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04 Mar 2015 Mage LFGuild Hey, Looking to get back into raiding so looking for a good guild who have fun but like to progress. i have only been back playing for a few weeks so iv only done 5 normal bosses in HM but i have read up on all fights and watched many vids to be raid ready, I dont mind starting from scratch with ppl as long as your intentions are you be on hc mode asap and be thinking about mythic soon :) Name - Jay Age 28 Availability - all evenings from 6 till whenever Pref Char - Mage (Any Spec) Other chars - Monk - Either spec DK - Either spec Hunter - Either spec Experience - vanilla player who raided bc/Wrath/cata/a little in Mop. I got Bane in wrath BOT hc cleared in cata and up to nef hc, fireland was only 4hc's down due to guild disbanding, mop not so good as was in a random guild. i can prove all this just ask. I am on outland atm but am able to transfer if the right guild comes along iv not put alot of info here so if you want to know more feel free to leave a reply here or msg me ingame, Char name - BlinkziBlinkzi27 04 Mar 2015
04 Mar 2015 [A/H] 8/10HC 681 Rogue looking for a new home! Well hello there! and thanks for taking a look, as stated, i am looking for a new raiding guild either on the alliance or horde side, currently leaning towards the horde side, just to see if the grass is greener on the other side, i did most of my 'hardcore' raiding back in Vanilla/TBC, but ill include my full history below along with some personal information Sex: Male Age: 25 Nationality: Danish Raiding days: Every day of the week will work, looking for about 3-4 days a week Times: anywhere from 19.00 til 24.00 Battletag: Cirkeline700#2975 Raiding history Vanilla: MC, BWL, ZG, AQ 20/40, Naxx 40 All cleared TBC: Gruul lair, Magtheridon's Lair, Karazhan, SSC, TK, BT, MH, ZA, All cleared WoTL: Naxx 25, OS 25, Ulduar 25, TOTC 25HC, ICC 25HC, Ruby Sanctum 25HC, All cleared Cata: BWD 10HC, ToFW 10HC, BoT 10HC, all cleared (Took a break in Cata, only came back just before MoP launch) MOP MSV 25, HOF 25, TOES 25, TOT 25, SoO 25M all cleared WoD HM 20M 2/7, BRF HC 8/10 Some might wonder why i am leaving my current guild, which is perfectly reasonable, long story made short, Raid team is disbanding be course of an internal power struggle which i wish to have no part in Anyhow! everyone is free to leave a reply here, ill be checking it every hour or you can add me to your friends list, we can chat about any potential offer you wish to make me or we can take it over skype/TS3/ventSlipshade10 04 Mar 2015
04 Mar 2015 [A] Argent Dawn: Casual Raid Team recruiting DPS Hello Fellow WoW-lovers! <The Order of War> 6/10 NM 6/7 HC Is recruiting a couple of dps for Normal progress and soon HC progress in BRF. We're a casual raid team and our raid times are: Sunday, Monday & Wednesday 20.30-23.00 Plate's are not up for discussion. A rogue would be the most precious, but futher more RDPS in general. Best Regards; Chamberlayn.Chamberlayn0 04 Mar 2015
04 Mar 2015 INSIDIUM Silvermoon EU 1/7M 7/10HC is Recruiting! We are a very friendly, fun & focused Alliance Raiding Guild on Silvermoon EU run by a 3-man family team of experienced raiders who have played from Vanilla or TBC. We currently have around 100 active members. We finished Mists of Pandaria at No. 50 out of 475 ranked guilds on the server, clearing 14/14 Mythic Siege of Orgrimmar prior to the release of WoD. We are now looking to progress as a 20 man Mythic raid team in Warlords of Draenor and currently have 7/7 Heroic 1/7 Mythic in Highmaul and 7/10 HC in Blackrock Foundry. Our raid days and times are Wednesday, Sunday & Monday from 20.30 - 23.30 server time. We sometimes run lower difficulty raids at the weekends, all Social Members in the guild with an appropriate item level are welcome to come along and we encourage social membership. We do Alt runs (numbers permitting) for appropriately geared Alts when we can. Sometimes we run old content just for fun and everyone is welcome to come along to these fun runs for transmogrification items, missing old achievements and mounts. We also have a large number of experienced, active PvPers. Please see the latest post on this thread for current recruitment requirements. If you are interested in joining a great raid team in a friendly, mature and relaxed guild then please apply online at www.insidium-guild.com or whisper Narìssa, Käzz or Tarien in game.Elynir87 04 Mar 2015
04 Mar 2015 [A] Frost / Fire Mage seeking a new home Hello. My name is Don and I'm from Israel . I'm 17 years old and currently I'm a student in "Amal" high school in Israel. I'm very friendly and mature person , I dont like dramas at all and I do tell an occasional joke once or so often , although I know to tune it down when needed. I can't commit to more than 3 raiding days , its just too much for me, it's a game after all and RL are more important . I'm looking for a guild that raid in early hours (around 18:00-22:00 ST) and I would like to raid twice a week(although 3 is fine aswell). I prefer to raid on friday / sunday / thursday / monday , I can't raid on Tuesday . I speak english fluently and I'm able to communicate during raids. I'm here to have fun . And I hate to waist time . So if you can't take raids seriously I guess you are not the right guild for me . My previous raiding experience : MSV 6/6n HoF 4/6n TEOS 3/4n . Thats it . I just came back from a 6 months retirement so my gear is not that great but it aint suck .Hôtdog6 04 Mar 2015
