03 Oct Emnation of the winds quest bug So yeah, i'll make this short. I recently obtained both bindings for the hidden artifact look, but Thrymjaris on top of the Thorim's peak bugged out when i selected the "wrong" dialogue. It wont let me talk to her again. She only says:"Speak with me when you have finished your business here, so we might leave this place." If someone has found a way to fix this problem, feel free to comment on this thread. -DaveehDaveeh4 03 Oct
03 Oct (づ。◕‿◕。)づ Blizzard give us buffs! Still waiting for buffs... of energy regen!!!Дэвитт15 03 Oct
03 Oct Sigh, blizzard. Taoro14 03 Oct
03 Oct Legion Rogue Overview. Hello, I'm Stjern of <Innominatum>. I have written this Legion Rogue Overview, which should give you a basic idea of what rogue is going to be like in Legion. If you have any further questions or something alike, then poke me on Stjern#2802. I'll also try and keep my eyes onto this thread. Hope you found it/will find it useful! Enjoy.Stjern73 03 Oct
03 Oct Sub PvE talents. For sub, pve, would you use Vigor or DS? And why?Nomehli3 03 Oct
03 Oct Outlaw Rogue cannot unlock the 3rd relic slot... I have completed my Order Hall campaign, yet the third relic slot is still locked?! How to unlock this?Phurox4 03 Oct
03 Oct I would like to start playing rogue, help appreciated. Hello, I'm planning on lvling up my lvl 70ish rogue up and playing it in the Legion. Here are some of my questions. Which is the best Alliance race for PvE/PvP wise? (I might change my race because of it, don't care) Any helpful class theorycrafting webpages? I know that mages have Alteredtime or something like that. And because I cannot know what I do not know any tips for a starting rogue? (I used to play Feral do not know if it helps)Gletrix12 03 Oct
03 Oct Mythic + Low dps... Anyone able to explain how im supposed to improve? 300-400 k tops and drops.. a lot, RTB aint really helping either. Dont even mention ST - 200k-250k if lucky.. max has been close to 300 pre nerf :/ While mages, druids, dh and dk hit for 500-600k steady AoE. Mages even pull 500 ST. Im around 200-300 tops at best, extremely energy starved.Cxod4 03 Oct
03 Oct Withered Training as a (low iLvl) Rogue... Hi, I was just wondering how the hell you guys manage to do this on a rogue? These stupid withered pull whole rooms and my best score on my rogue is like 52. On my monk and warrior (ilvl's are not that much higher) I reach 400 easy, but on my rogue it's just a sh*tfest, holy moly. :( Sry for the rant, I'm just frustrated as hell right now.Aiyala7 03 Oct
03 Oct What is actually the best spec for pvp? other day i was watching the EU regionals which made me feel like leveling a rogue so far im having alot of fun, more fun than playing my main atm so im considering rerolling a rogue. i started leveling yesterday im at 60, I've been trying out all 3 specs trying to get a feel for which one i like the most, so far its assasin, but every time i look on forums everyone says go subs or combat nobody seems to like assasin So i want to know if if Assassination is viable or should i just level as Outlaw or something seems like everyone says thats the best spec when i look on the forums... then again when i saw northern gaming blue play rmd their rogue was swapping between outlaw and assasin and they did really well with assasin so far i really dont like rolling for buffs because i keep getting crap rolls .. then again im only 60 maybe it gets better with honor talents + artifact weap talents?Asyrel9 03 Oct
02 Oct What should i when my killing spree doesnt 1 shot? Sometime i 1 shot them sometimes not. I tend to run away when i fail to rek them in a global. Whats the issue here? I use the same macro as you guys. /showtooltip /spit /cast cloak of shadows /cast sprint /cast Killing Spree /laugh /yawnKungfusnus2 02 Oct
02 Oct Blizz please give me a reply! Please fix the Cheapshot sound please!! i,m begging you :( its so frustrating opening up then spamming Shadowstrike to find out you have not even landed Cheapshot is so painfull it wakes me want to sit in the corner and cry. :'( Serious though no sound why not just give us the old sound back? or a new, anything :@Skally1 02 Oct
