Death Knight

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3d [Guide]Death Knight 101 (Updated for 7.03) This if for all the really new Death Knights; my guide on the class overall. In this guide I'll be covering our resource system, what abilities you have, how they work and what they do. I'll also throw in some suggestions on gameplay that should make things somewhat easier for you. It's worth nothing that Death Knights, at lower levels, are ridiculously powerful which is a state of affairs I found to be really dull when leveling my latest Death Knight; it's not much fun when you're immortal and killing things with 2-3 attacks, but anyway, here goes. First thing's first; Resources -We have two different resources; Runes and Runic Power. We have a total of 6 runes which can be used for any attack that costs Runes; Obliterate, Howling Blast, Festering Strike, Marrowrend etc. -Runic Power is generated from used runes and the amount of runic power generated is based on the rune cost abilities, for example, Howling Blast cost 1 rune, and therefore will generate only 10 runic power, Marrowrend costs 2 runes and will generate 20 runic power. Pretty straight forward on paper. Now we get to how they interact with each other. Runes begin a regeneration cycle of no more than 10 seconds when used; Haste will decrease this time but not by much. If all 6 runes are used in succession, the first 3 runes to be used will begin their recharge, while the remaining 3 will not. The second set of 3 runes will begin their recharge only when the first set is completely recharged. There are certain talents and built in passive abilities to speed this process up; these talents and abilities differ from spec to spec. Blood - Soulgorge; consumes Blood Plague from everything in 30 yards to increase rune recharge. -Blood Tap; restores 1 rune per use, limited to 2 charges. Unlike Frost or Unholy, there is no passive ability that will assist the rune recharge time. Frost - Runic Empowerment; passive, has 1% chance per runic power spent to activate on Frost Strike. After some time testing, I've found it's about 50% chance (5 in 10 Frost Strikes). -Murderous Efficiency; using the Killing Machine effect has a 50% chance to to restore 1 rune. -Horn of Winter; restores 2 runes and generates 10 runic power. -Hungering Rune Weapon; Horn of Winter restores 2 runes and generates 10 runic power while Hungering Rune Weapon restores 1 rune and 5 runic power instantly and then restores runes and runic power every 1.5 seconds for 12 seconds. Unholy - Runic Corruption, passive, has 1.25% chance per runic power spent to activate, granting 100% rune regeneration for a short time. Requires Death Coil. After testing I've found that this works out that +/- 1 in 3 Death Coils will activate Runic Corruption. Abilities - How They Work Each ability a Death Knight has has a rune or runic power cost. The following are abilities that cost only 1 rune and will generate 10 runic power per use. -Blood Spec:Heart Strike, Death's Caress, Rune Tap, Death and Decay (if talented) Note: Heart Strike generates 15 runic power. -Frost Runes; Howling Blast, Frostscythe (if specced),Remorseless Winter, -Unholy Runes; Scourge Strike (Clawing Shadows, talent), Death and Decay, Epidemic (talent), Outbreak, Chains of Ice, Defile(talent) The following cost two runes and will generate 20 runic power when used. -Blood Spec: Marrowrend -Frost Spec: Obliterate -Unholy: Festering Strike Unholy retains Army of the Dead at a cost of 3 runes which generates 30 runic power. Runic Power - will activate Runic Empowerment or Runic Corruption via the use of Frost Strike or Death Coil respectively. -Death Coil; usable Unholy spec. It's a ranged attack with 30 yard range and costs 35 runic power. This will also restore 10 energy to your ghoul per Death Coil fired. -Frost Strike; exclusive to Frost spec, single target melee attack. Death Coil and Frost Strike are often best used when you're at, or approaching, 100 runic power, but are ideally used when spaced out across your "rotation" which brings me neatly to the next part of the guide. Abilities - What to use and When This will require in-depth guides of their own but there are certain universal abilities you can make use of. -Anti-Magic Shell - use to soak high incoming magic damage; it generates runic power. -Icebound Fortitude - use when you're taking high damage or are about to, or to break and become immune to stuns. -Death Grip - when you need to close the distance to your target or interrupt a crucial cast. The adds on Kilrogg Deadeye is a good example of the uses of Death Grip -Wraith Walk - useful for closing distances and clearing root or slow effects. I'll be preparing basic guides for Blood, Frost and Unholy specs, but those aren't coming before Legion release. For now, as I said, this was meant to cover the very basics of the class for people who haven't played Death Knight before.Hakuteiken31 3d
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
1h Ally Race? Making a dk ally, what race? best for ( PvP )Umíe5 1h
6h Will Ebola Cleave be a good setup in Legion? Unholy/Feral/Healer. I feel like it could be a very good comp because of the crazy mobility (Something that other melee cleaves are now gonna lack in Legion pvp). What healer would work best though? mw probably? Or Holy pala?Xumo0 6h
9h Warlock or Deathknight (help) So im considering playing as main one of the 2 classes, but im not sure yet which one i should choose. I need opinions on both and consider the following: I want to: PVP - RBGS, BGS, and Arena 2s only. PVE - Everything except maybe mythic raiding. I want a class thats resilient and has alot of survivability and good dmg ofc. What should i go for ? ThanksAmpère8 9h
