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31 Jan 2015 Balance/Resto Druid (674) LF Weekend Raiding Guild Hi, balance/resto druid is looking for a guild which is raiding on weekends, preferably on Friday & Saturday evenings since 08:00PM (GTM+1) I'm a native Spanish Speaker looking for improve my English skills. I would change from my actual Server to the guild server. I would have nearly 100% attendance and im not a bad player. Raicall, Ventrilo, TS3,etc...is a must ;) You can see my experience in my profile. Thank you.Papecom0 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 LF warlock for long-term CM group 'Long-term', as in, we don't expect to oneshot all bosses on gold but rather we take it slow and steady, focusing on keeping the group together all the way to gold. A healthy dose of patience is required, but it will pay off in the end. We will be using mumble; you won't have to speak, just listen. We'll expect you to bring all the pots you need (food will be provided), and 630+ gear that is as optimised for CMs as possible. Group currently is: Blood DK (Ashiraya) Rdruid (Tolaris) Eleshaman (Tórtunga) Shunter (Peaceblossom) Add Ashiraya#2675 (Me) or DaSwagKing#2641 (Tórtunga) and we'll talk.Ashiraya0 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 Raidleder Vi er en lille dansk guild, 145 medlemmer, der rigtig gerne vil begynde at raide, men vi mangler en Raidleder :-) Den person vi søger skal have masser af tålmodighed, kunne samtlige taktikker, kende til loot system og stå for rekruttering af raidere til teamet. Du skal også kunne raide 2 gange om ugen, hvoraf den ene skal være enten fredag eller lørdag. Eftersom vi starter fra zero med raiding, har vi ingen Progress, men håber at med den rigtige RL kan det komme. Lyder det som noget for dig er du velkommen til at kontakte mig ingame på mit battletag: wowmoni#2821Tamirex0 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 6/7 mythic guild looking for Shadow Priest Good day fellow raiders; We have a very strong core roster but there is still once in a while spots available so apply if the following describes you. - Capable of maintaining a High Attendance - Good knowlegde about your Class & Role in general. - Capable of reading up on, and understanding, encounters on your own. - Good communication skills that are actively used during raiding. - Selfcritical and allways striving to perform your best. - Capable of handling criticism (EVEN when it gets very harsh!). - That you are very ambitious and always strive to improve yourself. - Team player - Dedicated in what you do. - Geared to step into progression We are from time to time listing what roles & classes that we are actively looking to recruit, but even though your class and/or role should not be listed, we are always considering exceptional applications for all classes and roles to strengthen our guild and community for progression! If you think you can perform equal to or better than our raiders, or in any other way got just what we need, then do apply! General information Nationality: International Raiding Style: Semi Hardcore About raiding (Server time GMT+1) We raid 4 days a week with a optional day sometimes added (mostly during Progression): Wednesday - 19:30-23:00 Thursday - 19:30-23:00 Sunday - 19:30-23:00 Monday - 19:30-23:00 (Tuesday - 19:30-23:00) Contact Civitas More detailed and further information about us can be found on our website, the following pages are particularly of interest to you if you're thinking of applying: Guild Information: http://civitas.guildlaunch.com/custom.php?page_id=102414&gid=283761 Guild rules: http://civitas.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9341257&gid=283761 If you have any additional questions our officers are available for a chat Application forum http://civitas.guildlaunch.com/ A few things to think about before applying 1. Is your character with the best consumables and craftables. 2. Good attitude, attendance, performance is what distinguishes you from being a trialist and a raider. All 3 things, not just 1 of them. 3. Do not rush your application, filling open questions with 1 word answers is not the way to go. 4. You will most likely be questioned in your application thread, this is because we want to know and understand more about you and your character. 5. This is most likely the first and only impression you will give us of yourself, be sure to make it a good impression by making your application worth our time. for more info cantact me on Speal#2317Speal0 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 LF Tank, Gold Challange Mode Looking for a tank for gold Challange Modes, going now. Add Chris#23898 for a chat.Elementastic0 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 Recruiting Raiders on Draenor Realm - The Nation The Nation is a 18+ raiding guild with 6/7 HC progress. We are aiming for Mythic progression and completion. Looking for DPS : *Balance Druid, *Ele Shammy, *Shadow priest, *Deathknight Raid Mon and Wed from 20h00 till 23h00 server time. Raids are taken seriously, but the fun factor is not lost however. Fun group of people. We use teamspeak 3 for voice communication. Respond to the forum, check out http://the-nation.enjin.com/ and leave a note there if you want. /w me in game "Zulbakka" for more info, or send in game mail. Looking forward to meeting ya.Zulbakka0 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 5/7 Mythic guild - Looking for a Ret Pala Hey if your a Ret Pala, WE WANT YOU ! We are currently 5/7 mythic high maul and we raid 4 days a week on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday, From 20:00 till 23:30 We are looking for a skilled ret pala to add to our roster, we do have a few other spots open also. If your interested add me via gamer tag and we can have a chat. Vokar#2132 Applications can be made at > www.severance-gaming.comVokar1 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 ★★(A) 7/7H 3/7M MAGE WANTED FOR MYTHIC