Death Knight

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17 Sep [Guide]Death Knight 101 (Updated for 7.03) This if for all the really new Death Knights; my guide on the class overall. In this guide I'll be covering our resource system, what abilities you have, how they work and what they do. I'll also throw in some suggestions on gameplay that should make things somewhat easier for you. It's worth nothing that Death Knights, at lower levels, are ridiculously powerful which is a state of affairs I found to be really dull when leveling my latest Death Knight; it's not much fun when you're immortal and killing things with 2-3 attacks, but anyway, here goes. First thing's first; Resources -We have two different resources; Runes and Runic Power. We have a total of 6 runes which can be used for any attack that costs Runes; Obliterate, Howling Blast, Festering Strike, Marrowrend etc. -Runic Power is generated from used runes and the amount of runic power generated is based on the rune cost abilities, for example, Howling Blast cost 1 rune, and therefore will generate only 10 runic power, Marrowrend costs 2 runes and will generate 20 runic power. Pretty straight forward on paper. Now we get to how they interact with each other. Runes begin a regeneration cycle of no more than 10 seconds when used; Haste will decrease this time but not by much. If all 6 runes are used in succession, the first 3 runes to be used will begin their recharge, while the remaining 3 will not. The second set of 3 runes will begin their recharge only when the first set is completely recharged. There are certain talents and built in passive abilities to speed this process up; these talents and abilities differ from spec to spec. Blood - Soulgorge; consumes Blood Plague from everything in 30 yards to increase rune recharge. -Blood Tap; restores 1 rune per use, limited to 2 charges. Unlike Frost or Unholy, there is no passive ability that will assist the rune recharge time. Frost - Runic Empowerment; passive, has 1% chance per runic power spent to activate on Frost Strike. After some time testing, I've found it's about 50% chance (5 in 10 Frost Strikes). -Murderous Efficiency; using the Killing Machine effect has a 50% chance to to restore 1 rune. -Horn of Winter; restores 2 runes and generates 10 runic power. -Hungering Rune Weapon; Horn of Winter restores 2 runes and generates 10 runic power while Hungering Rune Weapon restores 1 rune and 5 runic power instantly and then restores runes and runic power every 1.5 seconds for 12 seconds. Unholy - Runic Corruption, passive, has 1.25% chance per runic power spent to activate, granting 100% rune regeneration for a short time. Requires Death Coil. After testing I've found that this works out that +/- 1 in 3 Death Coils will activate Runic Corruption. Abilities - How They Work Each ability a Death Knight has has a rune or runic power cost. The following are abilities that cost only 1 rune and will generate 10 runic power per use. -Blood Spec:Heart Strike, Death's Caress, Rune Tap, Death and Decay (if talented) Note: Heart Strike generates 15 runic power. -Frost Runes; Howling Blast, Frostscythe (if specced),Remorseless Winter, -Unholy Runes; Scourge Strike (Clawing Shadows, talent), Death and Decay, Epidemic (talent), Outbreak, Chains of Ice, Defile(talent) The following cost two runes and will generate 20 runic power when used. -Blood Spec: Marrowrend -Frost Spec: Obliterate -Unholy: Festering Strike Unholy retains Army of the Dead at a cost of 3 runes which generates 30 runic power. Runic Power - will activate Runic Empowerment or Runic Corruption via the use of Frost Strike or Death Coil respectively. -Death Coil; usable Unholy spec. It's a ranged attack with 30 yard range and costs 35 runic power. This will also restore 10 energy to your ghoul per Death Coil fired. -Frost Strike; exclusive to Frost spec, single target melee attack. Death Coil and Frost Strike are often best used when you're at, or approaching, 100 runic power, but are ideally used when spaced out across your "rotation" which brings me neatly to the next part of the guide. Abilities - What to use and When This will require in-depth guides of their own but there are certain universal abilities you can make use of. -Anti-Magic Shell - use to soak high incoming magic damage; it generates runic power. -Icebound Fortitude - use when you're taking high damage or are about to, or to break and become immune to stuns. -Death Grip - when you need to close the distance to your target or interrupt a crucial cast. The adds on Kilrogg Deadeye is a good example of the uses of Death Grip -Wraith Walk - useful for closing distances and clearing root or slow effects. I'll be preparing basic guides for Blood, Frost and Unholy specs, but those aren't coming before Legion release. For now, as I said, this was meant to cover the very basics of the class for people who haven't played Death Knight before.Hakuteiken34 17 Sep
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4m State of Frost So, over on the DK NA forums, I'm seeing the sims showing Frost DPS to still be bottom tier with the new buffs. I don't know if this will actually hold up, but if it does, it's just another nail in the coffin, I suppose. I really don't know what else to say about frost that hasn't been said. -Our artifact trait is a !@#$ing passive; one that you can barely see and is utterly useless; it doesn't even make any sense with the spec fantasy. -Why is Sindragosa's Fury not our main artifact ability, why is it on a 5 minute cooldown when similar abilities from other specs have much lower or similar cooldowns for much higher damage? -Why does it take 20 points for us to get our second golden trait, when it takes around 15-16 for most other specs? -Why does the spec in general just feel lazy and incomplete compared to Unholy? -Why does it feel like Blizzard just doesn't listen to any of the feedback whatsoever? I'm the kind of person that plays what they love as opposed to what is topping the DPS charts, and I still have a lot of fun with Frost, but it just feels wrong and demoralizing to be at the very bottom and receive no attention whatsoever from the devs. It really feels like they just don't give a %^-*.Selythia13 4m