9h R.I.P Frost DK Hi, I would like to ask you what do you think about current situation of Frost DK's. I think that they are pretty weak in comparrison to unholy and also to other melee classes. For PVP, Blizzard has removed any kind of a stun from Frost DK's except the one from talent Winter is Coming... Practically each melee class has some kind of a stun without a need to take a talent except us. And even then, stun from Winter is Coming is not so mobile... By this, we have almost no means for controling the oponnent... Then we have no means for interrupting the casters except Mind Freeze... Practically every class has more than one thing to interrupt the caster without having to take a talent, except us... Death grip should have more than a one charge as it was before, at least in pvp(you can make it as a pvp set bonus) because today almost each and every class has some kind of a defensive mobility where it can get away from melee pretty easy and with only one charge and practically no speed boost except wrath walk, which is more of an escaping ability with a pretty low duration... I know that Frost DK's has never been oriented about speed mobility but today, when most of the classes has those ulities, it is more important than ever to increase their's mobility othervise they are in a huge dissadvantage to casters. The other thing is a DPS. Frost DK's are far behind unholy... I have hoped that Blizzard will make both of those specs balanced, both in PVP and PVE... About defence, we have some deff cds(weaker than most of the classes has) but after removal of a Death Pact and a death coil combined with that unholy aura long time ago, our only heal is a death strike. With its use, you have to sacrifice a lot of burst DPS if you want to really heal yourself, you must use a cd's ment for DPS. And when you don't use them, it is a huge dps lost anyway, because of removing most of our dots and not generating nothing, only taking 45 runic power which is too much from my point of a view. Death Strike is all about the luck if you don't use dps cd's most of the time, which is not very good when it is the only stright life saving ability... And of course, Unholy has much stronger defensive toolkit than us. If you won't make some changes in a Frost DK's system, i am afraid that most of the players will switch to unholy and won't come back, which is a thing many of my friends that was playing a frost has done... You have taken too much abilites that was in both classes before and you have given everything to unholy... And i also think that many Frost DK's talents are not very well combined. I beg Blizzard to take a look on this class and to make it stronger, more mobile and to add more defensive potencial. Thank you for reading my post, I will be glad for any response. Sorry for my terrible English.Kaldrok49 9h
11h Unholy Minion I was wondering, how come my minion is bigger than some minions I see sometimes? it even sometimes has a different colour than mine, also how come when I see someone use dark transformation I see rotface/festergut, but mine is still this ugly purple abomination? Did I miss anything?Shéele5 11h
11h DK speed Hi Guys. I recently came back too WoW. I picked my old DK to go into legion with as i like to tank ( blah blah ect ect ) I feel slow. not Martha stuart slow but FCKING slow. Am i missing something it seems most classes have some sort of speed up ability. is the only one we have a talent? Cheers hunny buns. Lotioned Hand! <3Lotioned3 11h
12h Are DK's finished? What are other peoples views on playing DK's in Legion? -The nerf of Deaths Advance in UH. -Frost being laughable. -Self Heal limited to 10% Death Strikes. -Blood being good for Dungeon mashing only. It seems UH is the better out the 3 specs, but the only thing that is giving me hope is the Artifact Weapon spell; "Strikes the enemy, dealing 900% Physical damage and bursting all Festering Wounds on the target, summoning a member of your Army of the Dead for 15 sec for each burst Festering Wound." We could have some use for PvE (Middle pack DPS) but why on earth have we had Utility, Mobility and Self Heal nerfs? I feel like throwing the towel in because PvP wise other classes are a league above (WW Monk for example) Does anyone know if there will be another patch before Legion is released? Thanks for reading my rant, ciao.Pxpx7 12h
13h DK single target aggro sucks! Been tanking HFC heroic/mythic with a fellow paladin tank. Same itemlevel as me. Basically there's no point in my pulling any boss because the paladin out-aggros me in 0,3 seconds after taunt ends. Blizz seem to be happy nerfeing DK-tank single target in the pre-patch. Is this working as intended? Will the artifact really make up for such a huge damage gap? Of all the things to nerf, why does Blizz nerf the already pitiful single target dps of blood DKs? Honestly, three taunts is not supposed to be part of the DK tank rotation. We've got active mitigation to do! Not waste time on taunting just to hold single target aggro.Geráld14 13h
13h Rogue or DK Hi Guys, My main for WoD was rogue, I played a lot of Sub and Combat but those two specs feels so boring on Legion. I started playing a DK one or two months back and I absolutely love it. I too have mixed feelings about it, could you advise me what is more viable in your opinion? I wanted to main Frost or Unholy and offspec Blood (huge fight between the frost and holy too) Many thanks in advance !Sinndragossa2 13h
13h Unholy DK - WeakAuras Hi there! Short post here just to share something. I generally hate how most WeakAura's are just ugly buttons and meters so I generally try to make something that's more pleasing to the eye but still makes sense / gives the right info at a glance. Fell in love with my Unholy DK and made this WeakAuras setup to track the essentials, figured I'd share it for anyone that's looking for something similar. Here's how it looks: The bars on the side track Virulent Plague The red runes track Festering Wound Stacks The white rune is a warning that you're nearing Festering Wound cap (7 or above) The teeth marks are to announce Army of the Dead is ready The puff means enough Runic Power for Death Coil Hope someone can get some use out of it! 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Veranell0 13h
15h Unholy has a Ranged Rotation? So, I realised after messing with my DK for a bit that in unholy if you take the talent "Clawing Shadows", then the spec is mostly just a ranged dps. The only ability that is mele at this point is festering strike, you also loose the "sudden doom" passive at ranged though. Although this seems like a huge loss, after testing on a dummy and trying to do optimal dps from 20ish yards away, I got results that showed my dps only dropping by 30ish% from ranged. Unfortunately my DeathKnight isn't very geared so I'm assuming that somebody with a higher Item level may get different results! Basically the point of this post is me saying that if unholy can perform high ranged dps, couldn't they perhaps be used to cheese/abuse future boss mechanics? I'm not sure but its just a thought!Anniko8 15h
