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fury / tank warrior or shadow / holy priest LF guild Hello [Flayer#1277] battletag! My name is Kim and im 30 years old and i live in Stockholm. Im working night at 7eleven 4 days in a week. on my free time i mostly spend the time behind the screen and 1day/month going out. Im a very positive person hwo dosent mind whiping a full night for progress. Most used nick ingame would be picachu. Im looking for a raiding guild that raids on hours that fits my job hours. My working schedule looks like this. Monday: Free from work Tuesday: Free from work Wednesday: Working 22-07 Thursday: Working 22-07 Friday: Working odd weeks 22-07 Free from work even weeks Saturday: Working 22-07 Sunday: Working even weeks 17-23 Free from work odd weeks. My wow experience reaches back to end of Vanilla. I reached lvl 60 about 10 days before TBC. i managed to kill 2 bosses before TC release. I have mained priest both as holy and shadow from tbc-start of MoP EXP THE BURNING CRUSADE: Cleared everything except muru and kil jaeden the reason to that is that i took a break in the end of TBC WRATH OF THE LICH KING EXP: Achies worth of mention maybe could be Black proto drake aka naxx achieves before nerf. Full normal clear. all but lich king in icc hc. i onlymanaged to kill 5 bosses in ulduar HC. full toc hc clear. CATACLYSM EXP I was classleader in the guild i was in for priests. full normal clear 5 or 6 bosses in DS HC in the end of cataclysn i switched main to warrior from priest. MIST OF PANDARIA EXP Only been casual raiding since MoP because i didnt find a guild that suits my working schedule! Managed to kill everything except SoO on normal. DRAENOR EXP Killed 6/7 normal in a pug and also 1/7 on hc aswell in a pug. My best geared char atm is my warrior but i do consider switching main to the priest since i enjoy playing both. I dont mind to Xrealm and faction change tho i prefer playing horde over alliance. Links to my Chars: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormscale/Sosaidyomama/simple http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormscale/Mehealyoass/simple Now a little bit about recent guilds ive play with. First i was in Rush hour[H] on trollbane and we migged to shattered hand since it was hard to find swedish/norwegian people on trollbane. reason that i lef was guild disband. Joined Serendipity[H] i think it was on the server executus im not positive tho. reason that i left was that i felt that i didnt play good enough to join their Core team. Joined Explicit[A] became classleader in explicit. Reason that i left is because major of the core team switched server and joined other guilds. Joined Last judgement[H] on Kilrogg until the end of Cataclysm then left because change of working schedule. I really hope that i could find a raiding guild thats raiding hours that i can raid in since i always aiming for as high attendenca as possible otherwise its not as fun to raid. I do hope that some guilds read this and think that i could be an asset for them. Take care and wish to hear from you soon Best Regards // Kim Sosaidyomama10
16 Jan 2015
[H] <Vici> Terenas (3/7 M) Recruiting We are a Dedicated raiding guild situated on the Horde side of Terenas, looking for experienced and exceptional players to bolster our forces. Raiding night and hours: Tue:- 20:00-23:00 Wed:- 20:00-23:00 Thur:- 20:00-23:00 Sun:- 20:00-23:00 Currently recruiting Warlocks, Enhancement Shamans and Restoration Druids. <Víci> have been raiding since August 2010, claiming many server first kills. We are a well respected Horde raiding guild on the Terenas server. What we can offer you: - You will get into a guild with competitive and fun raiding. - A healthy guild bank to supply you with all your raiding needs. - An active Guild(chat), alt runs, PvP, achievement runs and much more. What we want you to offer us: - You must have a microphone and be ready to use it! - You must be geared & have previous semi-hardcore experience. - You must know your class and be able to play it blindfolded. - You must not ragequit. - You must have TS! - You must be able to communicate in English. - You are an ambitious, competitive player striving to improve your game and push your performance. - You have high situational awareness. Previous progression T16 progression - 14/14 HC REALM First 25m. T15 progression - 11/13 HC T14 progression - 11/16 HC T13 progression - 8/8 HC T12 progression - 6/7 HC T11 progression - 8/13 HC Before applying keep in mind that while gear is a big plus, its not as important to us as dedication, knowledge, experience and performance. All applications will be considered, even if your role is not listed as wanted, don't be discouraged to apply if you can show us you're better than our raiders. If you want to be a part of Víci kindly visit our website : vici. cf you can also Add us on realID and we can proceed from there We look forward to hearing from you RealID: slidr#2474 Coradox#2454 FabZz#2294 eveen#2981 Eveen2
