19 Sep 2012 Balance vs Feral PVE So what do you guys think of out dps specs in the upcoming expansion? I have the opportunity to choose between them both for my raid group but I cant really choose spec. I've been playing feral since pre TBC so I kind of knew the class inside out but I'm not really bored of feral either, haven't played balance so much but I've tried it out on some bosses that needed range instead of melee dps and yeah Balance can be fun as well... Have anyone compared the both specs in a raid and seen the dps difference? I guess its only the dps that will convince me of what do play, I guess it's a lot of movement in MoP so a range class might get an edge over melee? Since I didn't get beta I really don't know either the fights or how good the both specs are doing compared to eachother and other classes. The only thing I've seen so far is the T14 simcraft for a patchwerk boss but I guess there will be no such bossfight in the first tier at least. So any advice, tips or whatever are welcome!Rimzie1 19 Sep 2012
19 Sep 2012 Moonkin size Hi. I've noticed Night Elf and Troll Moonkins are smaller than Tauren. What about Worgen?Vajina3 19 Sep 2012
18 Sep 2012 New Moonking form announced!!! A few years back we got new bear and cats, new aquatic (Orca), we had a new tree and recently new travel form. What's next, new Flight forms? In Cata troll and Worgen had new Flight forms but the Moonkins just had different texture. Will there be a new Moonkin form before Blizzards next MMO? DON'T tell me about the poor excuse for a "Astral form" (Balance Shadow form) and sorry if the title was misleading.Banza8 18 Sep 2012
18 Sep 2012 Incarnation feral catform bug When i use Incarnation my cat transform to caster form instead of the improved cat form but i can use my catform skills.That happened at Well of Eternity dungeon (transformed into Night Elves for the duration of the instance) so i guess is a bug for this instance only. Anyone else with the same bug? Btw givf glyph of the cheetah ! ! !Dashteengo1 18 Sep 2012
18 Sep 2012 rdruid/mage/lock will be godlike? With symbiosis and all other class changes and buffs, am I the only one who can see this setup being completley OP? Druids will once again be amazing and if we look at their CC we got Cyclone of course which is undispellable along with a 50sec CD stun. Mages currently are insane and with the changes done to dispel their polymorf and ring of frost is gonna be sick. Also fire burst is huge. Warlocks; well...they've gotten a whole lot of new cool abilities AND with symbiosis granting the warlock rejuvenation that will help massively if the druid is trained/CCd and it gives the druid the option to use TELEPORT. I currently cannot see any combination that will be more powerful. Can you?Mentaldead12 18 Sep 2012
17 Sep 2012 Here that I corrected in the druid druid That your developers obviously put a big bolt on a class, I write as the druid should look from within Let's begin with talents 1 билд: precipitancy of a cat - why also isn't present Astral jump - talent totally ludicrous, a coma when it юзать? only in a cat to escape? from whom? рдд so will get and miles classes so can reach if want, this talent all фералы плюч to all should have cd there should be 5 minutes, remove all pillboxes and leave in инвиз the machine gun - all should have prompt breakthrough druids automatically that it was correct then let there will be this talent in билде but as addition to other forms, we will allow an owl is able to jump back, but in other forms it wouldn't have anything and let this talent will give the chance to jump in a deer or to do чардж in a bear 2 билд: board kenariya-to alter for абсорба дамага, certainly not as at a prist or the magician that didn't cry but let абсорбит though how many нибудь 3 билд: mass opletneniye-to reduce cd for 1 minute to have though any utility, besides the purposes on which doesn't operate opletney let станяться, it after all became possible in a present patch аля a recreation center or the magician 4 билд: soul of the wood - I don't know who it in general will be in any useless talent - such as increase in the reservation from rags and a fabric at a horn in the past addone-neither fish nor fowl, on it I