TEAM★★ Introduction Coaliton are a raiding guild on EU-Shadowsong. We are a competitive guild and are looking for AN experienced Mage to join us in our progression through WoD. Raid days - Wednesday 20:00-24:00 - Thursday 20:00-24:00 - Tuesday 20:00-24:00 Attendance and Consumables We expect reliable attendance from all raiders as we want to establish a solid core team without having to rely heavily on bench players. People do have real life issues now and then and a day or two of freedom during rare months is more than okay as long as you announce it well beforehand. We would encourage all of our raiders to keep 100% attendance as it helps the guild to progress. Invitations are done via the in game calendar. You must accept or decline the these events in adequate time. Invites will be sent out a 15 minutes before the raid is scheduled to begin, and you should be online and ready for an invite with flasks and food prepared. Failure to prepare consumables in adequate number before the raid during progression periods may result in your dismissal from the raid. During farm, consumables are not required but are encouraged. Raid Spots Raid spots are never reserved for any players, and you must always try to show us why we should want you on the raid team. This covers aspects such as playing your class to its full potential, doing your best on boss fights (whilst understanding that progression can be a long and sometimes frustrating process), actively helping to clear trash, and having good raid attendance. If we feel that another player would be more deserving of your spot, you may lose it. Loot Distribution Loot is distributed using loot council with the Best in Slot rule. This means that if a player cannot receive a better improvement than the piece of loot which has dropped, they will be given it. If two players share the same BiS item then the loot will be given to the most active in raids, and failing that the one with the lowest ilvl. Our requirements to join our raiding rank is as follows Challenge Mode Experience Full PVE Gear 660+ ilvl Previous Mythic Experience Age 20+ and a Good Communicator Good Raid Logs from Normal Mode Highmaul Gold in proving grounds is a big plus. These requirements are not hard to achieve and they show you have that extra something special that we are looking for. If your someone who does not put effort in, please do not apply to join us. Applying If you are interested in joining us, Please contact one of us below or visit our website and make an Application Kissofdeath (Guild Master) Battletag: Kissofdeath#2982 Zeoste (Officer): zeoste#2586 Website: www.Coalition-shadowsong.co.ukKïssofdeath3 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 [Achievement group] Have... Have we met yet? Hey, was hoping to organize a group to do this achievement. Probably need about 20 players? Please reply and we can add each-other to get this damn achieve done :DDranarg0 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 [H] Fault Line - Draenor Recruting members. 7/7 N 5/7 H Hello, we are a mature guild looking for more players to add in our raiding ranks and having more socials. We are a newly guild formed in the end of Pandaria with a few veteran WoW players and a mixture of other players. Our goal is to complete all difficulties regarding raids, but we are in need of more players too form a mythical raid at this moment, and ofcourse downing heroic and geting a bit geared for mythic. Currently we are in need of Ranged DPS and a Tank. Tanks: We are looking for a extra tank to help rotate the raid signs and eventualy to go in mythic with. Sadly we are full on warriors in the guild, anyother tanking class is welcome. Ranged DPS: We are very much in need of a Hunter, but any other ranged DPS would do great exept Priest, since we are full on priests in the guild. We raid on Monday, wednesday, thursday and Sunday from 19:30 too 22:30. We would also like too have a application from social players aswell. If you are interested in joining a friendly inveiroment and have a laugh with us, then visit our website at www.faultline-draenor.enjin.com/ to make an application form.Kromackz1 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 Rogue Kazzak LF Raiding Guild 6/7 HC 665 ilvl Looking for HC raiding guild , Been pugging HC Highmaul and thought it was time to look for a raiding guild . Looking for a friendly raiding guild that pref raids on the evening.Muchstab10 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 674 Resto druid LF Mythic Guild Hi! Im currently in a guild where we progress very slowly. Theres some nice people in it that i've connected with, but another bunch of people i do not enjoy playing with. I have to pug a big mayority of the bosses when we are done raiding with the guild , and im getting kinda bored with this. Thats why im looking for a half serious raiding guild. I've done 7/7 HC 1/7 Mythic, and I've gotten The Twins to around 9% down. I don't want to join a guild that raids 5 times a week, but something around 3-4 days a week with a not to messed up schueduell. Im currently on Ragnaros realm.Anncharlotte33 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 3/7 mythic ww monk LF mature mythic raiding guild. Hello and in this following thread im asking for a spot in your guild and raiding spot. Who am i? -Im 21 years old male who works as electrician in lifting business named Kone oy. As a player im active mature player who wants progress. What im looking for? -Im looking for mature mythic raiding guild who raids 2-3 times per week, the time is not an problem. History - So my story begins in TBC where i didn't raid. In WTLK i did naxx 25, ulduar 10nm and icc 10 nm/hc. i had a brake in cataclysm but i did normal hc/dragon soul. In MoP i did mogu'shan vaults normal and some progress in hof, i didn't do much in 5.2 patch but i did progress on normal and heroic is SoO before the nerf. How to contact? Add me to battle.net friend: Juho#2888Modnaja34 