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[A] Sylvanas- Project Origin (7/7 HC, M exp) recruiting Hello. I'll try and make this short but I will also try and leave in as many details as I can. <Project Origin> is a guild that started out as an idea about 4-5 years ago, but we didn't take much for it. We were just a few people that knew eachother and were in the same guild, but we PuG-ed everything most of the time. At the moment we are 7/7 HC and most of the guild as 1/7 or 2/7 Mythic from PuGs. We have finally decided it is time for a change. In the past couple of weeks I have been recruiting people for our mythic progression group and it is almost complete. Note that we plan on progressing ASAP through the next content release and we want our roster filled by then. What we are offering: - Friendly community - Accessible raid days (Thursay, Monday, Tuesday, 7PM) with possible extent to an extra day when BRF comes out - Raid leaders and a vast majority of members with "since vanilla"game experience. What we are looking for: - Dedicated players, friendly, with a decent knowledge of the english language We are NOT looking at your gear specifically. Gearing can be done easily with a few normal / heroic runs. I personally think the player is the asset to the guild, not his character, so feel free to apply if you fit the "we need" bracket. Currently, we are looking for the following classes: - Mage - Balance Druid - Mistweaver Monk - Restoration Druid Exceptional applicants will be taken into consideration, but this is mostly our go-to roster filler. Thank you for the read and may your epics always be shiny ! W. Whøracle0
16 Jan 2015
(H) Slash Care-Tarren Mill (DUTCH) Recruiting (7/7 HC) Hello Guys. Slash Care is a dutch raiding guild on Tarren Mill that has been raiding with a dutch/belgium only group. The core of the group has been raiding for over 5 years together, with a bunch of people joining in the last 2 years. We are a "serious casual" raiding group, that doesnt demand the world of the team, but we do ask for: Dedication, Class knowledge, Commitment and a fun personality. The days we raid are: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday. The times are: 20:00 until 23:00. We ask that you can raid at least 2 out of 3 days, if you cant make that some weeks due to personal stuff, let us know, that wont be a "big" problem. We are familiar with people working evening/night shifts and are very flexible in that, so if that is holding you down, Dont let it! The classes/specs we are looking for at the moment are: Mage Warlock Balance Druid Shadow Priest Feral Druid (dps) Enhancement Shaman Warrior (dps) If you dont see your class/spec in here but you KNOW you are a good player and you want to join us, Dont hessitate to try, all apply's will be taken in concideration. We kindly require you to know the offspec, prefering a tank/healing offspec over another dps offspec, so we can use the "best" setup we can make. If you have any questions about this you can always whisper me ingame: Aggion#2701 or make a topic on the guild forums. If you want to make an apply straight away, the forum link is: www.slashcare.eu Hope to hear you soon! Aggion Raidleader Slash Care. Aggion12
16 Jan 2015
<Ancient Prophecy> Reformed Late Night 5days/week History <Ancient Prophecy> was found by a group of IRL friends back in 2011 soon after the release of Cataclysm in Twisting Nether EU. Our main focus was quality raiding with a 2-3 day schedule/week. Due to real life commitments we were not able to raid as much during the day and so we were obligated to raid very few hours per week. Despite these issues though we managed to hit some 500+ world rankings on some bosses notably on Ragnaros, Spine and Madness Heroic. After Cataclysm ended many of our raiders and guild officers decided to get a break off the game and so we stopped raiding as a guild people took their separate ways. Here are some recorded VoDs of past bosses that we cleared with old Ancient Prophecy: Ultraxion 10m HC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCo_zLpZqGE Yor’sajh 10m HC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TL6trnEd_u0 Warlord Zon'ozz 10m HC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MlTGGCDyLI The Reincarnation / Reformation of the Guild: So with WoD coming out a few of our players/leaders returned to the game and we have decided to re-build the guild but with a different concept this time. We decided that raiding during the day is not going to work if we want to achieve anything noticeable progress-wise since we have so many IRL commitments during the day. Instead, we are going to raid during late night with a more hardcore schedule, whistle maintaining our efficient approach towards raiding. Our Aims: We want to re-build a decent main core of 25 people and start clearing Mythic content as soon as possible. This process