04 Mar 2015 [A]THoF 4/7M 9/10HC LF Resto Druid, Mage Boomkin, Rogue Current Status: ~Highmaul 4/7 Mythic~ ~Blackrock Foundry 9/10 HC~ We are a successful and committed team, yet we also understand the importance of having fun with other amazing people. In preparation for WoD Mythic Raids, we are expanding our team and wanting exceptional people to join and complete the team, that is those wishing to help make the team be even more successful, and also be part of an active social community. Class's Recruiting: Healer: ~Druid (HIGH) Dps: ~ Mage (HIGH) ~ Boomkin (HIGH) ~ Rogue (HIGH) Raiding application will be tested over a two week trial period. Cross-realm trials are welcome. We will, however consider exceptional applications for all classes. All social and levelling applications are welcome anytime. Nagrand is connected to Kilrogg and Runetotem Our Guild (THoF): We are a multi-national raid team, and have been established on Nagrand since 2007. As a semi-hardcore raiding guild, we also have a fun, polite, and relaxed atmosphere. We are committed to raiding and hungry for progression, so sometimes relaxed can take a back seat. Our Team Ethos: We expect you to: have a mature and tolerant attitude, understand your character; and strive to improve your game play. We need you to be part of a team and contribute to its success rather than focus on "padding the meters". A sense of humour is essential, and you must also be willing to speak up, as well as listen and take instruction. Your Commitment: Our team raids are currently: Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday evenings (details below). We expect you to show up on time, but we do understand that !@#$ happens occasionally. You must make best use of your class, be prepared to keep up to date with changes, and use it for the benefit of the raid. And you must give it your best. We can offer you: - a social, fun and relaxed atmosphere - a Guild with experienced, mature and dedicated raiders in it - opportunity to learn and develop with other great players Guild Raiding Schedule: Wednesday: 20:00 - 23:30 Server Time Thursday: 20:00 - 23:30 Server Time Sunday: 20:00 - 23:30 Server Time We have a contingency plan of a Monday evening when needed. For more information and to apply, please go to our guild website at thof.enjin.com Or contact in game battletag: Malgin#2344 or Polagola#2562Malgin66 04 Mar 2015
04 Mar 2015 <Corvus> Recruiting for HC and Mythic BRF Hey guys Corvus is a progression minded raiding guild currently seeking fresh meat to join our roster. If you'd like to take a look around our website and get a feel of what we're all about: http://corvus.shivtr.com/ What we're recruiting: DPS: WW Monk, Feral Druid, Rogue, Death Knight DPS, Shadow Priest, Warlock. One hybrid dps that is willing to os heal on some fights or a healer with a viable dps os Healer: Pref Holy Priest Progression: 7/7N 7/7HC 1/7M HM 9/10N 6/HC BRF We've got a solid foundation of players and we're currently looking to recruit the last few spots so we can move onto Mythic for BRF. Our Schedule: Wednesday 21:00-00.00 Thursday 21:00-00.00 Sunday 21:00-00.00. Sunday is added as an extra day if we feel we want to spend more time on a particular progression boss. Must be available for all days. All times are server time. How to apply: If interested, you can put an application into our website, please ensure to read the guild rules before applying as this can have an affect on your application being accepted or denied. If you have any questions feel free to contact Saku#2269, Mytrados#1806, Repeace#2947 or Latulla#2395 on Battlenet. OUR WEBSITE: http://corvus.shivtr.com/ Our History: Born at the start of WoD, the roots of Corvus stem back to a core of experienced raiders who have played together for years and through one reason or another found themselves taking a break from the game during MoP. We've come back together again on a new server and new name with a very simple goal of raid well and have fun. What you can expect from us: - If you're looking to raid in an organised, stress free and focused environment. - Quality over quantity. - An atmosphere where members have a strong friendship outside of raids, and genuinely care about one another. A place that values community just as much as raiding. What we expect from potential applicants: Instead of spamming a longer post, for those truly interested in joining us can see what kind of players we're looking for by visiting our guild rules: http://corvus.shivtr.com/forum_threads/1937419Kalitas3 04 Mar 2015
04 Mar 2015 Is your guild lacking? The Community (8/10HC) is LFM! The Community is a raiding guild committed to making the best raiding progression, with only two raiding nights a week (Thursday and Sunday 19:30-23:00). We crushed Highmaul HC faster than most guilds with 3+ evenings and are looking for more solid players to continue doing this in Blackrock Foundry. (8/10 HC) Do you excel at damage dealing, know your class, are you dedicated to playing WoW with limited raiding time? Come join the Community now! http://the community.guild launch.com -The Officer TeamAminor2 04 Mar 2015
04 Mar 2015 683 Hunter 5/7M 9/10HC Looking for Guild Hi, I'm currently on the look out for a guild, I can't start before 19:50 ST. Any day is fine for me, horde or alliance I don't mind much. Add Reece#2290 or reply here. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/1026039/latest/#boss=1713Endury4 04 Mar 2015
04 Mar 2015 Mage+Hunter LF Horde Kazzak guild. Experienced WoW player LF active raiding guild. I am looking for a mature guild with active players and wish to raid alot in WoD. If you're a serious guild pleaase contact me for further details. ThankyouHazethetruth4 04 Mar 2015
