27 Jul 2012 charm woodland creature Is it Possible if charm woodland creature could be changed into a better move? 'Depending on your enviorment summons 15 native critters 3 of each species to do your will' they'd still be level 1's but i'd love to be walking around with like a herd of bambi and tweedies following me in stormwind or turn it into a mind control but for critters and when we mind control them their level is raised to the cap and they can do some good damage (half of a hunter pet) I prefer the first one ^_^Lunarwing5 27 Jul 2012
27 Jul 2012 Balance or Feral for fastest leveling in MoP? Hey guys Im currently leveling a druid in preparation for MoP as I'm going to make a resto druid my main character when it launches. I'm just looking for some advice on which spec would be fastest to level with as I want to get geared and ready for raiding very early on. My hunch is its going to be feral but not sure. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks :)Xantec2 27 Jul 2012
26 Jul 2012 The current state of Resto Druids Hello, First of all I want to say that Resto Druid is my main character and I've been healing with resto druids since Vanilla. Please Blizzard, nerf Resto Druids. I already see where this is going and I don't want to become the FOTM spec. That would mean that we get hit by the nerfbat aprox 6 months after the release, making us useless for the year after that. (Like what happened in Cata). I know this is beta but at this moment resto druids got pretty much everything, 70k heals instant cast ready to be used whenever needed (3 shrooms, just put them up when you are at max hp). No real cooldown. Hots that heal 3x more then the Cata Hots, more control then anyone could possibly expect on a healer. 15 sec blinks... Ofc, it could be that at level 90 everything changes drastically but when it looks only a bit like the current situation we'll need a good nerf before we enter MOP. That way we scare FOTM rollers of and become a class that will be enjoyable for the -entire- expansion. (I'm searching for a 3v3 team for already 1 month and none is intrested in a Resto Druid for serious PvP. I don't want to get the same story in MOP after the nerfbat). Just my 2 coins.Taruth4 26 Jul 2012
26 Jul 2012 [MoP] Resto theorycrafting So; I've gone onto the PTR/Beta and tried out some things... We're limited to 100k mana Let's imagine we're running best possible rotation Options for stat builds: Haste Mastery Spirit Intellect [for SP] Considering that intellect no longer makes us "imbalicious".... What do you reckon will be the best way to go about healing? [considering that at the opening of every expansion; there are A LOT OF MANA PROBLEMS!] My thinking for MoP is Haste/Spirit to start with.... and slowly but surely start pushing mastery onto it [and let gear give me int] Edit: After a few little tests... I found that Lifebloom no longer gives revitalize. Regrowth crits insane amounts. 3-rejuv nourish seems to be almost... a must-have. Harmony lasts 15 seconds [or longer; not sure] meaning that swiftmend alone can keep it going.Alyanthe7 26 Jul 2012
26 Jul 2012 Feral pvp thread. Mastery or Crit ? Been pvping as a feral for quite a long time now and got abit curious when i heard someone reforged all mastery into crit rating. So i did try it and my crit chance got boosted up to 49.93% witch is insanly high but my bleeds pretty much sucks. Is it worth to use crit as a priority ?Daggedex7 26 Jul 2012
25 Jul 2012 I hate bear form Bear form feels so incredibly slow and clumsy. Okay, real bears also move slowly, and when they engage combat, it still feels a bit slow because they have a big body to move around. But druid bears are not big. They are cute round fuzzballs that are smaller than most other bears you see in the game. And they move like they are on slomo drugs. In addition, they suffer from the shapeshifting poof bomb. Whenever you shapeshift, you not only get a 1.5 sec GCD, you also get a magical smoke poof bomb transformation that leaves you a bit disoriented. You don't actually "see" a transformation, you just get a magical poof bomb, and then the result. That is not a transformation. When a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly, it doesn't "poof bomb" into a butterfly in a split second. In my opinion and experiences, this makes shapeshifting a lot more strenuous. I kinda hate it, especially in mid-combat. Also that stupid sound. You can't even shift into a form without people hearing it. Applies to moonkin as well. And especially when you accidentally hit a spell-key and suddenly without sound or visuals or anything, you are back in druid