody to have a attendance of higher than 95% - Maturity and ability to give and accept constructive feedback Raze is a Raiding guild based on the Alonsus/Anachronos/Kul'Tiras Realm Group. We aim to provide a competitive, respectful and fun environment for our members to enjoy World of Warcraft. Our aim with raiding is to provide an environment suited for players of varying skills and expectations, as a result we have 4 core raid teams(Mythic 1, Mythic 2, Heroic and Normal) This post is for Mythic Team 1 Do not hesitate to contact either myself or another officer, or alternatively review our website if you have any queries. On behalf of the Officer Team, we look forward to hearing from you, Links: WoWProgress: www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/alonsus/Raze Team info: www.raze-alonsus.eu/teaminfomythic1 Contact: Shamyssa (Shamyss#2626)Shamyssa1 2h
2h [A][Ravencrest] Stasis recruiting for 2d/wk raiding! Stasis is a guild with a long history on Ravencrest, EU. We started on the server back in the Burning Crusade and raided all the way until WoD, clearing content as it was current. Draenor was quiet time for us, but as interest in Legion grew, we decided to get back into action! Our goal for this expansion is to clear all the relevant raid content on heroic difficulty, with an option to progress further if roster allows that. Current progress: 7/7 Normal, 2/7 Heroic. Soon more! Raid times: We raid 2 times per week, Mondays and Wednesdays 20-23 server time. Due to only raiding 6 hours per week, we want people who are able to focus fully for that time. Recruitment: At the moment we're mainly looking for a mage. Furthermore, we could consider an excellent demon hunter, restoration shaman and balance druid. Feel free to apply even if your class/role is not listed, exceptional applicants are always welcome. So what is Stasis looking for?: Active and stable raider with experience at end game bosses. Previous experience at endgame in other expansions is a plus. A player who knows his class well, preferably it's been your main for a long time. You're mature and friendly. Closing: Should you have any questions feel free to contact us in-game for more information. Lithian (Isalith) - Officer Lithian#2207 Sakanade - Officer Saka#2160 To apply submit your application at: https://stasis.apexmega.com/Tagliatelle1 2h
2h <Desecrated> Recruiting for Emerald Nightmare progress Desecrated is looking for a few dedicated players to strengthen it’s core. We are especially interested in people that are mature and have a considerable raiding experience. For us, what matters is the player! Altough, getting a spot is not easy, and keeping it will be even harder, but if you can dig deep and bring your A game, you will be part of a great team. Outside of raiding we strive to offer a fun, friendly sometimes mature environment for players to enjoy themselfs. Current raiding schedule : Sunday 19:45 - 22:45 Monday 19:45 - 22:45 Wednesday 19:45 - 22:45 Thursday 19:45 - 22:45 only for progress Guild Goals: Desecrated final goal is to become one of the premier guilds on Kazzak. A guild where it’s members are part of a family, with a healthy positive environment. In terms of raiding, Desecrated will work hard that in the near future to be ranked in top 600, and top 20 on Kazzak. As always if you are an outstanding player with a great raiding experience, please do apply even though we may not be recruiting your class/spec right now. If you think we are what you are looking for, don’t waste any moment and head over to http://desecrated.club/ and make an application. For more information visit http://desecrated.club/ For any questions add: Insanity#22908Khãn0 2h
2h Affliction Ilvl 848 LF guild Hello, I'm Looking for a guild with HC exp in the emerald nightmare. Currently i have 5/7 HC exp and i'm looking for a guild with around the same exp as me. My aim is to go into Mythic raiding and clear the content when its live. What am i looking for? -A guild with raid days like monday - wednesday - thursday? I want to keep my weekends free! -A guild with around the same exp as me, with aim to go into mythic -A spot in the core raid team More About me: My main through WOD: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmane/Vrynix/simple Artifact is lvl 22, almost 23 To end this post, i would like to go to a horde guild for personal reasons! But any alliance guild will be considered. Poke me in game on Healiix#2454 Thanks for reading, hope to talk u soon.Grimnox13 2h
2h [A]<The> at Magtheridon 7/7N 6/7HC recruiting General Information: <The> was formed on Kazzak in 2007 so we're closing up on 10 years, we've moved around a bit but our core roster remains mostly intact since then. For Legion we'll be on Magtheridon, where we aim to stay competitive on the server ranking at least. But to do so we need to reinforce our roster. Our average age is 25+ so we'd ask that you're at least 18 years old if you intend to apply. What we can offer you: A long standing guild, with an existing internal community. Experienced leadership who have done this for a very long time. A steady progression raid environment. And finally a loot system that favors the group not the individual, we are a team, and not the person doing top DPS / HPS. What we expect from you: A high attendance. (We know one can't always make it every single time, but we ask you to keep it to a minimum) Being prepared every raid night, showing up ill prepared won't get you very far. While we do supply consumables, you should always bring your own every night to be absolutely sure. Knowing