4m Vampiric Blood / Blood shield interraction. With 3 artifact traits in Vampiric Fangs, Vampiric Blood gives +45% max HP and +45% healing received. If I save my runic power for use during vamp blood, I should have a largely increased physical absorb shield as Death strike double dips on it's heal. I tested this out on a test dummy, and it doesn't act like it should: If I use 3 x Death Strike on a training dummy without VB it gives me 11% HP absorb with my current baby DK mastery. With VB that should theoretically give me 11 x 1.45^2 (because deathstrike heals 45% more and the baseline max hp which it's heal scales off of is raised by 45%). This should give me 23.1% absorb when VB falls off. It actually gives me 16% absorb when VB falls off, which is 11x1.45 only (rounded). SO I am actively missing out on 45% extra absorb, from the +max hp or +healing received, I do not know. When I use Dancing Rune Weapon, it should also be healing me 100% more (200% more with the Mouth of Hell artifact talent) and thus providing me with 100% additional absorb but shows zero interaction with my absorb at all. Theoretically, if I use VB paired with Dancing Rune weapon with the applicable talents chosen, I should currently get: 11x1.45^2x2 = 46.3% of my maximum hp as an absorb shield, when I'm actually getting 16%. From the currently raiding/well experienced DK's, do you think this is working as intended, or would the extra burst absorb help in a lot of situations? Do you think the extra 45% absorb generated we miss out on for VB would be a great/necessary addition to our tanking toolkit? EDIT: I've figured out that logically, Death Strike isn't benefitting from the +45% healing received, so I'm guessing the Death Strike/Blood Shield mechanic is calculating the shield before the healing takes place, so it must be a flat *It will heal this much before buffs, this is the absorb shield it will grant based on mastery* rather than *This is the total value it will heal for, this is the absorb shield it will grant based on mastery*Karashka11 4m
15m Sindragosa's fury has 5 min CD WW monk spell 40s Where is balance in that? It doesn't matter that Frost DK's spell has a larger range when tank usually has all Trahs mobs on himself and Strike of the Windlord strikes twice giving it chance to crit twice. Awful balance.Gletrix10 15m
44m How to make DK great again Woo clickbait championship here i come aight ?! Balancing thread : Easy balance options to make Frost DK viable again, Blood DK feel solid again, UH perform a little bit better (considering nearly every class got buffed and UH didnt, we are now bottom tier for no reason other than bad patching), here we go Lets start with FROST : 1 - Just give back the old flat +20% haste passive, it will speed up the spec, making it feel better, improve the dps to an acceptable point and make it feel less dull, having the GCD shortened, quicker runes and all. 2 - Modify the artifact ability, let's be honest, currently its pure !@#$, noone can argue that, it looks bad, doesnt really do dmg and is dull af. 2.5 - Heres how to do it ! Might of the fallen prince : Passive : Your Obliterate and frost strikes critical hits create icy copies of Icebringer and Frostreaper, which will then stab and pierce your foes for frost damage for 15 seconds. (Only right hand crits count, you can't get two from the same crit, you can stack to max 4 blades up at the same time, spawning another while having 4 removes the oldest one and replaces it with the new one that has a fresh 15s lifespan.) (You get a buff to know how many are around at the same time (like tank dh with their soul shards)) (They now act as dancing runic blades in blood spec, actually moving around you and hitting stuff you hit with animations) (They appear only in shades of blue, because they are 'icy' copies, made of ice, and leave a tiny fog behind them, just like path of frost does when flying you see what i'm thinking ?) Active : Unleash the power of the runeblades, sending the active copies of the blades piercing through your target, each blade dealing 125% of Attack power as frost damage and summons Sindragosa, who breathes frost on all enemies within 40 yd in front of you, dealing (2000% of Attack power) Frost damage and slowing movement speed by 50% for 10 sec, you gain 4% mastery for each blade consumed by the effect, lasts 20s. 2 minutes cooldown (2 minutes to make the CD a good part of the gameplay, and not making it stack all the time with EPR, it will give a short burst that can be usefull to switch on adds and a good buff that caps to a good 16% flat bonus to mastery, increasing burst damage and having a duration stackable with POF, bringing the mastery bonus of the burst to 26% if Frozen core trait is taken) 3 - Remove 'Ice in your veins' trait and replace it with : Might of the fallen prince : Increases the chance of Killing machine procs per autos critical hits by flat 6.66% per rank, 3 ranks. Giving KM 20% increased chance to proc, 40% if you get right relics, should be a HUGE boost to dps, just what the spec needs. 4 - Replace 'Sindragosa's fury' trait (given its now in the base weapon) be : Echo of the fallen prince : Summons an Echo of Arthas to aid you in battle, while at your side he mimics your attacks for 10% of your damage for 30 seconds, before disappearing he casts Fury of frostmourne, dealing 100% of the damage he did split between every enemy within 15 yards of him, and your current target. 10mn CD, 3 runes. (Your current target will always be hit by it, no matter how far he is from you) Dudes, i present you the frost's army of the dead-type cd, one use per fight, deals 20% of your burst damage in total, and looks great. 5 - Make Frostscythe proc Rime and make it replace Obliterate when taken, lower the crit bonus to 3 times normal damage instead of 4 so that it doesnt outscale that much the other talents of the tier, even if it will. That alone should boost Frost from last place to middle and maybe top tier when used properly with the haste buff. Now on to BLOOD : Damage feels a bit low in monotarget, but thats not the problem, the problem is the mastery. Its fricking useless ! The shields don't even last a full GCD when applied in higher difficulties than normal dungeons, so the artifact trait 'Unending thirst' is just as good when not taken ! Solution is simple, bring passive mastery from 12% to 20%, and make it proc from any kind of self healing exept leech, blood plague, heart strikes with Blood feast trait, and mostly, Consumption. Next thing would be up bone shield to 20% damage reduction baseline, from 16%, that little difference can do great into high level content. Now lets talk about PvP for a second, because that's where the whining will come from, just remember that from this hotfix onwards, wars can stack their shield to millions in PvP too, and i doubt that this little change will make BDKs that much stronger than actually. And for UNHOLY : I think the spec feels good, it deals fine but given that all other dps specs got buffed it needs a little something to compensate. Lets compare shall we ? Havoc DHs have their main stat as crit, and they have 16% passive crit. Unholy DKs have their main stat as crit (if playing castigator, which you should for pve) and have 5% passive crit. Lets make UH DKs have 12% passive crit. And that RNG on Festering strike ? Having simple to double the wounds based on pure RNG ? Come on, bring the wounds generations to 3-4 per strike instead of 2-4, and it will be enough. Something that simple would bring us just a little bit higher in dps, make castigator proc more and increase the overall dps by just a enough to stick with the other buffed classes without changing the gameplay and removing those %^-*-pulls when the rng just !@#$s you up and decides you gotta do 4 festering strikes instead of 2, now it should cap to 3 festering strikes when %^-* pulls happen, and since crit is buffed it should be even rarer, greatly increasing the feel of the spec overall. That is all i had in mind, more would be making DKs OP, altough i think Frost could use more buffs, like a split of Obliterate damage to include frost damage, 30% frost and 70% physical instead of 100% physical could be nice. So hey, i know this won't come into the game, but whatever, maybe a blue will see it and get some ideas, toodles.Elondrë4 44m
