09 Sep Assa rogues getting rekt by 2 or more mobs Hi! So I have been doing world quests and sometimes you just aggro 2 or more mobs and when you finish killing one mob you are already almost dead and even Crimson Vial can not help you. This is stupid. Thinking about switching to a monk because they have aoe and sustainability...Rógüé7 09 Sep
09 Sep Assa Rogue Im sick and tired to play assa rogue . Low energy regen -compare to outlaw and shadow Ultra mega low aoe -compere to all classes !! i have been 10x kick from party on mythic just cosue i dont deal aoe dmg i have about 200K max and other classes about 400K ! outlaw deal 2x more dmg so, if you want play mythic proggres you have to play outlaw ! Legion is freeky unbalanced im done and i quit.Terabite7 09 Sep
09 Sep Which followers to pimp? So I never played much Table Bonanza in WoD but I have the strong feeling that Blizz fell in love with the idea and the table will be rather important in this xpac. And because I'm such a noob at the table I have no idea which 5 followers to use and to pimp. Is there a cookie cutter build? So I don't have to waste too much mental energy on that part of the game?Nuketime0 09 Sep
09 Sep Hard to see stuff when playing melee Hi This is maybe a melee question instead of a rogue question. But when doing melee and there is much effects going on in dungeons I cant see what mob i am hitting or where to stand really. Is there a trick to be more aware as melee or how do you guys do it? Regards SolistaSolista5 09 Sep
09 Sep Subtlety rogue lost into a void of perplexity. Hello rogue friends, So I'm kinda new to this whole Wow things and I'm a bit lost at the moment: I've reached ilvl835 as a Sub rogue just now and unlocked my 3rd weap slot. And I thought myself "let's try mythic now wuhu!". So far it's been an hour full of declined application using the premade group thingy. I've now done my research and I understand that there's an overwhelming number of melee dps in the game at the moment, sub rogue not being the best melee dps among them that would makes me be invited in any group, and I don't see myself playing outlaw at all. On some threads people advised others to makes their own groups, but as a new player I really don't feel comfortable leading/gathering a mythic group. So my question is, what should I do now ?? It seems to me like the only thing I can do to improve my gear is farming Obliterum, which other players farm 10times faster with AoE. Or running heroic dungeon hoping for titanforged loot? Could pray for some mythic WQ too, but that not the point I guess. I'm also interested on joining a guild that would do some mythic run, WQ, chill heroic runs and some others wow activities, but after some research on the interwebs I can't find anything other than hardcore guild that require 4 days/week, able to change to any spec and have a reroll available. I don't really know where to look so I'm probably not doing my research efficiently on that. Overall I'm getting a little bit frustrated, and I'm starting to regret leveling my rogue instead of my other dps class, which is ranged. I'm even thinking about using the free lvl100 to play as a random tank, games feels so easy for them (I don't really know it's just my newbie perception of it). But I really like sub rogue and I've spent much time and effort into mine already, I would like to be able to play through the content with mine . So is there any solution or thing I'm doing wrong about my whole approach of the game ? Am I missing something ?? Please send help. Best regards.Lucklss4 09 Sep
09 Sep Transmog like opening Rogue set Just like my tittle topic, i want to find the set same or similar to rogue selection screen (before customize our character). i did some research but i can't find any.Megalica3 09 Sep
09 Sep Petition For a Silent Order Hall Why must we rogues put up with the constant creaking sound of that stupid book case or the constant grinding sound of that pointless gate by our artifact weapon block? I play with the sound off 90% of the time but when I accidently leave it on it is incredibly annoying. I don't see how these noises are helpful in anyway as they annoy everyone. Come on blizzard, oil the bookcase hinges and put some rubber washers on the artifact weapon gate.Eldwin1 09 Sep