your class. A willingness to study encounters beforehand. Bringing a positive attitude, we keep a strict no go policy for destructive attitudes, and it is the fastest way to get yourself removed if you're going to spend the time being full of yourself. Currently we're recruiting: Ranged DPS: Balance Druid Elemental Shaman Shadow Priest Mage Melee DPS: Rogue Death Knight Healers: Currently not actively looking for any healers. Tanks: We're recruiting some extra tanks to fill in the role of tanking mythic+ runs as we have more people than 2 tanks can keep up with. These spots do not translate into raid spots though, just to be absolutely clear on that matter, your job is to fill in slots we couldn't otherwise do outselves. If your class isn't listed, feel free to apply anyway, we often recruit the player not the class if we feel you're worthy of a position within our little dysfunctional family. Raid schedules etc: We'll stick to our raid schedule of 3 nights a week, 3 hours per raid roughly 19:30 - 23:00 CET. Our raid days are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. There's a very relaxed community outside of raids, but we put all that aside for the raid hours, it's very important to us that you bring a fairly hardcore mentality to the raids. We're on a strict time limit and those hours are used to 110%. Due to our guild name I understand we can be a bit hard to find so our progress may be found at: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/magtheridon/The Contact us: For more information or if you're interested in being part of a long standing, solid group of raiders, you may drop a message below, or contact me via battletag: Fliida#2841. Or simply drop a quick application below: https://the.apexmega.com/Fliida1 2h
2h Novi Lunai semi-hardcore guild recruiting for mythic <Novi Lunai> of Tarren Mill is recruiting for Legion. A group of ex-hardcore players going semi-hardcore, aiming to clear heroic and normal early to then clearing Mythic on 2 raiding nights a week. Looking for top class progression in a friendly, social atmosphere? We would love to hear from you! Socials are more than welcome! Player Backgrounds: <Novi Lunai> was formed with a core of ex-hardcore raiders who once strived to obtain realm firsts and and top world ranks. This took it's toll a little on some people and we decided it was time to take a step back and play on a more relaxed schedule. We decided that raiding 2 nights a week, whilst still pushing for full content clear would be suitable for our lifestyles, lets face it we're not all 19 anymore studying and can devote 4-5 nights to raiding. If you think that you are in the same boat as us, and are a mature friendly player with great skill then we would love to hear from you. The guild was brought back to life in the almost end of Warlords of Draenor, ended up at Mannoroth Mythic p3 before pre-patch after only a couple months raiding Mythic with the majority of new members to our raiding roster - plus dealing with the 'Summer Boss'. We're looking for quality people with the right attitude, friendly people who want to push progress on a relaxed schedule (And we also take a somewhat long-term view on people)! This means it takes us a little longer than just getting anyone, but the end product ensures we keep the great atmosphere in the guild an everyone enjoys raids. Recruiting: Currently recruiting ranged DPS to our roster for legion, mage, hunter and warlock more so needed. Melee slots are sadly full but any good application/player will be considered! Raid Times: Wednesdays and sundays: 19.30-23.00 Where do I apply?! If this sounds like a place you could call home, where you could progress and have fun on a relaxed (but semi-hardcore) 2-day raid schedule, why not check out our website for more info? www.Novi-Lunai.com Nav#2919 Tem#2241 Zyco#21794 Seraphel#2613 Skion#21902 We look forward to hearing from you! ~ Officers of Novi LunaiSkion5 2h
2h [H] <N e m e s i s> @Bloodfeather - recruitment post <N e m e s i s> an old guild from WOTLK era is back and recruiting people for mythic+ dungeons and raids We are now 7/7 Normal and 1/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare. Raiding Wednesdays and Sundays 2000 - 2300 server times and using Discord for comms. What we need: 1 fully active tank - class doesn't really matter but Druid or Paladin preferred. Pretty good spot with healers - primarily need Cloth/Plate DPS. Sorted in order of priority:- Tanks 1 Druid 1 Paladin 1 Death Knight 1 Monk DPS 1 Warlock 1 Mage 1 Warrior 1 Paladin 1 Death Knight 1 Feral Druid 1 Hunter We are willing to trial any other class/role combo aslong as you know what your doing and are active! give me, Oxna-Bloodfeather or Záng-Bloodfeather a whisper in game for more info!Thórbjorn1 2h