02 Oct Night elf Female rogue stealth animation Hello, So I submitted a ticket about this more of a appearance bug, but whenever I walk with my Night Elf female character in stealth, it seems the legs aren't moving as fast as a pace of character. It doesn't appear to be the issue with Male character model, but with female, walking in stealth feels more of a skating like experience, not "sneaking around". Any other races who are rogues have simillar issue?Catnipsniffa9 02 Oct
02 Oct Let's be serious... At the moment, in pve, rogue does feel a bit lackluster. We've got incredible burst potential if set up correctly, great sustain if rotation is unhindered ( sin and sub ). RNG gods must be kind for outlaw to perform in the top half, but if they get their 2+ buffs - they'll most likely be top tier dps. And no I'm not saying we're the worst or that we can't possible achieve top dps. I'm just bringing up the point that as a rogue we've always had to focus that much more on achieving the numbers we get. But all this being said I do think blizzard have done a good job with keeping our class balanced. The nerf to outlaw was semi needed. Now before you get angry and reply with a crappy comment - just see the fact that outlaw didn't have to do much to top meters. Bringing that down now can leave some room for future buffs ( RTB looking at you ). Another issue is that I see people leaving outlaw / sub / sin and dumping AP somewhere else. I feel that this is a grave mistake just because we aren't naturally the top dps. Tier gear has yet to come out and any form of dps approximate for the future can and will be off. We see this every single expansion. So the whole point of this thread is to calm the masses down, and myself, regarding where rogues stand now. Just because we're not N1. Doesn't mean anything this early into the expansion.Bonescythe4 02 Oct
02 Oct Akaari Soul BLIZZARD HOW MUCH TIME U NEED TO FIX THIS PROBLEM ON MY GOLDEN TRAIT PLS..cant believe,why they cant fix the best dmg boost trait on sub rogue... garbagePoisonburst2 02 Oct
02 Oct sub or assa for pvp Hey, After all this hotfixs whats better now sub or assa for pvp ?:)Elpolako11 02 Oct
02 Oct Roll the bones weakaura is here So i looked for a weakaura about roll the bones, didnt find one, so i made one ! It makes a circle of the active roll the bones buffs, and their effect is written on their side, adrenalin rush is glowing and in the middle of them. It should work with any language of the game since i made the WA with the spells ID EDIT 26/09/16 And here it is guys, the V2.0 of the WA : - Now with working Adrenalin rush detection - A shiny red version of the icon with UP written in bright red on it appears when you have AR off cooldown and are not using it - It shows up the remaining CD of Adrenalin rush when its on cooldown Screenshots : When AR is off cooldown When AR is on cooldown EDIT 2 SAME DAY As someone suggested in the thread, i made it so that when you get all six buffs your character will scream, a sound of a boxing ring dinging will be played and a bright red text will top up the weakauras Have fun unleashing the fury of RNGesus x) dOeFMaqErL1ljI9RICikrs(KKOAuIGsNseumQOIOxjcQ6wuc7ssKgMOQJjLwMuXZejtts6AsHTPk5BqvghuvNtfSorqLdkcSqr0dLImrrqUOuPnks1hPe1iHk5KsvwjLiPEPKOmtvPUjuP2jr(PKYqfHwQKWtbtLWvfP8vOI0zHkQtfvyUuIulMsQ9I(RQyWQOomvE4uupgktwLUSWMPuFMOgTuvNgYQPeXRvHA2uCBv1UPQFlXWfLJtjsSCf9CLMoPRRW2Lu9DkjJxfYQIkcZwki4OGkHLqNkTtL2wPni8jCjCPGWfTwYWJPO6bbNXqygYOIxKlliiplJmcomfvpetKSCmXD5guYI28eoQMT9gkt3c8RwTA7HuvF9cVQvXVrEABr1xeqxcDnf)Dgv(E68SymNoR9JtNTU4JLWgg7eliVsiznHOgUF3nDbb)4lMiz5yUuQLqUA22BOuYIuDAR085ZFaVxnE1PbbtXDPGG6mHxPGWFyuefuPs4ISTrydJMJcc)HrruqLkHzXeuq4pmkIcQujKvptDMWRuq4pmkIcQujy7WuuXtbH)WOikOsLW0Hfuq4pmkIcQuPsiokZ5VXLjPsaJck1sbHC1ST3qPuk8i4Wuu9qmrYYXe3LBqjlAZtWHPOIFPGWQUPsbHFSRtoE0CzbbCU773eULNFSRtoO1e(XUo5GavcipsPGWT8GnwT8P1uPsWU410no5LGax9AQYQLM4DpPUe0jswoMuqyZcJP3Lq7HuPAGpHXgpBwym9UmjbV7heS805VXPZ)MXjmnJJGa2y1Y)Pp6geu0pUe8UFSuqPwcwE683405FZ4eMMXrqLWMfgtV7sbLAPu7HuPAGpvQeSlELaUHKItNftNFTlZFmxc9dKCFLsv7qWuCxkiOot4vki8hgfrbvQe2SaJcclYlBck1HkbmJBxkiSiVSjiurnlNwxQeSDykQ4PGWFyuefuPs4ISTrydJMJcc)HrruqLkHzXeuq4pmkIcQujm24bZ42Ljjm24zZcmMKW0Hfuq4pmkIcQujm24bR8T2PmjHS6zQZeELcc)HrruqLkvc2fVcOkjOulEeUOnZ4YbQd74LqcGe(3DjmdzuXlYLfeqyfpbKhPpyLFMj04sPwcR6WoEtSG8kHk6zzCjiSQd74TPIxDi)p8kHAPjGEjuxcOlHeaj8V7sWk0v7tPQDiCunB7nukzb(e8JVyIKLJ5sPwcx0AjdpMIQheCgdbSsXClw5zsQuQdfeYvZ2EdLPBrJuvXpvJdnEv9qJ2gnoqBlQIpbhMIQhIjswoM4UCdkzrBEc6ejlhtkiSzHX07sOf)xDW)fHXgpE3pyscJnE2SWy6DzscE3piKyzSBZ4ioD(w5U7SzC4DgKpiGnwT8F6JUbbf9JlbV7hlfuQLqILXUnJJ405BL7UZMXH3zq(GkHnlmME3Lck1sP2u41ipvQe6hi5(kLELNGP4UuqqDMWRuq4pmkIcQujSzbgfewKx2euQdvcz1ZuNj8kfe(dJIOGkvc2omfv8uq4pmkIcQujCr22iSHrZrbH)WOikOsLW0Hfuq4pmkIcQujm24bZ42Ljjm24zZcmMKaMXTlfewKx2eeQOMLtRlvcJnEWkFRDktsywmbfe(dJIOGkvQeUOnZ4YbQd74LWPZeMHmQ4f5YcciSINaYJ0hSYpZeACPulbSsXClw5zscomfv8lfew1nvkiClpYMIvmjbztXQhhMIkEcB)IveKnfRESNUFqaNgUJtWy62eUeCNH3zqEQujGUesWDgENb5jCunB7nukzrk8iypD)a0PtDu6abRqxTpLELNWfTwYWJPO6bbNXqWp(IjswoMlLAPsPuuq4OA22BOmDlA0jpEDo04vJd5XVfVunOTfvXJqUA22BOmDlAKQk(PELc)gho0Ip(PWJ2wufFcomfvpetKSCmXD5guYI28eSlEnDJtEjiWvVMQSAPjE3tQlbDIKLJjfeqA8LC)Gs5jSzHX07sOf)xDW)fHnlmgj3pOuBk8AKNa2y1Y)Pp6geu0pUegB8mJVd5rEzMKGMlliSQthlHXgpE3pyscdFup8kb3qlegB8S9lwvZZKe8UFqiXYy3MXrC68TYD3zZ4W7miFqiQhELqtLI5wSYF6CIZI8m2905ewilmMegcJnE2SWy6DzscZWzGSWyKC)GqILXUnJJ405BL7UZMXH3zq(GWyJNnlmgj3pyscBwym9UlfuQLsTPWRrEQegB8G04l5(btsy7xSQMNW2VyvnFfH7MJG39JLck1siXYy3MXrC68TYD3zZ4W7miFqLWyJNHhPmjvc2fVsa3qsXPZIPZV2L5pMlH(bsUVsPx5jykUlfeuNj8kfe(dJIOGkvcBwGrbHf5LnbL6qLaMXTlfewKx2eeQOMLtRlvcJnEWmUDzscxKTncBy0Cuq4pmkIcQujmDybfe(dJIOGkvcJnE2SaJjjKvptDMWRuq4pmkIcQujmlMGcc)HrruqLkHXgpyLV1oLjjy7WuuXtbH)WOikOsLkb7IxbuLeuQZlcx0MzC5a1HD8siTejmdzuXlYLfeqyfpbKhPpyLFMj04sPwcR6WoEtSG8kHk6zzCjim86ejlhtkiS9lwvZty7xSQMVIWDZryZcJrY9dk1McVg5PsaDjK2gNo7UZW7mipb7P7hGoDQJs4tWk0v7tPx5jGvmLjfuQdt)vJxho0aV28PQ2a)2uDOTfnQsPuukFL2j1HoTnEH)Ro4vTrlvc(XxmrYYXCPulbhMIk(LccR6MkfeULhztXkMKGSPy1J909dc40WDCcgt3MWL2gNo7UZW7mipbztXQhhMIkEcB)IvuPs4Iwlz4Xuu9GGZyiGvkMBXkpTMGghPnvmLjfuQdLYtPum9xvpCivBNQ5tvTt(dnAqBlA8IkvkvLcc5QzBVHY0TOrQQ4NVrB18T5RIF(x4rBlQ(IGdtr1dXejlhtCxUbLSOnpbhMIk(LccR6Mkfe(XUo54rZLfeW5UVFt4wE(XUo5Gwt4h76KdcujG8iLcc3Yd2y1YNwtLkb7Ixt34KxccC1RPkRwAI39K6sqNiz5ysbHnlmMExcThsLQXlcJnE2SWy6DzscE3piKSmVnJJyjGnwT8F6JUbbf9JlbV7hlfuQLqYY82moILkHnlmME3Lck1sP2dPs14fvQeSlELaUHKItNftNFTlZFmxc9dKCFLsv7qWuCxkiOot4vki8hgfrbvQe2SaJcclYlBck1HkbmJBxkiSiVSjiurnlNwxQeSDykQ4PGWFyuefuPs4ISTrydJMJcc)HrruqLkHzXeuq4pmkIcQujm24bZ42Ljjm24zZcmMKW0Hfuq4pmkIcQujm24bR8T2PmjHS6zQZeELcc)HrruqLkvc2fVcOkjOulEeUOnZ4YbQd74Lqt4ozncZqgv8ICzbbewXta5r6dw5NzcnUuQLWQoSJ3eliVsOIEwgxccR6WoEBQ4vhY)dVsOwAcOxc1La6sOPA4ozncwHUAFkvTdHJQzBVHsjlWNGF8ftKSCmxk1s4Iwlz4Xuu9GGZyiGvkMBXkptsLsnOGqUA22BOuYI2dvA(85RIp(DWVTtdcomfvpetKSCmXD5guYI28eCykQ4xkiSQBQuq4h76KJhnxwqaN7((nHB55h76KdAnHFSRtoiqLaYJukiClpyJvlFAnvQeSlEnDJtEjiWvVMQSAPjE3tQlbDIKLJjfe2SWy6Dj0EivQghim24zZcJP3Ljj4D)GqfHPzCY6Xp86PZ1NoebSXQL)tF0niOOFCj4D)yPGsTeQimnJtwp(HxpDU(0HOsyZcJP3DPGsTuQ9qQunoqLkb7IxjGBiP40zX05x7Y8hZLq)aj3xPu1oemf3LccQZeELcc)HrruqLkHnlWOGWI8YMGsDOsaZ42LcclYlBccvuZYP1LkbBhMIkEki8hgfrbvQeUiBBe2WO5OGWFyuefuPsywmbfe(dJIOGkvcJnEWmUDzscJnE2SaJjjmDybfe(dJIOGkvcJnEWkFRDktsiREM6mHxPGWFyuefuPsLGDXRaQsck1IhHlAZmUCG6WoEj0ucHtLimdzuXlYLfeqyfpbKhPpyLFMj04sPwcR6WoEtSG8kHk6zzCjiSQd74TPIxDi)p8kHAPjGEjuxcOlHMsiCQebRqxTpLQ2HWr1ST3qPuN8e8JVyIKLJ5sPwcx0AjdpMIQheCgdbSsXClw5zsQu6ffeYvZ2EdLPBrJuvXpFk8QwTt18vt14fTTO6lcomfvpetKSCmXD5guYI28eCykQ4xkiSQBQuq4h76KJhnxwqaN7((nHB55h76KdAnHFSRtoiqLaYJukiClpyJvlFAnvQeSlEnDJtEjiWvVMQSAPjE3tQlbDIKLJjfe2SWy6Dj0EivQg4rySXZMfgtVltsW7(bHUUXrNoJ82XQnJJypD(gNopdlLbYVeWgRw(p9r3GGI(XLG39JLck1sORBC0PZiVDSAZ4i2tNVXPZZWszG8lvcBwym9UlfuQLsThsLQbEuPsWU4vc4gskoDwmD(1Um)XCj0pqY9vkvTdbtXDPGG6mHxPGWFyuefuPsyZcmkiSiVSjOuhQeWmUDPGWI8YMGqf1SCADPsW2HPOINcc)HrruqLkHlY2gHnmAoki8hgfrbvQeMftqbH)WOikOsLWyJhmJBxMKWyJNnlWyscthwqbH)WOikOsLWyJhSY3ANYKeYQNPot4vki8hgfrbvQujyx8kGQKGsT4r4I2mJlhOoSJxcnvrpbHziJkErUSGacR4jG8i9bR8ZmHgxk1syvh2XBIfKxj8UB6ccR6WoEBQ4vhY)dVsOwAcOxc1La6sOPk6jiyf6Q9Pu1oeoQMT9gkLS41lc(XxmrYYXCPulHlATKHhtr1dcoJHawPyUfR8mjvkHhfeYvZ2EdLsPWJGdtr1dXejlhtCxUbLSOnpb7Ixt34KxccC1RPkRwAI39K6sqNiz5ysbHnlmMExcTho8kFEcJnE2SWy6DzscE3piiMnJJTmpDo82LbIa2y1Y)Pp6g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02 Oct