15h Cervantes - My Death Knight PvP Feedback Hello Guys! As a live streamer and Blizzcon Qualifier (2015) & Road to blizzcon & Eu Regionals Qualifier (2016) I was Getting asked a lot about what i think of death knights and how will death knights do, If frost is good or unholy is better etc, And i thought it would be good idea to have a little post that contains my feedback & what i think of the class Currently now and how it feels like in different PvP & Arenas situations. Excuse my English i know its not the best First i will be mentioning some bugs that needs to be fixed then ill try to go through a lot of other stuff and i hope this thread will be something useful for World of Warcraft developers to see how it looks & feel from a pro player prospective at a competitive level. The Bugs : 1- Ghoul Buging in Dalaran Arena? This always existed and the ghoul pet for unholy was stuck in the sewers tunnels and wont come down. 2- Death Grip going immune : Basically if you grip a Warrior while charging (the exact same sec he charge) your grip goes on a cd and it bugs the Warrior doesn't get griped same happens with warlock gateway or mage imunnity after blinking all of that makes it go on a cd without doing anything, dk had a minor glyph in WOD that fixes the issue when griping immune target and reset the cd of grip but even then the cd wasn't reseting with the gate/warr situation. 3- When you Death Grip a player around or close to a pillar in Ashamane's Fall Arena (the new legion arena) basically the target just phase into a bug and teleport to the center of the arena. 4- Razorice Weap enchant for frost death knights is not working in arenas on legion beta. 5- You can't run ontop the tomb in ruins of lordaeron Arena while Wrath Walk is up. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok lets get this started after me going through a lot of stuff there will be a 1 out of 10 scale for both specs at the end below about the Damage, Utility, Survivability, Mobility. What do i think of Frost : The spec literally has no Mobility, No Utility and 0 defensives that you can use to survive, the spec offers a lot of damage not gonna talk about it a lot cause there is not much to talk about other than that but the stuff i will be pointing out next will be referring to both specs not only Unholy, but frost has everything a bit worse than unholy in general except the damage it offers that makes it bearly viable. What do i think of Unholy and the class in general : First when i played the beta unholy was pretty cool when it comes to the damage and mobility felt solid when you could actually spec something like clawing shadows and its pretty good idea but felt like it was getting weaker and weaker over the hot fixes and hidden nerf patches, but basically now it feels like a damage waste if you actually spec it, And Virulent Plague Made unholy damage feel so week and not rooti/doti damage at all i wouldn't see rooting is any option or play style you can consider playing as unholy if you wanna play cleavy comps like shadowcleave which is lock dk x or unholy play which is sp dk x, dk is losing on damage on scoreboards even with diseases ticking wasted damage on every little pet and player in the arena is just not satisfying and not so much fun as that spec when you don't get to see any big crits and you still dont root the targets. Necrotic Strike? I wouldn't see why i would waste a talent on it, its not interesting at all waste of gcd, waste of talent of choice, waste of damage, meele range? i think the scaling of it should be alot higher to make it interesting or just making it baseline Mobility geting nerfed? Wrath Walk : imo this is really bad designed talent with a 1 min cd which made turned into 45 secs later after the Death Advanced Removal which is really not a fair trade, you can get rooted when its up, Why? the same sec i use it i get rooted my randomly by a warr charge or any other roots it has 3 secs duration and its gone until the root duration is finished and my 45 secs mobility cd is gone just like that and that is really frustrating when it happens, that's a good example that always happens to me and why it is really bad basically the short duration long CD and getting rooted as soon as you use it randomly. Unholy Presence and Frost Presence Removed? presences were removed and the unholy speed was turned into death advanced, few days ago Death Advanced passive was removed which is really disappointing specially when the class has feels like a rock already? Dark Simulacrum being a talent? i am not sure why it turned into a talent when it was always base line why do i have to choose between a defensive and a spell like dark simulacrum GCD? for both UH its really not fun when i have to waste like 6 GCD in the start of the arena diseasing targets, using gargoyle, using my pet transformation when the GCD is that slow the class really feels like playing a rock. Frost GCD (the cc duration reduction and GCD CD reduction was just removed with frost presence with nothing in return) Survivability and Self Healing? this is the biggest issue right now this is what made dks shine the past expansions, but lets just compare from last expansion when dk was still a good target for top comps like RMD and Turbo last expansion Dk Had : Blood Presence : Armor+Health+Passive damage reduction just removed like that ? why warr still had a 20% Passive damage reduction, Parry, Rally and even Reflect? Death Syphon : Used to heal for the damage it does so basically when you had cds up you or porcs or even weap enchant you could heal more and less without that over and it required a rune not runic power which is really important to point out cause making a heal require runic power is really killing it as you wont be able to use it when your dying with low hp your gonna be forced to do damage to make runic power to be able to heal mean while wasting all the GCD's to make the runic power you will actually be dead and i find that really frustrating. Death Strike : which required runes and no runic power which is really important cause in alot of situation you wont have runic power to heal when you comes out of a stun or a silence around 20% or so you will only have runes, its like a warrior