1h are we going to be the "new warlock" hello :) After every single dps spec below us are getting a buff, and our only buff is on the frost spec. i must say im affraid that we are going to be the "new warlock".. what i mean by that, is that we won´t get into any pug groups. if you Arent i a raid team already you will have a really hard time getting into one. this is just what i think. and i hope to hear your opinion on this state.Izabell20 1h
1h No devs giving any comments on DKs TL;DR version. We want more Connection with the devs and their thoughts on DKs As subject says. Why isnt there ever any comments from devs on DKs? I have for years now asked questions on twitter, on forums and even tried ending my subscription once with the comments that I never get ANY feedback on my questions. Not even a blue post saying "were looking into it". I remembered one time there were this BIIIIG balance diffrence in how great a setbonus was from one of the raid-tiers. Most classes got somewhere of 8-15% inc dmg from the 4-part bonus and after calculations DK got like a 2% inc. I asked EVERYWHERE and got nothing, zip, nada as response to why it wasnt buffed. There might be a reason for it or there might not be. Its the same thing now. I have looked for asnwer on the design-plans for DKs (specificly frost) and if any Changes are in the works for them. But we get nothing. Went through the US-forums aswell. I even managed to find a simmilar thread to this one where one guy just noticed the same thing. We dont get anything from any DEV ever. Not even a "we hear you guys, were working on it". They obviously saw that Frost was really low and gave us some much needed buffs BUT there are soooo many great ways of buffing frost and they decided on the worst one. Just giving us a plain number-increase when all forums. MMO-champ, EU, US are all screaming for a mechanical change and have given some all in all REALLY GOOD suggestions on how this can be done. It makes me so frustrated when my favourite class ingame feels really ignored by the devs (Yea I know you are out there and you are working on em, we can see that in the patchnotes) but its not enough... Stop making us players feel left out of the loop... because... well right now I have feelt left out for way too long :( :( :(Exeetor11 1h
1h DK fix Is the dk frost balance will be applied today?Hamzburglar4 1h
2h Can't decide between Ret Pally or UH Dk (pve) Hi, as said in the title i don't know which of this two classes i should level up. Now, im not interested in numbers (becouse i don't care about them) im interested to play a class wich is fun and doesn't get me bored in a little time. Can you guys please give me some help with my decision? I would appreciate if you could tell me a bit about how the class play, how the rotation feels etc.Abacinate0 2h
2h Mythic chest in our hall? Hi, so I've completed a mythic+ and have read that at the reset, we get some bonus loot depending on what +mythic level we did the week before in a chest in our order hall. However I cannot find this chest anywhere? Am I going blind?Sìn2 2h
2h Rate the Death Knight transmog above you Part 8!!! Last thread has reached its limit. You know the rules, rate the Death Knight transmogrification of the poster above you :)Cultism163 2h
4h Trinket Questions (especially Unholy) Hi guys, I have a question abtout some trinkets. I couldn't find soemthing usefull about this on Google. So what do you think are the best trinkets so far? I don't really like the ones from Emerald Nightmare. Maybe the best ones will be Hunger of the Pack (Fenryr) and the one from the first Boss of Maw of souls? Ofc on Myht+ high Itemlvl. Or is the Darkmoon Card (850) worth? Thank you guys CheersSlyzz6 4h
5h Could Unholy summons appearances be made customizable? Just think of the amazing variety it could add to the spec or class as a whole for a tiny amount of work for Blizzard. Just add alternative models to the artifact appearances, or something of the sort. I'm just getting a little tired of having a fat, bulging abomination or ghoul running behind me. Maybe similar for other summoning classes?Alienpasta3 5h
10h Frost DK - Constructive Criticism Hi all, I have been playing Frost in its current iteration since the pre-patch hit in WoD and feel that the spec is in such a place as to warrant some constructive criticism and discussion. I would like to go over some of the issues surrounding Frost's abilities, how it feels to play and its fantasy without getting caught up in meaningless numbers which the devs make up as they go along. Spec X > Y is arbitrary outside of high end mythic progress, so long as specs are relatively close the choice should be entirely personal. I realise there is a large disparity at the moment which I hope will be adressed, however I'm hoping for more long term changes to the spec. I would also like to add that while I do enjoy PVP I don't pretend to have much skill beyond adequacy and thus generally won't be addressing any supposed PVP imbalances. So without further ado, in no particular order, my feedback: Obliterate - My suggestion, like many others before me, is to make some of the damage into frost damage so that it scales with our Mastery and doesn't feel depressing to use (it sucks). I realise that in doing this Frost's Mastery and Versatility stats move closer to becoming essentially identical from a dps standpoint with the bigger number winning out, and Blizzard like to make their stats feel special and loved and safe from all harm, but this is a punishing design issue which needs to be adressed. My suggestion to fix this new issue would be to remove versatility entirely, its a bandaid fix to provide variation in stat distribution that is boring as all hell - who wants some + more betterer? Nobody, thats who. As this seems unlikely I shall leave this potential problem to greater minds than mine. Glacial Advance - The ability looks great and rewards good positioning and awareness, but only when it makes it out from under my feet. It needs some tweaks in its environmental interactions and pathing. Frostscythe - It has a fantastic animation and provides the spec with a solid choice for AoE cleave, however its implementation is very clunky. The second keybind is awkward to switch to, the fact that it doesn't proc Rime further breaks the flow of gameplay and in a situation where I want to be using it only on Killing Machine