02 Oct Wow logs and rogue Lets take top 20 from each boss in mythic dif,last 2 bosses from heroic(because on myth is only one guild 20 players) Nythrenda 0 rogues IIgynoth 0 rogues Elerethe 0 rogues Ursoc 1 rogue Dragons 0 rogues Cenarius 0 rogues Xavius 0 rogues So we have 1 rogue in top 20 for 7 bosses/140 players We can compare this to 22 paladins,22 hunters,20 mages,50 priests!? Can i ask why Priest is 50 times better then master killer rogue? where is class fantasy? :)Desolator3 02 Oct
01 Oct Help a fellow Rogue! Hi there all, hope ya have an good weekend and so on! I have been an Assa rogue since tbc (but only played as alt) it was late WoD i decided to go dps (rogue) from 12 years as healer. I have always loved assa since im a dagger lover ;) I need help with addons! I use elv ui with codenameblaze skin, i need some sort of timer addon but havent found any good, i part colorblind so i have only got a one with green,red and yellow and for me thats the same bloody color. Havent found any good wa2 string either and im a to big noob when it comes to set up one myself! So there for i reach out to my fellow rogues for help! /thank you!Panic3 01 Oct
01 Oct Outlaw legendaries Its only me thinking outlaw legendaries are !@#$ compared to subtlety or sin?Mercyla4 01 Oct
01 Oct TotT focus macro Hi guys, I usually do my macros myself but I don't know how the focus things work and it's hard to find concise, up to date information so I'm asking here instead. I used to have a macro for Tricks Of The Trade that I modified with the name of the dude I want to cast my TotT on at the start of a dungeon/raid and would be able to cast it without leaving my current target (visibly at least), they would just need to be in range. It would go like "attacking target>cast macro>focuses on target-cast_tott-focuses on pervious target>back to attacking target, it would all look like I never left focus on my current target. It would be nice if someone could make this macro for me, or at least sent me to a well documented and up to date place to learn these things. Thanks!Leatherbound4 01 Oct
01 Oct Just switch to assassination? My energy regeneration just doesn't feel quick enough, AOE dps is good but single target falls behind. Get told in mythic + to do more dmg, when I try to explain to people how outlaw is at the moment they don't care which is fair enough I have all of my AP in outlaw and nothing in assassination, 1 useless relic..... Should I consider changing to assassination now? Or just totally change classTomdrake3 01 Oct
01 Oct Make True Bearing a passive Outlaw rogue has a bit of a problem with energy regen lately, making true bearing a passive would certainly help with this problem, so i am asking, make True bearing a passive, and bring something else to replace it.Jinmori1 01 Oct
01 Oct Outlaw not viable for raiding? Why would a raid leader bother taking an outlaw rogue with how our DPS is at the moment? As a pure DPS class we should not be in the middle of the pack, we should be top 5 at least Should we just re-rollTomdrake10 01 Oct
01 Oct Vanish - bugged? Time and time again after vanishing in PvP(Only in Legion) I still get attacked for 1 or more seconds after vanishing. Hunters pets follows me for several seconds, monks karma me seconds into vanish. I used to be able to use vanish as a defense if I chose to, but now I easily lose 50% of my HP in vanish vs a melee cleave that just keeps attacking me thru vanish for example. Am I the only one experiencing this?Rievz6 01 Oct