that need 50 rage to press hes heal. Lichborne : In wod Lichborne heal a great thing you can rely on as unholy becoming undead and healing yourself by using deathcoil on yourself which is cool, Plus the leech healing and breaking charm effect such as fear is just removed like that i agree the break is not a big deal but the heal? Anti Magic Shell : which was 45 secs and had a glyph that made it 20 when you use it to avoid a cc with Icebound : Its the only thing that still exist but the thing is its nothing you can rely on to survive, its basically just a 8 secs duration 20% damage reduction with a 3 minutes CD? all of that made DK the plate class one of the squishiest classes in the game currently, and here is why No Passive Damage Reduction Which was blood presense (this is the biggest issue) cause DK feels like a mage now with its mobility its hard to get away with the slow gcds and all of that its like playing a squishy Rock... In Legion AMS : becoming 1 min instead the glyphed version we had in WoD that made it 15-20 secs, Atleast make it like wod so i can avoid a cc with it then the cd of it is reduced when i do that. Corpse Shield : omg this talent triggers me so much cause you cant actually use it and it brings me about the unholy Ghoul which is the pet that unholy has... the pet dies randomly like 10 times in 1 arena the pet hp pool should be a lot higher and its impossible to get anything from corpse shield cause the pet will always be in range and low hp already so corpse shield is like the worst idea ever invented to be a defensive cd, cause every time i am dying my pet is dying too or dead already (this triggers me so much when the pet is dead and i don't even get to use my defensive cd which i know that wont do much and still not even able to use it) plus you cant death coil heal your ghoul on top all of that. Death Strike : This is the only selfheal that dk has now, first it does heal nothing but the funny thing is that you don't even get to use it now in legion cause it requires 45 Runic power which is half your runic power which i need 3-4 GCD to make, I am never able to use 4 damaging gcd to make runic power to be able to use my heal cause i will be dead already meanwhile trying to make the runic power for it. Anti Magic Zone : is the only Magic Damage Reduction that you dont have to suffer while using as a dk right now, the only thing you have to suffer about is losing dark simulacrum. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- on a scale 1 out of 10 imo for both specs for ppl that always ask me Unholy -- Damage : 6/10 Survivability : 2/10 (yes its really depressing makes the class really unplayableat a competitive level) Mobility : 5/10 Utility : 8/10 Frost -- Damage : 9/10 Survivability : 1/10 (yes its really depressing makes the class really unplayableat a competitive level) Mobility : 3/10 Utility : 3/10 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I Do live stream so if you are interested in watching top dk or dh PVP&Arena Action and judge by yourself you can always tune in my stream. for updates and other stuff you can also follow me on twitterántes58 15h
23h Frost or UH for leveling from 100-to-110+early content? The question is given,which spec should I choose and why? (my DK has an initial gear,about 700 itemlvl)Destiñy13 23h
1d Is there any point in maining a Blood DK? I've tried all the tank specs on invasion and traning dummy and found that the dk has really bad survivability and damage output compared to the other tanks. Is there any reason for maining one in legion? Perhaps they become better with their artifact weapon skills? Just asking, because I wanted to main one, but now it seems useless.Midan14 1d
1d RATE THE DK'S NAME ABOVE YOU 3V Old thread hit the post limit, so I'll start the third one.Cupcake235 1d
1d Replace Death Strike with Death Siphon ... I just saw this on US forum and wanted to spread this idea and see what do you guys think. here is original post : 1d
1d Shattering Strike or Shattering StrikeS? RazorIce bugs Greetings I would like to share my findings about two potential bugs regarding to Shattering strikes and Razorice 1- I believe everyone knows about Razorice that even with latest patch it is still not working in BGs "PVP" 2- I was testing Frost strike with Shattering Strikes on dummies and I have found that ONLY Main hand Frost strike will get benefit from "Shattering Strikes" talent and the OFF hand will hit the target RAW with 0-1 Razor Ice debuff, Is that intended? funny fact that ... Shattering Strikes is plural not singular ... hint hint !Xundyne5 1d
1d Critical about frost and talents Ok so i will be critical about frost in this thread as ive been experimenting a bit with builds lately and gathering a bigger understanding of the class as a whole. I will start by simply say the talents are a mess... there is no kinder way to put it, its as if the developers created the talents when we had a 1 second global then didnt bother to change any of the systems surrounding the class when upping it to 1.5 seconds global. what do i mean you ask? While the class can create reasonable "dps" numbers that does not mean everything is all sunny skies, if you go through the talent tree you can find countless ways for the class to simply lock up and fail, a big example is taking all the resource assist talents and hell there are 5 of them... yes FIVE as obliteration assists in regenerating your runes by lowering cost, essentially this can end up with your class simply unable to function due to it being incabable of the speed that it requires with such talent design. "but just dont take those then" that isnt the point here, by telling somone to not take talents creates a quite clear flaw in the base system itself: the talents are there to be taken, not "not" taken, the issue does not stop at too many resources but also not enough where taking breath of sindragosa with no assists makes you stuck there with no resources and a useless 2min cooldown... To make matters worse there is the simple fact that several talents work poorly with the base class itself such as frozen pulse, as a death knight your constantly fighting a 2-side battle to generate resources, your generators are spenders and your spenders are generators essentially, this is why i always bash the current rune system over the wrath of the lich king version