procs the frustration of Killing Machine munching raises its ugly head once more (getting a proc as you press Obliterate which is then wasted on the lesser spell, used to occur when Frost Strike could benefit from the proc). My suggestion would be to combine the fix to Obliterate having a % of its damage as frost and have Frostscythe replace it, dealing the physical component to the primary target while the frost portion cleaves all targets in much the same way that it currently does - purely an AoE option with no single target increase. Crystalline Swords - Just why? I mean, it offers no gameplay, looks ridiculous and doesn't fit the Frost fantasy. All in all, its a pretty safe bet to say that player's dislike of this passive is pretty much unanimous and its very hard to be constructive when faced with it. I would suggest replacing it, immediately, with some other less intrusive arbitrary % increase to our dps and moving SIndragosa's Fury to be our initial trait. Speaking of... Syndragosa's Fury - It looks fantastic and I absolutely love using it but the cooldown is too long so I rarely actually get to. Reduce it to 3 mins and tune accordingly. Obliteration - Perhaps my suggestion to fix Obliterate and Frostscythe would make this talent more enticing, but in its current state it focuses on a mediocre ability in Obliterate and offers precious little time to account for any procs occuring within its duration. I would suggest increasing the length by 2 seconds or so. Mobility - The overall lack of mobility for Death Knights is a clear-cut weakness in both a PVE and PVP environment, one which I gather is (somewhat) balanced out by strong damage and slowing effects in PVP but in PVE this weakness exists without the corresponding strength. This could perhaps be rectified by a second charge of Wraith Walk baseline which is removed in a PVP environment using the PVP template. I could go on and say something about each and every ability the Frost DK has, so if there's something you wish to add or feed back on then please feel free to add to this discussion (so long as and comments are constructive and calm, no #BuffFrostBecauseReasons please), but I feel the points I have addressed above are the most pressing from a structural standpoint - the rest is mainly just the numbers and coming to terms with the fact that not every single talent and trait can be a special snowflake. Thanks for reading (hopefully thats you Blizzard), and remember that this is all my own subjective opinion. Kind regards.Crayons57 10h
15h Speed up my DK? Hello! I tried DK and I have fun playing as blood, but I wish that my character could be a little faster in his movement speed. Do you just live With it, or have you found some ways to make it better in the legion expansion?Brainlezz4 15h
18h Koltira Deathweaver voice? Koltira has a normal voice, even with the deathknight voice effects on? Is this a bug?Lemort3 18h
20h Death Knight tuning Hello, I am a DK raiding in a semi-progress Guild in EU. I wanted to start a conversation between our community and the developers of this game because I think there are a lot of Issues that needs to be addressed and given feedback. I know I can’t speak for everyone and that there are many people playing a DK right now who are fine with the class. While this is absolutely fine, there are a lot of DK players who think otherwise and I really like to have some constructive feedback going on and have our concerns heard. Since I play mostly as unholy, I will talk mostly about this spec. There is a great Document by troxism about Blood and its shortcomings. For Frost, I guess we have to see what happens after today’s Patch. Anyway, let’s get started. First and foremost, I can’t state strongly enough how bad wraith walk is right now. That we need a glyph to make it even work is something I don’t think is intended by the developers. I understand that as per class fantasy we have to be slow and I don’t really mind as long as the discrepancy is within an acceptable margin. Please make wraith walker glyph the standard wraith walk at least and consider buffing this ability a bit by either giving it 2 charges or removing the pacify effect and add a DR or something like it. We don’t want to be Demon Hunters or rogues, but it would be nice if using wraith walk wouldn’t be as punishing as it is right now. Second, please look at our on target dps. When we were concerned about our mobility in Beta, we were told it is okay that we are slow because we will be doing great once we are on target. Right now, this is simply not true. Most classes with higher mobility are doing far more dps then we are, and after today’s patch we are actually the worst class in a pure Patchwork scenario where we should actually be one of the best as per your statement. Now I understand that not every class can be the best, and I don’t mind having lower dps then another class as long as I have something else to bring to the table. Sadly, with the removal of gorefiends grasp and our subpar mobility, we are a really bad choice for raiding or mythic dungeons right now. If everyone is doing similar or better dps, having similar or better mobility and bringing similar or better utility, there is no place for death knights in a competitive setting. For unholy, I think it plays really well. It is a fun spec with a lot of flavor and a lot of good options in the talent tree, something which I know is really hard to accomplish. It will be easy to tune our dps, preferably in a way that matches our “really good dps when on target” class fantasy. I know this expansion just released and there is still tuning going on, but at least for unholy there is a great chance we won’t get raiding spots in mythic progression which would be a real shame.Mortia0 20h
20h Frost and Unholy hidden artifact appearances So locations of hidden artifact appearances are still unknown for frost and unholy, anybody made any headway? If they were not found in beta its possible they hadn't been implemented yet or are somewhere very obscure, maybe will be found when raids eventually open, or when people manage to get their class halls up to a high level? Most of the hidden appearances seem to be in broken isles, the data-mined unholy hidden item makes references to ICC but nobody has managed to find anything there. Post your ideas or predictions on where we might find it!Alystwo49 20h
21h Frost or unholy? Who does more dps?Köminax11 21h
22h Are UH DKs undertuned? Unholy DKs were the highest dps spec DKs had and we were close to Warlocks and Retribution Paladins but now they received buffs and we were left behind. Have we sunk to the bottom of the classes when it comes to DPS in available specs?Peters13 22h