consider that this talent should be cleaned or altered more adequately force of the nature - in shape of a bear should assume a part of a loss which will be received by a bear and simply to have a large quantity of the reservation and hp-h2 from statistics of the bear that didn't die for 1 blow 5 билд: Dezoriyentiruyushchy shout - let for the period of action stops pillboxes on the opponent that ahead of time the opponent isn't higher from under control whirlwind ursola-to reduce cd to 40сек and to return got inside only if the purpose will escape on 5 m from the funnel end mozhny devocalization - to untie from physical action that the abilka couldn't be parried, dodged or blocked Wild mushroom - to expand mushrooms to a glade in 18 meters, to make cd on mushrooms of 30 seconds that the mushroom blew up at approach to it Parade of planets - during its action that the druid couldn't be to zakontrolennym-give this sang to all specializations, and that one distances another aren't present... strange както the pillar of solechny light - сивол a sunlight hung up сайленс on 5 seconds at a vybeganiye from light pillar Voobe about symbols is horror to alter a half under specializations so for example the class of guards in general has nothing to push except power урсока to clean a scolding as sang the guard - anybody it юзать won't be, as took away skilfulness from a bear and gave a recreation center, and the bear now as meat became - all rage will go on отхил itself (a yuzaniye уворота unconditionally) that who thought up solar and lunar fire to make as 2 different sang it is necessary to give a Nobel Prize, to unite them in one iridescent under the name sang - which will cost in 2 times more strongly, more expensively and quicker than both these sang at present, tics will occur everyone секундуа not as now a tic in 2 сеунды to be correct if an owl to be under one of zatmeniiya that every second tic will be in 2 times less than every first (except saw cuts the electee элуны and parade of planets and other similar saw cuts) very much it was pleasant to me mechanics вотлк, let anger under zatmeny to put more loss, and star fire is more often критуетМеле8 17 Sep 2012
17 Sep 2012 Is wmd viable again? Hey guys im planning 2 play with 2 rl friends when mop is out wmddo u think this setup will be viable again?P.S:I appreciate any replysSerilla6 17 Sep 2012
17 Sep 2012 Druid Kiting So today i met a druid in Twin Peaks and he was able to kite everyone, anywhere.. His movement speed was sick, could spam slow you and if you finnaly had a slow in him, he just globalled into the same form he was in and bb.. Where is the fun in this? Why did blizz make it like this?Bertelinn13 17 Sep 2012
17 Sep 2012 Root+Solar beam macro problems Dear Druid guys and girls, i have a problem with my root+beam macro, it is : /cast Entangling Roots /cast Solar Beam It seems like a siple macro, but it wont work, could anyone explain me how I make it work? :D Your druid RakitaRakita1 17 Sep 2012
17 Sep 2012 Player's pets braking Prowl and Displacers Beast This is just getting completely out of hand now, It's been happening for so, so long and Blizz still haven't fixed it! It's been happening pretty much the whole Cata expansion on my Rogue and I KNOW this same issue was around in WotLK too! I haven't played this Druid for a long time in PVP, but I've recently started as Cata gear is easily obtained and I'm changing to Moonkin which I've never played before (previous always feral), but I also play a Rogue and know of this constant problem. Player's pets, chasing me and braking my Prowl. Nearly everything single time I'm against a Hunter and I use Displacer Beast, their pet still follows me and when it catches me, it attacks and brakes my Prowl. Even when I have NO damage over time effects on me, I'm NOT caught in any AOE or anything, their pet will ALWAYS brake my Prowl within seconds of using Displacers Beast. It's not only Displacer Beast, for e.g. Many times I have completely outrun a Hunter and his pet, outrun so far that I'm out of combat and I'm able to use Prowl as normal, but if their pet was already after me, it will still come up to me and brake my Prowl. It's not only Hunter's pets, I've have Shadow Feind, Warlocks pets and DKs pets do it too, but Hunter's pets have Dash and speed boosts which easily allow them to catch upto me. This NEEDS FIXING! As I've said, this issue has been around since the days of WotLK and after many promises from Blizz to fix this (which I believe they have on occasions, but it always comes back), we see it after every single patch or expansion. It's game braking, where I would normally survive, heal up and start combat again and with BM Hunter's, their pets will kill me alone when on low HP. Get it fixed! It's just poor game design!Rumbull1 17 Sep 2012