01 Oct Why Subtlety talents are poor, suggestions to improve. Hello there! As many of you noticed, most of the Subtlety rogues are using the same talents. Link to the builds : Normal talents : (Usually only 4 and 5 are different depending on player's preferences) PvP talents : (PvP talents are better overall as you have multiple good options on almost all tiers, the issue being Phantom Assassin, i'll explain why bellow) Before adressing the issue, i will remind you what sub design is about in it's current version. As Backstab does really poor damage, and suffers from to comparison with ShadowStrike (x2 damage, x2 combo with premeditation talent, extra mobility), you basically never want to use it, and cycle your finishers as much as possible to have as much ShadowDance uptime as possible. This design limits your talent options, as you cannot consider a build that would rely on BackStab, simply because it doesn't do damage. You are forced onto the extra shadowdance duration talents. (Subterfuge / Phantom Assassin) Your shadow dance is now 8sec duration, and you then need the energy to support such a long dance. Which make Vigor and Shadow Master must take talents. At this point the player just had about 0 options on how he wants to play his rogue, the spec design makes it so that there is one viable build and that's about it. I took some time to think about it, and i came with 2 good solutions to this talent diversity issue. First option : - Give players a build that would turn ShadowDance onto a utility spell rathen than being your only way to do numbers. To do so, Backstab damage should be increased Significantly, so that it does similar numbers to Shadowstrike, without generating as much combo points. That would also make Gloomblade a viable option vs high armor compositions. You then would use ShadowDance when you need a stun, sap, or mobility. Second option : - Remove shadowdance extended duration from talents, make it 8sec baseline - Then redesigned some of the talents to give players 2 ways to use shadowdance. A build focused around sustained damage and energy recovery, and another build focused around momentum and explosive damage. The energy focused build would be about the same as what sub is right now. Subterfuge would need to provide new utility, for exemple give damage taken reduction when under stealth effect, or provide sustained damage improvements. (Different ways to do it, for exemple make your shadowstrike apply a dot or a damage buff, to reward being under shadowdance for a long period of time). The momentum focused build would be designed differently, in this build you will run out of energy, but when you activate shadowdance you do explosive damage. To do so, i suggest to change NightStalker so that there is a trade off.: Actually REDUCES shadow dance duration, but increases your combo point generation while activated. This change would also improve Deeper Stratagem and the way you can "burst" when pressing shadow dance. With these changes, you could play either your rogue to cycle dance 24/7, or to be more explosive and get in / get out of fight with talents like Thief's bargain for exemple. This would at least offer different possibilities, which isn't the case at the moment. I would like to know if you also consider the current sub talents to lack diversity, how you would change that, and what do you think of my suggestions :)Spytîe0 01 Oct
01 Oct Subtlety artifact Q? Can't do it Ok so... rogue isn't my main. This is my alt and I jsut got it 100lvl. Now i try to do the subtlety artifact Q..... I just can't do it. Is there some trick to it?Tzakim7 01 Oct
01 Oct Buff rogues or RIOT!!! Cmon still no buffs???Дэвитт2 01 Oct
01 Oct too much RNGGWP You cannot make the core of an spec RNG and wait good results, outlaw need some tweeksKukkuri1 01 Oct
01 Oct outlaw roll bones hi , my main is outlaw rogue and i like style of spec but when roll the bones is removed ? rng is to much and if u get bad rng ur waste longest time just rolling its when is it getting changed is it forever like it? all else about spec i like a lot i like play style but plz blizz tweak roll the bone a little bit becoz its to muchJargs0 01 Oct
30 Sep Stealth Vanish bugs.... Am I the only one who gets randomly out of stealth for no reason ? or getting vanish broken with spells ? or beign chased with all pets after vanish ? i really consider if i subscribe for next month.....i feel like on free serverNeclovek1 30 Sep
30 Sep Bugged my subtetly class quest :( So the part where im supposed to pickpocket the guard to get the key for the cage, i accidently auto attacked him to death before pickpocketing, is there a way to reset the quest or something? =/Gankmasta2 30 Sep