1d Change Death Coil, or remove GCD from it? First of all, I want to say that unholy feels really nice to play and the rotation is pretty smooth. It is Death Coil that ruins the really good feeling... I get that not all resource spenders should be very powerful, but Death Coil is VERY weak at the moment. It feels annoying to use a GCD on this weak ability, yet we have to use it A LOT. Something has got to change. The biggest problem is the ammount of times we have to use it imo. The best change to fix this would be to maybe remove DC from GCD? Or reduce it the GCD. This would make the whole build play a lot smoother. One could also make death coil stronger, but then it would have to stay like it is regarding GCD I think. Any thoughts? With this fixed i think the spec would be a lot more enjoyable to play, without buffing the damage too much.Bleakboy13 1d
1d Weak Aura Festering Wound Hello I would like some help in making the following WA. A WA that shows the spell icon and counts the stack of the unholy dk disease 'Festering Wound' on my target. However when it reaches 5 stacks, I would like for the Icon to flash a distinct colour like gold and then when it reaches 8 stacks for it to flash red. Would anyone be able to help me with this ? I have this WA so far: dOt(caGELs6LurzxivEnc0mPIQzlPBIG6BkL62ezNKYEHDtX(LGFsQYWKOXHqoTIHQuXGffdNQCqeKllCmQ0FPKwOeAPkv1IralxjpuPkpv1JjQNtYevk0ujmzenDuxKs4Qkf5ziLRlLnkQ6ZizZuvBNuvFuPGVsjAAIsFxPsJKkYHfz0IkJxPeNuPOUfsvxdH68uHLrQSnk1VLQHle4d0CPzxABJRW1rNo6CPJyCjCsCsiW3IE((QGHMo6kTPPJMUS6CjABIXDONVVkyKN(TlPztKnnBIkPLLix7s4tFwB8Kmp6hI1qrflc3jdOvIZRHIkwqG331ONP6afXBMHX50Iky8Mk2R3mmkIl3uCxYAUHmW5rkiXnjPqbb0CXZhkowJHQqgl7ndjyCYGanFFHdVa3jcTpHZVjNdgpxmu5yOrCjETNiHaNt1WWqGl1Q8abyW4Y1KsbbUAmu1aFJwqiHtotBZBWjbyCLxidbUAmu1aA0aJV61acCPwLhiadgNC89h5wLDabUuRYdeGbJVsYbe4sTkpqagmUN(ECQgggcCPwLhiadg3pjZt3abUuRYdeGbJ3uHv5AsPqr8MkSk3LiqIrr8MkSQ8czuemUF3WF2AaTSL4RGA6gHdVaFK7g8XmSv5UKxn4GeAU4djE(qXXAmufYyzVzilKH(czoNKjOcpzgPepDde4sPXabo7WlW9wHkyCVvOcgpv9YL2PvvbyW47oKCoOrCjEIKC4PBsvR8AOOILccW4MMKynuuXsbnxCfNKjOAN(yy89SqtyX(GXtqGNpuCSgdvHmw2BgsO5sZU02gmU(qZnRoxWaa Thank youThetracer5 1d
1d Crystalline Swords - change to Frost Bane It's dull. We all know its dull. But there's an easy way to fix it - using existing mechanics almost tied with the lore of those swords. If those swords were made from Frostmourne remains the runeblade hunger still exists. Frostmourne blade was shattered, its shards cant trap souls but still have an ability to drain soul fragments, at least for a while. Look at swords names: Icebringer Frostreaper Does it sounds familiar to you? Yes! Its the Shadowmourne mechanics! Just take a look: New name: Frostmourne hungers / Let them come Your attacks have a chance to drain a Soul Fragment granting you "A" of "B". When you have acquired "C" Soul Fragments you will unleash Frost Bane, dealing "D" Frost damage split between all enemies within "E" yards and granting you "F" of "G" for "H" sec. Where: A, F - amount, percentage, mathematical or flat B, G - any beneficial primary or secondary stats, name str / crit / mastery, B can be equal to G or different C - capper (c-stacks will trigger 2nd part), only viable in passive version of skill D - bonus "boom" damage, can be replaced with active ability to trigger 2nd part E - little trick to make it usefull in any scenario H - duration of beneficial buff Possible uses: Passive version Your attacks have a chance to drain a Soul Fragment granting you 5% critical strike. When you have acquired 10 Soul Fragments you will unleash Frost Bane, dealing 200% of AP Frost damage split between all enemies within 15 yards and granting you 30% haste for 15 sec. Active version Passive element: Hunger Your attacks have a chance to drain a Soul Fragment granting you 3% haste. 10 stacks limit. Active element: Frost Bane, requires 10 Soul Fragments Unleash Frost Bane, dealing 300% of AP Frost damage split between all enemies within 15 yards in a cone in front of you and granting you 10% strength for 15 sec. Alternative active version Let the Soul Fragments stack to N Set minimum useable Soul Fragments to M The more you use, the more powerfull the Frost Bane will be (Execute mechanics) Not much to be done - higher res ghosts and some recolor work. Look, I even done it Photoshop for you: What you think? What procs & buffs would You like to see in that new artifact mechanics? Not interested in constructive feedback? Take this wallpaper I've made ( ) and go away :)Pandemonium7 1d
1d Blood Dk, 21/09 - 16 Pre patch tooltip numbers. 1: Consumption: 265,837 - 2: Heart Strike: 103,991 3: Marrowrend: 201,020 4: Death Strike: 238,994 5: Death and Decay: 130,537 6: Deaths Caress: 34,122 7: Blood Boil: 89,573 8: Blood Plague: 129,120 9: BoneStorm: 43,950 After today's patch tooltip numbers. 1: Consumption: 215,078 2: Heart Strike: 93,390 3: Marrowrend: 180,917 4: Death Strike: 215,095 5: Death and Decay: 116,908 6: Deaths Caress: 30,710 7: Blood Boil: 80,616 8: Blood Plague: 129,120 9: BoneStorm: 39,548 So the reduction are. Consumption: ~19,09% Reduced damage Heart Strike: ~10,2% Reduced Damage Marrowrend: ~10% Reduced Damage DeathStrike: ~10% Reduced Damage Deaths Caress: ~10% Reduced Damage Blood Boil: ~10% Reduced Damage Blood Plague: Unchanged Bonestorm: ~10% Reduced Damage Not overall more than the team said that they would reduce, luckily Blood Plague was unchanged so it will not impact Umbilicus Eternus effect. What does surprise me however are three changes here, Deaths Caress, Consumption and leech. Lets start with a easy topic. Deaths Caress: Now for Deaths Caress case this should be no surprise by anyone who played the class that the ability itself is a joke, and it is a mystery why this was given to us in the current form. I can only imagine that it was hit by the 10% reduction because "everything" is to be reduced and that was the only reason. Now i can write around two complete A4 pages why this skills is bad and need to be changed, this skill is however not the main focus of this post. Middle of the road with Leech: Although the damage reduction to our skills are not that huge it is still going to effect our overall survival, some of our skills are offering leech based mechanics and as a side effect from dealing less damage those skills now heal for less, so the question here would simply be. Where leech tanking over performing or was this simply a oversight? The heavy hitter Consumption: The big talk is about Consumption. a reduction close to 20% is a huge deal, and i actually believed that it would be changed in a different way. But we got what we got, but why is consumption changes a big deal? Well the skill leech 100% of the damage it deals, a damage reduction of 20% is also a reduction in how good of a survival skill it is, and to be honest, i find it to under perform even more so after the reduction than before. The skill is supposed to be the weapons signature ability and yet the performance it shows is severely lacking Now let's not be mistaken, a Free DeathStrike Frontal cone damage ability every 45 second is great for damage, but i am not talking about the damage component of the skill. I am talking about the "defensive" component of the skill because lets not forget Blood is a tanking specialization and not a damage one. So for me the skill deals tool tip( 215,078) damage to all foes and heal for the same amount of damage it dealt, this is however before we add in armor. In reality it is currently hitting around ~150,000. Now considering i am boosting very close to 4 million health a 150,000 healing is 3,75% of my health on single target fights and would the skill deal critical damage the amount of healing would still only reach around ~7% of my health in healing. Now i am not here to argue about the damage component of Consumption, the damage is fine. But i am talking about the defensive aspect of the skill. And Consumption is severely lacking in one on one fights, something most bosses arePericlltor11 1d