17 Sep 2012 Fandral's Flamescythe transmogrify Hello, i dont know if this has been posted earlyer but i just tought of this what if you can transmogrify [Fandral's Flamescythe] to become a fire cat? I really loved that model and ferals always see the same model would be nice to be able to change.Kimarhi3 17 Sep 2012
17 Sep 2012 Rate the name of the Druid above (New) I was very close to changing this name but then something clicked with the new patch, If you are aware of the drink Jagermeister then you would know that its logo is a stag (The new travel form) also the drink itself is made up of a lot of herbs and such so it does fit a druid :) especially one that does herbalism :3Jägerbombs40 17 Sep 2012
17 Sep 2012 Balance Druid. I got a scroll of resurrection and I turned this druid to level 80, I have not played a druid over level 30 since 2008 so I'm kinda clueless. So basically I wan't some general tips and tricks on how to play balance druid for PvP, maybe what you like to open with on certain classes etc. Thanks.Malaith4 17 Sep 2012
17 Sep 2012 Feral pvp - expertise (the stat) needed? I seem to get an aweful lot of parries (very annoying when trying to set up my bleeds or stunning somebody) in pvp since the patch hit, is this in any way changed? Should I be reforging to expertise? If so, what is the cap?Rindle1 17 Sep 2012
16 Sep 2012 Guardian druid major glyphs I feel the major glyphs available to Guardian druids are very lacking, in both number and content, at least compared to other tanking classes. Glyphs such as Glyph of Survival Instincts are good for making sure that you have a damage reduction CD for big hits; Glyph of Might of Ursoc is pretty much the exact same glyph and glyphs such as Glyph of Frenzied Regen... I've always felt those kinds of glyphs are very... not useless, just as stated above; lacking. For big magical hits I would rather much prefer being able to burst myself up the moment I get hit instead of having to use it seconds before the burst for the extra healing bonus to be up by the time I get hit. Most healers will be casting something like Greater Heal on tanks before the big magical hits anyway, which will heal for around 80-100k crits (Which are guaranteed for disc priests with Inner Focus) PLUS the 30% absorb that comes with it. I would love to see some glyphs similar to Glyph of Avenging Wrath/Glyph of Alabaster Shield for paladins, obviously changed for a spell available to Guardian druids. Replacing Glyph of Might of Ursoc with the small HoT that comes with Glyph of Avenging Wrath instead of it's current effect or having Glyph of Alabaster Shield changed to lacerate/thrash DoT crits empowering Mangle, for example. Or if you don't feel like re-using the same concept, even something like Savagery no longer being a feral only, so we could use Glyph of Savagery in bear form for a small amount of extra damage or change it to generate extra rage on attacks would be incredible, especially with the current 'active mitigation' route that all tanks seem to be going down. Just some suggestions and room for discussion.Durith8 16 Sep 2012
16 Sep 2012 Astral storm and hurricane. Hi, everybody. Identical color in animatsy at hurricane and an astarlny storm a bug?Лайфкипер3 16 Sep 2012
16 Sep 2012 Mastery Is that nr 1 still on feral and after that crit?Zitana1 16 Sep 2012
16 Sep 2012 Force of nature - resto spec So I just dinged 60 a while ago and took the force of nature talent. I pop it and see a treant spamming healing touch, yet the spell does not heal anyone. Is this intended, and how can I prevent it from just spamming a wasted heal?Davram1 16 Sep 2012