3h (H)Grim Valour Recruiting Draenor EU Welcome to Grim Valour! Mythic & Heroic Guild Website - http://www.grimvalour.com DISCORD - https://discord.gg/cs3Uw47 Progression - (N) 7/7 (H) 6/7 (M) 0/7 Raiding days/hours are as follows - Monday/Wednesday/Sunday from 19:00 to 23:00(Realm Time) with a 15 minute break at 21:00 ( We will also decide as a team if we will use an optional raid day for progression that being Thursday. Please take a moment to read this to see if Grim Valour will suit you. Guild Requirements: All players will only be considered or made member upon contacting the relevant officer in the game. Where possible please make sure that your Discord name matches your main character name! Grim Valour is currently looking to recruit select classes, see my updated posts. Are you an existing raider already looking for a semi-hardcore guild that knows how to mix Focus and Fun? Are you an experienced group player that has honed their skills and is now looking for a taste of the end game? Are you someone looking for challenge, progression and to be part of something to take pride in? Are you already an experienced raider but find your play times have changed? If you can say "Yes” to any or all of the above then Grim Valour is very interested in you! Who are we? Grim Valour is a community of mature players who have been raiding together for sometime in various games. We are currently working on building our WoW raid team while preparing for upcoming release of the Legion expansion. we will also have a social/sub roster available. If you feel you have something to offer despite playing one of the classes not currently open then please still get in contact, there is always room to consider truly exceptional applications, not to mention our casual roster always remains open 100% of the time, even if we are not recruiting for the raid team. Be active, in game and Discord. Be 18 years old or over. Be on Discord when attending guild events, be happy to use a microphone. This is a key element of our interactions together as a guild, although we also agree not all would like to be on Discord 100% of the time, but we do encourage it for guild events. No gold buying, exploits or violations of the spirit of the game. 1. Take your time to understand Grim Valour, and be sure you want to join us - we are not for everyone, and we will want to know why you want to specifically join us! 2. All questions will be answered on our discord server, which will be provided once interest has been expressed. 3. We will review your interest and let you know the outcome. We aim to do this within 24 hours. 4. If we like your application, you will be offered a trial position in the guild. We have no set time period for which people remain on trial, this will be down to leaders/officers but often is between 1/2 weeks. 5. If you have applied to join us, but you don't hear back from us in a reasonable time period, please /w one of the following players in game (Fleshfever) (Raigaz) (Kweela) to check the current status of your application. What we expect from you: As a member of Grim Valour we would like you to have a Good Sense of Humour as that is important in any community/guild group. Having fun and enjoying yourself while playing with our members of the community/guild is a great experience. We want you to feel welcome and enjoy participating in end game content. As long as your happy then so are we. What you can expect from us: Participating in content from Dungeons to Raids &PVP. What we stand for: A semi-hardcore approach. healthy progression as a team. This means we know people have real lives, and the guild caters to those willing to strike a balance there. We also wish to progress as a team though and take on any and all challenges a game can offer us. To go for growth of both the player and the community/guild. We do not pick only the best and forget about the rest. Even players that fall a little behind can grow in Grim Valour and become part of our best, and will be supported in that when they have the right attitude. Focus on quality rather than quantity. A big community/guild doesn't strike us as a successful community. We become as big as we need to in order to accomplish our goals, but no bigger. The player is more important than the character. The social value of a community/guild is something we spend a lot of time and effort on. We always aim to become a close-knit community, being supportive to one another and be able to have a lot of fun together in whatever game we play. What we offer: Full Discord, Guild activities to improve yourself and play in team with others. A growing guild focusing on quality rather than quantity. A guild open to play other games with each other too. A supporting team to help you improve your game. What we are looking for in players joining the guild: Maturity. Dedication and regular attendance to events/raids. A degree of skill in the game they apply for,while we do aim for progression while raiding we also have a social/casual roster in all games so we cater to all type's of players. That about sums it up! If you recognise yourself in the description up here, be sure to apply to the guild. What to do if your interested? Contact one of our recruitment officers- (Fleshfever) (Raigaz) (Kweela) or in game for a chat or our Discord details if you prefer they will be more than happy to help you. Thank you for your time the guild managers. Fleshfever/Raigo/Kweela/Arnag - Happy gaming! The members of Grim Valour.Fleshfever53 3h
3h [A]Zero Tolerance - Casual/Fun Orientated Guild Hello friends, for those of you who are looking to find friends, relaxed/social environment, where you would be appreciated for the person you are and not the character or class. Where the game doesn't overrule real life and there are no requirements to be online all day, every day. This maybe the place for you. I am the GM of Zero Tolerance guild on the Moonglade server, formerly known as Zero Tolerance II on Aerie Peak. Why the change you may ask? Well after recent changes in our guild, we decided we wanted to change server to one that is most suited to what we are looking for at the moment and go back to our original guild name. That being said it's not that AP is a bad realm, it's simply we are looking for something not so busy, where we can add a nice fun RP to our social events list, without being looked at funny from other