which had defined generation and defined spending, runic empowerment etc is just bad for the class in general as it makes it extremely difficult for them to reasonably creat runic power spenders due to them also automatically becoming generators. What im saying here is that theyve turned frost into something that you either read up on a build or risk having a spec so poinless that its not even worth using, even if it feels like your doing alot of attacking. Imagine building 2 nuclear power plants then hooking them both up to one average sized farm and nothing else... then imagine one little waterwheel trying to power a city, these are accurate but slightly exagerated examples of legion frost. Essentially most people will feel like they are limited not by their skill but by their talents making little sense, you will often end up with the feeling that you should be doing more but you cant because a majority of the talents simply dont work together at all, even in the "good" builds. Summary: They goofed up the frost talents, far too many ways for performance "increases" to actually end up being decreases due to the flawed design in the spec.Athrosh0 1d
1d Nerf This nerf was already implemented right? Death Knight Rune of Razorice now correctly increases the damage of some previously unaffected Frost abilities.Unholy Clawing Shadows damage has been changed to 130% weapon damage (was 150% Attack Power) and now requires facing the target.Måus12 1d
1d Race? I'm making a death knight, what race? Ally!Djungeln0 1d
1d Frostscythe of Lord Ahune as a polearm! I just really, really think Death Knights should be able to use this weapon. So here's to that, Frostscythe of Ahune as a polearm, pretty please! 1d
1d Rate the Death Knight transmog above you Part 8!!! Last thread has reached its limit. You know the rules, rate the Death Knight transmogrification of the poster above you :)Cultism68 1d
1d So, DK eyes. If I remember correctly, Blizzard said they were working on re-doing DK eyes shortly after the new models came out. They have now been bugged for almost two years with no fix in sight. Here's a gif of the bug in action. I think no further explanation is necessary. It used to be an easy thing to click my show/hide helmet macro to temporarily fix it, but Blizzard took that away from us.Salynthra3 1d
2d Frost builds to try If you have problems seeing them on the calculator just remember that "1" is the left-hand talent and "3" is the right-hand talent First up we have the unrelenting: This build simply does not stop attacking at all utilising strong autoattacks with enough resources to just about constantly chain obliterate and frost strike its an excellent choice for those who hate waiting for resources and like something simple, but be warned is primarily single target being specced into no additional AoE. Second we have the penguin: With no resource talents taken it simply utilises the frozen pulse heavily while benefitting from the strong bonus of shattering strikes, this spec will focus almost entirely on mastery to utilise all those heavy hitting frost attacks, with obliterate taking a back seat as more just a filler, its an increadibly slow build with harder hitting attacks. Third up, who could forget the wyrm: Simply put, a build that is literally just centred around keeping breath of sindragosa on for as long as can possibly be attained by making use of every single resource talent available there is little more to say about it. Well ill just leave it with 3 fairly different talent setups to try, and i will say that from what i have seen the frost death knight talents are EXTREMELY unforgiving for speccing outside of some form of cheesy setup.Athrosh0 2d
2d Frost or Unholy for legion? Hi guys, With legion round the corner I was wondering what you guys think about the current dps specs and which would be best for pve in legion. Doing some research and testing both specs out myself it feels as if unholy is doing more damage both single target and aoe... which is kind of sad cause I love frost and have loved it for years and I don't really like the little mini patchwork following me about! Would much rather have the old ghoul model or something. Anyway this was just to get some other opinion on what you guys think will be the best choice for legion. ThanksZølack1 2d
2d Update Abomination Model Can you guys update Abomination model or swap it with one with more polygons? This one looks atrocious.. i love its "Festergut" model when he goes Dark Transformation, or let us use a glyph. Thanks.Destur6 2d
2d Wraith Walk bug?? So I've been doing a lot of BGs lately and noticed that you can actually able to get rooted while using wraith walk and are stuck for the entire duration. Is this a bug or is it intended to work like that?Azzizz6 2d
2d Blood Boil nerf - no PvP template adjustment With Blood Boil already having a .3 multiplier for instanced PvP, it makes me wonder why there were no adjustments made to the PvP template. I think there are two possible reasons: 1. Even with the multiplier on it, Blood Boil dealt too much damage in PvP. This reasoning raises the question why the mult wasn't lower to begin with. 2. It's an oversight. I just wanted to get this out there. As of right now Blood Boil deals around 3k Damage in instanced PvP at lvl 100. What do you think is the case?Ronep2 2d
2d Rune of Razorice bugfix So apparently they fixed Rune of Razorice not applying for some abilities. Does somebody know which were affected? How much of a "buff" would this be? Maybe enough to save frost in PvE? *hope* ^^Stahlreck2 2d
3d The blood boil nerf little to none def cd's and now the dmg is gone, rly wanted to main blood dk in legion but it seems going dh-v or prot pally is the way to goDisikirecare5 3d
3d dusted off my dk, disapoint a little no dark sim :/ the disapoint... darksim has been on my bars ages, today I noticed I couldn't cast it, gets more cyan mana, nope still the button is not selectable... well turns out fun has been nerfed, this spell I have had for like the last what 2 , 3 expansions is now a talent?!? not only a talent but a pvp only talent and won't be usable in pve..... why ?!?! why would they do this, its one of the only fun spells this class has besides control undead and maybe deathgrip (which is still baseline dispite hainving little utility outside pvp most bosses are immune to the grip anyway! and dark command fills the need a taunt role) I don't understand why they are taking away fun this way, it dosn't add to the game it takes away ? did they do the same to spellsteal? how about purge ? also frost.... where did my burst go ? Im sure oblit would be hitting around 80k this thing hits for 16k, is frost a dot spec now? sure i don't have the best gear I have not even collected the new i700 stuff but Im sure it hit for a lot more before? tnxElack2 3d