09 Sep What are the chances outlaw rogues get nerfed? Ive been told some people are killing players higher level than themStealthmodee10 09 Sep
09 Sep PvE sub is any good? What the title said,is it any good? Will it work or will it be miles behind the other 2 specs?Asaemon8 09 Sep
08 Sep Grappling Hook Don't know if it's intended or not but it seems our hook again works like before last hotfix and can't climb, rescue from fall or use like it was. Yesterday was everything normal and today it feels again like heroic leep...anyone else got same?Eriandael2 08 Sep
08 Sep Rogue vs. Fire mage for PVE? Hello guys! Atm i can't really decide which should be my alt for PVE. Atm DH is my main, which im running both dps and tank on just to change a bit.. I don't know if my alt should be ranged or another melee then tho. I already have a 104 fire mage, but how are the rogues atm? I only took a quick glimse over the outlaw rogue, seemed quite fun, but how are they overall compared to the mage? CheersInsanitarius4 08 Sep
08 Sep Rogues badly in need of a revamp for PVE This expansion for the first time I have felt forced to switch class for the good of my guild. This is because rogues as they stand are totally lacking in 5 man utility. With mythic+ on the way I feel I am totally gimping our group by bringing my rogue now. I am currently playing WW monk and it has better mobility, CC, self healing. It's just far better overall as a class. CC: Monk has 5 second AOE stun and paralysis on short cooldown - a far better CC than sap or blind will ever be. Rogues have no AOE CC at all. Mobility: Flying tiger kick and roll on very short cooldowns, no competition to sprint and shadowstep/grapple. Defensive and self healing: Karma is almost on par with cloak of shadows and now it heals you too. Evasion as usual is mostly useless in group situations. Roll makes it a breeze to get out of bad situations almost instantly. On top of this it seems I can put out double the damage of my rogue with half the effort and concentration, both in AOE and single target at the same time. What is going on with class balance lately? I know I am not alone my friend the shadow priest feels the same way his AOE dps and group utility are very poor. If Blizzard intends mythic+ to be a core part of the endgame then they really need to rethink class/spec utiliy in 5 man groups. I'm disappointed because I love my rogue but with no spec can I bring anywhere near as much to my team as I can with monk.Skorne10 08 Sep
08 Sep Which trinket to use? I'm using a trinket at the moment which is 805 ilvl with +811 agility and +788 crit strike. I found a trinket in a HC which is 840 ilvl and has +888 versatility and has a use which increases my primary stat by 2988 for 30 seconds Is my 805 trinket better just because it has agilityDéníx1 08 Sep
08 Sep Whats considered good dps Evening lads, As raids are not out, and im just spamming dungeons, i was wondering. Whats currently considered as "good" dps in terms of boss numbers on an avrage.Bátmán10 08 Sep
08 Sep Rogue specs So I figured outlaw is the new PvE spec. I just wanted to know what's the best spec currently for PvP once I reach 110.Jódster1 08 Sep
08 Sep SPEC? Hi guys, actually i wanna play rog and im not sure which spec. Im looking for fun gameplay not faceroll top dps .Thx for opinions :)Wuwy2 08 Sep
08 Sep Rogues slow? Right now i feel that rogue energy regeneration is incredibly slow compared to other classes like the monk. Does it stay that way at max lvl?Sungxhao1 08 Sep
08 Sep Soothing darkness in PvP So when was this nerfed? Its down to 1% in PvP which equates to 20k hps on a 2m healthpool. This been nerfed overnight or was it mentioned in Balancing notes?Söze2 08 Sep
07 Sep Sub Hidden Artifact Skin Hey all, Thunder Kings trove scenario, MoP content but can access it from class hall via the "vault" weekly thing to get keys for it, though I think you can still just get into it the normal old way. It's a chance to drop from the boxes you open after the scenario is finished and you have collected as many keys as possible. Got it today, very nice surprise and looks sick! Sadly i'm outlaw =P Not sure if it's elsewhere on the net but if not enjoy!!!!!!Grayfóx1 07 Sep