1d RE: Patch 7.0.3 Hotfixes - September 23 - PvE PoV As you may already know, Frost is getting buffed. I'm going to try and consolidate the changes and their aftermath from a PvE point of view strictly, cause PvP is not my cup of tea really and I'm not qualified enough to discuss its balance for Frost DKs. So let's see what exactly is going on here: ... First and foremost - THANK YOU BLIZZARD!!!. Thank you for finally recognizing and addressing the problem. It's a start. Let's break this down into 2 parts: What has been done and What needs to be done, cause there's still much to be changed in my opinion. 1) What has been done: These changes address Frost damage by directly increasing numbers. While a welcome change, this is not a permanent solution. Increasing Obliterate by 19% is a good thing, but not good enough to compete with the new "king" - Machine Gun Frost. MG Frost is a build, that completely skips Obliterate for Frostscythe spam. And speaking of Frostscythe, it has been buffed as well. All in all, Frost AoE capabilities should increase a lot, while ST damage will be increased a little less. The buff to Breath of Sindragosa is interesting, but requires some testing in actual fights to determine its viability. I'm thinking that it won't be enough to compete with Glacial Advance both on ST and AoE. 2) What needs to be done: The core problems of Frost in my opinion are not in the numbers themselves, but in the interactions of said numbers with stats. Let's go over our main issues: Obliterate - our signature ability and our only source of physical damage besides autos. Which is why in it's current state it will always fall short to Frostscythe with the expansion progressing. Right now Obliterate just doesn't scale good enough to stay on par with FS. The solutions for this problem have been mentioned ad nauseam on these forums, here's some of the best imo: make part of Obliterate's damage Frost, make Killing Machine Obliterate's scale with Crit Chance (a la Chaos Bolt), make Obliterate interact with other abilities/have some kind of a proc. Bugged abilities - namely, Glacial Advance and Ghost Walk. Both behave super clunky anytime your fighting not on perfectly flat ground. Glacial Advance just loves to get stuck in any possible nook and cranny, and Ghost Walk can't fly over a 10 cm elevation unless you stop right before it, wait a second and then move on. I seriously doubt that's "by design". Definitely needs a clean up there. Artifact Golden abilities - all of them feel extremely underwhelming. None do more than 5% of our damage. Sindragosa's Fury - awesome nuke, awesome graphics (good job on making it look good without creating a lagfest for everyone else (I'm looking at you, MM hunters)), but it's cooldown makes it pretty much a flavor-only ability. A gimmick at best. It should be around 3 minutes to make it an actual dps-increase. Hypothermia - proc chance is too low, damage of the proc is ok, absolutely no visual cues - why? This ability could be changed into so many fun forms. A single example: "When you hit a target afflicted with Frost Fever with Obliterate, Frostscythe or Remorseless Winter you have a 40% chance per hit for Frost Fever to erupt, dealing X Frost damage to the target." This way we address several problems - Obliterate becomes a clear winner for ST, Hypothermia becomes more than a completely passive talent, Hypothermia performs well in AoE and in ST fights. Frozen Soul - it's just boring. Completely passive, again. Only useful for AoE. Path to it is complete garbage. And finally, the main offender, Crystalline Swords. This is just a sad, sad display... <4% of damage, does nothing at all for AoE, does nothing at all proc-wise, the animation is... Well, can't even call it an animation really. It would also help greatly if we could have an actual discussion with Devs regarding our concerns about Frost. What is their opinion, what are their plans? Clearly, they see that PvE Frost needs buffs but still there's little to no communication and that sucks. N.B. Everything above is an opinion.Draylock11 1d
1d death coil proc + dark arbiter Does dark arbiter damage benefits from a death coil proc? I also want to know how the uh dk damage is in PVE atm Kind regardsFinaso2 1d
1d Twinblades of the Fallen Spec? Hi everyone. I love Legion. I need to make that clear before I proceed. There have been a multitude of changes to all classes and many specs, but by far most of them have largely been ones that I either agreed with or at the very least found acceptable. There is of course an exception, hence this thread. I have come to the point where I have the time to level my first alt, being the character I post this on. Gravefist is a Frost DK. Has been since the days of WotLK. I love the fantasy of an undead warrior draped in ice and hungering cold straight from Icecrown itself. What I had barely thought about before was the fact that dual-wielding wasn't only an option in Legion - it's mandatory if you want to play Frost. I'm one of those ungodly bastards who stuck with 2-handed weapons even when dual-wielding came out on top in sims in years past. That's what a Death Knight is in my mind, a mirror reflection of Arthas/The Lich King and his cursed blade. For the most part, it seems that Blizzard agrees with that fantasy as well - both Blood and Unholy each get a pretty sweet looking 2-handed artifact. What Frost gets is comparable to leftovers. Not only did they not get the most iconic Death Knight 2-hander imaginable, a remade Frostmourne, but they also effectively lose the ability to even use 2-handers entirely? What this thread is, is me venting. I know that, but I needed it and admittedly started wondering whether others felt the same. I'm not angry with how this expansion has turned out for my favorite spec, but it wouldn't be inaccurate to say that I'm very disappointed. Any thoughts on this, my fellow Death Knights? I'd be more than interested in hearing what conclusions you might have reached on this matter.Gravefist1 1d
1d Trinket: Faulty countermeassure Fellow frost DK's Ive been running VotW mythic +2 for atleast 20 times in hopes of obtaining that nice trinket. But in those 20 runs. Ive never seen it drop for any1 in my group. Im losing hope and im hoping one of you guys can confirm it drops van mythic+ dungeons. I want it really bad. Thanks in advanceBullóg1 1d