will be taking effect in the next few weeks and hopefully we will be fully ready before Foundry has arrived. A realistic aim would be approximately 300 world ranking once we have everything setup and fully prepared. Our schedule! (NEW!): Monday - Main Raid: 23:00-2:00ST Tuesday - Main Raid: 23:00-2:00ST Wednesday – Main Raid: 23:00-2:00ST Thursday – Main Raid: 23:00-2:00ST Friday – Alt Raid/Off night: 23:00-N/A Saturday – Alt Raid/Off night: 23:00-N/A Sunday – Main Raid: 23:00-2:00ST Requirements to join and succeed your try-out: (IMPORTANT!): Extensive raiding experience in high-end raiding, which means that you have cleared heroic content while it was relevant in the past. Optimized character / Gameplay: Your spec, gems, enchants, stat priority rotation / cd usage must be up-to-date. Positive attitude inside and outside of raiding at all times. No one likes whining and we always try to keep a positive atmosphere inside the guild. Dedication + Raid Attendance. You have to be active in and outside of raiding times. Attendance of 90% + is expected from every raider since we will be running with a tight group of people. Outside of that though, we expect you to optimize your gear in whatever way you can outside of raids. Alts are a big plus too. Eagerness / Passion about hardcore raiding. You have to really want to progress as fast as possible within the timespan of our raiding schedule. Even if that means countless wipes while progressing on a certain boss or farming certain mats/gear outside of raiding. Patience. This reformation will take quite a few weeks to be completed and you will need a lot of patience in the meantime. If you are expecting us to be progressing within the first week you should probably search for something more stabilized.Reforming Process and Application details: REFORMING: In the next few weeks we will be reviewing potential applicants with the other officers and choosing our first bunch of people. Following that there will be a short period of inconsistency and fragility as the underperformers will be cut and the main core will be formed. From then on we will proceed calibrating the quality of people that we have inside the guild and hopefully come next patches compete for top world spots. APPLICATION PROCESS: An application + short interview over mumble will be required from each applicant that is seriously interested in a spot for this project Application Form: Some things you must include are: Age, occupation and real life status. In-game name, contact information (Battletag, skype) Armory Link of your main/alts Raiding Experience / Previous guilds. Logs of any short. Normal/Heroic run from Highmaul will do. Any other information you feel is vital to us (The more the merrier).Send your applications to: AncientProphecyWoW@gmail.com Alternatively, drop by our (recently formed and still under progress) website, and drop an application inside the forums. An application template is set. We will be replying within less than a week, so check often for a response to your e-mail. CONTACT: For any questions feel free to poke us in-game: Battletag: Spawnish#2919 and Palaznikof#2332 Website: AncientProphecy-Eu.enjin.com Skype: Since this is a public forum, you will have to PM me through the website/e-mail or poke me in-game for a chat on skype. Cilven5
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[H] - Tarren Mill - <NIBIRU> 1/7 Mythic is RECRUITING Introduction: Nibiru is a horde guild currently stationed at the EU-Tarren Mill Realm. We are oriented primarily on PvE content which does not mean that PvP players are not welcome at all. A brief history of our story is actually the way and manner in which we came up with the idea Nibiru. In short, all core members of Nibiru were until some time scattered in various other guilds and after a while we came to a common idea that everyone should gather up in one story and continue progress toward end game content as Nibiru guild. Our goal is to form an AWESOME raid group which will be able to progress smoothly in WOD-s end game content while maintaining good atmosphere in both raids and guild. Join us and enjoy all your daily activities with our helpful community! Raid times: Wednesday: 20:30 - 00:00 Thursday: 20:30 - 00:00 Sunday: 20:30 - 00:00 Monday (optional) : 20:30 - 23:00 NOTE: WE require a 90% attendance Current progress: Highmaul (N) - 7/7 Highmaul (HC) - 7/7 Highmaul (M) - 1/7 Recruitment: We are looking for dedicated raiders to fill our 20 man CORE group for Mythic content. All classes and exceptional players are welcome! Raiders expectations: - Strong knowledge of your class/role/spec - Being on time for raid (15 minutes before raid starts) - Being able to speak/write proper English and be communicative on TS3 (working mic) - Always prepared for raid (flask, pots, knowledge of tactics...) - Positive attitude and rock solid raid performance What can we offer to our raiders: - STRONG Leadership with a lot of experience. - Drama free raiding and friendly atmosphere - Always active TS3 server 24/7 - Loot rewards for your exceptional performance Loot system in <NIBIRU> is loot council supported with EPGP. If u have WHAT IT TAKES and you feel u`re the right player for <NIBIRU> apply at : nibiruguild.shivtr.co or please contact any of the officers: VasDeSade#2576 (Anunnaki - GM) KIZA#2902 (Titò - Officer) Milan#2908 (Psyrlock - Officer) Ujack#2894 (Ujack - Officer) Titò3