04 Mar 2015 679ilvl (Current RL) Hunter LF a new home [A/H] Ohoy! About myself: I'm Kringlus, the current raidleader of Avatar of War (Ravencrest) with 9/10 HC and 3/7M Progress. I've been raidleading ever since WoD release with the ambitions of clearing all Mythic content released. Due to some people quitting, Im now searching for a new home. (What I'm looking for now is a place in the backseat with a guild who has similar progress as myself, where I can focus on just being a top asset to a good raiding squad). Raided proper top end bosses during both WotlK, Cata and MoP aswell. What I'm looking for in my new home: A semi-hardcore raiding guild with a friendly bunch of people who has high ambitions. A guild that has people with Mythic brains and quality, but raid ~3 times a week due to other priorities in life. As noted in the section above, I'm currently raidleading, and I'm not the raidleader who "nerd rages" on my raiders - I'm looking for something similar. A guild where the raiding is handled with a mature and solid system. A guild that also raids somewhere around 19:30-00:00 on any set days except fridays or saturdays. (Also, if the guild is nordic - that's a big + as I'm swedish myself). What you can expect from me: * A raider who's always on time - repaired, flasked and ready with potions. * A player who logs every arrow/bullet he shoots in order to exceed his current limitations and top every meter. * A person who's not afraid of communicating. * A player who constructively learn from his own mistakes and channel it in to something somewhat improved, each wipe. Instead of whining (or even worse, blaming someone else). Contact: ChrisRönning#2838 In-game characters: Kringlus / Kring / Disctrasa Looking forward to further discussions. Best regardsKringlus10 04 Mar 2015
04 Mar 2015 Exiled Kazzak eu Raiding guild Recruiting *- { E X I L E D } Raiding Guild Kazzak Eu 7/7Hc HM 7/10 Norm BRF Rec to Bolster our ranks *- We are in need one of the following classes: *- Other classes are always welcome even if the recruitment is closed we always look for exclusive players to bolster our ranks *- Healers: *- Holy pally *- Tanks: Closed * DPS: *- Warlock *- Shadow priest *- Boomkin *- Elementalshammy *- *- Other DPS and Healer Classes can be considerd aswell * Raiding days: *- Wednesday: 20:30-24:00 *- Thursday: 20:30-24:00 *- Monday: 20:30-24:00 * Must have: *- Teamspeak 3 *- Working mic *- Sense of humor *- Be able to speak *- Attitude that can stand wipes, its progression after all. *- 650 +- *- Some HC or Norm experience *- Be willing to server swap and Faction if needed. * We can provide.. *- A fun raiding environment. *- Players with knowledge/experience you may not yet have stumbled upon. *- Access to a large varity of enchants/gems/crafts. *- Noodles lots of Noodels Flasks and pots can be fixd aswell *- *- * If you have any more questions or just want to talk ingame add Lopolz#2369 & Vanatis#2910 or leave your battletag here or leave a note about youself Or talk to us ingame on kazzak Ingame char names Are - Zoarin - Aximand - Chryslev - Vanatrix - Pastfire *- Casual or Social players also welcome * * Kind Regards * PastfirePastfire0 04 Mar 2015
04 Mar 2015 [H]<Call of Blood>7/7H, 4/10H Hrvatski guild. Mi smo hrvatski PvE / PvP guild na Europskom realmu Twisting Nether. Guild je trenutno sastavljen od ekipe starih poznanika iz grada Siska i bliže okolice. Trenutno nas je 16 i fokus su nam Heroic raidovi u Warlords of Draenor. Ukoliko bi nam se broj povećao na 20 i više počeli bi s Mythic raidovima. Trenutni status raidanja: Highmaul Normal - 7 / 7 Highmaul Heroic - 7 / 7 Blackrock Foundry Normal - 9 / 10 Blackrock Foundry Heroic - 4 / 10 Ukoliko ste zainteresirani za ulazak u naš guild možete posjetiti http://callofblood.weebly.com/ ili dodati Realign#2543Realign0 04 Mar 2015
04 Mar 2015 Looking for Guild on Silvermoon-EU I have a 98 prot pally who I am in the process of leveling (should be 100 soon) I am looking for a friendly, PvE focused guild, add Gerij Or add me on Battle.net- PrototypeV2#2664Gerij0 04 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 Holy priest looking for guild on Defias Brotherhood I'd like to join a raiding guild that raids quite a lot (4 or more days a week). I'm getting pretty tired of pugging highmaul heroic and i figured it's time to join an actual guild seeing as how i'm in my current guild purely because of RL friends being in it.Thfelorn0 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 2 Tanks, 1 Disc, 1 Ele 670+ Looking for Raiding Home Hi. we are a Deathknight Blood, Protection Warrior, Disc Priest, and Elemental Shaman We have 670+ iLevel and 7/10xp hc brf. We are looking for a like-minded bunch of players that can raid weekday evenings, no weekends unfortunately due to work commitments. We are prepared to move server if nessacary. Currently on Sylvannas Alliance Armories Tlite http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/sylvanas/Tlite/simple Ríkku http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/sylvanas/R%C3%ADkku/ Intha http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/sylvanas/%C3%8Entha/ Pandatears http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/sylvanas/Pandatears/ Contact Tlite#2740Tlite4 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 <Luminance> 7/7hc 4/7M 10/10HC. Recruiting people Luminance is a guild that is looking for good and positive players. You can get all the info on our website. If you feel like your intrested you can make an application on the recruitment tab Alliance - FrostmaneEU http://luminance-forum.enjin.com/Daughter1 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 [H] <Mitkä Stackit> - EU-Ragnaros : FIN : Moi, me ollaan <Mitkä Stackit>! Mitkä Stackit on Ragnarosilla sijaitseva semmonen puolikasuaali puoliraidikilta, ja me aateltiin jos vaikka raidattais semmonen kolme kertaa viikossa tai sillee. Ke, to ja su. Ei jaksa pyrkiä mihinkään realm firsteihin, liikaa aikaa ja vaivaa. Heroiceista saa kuitenkin parempaa loottia, joten niitä aateltiin kaataa. Mythicistä sitten WoDissa, eli porukalle olisi kyllä tarvetta. Meillä on pohjalla porukkaa edesmenneestä Mors Principium Estistä joka oli ihan hyvä kilta: SoO 11/14HC ToT 13/13HC HoF 6/6 HC TOES 4/4 HC MSV 6/6 HC Highmaul 2/7 M BRF 8/10 HC Siege jäi meillä snadisti kesken kun erinäköiset elämäntilanteet veivät osan pelaajistamme, ja realmi jossa jatsailimme oli pienempi kuin kultakalan killuttimet. Kilta meni pakettiin ja taukoa pidettiin vähän. Nyt kuitenkin tarkoitus nostaa kytkintä uudella, huomattavasti isommalla realmilla ja iskeä uutta suoneen. Ei me ihan täysiä tomppeleita olla! Tarvitaan kuitenkin