3d Icebound fortitude Erm... Why can't I use this while stunned? That was like the meaning of the ability for me, a stun breaker. When did this change? Horrible.Crode0 3d
3d Strangulate for frost I know the spell is gone but im still not taking it off my bar, yes i still have the non function spell on my bar, its a spell required by frost so i am simply going to leave it on my bar even if it takes 5 years for them to return it.Athrosh1 3d
3d FW viable for lvling in Legion? I see so many unholy DKs, I really wanna play Frost because their artifact sounds like it has the most interesting story line. I've tried it at my current level and it's quite fragile and not as good as Unholy, but I'm wondering if it changes around lvl 100 on wards and could be used as a levelling spec. Edit: Dunno why I wrote FW for title, guess I was thinking of Forgeworld at the time.Eathelin12 3d
3d Frost DK Artifact Weapon suggestion I really like the artifact weapon on the frost dk, but can we please have the at least, the option to have it on the back ? Example:ødlikez5 3d
3d Unholy and Frost in mythic+. Opinions/thoughts? Hi there, I was wondering what your opinions on frost and unholy going into mythic+ dungeon content. I feel that in raiding unholy has a better answer for most things in comparison to unholy. But, mythic+ is a bit different as burst cleave seems to better for frost in mythic dungeons. Although, unholy has a little more utility for itself and epidemic will probably be strong to bank charges to blow them all in each mob pack. Do you think unholys bit of ramp up could cause a little issue and give frost a better advantage in these dungeons? I haven't looked into it but unholy seems like it will scale better further in the expansion but I dunno how anyn legendaries may affect this and maybe give frost more advantage to scale? P.S are you looking forward to playing unholy or frost more in the upcoming expansion?Gazbowdk2 3d
3d Blood DK im currently sitting at 745k hp pool and pretty decent gear for tanking. but my demonhunter who has 700 gear is so much more defensive. basically im making this post to ask is anone else feeling Squishy as Blood? my parry stats say 18% and my dodge 3% ? wtf is that? before pre patch i had like 25% parry with 20% dodge...Alkizon10 3d
4d Frost DK - stat priority? hi, what´ s the stat priority in the newest prepatch for a frost dk? mastery over crit and haste?Crackén4 4d
4d Why do people hate Deaht Knights so much? There seems to be a weird stigma surrounding Death Knights. We were always the most hated and least loved class in the entire game. Everyone thinks of us as we are the most broken class, while this is far from true. We have received more undeserved nerfs than any other class just because of this. And this makes me wonder... Is the force of the ignornant crybabies that strong? Does blizzard really balance things over memes now days?Fenyx15 4d
4d Warcraft Planet TV on Youtube Hi there I am from Warcraft PlanetTV on YouTube; What we do is record gameplay and make it into a YouTube Video for Viewers to watch! This involves Transmogs, RPing, Random Events e.g a Parade! If you are interested in getting involved, please contact me! Reason Why I have made this thread to to represent WoW Players on EU on YouTube if that is By Transmogs Pvp Pve or Role Playing events ,Including Class Transmogs You can Contact me Via Game or Direct Message on the YouTube Channel hope to hear from use all soon! The Link : 4d
4d The Trouble with DKs Is: 1 - Anti Magic Shell. It feels absolutely pointless. It blocks magic equal to 30% of your maximum health every minute. Mine says +/- 120k which makes it feel like it's a far weaker version of it's previous iterations. Indeed, against the current invasion bosses which can hit has hard as 500k with certain magical attacks which, admittedly, should be avoided, if a DK can't avoid it for whatever reason it'd be nice to have an option but there isn't one; you're too slow, so now you die because AMS just isn't going to save you. The worst part is that it doesn't even generate runic power with what it absorbs; that was a key feature with the ability. It only lasts 5 seconds so I'd keep it's 1 minute cool down and, if absolutely necessary, it would continue to generate no runic power, but I'd have it absorbing 100% of magic for its duration. It's be a pain in PvP but then again so is Ice Block and Divine Shield which, before people feel the need to point it out, can be dispelled, but as Death Knight still has some of the worst mobility ever, can we at least have 1 nice thing? 2 - Death Strike costing runic power. This is a major bug bear of mine and, despite previous posts in which I defended it saying that the artifact weapons, at least for Frost, make it heal 300% more while Icebound Fortitude is active, I simply cannot understand why it needs to cost runic power. Often times I find myself in a situation where I've no runes or runic power and desperately need to heal, but am unable to do so, and since DK mobility is garbage, I can't really even get away; Wraith Walk, to be blunt, is not good enough. I'd give it a much lower runic power cost; it only heals for 10% of max health normally anyway which any class can knock off with a single attack so it's not exactly game breaking to be able to heal 10% more frequently especially if the cost is a huge hit to damage output. 10 - 20 runic power seems a fair deal. 3 - Death Grip feels weird. While in PvE, doing stuff like questing I loved having the Glyph of Unholy Command which refreshed the cool down on Death Grip if we got a kill that would generate honour or experience. Now we don't have that and it's a 25 second cool down which feels far too long even now, and I don't imagine it'll get better with Legion. It just slows everything down, and you wonder if it's really worth using. I'd love to see the glyph baked into the spell. I don't believe this would have an adverse effect in PvP because it requires that you get the killing blow. It's possible to do that sure, but it's not likely, unless you 1 shot someone, that you'll be able to make use of multiple Death Grips within 25 seconds of each other. 