people and feel at home. And it's going great, the server feels very friendly and cozy. We are having great time lvling as a group, doing dungeons and supporting each other. We are group of people that likes to consider us friends and enjoy playing together. We all have families, jobs and so on real life commitments and therefore we absolutely understand how life can be sometimes and there is no pressure from raiding and attendance. Of course we like to raid and play together all the time, but doing that only for our own pleasure and amusement. Our beliefs are that a guild should be a place where players feel welcome, appreciated and surrounded by friends. That people should not be judged based on how well they can press buttons, but on how they perform as a person. If you feel like this is something you would like to be a part of just head out to our website http://zerotoleranceii.enjin.com/ and fill in the quick application to help us get some basic info about you. Thank you for your time and have fun!Selleste113 3h
3h [A] <Order of the Templar> Silvermoon Recruitment Hello, We are recruiting casual members to run raids and mythic keystone content with. The guild is small at the moment but we are looking to add more casual players to our roster. With life comes commitments, be it a job or family, so we are not going to set a raiding shift pattern or demand attendance. Just log on when you want to and maybe jump into some challenging content. If you are looking for a hardcore raiding guild then please look past us. We are just a bunch of old school players looking to have a friendly atmosphere to help each other out and have a laugh with PvE content when we feel like it. If you are interested in joining or have any questions then please message Grundril in game or Loith #2561 Thanks for reading!Grundril0 3h
3h [H] [Tarren Mill] <Chop Chop> LF Raiders Chop Chop is back and better! With 3 focused 4-hour raids a week, we're racing lockouts and patches instead of the nowadays pro-dominated raiding scene. Great progress, a fun group of people and all of this while keeping ample time for studies/work/social life. We always consider exceptional applications, no matter the recruitment status. Raiding schedule - Wednesday 19:00 – 23:00 - Thursday 19:00 – 23:00 - Sunday 19:00 – 23:00 Note: We will never run main raids outside above times. We host a weekly alt-run that raiders are welcome to participate in. What do we expect of you? We are formed mainly of raiders who used to raid hard-core 6-7 day a week schedules, life moved on and we didn’t want to stop raiding, the compromise is to raid 12 (4x3) hours a week and aim to be the most progressed guild raiding on that schedule. With the raid schedule keep to, this means we need very skilled players to achieve our goals. Our main philosophy is that we are limited by the time and nothing else. That means we expect our players to be reading up on the latest theorycrafting for their class, reading up on new bosses. Our raiders always come prepared, we don’t expect a dedicated raider to turn up without the necessary character enhancements or consumables, the people we want to recruit are those that don’t really need to be told that, ever… We expect our players to have a mature and friendly attitude, as our guild has had no major incidents of drama so far and we intend to keep it that way. Recruitment is aimed at finding likeminded players, probably looking to reduce the hours spent raiding during Legion, having more time for “real life”. Basically looking to “have their cake and eat it”. Our recruitment is open for all exceptional players regardless of class/talents. In order to save both you and us time: We are looking for greatness. That means a solid raiding history in the tiers of the current expansion and preferably also previous experience. If you lack both, then don't bother applying. What can we offer you? - Experienced guild leaders with experience since WoW Classic. - A chance to do hard modes while not being committed to a 5-days-a-week raiding guild, whilst having the opportunity to achieve high world-rankings. - Efficient use of the time. When we're raiding 12 hours a week, we don't have time to fool around during raids - but that doesn't exclude having fun! - A social guildchat with great discussions. If you think you have what it takes, feel free to post an apply regardless of our recruitment-status - we're always interested in exceptional players! For more info: Ciqness#2832 (GM) FufaMF#2912 (Officer) Twinturbo#1949 (Officer)Phatbear3 3h
3h [H] <Omniscience - Ragnaros> - 13/13M Recruiting Omniscience is a progression focused guild that can offer you solid progression while maintaining a relatively relaxed schedule. If you want to progress through Legion with good players in a nice environment, Omniscience might be the place for you. Currently Recruiting Death Knight (DPS) - High Druid (Balance) - High Hunter - High Monk (Windw.) - High Rogue - High Shaman (Ele) - High Shaman (Enhan) - High Warlock - High Even if your class is not listed don't be afraid to apply, exceptional applicants are always welcome. Requirements You have to be a player dedicated to achieve progression. One solid raiding alt for splitruns when Legion launches. Be able to attend more than 90% of the raids. Solid pc / internet connection. Be 18 years or older, and act that way Know your speccs inside out, have all the required crafting gear/consumables. Raid Schedule Wednesday 19:30-23:00 Thursday 19:30-23:00 Sunday 19:30-23:00 Monday 19:30-23:00 If you have any more questions or want to speak to one of the officers, add one of the following Battletags: Lastig#2552, Holykov#2226, http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ragnaros/Omniscience Make your application at http://omniscience-eu.enjin.com/Lastig4 3h