16 Sep 2012 Nice (1 min cd) insta big selfheal (feral druid) 1) Glyph of Cat form (major) 2) Macro: #showtooltip Nature's Swiftness /cast Nature's Swiftness /cast Healing Touch /run UIErrorsFrame:Clear() 3) Click it when needing a nice big heal (its on a 1 min cd though) note: Will remove Cat form, but just go back to it the second after. When I tried it got a nice 90k heal, but it was probably crit I'd guess and I usually get around 40-45k.Ugricthexii3 16 Sep 2012
16 Sep 2012 [SUGGESTION] Savage Defence i've tanked in the past, and yesterday the guild was low on a OT for mor/ultrax HC so i changed my spec and thought i would test out the new spec etc. so i was tanking morchok. Threat was fine, Damage was fine everything was going smooth untill BOOM 80k hit from morchok, i was just amazed, smashed a few CDs, and then used savage defence. Which i was VERY disapointed with.. i mean 60 rage for a 6 second ability that increases your dodge by 45%? I mean don't get me wrong but 45% dodge great! but at the cost of 60 rage isn't worth it for 6 seconds. what i suggest is: "Savage Defence absorbs % of damage based on total health" "Savage Defence increases your dodge rating by 45%, 9 second cooldown but lasts for 12 seconds" "Savage Defence increases your dodge rating by 45%, 9 second cooldown, lasts for 6 seconds but costs 40 rage" in my opinion the cooldown doesn't need to be less, since it's got 3 charges and no-one is going to get off all 3 charges at a 60 rage cost in 9 seconds. please post your suggestions or what you think of mine!Búllshift12 16 Sep 2012
16 Sep 2012 Druids, Gear Sets, and Bag Space A serious question to the druid 'community': How do you solve this bag-space issue? It may just be me, but my bags are ever filled. The reason for this (besides a general tendency to hamster) is that I'm carrying a complete gear set in my bags for the rare occasion I need to change roles (e.g. healing instead of feral). Those items + quest items, profession materials, random reputation tokens, some trinkety alternatives or fun items and the like generally does not leave me with much space for looting. I'm guessing many hybrid classes run into similar problems, but none that I can think of have to deal with such different stat sets as druids. So, do you always carry multiple gear sets?Maj9 16 Sep 2012
16 Sep 2012 Resto Help Was just hoping for some tips on how to heal as a Restoration druid (: Currently, I can rely solely on Rejuvenation and Swiftmend in Heroics, but when I hit raidfinder I started to panic over the amount of people taking damage and wasn't sure how to handle it so mostly ended up sticking Rejuvs on a lot of targets and as you can imagine it put a dent on my mana. The main spells I'm using are Rejuv + Swiftmend. Wild Growth if a bunch of people are <80% health. I've specced into Cenarion Ward as well in case someone is on alarmingly low health. There's also Lifebloom on whichever tank has aggro. I'm just not sure when I should be using things like Regrowth, Healing Touch and Nourish though? I'm also not sure when I should use Rejuv in a raid situation so any pointers there would be greatly appreciated.Marceline4 16 Sep 2012
16 Sep 2012 Ursol's Vortex reflected! I'm new to playing Moonkin (on my Druid of course) and today I was in EotS and I placed my Ursol's Vortex on a crowd of Alliance players, so I could get out of there and instantly I had it reflected (addon flashed up saying "Reflected"). I guess it was a Warrior's mass reflect, but it allowed me to place it where I selected, but it pulled me from my spot into it, along with all the Alliance players too (not good!). Is this intended or not?? As I thought that, no AOE spells could be reflected...Rudedog7 16 Sep 2012
15 Sep 2012 Tree of Life I think in MoP they should make ToL perma like it was...i mean all other druid specs got their form perma...i really liked the old form the animations etc. And maybe the thing that it does know be made as another spell like the lock has. and its cool to be in ur form all the time...ur resto and u stay in in rare and other forms get to be all the time. Also the old skin for ToL cuz the new one sucks (i guess u can use glyph but still...). Only bad thing about old ToL is if u go healer in BG u get focused instantlly if u are as ToL.Icedruid14 15 Sep 2012