30 Sep Fang of Devourer broken As tittle says... this weapon is broken as F. Akaari's soul breaks Blinds, sheeps etc etc. Allso prevents vanish from sprint by doing its damage. Im not there yet but ppl say that shadow nova allso breaks nearby CC, which makes sense. It allo activates by just leaving stealth ( to mount up for example) , not only when actually opening on someone, which leads to other issues like aggroing neutral mobs. Fangs tallents werent fully thought out and needs to be changed. They need to refund our AP items so we can reroll to other spec.Stabham0 30 Sep
30 Sep how to fix RTB Legion has alot of rng like legendary drop titanforge items personal loot and ETC. but seriously Rng for dps ? I mean alittle bit of Rng is fun but Legion is just about Rng. I see some casuals getting 2 legendaries while i cant get even one. Now i cant do dps cause i keep getting bad rolls in Rtb . I do my best but i only can do 200k-220k at best while a casual marksman or fire or havok does 260k easily . My idea to fix Rtb : First roll you do is random you can get 1-6 buffs After that every Rtb you do has an extra guaranteed buff if the last Rtb duration hasnt expired. Example : if you get 2 buffs in first Rtb and do an other Roll you gonna get 3-6 buffs Once you reached 6 buffs the next Rtb gives 1-6 buffs. I think this will be fair and makes outlaw viable . Make rogue great again.Ssten2 30 Sep
30 Sep Starting rogue. What specs are viable?? Hi there, I plan on player by playing a bit more casual and plan on doing some mythic plus and some normal maybe heroic raiding. As well as skirmishes and random bugs. I like sub specc and seen recently some of its aoe is being buffed will this maybe it the best to go all in on artifact power wise? Or can I get outlaw 13 points and that will be better for mythic plus dungeon?? Or will assassination which I like aswell but seems like it will be made redundant by sub scaling soon? Not sure how pvp templates work but Assad has no blond and stuff makin g it less desirable. Is it easier to get into groups with rogues? I come from feral Druid and the play style just lacks too much aoe even when species for and has trouble target swapping? Thanks for any help!!Gâzbow6 30 Sep
30 Sep Assassination Mastery: strange/needs tweaking So, i'm conscious this has been mentioned before but as far as I can tell it's not being given attention by blizzard: Assassination Mastery does not scale bleeds. Boohoo I hear you say? No, it's a problem particularly in light of the damage nerfs. Hear me out...Only a small portion of our damage is actually affected by our mastery; and changing spec (bleed to poisons) doesn't particularly change this (helps a bit, not much). We are one of the only classes where the largest part of our damage...doesn't scale with mastery. At all. Here's the delve of a recent arena skirmish we played (damage breakdown) to illustrate the point. My spec was bleed-centric talents (exang etc.): -Garrote - 31% -Rupture - 28.4% -Deadly Poison - 8% -Evenom - 9.1% -Hemo - 4.4% Remaining 15% is in tiny 1-4% chunks of other 'stuff' I haven't included (e.g. Kingsbane, Kingsbane DoT, Poisoned knife, auto's ) etc...I've also not bothered adding in mutilate as it's about the same (7.1% vs 7.2% in either build). Here's another breakdown of an arena I played as poison-centric talents, in the same order as above and the difference between this and the above alongside in italics: -Garrote - 24.1%% -Rupture - 24.5% -Deadly Poison - 11.7% -Evenom - 11.9% Edit: cleaned it up a bit As you can see, the bleed numbers drop by about the right amount to account for the loss of hemo etc., but the poison numbers don't become sufficiently higher to make up the difference. It can't be a gear bug or gear quality (correct stats) problem as there's a stat template in instanced PvP. My question is this; regardless of whether you think 'sin is balanced atm, surely it makes sense to allow mastery to scale what is (even under a poison-centric build) around half our damage output? My personal view is mastery should affect bleeds at a lower co-efficient than it does poisons, but still affect it. That way it retains balance but prevents us becoming a piece of crap later in the expac.Skewer1 30 Sep