3h <Demons from Heaven> - Recruitment Hi Demons from Heaven are a PvE guild based on Lightbringer & Mazrigos. Current focus is raiding 2 - 3 nights a week with a solid core of M+ runners. The current open spots for recruitment are: - Elemental Shaman - Marksman/Beastmaster Hunter - Restoration Druid Other ranged DPS are considered. Please contact either Karxar-Lightbringer, Lumylar-Lightbringer or Demonsnigh-Lightbringer if interested RegardsKarxar0 3h
3h [H - Draenor] <Narcos> is recruiting Greetings fellow people of Azeroth.Narcos is a newly reformed raiding guild which just recently transfered to this server . We currently raid 3 days a week (Wednesday,Sunday,Monday 20:00-23:00) and do actively heroic/mythic dungeons. Requirements Attendance As we only raid 3 days a week, we require members to try and attend as many raids as possible. Class knowledge and preparation We expect that you come prepared to new encounters. This includes watching tactic guides, as well as knowing what your specific class can bring to the table for the specific encounter.Furthermore we expect that applicants know their spec in and out and are up to date with changes and latest theorycrafting regarding their class and spec.Also , usually the tactics that we follow will be posted on the forums. Communication: We use Discord for voice communication and expect all raiders to be present on Discord during raids. Maturity We expect all of our raiders to be mature during raid times, ofcourse jokes in between wipes is something we do like because we believe it releases some stress and keeps it from raiding feeling like work. But when we pull the boss we expect full focus!. Furthermore swap outs will happen, and we expect you to be mature to handle being benched on certain bosses Recruitment We are currently recruiting : Tanks:Closed Healers: No resto shaman Melee dps: No rogues,havoc Demon hunter Ranged dps: No Warlocks Visit our guild site to make application - http://narcosd.enjin.com/home Should you have any questions,feel free to contact me in-gameBillbláde12 3h
3h [H][Tarren Mill]<Invictum> LF Raiders! <Invictum> Is a newly formed guild, which was born a few weeks before Legion was launched, with a focus on building a core raiding team with focus on mythic raiding. We're still building and we need everyone that joins to have patience and understand that a guild wont be formed over a night, it takes time to build a great mythic raiding team and we're working our asses off make this happen as fast as possible! The leaders of the guild has lots of raiding experience all the way back to vanilla up til today, with some high level experience included. We're looking for more dedicated and experienced players who is at the same level as we are, to fill out our ranks and to make our core raiding team complete and ready to push some nice progression during Legion content and beyond! We're always recruiting ALL classes and specs to make our raiding team stronger, so if you can match our requirements (Requirements are listed on the website) you should'nt hesitate to fill out the application form on our website: www.invictumwow.enjin.com. At the moment we're in need of these classes/specs a little extra than others: 1 tank: Guardian Druid/Blood DK/Vengeance DH/Brewmaster Monk 1-2 Healers: Resto Druid/Resto Shammy/Holy Priest 2-3 Melee dps: Havoc DH/Rogue/Retri Paladin/Warrior 7-8 Ranged dps: Mage/Shadow Priest/Boomkin/Warlock/Hunter We got 14 raiders in the team at the moment and we're in Heroic The Emerald Nightmare for now. We want at least 25 raiders in our raiding roster when we're complete to always have different options depending on different raid encounters. We're a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a healthy raiding schedule, with high goals and hardcore thinking but with only 3 raiding days a week. Raid days: Wednesdays: 19:00-23:00 (Server time) Sunday: 19:00-23:00 (Server time) Monday: 19:00-23:00 (Server time) For more info contact: Mvpee (Guild Master/Raid leader): BattleTag: Dugehick#2483Mvpee0 3h
3h Blood dk and disc priest LF raiding guild We, a blood dk and disc are looking for a raid guild. No need for hardcore, just a fun group, that will eventually end up in mythic :) We both have a lot of heroic/mythic raiding experience since WotLK on many servers. We prefer a guild on Silvermoon as we are currently active there now. add me on bnet if you are looking for us! And I will tell you all you want to know :D Turbojosien#1339Turbonala0 3h
3h Enthusiasm - A family that shares cake and raids! We are located on the Darkmoon Faire / Earthen Ring server. Who are we? Enthusiasm was created the 23rd October 2009 by a group of friends and visionaries who believed that it was possible to balance a healthy focus on real life with their favourite hobby: WoW. After more than 6 years we are still here, alive and kicking, and we've accomplished so much more than we'd ever thought possible! We've seen beautiful landscapes, killed terrifying monsters, had parties and social gatherings that lasted into the early mornings, and met all kinds of wonderful people throughout our adventures. We strive to maintain a healthy focus on real life, thus creating a particularly good home for those with children, pets, work or other responsibilities that wants to play their favourite game and experience every raid without