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 [H] Draenor <We Are the Bestest> 1/7M | LF Dps+Healer We’re a laid-back raiding guild now looking to expand our roster for mythic raiding. Currently, we're 7/7 HC and 1/7 mythic, and we need more people before we can proceed to mythic raiding without pugs. All raid times are server time Wednesday - 19:30-23:00 Sunday - 19:30-23:00 Tuesday - 19:30-23:00 Classes in demand: Shaman: Enhancement/Elemental/Restoration (all very high) Warrior: Arms/Fury Rogue: Any spec Druid: Balance (very high)/Feral Mage: Any spec Monk: Windwalker Paladin: Retribution We've got an opening for a healer, all specs can be used. Preferably restoration shaman though. Other classes will be considered, so you still have a chance to join if your spec is not on the list. About us: The guild is on Draenor Horde. We generally have a laid-back attitude, but we value attendance and performance very highly. We expect you to know your class, and fully optimize in all possible fields. Drama and hostility has no place in our guild, as we try to keep a positive atmosphere around raiding. Our goal is to clear all mythic content while it’s current, but do so at a steady pace and with a friendly attitude. The guild itself is new, and was initially created after Warlords of Draenor launch, but shortly before Highmaul was released. We’ve been raiding with 12-16 people throughout heroic, but we now need a few more people before we can move on. The loot system we prefer is loot council, where we ask the players who need the item about their opinion. Our guild bank provides flasks, potions and food, but all enchants and gems are self-paid. The website is currently in the making, but has been delayed due to exams. Feel free to contact us here on the forum, or add us in-game and have a chat: Lovemagic (Guild Master): Georgi#2276 Pedja (Officer): Pedja#2458 Dalashawarma (officer): Schneppa#2667 Sock (Officer): Tobido#2186Dalashawarma5 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 Looking for experienced exceptional players. http://apocalypticeskimos.guildlaunch.com/ We need only the best! Apocalyptic Eskimos is a newly formed guild made up of in game friends from some top 100 World guilds and has recently moved to Frostmane EU and is in need of top quality players. During the end of Throne of Thunder most of us quit playing due to real life commitments, these commitments have not changed however we want to progress through Mythic raiding content on a 3 night only raiding schedule. We aim to provide a home to anyone who is exceptional at what they do and tired of just grinding out wipes to the same people failing to the same mechanics and spoiling the party for everyone. To achieve this we are looking for only the best of players, our idea of a perfect applicant is to have lots of raiding experience, knowledgeable about the game and eager to do well. Also you don't have the time to commit to a 6 hour 7 night a week raid schedule but want to enjoy quality raiding and compete for a respectable World Ranking. All applicants must be able to talk, write and understand English extremely well and be dependable. You can expect stability, total confidence in the leadership, progress and a great team ethos with us. We expect you to be exceptional, prepared, happy to give and receive feedback and as said already dependable and not afraid to spend the night wiping to a new encounter. We have 0 whine, emo and rage tolerance. Our job is to weed out the crap while its on trial so leave that to us. Raid Times: Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00, Thursday 20:00 - 23:00, Sunday 19:00 - 23:00. Once an application has been received we will respond within 48hrs and give a decision within 7 days. Do not contact us in the meantime unless you wish to withdraw your application. Trials can last forever, literally, however if you give a good account of yourself and do what you said you could, your trial should be wrapped up within a month. We ask every applicant to have a TS interview, if you aren't prepared to do that then don't apply. Please see the list of kills accumulated between us: WOTLK: 11/12 25 Man HC Cataclysm: Sinestra HC (Mythic): 22/06/2011 Nefarian HC (Mythic): 30/10/2011 Al'Akir HC (Mythic): 02/02/2012 Ragnaros HC (Mythic): 14/04/2012 Deathwing HC (Mythic): 11/07/2012 Mists of Pandaria: Cutting Edge: Will of the Emperor (Mythic): 07/11/2012 Realm First Cutting Edge: Grand Empress Shek'zeer (Mythic): 18/12/2012 Realm First Cutting Edge: Sha of Fear (Mythic): 20/01/2013 Realm First World Ranking 90 for Tier 14 Cutting Edge: Ra'den (Mythic): 21/05/2013 World Ranking of 86th for Tier 15 Unfortunately we faded away in Siege of Ogrimmar.Khazen1 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 681 - 6/7 Mythic - WW/BM Monk LF Raidguild more infos colard#2297Wipeanrunbak4 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 Buy Boost Emperor HC/ Kupie boosta na Imperatora Hc Buy Boost HC Emperor himself without loot. I would like to catch only to achieve. It can be both the English and the guild Poland. Contact us in the game: Ichizo#2275Ichizo0 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 660 destro warlock LF new home 4+days raiding guild (h) hello there im rerolling to main my lock as im not enjoying healing on my rsham as much as i hoped my current progress on my old main is 7/7hc 1 mythic progress on bracken and twins to 10% willing to realm transfer to the right guild if there is a open spot for a genuine raid spot i dont like sitting on a bench unless its progress and someone better geared than me can take my spot im 31 years old and always come 100% prepared via tacks and everything else i need always enchanted gemmed ready prior to every raid if this sounds interesting leave your btag i will add you as soon as i see it thanks for reading ryúkRyúk16 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 (A) LF Late night guild 3+ raid days (21+ Gmt+1) Active