30 Sep Creeping Venom ('Sin honor talent) Is it me, or is this ability utter garbage? Ticks for anywhere from 4-8k (for anyone not at 110 yet, health is in the 1.5-3 million range depending upon class / spec / setting / gear and buffs (in the case of world pvp) etc. Granted it almost never falls off, but the damage is utterly inconsequential (in a long 3m fight with someone, it did less than 0.5% of my damage according to Details!) I'd love to see this made into a 'real' thing to content with the other 'good' talent' in the row (system shock, far better atm). I'm having flashbacks to Warhammer online stealthers and how the dot opener from both stealth classes did huge damage if you moved, but none at all if you stayed still for 2 seconds after opening (i.e. play and counterplay). Given all the whine about sin damage, I do feel a bit cheaty having cheap shot at times though. In fact, i'd love to see cheap shot removed from sin and given a high damage dot such as creeping venom as baseline from the opener (or maybe baked into garotte? that'd be great). Stand still and don't panic or cleanse first? Ok, you live. Move right away and panic? Eat large dot that keeps running until you stand still for 3s. Thoughts? Also removes a lot of the 'OMFG rogue stuns' whine and takes us further away from the sub/outlaw playstyle of control.Skewer3 30 Sep
30 Sep Rogues get Nerf, and druids remain top as always. All we need to say is, we get nerfed and druids remain kings of wow. Holy cow the magic that class and skill can pull off. And DH ... both in pvp rek everything in its path.Cxod30 30 Sep
30 Sep Outlaw Rogue raid gear stats. Hey, so after i've collected a lot of versatility gear in Mythic/+ which is our #1 stat after Agi, i can't seem to find a lot of versatility gear in EN. Did you guys just drop your versatility and started going for the other stats?Magilinialda1 30 Sep
30 Sep Buff rogues or RIOT!!! Buff rogues or RIOT!!!Дэвитт1 30 Sep
30 Sep I have almost had it! Rogues are meant to be a class that is close quarter combat. A class that deals immense damage in bursts. I am getting real sick of Blizzard Nerfing each role that we have one by one. I have invested over 20 AP into all weapons but Sub, and now Sub at the highest tier seems to be tops. First it was Outlaw, then everyone had to reroll to Sin and invest AP into that role. Now its a mix of Sin, moving to Sub. Blizzard you had MONTHS to balance out classes, months worth of Beta feedback and at the Nth hour you decide to keep pounding each and every spec into the ground. Tomorrow we could be looking at a different spec. Please tell me WHY the !@#$ we got a nerf to ANY role. Even as it stood rogues were not top in either AOE or ST. While you have Mages and Huntards topping DPS charter in both AOE and ST. I am watching stream after stream and there is normally just one rogue sitting in the last 80% of dps. How can you keep batting one class into the ground but yet give the tools to other classes which put them at the top tier in every aspect. The rogue I have been watching was hitting 350-450 in Outlaw pre nerfs. Just came from watching him doing the Eye in EN - Mythic (yes it is a moving fight) but he as changed to Sin and not even passed the second phase is almost last DPS sitting at 195-225k. You are going to get lost of people re-rolling if not unsubbing due to not wanting to go through the ball ache of grinding AP/Rep. I am almost burnt out trying to keep tabs on which spec is better day to day. Get your act together! You have had enough time over many month to sort this out, very poor and very sloppy Activision!Shishï12 30 Sep
30 Sep PvE Specs! Hi all! Now theres been a couple of days after the hotfix. And I, as many else, is pretty bummed over the changes. However, this is not another post to complain about the changes, we need to take it for what it is. Hence my question, what spec will you guys now be going PvE-wise from a HC/mythic raiding point of view? Thanks in advance, and i hope for some good answer where we actually look forward to whats the best choices as of now and the weeks to come instead of hating on whats become. -Nomehli.Nomehli4 30 Sep