07 Sep Let's talk Sub/Mut AoE capabilities. On their own, both Assassination and Subtlety struggle to keep up with other DPS classes in AoE situations to the point where some people have even experienced getting kicked from mythic groups for not playing Outlaw. And again, Outlaw, on it's own i'm completely fine with it, not my cup of tea, but many people seem to be enjoying it. Compared to Outlaw though, Sub/Mut either falls behind or is comparable in single target situations, and falls really far behind in AoE situations. Now i enjoy playing Assassination and would like to keep doing that without being yelled at by group members or being bullied into playing Outlaw. I really hope Blizzard refines the AoE capabilities of Sub/Mut, not only are they extremely sub-par, they're also a hell of a lot harder to execute than for other classes. Either increasing single target damage to make up for the horrible AoE (worst solution) or re-balancing how we do AoE damage (best solution) is something i hope to see from Uncle Blizz in the near future.Nonax2 07 Sep
07 Sep What happened to blade flurry today? bug? So I have been playing outlaw since pre patch release and I always used blade flurry by activating it, and deactivating it with the same button, without any macro. Basically press blade flurry = gain buff, press it again = remove buff. Untill today that I noticed, after playing all morning before posting here, that 80% of the times it isn't removed anymore by pressing the key again. I would think it's a bug since sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, also because i never had any problems using it without any macro. Has anyone else noticed this ?Pipen5 07 Sep
07 Sep Can you please do something with RtB buffs? Like I get the appeal, I love it myself when the stars align. BUT PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE it's not even close to fun when i have to reroll the bones back to back 10 times just to get something that isn't complete aids. Please, anything.Rhot5 07 Sep
07 Sep Mastery and Haste for Assasination Hi, i would like to bring attention to the fact that Assasination Rogues scaling with haste and mastery is so bad that crit and versa is more than twice as good -> resulting in situations in which you have to switch higher ilvl items for the lower ilvl ones with correct stats, which is never fun. Currently arround 51.4% of our damage comes from bleeds and only 11% from poisons, which even considering the magnitude of mastery results in a poor stat value of 0.29 . Personaly i find the gameplay of assasination the most fun and would be really upset if the gear scaling heavly affected future patch viability of the spec, especially that outlaw rogue pulls ahead although it scales better with gear. I dont want to even mention about assasination rogues AoE and since the spec is designed to be single target/cleave - make it better in this department and not worse than the AoE spec which is Outlaw.Vaerius1 07 Sep
07 Sep The Cypher of broken bones Hello hello, I've literally already farmed more then +20 hours for this skin now. I've had more then +130 rare elites being killed in the underbelly and nothing, not even a glimpse of it being present or anyone having more information about it. I've talked to several rogue's who are farming it also and nothing ... Is there a possibility of having a admin confirm this item is really ingame and could drop ? ThanksTyreax3 07 Sep
07 Sep Bag of Tricks bugged after patch? I logged today. Did about 10 dungeons. I see the proc and spell effect animation but right after that it disappear and there is no damaged done from it. Any else experiencing the same problem?Defiler2 07 Sep
07 Sep You need to see this.. Stats Crit vs Vers Hello this over from mmo champ from a guy .. hes name is Swol and he has a good points.. and all the credit gos to him like to the post here is hes post ... I am going to try it out and thanks Swol for posting thisThedarkgnome4 07 Sep
07 Sep Do we know how to obtain Thunderfury skin yet? As title says, have we found out how we get the skin for our artifact weapon? We know that we have to collect two quest items like the original questline, but AFAIK through my Google skills, know one actually knows how to obtain this yet. We know how to obtain all other weapon skins except Thunderfury as far as I can tell, but I could be wrong.Phurox13 07 Sep