form without a clue as to what is going on. And then you have to poof-bomb back into cat or bear and because you are slightly disoriented you have already lost. Btw, the slowness of the bear is not related to the actual movement speed. When you are accustomed to a dwarf and then go play a tauren, the tauren feels really slow, but this feeling quickly dissipates. You get used to it. I never get used to the clumsiness of the bear though. Maybe it's just because you're always staring at his butt. Here, see how grizzlies run http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOY8D_8kOEc Their head is level with their back. Not hugging the ground. And here is the druid transfo in the original trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYK_Gqyf48Y It's a bit of a poof-bomb, but also a real transformation.Lestele34 25 Jul 2012
25 Jul 2012 Feral / Boomkin PVP. Who is the best (PVP) Feral druid EU? and who is the best Balance druid EU?Kaylo1 25 Jul 2012
24 Jul 2012 The point of claw? I have a somewhat unusual question: before 4.0.1, cat form used Claw ability as an important early attack. However, with the change to classes, cat form is now available at level 8 and mangle at level 10. Since neither resto nor balance will level using a cat form, I was wondering what the purpose of Claw might be. An ability you get to use for two levels (if you play as a feral), then throw away, never to look at again? Just... curious.Nathaira12 24 Jul 2012
24 Jul 2012 Berserk Personally I think that berserk could be improved And In bear form have a buff were We turn rabid and every attack puts infection on the target stacks up to 5 times and deals Low damage over 15secs but causes that target to focus all attacks on you pvp and pve. In cat form have a buff : rabid venom for every attack we do we deal 20% over 20secs refreshing with a different attack and infecting the target with rabies slowing the target down 10% every 10 secs for one minute And if it's not expelled deals high damage and spreads 50% onto nearby people infecting them all etc etc Enjoy :)Lunarwing10 24 Jul 2012
24 Jul 2012 Rejuvenation while in bear form. Hey, I see a lot of PvP druids who appear to be spamming rejuvenation in bear form. How is that possible?Gruborus5 24 Jul 2012
23 Jul 2012 Healing rotation in Arena Of course its different from time to time, comps and situations and so on, but in general how should a resto druids healing rotation look like in 2v2/3v3? For example, in PvE you always have LBx3 on tank. Who should be having LB stacked at them in Arena? And what about rejuv, WG and regrowth? Rejuv should always be on everyone in the team since u then can use swiftmend in case of switch. Otherwise it will cost you one extra GCD. Is that correct? And if you get low HP then what rotation should u use to get your health back up?Svartvit4 23 Jul 2012
23 Jul 2012 How to level a druid! http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/849/wowscrnshot072312214414.jpg/ Enough said!Lilgreenie2 23 Jul 2012
23 Jul 2012 Feral PvP Weapon? So I think I'll try doing a bit of feral PvP, at least until MoP when Resto Druids are going to be nice again. I have the 378 Ruthless Polearm, but I was just wondering how much of an upgrade it would be to use the 397 Cata one, or should I just buy other armour pieces (mostly full ruthless but with the odd bit of Cata gear). Thanks in advance.Dillóón12 23 Jul 2012
23 Jul 2012 Berserk (bear) question Simple doubt, how to use Berserk in boss fights? I mostly use it for adds and trash, but when on single boss fights like Ultraxion, Warmaster or even to nuke spine tendons or mutated corruptions how should I be using it? What I usually do is get 3 stacks of Lacerate, then Pulverize for the extra crit. Since I benefit from the 2 pieces bonus, I do Berserk after that so my Savage Defense has a higher uptime. Now from here it's good, but what I want to know is should I be mangle spamming for the entire duration or I should use other abilities for rage dumping like Trash or Maul? Does it gives a better extra dps overall?Niera4 23 Jul 2012
23 Jul 2012 Reactivated sub So yeh i reactivated my sub on my third account (lol) - Is feral fun again? xxxHmmnaatz4 23 Jul 2012
22 Jul 2012 Restoration in Cataclysm, worst expansion ever? To start with, Restoration druids were the only healing-class who didnt get any new healing spells. Druids got a 20% nerf on WG, while Blizzard buffed up Paladins Holy Radiance, clueless.. Now paladins got like 60-70% healing done with HR, at Ultraxion and other "stacking bosses", sounds similar to what druid use to have before the WG-nerf, oh snap? Resto has been extremely squeezy in PvP as well. If you get 2+ melee, or just a half decent rogue/warrior/dk on you, you will be dead in a couple of globals. The old Tree of Life-form was puted into a 3 min CD, by that we got the weakest armor by all healers (I got more armor on my priest with Inner fire). And what did Blizzard do about this? Nothing except "wait for 5.0 please!". Over!Bofink11 22 Jul 2012