sacrificing anything. Our core member base consists of mature adults that know far too well what it means to have cats on the keyboard or children hanging from your arms while trying to beat that last raid boss. The desire to raid is a prerequisite, but we're very forgiving when it comes to how often. Who are you? You love WoW! You are a mature, dedicated and friendly player that thinks it's just as fun to hang around in Stormwind to eat cake as it is to run with blazing wings and weapons drawn into a raid. You respect the value of real life, and have no problems with the occational quiet evening since you know how to entertain yourself during silent hours. You are more than 24 years old and knows that a good community can only thrive if you act respectfully and with care toward your fellow players, no matter how much they stand in fire or face-pull that boss for the 98th time. We're mostly adults here with the responsibilities that follow, which explains our high age limit. We do not care about your gaming experience, all players are welcome, new and old alike. Raiding We've always been successful at raiding, and have reached the goals we've set and cleared a raid before the next one has been released. Warlords of Draenor was the exception due to a prolonged break during 2015 and our process of restructure, but we're all set to explore the dangers of Legion! The people we are ideally looking for have a desire to raid, no matter if you have only braved LFR or if you've been to all the places. So if you're a returning player, a veteran that just looooves the game or someone with their own reasons for why you haven't raided much yet... we'd be your perfect match. We are all rookies when it comes to Legion raiding, so now is the perfect timing to join a fresh team! You need to have a good sense of humour and a big chunk of patience, since we will die. A lot. We stand in fire, we face-pull bosses, we bring out our collection of toys and forget what we were really doing. Cats on the keyboard? Yep, got them too! Kids screaming for attention? We know the feeling far too well. Hardcore raiders have no place amongst us. We do it for the social fun and the challenge it is to embark on the many glorious fights Blizzard created for us, not to get server first or progress fast. A relaxed raiding atmosphere is what we're all about. Raiding Schedule: Thursday: 20:15 - 22:45 Friday: 20:15 - 22:45 We only raid two days a week, but once in a while we might set up a third raiding day, a Bonus Raid Day, depending on interest. This can be specific Alt Raids, a shot at Mythic, or a last push at progress before reset. If so happens, it will be announced on the forums and seen in the calendar. If you have any questions I will be more than happy to answer them! celia#2910 What can we provide? A dedicated, lovely home that has been around for many years. We have a (un)healthy obsession with cake and pastry, and will share all our secret recipes with members and fellow cake lovers. The guildmaster, Sherise, joined in 2009 and used to be an officer for 1.5 years, then the GM for another 1.5 before she had a break in 2014 and left the lead in someone else’s hands. Now she's back and ready to do great things with her friends, for the rest of Warlords duration, continuing into Legion. For practical stuffs: we can provide food and flasks for raids. Feasts, drinks and toys for social gatherings. We have a Discord server dedicated for members and a brand new website where everything happens! Our website: http://www.enthusiasm-guild.gamerlaunch.com/ A small taste of the members in Enthusiasm: Warpaths - A lovely guy from Scotland or perhaps Ireland. We're not entirely sure because noone can understand a single word he says. Mostly he's all laughter or loud talking that scares children, cats and dogs alike. A fabulous tank and friend! Dorp - Our designated dwarf with beard the size of a village. Claims that he's never tanked since we bested Arthas, which naturally gets exploited by his friends and guild members. Wilder - The master of all PuGs and a true Blizzard fanboy. Gets overly excited when he sees a Cask of Dalaran White on the streets, and loves to play untill early mornings when the rest of us falls off. Eriksen - No finer tank can be found throughout Azeroth. He hates questing which will lead him into alot of awkward situations due to his lack of reading capabilities. He loves almost everything else though, especially our costume parties where he can wear his least flattering dress and flirt with Warps all he wants.Ilandera60 3h
4h [A] <Triggered> is recruiting! <Triggered> is recruiting! We are a guild on Argent Dawn and we are currently looking for more ranged DPS. And no, we are not a RP guild, we are a solid raiding guild. Mages are highly preferred, warlocks as well. All ranged classes will be considered depending on performance. Raid days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. 19:00 -22:00 (7 - 10, server time) What are we looking for? We are looking for consistent players that knows their class and its specs. We have a dark sense of humor, so if you're a person that gets upset easily then do not even consider us. We do NOT want any type of snowflake types of personality whereas you'd talk too much, insult people constantly or not be able to take criticism to evolve as a player and so forth. If you have a unsteady internet connection and disconnect every 10 minutes then there's no plausible excuse for you to be raiding at all. TLDR; do not get triggered by words, do not have a !@#$ty personality, accept criticism and evolve as a player in a consistent matter. We are a bunch of good players that are looking for more good players. How will the trials work? Realm does not matter if you are a trial, but if you get passed that, then you have to switch realm rightaway. We will look at your positioning and how quick you learn the fights, game understanding and personality (socially). For more info or questions, add me on btag: zoomeckz#2601Rawpuwnzl0 4h