Hey to everyone out there. I've been rolling solo for quite a while now, but certainly hope to find a good home for my future wow experience. My Name is Michael, i'm 28 years old and from Denmark. I've been playing since the launch of us beta, and stayed on us till launch of TBC. I've got my fair share of raiding experience, in wow aswell as other mmorpg's. I've had small periods of absence from wow, but mainly due to guild dying and once due to work situations. I tend to play quite alot, and thus i'm looking for a guild that raids 3+ times a week or more if possible. All in all, looking for a very active guild. So far i've pugged Full normal and Heroic on my warrior and Paladin, had a few attempts at Mythic Kargath with pugs, best attempt 13%. And my monk + rogue is coming along. I've tanked for ~5 years, and healed for 2 years, so i wanted to roll dps in WoD, but i feel im a quick learner, and could easily swap main to suit such needs. I'm looking for something at these hours, due to the fact that i mostly work till around 20-20.15, and cant make it in time for most guilds schedules, however i tend to stay up to around 3-5am. Probably play around 4-6hours daily, more on weekends often. Figured it was better timing to try and find a guild as BRF is about to launch, rather than in the middle of peoples Highmaul Mythic progress. Warrior (ilvl 666) (Main At the moment): http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/Crayor/simple Pala (ilvl 652) alt: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/Deecz/simple Monk (ilvl 642) alt: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/Leakme/simple Rogue (ilvl 631) alt: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kilrogg/Crayon/simple Im currently located on silvermoon (4 chars) and kilrogg (5 chars), but i would be willing to transfer, however not faction change, so it has to be Alliance. Simple reason, its far to expensive for me to transfer 6-9 chars + faction change. I'm willing to transfer, to find a great home for the future. More specific details can be discussed privately i assume, so i'll stop the wall of text here. Can add: Freeczy#2860 ingame if you wanna discuss smt or ask questions :). Regards, Crayor.Crayon1 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 Prot Warrior (ilvl 649) & Unholy DK (ilvl 654) LFG Hi, My partner and I are looking for a new guild, our current one unfortunately is struggling to raid and losing players fast I have a prot warrior tank and partner has DPS DK we have a couple of ALT each, Ideally were looking for a a friendly smallish social guild that likes to Raid a couple of days a week and actively looking for progression. were both from the UK and would like a UK based guild mature players that have been playing actively for the last 3 years. any takers :)Smallbiggy6 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 Minerva at Sylvanas Recruiting. Minerva is a social raiding guild that used to be on ravenholdt then transferred over to sylvanas. we have the progress of 7/7 heroic highmaul and 1/7 mythic highmaul. We raid 3 times per week, Wednesday sunday and monday from 8 till 11 PM server time. We are looking for dedicated players that will be able to show up to raids, have patience and skills. in need of : druids(dps/heal) warlock paladins(dps/heal) shaman(ench) priest(any spec) hunter monk(dps/heal) Want more info add me: Majed91#1801Mãha0 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 [A] Decadence (Silvermoon) 7/7 Hc 4/7 M recruiting <Decadence> is a long standing PvE guild formed in 2005 on server Sunstrider on horde side, migrated to Karazhan during Burning Crusade and moved to Silvermoon as an Alliance guild for Cataclysm. Members of Decadence have always striven to experience the most challenging content in game throughout all expansions while being able to have fun and create an enjoyable and respectful raiding environment. With all raiding content cleared in previous expansions, our goals in Draenor aren't any lower. What do we offer: Strong raiding core Experienced officer team with more than 9 years raiding experience Stable guild environment with friendly and social people. What do we require: Good knowledge of class including off-specs and good general knowledge of the game Good raiding experience High attendance (4/6 raids per 14 days) Willing to improve your game-play Good theoretic knowledge of upcoming boss fights Gear appropriate to guild's current progress Raid times: Wednesday - 20.00 - 23.00 Thursday - 20.00 - 23:00 Sunday - 20.00- 23.00 monday- 20.00- 23.00 ( clear) Recruitment is open for following classes/roles: currently Healer: / Dps : Mage-retri palla-rogue-sp priest. Exceptional applications ofrother classes are welcome as well If you have any questions, feel free to contact our officers in game: Crapul//marvyn/brocken or crapul#2471 marvyn#2275 or vizit us on www.decadence-silvermoon.guildlaunch.comCrapul1 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 Rowas pandaren shaman... biggest ninja looter in EU Dont from group with Rowas from outlandAtlás1 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 Argent Dawn <Dances with Murlocs> 7/7 HC rec for Mythic Greetings. Dances with Murlocs is a relaxed and friendly guild committed to progression raiding. Having cleared Heroic High maul, we're looking to expand our roster for Mythic progression. With this in mind we are looking to fill several specific roles. Looking for: Balance Druid Elemental Shaman Enhancement Shaman Shadow Priest Discipline Priest Monk (all specs) We raid 8 - 11 pm server time on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. We also run non-progression raids on a Monday evening for the benefit of members who are not in our core raid What We Expect: Come Prepared (flasks/pots/fully upgraded gear) Research Tactics Know your Class Be prepared to listen Respect your fellow raiders Don't tease the Murlocs (they bite) Whilst we are willing to consider all