15 Sep 2012 Moonkin feels really simple and boring in PvP Many ppl say that moonkin is fun to pvp with. I got full cata feral gear so i did and buy few balance pvp items and start doing some bg's. But all its really feel like spamming moonfire and sunfire and hope starsurge instant cast. Keep heal up and spam few spells. Only fun thing seems to be typhoon. I dont really get it what fun ppl find out for moonkin? Even my frost mage is more fun to play and that should say something. And compared to Hunter its like pure boriness after few bg's. Well seems like i where Feral for blood since i have played feral since vanilla. But i would really like to know what fun it is to spamn two spells most of the time? Because its seems to me that is really what moonkins do most of the time. I did watch many mop moonkin pvp videos and all i see is insta moonfire and sunfire spamming. Well i did try, but that kind of play style is really not for me.Ilves16 15 Sep 2012
15 Sep 2012 Where's the logic: PvP and Savage Roar. This is a topic about PvP and Savage Roar. So they removed (redesigned) it in WotLK because it was an obvious pain. Everyone was happy. Cool, right? Aaaaand now it's back. Ok? Nope, it's not ok. Lets see why: 1. Even with the glyph, it's simply NOT FUN and annoying to use an ability every 12 seconds that, basically, does nothing. For those who don't see how it "does nothing" I will explain: feral damage is balanced around having Savage Roar up. So without it ferals deal 30% less damage than they are supposed to. 2. We have 3 major glyph slots, right? Wrong! PvP ferals only have 2. Feral druids can't PvP without glyph of Savage Roar. So not only is it annoying to use the spell every 12 secs, it also limits our glyph choices! How awesome/fun is that? Hardly. Suggestion: be kind and restore it to the point where everyone was happy about it. Thank you.Razorcat27 15 Sep 2012
14 Sep 2012 Druids Against Savage Roar The latest patch brought lots of changes for all the cats out there. Some of them great, some of them good, some of them questionable... One of them devastating. I'm pretty sure that most of the druids out there already know what this is about. But for those who don't, let me explain what I'm talking about: Savage Roar (The Cata version) - Consumes up to 5 combo points to increase autoattack damage done by 80% for X seconds. Savage Roar (The MoP version) - Consumes up to 5 combo points to increase PHYSICAL DAMAGE done by 30% for X seconds. So now savage roar is pretty much mandatory in PvP as well, since we lost the bleed debuff from Mangle (Affected target takes 30% more damage from bleed effects for 1min). Savage Roar now has to be up all the time, since our damage without it is just horrible. The problem here, though, is not having to keep it up all the time; it's that it costs 1-5 combo points and 25 energy to use. Generating combo points also costs precious energy, that we can't afford to waste. Instead of a commonly used opener (Pounce, Mangle, Tiger's Fury, Rake, Shred, Rip) we now have to focus on getting Savage Roar up first just to do decent damage. So this is what it has become: Since Pounce is the opening ability to use, we would first have to at least Pounce (50 energy) and then Savage Roar (25 Energy & Goodbye combo points), which would result in 18 seconds of +30% physical damage buff, 0 combo points, 75 energy used, and the Pounce stun almost ended! So instead of getting our bleeds up within the 4 second stun, we now only get ready to start applying them. This is not good! Now I'm not a raiding player, so I'm not gonna comment on the state of PvE, but for PvP this is just devastating! I am aware that there is a glyph, with which you can cast SR for 12 secs without any combo points, but it will still consume any combo points you already have! I do not think it's fair to make us choose between playing like we used to (Resulting in very low damage) and keeping SR up (resulting in less bleed uptime on target, energy issues, GCDs wasted, not enough combo points for a Ferocious Bite, Maim, and so on...) I ask for your help, my fellow druids. Let us fight this disease among druids. Let us put a smile back on each and every sad kitty face. Let us make the developers hear our voices! Let us make feral druids fun to play once again! Thank you.Fatdubstep36 14 Sep 2012