22 Jul 2012 balance/resto stats & gear Heya, I'm thinking of rolling a druid, and was thinking of either boomkin or resto as a main and the other as off. Is there a difference on the stat priority, for example do you benefit more from mastery on the other spec than the other? How different gear (exept for the obvious hit rating) are the specs going to need?Malone2 22 Jul 2012
22 Jul 2012 Resto PvP trinket..? Yes I know I recently asked about feral weapons but I'm still confused about what the best trinket for resto PvP is. I see lots of people using the one that increases HP, why is this? Surely the proc one would be better for more spellpower even though it's at random times. Or is a PvE trinket more superior if you can afford to lose the resil for more throughput?Dillóón2 22 Jul 2012
21 Jul 2012 Druid Travel Form Re-done hi all, Basically i was thinking that next patch or expansion it would be nice to see travel form re-done and maybe have a swift travel form like they have with swift flight form, this would make using it a more viable alternative to using a mount as it could travel at the same speed as a mount and be instant cast instead of the 1.5 second cast time, also it would be nice to see it re-textured and have it as an elk or some kind of talbuk as not only would it not look like something out of the vanilla with rough textures, etc. but it would also be better in terms of lore and relevance to nature and all things druid. look forward to hearing everyone's feedback :)Airtharass6 21 Jul 2012
21 Jul 2012 feral/resto race horde side what is better race to pick for feral/resto druid in horde side fully pvp :)Azazyel8 21 Jul 2012
21 Jul 2012 Feral druid vs Frost mage PvP Im less of this matchup in either duel, bg or arena. Is it even possible to take a frost mage as a feral? and if so give me some tipsDaggedex6 21 Jul 2012
21 Jul 2012 Bit lost I think I am doing something wrong.I choose Balance for my druid..and as long as I have one mob I am fine.. but aggro.. I am dead in seconds..I tried to use entangel roots to keep other mobs in the area away, no luck.. Not sure what to do at this point.. The quests I am doing right now are with aggro.. I can't single out a mob or I have them all on me Any advice would helpQdax13 21 Jul 2012
21 Jul 2012 Movement suggestion Hello guys i recently started ( or at least trying ) to get used to rotate my movements with only mouse buttons + "a and d" keys, i always used to rotate my forward movement with "W" key but now using this is kinda feels weird and i'm failing at some points when i play with my feral alt, specially when i open i move a little bit much foward xD like at some point i'm becoming my butt turned to my targets face :P guees its just i'm not used to tho. My question is it any good to use this options to rotate myself further in pvp or are any of you using same keys to rotate yourself, and secondly it was possible for me to turn my camera to backwards and still keep moving forward so i could see or observer targets following me while using "W" key for moving forward, is this also possible while you use mouse buttons to rotate yourself? Thanks a bunch :)Varen5 21 Jul 2012
21 Jul 2012 Unbalanced feral Guys people say feral is half immortal why? Reasons first he are half tank specc blizz fixing that next patch secend he are not that damegable in pvp that why mop going to be great on feral so 90% of the war well understand meBearx12 21 Jul 2012
21 Jul 2012 -Removed- -Removed-Cráss0 21 Jul 2012
20 Jul 2012 Balance PVP So i recently been trying out boomkin PVP and it really fun but im wondering is it needed to go full out on pvp gear (resilence wise i mean) or can i mix in some PVE items like trinket and maby the weapon i curently using, for some added "burst". Ty in advance.Shedwyne36 20 Jul 2012
20 Jul 2012 IYO, what is the best Druid spec for PvE? Now, I don't care about PvP, I have no interest in that whatsoever. I just wanted to know from various Druids across these forums what do you think is the best spec for PvE? We have, in my opinion: - Tanking(Bear) which lacks AoE attacks. - Ranged DPS(Boomkin) which is about average on the damage meters. - Melee DPS(Cat) which is about to be nerfed due to PvP. - Resto(Tree) which has changed, but also seems average. Which Spec do you guys play and which do you think is the better spec PvEwise?. I myself play Boomkin and Resto OS, again they both seem average which i'd say is good in this day and age. But I know some people swear by their Bear& Kitty Cat. Just wanted to hear opinions. Thanks, Petx4 Petpetpetpet13 20 Jul 2012