1d Artifact trait "the shambler" Hi, im just curious if any other unholy dk has this trait or skill on your artifact weapon and if it procs often for you. i just did The warden dungeon and ive only had it proc once for me for the whole dungeon. I know its meant to proc once every 1.5 mins but it hasnt happen for me. Is there an Addon where i can monitor this closely to see how many times it procs?Koraboros4 1d
1d Unholy DK BIS Trinkets Emerald nightmare? What are the BIS trinkets for Unholy?Exiledgamer3 1d
1d Please Remove/Move Blood for Blood Hello, I would like to ask Blizzard if they could kindly remove/remaster Blood for Blood pvp talent, because it's bad. If that is not possible for whatever reason, could you at least not put in the first tier, thus making it the default top-tier first choice talent for PVP levels 15-28. It's one of the two blood dk slows and frankly 10% of my total HP for a slow is not worth it and while leveling my honor rating, it's just a bad talent to have by default. Thank You!Hristoslaptr6 1d
1d Recent changes + artifact point choosing! So given the number of buffs given to frost in the new build i'm left wondering about certain things! There's a number of questions on my mind that i'd like answering. 1. Is Remorseless Winter going to be used for single target purposes since it receives a big increase in damage? 2. Assuming we use a "machine gun" build is it still worth speccing into Ambidexterity Vs. Bad to the bone, on your artifact? Right now i use razorice for my MH, and the damage increase MIGHT be woth the investment. Unless ofcourse ambidexterity's damage for FS is worth alot more than the MH RI increase. 3. Why not use Obliterate when we have Killing Machine (on single target) and choosen the ambidexterity talent in our artifact? the rotation list on Icy-Veins mentions nothing about obliterate being in the rotation for the machine gun build. But given that expending runes faster and having chosen Frozen pulse talent (which receives a buff come next build) might mean more FP in a shorter amount of time (also considering its actually really hard to rune starve with the MG build when using frost scythe, believe me i tried.). but is it actually worth it given that Obliterate doesnt benefit from mastery the same way Frost Scythe does? Give me your thoughts and feelings on this! Also this is not a frost vs. unholy discussion so keep that away from here. Edit: nevermind, i can see that Icy-veins have been updated now. disregard what i asked.Chillstone0 1d
1d Frost Death Knight Underperformance Death knights seems to have been put a bit to the way side. Frost in particular. Unholy has some utility, seems to be at the middle of the pack, even on the newest sims it's roughly at the middle. Which is okayish. Frost however, despite buffs, are simming to be trash tier. Granted the tests aren't certified to be correct, they also assume it's a patchwerk fight which currently does not exist, furthermore the setup in the sim can be debated. Nonetheless, as a DK that dislikes the playstyle of Unholy, I'm left with few options. Reroll to a spec I dislike? Don't want to do that, play a different class? I'm the kind of person that sticks to a character so can't do that either. I feel that Frost and Unholy have vast differences in playstyles, I dislike managing pets for instance, while Frost undebateably is the easier of the two it is still a monumental ask to suggest that a die hard frost player switch, when some simply do not like the way the spec plays. I remain hopeful, assuming that this initial line of tuning is only in line to not mess up progression, and what people have aimed to use in mythic raids. Over the coming weeks however, we will need more of a nudge than those tiny buffs that even out to a roughly 10% buff. Sadly, that itself does not put us in line with much, furthermore we bring no utility to groups, nor do we have any movementspeed worth noting. As for fixes, there's quite a few possibilities that would solve our struggles, Breath of Sindragosa for one has a too long cooldown to be readily availible outside of raid encounters, for mythic+ they truly have to be timed, and frankly aren't powerful enough for cooldown at that point. Obliterate still doesn't scale with anything, scaling with either mastery or critical chance would be a sight for sore eyes. Our passive artifact ability is lackluster, as has been mentioned elsewhere, turning them into dancing rune weapons of sorts could be interesting. Beyond that, simply turn some knobs when it comes to damage. However, as said, I remain hopeful that these tuning changes are only in place as a placeholder to not upset the mythic raid progression, but given a week or two, I pray to see further balance changes in store for us. Oh and TLDR: Frost is still bad, we need more buffs. Badly.Trilok8 1d
1d Blizzard: Give us back Death Siphon, Pleaseeee Please Blizzard we need Death Siphon, i love DK but as frost we are kitted to death ... WOD DK, was just perfect , we lost so much utility ... please just give us at least Death Siphon ....PleaseeeRayland3 1d
1d you know blizzard... When we said Unholy DPS was alright, it was in comparison to the majority of classes at the time... When u hand every other specc 50k+ DPS then leave unholy without a Single buff u actually reduce the value of the Speccs DPS even if it hasnt changed at all.. now i know Simcraft isnt anything that massive or solid to go on, but tbh we've just reduced in the list massively... from mid pack to one of the bottom simming speccs there is.... i hope to god this isnt the case in practice...Aethlyn3 1d
1d RATE THE DK'S NAME ABOVE YOU 3V Old thread hit the post limit, so I'll start the third one.Cupcake332 1d
1d Blades of the Fallen Prince Hello, I haven't found anything about the subject on the first page, unless I missed something, so I want to express my thoughts here. The Crystalline Swords ability that the artifact provides seems to be a passive ability that represents 4% of my damage. I have no control over it, it brings no utility to my spec and the actual damage is more of a symbolic meaning, because it's hardly there. I don't feel im wielding a powerful artifact forged from the shards of Frostmourne. Does anyone feel the same? It's really way behind all other artifacts I know of, so far. Would love if it actually did something usefull to our combat. I'm not even going to mention appearances, some are pretty cool, but yeah, it could have been so much more to it all. Perhaps things will change? :P Wish the designers gave this artifact a second thought. Edit: Also this so called artifact ability is far from being competitve to any others especially in PvP. Please give combat utility or burst on a CD, like everyone else.Mirijam19 1d
1d Lvl110 Frost DK Hello i am in a bit of jam my problem is i die too easy my gear is not good at all. So i wonder now that i have a better head gear than the before should i buy me some demonsteel gear and if so what is the next most important gear: chest, hands,feet, waist?? any help is grealty appreciated Best whishes PetriPlåtpelle1 1d