14 Sep 2012 Shapeshift switcher. Feel free to hate me for this, but if you don't ask, you never know. I'd like to see a glyph that effectively switches all your shapeshifts with the other druid race on your faction. Nelf cat/bear/moonkin becomes Worgen cat/bear/moonkin and the other way around, for example. If not that, then at least more weapons that have an effect on your shapeshift forms... Ways to change up your forms other than fur colour, y'know?Korochi4 14 Sep 2012
14 Sep 2012 Guardian Stat Priority (Future/Present) Hi, Ive got a few questions regarding Feral Tank stat priority. Im aware that its too early to tell, but im slightly confused on feral stats and after searching a few forums, there doesn't seem to be A solid choice. (This is also my Offspec that ive quickly put together over a few days) With the new mastery, are we ment to be aiming for an Armour cap? If so is it 75%? Some mention stack dodge because its really our only mitigation, but when does diminishing cut in with Savage Defense up? Both Agility and Stamina now add to our "self heal" Frenzied Regen, and with Agility adding less dodge is Stamina a more viable Defensive Stat (Main) to choose? Stamina adds a higher base heal from Frenzied but, Agility adds attack power thus making it bigger. Which of these adds priority when reforging? Should we be going for Mastery over dodge now for the armour cap? Also ive seen mentioned some say stack crit for more RPS = More Mitigation ability Uptime, but will we be forced to go with Hit/Exp Caps? Or will the BiS Gear stats stay the same, Mastery + Crit = Win! And reforge the Crit to Dodge?? Or just gem/stack the hell out of Stamina and pray we dodge a lot? Ill leave this out there for all the Feral wizards, look forward to your replys :)Immortal39 14 Sep 2012
13 Sep 2012 Starfall + Crowd Control = Waste? Why does starfall do nothing while you are crowd controlled? It seems to be a bit pointless since every time i blow it i get a nice long HoJ and its wasted. Why not just allow it to continue while in a stun ect?Háiku4 13 Sep 2012
13 Sep 2012 5.0.4 Druid Guide Hello again guys, i've been doing class guides recently for the recent patch 5.0.4 or 5.0.5 depending on which way you prefer to put it. I have all 10 classes at 85, so far i've gone through half my classes, describing their new talent's and abilities to the best of my ability. My latest one is my druid one, so come check it out. If you enjoyed it and it helped dont forget to like and subscribe, please realise that you may already understand or know the information i state in the video so dont get annoyed by that. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKJSI073z-oEpicbeardman0 13 Sep 2012
13 Sep 2012 Rather Annoying Druid bug please fix When in Treant Form using "Glyph of the Treant" we cannot mount it means we have to exit the shape shift form before we can mount which can be a huge inconvenience considering treant form is purely cosmetic. we can mount from cat, bear, flight, travel and aquatic and the game will automatically exit us from shape shift but not treant.. please fix this! Also in "escape from durnholde" if we shape shift into treant form and then into travel form the game breaks showing us in human form but with travel form speed if you have the "glyph of the stag" people can ride you in human form it looks kinda funny.Kopuz0 13 Sep 2012
13 Sep 2012 Getting a little confused - Resto Hi guys I have been levelling with a friend, swapping from Boomkin (questing) and healing in dungeons. However, as I start to enter cataclysm dungeons I notice the healing is getting a lot harder - by this I mean very close calls between life and death where as I struggled to find something to heal other than the tank while in previous dungeons. I know the dungeons mechanics ect took a step up (so to speak) in comparison to lower level ones, but I would like to know some tips to adapt my style of healing, or figure out where i'm going wrong. I keep lifebloom up on the tank and all times, chucking in an occasional nourish to keep my buff up (forgot its name), and use rejuvenation and wild growth quite a bit. Thanks for any repliesLovu4 13 Sep 2012