4 - Wraith Walk. I like this ability, but it's not good enough in my opinion. Yes, currently it allows me to catch the pillar humping healer in arena and get him in a Chains of Ice or something, but as a means of escape it's lacking. Sure it clears roots and slows, but you can be hit with a root/slow again afterward even if it's effectiveness is reduced. This isn't a case of comparing it to Monk's Tiger's Lust if that's what you're thinking; although TL can clear movement impairing effects and applies a 70% increase in movement speed for a number of seconds, you can still be rooted or slowed while it's active, but Monks have greater base mobility than Death Knights anyway. If it was a case of Death Knights being so immobile but hardier than the more mobile classes that'd be fine, and I'd have no problem but the fact is that we aren't and for that reason I'd recommend that Wraith Walk end up with 2 charges or increased duration on it's current cool down. I have looked at the artifact weapons for all specs and I do know that: 1 - Unholy's increases the effectiveness of AMS and IBF by 10% which I suppose means that IBF will have 30% damage reduction and AMS will block magic equal to 40% of max health, and I sincerely hope that's enough but it doesn't sound like it. 2 - Death Strike efficacy will be increased by 300% while Icebound Fortitude is active for Frost and, using current numbers, a single Death Strike heal under those circumstances will be +/- 120k, but it's not the heal magnitude that bothers me, but it's cost to benefit ratio is just too high; 45 runic power... Not even Death Coil for Unholy costs that much. It's absurdly high and there is nothing for Blood spec in terms of artifact abilities that either improve the heal or decrease cost. I have looked into these problems and, at least for Unholy, I hope the increase to AMS and IBF via Deadly Durability is enough to make AMS feel better, but as it stands now these are problems brought about by changes I don't feel were at all necessary from any point of view which leads me to question why they were even made. Was AMS so strong it required so strong a smack from the nerf bat as to make it feel, at best, 25% as strong as it used to be? Were Frost and Unholy so strong in survivability that they required the removal of all their heals and a ridiculously overpriced, barely useful, Death Strike? I'm not asking for major buffs here; if it seems like major buffs then please tell me why as I'd like to discuss it. What I want is options. I want to be able to decide that I have to retreat, and then have the capability to do so. I want to have the option of using AMS to avoid a potentially lethal magical hit if I can't avoid it; if I was a Warlock I would use Dark Pact, Divine Shield as a Paladin, Ice Block as a Mage so why can't I use AMS as a Death Knight? I want to be able to heal when I'm at 10% health but my opponent is 1 or 2 hits away from dying, I want to be able to heal so I can dish that out. It's been a few times already that I'm 1 hit away from the kill, but because Death Strike costs a stupidly high amount of runic power I couldn't heal to finish my opponent; that 10% extra health would have guaranteed it. Let me know what you fellow Death Knights think.Hakuteiken11 4d
4d Rate the death knight above you The armory seems to have finally been fixedShadowmourne27 4d
5d Are you enjoy the new DKS ? so... are you enjoy the new DKS ? as for me... really if the class dont change at 110 this is it for the game :(Elizaday49 5d
5d Bone shield stack tracking Hi guys, I'm searching for good addon to track my boneshield stacks... Because when i use weakauras2 it only shows me when the buff is up not the stacks.. So could someone knows some good addond for that or help me to configure wa2..Bigiel2 5d
5d Unhappy with the current state of DK's On the US forums, a lot of players in the Deathknight forum expressed their frustration with the class which led to Lore replying: ... Problems with this: - Death knights are not "very strong once in range". Yes our damage is decent, but if this damage has been granted as compensation for the complete nerf of our mobility then it's really not good enough. We're supposed to hit as hard a truck but our damage is comparable to a lot of other classes in game which have much better mobility. This statement would make sense if classes with better mobility had lower damage, but they don't - Look at rogues, they have amazing mobility, amazing damage, amazing mitigation and survivability. Why roll a DK other than for sentimental value? - Every other class in the game has better mobility. This whole idea of the fantasy deeming us to be slow but hit hard is stupid. I would understand if other plate wearers were also slow, but a frickin' warrior can fear me than leap far away from me. Even if I Wraith Walk - It lasts 4 seconds and I'm completely pacified (can't do anything) in its duration. Why do DK's have a channeling speed ability when every other class can just press one key, and experience a rise in their speed whilst still having control over that they do. Not to mention it's a 45 SECOND COOLDOWN - You guys are acting as though you have actually significantly buffed our mobility - Do you know how long a CD that is? It's so long that it makes it unavailable most of the time you need it in PvP. I have experienced countless times where i'll be pressing the key for Wraith Walk (to escape being trained), just to see it still on CD. And when I do try to escape...It lasts for 4 seconds, so a warrior can just charge me and he's got me. - Below average, and plain mediocre ranged ability. If you had at least not nerfed Howling Blast to the ground, we could maintain damage on our targets from a distance. But now it hits like a wet noodle. There is no reason to even using a Howling Blast - an ability which fits well with the class fantasy of frost - other than to apply frost fever. - Below average survivability. We only have one heal. That is Death Strike. Which only does 20% of the damage you took in the last 5 seconds. This does nothing (20% of 100k damage is 20k, so you still suffer a significant net drop of 80k)...And it costs 45 runic power. That means if you're near dying and you use 2 death strikes to keep afloat, you'll be completely out of runic power. At least if the cost was lower (like 25) we could use it 4 times and stay alive longer. Also we're completely screwed when facing ranged classes. A good mage or hunter will maintain so much distance from you (even after Chains of Ice & deathgripping them). We don't even have Death Siphon anymore. Just to heal, we have to somehow get to them and have enough runic power by then (remember we weren't hitting them other than with HB), and use a very weak and taxing heal. - No CC breaks. I'd also understand if we had a lot of ways to counteract CC's and stay on the move compared to other classes, but we don't. We're slower than a tortoise and we can be left in CC-lock forever. How about at least a passive ability that reduces the effect of slows and CCs on us? By the time we're out of CC we're under 25% health due to our bad survivability. - We lack ways to keep people in range. We have to apply Chains of Ice to everyone we encounter (which costs runes) & if an enemy tries to escape with one of their superior speed abilities we only have one death grip on a 20-something cooldown. A warrior can leap, break Chains of Ice using their shout and go on their business. A druid can blink and shapeshift out of Chains of Ice. Rogues also have abilities like this and monks can just CC you whenever you get close. What do you guys think? I don't know if anyone from Blizzard will even see this but if you agree with the points upvote it and hopefully we may get some feedback.Ayý20 5d
5d DKs and legion I was really bummed when they nerfed our movement speed cause now i sometimes can barely keep up with fast groups in dungeons but with more difficult dungeons in legion i guess that will be less of a problem and i feel right now that i can do pretty good cleave damage since i mostly are playing with Bursting Sores I have lvl 100 chars of all classes and the last few weeks/months i have been playing them all to try to figure out what to play in legion. When i play my dk i feel so sad of the move speed and i change char to soemthing else but i always seem to come back to my dk cause i do find the game play pretty funny compared to most other classes So if we put aside the movement speed nerf what do you guys think of our damage potential in legion? Raids and mythic+ dungeons?Ambjörn3 5d
5d Another ''Blood DK's gutted hard'' thread Hello everyone! Just a quick thing: I'm well aware a lot of people don't share my opinion and i'm speaking only behalf of my own. If you agree or disagree, cool. :P So yeah, a short rundown of my experience here: I didn't play WoD at all and got to 10-man heroics back in Mists. I absolutely loved DK, played unholy in PvP with all the macros and CD management + Blood in PvE. Blood was amazing. The cooldown managing, the slight ''living on the edge'' feeling every time was there. It felt unique, fun and really made me feel like i had to adapt to different situations. Right now... not so much. I could go on and on about the ''no mobility'' issue we've been having but all i want to say is: Why on earth do we have skills that are extremely situational as our only choices? - A cleave which gives more runic power depending on how many enemies it hits? What's that? 1 target? THAT RARELY HAPPENS! - A skill that gives us defensive stacks which are depleted every hit? What's that? A group or multiple effects on you? THAT RARELY HAPPENS! - A runic power spender which heals you quite nicely and gives you a pathetic wee-shield? What's that? Overheal? Never heard. We have no clear, consistent way to generating runic power, instead of what happens atm is we need to hold on to our RP incase we get damage spikes. Which we do. A lot. And when this happens, just pray to god you time your death strikes when you are low, not when the healer pops something and you're full that 1 second and your heal goes out the window. And good luck in longer spams, because if our healer is unfocused for that 1 seconds, you explode. Been doing some mythics and some encounters feel just unfair even. I nearly always poop myself when i see my HP dropping below 10% and staying there as i try to keep calm and get my RP for the damn Death Strike. I mean jesus christ, give us at least something to work with. I am literally scared of using skills while i tank in case i start to take damage again. We are not juggernauts that feel strong close. We are just extremely fragile tanks with skills that don't work 40% of the time. And at this point i just have to ask: From a pure logical stand point. What the hell is the reason to play a BDK over VDH? They have the same-ish tanking style. More adaptability, more heals, less nerfs, more buffs. (Blood Death Knight & Vengeance Demon Hunter) Please Blizzard, do something. Whoever is watching over the balance of Death Knights there, is just smashing away at this point. By checking out the artifact talents, the situation is NOT going to change. Even the new skill is a ANOTHER cleave, which heals according to how many enemies it hits. WHAT!? WHY? WHO? WE LIKE TO TANK BOSSES TOO. The only thing making Blood DK's playable at this point is the fact that 1 of the raid gears set bonus is a rune refresh on heart strike. THIS SHOULD BE IN OUR BASIC BUILD AS IS. BIT A BLOODY [HEH] SET BONUS. Some things i'd like to see personally (Not all of them, at least 1): - Icebound fortitude, gimme. - If mob is immune to grip, pull me towards him. - Some sort of way to get back runes, except rune tap. That is pretty much useless as is. - Bigger shield on Blood Shield. Or decreased damage taken/increased parry. Something. - An RP spender which gives us helps with the RUNE CD's? I mean, sometimes i could use that marrowstrike but 1/2 runes are on CD. It really breaks me to stand there looking at the boss like ''Yeah, you hit hard now. Just wait till i get muh armor up again''. - Juggernaut in blizzard eyes, 2016. Ps. I still love the idea of a BDK and will probably stick to it till the bitter end. But i really, really want to like this more than i do atm. I really really, dislike the nagging voice in my head to tell me to ''reroll'' because it's the worst option for a tank atm.Nightsmile8 5d