07 Sep Artifact Relics - only getting for first spec Not sure if I am just freakin unlucky - but all the world quests that I have gotten and done.. The rewards that give a relic, all of them say they are attuned to the kingslayers (Assassin) - and I switched to Sub recently so I need dem artifacts yo.. Any1 else tried the same thing? Am I unlucky or is it something tied to The Kingslayers where my first artifact weapon?Wohz9 07 Sep
07 Sep Rogue or DH Hi guys, I'm a bit hesitating about playing those 2 classes, I'm pvp player, I would prefer the best for playing alone. A friend told me the artifacts are hard to up, and it's better to focus on one class. Which one do uou advice me to play? ThanksYùki1 07 Sep
07 Sep Sub Rogue - macros/addons Hi! Guys can you show me yours macros for PvP and addos for subtlety rogue? ThanksFujis0 07 Sep
07 Sep Rogue PVP 3v3, RBGs, what spec? Hey guys, I'll be most likely rerolling to rogue, what spec do you think will be the best for 2k+ 3v3 and RBGs?Dudlicek6 07 Sep
07 Sep Tier 3 Talent Choice [PvE] I've been looking at the advice presented by Icy Veins for subtelty and trying it out in-game. I've been levelling with Vigor and it works well for me, but for raid content they recommend Deeper Strategem. I tried it last night in a dungeon and the numbers were pretty good but I always found myself totally energy starved. I think I'll go back to using Vigor, but what are other people's opinions and preferences for tier 3 talents?Tufty2 07 Sep
07 Sep Rogues need nerfs in all departments So in the off-chance that a blizzard Developer might drop in here and browse the EU forum out of boredom, I want to give my feedback. Currently rogues of all specs are able to solo people, even healers, 100-0 in a couple of seconds true vanilla style, while being nearly invincible themselves. If you happen to be a tank, you might survive for a while, but that doesn't mean you're gonna win. The dps is out of this world and needs to be scaled back drastically. On the other Hand, they are FAR to easy to play for the level of reward they get in return. This is out of all proportions, considering the state of other classes at the moment. I'm pretty sure there will be alot of tuning and nerfs in the weeks to come but still, rogues need nerfs BADLY in all aspects, damage, survivability and cc. Now come to defend your broken state and let the downvotes begin, the more the better, it might attract attention. This is purely directed at blizzard so I will neither return nor reply in this thread. So don't waste your energy on insults. <3Sakî11 07 Sep
07 Sep Subtly PVE LOW dps ? Im 837 ilvl and stil ldo very low dps compared to other classesShádówdance22 07 Sep
06 Sep How to get subtlety hidden artifact Made a guide here on how to obtain the items and how to finish the quest for the subtlety artifact weapon. 06 Sep
06 Sep Spotted in stealth Is anyone else getting spotted in stealth by npcs when you sap for example a hunter/demo? They seem to target and follow me in stealth :/Sethroguen0 06 Sep
06 Sep New player making new char, best spec for PvE/PvP? Well, title says much. I have lvl 82 Lock but I got bored, I want to make a melee class. I made a warrior but I've heard rogues are better in legion for both: pve and pvp. So can you enlighten me?Mörgön0 06 Sep
06 Sep PRO-TIP for the 3rd relic slot! If you are finished with the 12-hour missions, the campaign will end in another short questline (which is awesome IMO). Make sure you don't send Ravenholdt on a mission or have him as a Combat Ally, because he gives you the quest you need to unlock the 3rd relic slot. EDIT: FYI the questline also gives you a relic (ilvl 825) for your new unlocked slot!Valerria7 06 Sep
06 Sep Leap of Faith from Hall of Shadows! Hey guys! Was just running around the Hall of Shadows in Dalaran today waiting for a mission to complete, and noticed a tunnel leading off the map. Followed the long tunnel, and it's got this awesome Assassin's Creed style plank to make a Leap of Faith from. Fell for ages into the ocean below, was such a neat little surprise. (: Dunno why I thought I'd share here, do try if you haven't before! ShadowShadowdance0 06 Sep