1d Hidden artifact appearance and loot specialization This is mostly related to the Withered Army training and whether the hidden artifact appearance that can drop for the Blood artifact requires you to have Blood loot specialization or not. And if this may be the case for other hidden artifact appearances as well or if they can drop regardless of loot specialization. Thanks!Ferskie2 1d
1d Unholy talent choices Tier 1 -> AWS vs BS. In theory AWS outperforms BS on ST, but I've found BS to be far superior so far. Tier 2 -> Epidemic vs PP. Epidemic bloats damage meters like a mofo, but PP makes the spec so much smoother with runes flowing non-stop. Tier 3 -> UF if bracers, otherwise Castigator -> UF with bracers is incredible, otherwise Castigator wins every single time. Tier 4 -> Belcher or Asphyxiate if you have the legendary ring. The haste proc from the ring works on stun immune targets. Tier 5 -> LA for movement Tier 6 -> Tough choice. Necrosis is king on pure ST fights (like ursoc). SI is very good as well and IC should work in theory very well with PP and BS. Can't decide at all here. Tier 7 -> SR We almost clear HC EN and so far this is what I've found. Damage is around 200k-250k dps with a ilvl 850, 22% crit (low), 21% haste(seems just right) and 51% mastery(would trade for crit).Angmaar3 1d
1d Worth Rolling a Dk? Hey y'all. Been meaning to level an alt, but every time I look into how they're doing despite Legion being the melee-ocalypse everyone seems to be claiming they're class/spec is garbage. So forgive me for making a thread on this, but I'm considering making a DK alt, might do some blood tanking and unholy dps but it will be mainly for PvP. Good/Bad idea? There a class who does their job better at the moment? Apparently warriors are reliant on a team/healer, would unholy be a bit better independently? Thanks in advance folks.Sazir9 1d
1d About Unholy Artifac(PVP) Is there a single point investing more than 19 points to apocalypse ?? I went like this and when I look at the rest I really cant see if they have any use at a PVP instance.Lksn4 1d
1d Vindictive Gladiator's armor Hello, i just wanted to ask how some people manage to have the full set alredy. I've gotten chest, legs, gloves, helm and back from pvp WQ's when i was honor lvl 18 but now i only get gold and order resources and im honor lvl 40. Am i just unlucky or do i need a even higher honor lvl?Feelsdkman0 1d
1d Xavius Hi guys Xavius seems to be kicking my !@#. I take SO much damage and feel no matter what I do I'm gradually being put in a position where I have nothing left to do but die. I am only pugging at present and it does seem that the large add is up for too long, but after looking at the comparison between my self and Warrior, I am taking 3x the damage! Am I doing something wrong? :sAeronwen5 1d
2d Dk twink specs? Hey guys so im looking into twinking a dk and id like to know what dmg spec is better for pve and whicjlh for pvp and why? As of now i really have no clue, i played dk in wotlk and i dont recocgnize him anymore :))Ganway0 2d
2d Do Frost have the worst artifact skill in the game? Crystalline Swords.... -_- I mean wtf, its the most boring shiet in the game. The rest of the artifact tree looks decent tho. Do you think they might change it into an actual skill?Geckoz6 2d
2d Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One and Death Knight Hello everyone, First, I don't want start flame or hate thread. Just come with me to start discussion about Death Knight unique abilities. Unique... At Legion Death Knight (blood specialy) have terrible mobility and... Why not... Blizzard has idea that is normal for DKs. They are death machines when you come closer. Yeah... It is very funny came last everywhere in dungeons (Hi Mythic+) when everyone must wait for tank. But this make us unique... I played Demon Hunter and after starting quest I switched back to Death Knight and it was terrible feeling. Why I am so slow? No "hop, backflip, hop" abilities just go forward. But it isn't real problem. Demon Hunter haven't got ours (DK) abilities so this is his playstyle (little bit funny). Blizzard's idea is make each class unique so... You wanna walk on water? Finally I can help as Death Knight! Oh wait... Everyone have got Water Strider. You can say that is hard to obtain it, yeah it is, but is account wide, so... Bad mobility in Dungeons? Ok. But I have one unique mobile ability that it can help outdoors! Finally I am unique (Paladin too) I am finally faster then everyone! Yes! I have finally all requirements for Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part one! Even more speed! Jump on mount and... I am same as everyone again... These bonus speeds aren't stackable... So tell me, how is it possible that someone obtain Water Strider from hard work and he has got nice bonus via Water Walking and when We did all achievements for increased mount movement speed we got nothing? That is not fair... Really not. That is so bad if we got 240% now? Is it too much? It is about 20% faster then others. This is point of ours On a Pale Horse ability. I have terrible experiences about Broken Isles landscape. I found Foxflower which is under edge... Ok lets go! Wait! I am DK. No Slow Fall... We had very nice Path of Frost glyph on WoD, but why on Legion... Just die everywhere slowy... No! You can get items from Alchemy or Engineering! Yeah! I Waste my herbs on Avalanche Elixirs when Demon Hunter flying next to me with double space jump and waving on me. "Hi DK!". We have got Wraith Walk. Us Melee very "useful" channeling movement speed. 45 sec CD for 3 sec movement boost (+break roots). Oh yeah! But wait... We can choose talent for boost it. 50% increase duration effect! 50%! So much! 1,5 sec... (+break stun and snare). And for now? Have I break stun on this boss or wait for better mobility to next trash (Mythic+)? We are everywhere last. We haven't got slow fall mechanism. We are slow. WE ARE DEATH KNIGHTS!Aleane8 2d
2d [BUG] Razorice and RoFC in Arenas! Please show empathy and support this, by upvoting this thread. You might not care, but stand up for us. Who knows, you might be the next sometime ... TL;DR: Runeforge:Rezorice doesn't work for Frost-DKs in Skirmishes (and most likely in Arenas) (24th of September 2016). Runeforge:Fallen Crusader works only on the Main Hand.Yesterday I posted this one: Little did I know! After some more testing today: NO Runeforges are working for Frost DK in Skirmishes and I guess in Arenas. No Rune of the Fallen Crusader, No Razorice. According to Aereen bellow, Fallen Crusader works for Frost, when put on Main Hand, while Razorice remains dead. (After some testing, I can confirm this). For UH and BLOOD Rune of the Fallen Crussader works as intended!No updates from the developers so far. No mention in the balance patch notes (09/23/2016)Damaskinos12 2d