4h ( A ) We are looking for new active members! The Awakened is looking for active casual/semi hc players. Our guild is looking for all kind of classes, tanks, healers and dps to join our army! During raids we enjoy the battle and kills ^^ We also run mythic dungeon if you dont like the raids. We also have other things like a guild transmog contest with prizes :) and ofcourse we accept people who just wants to level his toon is also welcome!Madtotem0 4h
4h [H]Chess Club | 7/7N 3/7HC Chess Club was founded in Mists of Pandaria during patch 5.3. We originate from realm Neptulon Alliance, but decided due to Guild and recruitment complications to change to horde on Tarren Mill to start on a fresh. The core of the guild has in the past had several experiences with hardcore raiding and leading, so we know how stuff works. Progress: Emerald Nightmare Normal 7/7 Cleared Heroic 3/7 Cleared Attitude: To put things straight, the guild itself is only ready for Normals and Heroics due to lack of people. We have a steady core at the moment of around 10-14 people, all somehow connected IRL or played together in several expansions. Our aim is though to do Mythics and preferably as soon as possible! While we require high attendance and performance, we make sure to focus on the fun parts of raiding, such as the social aspect and experiencing new encounters. Raid Times: Invites start at 19.25! Wednesday | 19.30-22.30 Thursday | 19.30-22.30 Sunday | 19.30-22.30 We are very flexible and are open to almost any Class/Spec combinations expect for Tanks! Did we catch your attention? Add Onedream#2964 or SirDP#2462Growls2 4h
4h [H] Fellowship of the Ding - Aggramar/Hellscream (Social/casual guild looking to raid) If you're a nice person who doesn't mind wipes and likes a laugh then join us. We're all old so it would help if you were too. We're a social/casual guild of friends interested in questing, dungeons, raids and general PVE. We don't have the numbers for a raid team at the moment but we aim to have one again soon. As long as you try your best we're more interested in your manners than your item level (a few puns wouldn't go amiss either). Contact Thaoyate-Aggramar or Xanthippe-Hellscream for an invite. Or bad puns.Xanthippe0 4h
4h [A] TamosBitar For current and future raids. Lets start of with a simple describtion of the guild it self, we're an Swedish guild meaning we use swedish as the communication language for the guild mainly because we are all from Sweden of some sort. Guild is fused with two guilds from Kilrogg JoelBitar and The Angrymen of Sweden there for the name TamosBitar. We're a Casual guild we raid if we get enough players too come more often we end up with 18 players on progress so more the marrier. Site too visit and too apply too is: tamos.guildlaunch.com If you wanna ask questions type them here and I will try responde. Current statet of the Guild: Progression and reqruitment of new players. Age?: 18+ guild. For exemple treat others with respect and no problems will happen beable too take jokes are also something needed since we can be rough on jokes. we're very mature intill we get too comfortable then the fan goes into the swamp. :) Guild progress Emerald Nightmare Normal: 5/7 What we are looking for is active raiders that speak Swedish and understand Swedish. Can committe too play weds, sun, tuesdays 20-22. Saturdays/Fridays we put up Alt raids often from 21 and intill we drop or is too drunk too continue. What typ of classes are we looking for? DPS Melee and Ranged any. Healers. We got enough tanks but there is always room for more. And we always accept socials that are looking for a home. Sorry for any misspellings or grammatic errors but since we have too write english in forums this is what happens. ^^ Looking forward too see new blood. Btw I'm the youngest player in guild...Oldduketree15 4h
5h [A] Novana Gaming - Sylvanas - PvE Guild Guild Information Emerald Nightmare progress: - 7/7 Normal - 2/7 Heroic Website www.novanagaming.com Application form can be found at our website. Open spots for classes for the guild, you'll find at our website. Information about Novana Gaming - World of Warcraft Server: Sylvanas - EU PvP Server (Alliance) We are a PvE heavy focused guild that loves to Raid. Though we don't mind doing PvP aswell in our spare time. We are an international guild, so English speaking in the guild chat & on Teamspeak is a must, unless told otherwise. We have a leader, classleaders and officers who manages the guild. Everyone has a saying, we are all equal, so we are open minded for critiques, opinions, ideas or whatever people wants or has to say. Raiding We will raid Monday + Thursday + Sunday - 19.00-22.15 EU Timezone/Server Time. We take raiding seriously, so that means that we expect people to do their best when we raid, keep a good tone with the other members and work well together. Potions, food, any kinds of buffs is mandatory. Everyone has to make sure they come well prepared to the raids. The guild bank will sometimes provide with material and/or potions etc for raiders. Though this is not a guarantee and members still have to prepare their own stash for