applicants with a positive and mature attitude, this is a predominantly adult guild so we prefer applicants to be 18+ If this sounds like the place for you, check out our online application at www.danceswithmurlocs.enjin.com/recruitment Look forward to hearing from you!Zelbear3 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 [H]Entropy Dragonmaw EU 5/7 Recruiting Mythic HM/BRF Current Progress: 5/7M Raiding schedule: Wednesday - 19:30-23:30 Thursday - 19:30-23:30 Sunday -19:30-23:30 Monday -19:30-23:30. (Optional only if we're close to FK or farm left) Raiding times are subject to change during summer and holidays. Trial ranks should have 100% attendance. There is an alt group for the players who enjoy playing and gearing up other classes. Loot system is EPGP Lootmaster. Requirements: - mature behaviour and dedication - skills, fast reactions, knowledge and ability to think for yourself is highly appreciated! - appropriate gear ; - the more xp in raiding, the better; - thorough understanding of your class/spec and mechanics of raiding; - voice comm software is Dolby Axon; - a decent fluency in English; We are always looking for exceptional players to join our core roster but most of all loyal players who will stick with us through both pain and joy. So, if you're still interested in finding out more about us and maybe even popping out a serious application, please contact Horsecarer#2698,WindFire#2269Windfire0 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 [A] Hate - Terenas Look for raiders! TL;DR AT THE BOTTOM Hello. let me start by introducing myself, my name is Glynny and I am a member of the guild Hate on Terenas EU. We are a semi-hardcore guild and we are currently recruiting. Our current progress is [6/7] HC Me and Sam (GM of Hate) created our own guild and have recruited players for our raid team. Our team members all have good previous raiding experience. A lot of our members, including myself have been in some top guilds. I was a member of Order of Sargeras on Kazzak - EU which were a top 300 guild (I left due to real life issues and now I'm back). Me and Sam believe we can achieve the same. I wont lie, recruiting has been hard considering we started late in this expansion, we are looking for members to join our ranks and help us clear Blackrock Foundry as quick as possible and move on to mythic and clear it. Our first goal is to get 20+ active members to join our raid team and have a solid setup so we can clear mythic as quick as possible. Our next goal is to become a top 1000 guild and get a good synergy with out raid members then after that its to become a top 500 guild - I believe this is achievable. On top of raiding we are a very active guild outside of raiding, we do challenge modes, rated battlegrounds, arena, old raids and have a very active Teamspeak with members on all the time. We raid Wednesday, Sunday Tuesday (with the option to extend Monday if everyone is up for it, but only if we need to). Our raid times are 8-11pm server time. Tl;dr Hate is an Alliance guild on Terenas EU we are [6/7] HC and were recruiting the below classes. To apply go to: http://hateterenas.guildlaunch.com and click the 'Apply to guild' button on the left hand side. We are currently recruiting: Tank: Blood Death Knight Monk DPS: Balance Druid Mage Warlock Shadow Priest Rogue Elemental Shaman Healers: Resto Shaman All exceptional applicants will still be considered.Glynny0 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 660il RESTO DRUID lf raiding guild. Hi I'm almost 660il done hm norm and hc can only raid some nights a week as I have a busy life style I'm on twisting-nether realm horde would concider moving realm :) feel free to add my bn. Daveage@live.co.ukCrittykat6 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 (H) Actus Dei - Emerald Dream Recruiting Actus Dei has been around since mid/end TBC and opening our recruitment to sharpen our roster. Currently Recruiting: Resto shaman/Disc Priest Holy priest/Mistweaver monk Boomkin Warlock We do have a few requirements we ask from our raiders wich aren't negotiable: - Have a 90% attendance on our raid days (IRL however is important and we won't judge if u have something to attent to). - Be a mature and social player, we don't want any negative influence in our guild. - Always be prepeared for raids (optimized gear,flasks etc). - We prefer to handle a minimum age of 18 but we will however make exceptions based on maturity. - Don't whine of QQ about loot we will hand out loot how we think is appropiate. Raid times: Tuesday - 20:30-23:30 Wednessday - 20:30-23:30 Thursday - 20:30-23:30 We use mumble as a voice comm and we prefer you to have a working mic!. Add sharpwolf#2711 for more info Thanks for reading,Wðlf1 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 [H] Fairytail 7/7N 3/7H recruting 7:30pm-11:00pm 3 days Fairytail is a guild that was created at the end of Cata. It was able to take down DS heroic and into MOP was able to clear all raids on heroic. Now with WoD people have left and we need to recruit more any are welcome to join the guild but if you wish to join as a raider you will be given a trial. Fairytail is on the following servers because of Connected Realms: EU Ahn'Qiraj, EU Balnazzar, EU Boulderfist, EU Chromaggus, EU Daggerspine, EU Laughing Skull, EU Sunstrider, EU Talnivarr, EU Trollbane. The server is very busy and easy to get groups for and is currently High Population Slots open: we have slots open for all but need the following: HEALER Druid Priest Monk Shaman Paladin 1 DPS Warrior 1 Paladin Rogue Priest Shaman Mage Warlock 1 Monk Druid Death Knight We raid 3 days a week: Wednesday: 7:30pm-11:00pm Sunday: 7:30pm-11:00pm Tuesday: 7:30pm-11:00pm If you are interested in joining Fairytail you can whisper any member of the guild however if you wish to raid whisper Laevyra or send in game mail. We ask you bring flasks to every raid and back up food if needed however we normally provide feasts. thanks