lisää iloisia veijareita tuleville raideille. Raidaus on ihan kivaa, mutta siihen oikein viitsi koko viikkoa kuluttaa. Jos tunnitsit äsköisestä lauseesta itsesi, ja olet niin poikkeuksellinen pelaaja, että selviät bossimittelöistä enimmäkseen elossa ja voit väittää olevasi muutenkin "ihan hyvä", niin tule ihmeessä juttusille. Jos olet varma että sovit porukkaan niin voit toki jättää applynkin: http://stackit.enjin.com/recruitment Pelaajilta toivotaan myös ikää joka ei nolota ihan kauheasti sekä jonkinasteista huumorintajua. Varsinkin WoDin lähestyessä ja patchin ilmestyessä on nyrkkeilysäkkien tarve kasvanut hassusti. Nyt on siis oiva aika tulla mukaan tähän renkaattomaan hevosvaunuun mukaan palloilemaan! o7Ragemono8 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 [Guns And Yoghurt] 7/10 HC LF Swedish ppl Vi raidar 18:30-22:30 varje Söndag och Onsdag. Vi söker efter folk som har vett nog att ha full koll på sin class, tar med sig consumables till alla raider och är i tid. Du ska dessutom kunna konversera via TeamSpeak. Vi söker just nu. 1 Warlock 1 Rest Shaman 1 Hunter 1 Plate DPS (pref DK/Pala) Vi har i dagens läge två st main tanks, men vi är öppen för att ta in exceptionella spelare med bra gear för att göra en trial som MT, detta är pga att våra MTs hellre vill spela DPS/Heal. Vi ser gärna att du är 20+ och minst 665 ilvl. Skriv till mig här på sidan om du är intresserad och passar in på det vi söker eller om du helt enkelt vill veta mer om oss, alternativt kan du skrva till mig eller Sprutlackera@Frostwhisper in-game gay.guildlaunch.com Vi hörs!Shadowordhug3 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 Guild Romanesc Necrosis Eu Auchindoun Salut ! Guilda Necrosis [Auchindoun] cauta romani pentru raid/pvp . Momentan suntem 7 ro . Progresul nostru 7/7M/Hc - Highmaul , 9/10BRF N 3/10 BRF Hc . Raidurile nu sunt in zile fixe , putem stabili cand facem la ce ora si ce facem in functie de programul fiecaruia .Ezorr0 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 Priest ore pala healer lf Weekend guild LF for a guild that play on Weekend have a priset at 682 ilvl 10/10 hc BRF 1/10 M ore holy pala ilvl 652 ilvl but can ofc gear her up fast if needed :) batteltag Náomii#2904Naômii0 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 Out of Mana on Emerald Dream Horde are recruiting! Ahoy! Out of Mana are looking for tanks and dps to help fill out our 10m raid team during the summer months and to fit in when we start raiding in Warlords. Healers comfortable playing their dps or tank off specs are welcome too, but I must say that we are kind of saturated in healers right now. We are also looking for someone interested in leading raids, and willing to hand over control to someone with the motivation to do it. Our main raid time is Sunday evening, 1900-2200 server time. We want to add another day, but it became only 5 signups on our old one (Wednesday evening, same times,1900-2200) so we can try that again, or see what the majority decides is a good day/time. We are not hardcore raiders, our team varies as people have to work, or have other commitments. We're a friendly social guild that raids, and when we get consistent signups we see progression. You do not need to have experience, although it does help, just the willingness to learn, and the ability to follow some instructions and work out other things for yourself. We will accept social members that are genuinely social too, not just logging on and off without a word. And then try to get you to join in raids ;D We use Enjin for our guild forums oomana.enjin.com and ask members to register there to see our guild rules, to keep up to date, and to share some info about ourselves. The best way for more info is probably to contact someone in game, you can find me on various characters, with a "/who out of mana" and pick the one with a Scar in it, or contact any member and ask for an officer, hopefully one will be online. Obviously replies here are welcome, or messages or applications sent through Enjin. Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from you, ScarScarlotte3 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 Guild Romanesc Necrosis Eu Auchindoun Salut ! Guilda Necrosis [Srv Auchindoun] recruteaza romani pentru raid/pvp. Momentan suntem 7 ro in ea . Progresul nostru 7/7n/hc Highmaul , 9/10 BRF N , 3/10 BRF Hc . Raidurile sunt flexibile si nu in zile fixe , stabilim cand si !@# vom face raidu la ce ora si unde mergem. Cine este interesat postati aici sau /w Ezorr , Veloka.Ezorr0 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 Crymore are recruiting, 2/7m HM and 8/10 hc BRF CryMore is a community that has stood the test of time in all the years that World of Warcraft has existed. Its many accomplishments range from the original Ragnaros kill in Classic WoW through Illidan and Arthas kills to our achievements in the current expansion, and stand as a testament to the skill and tenacity of our people and the friendships between them. In Warlords of Draenor, we have a Heroic/Mythic-oriented core, with raiding times 19:00 – 23:00 on Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday, and another activity on Saturday evenings – likely normal modes at first, but probably Heroic or even Mythic alt runs later on. If you’re a new player interested in joining us, throw us an application on the recruitment forum or contact an officer in-game (currently Korhola,, Shintsun, Csibu, ) but note that raiders can invite as well! If you’re and oldschool member or friend of the guild, come reminisce on the forum or join us as social member! we are in need of some dps and healers... Dps: rogue, dk, pally, warlock, monk and druid Healers: druid, priest, monk and shamanAlces1 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 Looking for players to play with I am looking for people to play WoW with, I currently have a lvl 100 hunter and a 98 paladin, I now mainly play the pally, just in the process of leveling, if you