30 Sep Best PvE specc? Hey guys, I really want to be an assasination specced rogue, but I'm afraid of using artifact points because I'm not sure it's even valid for PvE. So, what are your thoughts and opinions as to what is the best PvE specc?Visiil5 30 Sep
30 Sep You can pickpocket 2 860+ BoP gear from Ursoc Trash Gotta have the first boss dead to be able to get there. Heroic mode for high ilvl loot. Their pockets refresh every six minutes. Here are the items that drop 30 Sep
30 Sep ROGUES ASSEMBLE. Hey guys, It's well known that for voices to effectively be heard, they come from General. I've made a post about potentially reverting some of the Outlaw nerfs and need your input to get some light put on it. Thanks <3Sneakyfgt4 30 Sep
30 Sep First binding of Thunderfury has dropped Yep, you read right. The FIRST binding has dropped on EU. Just like the chinese figured out on PTR. Proof - In order to drop it, the following are necessary (the drop rate is not 100%, probably a RNG fest just like the Sub one): - get exalted with HighMountain - get exalted with Valarjar - get exalted with Nightfallen - AK5 - farm Mythic Neltharion's Lair For the second it is speculated that it requires, at least, exalted with The Wardens. Probably a combination of the remaining reps and probably gated by AK 8/10 or 12. Happy grindingDarkkz8 30 Sep
30 Sep Marked for Death into Rolling Bones Macro hello, i remember having a macro that let me cast MfD and then immediately switched to SnD on the same key. However I dont have that macro anymore, does anyone know it and can post it for me?Johnnylogen6 30 Sep
29 Sep Outlaw Artifacts. I personally love the idea of the outlaw spec, rogues living up to their name of mischievous thieves! But, i feel the dual swords isn't the most rogue'ish thing. They do look pretty awesome, however two clunky swords doesn't really feel like the rogue way of doing things. Is there any possibility that one of the options for the artifact weapons would be one sword and one dagger? What does everyone else think, is this just me?Ianinvisible7 29 Sep
29 Sep How to make Outlaw great again. 1. Make Saber Slash and Ghostly Strike 5 yard range just like Run Through. Not "Melee Range". Standing inside mobs/bosses isn't fun. (Alternative: Bigger hit boxes.) 2. Fix our energy. Seriously, standing still auto attacking for several seconds isn't fun and takes away alot of the flow. The nerf to Fatebringer was too much. 3. The nerf to Fate’s Thirst was also too much. 6/12% is too much. 4/8% would be OK. 4. Roll the bones. Seriously, it's awesome when you strike gold but that is rarer than getting a legendary. Make it so we atleast get a minimum of 2 buffs with 5/6 combo points. Or make it like 1 CP = 100% chance of one buff. 2 CP = 100% chance of one buff 20% chance on additional buffs. 3 CP = 100% chance of one buff and 30% chance of additional buffs and so on with 5/6 CP = 100% chance of 2 buffs with a 50/40/30/20 of additional buffs. Or something like that. (Maybe it's OP, math is not my strong side but you get the idea. If it's OP, make the chance less of additional buffs, but 5/6 CP should be minimum of 2 buffs.) 5. For me, the lack of flow is what's boring. Being energy starved sucks. Buff or energy regen or make moves cost less. Make Saber Slash do less damage if that's what it takes but waiting for energy is really really boring. 6. Rogues are a pure DPS class together with hunters, mages and warlocks. Those 4 classes should always be top 4. It's really stupid they aren't and all speccs should be somewhat viable with atleast one specc each being in the top 4.Anabell6 29 Sep
29 Sep Obliterum craftables. Hey guys, going to boost myself to 850 with craftables but what are the stats i need for Assassin? Some say crit mastery and others say crit vers. Can anyone please verify? Thanks.Kidrainen2 29 Sep