for reading and hope you wish to join us soon.Hellgar3 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 Ðogs Of War- 1/7 Mythic Team Ðogs Of War has been a successful and well-established Alliance Raiding Guild on EU - Emerald Dream over many expansions in 1 form or another. Active since TBC, and what distinguishes us from any other guild is the way we preserve our unique social atmosphere while progressing in the game. Our aim is to have a guild composed of players looking for a quality, relaxed raiding atmosphere, while maintaining decent progression through current content. WoD Progress 1/7 Mythic Highmaul 6/7 Heroic Highmaul Mop Progress 14/14 Mythic 20 man 9/14 HC 25 man Pre-Nerf 9/14 HC 10 man Pre- Nerf Raiding Schedule is: Wednesday – 20.00 – 22.30 Thursday – 20.00 – 22.30 Sunday – 20.00 – 22.30 What do we expect from you - Your gear, class spec, gems, enchants and reforges are top notch, so you can maximize your performance your character in the raids; - You are always prepared on boss tactics and know exactly how your class works - You are aware of what is going on around you, you know how to adept fast to new situations - You constantly try to improve yourself- You are able to learn from the mistakes you make and willing to improve for the next time - You can maintain raid attendance and/ or communicate with officers if something is keeping you from it. Currently interested in: 2 Healers- Resto Druid & Holy Paladin 2 DPS- Rogue & Mage Exceptional applicants of any class will always be considered. If you can meet the requirements above and want to build towards to being a raider with us, then please don’t hesitate speaking to Streamings or an Officer online or apply at: http://dow.guildlaunch.comStreamings21 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 [A] Over the Hill - Magtheridon Over the Hill is a casual/social Alliance guild on Magtheridon, the guild is primarily for over 25's but are never closed to sensible players of any age, we have a drama/stress free ethos and want to try and keep that. The guild would like to start raiding, we already have a lot of raid experience within the guild and though formed as a social guild by folks who thought their raid days were over the draw has proven too strong. We require 1x Tank(Not Monk), 2x Healers (Any) and 2 DPS(One ranged one melee) to help form a core gp of regular raiders willing to run 3x weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 2030-2330 server time. We have managed to cobble together a few runs using the social members we have but require more permanent raiding members to make regular runs. We are confident we have enough experience in the guild leadership to make a success of raiding as we have all raided at a fairly high level previously. Raiding experience is desirable but not necessary we are willing to take the time to help develop inexperienced players however you should have a basic understanding of your class/role and be able to play it competently in a gp setting. So if you are someone who has missed the curve and wants to get back into raiding or perhaps someone who has never had the confidence to attempt it then please drop us an app at the web address below and contact an officer ingame for a more formal chat. Hope to hear from you soon. oth.guildlaunch.comKapitanslow0 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 Weekly Heroic run on Saturdays. (H) Hello. We are a gang of 10 that are looking for more experienced people to join us for our weekly Heroic runs. It's a run where we try to kill as much as we can, while keeping it relaxed and fun. The team consists of both alts and mains, and we only raid once a week. Our focus with this team will be to clear the current content on Heroic mode, and maybe thereafter do some x-realm mythic if that turns available. Contact me via my b-tag: Norrby#2356 if you are interested. We do these runs on Saturdays between 20.00-22.30, once we farm the content it will not take this long ofc. /Best regards, Krono and gang.Kronologic1 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 LF WW monk and holy paladin for mythic raid guild Hello there. Hinausyhtiö from Sylvanas-alliance is looking just few guys more to join our ranks for mythic. Holy paladin and ww monk is mostly under looking. Ww monk - High Holy paladin - high Resto druid- medium What we require for mythic: Ahead of curve: Imperator mar'gok 660+ ilvl Knowledge from tacts Teamspeak 3 We raid on weekends, friday 17-19, saturday 14-16.30 and sunday 14-16.30 (gmt+2 timezone, same time what is in Finland) You can add me, if you need to chat/ask questions or just leave a comment here My btag: Aamunkajo#2965Elementelist9 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 FoN 2/7M Highmaul! Drama free! LF FERAL PRIEST TANK FoN 20m Mythic! Drama free raiding! Flame of Neltharion-Ravenholdt EU What we offer: Drama free 20m, stable progress and raiding. We have an awesome social atmosphere, everyone is friendly and mature. Active raid spots, we recruit to have you playing, not sitting on a bench. If you wish to play WoW to have fun, laugh (a lot), be yourself, and relax, while killing bosses and progress through HC modes, Flame of Neltharion is the place for you ! We want the game to be fun, both when raiding and when not raiding, thus we have an active guild with a lot of nice and friendly players in it. Vanilla Zul´Gurub Molten Core 1st boss. The Burning Crusade Karazhan Zul´Aman Gruul Mount Hyjal WotLK Sartharion Undying Naxx 10m. TotGC 10m normal T10: 9/12 HC ICC. T11: Glory of the Cataclysm Raider - Al'Akir HC - Nefarion HC - Cho'gall HC - Sinestra HC T12: 6/7 HC Glory of the Firelands Raider (Realms 2nd) T13: - Morchok HC 18/12-2011 - Madness of Deathwing 25man - 5/8 HC by 05/03-2012 (4 HC progress kills in a single reset after resuming 10man) - 8/8 HC after resuming from break MoP: Challenge Conquerors: Gold - Guld Edition - 6/6 HC MSV. (5/6 HC pre-nerf/ptach) - 6/6 HC HoF. - 4/4 