would like to play with me, Add me on Battle.net- PrototypeV2#2664. Add me on Skype- monkeyboydmwGerij2 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 [A] LODBROKS- Recruitment [8/10HC] Hello! We've decided to open up recruitment for our progression based raiding guild, Lodbroks! Open spots: Melee Enhancement Shaman [High] Rogue [High] Feral Druid [High] Retribution Paladin [High] Windwalker Monk [Medium] Range Balance Druid [High] Shadow Priest [Medium] Warlock [Medium] Healer Discipline/Holy Priest [High] Mistweaver Monk [High] Resto Shaman [Medium] Resto Druid [Medium] Raid days: Wednesday 20:30-00:00 ST Thursday 20:30-00:00 ST Monday 20:30-00:00 ST For more information, please visit our forum: http://lodbroks.enjin.com/Jäde0 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 I want to start a new class Hey guys, i'm mainly a pvper but i recently started to play pve. I already have a lvl 100 monk, warrior, druid, and some lvl 90's. But what's a good class these days to play PvP/PvE because i saw ret pally get nerfed. Pls give me some advice.Xacthor0 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 ONLY-UNDEAD guild. Forsaken Rebirth! [H] We have some news for you! The Only-Undead guild, Forsaken Rebirth has stepped out of the Soil on Laughing Skull to tear evil upon this server! (We are NOT a RP guild - We aim for mainly PVP in the future, with once in a while raiding for the lols) We are a group of people, wow friends, and parts of the Warcraft Twitter Community who set this guild up here, on Laughing Skull. Now what we need to do is strengthen our army of dead, and tear everything apart that is blue, gold and wearing a lion face. We are not an RP guild. We are a guild with an awesome atmosphere, active guild chat - and people who enjoy for once, to show what the true evil faction in this game has to offer! If you would like to join us, rolling an alt to test your heirlooms, or join on your current undead - then give us a poke! Whisper Silentshadow, or check for other people online to join the ranks of the dead. We focus on having a great time in game, making jokes, talking about tons of garbage and enjoy the theme of excluding our self from the rest of the horde.Silentshadow4 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 [A] Paradox recruiting for mythic About Us Paradox is an guild on Sylvanas-EU who was made in end cataclysm. We have been around since and our goal has always been to clear each tier on mythic "Old herioc" which we have succeeded with. We moved to Sylvanas in tier 16 while we had some struggles finding suitable people and there after went for an break to get some air. We are now back stronger than ever looking for players with the same goal as we, semi-hardcore raiding achieving minimum top 200 world. Our officer team consists of people who have played hardcore top 50 guilds worldwide. We are experienced in raiding, leading and clearing raids. And we want you to at least done some semi-hardcore. And we've been playing together since the start of the guild. SoO 12/12 HC Tier 14 16/16 HC What do we expect? We're looking for people who are serious about raid progression. We expect our people to have a good attitude, high attendance, above-average skill level, good situational awareness, and be team players. We expect all of our raiders to perform at a high level. If you are not confident in your ability to play the game at a high level, we aren't the guild for you. As our goal is top 200 world, we want you to have that goal as well. Age minimum 18 as we think school will disturb and the maturity hasn't been fully evolved. We also expect you to have a working microphone to discuss tactics and other stuff as well as an proper internet connection. Raid Times - Wednesday 20.30 to 23.30 - Thursday 20:30 to 23.30 - Monday 20:30 to 23:30 server time. Raid invites start at 20:25 with trash pulls beginning shortly after What are we looking for? We are now under reconstruction phase and are building up a solid team. We have been lucky getting some really talented people and are soon able to start our march to begin mythic raiding. So right now we need healers "Holy priest & paladin", as well as melee & ranged DPS. If you think you fit in our team, don't hesitate to apply. For more information regarding recruitment, please visit our website http://www.paradox.co.uk or contact one of our officers in-game: Întha "Intha#2114", Ríkku or Tlite.Întha0 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 [H] The Funky Bunch(SH) (8/10N, 3/10HC)R: Wed, Sun, Mon Hello everyone! As the title says we <The Funky Bunch> on Shattered Hand are looking for more people to bolster our roster. We are currently around 15 active raiders but would like a few more to be able to do some mythic raiding in the future. Raid info: Wednesdays, Sundays and Mondays between 19:00 & 22:00 server time. Mainly searching for: Warrior/DK (DPS / Reserve tank) Holy Paladin Hunter Warlock Monk (DPS / Heal / Reserve tank) Everyone is considered, not only these in particular. Except if you are a Shaman, we have too many of those already... Either whisper our GM on Battle.net "Gnome#2302" or reply to this thread if you are interested in joining / have any questions. You can also whisper me on Battle.net "Plexion#2786". :) //Floored & The Funky BunchFloored7 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 [H] - [Guild Name Here] - LF Healers BRF mythic. [SWE] Guild: Guild Name Here Server: Kor’gall / Executus / Burning Steppes / Shattered Hand Söker: 2 Healers (Allt utom Priest är av intresse) Progress: 6/7 HM Mythic, 1/10 BRF Mythic Hej! Är du personen som kan din klass och som har tidigare raiderfarenheter? Är du personen som vill spela casual men ändå seriöst och kan komma till raid 3 dagar i veckan med 110% fokus? Är du personen som älskar att supporta dina kamrater och hålla dom i liv genom alla tuffa situationer vi må stöta på? Sist men inte minst, är du personen som vill ta steget från det