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FoN1/7M Highmaul! Active old guild! LF HUNT-FERAL-PRIST FoN 20m Mythic! Drama free raiding! Flame of Neltharion-Ravenholdt EU What we offer: Drama free 20m, stable progress and raiding. We have an awesome social atmosphere, everyone is friendly and mature. Active raid spots, we recruit to have you playing, not sitting on a bench. If you wish to play WoW to have fun, laugh (a lot), be yourself, and relax, while killing bosses and progress through HC modes, Flame of Neltharion is the place for you ! We want the game to be fun, both when raiding and when not raiding, thus we have an active guild with a lot of nice and friendly players in it. Vanilla Zul´Gurub Molten Core 1st boss. The Burning Crusade Karazhan Zul´Aman Gruul Mount Hyjal WotLK Sartharion Undying Naxx 10m. TotGC 10m normal T10: 9/12 HC ICC. T11: Glory of the Cataclysm Raider - Al'Akir HC - Nefarion HC - Cho'gall HC - Sinestra HC T12: 6/7 HC Glory of the Firelands Raider (Realms 2nd) T13: - Morchok HC 18/12-2011 - Madness of Deathwing 25man - 5/8 HC by 05/03-2012 (4 HC progress kills in a single reset after resuming 10man) - 8/8 HC after resuming from break MoP: Challenge Conquerors: Gold - Guld Edition - 6/6 HC MSV. (5/6 HC pre-nerf/ptach) - 6/6 HC HoF. - 4/4 HC ToES - 1/13 HC ToT pre-5.4(went on break) / 13/14 HC SoO Garrosh 5%. (ATT: reason for low progress in ToT and SoO was because the server population died, players quit the game and it was impossible to recruit; now we are merged with other servers and have near high population, and are back in shape. The merge was first in September thus we did not make Garrosh HC in time, but got him to 5%). - 14/14 MYTHIC SoO (13/14 HC pre-6.0, Garrosh 5% HC) - 7/7- N, 7/7-HC, 1/7 M, Twins 2% M. Highmaul (We also have ranked guild 5v5 LoL team, DoTA2 team, SC2 players, CS players, D3 players and a active PvP community) Raid times: Thursdays, Sundays (Sunday is off schedule during summer, seasonal holidays and during farm), & Mondays 19.00 to 22.00. Loot system: EPGP dkp system. What we want from you: You have to be mature, friendly and skilled. You have to actively attend the raids every week, being reliable and stable, as well as on time. We expect you to come prepared for raids, and to know your class as well as tactics. You also have to be able to take criticism. Which classes we need: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravenholdt/Flame+of+Neltharion Contact: http://flame-of-neltharion.guildlaunch.com (You can apply on website) - Skype: flameofneltharion - Battletag: MJSquash#2622 Amaranthiné0
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Wipe for Good Luck - Looking for active Raiders! Wipe of Good Luck: We as a guild are looking for friendly, expirienced players who know their class, and are still up for a laugh while raiding. If you fall under the above do keep on reading. A little bit about us. Our guild has existed for almost over half a year. At first it was just a guild made out of a bunch of friends who invited other friends and so on, untill we finally decided to raid. We progressed through SoO normal(14/14). Soon after that we pulled up our panties and started clearing Heroic SoO(7/14) sadly we could not clear it completely before the Prepatch of Dreanor was gonna hit. Ofcourse we wern't finished yet as the new expansion hit and with that Highmaul came out. At this point in time we've established a 5/7 normal highmaul and are deffinitely planning to keep on going all the way to mythic. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now that the small story is told, it's time for you to get ready to, scroll down for more info... Raid Times: Tuesday/Thurday/Sunday. From 20:00 till 23:00 server time. Listed roles we still need: Ranged Dps: Mage/Hunter. Melee Dps: Warrior/. The goal we have set up, is for us to get to Mythic raiding with an active base of members ofcourse. Sadly we are short a few dedicated raiders... And that's where you come in. Our current main raid group consists out of mainly melee, which is why we highly need more casters in our setup. So if you're one of the missing roles and are interested in joining our guild. Let us know in a reply below on this topic or with our ingame names and BattleTags. Calixy Yurei Háx Østensen#2678 Rumble#2427 Linkboi#2175 Or check out our website. http://www.wipeforgoodluck.ovh/index.html I wish you a good day, and maybe we meet up someday. Till then. Greets ~Háx Háx3
15 Jan 2015