HC ToES - 1/13 HC ToT pre-5.4(went on break) / 13/14 HC SoO Garrosh 5%. (ATT: reason for low progress in ToT and SoO was because the server population died, players quit the game and it was impossible to recruit; now we are merged with other servers and have near high population, and are back in shape. The merge was first in September thus we did not make Garrosh HC in time, but got him to 5%). - 14/14 MYTHIC SoO (13/14 HC pre-6.0, Garrosh 5% HC) - 7/7- N, 7/7-HC, 2/7 M, Highmaul, Tectus M p3. (We also have ranked guild 5v5 LoL team, DoTA2 team, SC2 players, CS players, D3 players and a active PvP community) Raid times: Thursdays, Sundays (Sunday is off schedule during summer, seasonal holidays and during farm), & Mondays 19.00 to 22.00. Loot system: EPGP dkp system. What we want from you: You have to be mature, friendly and skilled. You have to actively attend the raids every week, being reliable and stable, as well as on time. We expect you to come prepared for raids, and to know your class as well as tactics. You also have to be able to take criticism. Which classes we need: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravenholdt/Flame+of+Neltharion Contact: http://flame-of-neltharion.guildlaunch.com (You can apply on website) - Skype: flameofneltharion - Battletag: MJSquash#2622Amaranthiné0 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 670 Monk LF very late/very early raiding guild. Hello i'm currently looking for a raiding guild doing mytic with one of the strangest hours, around 3:00 am to 6:00 am server time. I can play all 3 spec but currently geared for Tank and Healer. Battletag: shahil#2873Shahil0 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 Rogue LF guild - 7/7 hc -2/7 mythic Hello, I'm looking for a guild who raids 2-3 times a week, and no later than 22.30 I'm willing to transfer + faction change, if I find a fitting guild ;o) hit me up either on the forum or at swaim#2806 ( i dont mind joining a guild with less progression at all )9 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 Mistweaver - Monk LF Raiding guild I can raid Tue - Fri - Sat. Have 7/7 HC 1/7 M 664 IlvlLevél1 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 Experienced 648 hunter+alts LF normal or HC guild I did 14/14 SOO mythic and 9/9 CM gold no problems in MoP but I started this xpac late, as a result I'm finding it hard to find a guild I am willing to server change, faction is a possibility but unlikely, only if I can't find a horde guild I don't mind if you are casual or hardcore, at this point I just want a raiding guild of some sort. My alts I can train if needed- 100 DK 100 Warrior 100 Mage 100 Rogue 98 Paladin 91 Monk 93 WarlockHauntzer6 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 ILvL 664 Mage LF weekend/daytime guild. Hello, I'm looking for a guild that raids on weekends and/or during daytime, preferable weekends. The longer the raids the better, I'll sign up for an application just tell me your guilds info.Virulia5 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 Lf raiding guild R DRUID 650il 650ilresto druid played since bc on and off lf raiding guild 3 nights a week Whisper me. Daveage@live.co.uk Concider moving realm aswell thanks guys and girlsCrittykat5 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 Looking for a raid Guild. 646 il+ fury warrior Im pretty new to wow but i have done a bit of raiding. It doesnt really matter to me how many times you raid a week because i spend most of my time playing wow. The guild im in now is just a little thing my friend created so i can leave it any time. Playing on Twisting Nether Character: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Klakos/simpleKlakos10 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 Mistweaver lf raiding guild Hello there! My name is Steffan, and I'm here to find a guild. I'm currently re-rolling to Monk, as I once was playing my Hunter, Zek@Draenor. My experience is such as. 7/7 Firelands - Heroic - Ragnaros, pre-nerf. 8/8 Dragon Soul - Heroic - No % buff. 6/6 Mogu'shan Vaults - Heroic 6/6 Heart of Fear - Heroic 3/4 Terrace of the Endless Spring - Heroic. Guild disbanded during, Sha of Fear progression. 13/13 Throne of Thunder Heroic. Pre 5.4. + Undying ra-den pre 5.4. 14/14 Siege of Orgrimmar Heroic + Obviously Mythic afterwards. If this has any interest, you're free to add me on Dege#2880 Take care. Dege.Dege21 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 Experienced Hunter looking for something new (7/7N HM) As the title says I'm looking for a new challenge. I'm 20 years old and work as an Aviation Logistics support adviser with plenty of spare time during the evenings and Hunter has always been my main (Also have a lvl 100 Resto/Ele Shaman ilvl 551) I have actively been playing since WOTLK and I am searching for a nice relaxed, progressive guild with a serious but fun outlook when it comes to raiding. I am an officer in my current guild but my time here has become stale and it is starting to take away my enjoyment of the game. I am a dedicated team player and know all the in's and outs of my class and always focused on improving my playstyle constantly. Although my ilvl is relatively I pull steady DPS (I'm pretty competative when it comes to my performance during raids) and can assist in many roles during raid encounters due to the versatility and mobility of my class. I have 7/7 normal HM and can raid from 20.30 to 23.00. If you are interested and are looking to bolster your ranks with a fairly skilled hunter add my battle tag Azein#2127 or drop yours below. I am situated on Doomhammer but will consider transferring as long as it is mutually beneficial Thanks! AzeinAzein6 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 [H] D H X (7/7hc 1/7M) on Draenor Looking for members About us: D H X was founded in the beginning of MoP as a social guild formed around a core group of members that have been playing together for years. As the guild has grown so has