13 Sep 2012 Spell/Glyph Suggestions Just some ideas which came into my mind, maybe you like some of them: Spells: ---"Toxic Rejuvenation" (passive)--- If your Rejuvenation gets dispeled, 50% of the remaining healing is dealt as poison damage over 10 seconds to the attacker. ---"Nature's Toughness" instant,1min CD--- Your HOT-effects on the target become immune to dispel for 15 seconds. ---"Back To The Roots" (passive)--- While under 20% health, your Teleport: Moonglade Spell becomes an instant cast and triggers the CD of your Hearthstone. ---"Shapeshift: Hunter" instant cast--- You can now cast your spells while backpaddling. Glyphs: ---"Glyph Of Protective Blooming" (major)--- While 3 stacks of Lifebloom are active, your HOT-effects on the target become immune to dispel. ---"Glyph of Cenarion Ward" (minor)--- Your Cenarion Ward now cyclones the player which triggered it for 2 seconds. Does not count to diminishing returns. ---"Stag" (minor, improved version)--- Your Travel Form can now be used as a mount by other players. While a player mounts you your movement speed is increased to 100% out of fight. Does not stack with other speed effects.Testtwisting4 13 Sep 2012
13 Sep 2012 Enrage now on global cooldown? Been away for roughly 3 months, and noticed Enrage was on global cooldown. Is this intended?Tubeneck1 13 Sep 2012
13 Sep 2012 Druid slower than chasing pala As a balance druid I tried to run away from a retribution paladin. I have specced Feline Swiftness. The paladin had specced into something that slows me down, and made him faster with his Judgments. After about 2 minutes I made my escape just to run into some of his team members that slaughtered me. I used Improved Faerie Fire on him as much as possible. Stunned him every 50 seconds. Changed out and into form to lose slows. Tried Dash and stampeding roar. Those darn paladins sure can stick on their targets now. Shouldn't a druid that only wants to get away from a paladin be able to? Or have they become the class you cannot outrun?Suex21 13 Sep 2012
12 Sep 2012 What is this equipment set called? http://www.wowhead.com/item=71665/flametalon-of-alysrazor#screenshots:id=248221 Whats the name of the flaming shoulders?Zarabustor2 12 Sep 2012
12 Sep 2012 Vortex is bugged Doesn't work in duels. Please fix.Unthrak5 12 Sep 2012
12 Sep 2012 PvP Resto Druid vs Frost DK What did happen with Frost DK's in 5.0.4 ? I am getting owned by Frost DK's in Ruthless gear killing me in a few seconds and I honestly don't get it. I can deal with 2 mages in full cata gear ( for a while at least ), even vs. a good geared warrior I have a fighting chance and they used to be and still are the hardest class to deal with as healer imo and now suddenly getting facerolled by !@#$ geared frost dk's ...Bärenstrike11 12 Sep 2012
12 Sep 2012 Noob tank Qs plz , need some help I think Hi all Basically I started tanking at level 84 on my Druid . I turned off my XP , researched druid tanking So far I've tank everything at level 84 without problems , even to the point that I have had nice comments where I've saved a few wipes as some dps has pulled aggro a few times before the group/s were ready. So I turned on my xp dinged 85 and its still be pretty good.Though a few times I've lost aggro a bit too much. Basically I'm going in to packs with Mangle and Thrash FFF on first pull, sometimes Ill drop Ursa's Vortex to hold packs in place, thing is more often than not 1-2 mobs stray off , pulled by the dps. There have been times when some dps 1-2 have died and I'm think is me or should these guys be hitting what I'm hitting. I've come here as today I have my second comment regarding threat management as I was blamed for 2 dps dying today in SFK, funny thing in SFK I noticed someone used Typhoon and the healer was like " stop showing off its not that cool " , I know it wasn't me , druid healer had that talent as well as me. Bosses in Dungeons are not an issue for me. Some advice would really appreciated if its not too much trouble for you guys ,thank you. Lastly , I have had some experience on my paladin way back in TBC and Wrath, so I know some classes should learn to use CDs etc to drop aggro. Do classes still have CDs/talents to drop aggro ? [url]http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/bloodfeather/Risin/simple[/url] thanks upfront :D Druid tanking is where I want to be in MoP I really love the spec peace !Risin6 12 Sep 2012