20 Jul 2012 feral PVE damage Hey! Im currently on 388 ilvl and i've done a couple of guild runs and looking for raids. On the guild runs our arms warrior and spriest outdps me easily even tho I have better gear AND make my rotation perfectly without loosing SR, rake and rip. Is this how it should be or am I doing it wrong?Druiddude6 20 Jul 2012
20 Jul 2012 T2 dagger or Madness dagger Hey i just got 2.2k on my balance druid and i wodner should i use the t2 weap or the dagger from normal madness or maybe even heroic mace from morchok ? im mostly doing arenas, rbgs and wpvp.Dottárn3 20 Jul 2012
20 Jul 2012 Dual Resto/Feral? Hi, is it worth is going dual feral resto? Are druids still strong in cata or do they suck now? PS: there is only one sticky in druids forum, which sucks, in WotLK there were alot, where noobs like me could read all infos :-(Sapgastic2 20 Jul 2012
20 Jul 2012 Lifebloom am I correct in saying we ONLY use this on Tank? If so, should I use a Lifebloom on Focus macro?Conspirata21 20 Jul 2012
18 Jul 2012 Moonkin PvE rotation. So I am going to start doing normal DS, which means I kinda need to start doing acceptable dps. I have some PvE gear (not geared right now) and I'm obviously not hitcapped, but I do still feel like I should be doing more dps than I am atm. So a few questions: - How much dps is acceptable for a moonkin in single target with full hit cap? - What rotation should I be using? - Should I be using Mushrooms during the fight, or just ut some down before the fight starts? Thanks in advance.Hackedqt8 18 Jul 2012
18 Jul 2012 too many skills not enuf buttons I'm wondering how other people deal with this. Traditionally, when I played feral cat my main skill bar layout has been: [1] Mangle, [2] Rake, [3] Swipe, [4] Ravage [5] Fericious Bite, [6] Rip Then I have Skull Bash on [E] and Feral Charge on [R] and Maim on [T]. Tiger's Fury is on [~], Berserk on [ctrl-~] [Q] is relatively unused when I'm cat. The skill that is missing here is Shred. I would put Shred on [3] but where do I put Swipe? Swipe is very useful in PvE but not so much in PvP. Same with bear: [1] Mangle, [2] Lacerate, [3] Swipe, [4] Faerie Fire, [5] Maul, [6] Taunt Skull Bash [E], Feral Charge [R], Bash [T]. Enrage [~], Demoralizing Roar [Q] Bash is too far away for practical use in PvP, it should be 3 as well. I have no clue where to put Swipe? I can change my macro's depending on PvP vs PvE but that is quite bothersome. I use [F] for Faerie Fire in all forms except bear also uses [4] for that. I never use [Z,X,C] for combat skills. [G] is my reply button. [caps lock] is unused. Function keys [F1-F4] are forms. I use [alt+#] buttons to bind healing spells. So [alt-1] is Regrowth, [alt-2] is Rejuv, [alt-4] is Lifebloom. I could use a ctrl or shift modifier but I can't do that while moving so I have to stand still for a split second which is annoying. IE. I use that for Pulverize. So only thing I see is to use [alt-3] for Swipe and [3] for Shred in PvP and vice versa for PvE, and same for bear. Then I have to edit the macro each time I change what I'm doing. [alt-3] is available because I have Wild Growth on [3] as resto. All my other skills are on the Razer Naga mouse.Lestele22 18 Jul 2012
17 Jul 2012 Resto druid pve Having problems healing heroics and then i mean random cataclysm heroics not hour of twilight yet. Seems we cant take down !@#$ and i cant avoid the feeling that its much me. I have been seeing people failing on the most insane things though. I need a guidline and a resto druid pve guide or something. I have been watching youtube videos, but how 400+ ilvl druids are healing in pve is not interesting for me. Please any pointers, is resto that %^-*? Are all im playing with !@#$ or............is it me?Elrunos3 17 Jul 2012