simpla livet i BRF Heroic till att ihop med en socialt härlig guild ta dig an svårare utmaningar i kampen om att få se Blackhand stupa? DÅ ÄR DU RÄTT PERSON FÖR OSS! Du ska vara minst 18 år och kunna läsa och förstå svenska! Du ska ha tillgång till att raida Onsdagar, Söndagar och Tisdagar med 100% attendance! Du ska alltid vara förberedd med ALLA tillbehör som gynnar din klass/spec dvs. flasks, buffmat, pots och runor i bästa lag. Tider då vi raidar är mellan 19:00 - 23:00 Känner du att detta intresserar dig och du tror att du är vad vi behöver för vidare progress så tveka inte att kontakta oss ingame eller på vårat forum. Med vänliga hälsningar Nympher-Shattered Hand Trollet-Executus Snixzlol-Executus Claptrap-Executus Geeksquad-Executus Forum http://guildnamehere.enjin.com/Nympher5 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 EVOLVE 6/10HC BRF is Recruiting! EVOLVE is a new guild which formed with the successful merging of two established Mythic raiding guilds on the server, Insidium and Aversion. We currently enjoy a raiding team which combines the skill of a mythic guild with the good atmosphere of a social guild. Our target is to clear mythic content prior to the release of the next tier and remain competitive without necessarily chasing world or server firsts. We have a serious approach to our raiding whilst keeping it fun. We have high standards and don't compromise them for anyone. We have an active website with informative forums, kill videos and progression updates. We keep a Warcraft Logs account to analyse our raids and look for areas of improvement. Evolve raids 8.30 pm - 11 pm (server time) on Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday. We are considering all applications from mythic quality raiders. Please see the updates on this thread for specific requirements. To apply, visit our website www.evolve-guild.com or speak to one of our officer team - Narìssa, Mickeyfinn, Heehaw or Sáintz.Narìssa19 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 [684] Holy/Disc Priest LF guild Edit: Bump guys - thanks for all the previous interest but I decided to take a break. I'm considering coming back to casually raid and the below info still applies. Two days a week is my preferred raiding schedule. -- Hi All and cheers for the potential interest, My guild has very disappointingly recently stopped raiding, as a result I am considering joining a new guild or potentially un-subbing! I currently have 5/7Mythic Highmaul and 8/10HC BRF. I haven't killed Furnace or Blackhand (I missed the Furnace kills with guild but I know all the tactics). Best attempt on Blackhand being around 15%. Before you post your guild's recruitment message or potentially link me to a site, please beware that ideally I would like a guild of similar progression (although I am capable of beginning Mythic BRF in line with above progress). Furthermore, my preference would be to raid TWO days a week (with an optional third), or potentially three. If you raid four times a week then you aren't for me (unless one of them is not mandatory), sorry. I have played WoW since early BC and raided with a very good guild who were in top 5 EU at the time. After the guild disbanded I formed my own guild through WOTLK and Cata. MoP I went AWOL due to IRL but got some end game raiding at the back end of the Xpac. Important info: Age: 27. Nationality: UK. Fully working microphone and headset. 50Meg internet. Played Priest since late BC/Early WOTLK. Spec: Prefer Holy but equally as adept at Disc. Transferring servers is not a problem. I would consider transferring faction but only if the guild aligned well with what I'm looking for. Cheers.Calove26 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 Tank+2 Heals+ Mage LF New home Hey there our guild has all but stopped raiding these last few weeks so we are looking for a new home. We are looking for somewhere that raids around 8 game time 3 nights a week. I shall link our pages below Disc Priest http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/emerald-dream/Durz%C3%A1/simple Resto Sham http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/emerald-dream/Bebbo/simple Brewmaster Monk http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/emerald-dream/Morbington/simple Arcane Mage http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/emerald-dream/Baellonmage/simple If you have any questions or wish to talk feel free to add me in game and thanks for any replies my real ID is: Gurza#2295 TY :)Durzá10 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 <H> Orbis is LF some Members Orbis is a raiding guild based on friendship and respect. The guild was created on 13th February 2015 by a group of friends and veteran raiders from Unnatural Selection and The Shadowlords. Our goal is to explore, enjoy and progress through the end game raid content that World of Warcraft has to offer. Therefore we are basically looking for an ideal group of 20 members to do these raids with. That means around 25 active players as not all can play every raidnight. We are a guild of mature players, therefore everyone must act accordingly. Insults, harassing and other kind of disturbing behavior is not allowed in guild chat or on the guild’s forum. If you have a problem with a guild mate, solve it in whispers. If you can’t solve it, contact an officer about the issue. If you continually fail to show respect to your fellow guild members you might be put into a new trial period. We are in need of a Healer (Except Holydin) Resto Druid (Low) Resto Shaman (Low) Holy Pala (Low) MW (Low) Holy Priest (High) We need a Dps to: Enha shaman (High) Dps Warrior (Medium) Boomchicken (Low) We are 4/10 HC in BRF atm. and we hade 1/7M in Highmaul, We raid Tues/Thurs 8-11pm server time, Visit [www.orbisguild.eu] If you have any questions, contact Seahenar (Seahenar#2714), Afkhunt (Esora#2530), or Optimist (Optimist#2860)Afkhunt0 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 Sons of Anarchy (A) HM 7/7n 5/7h BF 5/10n Hi. Sons of Anarchy are currently looking for raiders to help our Normal/Heroic team out. We raid three nights a week Wed Sun and either Mon/Tues 8pm-11pm server time. Main recruitment is for Dps as it stands but will look at anyone interested. Currently Highmaul N 7/7 H 5/7 Blackrock N 5/10 H 0/10 We don't have any restrictions regarding attendance. Give me atredies or any members online a shout for more info or an invite. Thanks for readingUriku0 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 Holy Paladin LF Heroic and Mythic Raiding guild ..Galoxa10 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 Vendor trash HM(6/7hc) BRF (3/10hc) Vendor trash söker nu nya medlemmar (men helst en bra Tank), vi är en Svensk Guild som accepterar ett liv utanför wow, men vill även ta oss vidare i progress med en 2-3 raiding dagar i veckan, vi brukar göra så att vi raidar Onsdag eller Torsdag 18:30-22:00 beroende på vilken av de dagarna de flesta kan, där efter brukar vi raida söndagar 18:30-22:00 och en tredje dag om det finns ett tillfälle för det. Ligger för tillfället HM 6/7hc och BRF 3/10hc, har du Ts3, är 20+ och är intresserad, så kan du ju höra av dig :)Redbeastear0 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 [H][Karazhan]<Spark> Casual guild looking for members. Hey everyone, "Spark" is a newly formed casual guild. Are you bored leveling, doing dungeons, heroics, battlegrounds or arena's alone then JOIN US. We have the ambition to start raiding once we have enough players. We are looking for mature and active players. we're a international guild and use the English language in guild chat and on our teamspeak. add me Recklezz#2293 for invite or/and sign up here http://wowspark.shivtr.com/Elsio2 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 Moo - Tarren Mill H - 8/10 HC - 3d/w Hi! After reaching 8/10 HC we feel comfortable taking our recruitment cross-realm. We're in a solid spot right now with steady progression and good leadership. <Moo> is looking for several DPS to strengthen our core! We have opened up recruitment for several classes/specs. Classes we are particularly interested in: Druid (Balance or feral DPS, preferably with Guardian offspec) Warlock Shaman (DPS) Rogue Death Knight (DPS) Monk (DPS) As always, exceptional players regardless of class are considered! We're a tight-knit community with experienced raiders. We enjoy competitive raiding! On top of that we often meet up outside of raids to play other games or do something fun in WoW! We're a nice bunch of people and we're looking for people with the same mindset to join us for mythic progression. Progression: Highmaul 7/7 HC 1/7 M Blackrock Foundry 7/10 NM 8/10 HC If you're interested in joining, please add tghmember#2529 to realID. We'll consider everyone as long as you're a teamplayer who knows what he's doing! Our raid days are: Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 Monday 20:00 - 23:00 CheersZeeba0 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 Warlock 673 lf 2 day raiding guild Hey, looking for a relaxed stable 2 day raiding guild. - cant raid on sunday - 20.00-23.00 - pref. people from all Eu, not from Uk so i can understand some englishScali9 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 Blood dk ilvl 670 LF raiding guild Hello my main is bazyc and i have been raiding since cataclysm and at the moment i am 7/7 HC HM and 9/10 blackrock normal, i was an raid leader till team fell apart due to greedy loot !@#$%s and continious arguements about loot which is why im in need of another guild. I have common sense and know fire is bad. My real id is bazyc#2966 so get in contact either on here or the game. Also am on kazzak horde at the moment but willing to change realm.Praytothebaz7 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 673 Blood DK 4HC BRF Hey guys, I've recently returned after a short break and am looking for a friendly, drama-free guild to join. Ideally I'd like to join a decent raiding guild where I can jump in on alt raids etc when i'm available. At present I am working unsociable hours and I can't commit to a raiding schedule. I've pugged 7/10 Norm 4/10 HC, but I'd really rather not have to do so in future! Anyway, if you're Horde and have room for a decent tank, please drop me a line. Thanks, AeronwenAeronwen7 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 Looking for people to ... Spam dungeons with level 70 - 90 today! Gorthandel#1446Gorthandel0 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 Mistweaver monk looking for new guild! Hello everyone! Due to new work situation I have to leave my stable and lovely home in Restless if i want to continue raiding and since that's the main reason I'm playing this game I thought I would give a try in the realm forum. As I stated earlier my work situation is a bit off a mess currently since I'm working both days and nights as off now, which only gives me some free nights to play at. The days I will be able to raid at is: Thursday Saturday Sunday Tuesday Obviously not much to choose from in guilds since most raid three times a week and usually not the days I'm aviable at. So, a little about myself then. Kevin, 24 years old, live in Sweden. Work with glass on day, repairing broken windows and so on then going on as a security guard at night. Why I'm putting myself through this? To get the money needed to start up my own company. On my free time (which obviously not is a lot) I like to work out, hang with friends, raid and play american football. Did 1/7 M in Highmaul with a few good attempts on Twin Ogron, currently at 5/10 HC Blackrock Foundry. What to expect from me? A experienced healer who played that role since my start in World of Warcraft. Started out with a resto druid only to change to my monk as soon as Mist of Pandaria launched. Got plenty off experience with my monk since I've played it both on MoP beta as well as when it came out. If you got any questions feel