11 Sep 2012 Restoration druid glyph idea Hey blizzard, i have an idea for a druid glyph or talent. There should be a glyph or a talent, that let's you stay in Tree of Life form forever, but reduces your healing done or maybe makes some healing spells unavaidable, just some kind of nerf. Because me and some of my friends loved being a tree, and now i can not turn into a the form whenever i want to, thank you. :(. Thank you.Ipsydipsy6 11 Sep 2012
11 Sep 2012 Swift flight form If I buy %310 flight speed,I can also fly %310 with swift flight form?Magnash1 11 Sep 2012
11 Sep 2012 Repair Hurricane !!! Tired or this spell. Horrible auto interupts on cast all the time and waste of mana as a result. FIX IT AS IT WAS BEFORE this patch. Or at least give us back mushrooms. Try to cast it in combat - almost always it stop without any reason, not to mention bugs on a rough ground.Iolo11 11 Sep 2012
11 Sep 2012 Question: Vanity pets in stealth. Simple question: Does my vanity pet stay visible to the enemy team if I have it out while I am prowling during a BG? I've google this and I'm coming up with contradictory threads all over the place. Acording to what I have read companion pets were visible to the enemy team during stealth until patch 4.1 After 4.1 they stealthed with you. Is this still the case in 5.0.4?Blòód5 11 Sep 2012
11 Sep 2012 Feral Cower Am I missing something or have us feline druids lost cower? I was playing in Sethria the other day and over agro'ed one of the stone thingies and pulled the stone thingy away from my tank. When I went to click cower it wasn't there. I managed to put the mob down but so far I haven't been able to work out how I dispell agro without cower or just running away from the mob. If anyone else has other ideas on how to work around this or would like to show me what I'm missing I will greatly appreciate this as I'm thinking of going back to bear tanking instead at this rate, shame as I really enjoyed my cat.Alleya6 11 Sep 2012
11 Sep 2012 Feral healing = OP or overscaled for lvl 85? Just did some few tests to see how much healing I can do with Healing Touch as a feral specced druid. Here's a screenshot of my combat log from my tests. http://www.myupload.org/viewer.php?file=v9hov1eswkm9hhe6evey.jpg Add to this lvl 90 talents, like Dream of Cenarius for extra 30% healing or Heart of the Wild for extra 100% healing if I get the talent correctly... Is this intended for ferals to have Lay on Hands every 1 minute or more often? For me, doing 1 instant heal for half of your health after every 5 combo points is just bit too OP, huh ? I hope, these are the screwed lvl 85 values for spells that will be fixed as we get to lvl 90 :)Maulfurion7 11 Sep 2012
11 Sep 2012 Suggestion Was wondering fellow Druid thoughts on the appearance of Boomkin when in Incarnation form I absolutely LOVE this appearance and think it would love there to be a glyph of some sort making it permanent, even without the effects - much like the one available for resto tree form.Lovu2 11 Sep 2012
11 Sep 2012 feral dps 2 low the feral dps is soo low now they need to buff youLorilor10 11 Sep 2012
11 Sep 2012 What am i doing wrong? Hey - i have some problems with my boomkin cooldowns, normally i crit 80 - 90k with starfire, and then i proc both my incarnation and Celestial Alignment, and sometimes the crits goes up to 150k+ but sometimes the crits stay the same and i get no dmg increase at all - am i doing something wrong, something i dont know bout this cooldown? thanks - NoqeNóque1 11 Sep 2012
11 Sep 2012 Predatory Swiftness [suggestion] Hello, id like to see Predatory Swiftness not so rng when you use finisher with less than 5 CP. My suggestion: Predatory Swiftness Your finishing moves reduce the cast time and mana cost of your next Cyclone, Entangling Roots, Healing Touch, Hibernate, or Rebirth by 20% per combo point. When you reach 5 stacks, spell also becomes castable in all forms. Stacks up to 5 times. Lasts 15 sec. Now time for your opinions.Donttouchme2 11 Sep 2012