17 Jul 2012 I wanna be the best resto druid in Arena!! Perhaps not the best, but you get the point. I wanna improve my game as a resto druid. Now I know that we aren't the best healer atm, in fact we are probably the worst healer in arena and I am full aware of that. Even though I play to get as high rating as possible, my main goal is to have fun. Isn't that why we play in the first place? To have fun? I also have a holy paladin and as you can see I like healing classes in Arena. But I don't wanna play paladin, I don't wanna play priest or shaman. I wanna play a resto druid, and I wanna get good as hell at it. I think that resto druids is by far the most fun class to roll as. So, how can I improve my game? Me and my friends play 3v3/2v2 and our setup is resto druid/frost mage/sub rogue. I know this isn't the best setup, but this is what we have. Most important I look for tips how to improve MY game as a resto druids, but I would actually be thankful to get general tips and overall tactics for our comp as well. Should our mage respec to fire perhaps, maybe our rogue should go assassination ? Anything you can think of!! Back to me, I always have a rejuv at us three as well as a lifebloom on our enemies main target. The problem with druids is that lifebloom can only be active on one target, which makes it easy for enemies to switch, and thats why I have a rejuv on all of us. When they switch, I can pop swiftmend. I don't really need help with gear, gems or enchants. I don't have the best gear and I am farming honor much. I just started playing after a long break but I will have good gear very soon im sure of it. What is my problem then? Well, I dont get oom so the problem is that we often die when the DPS gets to high, my heals arent good enough. My personal guess would be that druids dont have any really direct heal, even if we have many HoTs they wont be able to heal instant. Since I dont have any problem with mana I have reforge spirit to mastery, this has actually made my game better. I heal alot more and I still dont have any problem with mana, but that alone wont do the trick, now will it? So basically I want YOUR help to improve my GAMEPLAY. How should I move? When should I shift form? When should I pop HoTs and regrowth? When should I use cyclone, how can I help my friends with the offensive play? I want knowledge!!! :) P.S I am aware that I have made this thread in two forums and I ask moderators not to remove one since I think I will get more replies this way. This is after all a matter to both Arena play and Druid play :) PeaceSvartvit6 17 Jul 2012
17 Jul 2012 spell idea- tree of protaction tree of protaction is very easy to use and know when to use: what it is do: summ small tree that take all damge from attaking untill the tree (who is summed) is dead to all specs or froms.Yuvalal1 17 Jul 2012
17 Jul 2012 Low level tanking.? i am having trouble to keep aggro in a group. it's hard as hell. don't really have a clue either how to play a druid as a tsnk. Can someone give me tips? Best regardsEnpoki15 17 Jul 2012
17 Jul 2012 Solar & Lunar Tracking I'm looking for addon or something else for tracking balance spells. You know sun sign when you hit solar eclipse and moon sign when you hit lunar eclipse. I want them to stay there till my balance hits zero and my buff goes. Anyone knows how can i do that ?Sepyna5 17 Jul 2012
17 Jul 2012 Mixing some pvp items in PVE tank, good or bad? I just saw a druid using the ilvl403 PVP back, reforged with dodge... and he also got the DS achievments, so i think he knows what he is doing... So... wich items could I replace with PVP gear and still be competitive?Robao5 17 Jul 2012
17 Jul 2012 I would totally play boomkin if If Wrath didnt look like some lame holy priest spell, for me it was the most logical spell, just like a mage have fireball and warlocks have shadowbolt, a green ball of natures wrath! looked awesome and u could spamm it all day without getting tired of looking at it. It was just so druidic! so what was the problem with it? why did they need to change it to a priest spell full of holy holyness...?Feathérs14 17 Jul 2012
17 Jul 2012 warrior-druid-tanking dps hey i am currently between warrior or druid i think i would like to go as tank and dps ofc if i would pick druid would be fun to heal sometime but basically asking advice can u tell whats good there or what u would choose and whi my main thing is pvp and then pve(raiding,old continet) i like not to be killed intstantly to have some survivability,but like to hit nice amount damage lets take here mop changes to whats u people think? PS: sorry my bad english!Blizey3 17 Jul 2012
16 Jul 2012 Druid addons Hey there. Can anyone tell me if there's an addon that tracks Harmony and Lifebloom? I just want to be able to see it easily, as I often struggle with keeping a 100% uptime on those 2.Zandalah4 16 Jul 2012