free to pop them or add my battle tag: Ibkdalen#2394 Thanks for reading! Best regards KevinTaunako14 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 Cthulhu-ragnaros Finnish guild recruiting Olemme tässä uudelleen aktivoimassa legendaarista Cthulhu kiltaa ja haemme pelaajia joukkoomme! Warlords of Draenor lisäriin lähdemme tyhjällä rosterilla joten tällä hetkellä rekrytoimme kaikkia classeja! Kiltamme on aina ollut hyvin sosiaalinen, viihtyminen pelin ääressä on asia numero yksi, mutta kun raidaamaan lähdetään se tehdään täysillä. Suotavaa olisi, että jäsenet olisivat täysikäisiä, mutta tärkeintä että osaa kirjoittaa ja puhua suomea. Killasta: Killan perusti aikoinaan tiivis kaveriporukka joka halusi toimivan ja sosiaalisen killan suomalaisille ja myös onnistui siinä. Kilta aloitti aktiivisesen raidaamisen Lich Kingin aikana pääasiassa 10man muodossa ja kaikki tulikin silloin clearattua. Catan aikana kilta oli todellisessa loistossaan 10manina keskityttiin hc modeihein ja koko content tuli silloinki clearattua. Catan aikana Firelandissa hätyyteltiin realmin kärki sijaa samoiten myös Dragon soulissa jossa tulikin 1 realmin first kaato hc modessa... Pandan ilmestyttyä killan avain rosterista noin puolet koki tulleensa tienpäähän velhopelin kanssa ja iso uudistus oli siis edessä... Saimmekin uusilla rekryillä raidit pöyrimään ja pian saatin myös ensimmäinen hc kaato siihen meno kuitenkin pikkuhiljaa kuivui... Nyt siis lähdemme muutaman vanhan runkopelaajan voimin kohti uusia haasteita. Rekrytoimme kaikkia classeja ja raidit alkavat heti kun saadaan vaan rosteri kasaan ensimmäisille raideille... JOS kiinnostuis niin käy tekemässä hakemus sivuillamme http://cthulhu-ragnaros.enjin.com/forum Tai tule juttelemaan in-game Officereille Felfor, Vaskiperse.Felfor0 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 [H] <Kicks> 1/7 M - 8/10HC - Reqruiting for Mythic <Kicks> Our guild: Kicks is a Social/PvE focused guild that is currently looking to build upon our roster for further Mythic progression. Our raid group currently consists of some very talented players with extensive raiding experience however we simply do not have a 20 man core that is Mythic capable. We are a lighthearted team that tries not to take ourselves too seriously however when it comes down to raiding we want to push ourselves to the limits. The majority of our guild comes from Northern and Western Europe however we have members living as far away as North America and the Middle East. We have no set requirements on age however a mature attitude is required and anyone found to be causing excessive drama will be swiftly kicked (Its in the name ladies). What we are recruiting: As of now our guild is mainly in need of Mythic ready DPS players. We could also use an experienced Tank, preferably a Paladin or Monk. As one of our core healers also has a keen interest and ability to play as DPS we may also have room for a talented resto druid or mistweaver. If your class/spec is not in our required list please feel free to drop us an application anyway. We may end up with an opening soon and of course we will always make room for exceptional candidates. Classes/Specs we are interested in: High Priority - Druid: Boomkin/Feral Monk: Mistweaver/Brewmaster Paladin: Protection Rogue: Knowledge of all three specs and be willing to change as needed. Priest: Shadow Shaman: Elemental/Enhancement Mage: Knowledge of all three specs and be willing to change as needed. Warlock: Knowledge of all three specs and be willing to change as needed. Low Priority - Deathknight: Blood Hunter: Knowledge of all three specs and be willing to change as needed. Raiding Schedule: Our core raid days are Wednesday,Sunday,Monday 9-12pm Central European Time. We have also recently started a secondary raid group with a focus on having some fun in Normal/Heroic raids whilst hopefully gearing up players alts and giving the social players within the guild an opportunity to progress.This group raids on Thursdays 9-12pm and Saturdays 4-7pm. We have no enforced attendance at present within the guild however to maintain a position within the core an average attendance of 80% will be required. Loot is done via master looter and usually on a Main Spec/Off Spec basis. We do however reserve the right to distribute loot via a loot council if we believe it will progress the guild more rapidly. The reasoning behind any loot council choices will be made vocally over our Teamspeak and everyone will be free to share their thoughts. How to apply: Please fill in the application found at http://kicks.enjin.com/recruitmentDuskmourn1 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 Unholy/Blood DK 675 LF raiding guild Hey all, i am currently raid leading a guild that has 7/7hc and 5/10hc the players however are just not the type of people i want to be raiding with, they turn up with poor attitudes for raiding and never seem to be prepared to wipe to gain some progression. I have given this guild a real chance to learn and improve and it just isn't happening. I have raiding experience at a high level from wotlk onwards and have been raid leading since WoD came out and also did some raid leading during WOTLK. I cleared the majority of ICC on heroic and killed lich king 25man heroic. I raided throughout cataclysm and did HC modes in BoT, BWD, FL I raided in a guild which broke into the world top 100 during cataclysm. I can raid any days of the week and i can guarantee 100% attendance and commitment. if you want to have a chat with me feel free to add me ingame my realid is jamcol#2846, alternatively reply to this thread as ill be keeping an eye on it. Thanks for your timeDéfíance10 03 Mar 2015
03 Mar 2015 678 Rogue LF Guild Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/lightnings-blade/Terrorxcr%C3%A8w/simple Experienced and geared rogue looking for hardcore/semi hardcore guild on Vindication Realm Group. Feel free to ask anything or give me a whisper in-game!Skeletos17 03 Mar 2015