06 Sep Assassination or Outlaw for 2s and 3s I've been palying assassination and I really like it but not having blind is horrible. I might change to outlaw but the artifact weapon situation is stopping me. Should I jsut bite the bullet and change spec?Sapdatspliff5 06 Sep
06 Sep Outlaw hard to learn ? Hi Checking Icy Veins out of the rotation of outlaw. Looks pretty complex, Is it difficult to master?Shinsai3 06 Sep
06 Sep Worth changing to Outlaw? Ive played Assassination so far and got all the artifact power so far on him (finished everything exept suramar and the few first quests, one of them gives 800 power) and when im in dungeons i see that my DPS is really low Should i change to Outlaw? will i be able to get enough artifact power to level him up? thanks!Mussar19 06 Sep
06 Sep Sub Relics AND Artifact Switch Hey guys, Ive got two questions that bother me quite hard: 1) i recently switched from outlaw to sub because several ppl told me that sub is the way to go in pvp, which is what i play. Yet i still leveled outlaw artifact (i think i got 15 traits atm). I stopped leveling dreadblades and saved my power for sub artifact. Im asking myself if its viable to switch to sub or if i have to go for full outlaw now. Or is there maybe a way to reset all artifact power? 2) i have like zero clue where to get sub artifacts (or even artifacts in general) from. I see people with 870 ilvl weapons and im stuck at 800 (no 3rd slot available yet). Is there a way to farm relics?Ironii1 06 Sep
06 Sep Cheap Shot. I dont no if any of you have noticed or if this have been mentioned but please give me the old sound effect for cheap shot! playing sub i just dont get the same feeling from openining sometimes i press twice because i dont realise i have even hit the key... There use to be a crunch sound to it now there is no sound its like a auto attack or is this just me??Skally1 06 Sep
06 Sep Artifact Switch? Okay so I've been leveling as sub ( love it ) But I also really want to try Outlaw. However, does anyone know if it is viable to switch? Due to Artifact power etc.. Seems like sticking with one spec and focusing on it is a much better option :/ ?Kaizokú1 06 Sep
05 Sep Detection Anyone know what this actually does? The tooltip is really vague. I read somewhere that you can detect invisibility, but what does it mean by 'certain creatures'?Tufty2 05 Sep
05 Sep RIP archi Trinket You will be missed dearly.Recotia0 05 Sep
05 Sep Mastery. How to get mastery/versa gear as sub rogue? Everything that drops is crit, haste or crit/haste....Nomehli0 05 Sep
05 Sep Wrong stats from every source. Hello everyone. I need help to answer a question for me, last few days i've been farming heroics, world quests and mythics. As a sub rogue i'm after gear with mastery/versa, but every single drop gives med crit or crit/haste. Is it totally random what gear you get, or does it have to do with my loot specialization? I've seen many rogues with alot of mastery gear, but i seem to only find crit gear. Is there anything i can do about it? Or is it just random? Thanks in advance.Nomehli1 05 Sep
05 Sep Warning to Rogues in pvp forget it Hello Rogue. So i made it to 110. here is my Take on it.... FORGET pvp... Realy right now you suck, u might as well roll a DH they do the same thing as u do just better and can see people in steath and do a TUCK of dps i have 784. for the most of the time in my BG group there is no healers. My Art is have the path down to Blood of the Assasianted. but i also have played as sub. if u want to pwn in pvp roll a DH... and get gear fast. any normal people who knows the skills of a DH, wil kill you faster in you can say heeeelp i cant talk for outlaw .. but its really sad most of the time u stand wait for a target to be alone with no friends or if you get into the fight you will be stun lock to death.... i know it, i had to listen to my heart and rolled the DH .. and left the shadows and hang up the daggers.. best thing about the rogue leveling was the Class Order hall quests .. i dont think its going to be better but i hope so .. what do u think ? whats you take on it ?Thedarkgnome17 05 Sep