raiding. Trials We expect you to have some past experience with End-Content and/or from other expansion's/mmo's. We are all new to Legion, but some common knowledge is expected. Activity has A LOT to say as a Trial, this is where you prove yourself that you are one of us and show us that you are actively contributing to the guild, which helping others (dungeons, answers, tips & what-not) You got accepted to the guild because you agreed to our rules and requirement (Raiding times, activity, experience etc), so that means you are to keep your word. You are at least 18+ in age, so you know all about respect and how to treat other fellow members in the guild. We take jokes, but overdoing it might not be such a good idea. We use Teamspeak, make sure you got a microphone and use Teamspeak whenever we do stuff together. History We were called "Cold Dominance" in the old times, when we were one of the top guilds in Lightning's Blade server @ World of Warcraft. We have existed since 2005, and done most raiding content. We took a break for a few years due to World of Warcraft simply got boring, so we just wanted to try something new, like Wildstar, but now that Legion is coming out, it seems promising. And so this means Novana Gaming is expanding to Legion and is gonna do end-content there. All of us are from all around the world, we make sure to have a good time, do things together and build a good community for the players. We do focus a lot on the members, make sure they feel they got a good place to be, feel comfortable, have what they need and help each other out. Our guild has long history, ups and downs, but most of all, success. We are aiming to be one of the top guilds in the server, so each of you that are members of Novana Gaming are important, you make the guild, you represent us, you are what keeps us alive, you are the key. Keep it up, do you best and in the end you'll be rewarded with a lot of epics and good friends. Any more questions about us, the guild or whatever that comes into your mind, direct them to the leaders/officers or even at our forum. We'll help you as much as we can.Keriko9 5h
5h (H) Shadow Something - Recruiting for Legion! ::Repost due to forum update messing up the title:: We are a group of recent acquaintances whom all share the same idea of what makes a guild good. For us friendship, activity and a healthy atmosphere is what makes up the essential foundation for a fun and longlasting guild. Hence it's apparent for us not to aim to fill out any kind of specific roster, but instead foster a smaller and tightly knit community. This means we are looking for you as a person, not a specific class or specialization. Our main goal is to get our members to know and befriend each other, as we want the guild to be a long-term project where people want to stay for years and have something to look back eventually as the years pass. That's why Discord has become a very essential platform for all of our members, for the simple purpose of both contacting eachother and to keep actively in touch. However this is not confined to raiders, we're actively encouraging every member, be so social or raider to be just as active in the guild! Hence we're now looking at a very healthy and active community, one which is already aiming far into Legion. As a European guild with the goal of raiding Mythic in Legion whilst keeping a friendly, social and cozy atmosphere on our Discord server. This means we can be considered a semi-hardcore raiding guild! As such, many other things are very important for every member, be so achievements, battle pets or any other kind of content. Hence we will maintain a healthy raiding schedule (see below) to give us the time to explore all the available content at a healthy pace. Schedule Monday 19:30 - 23:00 Wednesday 19:30 - 23:00 Thursday 19:30 - 23:00 What we will create is a long-lasting home for those who share our idea of what a great MMO experience should encompass. Namely, we focus on getting to know each other whilst playing with each other which naturally leads to everyone being active as well in-game as on voice comm. For the time being, we are not looking for tanks. However both healing as well as DPS roles are open (if you're interested in joining as a raider!). What you should bring: -The will to talk to us on Discord and just socialize with the people you'll be playing with. -A healthy mix of maturity, respect and fun personality on a daily basis. -A decent microphone and (preferably) headphones or a headset. -Time for 3 raiding days a week, starting on the first week the raids will be released What we offer: -A friendly and cozy place where you can talk to the other guild members and have fun -A fair looting system and guild events, such as achievement runs for older content -Experienced WoW players and a beta tester to help you get started along the way -Support and many hours of fun If any of this resonates with you, feel free to contact anyone below for more information: Nutoma#2738 Kromi#2633 Looking forward to hear from you! :) P.S. If you are looking for a place to permanently stay and consider yourself a more social focused member you're more than welcome to join us! Perhaps you are not looking for raiding but looking for an active place to learn more about the game and enjoy non-raiding content, then we can provide advice and a place filled with familiar faces to do all types of content! If you would have more time to invest in the game, or might light the desire to raid, we'd be more than happy to elevate social members to join the ranks of the raiders!Kromí18 5h