our raiding aspirations and we are now doing two raid groups with their sight set firmly on Mythic progress while maintaining a pleasant and fun raiding environment. What we are looking for At the moment we are looking for a paladin and/or priest healer along with a Elemental shaman/Warlock/Mage. We raid Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 2045-2330 server time With invites going out 15 mins beforehand. What we expect from you, -A mature attitude to raiding and in general, -Ability to maintain stable attendance, -Item level above 650, What you can expect from us, - A stable raid group, - A high spirited and pleasant raid environment. -A responsive and approachable officer pool. -Helpful players around to give a hand when needed. If this has sparked your interest feel free to post eventual questions here or contact Sìc (Battletag:adkrox#2756) or Ajaxus (Battletag:ajax#2677) Looking forward to hearing from youSìc0 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 (H)Molten Madness Late night raiding Guild TN < Molten Madness > We are a late night semi-hardcore raiding guild (1-4am server time - Mon,Thurs and Fri morning) back recruiting, check out our website http://moltenmadness.enjin.com if you are intersted in joining or have any inquiries . Must have prior raiding experience! Realm: Twisting Nether Progress: 2/7 Mythic HM Time and days: 01:00-04:00 am server time - Mon,Thurs and Fri mornings (Optional 4th day on Tue Mornings) My Battle tag if you with to contact me in game : Pteypan@hotmail.comPrimentity1 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 UK Player LF PvE guild Hey, just came back to the game and will finish leveling very soon, if there are any UK guilds that PvE quite a lot and take it seriously pm me. Can move to other realms if need beCuzzy6 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 LF Koragh and Imperator HC Boost, Hello, My guild has a Member Issue so we need puggers and some of them do not do well so if anyone need a DPS From Korag and imp id like to Join, i Know Tacts for the Bosses and i Put up decent DPS Either Add Me Ingame : Hanssen#2564 or Comment Here i Do not have AoTc yet, either but as long i Know tacts and do 20k++ dps i should be okayAlphabeast0 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 Experienced Player LF Semi HC Raid Guild Hi there, Been playing WoW on and off since LK, mostly pretty casual levelling or LFR. I have raided semi-hardcore though in another game so I know the ropes on the mentality side of things. I'm a 30-odd year old from the UK so I'm not into loot drama or rage-fests. Awful humour, swearing and all that is fine though (possibly preferable!) I'm looking for a guild that raids 2-3 times per week and is fairly active outside of raids too, though I like the odd night in front of the ps4 or on footy manager. Voice comms is a must. I'd prefer an Ally guild on a pvp server but open to anything really. I have a priest, lock and pally at 90-ish but might re-roll for the hell of it (and to save cash!) Cheers for reading :)Skelp22 31 Jan 2015
31 Jan 2015 [A]<Adrastos> Emerald Dream, 2/7M - 2days/week Hey, if you're reading this you might be interested in raiding with Adrastos. This will be a semi short summary of what we're trying to do, raidtimes etc. Our raid times are: Wednesday, 20:00-24:00 and Sunday, 19:00-24:00(server time). The thought behind it is getting as many raiding hours possible in two raiding days, so we don't have to raid three set days which in turn gives more flexibility for real life stuff or other ingame activities. We want to use those two days strictly for progressing, which means raiders should try to clear as much of normal/HC in pug's or in raids that the guild set up on of days (when we start with mythic) for gear upgrades. It might sound like it'll be three days, but the third day will be flexible and it will only be important at the very start of the tier. The type of raider we're looking for: We want our raids to be whining free. We've raided a lot before and what we've experienced is that in raid groups where people start moaning and complaing, it'll only go downhill (including and maybe especially from the leadership). We want to try keeping our raids as positive as possible, figuring out what's going wrong after each wipe and adjust accordingly. It's not about not calling out errors, it's about what way we want it to be done. Toxic players that don't know how to be a team player is totally uninteresting. Only raiding two times each week means we need everyone to have good attendance, 80%+. There will always be that rare event in real life you can't miss, but a usual week should be 100% attendance. When we raid you need to keep 100% focus the hours we raid. In this guild we want to do real progress in mythic content, and that won't happen if we have a raid who is not dedicated and focused while we progressraid. Our mentality when it comes to raiding is min/max'ing as a 4-5day/week guild would do. Showing up to raids with the best flasks, potions and food, have read up on the latest class updates etc. to push out as much dps/hps as possible is something we like and that's the kind of people we're looking for, to raid with. We're only casual in the amount of days we're raiding. TLDR: Raiding two times each week, looking for good and friendly raiders. Our progress in Highmaul: 7/7HC 2/7 Mythic. What we're mainly recruiting right now is: - Monk healer (high prio) - Shaman healer and DPS (high prio) - Rogue (high prio) - Warlock (medium prio) - Warrior DPS (medium prio) - Mage (medium prio) - Priest DPS (medium prio) - Priest healer (medium prio) But are you good enough, you will be highly considered no matter what we're currently recruiting. Check out http://adrastos.wowlaunch.com/ if you're interested in applying or you can PM gm/officers ingame for more info or add our battlenet for a chat: Mordanis(GM), Anima#2420 Süperrai(Officer), Raich#2682Süperrai7 31 Jan 2015