16 Jul 2012 [Feral-PVE] Pre raid Items Guide (Cataclysm 4.3.4) So you are a feral druid and now you reached level 85 and have a little bit of gear but you don't know wich other pieces you need to get to keep going further in the content? You don't know how to efficently spend your Justice Points and your Valor Points? You have gold to spend and you don't know how to efficently spend them on items? you are in the right place. Here in this Item guide I will show you the items that you can get from running the Hour of Twilight heroics, wich Justice Points and Valor Points priority you should follow, and wich BOE you should buy with gold What i will try to do here is setting up a priority on the items so you will not end up buying an item that you will replace soon if you don't wanna read the explanations and stuff, jump to the quick lists Full of Gold - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4940476095#2 Starting Objective - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4940476095#3 Quick List - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4940476095#4 Quick List - Full of Gold - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4940476095#5 tell me what you think about it, correct me, request stricky, share it, whatever... or just let this fall in the oblivionRobao8 16 Jul 2012
16 Jul 2012 Returning to WOW after 13 months erm help :) So I've come back after 13 months of not playing wow to have a level 80 druid i have no idea how tank can some one please help me with the correct addon to have in the dungeons, shot rotation for both AOE and single mob targets thank you :)Krazknocks4 16 Jul 2012
16 Jul 2012 lf a decent restoration pvp spec hello folks, as the title says, i am looking for a good pvp spec. didnt find any highrated rdruids, so it would be nice if someone could post me one with its actual spec. thanks in advanceKaahli4 16 Jul 2012
15 Jul 2012 ferals need some ability to be balance hi guys first i wanted to say that feral are pretty good class i know its immortal but it got some problems like it have low dameg + when he shift he can`t remove roots and don`t forget that the fact that the feral druid can`t silance so please blizzard give the feral thes 3 abilityBearx11 15 Jul 2012
15 Jul 2012 Cat Form, Prowl, Shadowmeld macro Hi I have just created a night elf feral and I can't get my macro to work. Now I have tried everything that comes in my way, and i still don't get it right. So I was thinking if some friendly soul could help me out and tell me what's wrong whit this macro. Thanks in advance #showtootlip /cast [nostance:1] Cat Form; [Cat Form] !Prowl; [modifier:shift] !Shadowmeld(Racial)Taztingo7 15 Jul 2012
15 Jul 2012 Please fix travel form bug. I looked for other threads that mention this, but i could not fins any. If there is any, im sorry for making another thread. Everytime im getting the flag in wsg, and im running out of the alliance fortress or any other building it takes forever for me to be able to be able to shift into my travell form. I seriously have to be 30 yards or so away from it before it allows me to use that form, and it is really annoying. If ur using a mount u can mount up right outside the entrance, so its obviously outside. I hope you can fix this matter asap. It is not my latency ( its always under 70/ms). Any others experiencing this issue?Furless8 15 Jul 2012
15 Jul 2012 My Druid Hello all, I decided to make a Worgen druid, and so far.. I am smitten.Because I am so used to a hunter backing me up I of course die a lot.So I have a few questions What talent tree should I take?.I tend to quest and solo a lot and I took professions herbs and skinning. I am still very low.. not even 10.. but I have noticed when I cast entangling root and then use Wrath or Starfire it breaks the root?What is my best way to go here?And as for gear.. what stats do I need to keep and eye on..?Qdax3 15 Jul 2012
15 Jul 2012 [Balance] Beta Duels Video Hey, everybody. I decided to log onto the beta for the first time in months a few days ago, and noticed just how strong Boomkins are in PvP right now. After playing quite a few duels, of which I frapped a few too, I decided make a duel montage video because I'm forever alone and have nothing else to do. It comes with a twist though - In honor of the boomkin from the Illegal Danish movies, originally created by Myndflame, I decided to do almost all of the duels with Sulfuras equipped. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylhJRbAh5Co As a final note, I don't claim that I'm a good player, because boomkins are very, very strong right now. I just uploaded it because it's the only logical thing to do after making a video (TO THE INTERWEBS), and because Blizzard also needs to see, how they actually need to balance the game a lot more. I also know that most of the people I dueled weren't that good, but c'mon, I did this for fun. Enjoy!Nikeyeia6 15 Jul 2012